Liveblog: Game 67 – Boston stomps Canadiens 4-1


For 20 minutes, it was a game

The Canadiens outshot the Bruins 13-6 in the first period, and Tuukka Rask stopped Max Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk on breakaways.

But a Jarred Tinordi error left Carl Soderberg wide open in front of Peter Budaj early in the second period, and the Bruins were off to the races.

Patrice Bergeron and Milan Lucic made it 3-0 in the seconds period, and Zdeno Chara scored early in the third period before David Desharnais's 12th, in a goalmouth scramble, cost Rask his shutout. Thomas Vanek assisted, his first point as a Canadien.

Canadiens outshot Boston 36-32.

Canadiens finally score

David Desharnais poked the puck past Tuukka Rask in a goalmouth scramble, ending a futility streak stretching back to last Thursday in Phoenix.

Thomas Vanek drew an assist – his first point as a Canadien.

Zdeno Chara had made it 4-0, driving his own rebound past Peter Budaj less than 90 seconds into the period.

Bruins blow it open

An error by Jarred Tinordi left Carl Soderberg alone in front to open the scoring.

Then Patrice Bergeron completed an odd-man rush, cashing a perfect pass by Brad Marchand.

The Canadiens had a couple decent shifts late in the period, but Milan Lucic scored a soft one on Peter Budaj with 90 seconds left.

Shots were 13-13.


Good start

The Canadiens dominated the opening period and outshot the Bruins 13-6.

Tuukka Rask stopped Max Pacioretty and Alex Galchenyuk on breakaways.

Peter Budaj's best save was on Milan Lucic.

Them again

The Canadiens' greatest rivals pay their second and last regular-season visit to the Bell Centre Wednesday night.

The Bruins, who are riding a five-game winning streak, are hot.

The Canadiens, making their first start since a 1-3 road trip, are not.

But they've won both previous games against Boston this season, 2-1 at the Bell Centre on Dec. 5 and 4-1 at the TD Garden on Jan. 30.

Max Pacioretty scored the winner in both games.

Brandon Prust returns to the Canadiens lineup, and Francis Bouillon draws in on D.

Lines and pairings from morning skate: Vanek-Plekanec-Gionta, Pacioretty-Desharnais-Gallagher, Galchenyuk-Eller-Briere, Moen-White-Prust; Markov-Emelin, Subban-Bouillon, Murray-Tinordi

Puck drops 7:40ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.

• Pre-game reading: Arpon Basu on the Boston-Montreal rivalry

• Preview: Strombo on HNIC


  1. BriPro says:

    You’re all wrong!

    Earlier today, Matty showed his losing record every time he goes to a game.
    It’s sad.

    I suggested he stay home, but NOOO, don’t listen to me, Matty!

    Now, see what happened? It’s your fault! So drown your sorrows at Hurley’s, my friend. The rest of us will just sit here watching the steam emanating from this site, while you’re drinking it up.

    I hope it’s Guinness at least. You have to show some consideration.

  2. Storm Man says:

    I kind of in a sad way hope we don’t make the playoffs and send MT out of town.

  3. durocher says:

    Send Tinman down, bring up Beaulieu. He did not look out of place at all when he was up before the Sochi break. Our PP is not producing, and Beaulieu can help in that regard. By contrast, Tinman seems to be out of position at times and made a big mental error tonight that proved costly. Let him refine his game some more in the A.

    Sit Breire, play Weise.

    It is painful to see Gio so ineffective on general 5-on-5 play.

    Cube played well for being out for so long. I’d give him another go while Tinman goes to Hamilton and Beaulieu is sent up.

  4. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The only thing that counts is if the Habs make the playoffs HEALTHY. The Habs could go 82-0 but if Price got hurt in the last game, they would be toast. Gorges is not a superstar D-man but this team’s D depth is so poor that his absence is evident. As for Vanek, he is getting his chances. He is the most dangerous forward already. At least the E2G line is back and Vanek is with DD and Max.

  5. jols says:

    Danny boy doing what he was signed for on RDS right now. Good for him. Finally earning his paycheck.

  6. kingcammy says:

    Ok where are those positive thinkers who come and try and calm everybody down after every time this team stinks it up? I think eventually they just run out if crap to poop.

  7. UKRAINIANhab says:

    With Price things should be different.

  8. Storm Man says:

    Yes let’s not blame MT who had the most ice time again?

  9. habs11s says:

    CAL beating the Ducks 4-0 in the first


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  10. kingcammy says:

    To our empty noggin coach: why would still keep starting Budaj after all his horrible play lately over toker who had a solid game against da mighty ducks? Seriously? 1 start u give him? And just let Budaj crap his pants game after game???

