Liveblog: Game 81 – Lowly Islanders hang goose egg on playoff-bound Habs



Or just lousy?

Facing an Islanders team missing seven regulars and dressing 11 rookies, the Canadiens were outhustled, outscored and humiliated in their own building.

The Islanders outshot the home team 30-19 and got second-period power-play goals from Ryan Strome and Brock Nelson.

The Canadiens were sluggish from beginning to end, and the crowd went home thoroughly POed.

Not even close to a comeback

Trailing 2-0, the Canadiens managed five shots on goal in the third period.

Evgeni Nabokov unsurprisingly stopped them all.

Which of these teams is going to the playoffs?

Douglas Murray took another match penalty and Ryan Strome opened ther scoring for the Islanders.

With the period winding down and Thomas Vanek in the penalty box, Brock Nelson beat Carey Price short-side to make it 2-0.

The visitors had a 14-6 shot advantage.

The home team is in disarray.

Oh, and George Parros lost another fight. To a smaller guy.

Lucky to be scoreless

The no-name Islanders started fast against the no-game Canadiens.

Shots were 9-2 for the visitors, who had the best of the early going.

Final tally was 10-8, but the Islanders had the better looks and chances.


Will Canadiens-Islanders at the Bell Centre match Wednesday night's classic at the United Centre?


But it's an important game for the Canadiens, who are edging closer to home-ice advantage against Tampa Bay in the first-round of the playoffs.

"Fat load of good it did them last spring!" the skeptics will  say.

To which I reply: New season, better team ... and a first-round opponent that won't goon the Canadiens like Ottawa did a year ago.

But first, the mighty Islanders, who will have 11 rookies in their lineup.

The Canadiens will be going for a three-game sweep of their season series against the Tavaresless visitors.

Puck drops 7:40ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.

• Pre-game reading: Sean McIndoe's NHL Awards

• How funny is this?




  1. crane says:

    A rookie Ken Dryden never played all season,and he had a good playoff.

  2. chesterfiled says:

    I think I was watching an over confident CH squad playing at 90%. Was it one of those games where passing was a step behind? It hurt my eyes to see Bourque not score or assist on his opportunities.
    Damn the Isles have farm depth, you would hope with years of top picks
    Am I the alone, but after this seasons’ four major losing streaks, I feel inoculated to season ending results against teams who will not compete post season. The Ranger game could mean something or nothing at all…
    In spite of total mess scenarios, I have a feeling that if by game three of the playoffs this CH team goes all in with some kind of aggressive grace, they will be the comeback heroes who go where we all want and everyone does not

  3. Timo says:

    Saw a headline on RDS – no supplemental discipline for Murray.

  4. Timo says:

    So if Habs lose in 6 games in stead of 5 is it an improvement? Does MIchael THerrien get a contract extension then?

  5. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    Interesting, Columbus can now pass Philly for third place. But I think Pittsburgh would be a better match up than the Rangers.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure the Red Wings want 7th. They could easily upset the Pens, but they don’t match up well with the Bruins.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  6. Habcouver says:

    Goals for Saturday:
    Fix PP
    No injuries
    Max scoring
    PK strong game

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  7. Marc10 says:

    That was horrid tonight. Price was his usual self which is good.

    One more to go. Need to win that one.

  8. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    For the first third of the season, the Habs were powered by brilliant goaltending and a lethal blue-line combo of PK and Markov. Their play began to tail off, but David Desharnais suddenly caught fire, and Pacioretty with him. Then Vanek joined the team, and that line became world-class. Throughout, our penalty kill, led by the sublime Plekanec, has been one of the league’s best, and Price’s play has rarely dropped. Combine that with a terrific team never-say-die ethic, yeomen work from the likes of Gorges, Weaver, Prust, and Moen, AND a once-in-a-lifetime weak Eastern Division, and you have a top 3 or 4 finish for the lads.

    However! their power-play is impotent, and they’ve had trouble scoring 5 on 5 all season. Add to that the fact that PK has been a ghost of his former self, and Gallagher seems to have worn down, as have Prust and Moen. And perhaps Pleky also. And now Galchenyuk is out.

    So should we be concerned headed into the playoffs? I’d say yes.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  9. Habcouver says:

    Can’t help thinking that MB really doesn’t expect Habs to go that deep in the playoffs. Perhaps that’s why we are always hearing that the team is only looking as far as the next game.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  10. Timo says:

    Wow… one of the sh!ttiest games Habs played all season and all Boone gets is less than 900 comments.

