Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens


More scrums than goals

The game ended with a mad scramble in front of Winnipeg goaltender Al Montoya.

Glares, shoves, punched, angry words ...

But no goals.

The Canadiens scored twice on Super Bowl weekend.

Their opponents, Tampa Bay and Winnipeg, doubled the home team in 2-1 wins.

Price error cost winner

A little over a minute into the third period, Carey Price tried to clear the puck, but the attempt was intercepted by Andrew Ladd.

The Winnipeg captain fed Michael Frolik for an easy goal that proved the winner.

Finally, a couple goals

After Lars Eller hit the post behind Al Montoya, Tobias Enstrom opened the scoring on a soft wraparound that beat Carey Price short-side.

Brian Gionta dinged off the post before converting a sweet Tomas Plekanec pass to tie the game.

Canadiens outshot the Jets 12-9.

The period included several goalmouth scrums, the liveliest of which involved wee Brendan Gallagher and hulking Mark Stuart.

Two games

The visitors dominated early, jumping off to a 7-0 shot advantage before Rene Bourque uncorked a blistering 70-footer on Al Montoya.

But the Canadiens came to life en route to a 12-10 shot advantage in the period.

Let's try this again

Your Montreal Canadiens will try to redeem Super Bowl weekend when they play Winnipeg in a Sunday matinee at the Bell Centre.

With the Jets in the Western Conference, this is their only visit to Montreal this season.

The scalpers will make out like bandits.

The Canadiens beat the Jets 3-0 in Winnipeg on Oct. 15.

The Jets' poor start this season cost Claude Noel his coaching job, and Winnipeg is 7-2-0 since Paul Maurice took over.

After losing in Overtime to Tampa Bay on Saturday afternoon, the Canadiens spent a few hours in third place in the Atlantic Division before the Leafs' comeback win against Ottawa bumped them back down to Wild Card territory.

Puck drops 1:10ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.


  1. Plekasuares says:

    This game is OVER yawn! Habs hockey was more exciting THAT’S sayin somethin

  2. frontenac1 says:

    Holy f#ck amigos!!Let’s go Peyton! Damn I’m really hammered! Throw me another Sweet Cap Rosie!

  3. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …I’m on My tablet …but if you see something called ‘Test’, that’s Me ! 🙂

  4. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …You are most welcome

    …wish I could have reported something more positive on the way to Our Habs from Hanilton before the end of this season

    …Hopefully Tinordi won’t be held down much longer

  5. Plekasuares says:

    K now it’s game over. Sigh

  6. Plekasuares says:

    Is it game over already!?

  7. frontenac1 says:

    Vas-y Broncos!

  8. tab says:

    I liked comments by jets centre a scheflleir on CBC what they are doing different under guidance of Maurice (whose a Sault Ste. Marie native) he has them playing for each other, look up the book “5 dysfunctions of a team”

  9. tab says:

    I also recall big bird was moving west for family reasons, he isn’t at the point in his career for a rebuild either, remember when he stepped down in jersey from head coach due to stress,

  10. tab says:

    Most frustrating thing about the Habs is we still don’t know who plays on first line, second line, third line and fourth.
    I don’t even think Mb knows what holes he needs to fill as they keep moving around all very confusing as a fan and I assume as a player as well

  11. adadi says:

    Stop blaming Price. Without him this team would be in the cellar. He has finally given up much as have the rest of the players. Care to guess why? They’re tired of being coached by a half-wit.

  12. FlyingFrenchie says:

    Our scoring will pick up if we bring in strippers for the next game.

  13. port elgin says:

    This ship is going down fast.

  14. tab says:

    I like Christian Thomas with a little moe ice time will show he can score as he knows where to go on the ice, smart players, would work well with bournival and a hard nosed winger.

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Calgary has more O on the way than We do in Granlund, Knight and Baertchi

    …they actually have flair and skill unlike We

    • HabFab says:

      Have you recovered from Friday night yet?

