Liveblog: Game 3: Calgary jinx continues, Flames win 3-2


10 minutes doesn't cut it

If the Canadiens had played like they did for the latter half of the third period ...

But they didn't.

Lars Eller's late goal made for some excitement down the stretch, but Calgary hung on.

The Canadiens haven't won in that building since Jan. 5, 2002.

The Flames skated off to a 3-0 lead on goals by Sean Monahan, Sven Baertschi and Curtis Glencross.

P.K. Subban scoired the Canadiens first goal on a second-period power play. And Lars Eller continued his torrid start with a third-period goal that set up a wild ending.

It didn't help that the team down by one spent the final 1:49 with their best defenceman in the penalty box.

Canadiens make it exciting

Lars Eller, who has scored in all three games this season, brought the Canadiens within a goal halfway through the third period.

But despite intense pressure over the final 10 minutes, the Canadiens couldn't score the equalizer.

Teams trade goals in middle period

Curtis Glencross, a terrific 200-feet player, scored on Calgary's first power play of the game, 16:22 into the second period.

The Canadiens broke through Joey MacDonald 84 seconds later.

With the first wave of the power play gassed and looking to get off, P.K. Subban blasted one of his patented lasers past MacDonald.

Shots in the period were 12-11 for the team that's trailing.

Calgary 2 - Canadiens 0 after one

The home team scored on two of its five shots on goal.

So Carey Price must have been awful, right?


Price had no chance on tap-ins by young Flames Sean Monahan and Sven Baertschi.

The goals came as the result of brutal turnovers.

Travis Moen coughed up the pick n the neutral zone and Ryan White didn't get back to cover Monahan.

A new pairing of Josh Gorges and Jarred Tinordi coughed up the puck to Monahan, who found Baertschi at the side of Price's net.

The Canadiens had 12 shots on goal but few second chances. They wlso sucked on a power-play just before Calgary's second goal.

Tough road trip begins

The summer floods have subsided in Calgary and winter snow is at least a month away.

Meteorologically, then, it's a grand time to be visiting southern Alberta.

But hockey-wise ...

As Dave Stubbs points out, western Canada has been inhospitable to your Montreal Canadiens down the years.

Since the 1998-'99 season, when they swept games in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, the Canadiens have earned 18 of a possible 60 points on visits to rinks in Alberta and B.C. They have not won in Calgary since Jan. 5, 2002.

The team was spared a visit to their western wasteland because of  last season's truncated schedule.

But a new season brings new hope, right?

Hockey's Future tabs Alex Galchenyuk as the best NHL prospect in hockey – ahead of Jonathan Huberdeau, Nail Yakupov, Nathan MacKinnon and Seth Jones.

The web site's assessment:

Galchenyuk is a high-end offensive talent with excellent vision, hockey sense, and playmaking abilities. The 19-year-old is mature beyond his age, but it is his work ethic and drive to be the best that will push him to exceed expectations. In his rookie season, the big center was a Calder Trophy candidate and should improve his offensive production in 2013-14. He needs to improve his first step acceleration, physicality, and defensive zone positioning to be an absolutely dominant type of player. It will take time and experience for him to become an elite NHL center, but he projects as a franchise player and future star in the NHL.

• I know it's early, but this might be the goal of the season






  1. Propwash says:

    Avatar test


  2. Crazy question — would it be nuts to deal DD for a solid prospect, bump Galchenyuk up to centre, and sign Gagne to play the wing?

    Devils coach Jacques Lemaire on the Daneyko-Kaminski feud – “Daneyko got mad when Kaminski said he was going to knock his teeth out. Dano has only two teeth left, so you can’t say that to Dano.”

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Forget Gagne as he’s washed up. Forget getting anything back for Desharnais, we’d be lucky as hell if anyone took his contract off us for free! And yes Galchenyuk should be playing center.

  3. JO says:

    when you’re the better team and lose. That hurts!!

  4. Hobie Hansen says:

    Line of the game from Ray Ferraro: The Canadiens D is way too small and soft.

    Tomorrow, this site will be lit up with morons defending Diaz cuz he’s so important due to his two minutes on the 2nd PP unit and his right handed shot. Go figure?

    When Emelin and Murray are healthy, Diaz is on the first plane back to Switzerland.

  5. JO says:

    My Gravatar covers a multitude of sins!!