  11. Mattyleg says:

    Et tu Johnbé?

    Any news from Ian? Did he make it to Mtl, or did his train end up stuck in Rivière-du-Loup?

  12. PrimeTime says:

    Dooooooooom!! Wake up and see the forest people.

  13. jols says:

    My disgust for Therrien knows no bounds BUT I think he did stumble on the line combinations in the 3rd period that should win us more games than we lose from here on in: Vanek/DD/Patches – Briere/Pleks/Gio – EGG – Prust/White/Moen

    When Bournival is healthy him and Briere battle for that spot on the Pleks line. Keep Bourque in the press box.

  14. Mattyleg says:

    Man, I’m totally on board with chilli. Come to Hurley’s and I’ll buy you a pint, bud.

  15. jlgib1019 says:

    Bruins weren’t even excited about the win. They have bigger plans than to get juiced up about winning a regular season game. too easy


  16. Sportfan says:

    Can someone explain to me why Bouillon has the most ice time than any Hab and is only second to Bartowski on Boston?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  17. PuffNStuff says:

    LMAO when asked why did the cube get the most ice time, MT replied I liked what he brought tonight…yes no shots, maybe a hit….um what else? What a tool for a coach, hope this nimrod is not back next year.

  18. chilli says:

    Blaming MT is just crybaby speak from fans. We blame our coach with every loss every single year. Wake up folks, we have a terrible team and in a playoff spot. Any coach who has Briere, Gionta, Moen, Bourque and I hate to say it, Eller, is in trouble.
    MT is stubborn with his lineup – ok, Vanek and Gionta are not working. Eller is digressing but what can the coach do? We are playing a backup goalie who would not be a starter for any team in the NHL.
    At least understand the team on the ice before being narrow minded and simply blaming the coach.
    That’s a silly argument for the ill informed.
    He knows a LOT more about hockey than you…


    • mushalain says:

      It’s quite simple. PK and Markov on the point together on the PP, Price’s Play, and Patches scoring (rumors are he doesn’t follow MT’s system and sings his own tune) is the only reason the habs have any wins. Any success they have is cause of those 4 players, which has absolutely nothing to do with MT’s coaching.

    • rljmartin says:

      Just because he knows more about hockey than most does not make him a good coach.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      What you say is true.
      He does know a LOT more about hockey than I do.
      So does Barry Melrose. Wayne Gretzky. Paul Holmgren. Steve Ludzik. Harry Neale. Eddie Olczyk and a whole bunch of other people who failed as coaches.
      Being smarter than me is no guarantee you know what you’re doing behind the bench.

  19. CHicoHab says:

    Tomorrow’s practice itinerary. Work ing on hitting the net on breakaways

  20. AH says:

    Just saw the hi-lites, what a shot at that wide open net by the Captain, lol!, what did he miss the net by 2, 3 feet?

  21. BCG says:

    I already talked about it – but when can we accept that the Habs organization does not know how to build an offensive team? Bergevin needs to take a risk and hire a coach to risk the defensive side (i.e. cost wins) for an offense. Molson needs to accept that possible financial loss when the team may not winning/losing bad a la the Leafs. The Fans need to be okay with blowouts (I think we are).

    The question is – who can coax the offense out of the team/farm team that we have?

  22. Adidess says:

    Is this why we need a French-speaking coach in Montreal? So that we can hear like:

    ‘Un défenseur s’est ENFARGÉ sur le 2ème but’ … ‘Je ne suis pas INQUIÈTE pour le SPIRIT’.

  23. Mattyleg says:

    JohnB, I imagine that’s directed at me. I can’t tell because I’m using the Cr-App: The HI/O app that gives you colonic unease and not much else.
    Anyone want to respond to me, please mention my name.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Just to bring you up to speed, I did take a couple of potshots at you earlier this evening, Matty, and called you by name. So I’ll go on record with that last comment as well … you, you, you, JINX!

  24. AH says:

    Seeing lots of Mt bashing here tonight. Did anyone see that article recently about who is the “hands down coach of the year”? Some guy named Patrick Roy. Anyone heard of him?

  25. Slackman says:

    “Les bonnes choses vont arriver.”
    -Michel Therrien

    “When the going get’s weird, the weird turn pro”

  26. Storm Man says:

    Vanek and PK pal look what MT has done to both of them

  27. doug19 says:

    Vanek the only plus player tonight at +1, but didn’t he lose his check on a goal? Eek in or out of the playoffs and get a better draft!