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …met Frank, photo with 3 of Us

        …had a funny moment …after photo, He comes over to Me for some reason to tell Me there will be an upcoming pre-game ceremony in celebration of the 1964 Weeds’ team on HNIC

        …since I’m not the type to be wearing sweaters and Habs’ gear (though Quent had been wearing a Habs cap, which had been taken-off for the photo) I guess He presumed I was a Weeds’ fan

        …I, of course, in My straightforward way, told Him I could not care less Mr. Mahovlich, I AM A HABS FAN 🙂

        …that sort of settled the question in My mind over the years, did Mahovlich retire with a CH or a Weed stenciled over His heart

        …I confirmed tonight it indeed …was a Weed 🙁

        … 🙂

  16. tab says:

    Leblanc has the hockey senses but looks like from what we seen if him his unorthodox skating style not only makes him look like a poorer skater than he is, I think it slows him down, needs a longer stride for nhl hockey quicker as well

  17. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Everybody knows MTL is small but WOW was it ever obvious watching this weekend’s games. Tampa ranks 6th in height and weight, Winnipeg, 4th and 1st. Do you think that had anything to do with the outcome? Please debate.

  18. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I think it’s over for Leblanc …unless Louis gets into a serious program with a sports psychologist , I believe He is burned out inside beyond redemption

    …if He looks as inept at the AHL level, I can’t see Him of any use in the NHL

    …I put this not on Louis Himself, but on the Habs’ inept coaching and development program in Hamilton

    • boonie says:

      It was over for LL at the WJC. Don’t kid yourself. He played on a line with Braydon Schenn, who had a terrific tournament. With LL, Schenn produced bubkis. The coach (sorry, I don’t remember who it was) would demote LL and Schenn would pick up four points in period.

      At that point, I knew LL was bottom 6 NHLer at best.

      Now we know for sure.

      suivant. next.

  19. Cal says:

    Winnipeg was better everywhere on the ice today. The forwards, the D and the goalie outplayed the Habs pretty much completely.
    Price’s 2 brain farts should have cost the game, but he made some amazing saves look easy. The players in front did a terrible job of finishing. They should have scored 4 or 5.
    PK spent way too much time circling in the neutral zone with the puck. He’s got to move it quicker. There’s nothing wrong with headmanning the puck.
    Price should never handle the puck again. Ever. Stay in your crease and leave the puck for the D to deal with.

    And, lastly, wonderful job by MT not giving Eller’s line any PP time when they were clearly the best line offensively most of the game. Would it have hurt to send Eller, Bourque and Patches out just once?
    Rant over. Happy Super Bowl!!

  20. tab says:

    Pick the best 4 vets for defense and play 2 rookies on offense go back to the egg line and play the younger players like we mean it. This is what Patrick Roy is doing in Denver creating youthful enthusiasm allowing young players to make mistakes allows them to learn and excel. Overpaid vets stop bringing that energy that’s needed to goto the net or win close games

  21. Habfan10912 says:

    I wonder if Joe Namath saw his shadow.

  22. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …attended the Bulldogs Heat game in Abbotsford Friday night

    …did not watch today’s Jets Habs game today

    …in case You are in the mood to be more depressed than You are at the moment

    …there is ZERO in Hamilton to help Us beyond Tinordi and possibly Pateryn

    …Leblanc and Dumont were invisible, and Quent and I sat directly behind Them at the bench

    …Andrighetto, whom I was anxious to evaluate was tres ordinaire, with and without the puck

    …they lost 6-0, and 4-1 Saturday night

    …the only Alpha-male in Hamilton was Tinordi, who is better than half Our current Habs’ D

    …Pateryn is very mobile and an intelligent D-man, but does not look as physical as You would presume someOne purported to be 220+ pounds to be

    …let’s hope the next wave of Our prospects, Colberg, Bozon, Crisp, MacCarron, Et al will show more potential offensive skill than the current sad sacks

    …anyhow, gooooo Seahawks !!!

    • JUST ME says:

      That is why fans need to be patient. The Bulldogs are still playing with the former management`s players. But already putting in place a real coaching staff has it`s effects. The Dogs are aiming for their best season since 2010…That`s a start i guess…Cant`t wait for the draft choices from Bergevin to join the team though.

    • Wintercount says:

      HiS, thanks for the info on the Dogs, much appreciated.

