Liveblog: Game 50 – Penguins chase Price, rout Canadiens 5-1


Briefly a game

After 20 minutes, the Penguins led 2-1 and it was a hockey game.

Then it wasn't.

Three unanswered goals in the second period chased Carey Price and sealed the deal.

The Penguins got two goals from Jussi Jokinen and singles by Sidney Crosby, Taylor Pyatt and the dominant Evgeni Malkin.

Fresh from his penance in the pressbox, Rene Bourque scored for the Canadiens.

Carey Price was beaten five times on 21 shots.

Peter Budaj stopped all 10 he faced.

The Canadiens had 24 shots on Marc-André Fleury

20 minutes of Garbage Time

At least we were spared a goalie fight.

Price chased

Carey Price was done 15 minutes into the period, after Evgeni Malkin breezed past Andrei Markov and tucked in Pittsburgh's fifth goal.

Jussi Jokinene and Sisney Crosby – on exquisite power-play passing – also scored for the home team.

Price surrendered five goals on 21 shots.

Pittsburgh had a 14-7 shot advantage.

Bourque bounces back

Exiled to the pressbox for a game, Rene Bourque played a strong first period and tapped home a Daniel Briere pass to reduce the Penguins' lead to one goal.

Bourque's first road POINT of the season required a video review.

Jussi Jokinen had opened the scoring after Evgeni Malkin skated past Andrei Markov and set up his linemate for an easy one.

The Penguins made it 2-0 when Taylor Pyatt, parked on the lip on Carey Price's crease, redirected a power-play point shot by Matt Niskanen.

Shots were 9-7 for the home team.

The Canadiens will begin the second period on a power play.


Angry Penguins

Sounds like a disaster movie, set in Antarctica.

This one, however, will unfold at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, where the Penguin's are still smarting from a 5-1 thumping at the unlikely hands of  Florida Monday night.

The loss snapped a franchise-record home-ice winning streak that had hit 13 games before the Panthers hit town.

Sidney Crosby and friends will be looking to revive their winning ways against a Canadiens team that is playing .500 hockey and is tied, at 59 points, with the surging Leafs, who won their sixth straight in Colorado Tuesday night.

Two first-round draft choices – Louis Leblanc (18th overall in 2009) and Nathan Beaulieu (17th in 2011) – are expected to be in the Canadiens' lineup. Alexei Emelin and Raphael Diaz are healthy scratches.





  1. topher5468 says:

    Boone, It was Gionta who was 2 strides behind him

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  2. Odie24 says:

    Ah yes, let’s re-sign Markov! What a stud! F me.

  3. Samovich says:

    Gionta should have had Jokinen

  4. Captain aHab says:

    So I guess Markov sits next game out, right?

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  5. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Pens almost never lose win they score first.

  6. Cdnman1 says:

    Pens smell blood.

  7. Plekasuares says:


    . . .

  8. 25Stanleycups says:

    Yep all THERIEN on that one.

  9. TMan1969 says:

    Gionta…no drive on the chase…whats up with Markov?

  10. Keith says:

    That was brutal. Not smart at all.

  11. L Elle says:

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    Our D blows!

  12. Cdnman1 says:

    It could be a long night.

  13. Et le but says:

    Yikes! Can’t give this much talent an inch…

  14. Rob Maguire says:

    Gionta just coasting by….

  15. potremblay says:

    Here we go…

  16. slapshot777 says:

    Are they colour blind is black such a hard colour to pick up

  17. Cdnman1 says:

    That looked easy?

  18. Plekasuares says:

    Nice job Markov!

  19. piter says:

    what? Patches just gave a hit!!!!

  20. duffy says:

    Looks like the Norwegian Olympic curling team raided Don Cherrys closet.!