  11. CJ says:

    So, trying to stay balanced, what’s everyone’s take on our pending free agents? It’s one thing to want to sign everyone following a winning streak, but, on the heals of two loses, does everyone feel the same way?

    Firstly, not trying to stir it up, just interested in pulling feedback following a loss. There has been plenty of feedback during the winning streak. I’ve read that Gionta and Markov should both get three year extensions. Weaver and Murray should be resigned. PK should be given whatever he wants.

    Secondly, do we hold our players on pedestals, elevating them to a plateau beyond reproach? Many argue that Pleks is among the best two way players in the league. I like Pleks, but he can be very hot and very cold. Respectfully, I’m not sure I even noticed him the past two games.

    In any event, I’m inviting your feedback. Thank you. CJ

    • Timo says:

      Plekanec plays like a little girl in the playoffs… he could be one of those players that gets you into the playoffs.

      Habs need to address the coaching issue before they start looking at the players.

      • CJ says:

        You make a good point. There are players that get you to the playoffs, and than there are players who get you through the playoffs.

        The regular season record this year and last has been great. That said, Therien’s success will be defined in the playoffs.

        • Timo says:

          The thing is that his success (rather the lack off) has been defined many times in the past. Why are we still trying to define it again is beyond me.

          • CJ says:

            Personally I’m not a Therien fan, but two things will keep him in Montreal in the short term (1-2 years). No alternatives that fit Molson’s parameters, and his attachment to Bergevin. It takes a tremendous amount of trust to make some of the personnel choices and still have full support. Whether we win of lose in the first round, it’s very likely Therien returns.

            In fact, I’d go one step further and say that if it comes down to the coach or PK, I’m not certain I could say with any confidence that Subban stays. I’m not suggesting it comes to that, just throwing around hyperbole.

        • kalevine says:

          it should be defined by the playoffs. If we see another collapse like last year, he will come to be known as someone who can help them overachieve in the season but can’t handle things when the chips are down.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      I say no to Gionta at any price, yes to Markov but max two years and not at a premium price, okay to Weaver if he is cheap, and no to Murray. You give PK the farm and then run Therrien out of town. PK and the other youngsters are the future of this club, Therrien is not. Therrien cannot relate to or develop young players, so he has to go.

    • chilli says:

      I hope they don’t give Gio a 3 year. I’d be happy to see him go. Sure, he plays well sometimes but we can’t compete with the likes of Anaheim, LA, San Jose, St. Louis or Boston unless we get some strong, young guys. Those are the elite teams and Gio will never lead us past them.
      Markov seems like a good guy, but those Ruskies follow the money and can’t wait to get back to Russia in the off season.
      Has he learned one word of English in the last 10 years?


    • AH says:

      I’ll bite CJ, but not with a lot of detail as I’m getting tired….I’d let Gio walk, Markov I’d sign for 2 years only but not for a lot of dough, as for Pleks, I’ve never been as “in love” with him as many on here have, and I still don’t think he has shed his “little girl” image come playoffs. Gally is dying out there playing with him and Gio. As for PK, I’m with you, I am a huge PK fan, but he is not worth 8-9 mill. Having said that, even though they way overpaid, there is no way PK gets less than that pylon in Toronto, and if I’m Subban, if the Habs offer me the same money or less than what Diane got, I walk. I think PK will get 7.5 per for 7 years. Definitely lots of “pedestals” around here, see Pleks, Gorges. Edit: I would re-sign Weaver and I’m on the fence with Murray, like some of his game, (the physical part), but not much else.

    • CJ says:

      Thank you for the feedback. I agree on Gionta. I think the playoff results will go a long way to determining whether or not he stays. I’d pass, but I’m not the GM. Markov has us in a corner now. We needed to have made a decision earlier. I’d say we are basically forced to sign him now. 1 year works, but longer scares me. I don’t see any upside. At some point Beaulieu needs to take a step forward. The team needs to commit to him like Codi Ceci in Ottawa and put him in a position to succeed. I don’t know that this can happen so long as 79-74-76-26 are in the top four.

    • HabsPooch says:

      Gionta – need to address size on right wing, he’s not going to get better. He’s out.

