Liveblog: Game 68 – Frankie Boo wins a wild one


This is why we love hockey

With 3:22 left in the game, your Montreal Canadiens were dead in the water.

They trailed 4-1, and Ottawa goaltender Robin Lehner was a wall.

Then Lars Eller scored his first goal since Jan.2.

A little over a minute later, Brian Gionta made it a one-goal game.

With the Senators shorthanded and Crey Price off for an extra attacker, David Desharnais tied the game with a fraction of a second left.

P.K. Subban assisted on all three goals.

And Francis Bouillon – of all people – won it in OT.

Game of the Season!


And Francis Bouillon's first goal of the season wins it.

Craziest game EVER!

Three goals in three minutes.

P.K. assists on all of 'em.


On to OT

Sens take lead

After the visitors had a go-ahead goal disallowed because of interference on Carey Price, Zack Smith was sprung in alone by an exquisite pass from Erik Karlsson.

Smith's shot dribbled through Price's legs and he poked it in.

Ottawa outshot the Canadiens 16-9.

Scoring woes persist

Daniel Brière scored on the first shot of the game.

Robin Lehner stopped the next 16 shots he faced.

Jason Spezza beat Carey Price with Ottawa's first shot, after Lars Eller blew coverage on the Ottawa trailer.

Canadins outshot the Senators 17-4.

But it's tied.

Mutual urgency

Your Montreal Canadiens have lost three in a row and have fallen behind Toronto and Tampa Bay in the Atlantic Division standings.

Ottawa is chasing Philadelphia, Detroit, New Jersey and Washington for a wild-card playoff spot.

Both teams need a win, which should make for a lively Saturday evening at the Bell Centre.

And Carey Price is back!

This is the fourth of five games between the teams this season. The Canadiens lost 4-1 in Ottawa on Nov. 7 and 4-3 in Overtime at the Bell Centre on Jan. 4. They beat the Senators 5-4 in OT at the Canadian Tire Centre on Jan. 16.

The Canadiens can't score – seven goals over their last five games, 29th in the league in 5-on-5 scoring – and coach Michel Therrien is still tinkering with line combinations after 67 regular-season games.

Trade Deadline acquisition Thomas Vanek will play on his less-favoured right side with David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty, while Brendan Gallagher rejoins Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk. Daniel Brière is the latest addition to the Tomas Plekanec-Brian Gionta duo. The fourth line will be Travis Moen, Brandon Prust and Dale Weise.



  1. NLhabsfan says:

    Funny how CBC had bruins player for second star.On RDS all 3 Stars were CanadiensTYPICAL CBC BS

  2. NLhabsfan says:

    How sweet this is

  3. NLhabsfan says:

    Gooning as usual

  4. The Teacher says:

    Gionta’ two years left should definitely not be in Tomas plekanecs left wing. He should not be a member of the Habs next year, if we truly want to be better. Just facts.

  5. The Teacher says:

    Luke. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    I have nothing against gionta and bouillon. I love them both, they always work hard and try their best. They are just done. Gionta has maybe 2 years left and booly sad to say is god awful out there. His goals was another one of those nuts.

  6. Habcouver says:

    So I found out from Telus that we can get RDS for only $5 more per month. If I do not have to put up with Cole or Hughson, that’s a great deal!

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • Timo says:

      Yep. Best $5 dollar spent. I switched from Shaw because of all major cable TV providers they are the only one that doesn’t carry RDS in HD… like really? It defies any kind of logic… so eff them.

  7. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Senaturds are done. Hopefully habs win tommorow with me going. Im 7-0 when attending habs games. Night all.

  8. Habcouver says:

    Never mind about hoping the Avs burying the Sens tomorrow. I want to see Bobby Lu and the Panthers just demolish the Nucks, whose playoff chance must be below 2% now. Heh-heh…

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  9. jlgib1019 says:

    4 of 5 goals scored by smurfs,lol.


  10. FormalWare says:

    Quick – somebody look up Habs’ all-time record when Larry scores! 😉

    What a messy, exciting game! Neither coach can be happy with much of what he saw, out there. Habs go into 3rd down a single goal, knowing they should be ahead. Do they assert themselves? No. They play a bit tentative, a bit soft… And suddenly it’s 4-1.

    Fortunately, they were playing the Ottawa Senators, a team that cannot protect a lead if its playoff life depends on it. Which it does. Being a Habs fan can be painful, sometimes – but, gad! To be a Sens fan, tonight, must be Hell.

    WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

  11. theflukester says:

    That was the funniest game ever tonight! Ottawa FAILED big time! The Walrus wasn’t too happy either! Oh and Neil must have been ecstatic in the dressing room! Good job big guy! I don’t know about you but I thought the goalie’s head was going to explode there at the end. Haha! In the end, all we need to do was play for 3-4mins all night and we won the game. LOL!