  23. Plekasuares says:

    Go broncos!??????? Meh

  24. naweed235 says:

    The team played well and deserved a better faith if you ask me. A couple of posts for the Habs, some saves from Montoya that had no business being made and 2 deflating gift goals pretty much sum up the loss. It’s very clear that the Habs need at least another legit 30-40 goal scorer (preferably of the MOAR BIGGER variety) in their line up to help them move over the hump and win these 1 goal games. Plekanec playing with 2 old dogs in Briere and Gionta is not gonna win us cups anytime soon. Give him 2 legit wingers and watch him put up the points. Even though I am not a MT fan, I disagree with all the posters calling for him to get canned… He is doing what he can with the elements at his disposal and sometimes their best is just not enough…

    Last but not least, let’s hope that the past few games where Price has given up those weak and untimely goals are just a fluke and not an indication of him reverting back to his old self. My biggest issue with him since his tenure in MTL has always been that although he can make those unbelievable saves, he tended to give up a softy often that just deflated the whole team…

  25. PeterD says:

    Outplayed both weekend games.
    One offensively threatening line.
    One player with cajones bigger than he is that will fight for front of net position every shift.

    This team still needs help from an offensive player yet to be acquired.
    This team needs at least one player on each line willing to fight for front of net position every shift like Gallagher.

    This team is not good enough right now for a lengthy playoff run. Too fragile, small and offensively challenged.

  26. The Capitalist Pig says:

    It’s simple what’s tuned the Jets around:

    Some people call me Maurice,
    ‘Cause I speak of the pompatus of love.

  27. tab says:

    Maybe it’s time to resurrect marc Crawford team needs a change in enthusiasm on the bench.

  28. Ian Cobb says:

    Therrien is just playing rope-a-dope, we have the other teams right where we want them. They will start under estimating our speed, passing and talent, start taking us lightly. Then we will just turn it on after the Olympic break.!!

  29. NCRhabsfan says:

    For all those waiting for the youth movement to help this team score some goals, don’t hold your breathe. By my count the forwards brought up from the AHL have scored zero points in 25 games played. Bournival, who doesn’t count in that group, has one point since October. Eller has one point in his last 15 games. Beaulieu is lied for the scoring lead in this group with one point in 12 GP. Happier days are not just around the corner. We better hope Gally turns into the prolific scorer everyone predicts, because there doesn’t appear to be a top 30 scorer anywhere in the Habs system for at least a couple of years. Looks like lots and lots of 2-1 games if the offing.

    • Grimmly says:

      The reason behind this is the pathetic use of our young players by MT, give me a break, Moan and Prust are getting time over Bourn late in games when we are losing. MT has no faith in the young players at all, dont blame them for being used terrible

      • NCRhabsfan says:

        Okay, but part of getting ice time is producing and one cannot dispute that without exception every player they’ve given a chance has singularly failed to do anything with it. No points. None. Not one of them has n=been able to pass the puck to someone that did something nice with it and passed it to someone else who scored. Shoot, not one of them has even managed to have the puck deflect off them and in. I agree, they haven’t been given much of a chance, but it is still on them to do something with the tiniest of opportunities to force the coach’s hand and not one of them has even had a memorable moment. Makes it pretty easy for MT not to use them when all he has to do is point at the production. Zero points is a powerful argument for why he isn’t using them much.

        • Grimmly says:

          6 mins of ice time on a 4th line makes it REAL hard to produce though

          Bourn more then proved he can score at the start of the season, what did that get him, a line with White and Parros.

        • habstrinifan says:

          Folks on this site may not like Pierre McGuire, but you may want to catch his concern re ‘something missing at practice’ statement.

          And in my opinion, this is supported by some of the videos coming out of HABS practices. Now I am not there and I only can go by what I see being filmed and put out by the folks covering the practices.

          But I would think that if there were other better and standout examples of what is being done in prectices, the media would be using those clips instead of the ones I have seen so far. Unless they are all in a conspiracy to make MT’s practices look ordinary and too much like walk-thrus of what is diagrammed on the boards.

  30. habstrinifan says:

    ” DipsyDoodler February 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm”
    Without reading all the comments I’m guessing the angry little people are all having a nice round of BLAME THE FROGS.”

    I hate that word just as much as I hate the N word used by ANYONE including stooopid black people who say they are ‘claiming’ the word.

    Since you responded in this fashion to a theme which I may have triggered in my post, I would like to respond. If you do follow up with a reply, I am asking that you consider that I may indeed not be coming from a bigoted perspective. Nor am i unaware or unappreciative of the FACT that HABS management must take into consideration the important factor of language and culture when hiring.

    In fact I have insisted that HABS do a better job of planning and dealing with this reality. What HABS have done is take a public stance of pretense and in the meanwhile allow themeselves to be cornered into making decisions in the glare of media pressure from their french TV rights holder.

