Liveblog: Game 64: Markov scores in long Shootout to beat Ducks 4-3


Big win

The Canadiens blew a 2-0 lead against Anaheim, fell behind 3-2, tied it on Brendan Gallagher's second-period goal and won it in the Shootout when Andrei Markov beat Jonas Hiller.

Making his first NHL start in two years, Dustin Tokarski made 39 saves through 65 minutes and, crucially, stopped Saku Koivu in the Shootout.

The Canadiens swept their season series against the team with the most points in the league.

Scoreless OT, but the amazing Brendan Gallagher created a good chance.

On to Dustin Tokarski's first careeer Shootout.

Bonino: Easy goal

Galchenyuk: Backhand saved

Silfverberg: Miss

DD: Backhand goal!

Perry: Goal!

Brière: Goal!

Getzlaf: Miss

Gallagher: Save

Palmieri: Never crossed the line!

Plekanec: Miss

Koivu: Miss

Markov: GOAL!



On to OT

No scoring, but Ryan Getzlaf and Tomas Plekanec hit goalposts.

Shots were 9-7 Canadiens.

Crazy period

Anaheim raised its total of second-period goals to 80 this season.

Tim Jackman got the home team on the board before François Beauchemin scored a bizarre power-play goal: a dump-in along the glass that hit a stanchion and ricocheted past Dustin Tokarski, who had left his net to chase a puck he thought was going into the corner.

Daniel Winnik embarrassed Alexei Emelin and scored to give the Ducks a 3-3 lead.

But wth 37 seconds left in the period, Brendan Gallagher lifted his 16th past Jonas Hiller to make it 3-3.

Anaheim outshot the Canadiens 19-8.

Max Pacioretty took a big hit from Beauchemin and left the game.

Great start

As was the case against the Leafs at the Bell Centre, the Canadiens were on the board before their opponent had a shot on goal.

Brian Gionta's 13th came after Tomas Plekanec won a faceoff and skipped past Saku Koivu.

The home team didn't get a shot until the game was 11 minutes old.

But with P.K. Subban off for hooking, Anaheim peppered Dustin Tokarski with eight shots.

He stopped them all, and Max Pacioretty's 30th, off a lovely David Desharnais set-up, made it 2-0.

Despite their early drought, Anaheimoutshot the Canadiens 13-10.

Waiting for Vanek

Well, that was a blockbuster ... and I don't mean the acquisition of Devan Dubnyk.

If the Canadies were playing on the east coast, we might see Thomas Vanek in the lineup tonight.

But they're in California, and the sniper will join the team Thursday in Arizona.

Vanek will wear jersey number 20, most recently worn by Colby Armstrong.

Dustin Tokarski makes his first start in goal for the Canadiens in Anaheim. George Parros faces one of his former teams. Lars Eller is a healthy scratch.

When the Ducks visited the Bell Centre Oct. 24, the Canadiens got power-play goals from Brian Gionta and Rene Bourque in a 4-1 win.

• THN's Ken Campbell likes the Vanek deal (even though he gets the DD line wrong)

Mathieu Darche's take (in French)


  1. Rob Maguire says:

    Man, he looked so casual.

  2. monmick says:

    Shooting for a 4 year extension…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  3. AZ_Hab_Fan says:


  4. Et le but says:


  5. danhabsfan says:

    Wow. We win, wow

  6. Timo says:

    ANDREI!!!!! Sign that mofo!!! Wow!

  7. Rob Maguire says:

    Toker is pumped!

  8. Congrats to Team Canada says:


  9. sCOTT1243 says:

    Mrkov before subban hahahhaa

    et le butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  10. Et le but says:

    We win!!!!!!!!

  11. B says:

    Might as well have another beer, this could take awhile.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  12. Rob Maguire says:

    I really have to hit the can. Can’t someone score? Preferably a guy in a white jersey?

  13. danhabsfan says:

    Hohhot pleks

  14. sCOTT1243 says:

    Fawkin shoot high…keep going to same side.