  6. DickandDanny says:

    More about sucking…you know who really sucked tonight. Soupy (Boullion). He played his worst game as a pro. Did you see him with a minute left in the game and the goalie out. Not once but twice he just randomly slaps the puck off the boards out of his own end right to a Flames player. Ummm hello, we have our goalie out and were trying to score the tying goal and your just passing the puck off randomly to…no one. I almost destroyed my TV watching him. I think he may have been intoxicated, but I’m not sure? Kind of signified the entire night
    \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  7. DickandDanny says:

    As I posted earlier, I still only have one comment. Disgusting performance.
    No wait, I have more, f-ing pathetic!
    Piss poor. Worst team effort I have ver witnessed by the habs and i’ve watched them for 50 years.
    I am a supporter of Therrien but not after tonight. Good god man coach. That’s why your there. Get in the GD game. Know who’s playing and know who isn’t. Change your lines up when they obvioulsy are not working. And, actually come up with a PP unit instead of just throwing a line out there. Just awful. Overall complete garbage. I am disgusted.

    \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  8. Stooof says:

    Was at the game. We lost it because of a big -2 Georges. Both the first two goals were on him. First one he tried to play goalie instead of taking Monahan and leaving shooter to Price. Second one he flopped into the splits and let the puck go to a wide open Baertschi. Since when does the D leave his feet to stop a puck… into the splits. Just brutal. The guy does nothing in particular that well, and has mega mess ups. This is the guy I would be trading. The 4th line was also -2, which means the rest of the team actually played well. The pp goal against was a nice tip through the legs. What can you do. BTW Briere was centering the dd patch line. DD is on thin ice. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wing on the 4 line next game with Prust on the briere line. Good game overall.

  9. DickandDanny says:

    More about sucking…you know who really sucked tonight. Soupy (Boullion). He played his worst game as a pro. Did you see him with a minute left in the game and the goalie out. Not once but twice he just randomly slaps the puck off the boards out of his own end right to a Flames player. Ummm hello, we have our goalie out and were trying to score the tying goal and your just passing the puck off randomly to…no one. I almost destroyed my TV watching him. I think he may have been intoxicated, but I’m not sure? Kind of signified the entire night
    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  10. galchenyuk27 says:

    Bourque was absolutely awful tonight I don’t think I saw him move his feet once just glided around hoping to not get scene

    • johnnylarue says:

      He just didn’t want all of his old Calgarian fans to think he was only being infuriatingly inconsistent in order to get traded away from Calgary.

    • DickandDanny says:

      Yup, and every other guy who ever played for the habs when he comes back to Montreal for the first time he kills us. Bourque goes home and plays his worst game ever. And he was really good last game against the Flyers. Should have been one of the stars in that game. Tonight, like you said awful.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  11. DickandDanny says:

    Final consensus:
    3 out of 4 lines sucked
    5 out of 6 D men sucked
    1 coach sucked
    2 asst coaches sucked
    4 trainers sucked
    5 announcers sucked
    \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  12. engelalber says:

    I say we tank to try and get Reinhart. Permanently send DD to Hamilton. And next year when the defence are all UFAs, start fresh except for Tinordi and PK.

  13. tab says:

    Price is good enough and if team played somewhat of a defensive system would be a top 5 goalie but with tonight’s effort defensively he will be in bottom half of goalies. I really believe he played his best hockey when Halak was challenging him, he needs to play 50 games per year max,

    • Propwash says:

      He did alright tonight, the third goal I’m sure he wanted back.


      • nunacanadien says:

        Price can’t win with even the league’s best in front of him, look at how he buckles in all star games, in Olympic games, heck Price was a could have been should have been and now maybe its time we trade him to the west where he routinely gives up games being an alienated westerner that he is, and we all know what alienated westerners have done to this country…..

        We need another Halak. We need bigger defensemen. We gotta stop signing this midget forwards for God’s Sake! Skating fast does not win you games! Only makes you skate fast losing.

      • savethepuck says:

        That goal was an obvious deflection tho.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

    • HabfaninTO says:

      Once again Habs not prepared to play, and the coach once again did a horrible job again of managing his bench…before he lays blame on his players he should be looking in the mirror.
      His stubbornness will cost this team in the end more than anything else.

  14. jyates5 says:

    A few notes:

    Desharnais better pick it up soon, pretty bad contact for a guy who’s invisible against a big hardworking team. Same goes for Briere, although I’ll give him a pass seeing as he’s new. Price played well, the defense were not physical enough. We looked pretty sluggish for most of the game better turn it around tmr in edmonton. Not even gonna get into the Subban penalty, seeing as we did not deserve to be in that game whatsoever.

    JY – I support Carey Price

    • nunacanadien says:

      Price is supposed to be so hot but he is not, never was, washed out as a rookie in his first all star game and never recovered. It’s a shame the owners of the habs want to nickel and dime this team with washed up veterans, too small forwards and wimpy defensemen, apart from PK Subban, really what do have? A small tough guy in Bouilion the cube who couldn’t clear the front of the crease for trying. We have small forwards who can’t crash the net, and then we have the montreal media making excuses that the habs are not designed to beat the western teams. Hello? In order to win a cup you have to win all the games or most of them, including the western swing.