    Let’s look at some instances.
    Asst coach(for defense).
    Prospect Larry Robinson is in some communication with Marc Bergevin. True there are enough gaps in their contact that one has to ask WTF? is going in in the year 2013 that they cant nail down a meeting. What happens? Michel Therrien goes off on his own and talks with JJ. D and next thing you know MT has essentially offered JJ the job and closes any avenue for Larry Robinson to be here with the HABS and may have even blindsided MB. Go back and read the chronology of this hire.

    Which organization in the NHL would allow Larry Robinson to escape their grasp because of a telephone mixup????? And not be hauled over the coals for it by the media.

    Coaching candidate. Marc Crawford. When it is possible that Crawford is a serious candidate for the job, Francois Gagnon does a week of publicity detailing why Therrien is a better coach than Crawford. His biggest reason. Crawford’s success was due to the fact that he had better players. Again go back and read this stuff…

    Kirk Muller.. as fast and true a HAB as ever there has been. And he cannot be guaranteed a job within the organization.

    Lack of foresight: Guy Boucher allowed to just walk. True he has turned out to be less than his promise… but.

    I saw MB hint that he hired Sylvan Lefebre for the future. I call that good planing based on this reality. A rare instance which I hope works out for the HABS.

    But HABS could have met their language responsibility and hired better also… if they do not allow themselves to be cornered by the people who control their broadcasting rights. It is an incredible statement of how the HABS operate when one considers that until TSN690 put in a ‘paid’ bid for English rights to HABS broadcast in the Province of Quebec, they GAVE away those rights.

    • Clay says:

      Well stated sir.

      ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

    • Ron in Ottawa says:

      I think language is the elephant in the room. Perhaps Geoff Molson is afraid of the backlash from RDS, but has anyone ever done a survey for the Habs with francophone fans: what would you prefer- a winning team with an English coach who tries to speak French, a la Bob Gainey, or a losing team with a francophone coach? I think Molson should ask this question straight out, then we’d know and it would be the end of the discussion.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Why do the Habs have to meet a language requirement? I’m puzzled. This is treated as if it is non-negotiable. Lots of NFL teams have huge fan bases whose first language is Spanish, but I don’t hear a single one of them putting language ahead of coaching qualifications. Lots of baseball teams are the same. Some Spanish speaking managers have made it to the big leagues based on their ability, not their linguistic skills. Lots of French speaking coaches have made it to the NHL and been successful in English speaking markets; it doesn’t seem to be an issue in those instances. I don’t get it, yes the Habs have to have someone in the room that can communicate with the media, but they should never take the second best available coach because of his linguistic abilities. At some point the Habs have to stop this silliness or be up front and say it is only about language and they don’t really care if they win another Stanley Cup ever as long as the coach can talk to the media. If MT was the best available coach at the time they hired him, then fine. If he wasn’t, they should fire Beregvin immediately You cannot build a winner picking the wrong guys for the wrong reasons.

    • Miltie01 says:

      Stop with the Robinson BS. If Larry wanted to be here , he would be right now.

    • JUST ME says:

      Do not know where you get your inside info but Larry actually wanted to be with his daughter and grand child out west. That is the real story.

      • TheLogician says:

        a big birdy told him. the source was a guy named Larry. Last name Robinson. he said it himself in an interview soon after he didn’t get the job. stuff about having to postpone his flying up to montreal b/c of a flood at his house in florida, etc. Said he was very disappointed in the way it worked out (or didn’t).

  31. Grimmly says:

    Our Vets cant score, lets rely on the youth right?

    Michael Bournival 0 0 0 -1 0 1 07:49 10
    Christian Thomas 0 0 0 -1 0 1 06:06 9

    Why bother? MT is a mastermind right?

    This team cannot score and our youth is to blame, right MT?

  32. CJ says:

    A Graham DeLaet win would make a great story this afternoon.

  33. dallyd says:

    This is, beyond a shadow of a dount, a horribly coached hockey team. Anyone who has played, or been involved in any medium to higher level of hockey can see this.
    It is mass confusion on the ice. Players in the “off” positions or wrong sides, talent mismanaged or underutilized, bizarre powerplay configurations, no defensive zone plan, mass confusion when trying to enter the offensive zone. A fast, puck handling team trying to play a dump and chase grinder game. It’s painful. There is no way that MB cannot see this.

    Players seem to have no idea where they should be or what they should do.