    Play every game as if it is your last one. Guy Lafleur

  12. Timo says:

    And I dont know WTF senaturds are complaining about… Lehner never had the puck on that OT goal… it was sitting there in the blue pain between his glove and his pad.

  13. jlgib1019 says:

    Murray made a couple of mistakes which the board lit up,but his physical presence by crease clearing,big hits and jumping into the scrums more than made up for it. Now as for “turnstyle” Markov
    he won’t get close to what he’s asking for from a good gm. I don’t want him back,but 1yr/$5m is max.

  14. Timo says:

    All I have to say is WOW! First WOW for the best comeback since the 6-5 win over the Rags about 5-6 years ago. Second, WOW for again effing it up and making it difficult on themselves, while the game should have been over in the first.

    But, I liked that Habs actually skated for a change tonight. Still too many lapses, lack of finishing, crappy D, useless system, but at the very least they have come to play.

    My man, DD… what can I say?! He is unreal. Subban is hopefully back. Ellers goal will hopefully result in a few more the following few games and for once Habs’ 4th line was good. A true 4th line with grit, aggressiveness, knuckles and an occasional scoring chance or two.

    I haven’t read the comments yet but wondering if anyone else got the impression that Price was still not 100% recovered. He look a bit awkward and uncomfortable at times… but could have been simply because he hasn’t played in a while.

    Once again… WOW!!! WHAT A GAME!

    • CJ says:

      Good post Timo. PK’s best game in two months. Eller with a goal and assist…. Hopefully they are turning the corner.


      • Timo says:

        The defense is just painful to watch though. But, lets hope this is a the beginning of an at least 3 game winning streak.

        • D Mex says:

          Check the game sheet moar-on.
          One of those ” painful ” D-Men scored the game winner.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • jlgib1019 says:

            And he was beyond awful the entire game up to that point. He’s a warrior but he’s done


          • CJ says:

            ^^^^^ agreed 100%. That’s not going to work next week, or during the playoffs. That was made possible by playing the second worst defensive team in the league.

          • D Mex says:

            Game winner and 1st Star.
            Care for some cheese with your whine ?

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

          • CJ says:

            If anyone thinks Frankie was the first star, I’ve got some waterfront property to sell you.

            It was a nice tribute for a veteran playing his last few games, but Frankie is done.

          • D Mex says:

            There you go again, CJ. !st Star to player who scores game winner is not revisionist history – it’s a time honoured tradition.
            You know this game, right ?

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

        • Just a Habs Fan says:

          Timo you have bad a good buddy in D-Mex…he probably sees his reflection in the screen. That will change as soon as his screen gets dirty again. I haven’t seen this excited in a positive way since MT was fired…….looking to the future…..there are still good things to happen looking forward….FB will be retired this off season…..Gionta won’t be resigned….Rene will be somehow moved…..well that’s a start so don’t waste all the glee on just one game

    • jlgib1019 says:

      Price was obviously going to be rusty,but saved us in 3rd period when we were down 4-1 and going through the motions. Prust changed the momentum,and Sens choked big. Also 4th line was great,and White can sit til he grows a set and remembers what got him here


    • Cal says:

      All right. Who hacked into Timo’s account? Own up and we’ll go easy on ya. 😉

  15. adadi says:

    MT sounds like an idiot at every presses he does now. Seriously, stop talking, please!

  16. jlgib1019 says:

    I admit the only reason I watched the entire game was thinking there may be some rough stuff after Prust dismantled Michalek. To all the anti fighting “doves”,that turned the game around,along with the Moen,Neil and Weise scrum. It showed there were players that cared. Prust for Captain


    • ffenliv says:

      You happen to know that turned the game around? It couldn’t have been anything else?

      Even if it did, if you need to beat someone up to play a game, you shouldn’t be playing it at all. Fighting in hockey is a disgrace.

      • jlgib1019 says:

        Maybe ,maybe not. But he was mad and showed he cared. No respect about opinion on fighting. Pukes like Michalek can’t crosscheck in the chest and throw a gloved punch in face without repercussions


        • ffenliv says:

          Because that BS is tolerated, too. I really have to believe it’s possible to clean up the game overall. There has to be a way to encourage the physical play, without having players throw gloved punches like that.

          Take the NFL. That’s a very physical game. Players lay big hits on nearly every play. But all they do, is jaw with each other. They shove a bit, but there’s no punching, and no fighting. For some reason, though, we still tolerate it in hockey.

          The only thing stopping the league from cleaning up the game IS the league. They’re afraid of losing a segment of the fan base if they get rid of the idiot rough stuff.