      Maybe it is time Montreal fans stay away, don’t buy tickets, show the owners what real hockey fans are about, wanting to watch real hockey, not a team of wimps.

      Parros got hurt and we are nothing. Just like last year when Emelin got hurt.

      • johnnylarue says:

        Nuna, one day I’m going to compile all of your posts and publish them as one long roll of stream-of-consciousness prose, partially as an homage to Jack Kerouac’s intended/original format for “On the Road”. But I’ll call it, “On a Roll”. (It’s a double-entendre.)

      • savethepuck says:

        Mr Boone, you are not fooling me. I know that this is you sitting behind your keyboard having a few and laughing your a$$ off when other posters jump on this stuff.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

      • jyates5 says:

        No way! Price is a top 5 goalie when our defense is healthy and playing properly, he made 3 gave saving stops tonight that could have made the game out of reach. You’re right this team hasn’t been prepared to play in west for 20 years and it continued tn our best players didn’t come to play.

        JY – I support Carey Price

  15. JO says:

    Instead of 1-Gomez we have 2-now not quite as expensive

    DD and Briere

  16. tab says:

    Small player to remember Doug Jarvis, they are useful if overly talented in certain areas of game and used primarily in that role, we have smaller players but skill no better than big average players who at least fill the lanes

  17. JO says:

    I only have one word regarding this game “GRAVATAR”

  18. johnnylarue says:

    While I expect this team to remain ‘competitive’ (read: fair to middlin’) for the duration of this season, it’s becoming apparent that there is a sort of unsolvable jigsaw puzzle on the forward lines, having to make room for all of Gallagher, Desharnais, Gionta, and Briere.

    If I understand the math correctly, there will always be one of the first three lines with two of our smaller dudebros on it, which will by default be extremely easy to neutralize by the opposing D–as we are currently witnessing with the DD line.

    Shuffle the deck any way you want to, but the bottom line I’m afraid is that we’ve got one li’l dudebro too many.

    Marc Bergevin, the podium is yours.

  19. AH says:

    Awful performance…on to Edmonton…So I was listening to “Oilers Today” on the radio today and the guy said there are rumors out there that Pacioretty may be available this off season…thoughts?

  20. 25Stanleycups says:


    To everyone complaining about the coaching. Dont you guys realize by now, the coach is, and has been a puppet in Montreal for many years. DD is being continued to be played because of his contract and orders from above. MT knows he sux, but his hand is forced.

    Thats why Roy coaches the Avalanche and not the HABS, because he would never be part of an organization that where the coach is told what to do as opposed to what he should be doing.

  21. tab says:

    Subban scouting report in junior was very talented but erratic unpredictable play dropped down to a second round pick,

  22. Marc10 says:

    Soft in the back and not much happening up front. In hockey as in life, that is an unfortunate combination.


  23. longbow says:

    Subban played a great game but he made 2 critical errors. The penalty was the obvious one but a little earlier during a rare flurry he had an opportunity with a wide open net and a clear shooting lane. All he had to do was fire an easy wrister and the game would have been tied. Instead he went with the exaggerated wind up and sent a slap shot over the broad side of the barn. He’s an amazing talent but he still has things to learn.
    I’ve never been thrilled with MT and DD but I really think one of them has to go.Or both. That would work too. They can take Diaz with them. If we are going to lose games I would rather loose with Pateryn and Beaulieu than Diaz and Bouillon.

    ” Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm ” – Winston Churchill

    • DickandDanny says:

      Completely agree with what you wrote. Was telling my wife the same thing, although she had no clue wth I was talking about

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

    • HabsTrueBlue says:


    • HabsTrueBlue says:

      It was definitely a bad result. He seemed to fan on the shot, the puck slid off his stick and he ended up shooting way wide.

      In his defence he had a similar play against Toronto where he floated a medium wrister towards a yawning net and Reimer managed to get his pad up in the air robbing subban of a goal.

      Subban has scored most of his goals with one-timed slappers so he does have some accuracy with it… Still like I wrote it was a bad result.

      I’m more disappointed by his bad play on the first goal – not hustling back sooner on the play not the pinch in the offensive zone.

  24. tab says:

    Zubras and Adam henrique to habs for Brian gionta and Brendan prust, we need to get younger faster and larger, reunite gionta twins. Prust is nice player but overrated and injury prown and aging fast

  25. Habilis says:

    Call me a hater, troll, whatever. This team will go nowhere with MT behind the bench.