  21. topher5468 says:

    Awful turnover by Markov, what did he think was gonna happen,

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  22. slapshot777 says:

    The defense tries to make passes that are not there keep it simple

  23. Plekasuares says:

    Louis Leblanc skating well! Awesome. Hope he shoves it in my face and stayes

  24. Adidess says:

    Can Bouillon clear the zone once?

  25. potremblay says:

    Is Therrien playing the Plekanec line on the PP to make sure the other team won’t score a SH goal?

  26. piter says:

    wow, all because Boullion couldn’t get it out….

  27. Phil Bernard says:

    Boone say’s new look to the power play. Good or bad thing?

    Phil Bernard

  28. piper says:

    Max needs to drive to the net on that play and maybe draw a penalty or score.

  29. piter says:

    here we go boys….

  30. Et le but says:

    Door opens…

  31. CJ says:

    Here we go! Let’s make it count.

  32. jols101 says:

    Go Habs Go!!!.

  33. Plekasuares says:

    That arena dark or just moi.

  34. adadi says:

    Hate to say it but I’m more excited about the tennis match following the game than I am about Pens-Habs.

  35. Adidess says:

    Did Briere just hit somebody?

  36. Et le but says:

    Expecting a great game by Pleks tonight.
    He seems to relish these challenges…

  37. Adidess says:

    Ok, why do I feel scared rather than excited? This is just a game and we’ve beat them before, right?

  38. CJ says:

    Leafs and Kings just made a minor league deal. Admittedly I’m not familiar with either prospect. Toronto gives up size (6’5″) and takes back a small (5’8″) forward who has put up points.

    Somebody with more knowledge can weigh in with opinions.

  39. Habitoban says:

    Hope the ole blogger can give the Bourque thing a rest. It’s so easy.. so Pouliot.

  40. adadi says:

    I’m not a big Crosby fan but it was good of him to reach out to Toews.

  41. Timo says:

    LOL at Rene Bourque dig. Boone you da man.

  42. Fool of Chu says:

    It’s not on net, LL, it’s in the net you have to put the pucks!

  43. HABitat4humanity says:

    Habs need depth for success. 3rd & 4th line scoring is key. Glad LeBlanc is given a chance.

    Hopefully we get lots of traffic in front of Flurry & Pleks gets the best of Crosby again.

  44. topher5468 says:

    Question guys, I have a dilemma, watch the Canadiens broadcast in SD, or watch the Pens broadcast, Stiegerwald and Errey, in HD, What do I do

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  45. T-roy West says:

    E. Kane – Eller – Gallagher
    Galchenyuk – O’Reilly – Moulson
    Leblanc – Ott – Gionta
    Moen – Bournival – Prust

    I would like to have this line up.

    • Frozen Village says:

      For me.
      Gallagher – Galchenyuk – Bournival
      E. Kane – Eller – Roussel
      Jägr – Plekanek – Erat
      Moen – White – Prust

      Markov – Subban
      Emelin – Enstrom
      Pateryn – Tinordi

      Let’s see is MT really knows how to develop young players.

      More Swedes required for the Lions in Winter

  46. Mark C says:

    Hot damn, people lost their minds on here today.

    With all this talk about D playing on the off side, I am wondering how the Blackhawks with 4 lefties and 2 righties in the top-6 won the Cup.

  47. kempie says:

    There’s a small part of me that wants our boys to get blown out tonight like 12-0 so that MT’s nonsense gets exposed for what it is. I swear the job application for Head Coach of the Montreal Canadiens includes this question:

    Do you often make inexplicably stupid coaching decisions yet still somehow manage to keep a respectable winning record?

    All things point to an absolute trouncing tonight so that likely means they’ll pick up a W. After all, it’s not like they’re playing the Islanders or the Oilers.

    Serenity now!

  48. JohninTruro says:

    Really excited to see Beaulieu get top 4 minutes tonight. So much pressure on the kid playing a top 4 role, but even more so against the Pens. How about getting a solid dose of either 87 or 71…yikes.

