Liveblog: Game 50 – Penguins chase Price, rout Canadiens 5-1

Briefly a game

After 20 minutes, the Penguins led 2-1 and it was a hockey game.

Then it wasn't.

Three unanswered goals in the second period chased Carey Price and sealed the deal.

The Penguins got two goals from Jussi Jokinen and singles by Sidney Crosby, Taylor Pyatt and the dominant Evgeni Malkin.

Fresh from his penance in the pressbox, Rene Bourque scored for the Canadiens.

Carey Price was beaten five times on 21 shots.

Peter Budaj stopped all 10 he faced.

The Canadiens had 24 shots on Marc-André Fleury

20 minutes of Garbage Time

At least we were spared a goalie fight.

Price chased

Carey Price was done 15 minutes into the period, after Evgeni Malkin breezed past Andrei Markov and tucked in Pittsburgh's fifth goal.

Jussi Jokinene and Sisney Crosby – on exquisite power-play passing – also scored for the home team.

Price surrendered five goals on 21 shots.

Pittsburgh had a 14-7 shot advantage.

Bourque bounces back

Exiled to the pressbox for a game, Rene Bourque played a strong first period and tapped home a Daniel Briere pass to reduce the Penguins' lead to one goal.

Bourque's first road POINT of the season required a video review.

Jussi Jokinen had opened the scoring after Evgeni Malkin skated past Andrei Markov and set up his linemate for an easy one.

The Penguins made it 2-0 when Taylor Pyatt, parked on the lip on Carey Price's crease, redirected a power-play point shot by Matt Niskanen.

Shots were 9-7 for the home team.

The Canadiens will begin the second period on a power play.


Angry Penguins

Sounds like a disaster movie, set in Antarctica.

This one, however, will unfold at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, where the Penguin's are still smarting from a 5-1 thumping at the unlikely hands of  Florida Monday night.

The loss snapped a franchise-record home-ice winning streak that had hit 13 games before the Panthers hit town.

Sidney Crosby and friends will be looking to revive their winning ways against a Canadiens team that is playing .500 hockey and is tied, at 59 points, with the surging Leafs, who won their sixth straight in Colorado Tuesday night.

Two first-round draft choices – Louis Leblanc (18th overall in 2009) and Nathan Beaulieu (17th in 2011) – are expected to be in the Canadiens' lineup. Alexei Emelin and Raphael Diaz are healthy scratches.





  1. The Jackal says:

    Ugh, so sick of the brainless firing the coach comments. Firing MT will change nothing. The team’s problems do not stem from behind the bench. Everyone with a small amount of common sense can see this. Put Bylsma behind the Habs’ bench and we are still mediocre. Stop smoking crack with Rob Ford and open your eyes.

  2. says:

    You people just don’t get it. The Habs ownership is making plenty of money as the suckers continue to sellout the Bell Centre at the highest ticket prices in the league, pay high concession prices, generate plenty of advertising and merchandising revenue and let’s not forget the TV money. Sure they would like to go a couple of playoff rounds but they offset some of that by staying a few million or so under the cap. So what is their incentive to try and win another Stanley Cup??

    Lawrence A. Maiolo

    • Steven says:

      Not that it would be so significant that it could be a big incentive, but the Conference Champs and SC champs get to make a ton of merchandise honouring the win. That right there could be good for profits

  3. CalgaryHab says:

    MB only has himself to blame. Is anyone really surprised what we’re getting from MT? You can’t blame MT for being MT. The only move MB has to brag about is bringing on Waite.
    Our player development/deployment is f’n horrific.

  4. jols101 says:

    Any tennis experts know what type of paycheck someone that loses in the semi finals of a major gets?

  5. adadi says:

    2 NHL calibre D; 5 NHL calibre forwards; the best goalie in the world and few prospects in Hamilton. Everyone else needs to go, starting with the entire coaching staff except Waite. The longer you wait the longer we wait….we’re tired of waiting.

  6. durocher says:

    Budaj has more grit than most of the forwards and defensemen.

  7. jols101 says:

    Nice try Genie. Made us all proud. Go get ’em next time.

    • Captain aHab says:

      Not sure why she kept hitting to Li Na’s backhand though as she was getting killed by it. But yes..great tourney for her.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • Marc10 says:

      Damn. She’ll regret that first set. Li Na showed up to play.
      Still when Genie’s on her game, she can hang with the best of them. Well done. Awesome tournament!