  34. Ian Cobb says:

    What are some of you thinking??
    Bergevin said it would take a few years to build a team through the draft. With two half seasons in the books, we are in 10th place of a 30 team league! And most nights they arere much more entertaining than the years of Carbo and Martin.
    Enjoy the development years, it is much sweeter when we get to hold the cup again.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Perhaps I’m seeing the past through rose-coloured lenses, but I thought Carbo’s team was actually pretty potent offensively.

      A loss is a loss, but I’d much rather watch them lose 5-4 than 2-1 on a regular basis. Goals keep me interested.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Unfortunately,that basically seems to have been the mantra since 1993,Ian.

    • SlovakHab says:


      we must have been watching different hockey games in the past years.

      Carbo’s teams were super exciting to watch. Smooth transition. Lots of exciting plays by Kovalev, Kostitsyn et al.
      Martin’s teams were solid defensively and got to the conference finals. Not spectatular, but solid.

      Therrien’s team have more talent than any team in the past 10 years. We have freakin Briere on the 4th line and sit a top-4 defenceman in Diaz.

      Lots of talent. Subban, Price and Pacioretty are elite. Plekanec is not far off.

      Yet, we manage to get outplayed in most games.

      Therrien II is the worst coach we have had since Therrien I (not counting Cunneyworth, who was interim).

      PS. I wouldn’t expect the Cup just yet in the next 10 years. We would need to get lucky and find elite French-speaking GM and coach first. Limited pool in a competitive league. Good luck to us.

      • RockinRey says:

        I dont remember that! I remember a lot of malingering, ineffectual, indifferent play by Kovalev. Kostitsyn.? I remember Boone saying it many times….had talent …nice shot….but just did not have that drive………

        You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

    • Forum Dog says:

      The way it’s going, it’s be a dogfight for the last two playoff spots. Wouldn’t even be surprised if it came down to secondary stats. If that’s the case, and if these are the “development” years, then MB should be looking to deal guys like Markov. Might as well get more prospects/picks, ’cause most of the good young forwards (i.e. Collberg, Vail, Hudon, De La Rose) are at least 2-3 years away, and that assumes they make it at all.

      Personally I’d like to see them make a more significant move, since they lack some quality up front. See what happens in the next few weeks….

    • NightRyder says:

      No offence, Pollyanna, but you’ve been spewing the same rhetoric since I joined this forum, however many years ago that was.
      And, other than Subban, this current group provides easily the most unwatchable hockey I’ve seen in 40 years of following the club.

      If your idea of fun is watching David Desharnais get knocked off the puck every time someone breathes on him, or Douglas Murray lose the puck in his feet 45 times per game, then sure, you’ll get your jollies from this bunch.

      • RockinRey says:

        Very well said

        You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

    • Clay says:

      Respectfully Ian, this team will not contend until they are able to hire the best available talent at coach and GM.

      ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

    • RUSTIE says:

      Dream on.

      Joe Laplane

  35. Kdunc says:

    I cannot watch anymore of this crap. A huge Habs fan but I will not watch until MB makes a move and gets rid of MT.


    KA Duncan

  36. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Bad luck today. Habs got out coached. Keep the Faith! The Lads showed character today. Better days coming. Go Habs, Go Chilli Peppers and Go Broncos! Saludos!

  37. RUSTIE says:

    And the coach didn’t help by crying to the reff.

    Joe Laplane

    • Le Jadester says:

      As much as MT drives me…..the donkey refs needed to hear it full on.
      That was pathetic no call on Gallagher.
      Ya mabey that wouldn’t of changed the result….but with 4 morons on the ice, not one of them calls that?
      Useless tits….even the ones last nite that let Kadri get away with murder on the loafs second.

      Refs in the NHL are by far the WORST !……no opinion…..that’s a fact !

      Habs, OLE !

  38. Mr. Biter says:

    Since I went to the lake and alas don’t take the dish out in the winter, just wondering if or what Thomas did.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  39. DipsyDoodler says:

    Without reading all the comments I’m guessing the angry little people are all having a nice round of BLAME THE FROGS.

    • johnnylarue says:

      It would appear so.

      Would be a bit easier to digest if this were a French forum…

    • ooder says:

      i just wish the habs didn’t self impose the restriction of having a francophone coach.. bad optics when the team doesn’t do well imo.

    • habsfan0 says:

      No one’s “BLAMING THE FROGS” except for you, apparently.