  49. Sean Vasei says:

    Didn’t see it mentioned on this thread, per Francois Gagnon, Markov and MB started talks on a new contract yesterday.

    EDIT: Meant to just mention it, not that it’s news,
    They met once again after some time.

  50. adadi says:

    Chris Nilan just called Bourque a loser live on 690.

    • smiler2729 says:

      I think it’s “losah”… lol, in that New Englandah accent

      Jack Edwards is a clam.
      Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
      The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • D Mex says:

      I’m a fan of Nilan’s return to respectability, and his era with the Habs, but the man should remember where he’s from, and where he’s been.

      Loser, hmm. It’s sad he would choose that term but, of course, he IS a regular on the most popular hockey show on TV these days, so …

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • kempie says:

      Bourque has gone Full Gomez™.

      I’m sure Chris meant it in the nicest possible way.

  51. habsfan0 says:

    I guarantee the Habs will win tonight!
    I guarantee it!

    Rob Ford

  52. slyCH says:

    Hah, another golden nugget of optimism from Boone.

  53. adadi says:

    Stop sweating it Boone. It’s all part of MT’s secret plan.

  54. Hobie Hansen says:

    Habs really need a win here tonight boys and girls. A trade for a defenceman would be nice too. The Leafs fans are really starting to chirp and taunt!

    • Phil Bernard says:

      Know the feeling RE: Leaf Fans chirping. My wife and I had the pleasure of watching the game from a bar on Bloor ST. in Toronto on Saturday. Hoping for a big win tonight and another on Friday since we will be at the Detroit game.

      Phil Bernard

      • habsfan0 says:


        • Phil Bernard says:

          I wish it was Kilgour’s. We didn’t arrive to Kilgour’s until 6:00PM and they said they had been full since 4:30PM that afternoon. He was kind enough to suggest a bar right across the street called The Pump. It was about a 50/50 split MTL/TOR fans. Nice crowd though, just the usual ribbing and the bar tender was great, so not too much to complain about.

          Phil Bernard

    • smiler2729 says:

      I live among Laff Nation here and they have got to be THE most OBNOXIOUS STUPID IGNORANT fans.

      It’s all based in PURE MONTREAL ENVY.

      Jack Edwards is a clam.
      Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
      The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • CJ says:

      We need a win in the worst kinda way. Let’s hope the boys have some jump, go ahead early and score often.

      The Pens won’t be embarrassed on home ice twice. We better be prepared to play a full 60 minutes.

  55. Sean Vasei says:

    On the previous thread there was some talk that Habs might acquire E.Kane from Winnipeg, what would we give up?
    Yeah he’s a great player but where does he fit in in our lineup?

    Bergevin should trade Gionta to the Devils for Jagr,
    I think both are UFA’s at seasons end, Gionta would play with his brother and return to his former team. Jagr would get to play with Pleky and possibly resign a 1 year deal for 2014-2015

    • WAR72 says:

      That would be great for habs, but…
      Jagr is leading scorer of nj and they are still in the playoff hunt.
      Gionta is terrible.
      Why would nj do that trade?
      Habs wish.
      Hab fans wish more.

      • Sean Vasei says:

        I know it’s a long shot, but I think Gio will likely join the Devils if management lets him walk at the end of the season. So why not try to make a trade, get something in return,

        • smiler2729 says:

          You’re dreaming in Hollywood fairytale endings there, Sean.

          First, Jagr doesn’t want to be traded as a deadline hired gun again.

          Second, yeah, it’s warm and fuzzy that Gio would go back to where he had his Cup success etc. and play with little Stephen but Uncle Lou ain’t the sentimental type and he ain’t stupid (the Kovalchuk fiasco notwithstanding and I think that was ownership pulling those strings).

          And third, Gio just isn’t that good anymore so he’d be a 3rd liner depth guy anywhere he goes (think Peca in Edm)
          Jack Edwards is a clam.
          Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
          The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

      • Habfan17 says:

        As much as I think Jagr would be great with Pleks, I say, if there is a deal to be made for Gio to a contender for a decent pick, that would be better long term.