    He just doesn’t adjust. He continues to give DD top minutes despite the fact that DD is obviously the worst center on the team at present. He is playing Markov like he wants to kill him before X-mas. He keeps playing Diaz on the bloody PK.

    After the last game he went out of his way to tell everyone how he was “rewarding” the players who play the best. Then tonight he goes and gives the DD line the most ice and plays Markov more than P.K.

    What’s Guy Boucher doing these days?

    • DickandDanny says:

      Right on. Therrien was as much to blame tonight as the poor effort by the players. Worst he has ever coached. totally agree with your comments.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  26. Coach K says:

    Sigh…I guess tonight`s result is what happens when too many players leave their legs on the bus. Surely the effort level from all lines will be better during the next game.

    —When Hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too—

  27. doug19 says:

    I thought Markov looked much faster than last year

  28. Xkhann says:

    Here’s a fresh idea for the power play:
    PK – Eller – Briere

    PK – beaulieu

  29. Stevie.Ray says:

    Winnipeg might still need a Center. If DD can put a half decent run together, perhaps we could trade him for Adam Lowry, or Patrice Cormier

  30. punkster says:

    Hyperbole rules!


  31. habs1992 says:


    I support Carey Price
    “Habs Insider”

  32. SteverenO says:

    Didn”t see him get hurt but Gorges played only one shift in the third period.. Any mention as to why?


    Steve O.

  33. tab says:

    Reason why philly canned coach so fast is his system of a 1-1-3 offense was away to defensive for his young guns who want to skate and play offense.Laviolette one would think would adapt to situation but I think defense wins games and that’s why he wouldn’t change. I think MT has opposite approach allows a system players like free wheel but to much defensive breakdowns

  34. H.Upmann says:

    Something’s not right with DD in the picture, and I hope MB doesn’t wait till his contract ends to fix this. He’s holding his linemates back. Briere should be the one centering Max and some other big winger.

  35. Sportfan says:

    So I missed it all anyone care to give me a quick version of the game pros, cons?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • JohnBellyful says:

      It was all DD’s fault.
      [That’s the short version.]

    • Yeah… I didn’t watch it either. Just checked the final and a big MEH! here we go again. This team can’t beat the lowly Flames, but gets up to play a Boston. So sick of it. Why can’t they play 60 minutes?

      Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

      • savethepuck says:

        Hard to make a comment if you didn’t watch the game. Habs made af ew too many stupid mistakes in their own end that was the difference in this game.

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

  36. Puckdoc says:

    I think we need to use this transition season wisely and let Tinordi and Bealieu develop. I’d much rather watch them get burned by rookie mistakes then watch 55,61,26 hang on for dear life. We need to play our young guns big minutes and live with the results so that next year we can contend. I’m sure Beaulieu after 15 games will bring more than 55 or 61 can

    • savethepuck says:

      Being 1 and 2 after only 3 games is a little early to determine this as a transition year.
      Is LA in transition at 1-2 or is Chicago in transition at 1-1-1 ( an obviously better record than the Habs.).

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  37. tab says:

    On nights like these I wish player contracts all had a base salary of 50percent league average salary and players had to earn the other 50percent based on key performance indicators, to many guys get their millions and never play with same enthusiasm.

  38. Moose12 says:

    3 games does not a season make, but the same deficiencies and areas of concern last year during the stretch run are still too evident.
    Lack of size- three small forwards and one defense – still is an issue, defense is porous and soft and yes goaltending is still shaky. I mean Joey MacDonald played better.
    We are still years away, the addition of Parros and Murray and maybe the return of Emelin may help but we will be a .500 team, scoring late goals to make games interesting.
    We need to shed some bodies- DD, Gionta,Markov, should be traded or not resigned. They are small, frail and old and should not be part of the future.
    Pax needs size with him, bring the kids up and let them develop.
    The future looks bright but the present will be tough to take.

  39. Puckdoc says:

    Sorry, we’re not even top 3 in the division

  40. habs1992 says:

    I DONT CARE IF YOUR FRENCH, I WANT TO WIN. DD is terrible, MT is terrible coaching. DB has most ice time.

    I support Carey Price
    “Habs Insider”

  41. Puckdoc says:

    He’s in Philadelphia where he left his twenty something year old legs

  42. MtlCANADIENS93 says:

    i really think that DD, briers and patches line has to be broken up.. i know its only 3 games in but they just look to weak as a line and way tooo small.