      Markov – max two years (Bergevin put himself in a pickle here) I wanted him gone for a blue chip prospect. Now we’re forced to sign him.

      Murray – out (insert Beaulieu, Tinordi, Pateryn)

      Weaver – have to see his playoff performance. His main value is
      that he’s a right handed shot and can be bought cheap. 1 year max.

      PK – offer him same pay and term as Price. If he can’t accept that, see how Price feels about it.

      Nobody should be held on a pedestal. Team game. Last time I checked there’s about 25 names branded on the Stanley Cup for each winner.

    • Marc10 says:

      Pleky is a solid two-way center. He’s a poor man’s Patrice Bergeron or a very poor man’s Pavel Datsyuk.

      He is a good second line center or a great third line center. Still a very skilled guy and a consummate professional. My two cents on our turtle-necked man from Kladno.

      I don’t think we need to resign Murray as long as we have someone on hand like Tiny and a rent-a-goon to pound the snot out of thugs or clear Price’s kitchen.

      Happy to see Weaver resigned in the Frankie Boo 6/7 hole. Weise should also be signed. He’s a good depth guy. Markov has earned his money. PK is a no-brainer and must be locked up.

      Gio is a warrior, but he’s now a third liner. He’s coming on for the playoffs which is awesome. If he can be replaced by a bigger guy with the right profile, I would do it… but that’s easier said than done. He might need to be resigned for two years, but I’d prefer we whittle down our small bodies to Gally, DD, Briere (for his last year) and Weaver. The rest should be in line with the MOAR philosophy.

      The big hole that will need to be filled is the Vanek spot. We’re a different team with that monster in the lineup.

      So yeah, still rebuilding next year, but I don’t see Pleky going anywhere. Looking for Lars and Chucky to step up significantly, for Bourque to go away, and for MB to complete the transition from pretender (last year) to outsider (next year) to contender (2 years from now).

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      I’ve repeatedly said that the ownership group would never let PK walk. And if there is a rift (as is plainly evident) between PK and MT, the coach would go. But lately I’ve heard that not everyone in the management team are so high on PK. Not just MT. So, ya gotta wonder, if a sweet offer was made, especially if they lose Vanek, and the offer is someone similar to him, then….?

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  12. Sportfan says:

    Eww Damien Cox is going to be on Sportsnet more, can they hire decent people not block heads?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  13. CHicoHab says:

    I’ll be content with a 16-12 playoff record. No?

  14. Timo says:

    Hey, enough Habs bashing. They were fatigued. You tried playing 2 games in two night… I’ll see how you perform.

  15. Timo says:

    Totally looked a team that is ready for the playoffs. Well done, coach.

  16. jimmy shaker says:

    Put this one to bed…….they won’t play like that on Saturday. Eller will be back to pivot gio and danny b, white will take bernie and weezy for a fast, hard 4th line and pleks centring gally and bourque will have to be a little bit more desperate in the offensive zone. The D will stay the same.

    Shaker out!

    • Just A Guy says:

      Good thing regarding Eller because they can’t afford to put Parros on the ice any more.

      • jimmy shaker says:

        And when Prust comes back, bernie can move up with pleks and gally and bourque can spend the playoffs in the presser whackin back 6 packs of stroh’s and all the poutine he can handle!

        Shaker out!

        • NCRhabsfan says:

          I want whatever you’re drinking/smoking…

          • jimmy shaker says:

            Not a big boozer and haven’t smoked in 14 years. Sorry if you have a favourable outlook on bourque…..not me!

            Shaker out!

        • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

          I’m far from a Bourque fan, and hope they can get rid of that contract in the off-season. But he has actually been one of the best forwards last night and tonight. Ride him. Move him up and see how long it lasts.

          I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  17. The Capitalist Pig says:

    Man. I have never seen this in my life, MN literally scored at the buzzer to beat ND 2-1! GO UNION!!!

  18. HabsPooch says:

    I don’t understand how our powerplay can be so brutal?? I can’t remember the last time Markov has tried setting up PK for the one timer?…and if that option is taken away how can Vanek and Pacioretty not be effective down low with their size and talent? Even trying to get in the zone and setting up a play has been difficult. Pk has all the speed and finesse to at least back up the defensemen and gain the zone to set up shop. This has been going on for quite some time. This team will not advance past the first round without an effective power play…it’s that simple. What the heck do they practice on, WHEN they practice?!!