    • Habfan17 says:

      Kane would fill the 2nd line left wing spot. Trade Colbert, Gorges and DD. Bring up Pateryn. Have Emelin with Pateryn, Beaulieu with Subban and Markov with Diaz.


      • Sean Vasei says:

        Thanks for the replies,
        Yeah I agree it’s not gonna happen, just some wishful thinking

      • Alvin says:

        17 that is just all wrong!
        Pateryn is not a strong skater, is a rookie and Emelin ain’t that much better.
        You’d never put Beaulieu and Subban together on the blue line ’cause they’d never be there( at least in their own zone )
        Markov with Diaz ? Diaz is not physical enough to supplement Markov and isn’t confident in his own end. This would place much too much pressure on Markov.
        IMO Diaz is toast anyway

  56. B says:

    Remember when Pittsburgh first came into the league and they had that bowling pin shaped penguin wearing a scarf on their jerseys? It was nothing like the top heavy penguin on serious steroids look that replaced it. What kind of a message is that for the kids? The last change for the CH logo was in 1956. If it ain’t broke…

    –Go Habs Go!–

  57. smiler2729 says:

    Classy organization vs. It’s A Business Now Dept.

    So does Bergevin move captain Gionta or Markov as rentals to gather a high picks and prospects at the deadline?

    How about the other UFAs (Bouillon, Murray, Diaz or Parros)?

    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
    The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • adadi says:

      Move anyone except PK and Price. This team needs a rebuild now. Let’s if MB has the smarts for this.

      • smiler2729 says:

        Still handcuffed by dumb Gauthier moves (Bourque $3.3 mil. x2 yrs., Pleky $5.0 mil. x2 yrs., Gorges $3.9 mil. x4 yrs.)

        Jack Edwards is a clam.
        Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
        The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

      • WAR72 says:

        I thought habs were already in a rebuild?
        You want to rebuild the rebuild?

    • Odie24 says:

      No one’s lining up for Parros, and you can probably throw Bouillion in there too, unless they’re looking for defensive depth.

      • smiler2729 says:

        Oh I know nobody’ll want Parros and he’s probably done as an NHLer but ya never know

        Jack Edwards is a clam.
        Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
        The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

  58. adadi says:

    Anyone know what the Habs record is when sitting more than two nights. My feel is that it is not very good. However, regardless of the coach, the team should be up for this one. If it isn’t watch for the death spiral before the Olympics.

  59. Bripro says:

    Mike B, you should add Plekanec as a selection in your pole.
    IMO, he’s more valuable than PK this year.

  60. Plekasuares says:

    Ill go 2-1 habs

    Bourque, Subban

  61. Ok I got over 400 replies for Price as our Hart canidate thanks for the info.

    Now, I didn’t call up #71 to play fourth line minutes, I want him on the second line with Eller and Pleks. I understand that Gio is a vet, but maybe he can help the third line out.

    So that’s the advice I gave Coach Therrien. FYI he didn’t like the idea.

    Just saw Carey wearing a Therrien mask giving Fleury a wedgie. MAF started yelling something in french and Carey replied with Je suis Price, non non 😆

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  62. Sean Vasei says:

    Lineup needed a little shake up, possibly light a fire under Diaz & Emelin who have played poorly recently, but hope a trade is in the works for a 20-30 goal scoring winger and a solid 4th-5th defenceman.

    I think Diaz will be moved after the Olympic break.
    Funny how the article on the Canadiens app is STILL the featured story on the news section. Maybe waiting for more exposure?

  63. Luke says:

    Was just chatting with Bruins fan, mentioned the Emelin scratch.

    He was quite surprised. But he went on to say:

    “Well, it happens. Lucic was a healthy scratch shortly before the playoffs last year. Sometimes you have to do it…”

    I hadn’t realized that Julien had Healthy Scratched Lucic.

