Liveblog: Game 47 – 20 wins at the Bell Centre for Martin F. Brodeur


Thanks for the memories

This might have been the last time we'll see Martin F. Brodeur at the Bell Centre ... certainly in a Devils uniform.

If so, he went out in 29-save First Star style ... as befits a homeboy legend.

Max Pacioretty beat Brodeur in the first period and he slammed the door thereafter.

Carey Price faced 19 shots and was beaten by Jaromir Jagr, Eric Gelinas (on a power play) and Adam Henrique.

With Price on the bench for an extra attacker, Dainius Zubrus made it 4-1 for the visitors.

That's hockey!

There were eight shots on goal in the third period.

New Jersey had two of them.

With Carey Price on the bench for an extra attacker, Dainus Zubrus scored an empty-netter

Devils take control

Young Quebec league product Eric Gelinas beat Carey Price through a mob of Canadiens and Devils with Josh Gorges in the penalty box, 80 seconds into the period.

With Carey Price similarly encumbered, Adam Henrique made it 3-0 on New Jersey's 10th shot of the game.

Brendan Gall;agher, off some brilliant playmaking by Lars Eller, looked like he narrowed the margin. But video review ruled the puck was redirected past Martin Brodeur by Gallagher's skate.

Canadiens outshot the Devils 14-9, 25-16 through 40 minutes.

Max and a Legend

Max Pacioretty opened the scoring with his 20th, a shot Martin F. Brodeur had a good, wide-open look at.

The lead lasted 10 minutes before the great Jaromir Jagr danced around Josh Gorges and beat Carey Price through a crowd of players in the Canadiens' crease. The goal was jagr's 14th and moved him past Mark Messier into seventh on the all-time list.

Shots were 11-7 for the home team.

New Jersey will begin the second period of a power play, with Josh Gorges in the box.

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Fun while it lasted

We interrupt your enjoyment of heart-stopping, wide-open, end-to-end hockey to bring you ...

The New Jersey Devils.

The Chicago Blackhawks left town after Saturday's Bell Centre classic and, sadly, Montreal hockey fans won't see them again unless the teams meet in the Stanley Cup final.

Grinding, neutral zone-clogging, dump-and-chase soporific hockey resumes Tuesday night when New Jersey visits the Bell Centre.

Martin F. Brodeur will be in nets for the Devils, which means at least we'll see some slick puckhandling. And because it's New Jersey's last regular-season visit, it also mean the great Brodeur may be making his last start at the Bell Centre, where he's 19-9-1 with a 1.66 goals-against average and .939 save percentage.

Another ageless wonder, Jaromir Jagr, will have us dreaming of what might have been had the Canadiens signed him to play with Tomas Plekanec.


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  1. boing007 says:


    Richard R

  2. chfan4life says:

    The teams the Habs have trouble playing are a defensive trapping team or a big forechecking team. The teams the Habs have success with are a highly skilled team that play a offensive skating game. (ie Pittsburgh, Chicago) Therefore, finishing 8th might not be a bad idea if the Habs can draw Pittsburgh in the first round.

  3. Sportfan says:

    Did look like a kick I missed most of the game.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  4. GL says:

    If they can’t score like tonight. Two wins for Ontario coming up.

  5. drail222 says:

    Thank god we don’t play the devils anymore this year, I truly can’t stand watching the Habs play them..lack of winning puck battles (does not bode well for playoffs) and no net presence, nuff said.

  6. Mattyleg says:

    So I’m home from the game.

    I’m 2-6.

    Pretty poor.

    The turning point was the disallowed goal. Everyone in the stands was in-effing-credulous. We cheered every time they showed the replay because it was clearly a goal.

    After that, the heart seemed to go out of the team.

    Even Rene Bourque seemed downcast.

    But seriously, after that moment, our passing fell apart as we started feeling like we needed to push things harder. You could feel the air go out of the building.

    Brodeur played pretty well, but we made life easy for him for the most part; he made a couple of incredible saves, which kept NJ in the game, and that was all he needed to do. Otherwise he looked pretty floppy out there – like Timmy Tool-Time on a bad day.

    Positives: George Parros looked good, nice to see him out there contributing on a regular basis; Prust played a very solid game; the big chunky crowd-motivator guy next to me was pretty hilarious; the Molson Ex Zone girl with the blonde hair and gigantic assets tried to convince me to get a CH tattoo. I declined in the most charming way possible.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  7. angelomosh says:

    Nice call by the zebras again if Gallagher kicked puck in then why the hell was zybanegad’s goal allowed in playoffs last year??
    Please someone help me understand that insane call tonite

  8. ooder says:

    Man this team is just so dumb offensively. Zero creativity. The pp (which should be amazing eith Markov and Subban) is predictable and boring. No one in front of the net. Why the bell is there someone consistently below the blue line on our own freaking pp?!?! That literally frees up a dman and its 4 on 4.
    Also bourque and gionta are absolutely terrible. Imagine if pleks had real wingers.