  19. Habilis says:

    I don’t get it. Beaulieu is better than Murray. Tinordi is better than Murray… But Murray is going to play vs the Bolts.

    To be clear, I’m not even talking about tonight. I was at the game. It sucked. But it sucked everywhere, not because of any one player.

    Still, I don’t see how anyone can want Murray on the ice over either of the kids right now. Tinordi should be starting game 1.

  20. CJ says:

    Beaulieu sent back to Hamilton. Maybe next year….

  21. CJ says:

    Well, can’t blame that on Weise, Bournival or White. Price gets a pass too, despite some bobbles.

    It’s a parity rich league. You take a night off and you lose. Pretty simple. Tonight, those cracks beneath the surface were exposed. PP is very weak. I’m not sure we had a single shot during the 4-3 advantage. IMO, that was the game. PK didn’t touch the ice during the PP. As previously noted, I’m not sure that’s an indictment on PK’s play, the coach or both.

    Although I’m going to sound like an opportunist, I don’t understand why Beaulieu and/or Tinordi sat this evening. They both proved capable against a much quicker Blackhawks team, yet they don’t get a shot tonight. IMO, I’m not sure we can win a series with Murray and Frankie as your number 6. That said, I don’t think we can win with PK as our number 1 unless he turns it around quick.

    PK has all the talent in the world, but something is missing. For everyone who suggests that he deserves a pass based on his amazing season last year, keep in mind that it was 42 games in length. The team has now played 41 games since New Year’s Eve in Carolina. So, over a comparable stretch of games PK has proven to be average. Again, I’m all for sticking with PK, but I keep waiting to see the breakthrough, but it’s not coming. Posters, far more knowledgable than myself, suggest PK is worth between $8 and $9 million a year. I trust these folks and defer to their knowledge, yet as each game goes by and it’s a carbon copy of the previous outing, I can’t help but tell you I’m concerned. Here’s to hoping PK flips the switch and turns it up in the playoffs.

    Lastly, what a difference a few injuries make. It’s a different lineup when you have Gionta on the second line. He’s a fan favorite, but we need more from Pleks when the playoffs roll around. As it currently stands, we have one offensive line and then a mismatch of capable players, none of whom have broken out. Our PP is ice cold, so we need to get offense from the defence, or from the second through fourth line.

    In closing, I’m not prepared to throw hope out the window based on the results this evening. The Bolts are going to be a very tough test. There are no guarantees in the playoffs. Health, goaltending, and complete efforts with determine our success. If any of those three elements fall short, we will be in trouble. The same holds true for Tampa. I hate to go there, but for all the credit Therien gets pressing the right buttons, and he deserves a ton based on the results, he makes some very curious lineup decisions and can be late to make in game adjustments. Again, I feel as though it was an off night, players and coaching staff included.

    Regroup and press onward Saturday. No sense lamenting something that is now scribed into the record book. Cheers, CJ

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      I feel very much the same way. Only a blind man, or an eternal optimist, or a blind eternal optimist (which would be EXTREMELY optimistic), could not be concerned about a woeful power-play going into the time of year when the PP matters most. Add to that the fact that our best player (other than Price) is no longer our best player. He’s not even our 4th or 5th best player.

      I really don’t know where the secondary scoring is going to come from. I suppose by committee. This is a team with a lot of character and camaraderie. Perhaps they can all chip in and take some pressure off the DD line. I sure hope so.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

      • CJ says:

        The PP, and it’s ineffectiveness, and the lack of secondary scoring are overshadowed by Subban’s poor play. I think we can overcome one deficiency, but I don’t think we can carry two or more.

    • 5wings says:

      lets hope tonight is a one and done, Saturday is for 2nd place ..
      PK has to get rolling play him 25 minutes..we have no PP without him..Price has to outplay Tampa’s goalie whomever is starting for us to have a reasonable chance.

      GO HABS GO!!

      • CJ says:

        Sadly, with the loss tonight Tampa now controls their destiny. I’m not bummed about having to start on the road, but, again it’s those issues just below the surface that are rearing their ugly heads…..

        We failed to finish the Hawks last night, and we no showed tonight. In the big scheme of things those are likely nothing more than two drops in the bucket, but, there is no sense developing bad habits this time of year. Now, with the extended loss of Chucky, do we dip into our talent pool and promote someone from Hamilton?