    Pacioretty Plekanec Briere
    Bourque Desharnis Gionta

    i would love to put eller on that top line but the EGG line is dominating

    • DickandDanny says:

      Why would you reward DD with 2nd line linemates and icetime? He does not deserve to play let alone on the 2’nd line.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

  43. Alvin says:

    Habs looked old, lazy & stupid. They’ll look that waY against the Oil too.
    You guys been watching some other teams play? Like Colorado last night? Habs aren’t even on the same page as most of the teams in the league.
    Only hope is the Als and that’s clutching at straws! How many days before Jays ST ?

  44. doogie says:

    you guys are all starting to sound like Leaf fans! This morning on 590 the Fan, commentators are yapping about how bad Kadri and Jake Gardiner are and that Kadri is given too much ice time and Gardiner should be traded.

    Give this team a chance, they’ve played 3 flippin’ games! They’re a 5th or 6th place team and 2-3 years away from being good. So ride the bus and check out the scenery along the way. Deep breathe!

  45. tab says:

    Shall I say chemistry, we had none

  46. Sportfan says:

    This isn’t for the Habs, but did Ryan Whitney ever get a deal?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  47. Puckdoc says:

    Pax Briere Bourque
    Chuck Eller Gally
    Prust Pleks Gio
    Moen Bourne White

    Markov Subban
    Tinordi Diaz
    Beaulieu Gorges


    That’s the lines for Edmonton if we want to win and send messages. A part of me dies every time 55 is on a PP and I do not understand why DD is forcing Briere a more accomplished center to the wing. Also, PK and The Chuk E cheese line will make this non-playoff season very entertaining.

  48. tab says:

    At the 10 minute mark after watching habs totally out skated and just lucky not have been down 2 or 3 goals I think that is excellent time for a coach to call a timeout and grill his players give them all some smelling salts, do something, not sure if Mr T has that special dynamic to think outside box and outsmart other teams coach

  49. jsaz says:

    It was the entire teams brutal play not doing anything all game till the end. Not pk’s penalty. They sucked all game. Only 4 players showed up tonight to play. We all know who

  50. savethepuck says:

    Was out and had to PVR the game, just got finished. This team made way too many mistakes in their own end. It is so frustrating to watch. If they are going to waste Beaulieu’s development by having him as the call-up that sits in the pressbox, let him play tomorrow night or else bring up another AHL DMan.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  51. HabSgt says:

    I get the feeling it’s gonna be a long season people…..

    Life is hard. Life is harder when you’re stupid.

  52. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The D is a mess. Not one single pairing is stable. Thank God most of them are UFA. Tinordi is better off in Hamilton than playing his wrong side. MB needed to get a temporary replacement for Emelin and blew it.

  53. Stevie.Ray says:

    Kid line good once again.
    Subban was a stud tonight.
    Price was very strong again.
    Plekanec’s line was good.

    Prust was invisible.
    Desharnais is struggling. Something needs to change.
    D wasnt good enough

    • habs1992 says:

      He is not struggling this is who he is. So i guess hes been struggle for a season and a half now.

      I support Carey Price
      “Habs Insider”

    • DickandDanny says:

      Price strong. .865 save percentage. Yes, he had no d on the first two goals, but on the third we need that save. Get down already, why are you still standing up while ths shot is already enroute. Plekanec’s line good? They were invisible. So bad in fact they benched Bourque for awhile and tried other wingers.

      \”A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur\”

      • Man Dingga says:

        The third goal was a defection! He had no help tonight. Even the commentators said Price didn’t have a chance on any of the goals. Price has to be better this year but thus far I like what I see out of him.

  54. Coach K says:

    If M. Bergevin really is driving this bus then I hope he has the good sense to change gears or at least get himself some bigger tires before winter arrives…

    And for the record I really like the “LAB“ line! Not only do they have chemistry as its proponent stated but they are definitely“explosive“!

    —When Hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too—

  55. CHicoHab says:

    Going to take 10 games to evaluate properly. If things dont go well by then Im sure MB will react. Let the month play out. Take some positives. This kid line fun to watch. PK is a work horse. Patience.

    “take your time and hurry up”

  56. Trollhunter says:

    There’s certain guys who’s only ticket to the NHL is agitating. PK seems to think he needs to do that for some reason… he’s a Norris trophy winner. He needs to start acting like it and cut that s*** out.
    I wouldn’t care if he had a hat trick tonight he needs to stop doing that. I don’t know if what he was doing on that penalty was out of frustration or if it was agitating looking for a reaction to draw a penalty but either way it was STUPID. He gets away with 99% of the stuff he does but it just so happens he got caught with 1:39 left in the game and it cost his team a chance to win.

  57. habsfan0 says:

    Anyone know what Eller’s ice time in the 3rd period was compared to DD?

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