  15. Et le but says:

    Tokarski time….

  16. sCOTT1243 says:

    Comon boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    How can Hayward be so hockey stupid? Too many pucks to the head.

  18. What is wrong with these people we all see it hasn’t crossed the line.

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Congrats Carey Price and PK Subban, Montreal’s Gold Medal Members!

    • jimmy shaker says:

      That one out front angle was pretty greasy……looked like a fraction of white paint between the puck and goal line……..I’m more than happy to be wrong though!

      Shaker out

  19. Congrats to Team Canada says:

    I think its in.

  20. jimmy shaker says:

    think so.

    shaker out

  21. Timo says:

    Hey, didn’t Murray show some sweet hands in shootout in practice?

  22. monmick says:

    PK next shooter?

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  23. B says:

    No goal!

    –Go Habs Go!–

  24. Rob Maguire says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video review in a shootout before.

  25. captaink4life says:


    You will always be a Canadien in my eyes, Saku

  26. AZ_Hab_Fan says:


  27. sCOTT1243 says:

    No goallllllllllllllllllllll????????????????????????

    Calling Toronto, its in by a mile….

  28. monmick says:

    No goal…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  29. Garbo says:

    Not one save for Tokarski yet

  30. Et le but says:

    No goal!

  31. Rob Maguire says:

    No goal?

  32. monmick says:


    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  33. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    Need eller

  34. Et le but says:

    Over to you Tokarski

  35. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    Need Ellet

  36. monmick says:

    Gally boy…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  37. Et le but says:

    And, the winner is…

  38. sCOTT1243 says:

    comon boyssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  39. Rob Maguire says:

    So … shoot glove?

  40. Timo says:

    Ok, now Parros.

  41. Et le but says:

    Your turn Tokarski

  42. sCOTT1243 says:

    Saw that before Perry got off the bench..dang

  43. monmick says:

    Danny boy…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  44. Et le but says:

    C’mon Danny boy

  45. monmick says:

    Memories of Pierre Dagenais..

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  46. B says:

    Desharnais is clutch in the shoot out!

    –Go Habs Go!–

  47. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    DD sick

  48. Rob Maguire says:

    No pressure, Toker.

  49. Et le but says:

    Need a big stop here

  50. sCOTT1243 says:

    Wow DD…thats my little umpaloompa!

  51. Rob Maguire says:

    DD, shootout specialist.

  52. Timo says:

    Holy moly!! Did you see my man, DD?! Unreal.

  53. danhabsfan says:

    Wow, nice DD

  54. Rob Maguire says:


  55. SlovakHab says:

    Gally only has 1 shootout move?

  56. monmick says:

    Go DD..

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  57. Et le but says:

    Davey’s turn

  58. Timo says:

    Why does this guy still gets to be in the shootout? Brutal.
    I guess Therrien is going to find lots of positive in the loss, isn’t he?

  59. Et le but says:

    Gotta stop this one

  60. Rob Maguire says:

    Ooh. That was fugly.

  61. danhabsfan says:

    I guess Vanek did not get there in time for the shootout

  62. sCOTT1243 says:

    Chenyuk is due

  63. Timo says:

    Briere? Really?
    Why not Parros?

  64. scarboro_habitant says:

    man, i swear emelin is on glue.

  65. danhabsfan says:

    No matter what, the boys tried hard, and Torkorski deserves to be the 1st star. I fluke goal off the glass is the difference. Let’s win this now.

  66. Timo says:

    So… why could they have played like that in the second as well instead of letting Ducks back in the game? This team…

  67. monmick says:

    Hiller looks like the Shamwow guy…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  68. Just A Guy says:

    What an experience for the Toker.

  69. Habcouver says:

    I would guess that the Ducks do not have a book on Tokarski for shoot out? Please.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  70. The Juice says:

    Emelin had the puck while the forwards changed then promptly dumped it down the ice #waste

  71. sCOTT1243 says:

    Breath Dustin breath….welcome to the show and prove you belong!

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