        • HabsPooch says:

          Don’t look now but the Stanley Cup finals match between the Senators and Leafs will be played Saturday night…looks like the Sens have the inside edge on finishing ahead of the Leafs with a game in hand as well.

    • The Capitalist Pig says:

      This post is epic and must be scored:

  22. The Capitalist Pig says:

    This is nuts! MN/ND trading goals with 8:30 to go in the third. 1-1!

  23. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …home ice advantage means much less in this day and age than in the old’ dayz

    • 5wings says:

      I hope your right,, but dont we usually stink like hell in Tampa

      GO HABS GO!!

    • Habcouver says:

      I think you’re right.
      Remember the old days with Boston Gardens’ smallish rink, making it hard for visitors to adjust. Today, ice rinks are pretty much uniform.

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  24. DipsyDoodler says:

    Minny just beat St.Louis. Watch out for them in the playoffs.

    Colorado will be first if they beat the Nucks.

    St.Louis have two tough games: Dallas and Detroit.

    Colorado have two tough games: Anaheim and San Jose.

    Moving. Forward.

  25. clutch73 says:

    For the love of god someone here help understand why beaulieu got sent down? Am I not watching the game as the coaching staff?

    • CJ says:

      It worked for Boston last year (Krug played exactly one nhl game, a blowout loss to the Senators in a make up game), before playing in the playoffs. They also played 19 year old Dougie Hamilton. I do agree with Scotland, it is a young man’s game. I’ve preached that on this forum for months.

  26. The Jackal says:

    So the Habs lost a meaningless game after a very disappointing loss tomorrow. The sky is falling and the boos and boohoos are well-deserved…. right? Right? Right?
    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      $200 tickets, $20 parking, $12 beers, $7 hot dogs, etc….they have a right to boo if they feel they got ripped off.

      • The Jackal says:

        I get the sentiment but it’s not a “right” nor is it an entitlement.
        It’s naive to go to a sports game and expect your team will win or that they will always play a great game.
        Name me one team that has never had a bad home game – you can’t guarantee the quality of “show” otherwise it’s not sport, just entertainment. Mind you, I know everyone wants to watch their team win, but you lose some and then you lose some in worse fashion. Why can’t fans just be less fickle – it is maddening that all the good will a team builds up evaporates after a bad game or a loss.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • CJ says:

          Hi jackal. Good points. IMO, it’s not winning or losing, it’s effort. When the team so clearly mails it in, the fans have every right to be upset. I know 82 games is a grind, but that’s the deal when you sign the contract. Further, these are 23 man rosters now and the travel is no longer on the sleep car back from the Windy City.

  27. Habbu says:

    Therrien was pissed at the presser……only player who got any positive mention was Carey

  28. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Galchenyuk I believe is a big loss

    …He’s not scoring like We expected, but His speed and latent skill will be seriously missed

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      Absolutely. Even without scoring, his creativity makes opponents tentative. Maybe he’ll surprise us and have a Pacioretty recovery.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  29. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    La Presse reporting that there will be no supplemental discipline for Murray. And rightly so.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  30. Will Douglas Murray face another suspension?

  31. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    I wish MT would have treated some of the forwards tonight like he has treated PK. For example, Max was absolutely terrible. Anyway, you have to give the Islanders credit. They played the perfect game against a team that played and traveled the night before. They skated the Habs into the ground.

  32. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    Team has confirmed: Galchenyuk has mcl strain. Out for 1st round of playoffs.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  33. Luke says:

    Let’s look at it this way:

    We could only muster 700 comments or so for a game blog. They are in the playoffs, its hard to rally up the energy to compete or comment when the only thing on the line is where you play Tampa.

    A game in January would get a full team effort ,and 1,100 comments.

    Game 81, when all that is at stake is sleeping ay home or in a hotel room? Blaaasssaah.

  34. jmac21 says:

    82 games and still can’t get his lines set?? Danny and Rene BEST 2 forwards tonight and he still doesn’t play them ? 4 on 3 PP no PK? (DD was there to lose the draw) lean on the rail with your paper and rub your chin you have no answers to adjust against the 1978 Islanders? Nope 2014 Islanders without John T? Worse coach ever

  35. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I understand the why of tonight’s loss, or at least understand it, and whom am I to question Therrien, who has got this Team in a place few predicted …but, this was an ideal game for Beaulieu to get some ice time

  36. fastfreddy says:

    You can colour it any shade you want to , but the end result is that the Habs should’ve won this game, no excuses.