    He’s a Cup winning coach and that’s one of his go to guys…

    Anyways… I digress… this is really just a chance to wish everyONE of you an enjoyable evening.

    I’ll check in later on and to see who everySOME of you are enjoying the night.


  64. Bripro says:

    So here’s a crucial game, right?
    One of the better teams in the NHL right?

    Well, the phone rang, my wife calling from work.

    “We don’t have the little guy (our grandson) tonight. He’s staying at his mother’s.”
    OK …. uh oh.

    “You know that movie you got me for Christmas that we haven’t had a chance to watch yet?”

    Uh….. yeahhhh.

    “I’ll pick up Lebanese food and we can just relax and enjoy our movie.”

    Chickflick. Sure…. Crap!

    Thank goodness for PVR. I guess I’ll be going to bed at 2am.

  65. Plekasuares says:

    Aye lads! You heard it hear first Bourque will score tonight!

  66. Bripro says:

    OK, I’m reposting. For the sake of positive Karma.

    Go Genie!
    Go Habs!

    Tonight could end up being an amazing night, or a complete bust.
    I’ll stay optimistic.

  67. Propwash says:

    The Habs are gonna win. Why? Because I won’t be watching. I’ll be at Club Soda watching a Reverend Horton Heat show.


  68. CH Marshall says:

    will be interesting if and when Drewiske returns

    • Sakus Evil Twin says:

      Unfortunately, I fear it won’t be.

      No answers, just opinions. Bite me. Och.

    • B says:

      He has been skating on his own since Jan. 8th but isn’t expected to be cleared for contact until around Feb. 7th. The Habs play their last game before the break on Feb. 8th. Perhaps he will be able to take some practice and a conditioning stint with Hamilton during the Olympics and be ready for NHL duty when they return to action Feb. 26th vs Detroit?

      –Go Habs Go!–

  69. Luke says:

    I am proposing a new HI/O term, and while I retain all patents, trademarks and copyrights to this term (and it’s variations) I will generously allow you all to use it.

    This wonderful new word is: EVERYSOME.

    You can use it in posts where you would normally type “Everyone.”

    Examples: “Everyone here thinks MT is an ass’s ass” becomes “Everysome here… ” or “Everyone who thinks Price is a good goalie is an unfed billy goat” is now “Everysome who think…”

    It sort of still allows for the rage, but cuts down on the hyperbole and generalization.

    I hope everysome of you enjoy it and use it respectfully. Its the type of word that everysome of us have been waiting for for a long time.

  70. Roy_s_WINK says:

    I am happy to see Emelin take a seat in the press box for this game. Very poor performance recently. How many 3-0 leads have we blown now due to his defensive errors.

    He came back from injury amazing and then slowly became the defensemen I cringe the most about when he is on the ice.

    Diaz…I have no comment.

    • The Juice says:



      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

    • EnemyTerritory says:

      Emelin is struggling … no question; and in my humble opinion deserves to ride the bench for a game (or perhaps more.) But it is curious that MT has chosen this game … against the best team in the East no less … to bench two top 5 defensemen. He is either much, much smarter than I am; or much much dumber.

  71. Danno says:

    Of course nobody expects the Habs to beat the Penguins tonight.

    That can only mean one thing.

    Habs win 4-1 over the Pens tonight. Book it.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  72. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    Habs will probably win.
    They only step it up when motivated by tough opponents and then fall asleep when facing weaker teams.

    Just goes to show you how much of the sport or anything for that matter is dependent on effort.

  73. bwoar says:

    I got nothin’. Going to practice, will PVR. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.


  74. B says:

    A win on the road tonight guarantees the Habs a winning record vs Pittsburgh this season. Crosby was a -3 in his last game for the first and worst time this season. He was also held to just 1 shot for only the 8th time this season. I hope he is off again tonight along with the rest of the Penguins.

    –Go Habs Go!–

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