  8. CH Marshall says:

    I think there’s a rerun of Smurfs on teletoon tonight. Missed the game so I should probably get my fix in for the day

  9. CH Marshall says:

    Should roll 2-2-1. Forget JM style defense. Go all out, shirt shifts, get off the ice. If they’re gonna score 5 on us we might as well try and score as many as we can

  10. kalevine says:

    omg Columbus is the hottest team in the league now, and have won 7 in a row. They are sitting in 8th, out of a playoff spot. Suffice to say Habs will have to significantly improve their play or they will be on the outside at the end

  11. jols101 says:

    Li Na is good.

    • Marc10 says:

      Yes. Very good.

      Bouchard is still in this. If she gets a serve back in order and closes out the second, she might eke it out. Good fight in the Westmount girl after a tough start. Go Genie!

      • jols101 says:

        Seems like serving isn’t the big advantage it usually is.

        • Marc10 says:

          This is pretty nuts. Play like that against an in-form Serena and it would sandwiches… But hey, that goes for both players and pretty much any woman on the planet when Serena is on song.

          Oh oh! Crunch time. It’s going to take something special here. She has it in her. Gotta go for it here and make every point count.

  12. punkster says:

    Probably just best at this point to relax, pour a single malt and say Uh-Huh:


  13. Bim says:

    I stand corrected…instead of 10th they’ll be 13th by Olympic break. I see they play the Hurricanes twice over that period. Should get a good draft out of it. I’m just totally disillusioned by their player development. Talk about guys up then down the next day and only playing like 30 seconds. What’s that about? If you’re going to promote somebody, play them! How much worse can they be?

  14. munch17 says:

    Here’s a thought.
    Let’s sit Diaz AND Emelin.
    Let’s put the young guy on the wrong side to build up his confidence.
    Let’s put LL on the 4th line to boost his confidence.
    Let’s put Eller on the wing so that we can have 4 small centers.
    And let’s keep DD with Gally and Max because they are such a dominating line.

  15. tab says:

    Gionta to devils for a second round pick, take it now

  16. Mattyleg says:

    Ol’ Li Na’s been here before, I would hazard to guess.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  17. Habitoban says:

    A few random thoughts: LL and Beaulieu made the most of their minutes and showed they are as good or better than some of the regulars on the ice tonight. Bourque was closer to what he can be — a physical force who goes to the net and creates offence. And funny thing how goal scorers are inspired by scoring goals. Patches couldn’t bother to pass to LL on a 2 on 1, but you know Cole would have done that for him if he had just been called up. And I wonder about our Captain. Some months ago I saw him celebrate a late goal that he scored in a lopsided loss. Does a real captain do that? No leadership or fire in his play anymore. Maybe time for a new C.

  18. SnowManHabs85 says:

    Oh man MB I hope there’s gonna be some trades at the deadline, every year I watch the trade deadline to see if Habs are gonna make some moves to “help” us go further up to the cup and every year, its teams like Boston, Chicago and all other top teams that go after those “big” names on Trade Deadline.

    Habs I want to be traded; Gorges, Bouillion, Diaz, Bourque, Desharnais, Briere, Gionta. Traded for whom? Don’t ask since we all kind of always undervalue our own players trade value. Just want the team to win…

  19. HabinBurlington says:

    Huge break by Bouchard in the 2nd set.

  20. kalevine says:

    its been pretty much downhill since Chara took out Pacs. The team looks like they are just hoping to get through the game in one piece. And things were so promising that year, until Bruins eked it out in 7. The first 35 games this season and last have given false hope, but the collapses that followed have brought us back to earth. Here, with 82 games, I can’t see them staying in the playoff picture unless someone lights a fire under them, somebody with a last name not = Therrien

  21. shiram says:

    Maybe if we got Roy, and acquiesced to his demands of having a say in management, we would have a better team now.
    I mean, having another opinion on team decision from the choice of the last coach up to now, well maybe better decision could have been made.

    I say this, but back then I was against getting Roy because of that demand to be involved in those decisions.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I was against Roy because I didn’t want yet another rookie coach and a well-documented headcase/control freak.

      I don’t think that Bergevin’s decisions are made in a void.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • shiram says:

        Sure’s he’s got people around him, he made a point of that coming in.

        But the weird decisions that have been made, coupled with the boring product we see on the ice have me wondering, what could have been?

        • Mattyleg says:

          In his defence, MB’s rookie season was a half-season.
          We’ll see how he’s fared a couple of years down the road.