    • RockinRey says:

      Its not blame the Frogs….Its about not identifying who the best candidate is. One set of rules for anglos ( see PK) and one set for DD ( when he had 1 point in 20 games.

      Notwithstanding the fact I enjoy watching both but by the logic MT uses he should have benched GAllagher for the bad trip in the third. One set of rules for one set of player and another set for the those who are black and aren’t french. Sometime the truth hurts.

      Was MT the best coach out there? No! Next thing you know you will have people calling for Carbo to come back bc they felt Gainey gave him a raw deal. Turn the page.

      I admit there are certainly deeper problems than the coach. The coach is a Manager and just like in any other sector ego comes into play.

      PK gets a bad penalty? hmmm sit him to send a message.
      Briere (whom I dont like) is struggling? play him 7 mins.
      Gio is captain and his compete is brutal? Well you can’t offend a veteran of his ilk with as many years as he has and embarass him y diminishing his minutes ….
      Markov? 2 knee surgeries? Hmmmmm lets burn him out
      Patches? Organization does not call him to task about his self proclaimation as power forward ….yet i dont see him going to the dirty areas save for the goal against boston.
      Moen? Has a decent year where his compete level was off the charts 2 yrs ago and every one was saying gotta sign him….
      Paros- nice enough guy…even does some nice PRa nd community things…but really? a guy who averages 3 mins?
      Bourgue? ’nuff said
      Emelin? he was the second coming of who knows….

      Lets be real here folks!!

      You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

    • Da Hema says:

      Why would anyone blame frogs?

      • habsfan0 says:

        In some parts of the world,certain parts of their anatomy are considered a delicacy.

        • RockinRey says:

          I have heard that

          You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

        • Da Hema says:

          According to Wikipedia, “during extreme conditions, some frogs enter a state of torpor and remain inactive for months. In colder regions, many species of frog hibernate in winter.” Hmm. That does sound an awful lot like a certain hockey team we love here….

  40. gmoan says:

    MB is an idiot, but he does speak french… Briere is useless but he is from quebec… DD is small but … You get the picture…

  41. boing007 says:

    MB didn’t want Frolik, Stahlberg, Perron. Who else? No, must have Brière.

    Richard R

  42. GL says:

    everyone wanting to get rid of Gionta. He’s our 4th best Goal scorer. So you want to make the scoring even worst. Can’t believe some of you Guys. Get rid of the deadwood not Gionta.
    anyone in the top six at the end of the season with less than 20-Goals don’t belong on the Habs.

    • RockinRey says:

      Like Gio? He has 10 goals? His compete level is brutal. Dont know what you have been watching but its not the same as me….

      You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

    • Stimpy007 says:

      We are going nowhere with him on that line. We have to upgrade at Gionta’s spot in the lineup. Hoping someone finds him valuable and we can add a draft pick to upgrade.

      Or dump for a draft pick if we keep playing like this.

      No question about it.

  43. Jdub1985 says:

    Whoever mentioned the resurrection of the nordiques is spot on. With the media subsiding and heading up the river – Montreal would finally enjoy the Penner’s and Perry’s!

    • johnnylarue says:

      That was me… but I was suggesting that the Habs would actually find their number of prospective employees cut in half if/when the Nordiques come back.

      Of course, I would expect the ‘Diques to try their best to out-French us, but I don’t think it would diminish management’s resolve to hire the best [bilingual] head coach and GM available at any given time…

      • Da Hema says:

        I would welcome a renewed Montreal-Quebec rivalry! If anything, it would force the Canadiens to higher levels of competence. The Habs as an organization were sclerotic in the early 1980s, but the Nordiques’ victories over them compelled the Canadiens to become innovative and dynamic again. Such a rivalry could be the needed tonic to rectify 20 years of mediocrity, hoary five-year plans, and affirmative-action hiring.

        • johnnylarue says:

          It’s a valid point, and the instant rivalry would be a welcome one in light of the sort of fake rivalry Ottawa fans keep trying to manufacture in their never-ending quest for relevance and/or acknowledgement as a professional sports franchise.

          I’m not sure it would or could be the miracle potion to cure the Habs of their now decades-long curse of mediocrity, but I’d certainly welcome the addition of some all-Quebec games to spice up the Habs season schedule.

    • monmick says:

      Down the river…

      Up the river brings you to Toronto…

      ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  44. hab1024 says:

    we have to find someway or someone that can score goals

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