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  37. 5wings says:

    testing my blogs

    GO HABS GO!!

  38. Texus says:

    Confirmed no Chucky in the first round 🙁

  39. BobbySmithWasClutch says:

    What happened to Subban and Markov as stud offensive weapons?

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      What happened to the power play? When was the last time they scored a PP goal when there was a goalie in the net. Geez, I think the Leafs won the SC that year.

  40. AH says:

    Alas, I fear that PK may have finally been broken by MT, he has totally sucked since Sochi and has no fire in his game at all. He’s either just firing it in, or trying for the home run pass and that’s it…not a good sign. We need him breathing fire for the playoffs!!

    • BobbySmithWasClutch says:

      PK has been broken. The situation is a total mess now

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      He’s thinking about what team he wants to play for once his Habs contract is up and he doesn’t have to play for an idiot like Therrien. Now at face-offs he’s asking opposing players tough questions like, “so what’s the real estate market like on Long Island?” and “Can you get decent poutine in Dallas?”

  41. boing007 says:

    Right, they should have demolished the Islanders tonight. No excuses.

    Richard R

  42. fastfreddy says:

    @jmac21, you sir, are 100% correct, he’s a lousy coach.

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  43. jimmy shaker says:

    Oops I crapped my pants!

    Shaker out!

  44. Habs will not beat Tampa with kind of effort they showed tonight. This definitely was a stinker. Are they running out of gas before playoffs start? Does MT play HIS BEST LINEUP ON Saturday NIGHT?

  45. jamman says:

    At least im getting a laugh out of how poor P.J stock’s french is

  46. gmur says:

    Who are the morons booing the team that could finish with 100 points?

    Good way to convince Vanek to stay. Our fans can be so fickle it’s stupid.

    • BobbySmithWasClutch says:

      It’s Montreal not Nashville

    • Habcouver says:

      Agreed. It’s a tad embarrassing and undeserved.
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I suggest pick and choosing the valid ones. 😉

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      The goal is to win the Stanley Cup, no one gives a crap how many points you get other than to want it to be enough to get you into the tournament that results in the basic goal to win the cup. Teams that mail in important games that could position them for playoff success rarely bring home the prize. It is a sign of a loser mentality. I doubt anything any fan says or does would drive TV to seek greener pastures faster than his own team mates performance tonight.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      They can give Vanek a parade everyday and he still won’t stay here. People need to wake up.

  47. Ring of Fire says:

    98 points this year possibly 100…. I would’ve signed up for that and think 95% of this forum would’ve too…have to give MT some credit….really steams my clams with losing against Isles though…screw it let the playoffs begin…I was ready a month ago.

    The Thin Blue Line.

  48. boing007 says:

    Guess the Habs were missing that Florida sun. They might not see as much of it as they are imagining now.

    Richard R

  49. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …an all-out game the night before in Chicago followed by the Islanders this should be no surprise

  50. 24AW says:

    A parade. The only parade you’re gonna see in Montreal anytime soon will be the Easter Parade.

  51. DipsyDoodler says:

    Interesting development out west.

    St.Louis might fall out of 1st place in their division. They would then meet Chicago instead of Phoenix or Dallas in the 1st round.

    Moving. Forward.

  52. NCRhabsfan says:

    How embarrassing is that, shut out by an ECHL/AHL team playing for fun in your own barn.So this team is a Stanley Cup contender? It’s hard to see it tonight.

    Trivia question (and I don’t know the answer but suspect someone does), has there ever been a playoffs where no Canadian based team won a single game? I’m guessing not, but I’m thinking there is a huge chance this could be the first time ever.

  53. BobbySmithWasClutch says:

    I think the Parros fight slightly deflated the team

  54. HabsPooch says:

    Therien is probably thinking “this is what happens when I sit out Bouillon…never again!”

  55. The Capitalist Pig says:

    I have to confess, I did not watch a second of this crap. With Union/BC and Minnesota/North Dakota playing NCAA D-1 semis, I could give a poop.

  56. jmac21 says:

    Yeah playing on the road would be great for them Mikey will give the boys some days off
    That’s working WORSE COACH EVERY

  57. Clay says:

    A well earned loss. Booing saw stupid though. They’ve had a great run lately. Bound to have a stinker.

    ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

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