          I don’t think we would have seen a significant difference short-term with Roy pulling the levers.
          But I could be wrong.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • kalevine says:

            to say he wanted to go with the youth as an excuse for not signing the likes of Jagr and Iginla, and then turn around and sign guys like Briere and Bouillon makes no sense. To say he wanted to build a bigger team and then sign DD and (see above) also makes no sense. It didn’t then and it doesn’t now

    • scotland says:

      roy would have young guys playing. vets sitting. no pets. working with EVERYBODY in practice. brierre would be scratched. gionta would no be captain there fore moved. team would be playing a system. and they would have a ton of passion. and he can talk about winning ….. and vision for the future.

      mt has no vision for the third period…..let alone down the road.

      galagher, chucky, elar, subban, diaz, emelin….all young….and all better last year than this year. player developement in montreal is completely dead. and most of the vets are done or on part time press box duty.

  22. Mattyleg says:

    It’s Manhattan Time.

    My boys got spanked by Bettman’s Babies, my own baby screamed in my face for 30 minutes until my g/f took her from me and she fell completely silent, and my other daughter had a nightmare and only wanted ‘maman’.

    It’s Manhattan Time.
    Bulleit, Cinzano, Angostura, ice.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  23. Trackpants says:

    Just talking about why that 93 team was so good. Not trying to say he should be head coach, just to clarify.

    – Trackpants

  24. Like most of us said, they followed Therrien’s system for a while, but let’s not kid ourselves. Who wants to play 1-2-2 every game and block 40 shots a night? No one, stone age thinking. 😆

    Then you got Gio with no where to go (o contract), so he’s putting time in.
    Bourque, just a paycheck
    Moen, three years past is usefulness
    Prust, who knows why he’s playing poorly.
    Defense, packing it in 😆
    Players playing roles they shouldn’t be in.
    Rookies who were drafted because they can score than put in checking roles (that’s just funny)
    A hilarious powerplay that a peewee team could figure out
    Desharnais is playing his best hockey now, it’s not going to get better, move him if you can.

    Ah that felt GREAT! 😆
    Am I the only one who bet on the Pens? 🙂

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  25. --Habs-- says:

    No heart or emotion on this team. Only one playing with any is PK and he’s getting called for everything these days!

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

  26. johnnylarue says:

    Bouchie’s making a match of it!

    (Yeah, I’m going with “Bouchie”.)

  27. Trackpants says:

    Patrick Roy = 1993 Stanley Cup

  28. Bob_Sacamano says:

    This team sucks? Yadayadayada, blablabla. The Head Coach had no interest at all to win this game, why would the players care?

  29. GL says:

    You Guys are expecting too much from an average team. Don’t know how they’re in 4th they won’t be there much longer. Other teams in the Eastern conference are playing much better than the Habs and will keep moving up. In another month or less the Habs maybe on the outside looking in. They’re playing Hope Hockey right now. Every game they are hoping to salvage a point or two. Not tonight.

    • Bim says:

      I don’t think they will make it! Its been four games now where they look like crap. They need a coaching change. MT is trying to put square pegs in round holes. These are offensive players not defensive. I put them in about 10th after another couple of weeks.

      • scotland says:

        told ya ll on oct 1st the habs would not make the play offs. said it again in nov, dec, jan, …………. in this weak east having 8 points on the 13th place club means squat. looks good in the standings as long as you done look at games played and point difference.

        habs will finish ahead of buffalo (who is tanking) lol.

        but worse than that is the ridicule, laughing and damage that will be done to the young guys as they get clobbered down the stretch.

        said it before and will say it again.

        price and subban will both be winning else where one day.

        they will leave town and the circus to salvage their careers…..and be wise to do so

  30. Trackpants says:

    1989, 1993…. I feel like I am wasting my life waiting for another chance at a cup… And I don’t think it is gonna happen in 2014. PS I know we lost to the flames in 89, just outlining the Finals I was old enough to care about.

    – Trackpants

    • ProHabs says:

      I can pretty well guarantee to you that it won’t happen in 2014, 2015, 2016,

    • scotland says:

      2014?? there are 15 teams more prepared to win a cup in the next 5 years than the habs. another 10 just as prepared. i have watched hockey for 44 years. seriously dont see the playing for a cup in the next decade. if ya think i’m wrong you aint looking closely at the other clubs.

      multiple teams have literally 6-8 young forwards better than the best montreal forward.

      after markov who is close to the end….the habs have ONE great defenseman…………….ONE

      and i go to the games in hamilton……. the young d everyone keeps talking about…patern, tinordi….they are ok ahl defenceman. subban dominated down here…..these guys have never dominated a shift let alone a game or season. they are ok. and tinordi loses most of his fights so he has not been doing dropping the gloves as much latley. one he actually yelled for the ref.

      habs are bad, bad, bad….. did i say bad?