  28. habsfan0 says:

    Ask fans in Pittsburgh if they miss MT behind the bench.

  29. The Teacher says:

    Four game winning streak coming up.

  30. Mattyleg says:

    Anyone know if Ian made it to the game? I’m in Hurley’s and there’s no sign of the lad.

  31. Storm Man says:

    How did Carbo do coaching the under 17 Canadian team? Case closed.

  32. Bim says:

    The most exciting thing about the Habs for the remainder of the year will be guessing who will still be here next year.

  33. Storm Man says:

    How do you blame the players when you have a coach that kills any players with skill?

    • The_Truth says:

      How is the coach killing the players with skill? Seriously. Like Eller? Bourque? Briere? Gionta? or Max and DD? Maybe the so called players with skill are not really that skilled.

      • mushalain says:

        It’s quite simple. PK and Markov on the point together, Price’s Play, and Patches scoring (rumors are he doesn’t follow MT’s system) is the only reason the habs have any wins. Any success they have is cause of those 4 players, which has nothing to do with MT’s coaching.

      • BobbySmithWasClutch says:

        what in the world is going on (or wrong) with Eller? Is he completely disinterested?

  34. JohnBellyful says:

    Geez, it’s hard coming up with something new to say on Newer comments.
    Ah … ah … the goal lights, are they the low energy kind?

    “Yeah, buddy, they’re perfect for the home team.”

    Hey, use your own space next time, fella, and hit Reply!

  35. SC-24 says:

    a fan was Driving home dejected from the Boston Montreal game tonight where the Habs had just lost 4-1, he was ignoring the speed limit and, sure enough, a Police pulled him over. “you’ve got me, officer he confessed as he handed the officer his license. “I was speeding”

    The officer confirmed that he was clocked at 72 KPH but as he spoke, he noticed the officer taking a peek at the Game Program on the passenger seat. ” The officer said you were at the big game?”

    “Yes , sir,” he replied. The officer then paused for what seemed like an eternity. “Well,” he said finally, ” I guess you’ve suffered enough.”

  36. jlgib1019 says:


    As much as I detest Therrien,half of his 12 forwards are made up of these 6 losers every night,and we’ll still make playoffs. Of course Price must have something to do with it also,and the weak East


  37. WAR72 says:

    Someone mentioned earlier that if gionta was not captain he would be in the pressbox. An nhl captain has been benched before though…

    • jlgib1019 says:

      He was really bad tonight,even for him


      • CJ says:

        I might go so far as saying tonight was his worst game of the season. He was simply not very good.

        I hate to harp on this but against Boston, you are at a disadvantage when you ice a lineup consisting of five guys 5’10” and under. If they don’t have size, they need to make up for it in other ways. Sadly, these “other ways” were nonexistent.

  38. billylove says:

    So, is Price still “day to day?” Next question – why does anyone drop their gloves with a guy wearing a visor?

  39. Sportfan says:

    Man it enrages me how bad a coach MT is and how he could be a negative factor in keeping top players. Never keep a coach if he is the reason why you lose the good guys.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  40. boing007 says:

    Bouillon played more minutes than Markov, PK et cie tonight.

    Richard R

  41. stevieray says:

    Cmon now all was not lost …at least I got to see Angela Price do a interview on TSN2….one good lookin’ she-male… partner !!

  42. Slackman says:


    Did anyone really expect to beat Boston tonight? What with Budaj being our go to guy by default, and not a “give-Carey-a-break” option?

    Is MT that bad a coach?

    Who is the best candidate for coach of the Montreal Canadiens?

    Can the Habs win another Stanley Cup in the next 10 years?

    Have the Habs won enough Stanley Cups since their inception, meaning they will not be victorious for a long time (maybe ever).

    “When the going get’s weird, the weird turn pro”

  43. Storm Man says:

    Carbo the next coach? I will puke on the bell centre ice. Why do we want coaches that are not winners?

  44. SmartDog says:

    The boys gave up at about this point LAST season.
    And it was about this point that Therrien was fired in Pits.
    Could it be a pattern?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  45. Storm Man says:

    This is the Montreal Canadiens you are telling me we could not find a top level coach someone who understands what it is to be a winner not just smile and lol on RDS?

  46. The_Truth says:

    Lars Eller, another 13mins played and another 0 points and -2.

    • jlgib1019 says:

      They took him out for his own protection after the cheapshot. At least he showed passion


    • Billyboy says:

      Cant blame eller on one of the goals. He won the faceoff and the player receiving the puck passed it from behind the net to a boston player. True eller has not played well since the first weeks. He has lost his confidence due to a dumb coach.