          I agree Michalek’s play was over the line.

  17. habsfan0 says:

    What explanation did the officials give the Senators for not blowing the whistle on the game winning goal?

    “It was too loud,” said captain Jason Spezza.”

    A SURE FIRE indicator the game was not played at the ACC in Toronto.

  18. Cal says:

    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come back so late on the Senators that the world will think they were “jobbed.”
    Mission Impossible? Hardly!

  19. UKRAINIANhab says:

    How are some people still complaining? Not many but still. That was Awesome!!!!

    • CJ says:

      The result was amazing. Something to build on for sure. The Captain was much better. The kids got better as the game went on and Price knocked off rust.

      That said, and yes, I’m pumped right now, our defence is a mess. Keep in mind, we just beat the second worst defensive team in the league. Weaver, Murray and Bouillion (yes, the first star) are not getting the job done. I’d be more comfortable with Tinordi and Beaulieu right now and Gorges once healthy. The Sens aren’t a playoff team. This was a great win, likely a huge turning point, but we need to be much, much better.

      In closing, that was PK’s best game in a month. Not to blow my own horn, but early this afternoon I posted that Eller would score tonight, PK would turn his season around, hitting, in scrums after the whistle bad doing his thing, Gionta and Briere would bounce back and the Habs would win. I said it was going to be a regulation win, but that’s a solid 5/6.

      • jlgib1019 says:

        PK was great,but I was saying “wtf is boullion out there,10 seconds before his goal. Tinordi AND Bealieau need to be in


        • CJ says:

          Agreed. Good for Frankie to score that goal, but this should be his ride off into the sunset moment. OT winner, on home ice, first star….

          Go out on top 55. Beaulieu and Tinordi need to play.

          • Habcouver says:

            You read my mind!
            Cube has been a great foot soldier for our team and this game would be an ideal swan song for him.

            We Are (Not) All Canucks.
            Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

      • HabsPooch says:

        Yes our defense is a mess. It’s an important two points we gained but I’m terrified of what will happen to us in the playoffs if we don’t figure out the 3-6 slot. Weaver and Murray have been atrocious. Gorges’ absence has surprisingly had a huge negative impact on our core. I really think they should bring up Beaulieu to rush that puck out of our zone or at least make that solid first pass away from danger. Tinordi’s sitting out tonight really surprised me and I’m betting Therien sees his presence is needed.
        Great comeback but we still have to be realistic of our problems at hand…

        • CJ says:

          I agree 100%. I trust that changes are ahead. Unfortunately we won’t have the luxury of playing the kind of inferior opponent we faced tonight.

          Boston enjoyed playoff success last year with Krug and Hamilton. We can make it work.

        • jlgib1019 says:

          Murray has a purpose,but needs a skater like Bealieau to play with. I swear Weaver is even slower than Murray,lol. And takes very bad angles


      • D Mex says:

        Oh c’mon, CJ.
        ” Not to blow (your) own horn ” – indeed.
        Judging from your more recent post (above), the weather has gotten quite a bit fairer in Ottawa since the game ended. Here’s something else you posted tonight … ↓

        CJ MARCH 15, 2014 AT 9:25 PM
        ” … Not that anyone cares, but I feel sick to my stomach watching this. Living in Ottawa, I can’t wait to check my phone and listen to how we have been dominated, Price sucks, and any other unoriginal comment a fringe fan might come up with. ”

        ALWAYS Habs –
        D Mex

        • CJ says:

          I stand by my post. I was feeling ill. Losing to ottawa would have been brutal. I’m the first to admit I wrote the team off when down 4-1. Not hiding from it whatsoever. I also wrote what I said earlier in the day.

          I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. Down 4-1 with three and a half minutes to play I thought we were on the way to a loss. Further I stated, and honestly felt, that a loss tonight would significantly impact our playoff chances. A win should help get the boys on track. We have some major issues on defence that need to be worked out, but there are positives to be taken from this win.

          Again, you got me. I said both. You got me. Not that it’s an excuse, but I don’t think many, if responding honestly, thought we would win, down 3 with just over three minutes to play. I don’t think that makes me less of a fan.

          Humbly, CJ

          • Le Jadester says:

            Kinda went for the same ride too.

            Habs, OLE !

          • jlgib1019 says:

            Half the building emptied out,and the other half,like me were probably waiting for some fights after Prusts demo job. BTW, michalek crosschecked him in chest and punched him in face first


          • HabsPooch says:

            I don’t think anyone thought were coming back down three goals with less than four minutes to go. I know that feeling too. Walking into the office after a Leaf win over the Habs is sickening. Let’s get another win against the Sabres and put an extra shine on tonight’s victory. Cheers!