  31. ProHabs says:

    This team is making me long for the Aaron Pulushjai days.

    Would have liked to see Budai throw a Flurry of punches at Fluery.

  32. JohnBellyful says:

    I’m just glad the Canadiens didn’t put out their fourth line to open the game. It coulda got ugly.

  33. Mattyleg says:

    Tweet from Jonathan Bernier:
    Fleury:”J’ai su après coup que Budaj faisait un peu de MMA. Je vais payer un souper à l’arbitre pour m’avoir retenu.”

    (“I found out afterwards that Budaj has done a bit of MMA. I’m going to buy the ref dinner for having held me back.”)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  34. adadi says:

    Genie looking outclassed tonight.

  35. --Habs-- says:

    Just awful!

    “Habs” Watch and learn….! Or Not!

  36. Forum Dog says:

    Brutal. Doesn’t look like anybody knows what the hell they’re doing out there. I don’t know if its the players, coaches or (most likely) a combination of the two. Tell you one thing though. If Bouillion and Gorges are playing a collective 40 minutes of defence on your team, you’re starting on the outside lane. Instead of a top-4, Habs have a top-2, then a 5-6 and 7-8. And that’s not even talking about the forward corps, where it’s one 1st liner, couple 2nd liners, and a bunch of 3s and 4s.

  37. Bim says:

    Another really bad game. Come on MB you’re killing me! How much longer will we have to watch this lazy, stand around, Pilon hockey?
    Wow talk about uninterested and uninspired! Even Florida is better. Tank, Tank, Tank!

  38. HardHabits says:

    No coach would make this team better. They played an upbeat aggressive game last season but we saw that it was unsustainable over 48 games so forget about them doing it over a full 82 game season. The Habs do not have the horses. Teams like LA, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Colorado all have size and skill. The Habs are already showing their lack of depth and worse, their inability to score 5 on 5 is pathetic as they are 29th in the league. Just blow this team up. Sell off Plekanec, Markov and whoever come trade deadline and aim for a top 5 draft pick. It’s really time to build via the draft and suck for 5 years at least, because at least there’d be hope at the end of that time span. Better than sucking for another 20 with no hope but an early play-off exit and more mediocre 4th line plugs to stock the system.

    Maybe my first sentence has a caveat. They should have hired Patrick Roy.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      I stopped reading after the first sentence. No coach would make this team play worse.

    • johnnylarue says:

      Hard to make a team lead on purpose… and I shudder at the thought of the Habs becoming the Atlanta Thrashers Mark II with Galchenyuk as a cut-rate version of Kovalchuk.

      But that being said, I don’t entirely disagree with your post. The rest of the league has figured MT’s system out, and he doesn’t seem to have the horses or hockey smarts to adapt.

      Meh, at least it’s only hockey…!

    • Mattyleg says:

      Roy would have made us bigger?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Forum Dog says:

      They’re not that bad, but you’re right that they don’t have the horses, and I do think that they need to make a move. Not sure what that looks like, but they need to clean up the centre position, get a big forward with legitimate edge, and put some more muscle on the back end.

      You gotta give to get though, and its tough to deal right now. Save for about 4 teams, everybody thinks they have a chance at the playoffs. Meaning everyone’s a buyer….

    • jctremblay says:

      You might as well trade Price as well then, if you plan to suck for 5 years. I agree..they have very few horses. The ones they do have stand out from their lessers on this team like Secretariat in a yard full of mules..One line, 2 defenseman, very good gusting to great goaltending. Detroit doesn’t have the talent they once did, but they are playing an aggressive system with terrific discipline that keeps them in every game they play even against the elite of the elite (like tonight against Chicago) Our team can’t sustain a forecheck, make a simple pass or support each other..and it happens over and over.
      I’m all for playing the kids..I don’t need to watch Bouillion anymore..I’ve always liked him but you know what I Leblanc shows you that even having a good draft pick doesn’t mean you are even getting an NHL level player. They are going to have to find FA’s and draft picks and that is going to have to happen relatively fast, IMO..No reason to think it will though. This is going to be a huge offseason for the Habs and I’m not convinced they have the people in place to pull of the revamp required.