  47. mushalain says:

    This team has no passion. The word “Body Check” is not in their vocabulary. MT and his team have no identity. These guys just don’t care anymore. I think MT is being tuned out.

  48. Bim says:

    Going, Going, gone…out of the playoffs!

  49. hockeydoc says:

    Looks to me that PK is playing like someone who doesn’t want to re-sign and play here, a shadow of the player of last year

  50. CHicoHab says:

    That may have been the easiest 2 pts bruins had all year. All around bad effort. Our D couldn’t take anyone out on the rush tonitr. Our F couldn’t capitalize on breakaways. Our G let in a couple softies. Back to the drawing board.
    Saturday and Sunday wins only way to right this ship in a hurry.

  51. Storm Man says:

    Sure call my agent

  52. Storman says:

    Gionta shooting 5 feet wide in the first, with a wide open net awaiting him , sums up Canadiens finishing ability,,

  53. jmac21 says:

    Opinions are line A-holes
    We all have one and mine is to fire the coach but if you like him good on you. I never like him the first time he was here and didn’t like him running the habs into the ground when he was on RDS so now he’s running the show and same results looks good on him

  54. CJ says:

    Chance to regroup before facing Ottawa and Buffalo.

    Don’t look now, but things are getting very tight in the Eastern conference.

    What has become quite evident is that Gorges is far more valuable to this team then many here are willing to admit. Folks may not like the rah rah stuff, but he is a big part of the heart and soul of this team. It goes without saying that Price’s absence creates a huge hole, but Gorges is also a valuable part of our defence.

    It’s likely to soon to critique the lineup, but IMO, Gionta needs way less responsibility, not more. Further, as much as I appreciate his willingness, not sure what difference Prust made tonight. I understand the need for toughness, but I’d love to find a way to work Weise back into the lineup.

    We looked small and unable to get to the dirty areas. Despite what I’ve been saying about trading assets, building for the future and changing the composition of this roster, their is absolutely zero gratification in this outcome, especially against the Bruins.

    Hopefully the boys bounce back and take both games in the back to back this weekend.

    • HabsPooch says:

      I understand your points about Gorges and Weisse but these are small samples of what’s ailing this team. We just don’t have consistent finishers. Sure Pacioretty has his 30 goals when he goes on multiple hot streaks and Vanek I’m sure will start lighting it up soon when he starts playing with someone other than Pleks and Gionta but the rest of the roster just can’t bury their chances. Gionta and Pleks missed the net by five feet on their open looks tonight as well Pacioretty missing on an uncontested breakaway. It’s been happening all year. Our powerplay looks awful as well. They’re so focused on setting up PK all the time they forget the three players down low. It’s getting tiresome. What do they practice WHEN they practice? Whatever happened to the bag skates where the team gets punished for dismal performances? It seems we see the same stuff over and over again. I don’t see any adjustments being made, in-game or pre-game. That’s my take…

      • CJ says:

        I think we have them, they just don’t seem to be thriving in this system. Maybe this is unfair, but I’m not totally certain that Crosby would put up points right now, on this team, in this system.

        Just my two cents….

        • HabsPooch says:

          Hey CJ, do you see the same thing I see with regards to the power play though? Other teams have picked up on it and pressure the points. They almost dare the Habs to do something down low…seeing how pitiful we are 5-on-5, if the power play doesn’t improve it will be awfully difficult to be successful down the road…

          • CJ says:

            Yes, I agree. It would appear other teams have made the necessary adjustments while we have failed to counter. We need another weapon to relieve pressure from PK. It’s one of the reasons I keep going back to Beaulieu. If we don’t do something, our PP will continue to be a popgun.

            Additionally, we need a net presence. I love Galley, but we need another guy, preferably bigger, who also goes to the net. We simply have too many perimeter players.

  55. Bim says:

    When is Guy Carboneau coming back as coach?

  56. jols says:

    @Seda Moss, Funny stuff on here tonight. I hope you visit more often. I enjoyed your posts. Too many take themselves way to serious on this site.

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      Your kidding me? Your the guy who said it is too easy for trolls to make a new account. Funny stuff

      • jols says:

        What are you talking about? Time to take your meds and go to bed.

        • UKRAINIANhab says:

          No need to get mad…you said people who get kicked can easily make a new account. This guy is probably an example of that. If you cannot remember what you said maybe you should take the meds and go to bed. Chill.

          • jols says:

            Sorry, that wasn’t me. I missed half the game tonight and scrolled through the posts, that guy made me laugh a few times. I simply enjoyed his posts and was encouraging him to come back. This site needs some humor. Too many serious cheer leaders.