          • jlgib1019 says:

            Hey Pooch, I have to deal with bruins fan where I live,so Thursday AM wasn’t good,plus they got a dam good team unlike the Leafs


          • D Mex says:

            A comment such as ” Price sucks, … ” from someone who professes to be a Habs fan just pisses me off. Deep doubt ? – sure, but there is the matter of this little comeback against NYR a while back that is worth remembering …

            Two hockey teams in this world, CJ : the Habs, and whoever they are kind enough to share the ice with (I make an exception for Team Canada as the need arises) Doesn’t mean the good guys have to win every time – but you’re either a loyal Habs fan, or you ain’t.

            And THAT is why the word ‘ ALWAYS ‘ appears where it does below. End of rant.

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

  20. The Teacher says:

    I was AT the game and watched him a lot. I do know hockey. He is not effective at all. His goal was a result of the defencemen putting a perfect pass on his stick for a deflection.

  21. 24 Cups says:

    No Carey Price in Buffalo. If true, I’d start Tokarski.

  22. DipsyDoodler says:

    I would just like to send this message to the walrus: ha ha.

    (in the voice of Nelson Munz)

    Moving. Forward.

  23. tab says:

    Momentum, is spelled subban:)

  24. canadiens26 says:

    I was just browsing through some of the comments on the Sen’s forum. Not only do those fellas swear more than lumberjacks from Maniwaki, they blame the officials for everything and place no blame on any of the Senators players.

    People might be harsh on this site but it is nice to read well written, classy posts by educated hockey fans. I am proud to be an avid reader and occasional poster on this site.

    Much respect!

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      Maybe they should realize how bad Lehner is. CHeers mate.

    • ffenliv says:

      Had tonight’s situation been reversed, this place would have been on fire with people blaming the refs, the league, and anyone else they could find.

      The fact is the non-calls at the end of the third, and the situation in overtime could very easily have gone either way, and we know this, because we’ve seen calls like that go both ways int he past.

      Sometimes you benefit, sometimes you don’t. Fans of all teams also have a tendency to remember the times they got screwed by the zebras, because the reverse situation – benefiting from the officials decisions – plays in our minds as ‘the right call was made’, so we don’t drag them around as baggage.

  25. Prop says:

    Crey Price FTW!

    That’s just cray cray.


  26. The Teacher says:

    Doug19. Gionta can’t get out if a Habs jersey fast enough. He really and truly does nothing out there. Our comeback was PK subban finally telling therrien to shove his staying back style where the sun don’t shine.

  27. Loop_Garoo says:

    And in junior news, Hudon with the hatty tonight.

  28. Harditya says:

    I am more shocked about the fact that the server didn’t crash after that comeback

  29. tab says:

    I think that playing 4 lines makes it tough for guys like vanek to get into the game.
    For remainder if season MT should focus ice time on Top 9 forwards and spot the other 3, same in defense subban needs 30 mins of ice.

  30. Le Jadester says:

    This game kinda felt like the epic Habs rangers comeback

    I really enjoyed it!

    Habs, OLE !

  31. doug19 says:

    I Liked Gionta’s play also. He cranked the shot that made the rebound for Eller and then scored the next goal. He was zipping tonight.

  32. HabsPooch says:

    Mr. Boone was on fire with his blog comments tonight. Great humour. Thank you sir.

  33. The Teacher says:

    This team seriously sucked from the first intermission til minute 57. Glad I didn’t leave with five minutes left like 8000 fans did lol

  34. CJ says:

    Just replied to our Senator’s visitor below. I invite you to check it out. Might help out those fans living in the Ottawa area who are likely to face the same feedback (noise) on Monday morning. Cheers, CJ

  35. steste11 says:

    Anyone know where watch coaches post game pressers??

    P.K 2013 Norris Trophy Winner

  36. tab says:

    My read on Habs is that MT is a very emotional coach this why we see a team that plays really emotional. Which gets you wins like tonight and losses that go unexplained. Not sure how MT does it however but they are 11 games over 500, not 2 bad.

  37. habsfan0 says:

    The moral for the Ottawa Senators after tonight’s devastating loss:

    Beware the Ides of March.

  38. Mattyleg says:

    …who says we have trouble scoring?!?

    5 goals, lads!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  39. habsfan0 says:

    Kudos to Carey Price for making a LOT of key saves,especially a few on breakaways,to keep the score at 4-1.

  40. Loop_Garoo says:

    Maybe Vanek can rediscover his scoring touch in Buffalo? He’s getting chances, gotta pot one sooner or later though.

  41. stevieray says:

    So did tonite’s win save MT’s job …for the moment anyway

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