      • Forum Dog says:

        I like this post. They definitely need to take advantage of Price when he is in his prime. He is one of the top goalies of his generation, and if you get a decent team in front of him you can make a legitimate run. They’ve got some players coming, and I think Beaulieu is one, but they need some forwards badly. Galchenyuk and Gallagher are legit (though Gallagher won’t excel for more than 10 years), and Pacioretty’s got years ahead, but everyone else has either peaked or maybe never will.

      • mrhabby says:

        It will be Bergevins 3rd year going into next season..i think his management team is the best habs have had in years . Very hard to peddle bad contracts and under performing players..

      • boing007 says:

        Maybe they could hire Ding et Dong?

        Richard R

    • scotland says:

      hate to admit in a way but you are right. ya know what the shame about that it. price will not stink around for the 5 year plau rebuild. that would put hinm in his 12th season at the earliest….subban will split too. so yea …it would be a blow up alright.

  39. Trackpants says:

    1989 was the last team we had that was a true contender… No disrespect to the 1993 stanley cup champs, but they were in no way favored to win that year.
    That’s more then a couple years, and I think the fans patience is wearing thin.

  40. adadi says:

    This could be a quick match if she can’t settle her nerves.

  41. Mondou6 says:

    Who starts in goal Friday at Detroit, and Saturday when the Caps visit the Centre Bell?

    Budaj Friday, Price Saturday?

  42. Mavid says:

    get a grip

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  43. slapshot777 says:

    Maybe having Price sit will be good for the Habs. He won’t com back tired but maybe pissed to prove that not starting him was a wrong decision just like St.Louis on Tampa Bay

  44. slapshot777 says:

    Putting Price out to dry doesn’t do any favors to your goaltender. Hee can’t top everything yet when he goes out to start the game the pressure is so great on Price and he knows he can’t afford to give up more than one or two goals at most. That alone is not fair on your goalie.

  45. jimmy shaker says:

    Well this team isn’t helping carey’s bid for the starting tender on team Canada!

    A burning ring of fire, please MB pull the trigger!

    Shaker out!

  46. topher5468 says:

    This Bouchard girls looks real nervous, hope she can get her nerves and play

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  47. Sal from the Hammer says:

    Evert year, same crap. They humiliate their fans every year! I get that they are not that good, but, they are not that bad either! The big thing I’ve noticed since they went on their annual swoon, is their inability to score when they get the chance! They are obviously squeezing their sticks now, so it snowballs. MT does not fit this team, he’s not flexible enough to use his assets in a beneficial way. The Gooiuns play Chara 30 mins a game. PK should play 30 mins! Carey is being overwhelmed by a defense that is not up to the task. Bring up Tinordi, and Pateryn, lets see what they have! It can’t be worse! They are the future anyway, so let the new guys play. If the rest of the season is going to be like tonight, then let’s get something out of it!

  48. adadi says:

    Nerves finally getting to Genie. Keep in mind she is only 19.

  49. B says:

    Bouchard is already down 3 games and pointless in her match vs a higher ranked opponent. I wonder if folks here will start crapping on her?

    –Go Habs Go!–

  50. slapshot777 says:

    When was the last time this team had 30 shots for a game.

  51. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …first time I would prefer choosing to watch a tennis match than watch My sorrowful (at this time) Habs play a game of hockey

    …not only is defense, but the whole Team is just going through the motions

    …D not support the offense, and O not supporting the D

    …it’s at the embarrassing level now

    …time for the Team to look at Themselves

  52. jols101 says:

    Wow, Habs get toasted and Genie gets smoked in her first game. Could be a rough night all around.

  53. kempie says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this has reached “Epic Fustercluck” proportions. I’m not sure if the sky is actually falling, but something did fall on me when I was outside and I’m gonna go Full Timo™ any minute.

    This is a Randy Cunnyworth ShitShow.

    In summation:

    I grow weary of Michel Therrien.

  54. mrhabby says:

    I can’t wait for boones Aln.

  55. Rocket Riot says:

    This team can’t skate, pass, hit or fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Totally embarrassing!

    …Meanwhile, 24CH makes most of the team, GM and coach believe that they are legends – in their own minds only!

    I doubt that many fans are still being fooled but I won’t be convinced and little will change until there are growing numbers of empty seats at the Bell Centre.

  56. Plekasuares says:


  57. FlyingFrenchie says:

    Breaking News: Josh Gorges and Andrei Markov have just been become honorary members of the Sunnyvale Retirement Home Knitting Circle.

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