          • UKRAINIANhab says:

            Np Jols. Might have been my mistake. Cheers

  57. Bim says:

    This Bruins win was sooo easy it was ridiculous!

  58. Sportfan says:

    Can one of the reporters please ask why Moen plays and not Weise someone who has won when he plays!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  59. Slackman says:

    I’ll be the idiot that reminds you that the Hab are 0-3 with Vanek in the lineup.

    “When the going get’s weird, the weird turn pro”

  60. The Jackal says:

    Don’t waste your time Dust, Ukraine, and co. Haters gonna hate. Save your words for the posters who provide good discussion. Fire MT!

  61. jmac21 says:

    I did pay to watch this and a plane ticket too
    Can’t wIt to come back next Tuesday to see St.Patrick back in Mtl
    Wish he was around when we needed a coach, oh yeah he was
    Too bad he wasn’t French? Oh yeah he is
    Too bad he’s not a winner like Mike ? LOL

  62. rljmartin says:

    What offense do you expect? At least they are responsibly defensive forwards or defensively responsible? Whatever…..

  63. Sportfan says:


    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  64. Slackman says:

    Is Price ok yet??? Is his mysterious-slow-to-heal injury all better yet. Budaj is a nice guy but he sucks in nets. Yeah, you heard me. He’s (for some odd reason) making all the rookie mistakes a back-up goalie can make. We let the knuckle-draggers knuckle-drag away with one. They’re real lucky they have that lanky bastard Rask.

    “When the going get’s weird, the weird turn pro”

    • jlgib1019 says:

      Budaj is awful,except in small doses. IF it’s true that price played through the olympics with the same injury,then he has to be in net on Saturday


  65. twilighthours says:

    A long time from now, perhaps in the summer, when I am sipping beer on my deck, I will reflect on this season. And mostly I’ll be left with this feeling of uncertainty:

    “how much did people pay to watch THOSE games?”

  66. Storm Man says:

    Hey Dust you know anything about hockey? So the players do the line ups and the game plan ect? This is not beer league lol

  67. SmartDog says:

    SBS = Shoulda Been Sellers

    PS: I’ve told you Vanek will not stay with Pleks-Gionta… and he won’t. Why the hell doesn’t Therrien listen to me?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  68. Harditya says:

    Good night everyone. Let’s forget this one and enjoy time with our loved ones.

  69. Habilis says:

    We started strong, the other coach adjusted in the 1st intermission, and we got dismantled for the final 40 minutes because our coach can’t play that game. Awesome sign for the playoffs.

    • Dust says:

      I saw it as we played a real good first. Then the b’s first goal was a garbage one.. the players put their heads down. pouted and stopped playing hard

    • expat_habsfan says:

      Good point. That’s exactly what got MT tossed in Pittsburgh. His complete and utter failure to counter the Wings during the playoffs and then his losing the team the following season. Some coaches can figure out new strategy while the game progresses other just stick to what they planned before the game. The best MT appears to be able to do is juggle lines. It is time for MB to cut MT loose just like Shero did in 2009 after the Pens were embarrassed by the Leafs..

  70. Bim says:

    Playing like you’re not interested in winning won’t get you very far in this league. Bye, Bye MT. I don’t care what anyone says its the coaches job to motivate the players. A very poor job tonite. MT should lose his job.

  71. jols says:

    Take the day off tomorrow boys. Therrien must think you are still tuckered out.

  72. jmac21 says:

    Vanek finishes on the power line with Whitey and Moen 🙂

  73. Dust says:

    This blaming the coach crap is brutal…This is on the players. The coaches can only do so much.. the players aren’t scoring.. they aren’t going to the dirty areas.

    • expat_habsfan says:

      Part of this is on the players and the Habs lack talent and size throughout the lineup compared to the leagues better teams. The coach knows (hopefully) this and his game strategy needs to be planned accordingly. Once the Habs went down a goal he needed to find a way to pick his team up and change his game plan accordingly. What ever MT did it did not look like it worked out very well, unless you are a Bruin.

    • expat_habsfan says:

      Sorry, the Habs aren’t as big or talented as the Bs and the coach should know this and be able to figure out how to use what he’s got. Nolan on Buffalo gets more from a less talented team. Imagine the Habs with Nolan behind the bench.

  74. Storm Man says:

    No as this time Kid Molson gets the best coach not some guy who talks French.

  75. Peter Young says:

    What a colossal disappointment for fans of the Canadiens … although perhaps it ought not to have been.

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