    • Mattyleg says:

      We totally suck, right?
      Am I right?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Bogie Man says:

      When the defence are the oaky contributes offensively then you know this team has a serious problem.

    • Bogie Man says:

      When the defence are the only contributors offensively then you know this team has a serious problem.

      • ooder says:

        That’s the point. And the only two that contribute are Markov and Subban. Finally the habs management realized that diaz is not an offesive dman and took him off the pp

    • chfan4life says:

      This team scores off the rush or the PP. Habs have no cycle players that can maintain puck control in the offensive zone. Most of their shots are from the outside with no net presence besides Gallagher who all tendings can see over. If MT wants to play a grinding style, he needs grinder type of players which Habs dearly lack. Most team know how to play the Habs now. So MT will need to come up with a better game plan.

  9. DickandDanny says:

    Here is a copy of the official rule regarding kicked or directed in goals. It is incomprehensible to a normal thinking person that Gallagher’s goal in any manner broke this rule. It was not directed, thrown, or kicked into the net. So, then what exactly was it that the morons in TO saw? Think about this for a second, the person making the call lives in Toronto, he works in Toronto, and because they are never named who the hell knows if they are also the biggest Leaf fan of all time. We will never know and they will never have to answer for their wrongful decision either. That is what is wrong with Sports, the NHL in particular. There is no transparency, and it stinks. Here are the official NHL rules regarding this type of infraction :
    78.5 Disallowed Goals – Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the
    Referee and the appropriate announcement made by the Public
    Address Announcer for the following reasons:
    (i) When the puck has been directed, batted or thrown into the net by an attacking player other than with a stick.
    (ii) When the puck has been kicked using a distinct kicking motion

    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  10. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    I’m ambivalent about the Leafs win over the Bruins tonight. I’m glad there was no overtime loser point, but am sad there were only two 5-minute majors. Would have been nice to see those two teams neat the stuffing out of each other. (Or hack away at each other with sticks, like Kessel.)

  11. NCRhabsfan says:

    Sabres lost again tonight. Anybody check their unis? No team can win in unis that ugly. When you dress your team as clowns, you have to expect them to play like clowns. The best reason to stop letting idiots at Nike and other sports manufacturers design uniforms is the uniforms they design. Thank God for classic Habs unit. It is truly horrible what some teams ask their players to wear (Nashville, Buffalo, Minnesota etc.) They’re making those old Canuck uniforms look good! 🙂

  12. GL says:

    Someone said Brodeur wasn’t all that good MT’s statement was wrong. If that’s the case. The Defence must have blocked a lot of shots. We out shot them 30 to 19. I have to go along with MT. The Master beat us and by the way we played a good game except for the Goals against and we couldn’t score …

    • CH Marshall says:

      we just don’t make life uncomfortable for opposing goalies, especially one like the F’n master. Devils had no qualms about getting all up in Price’s blue paint. MT should be telling the boys F* this guy even if he’s a homeboy, go make sure you get up in his grill and make him wish he had retired two years ago

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      We can almost never score. Other than MaxPac we have no goal scorers.

  13. DickandDanny says:

    Kicked in my arse. Where was the kicking motion, his skate never came off the ice. Where was the intent to kick he didn’t even know where the puck was. The NJ D man helped spin him around and the puck went with the skate. Absolutely ridiculous. What gets me is why are these replays done in Toronto? Is this the centre of the hockey universe. No way this should be done in a city that has a NHL team. Why exactly is it there? Move it to Saskatoon or Halifax somewhere where the people working these job can appear totally impartial. This does not look good on the league.

    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

  14. durocher says:

    Incremental changes, my friends – replacing Gio, Parros, Murray, Diaz, and Cube (all UFAs) next season will make us much, much better, as will trading DD and Bourque and bringing up Tinordi and Pateryn.

    2013-14 / 2014-15
    Max – Max
    Gally – Gally
    Pleks – Pleks
    Eller – Eller
    Chucky – Chucky
    BournID – BournID
    Briere – Briere
    Moen – Moen
    Prust – Prust
    White – White/Dumont
    DD – Stastny
    Gio – ?
    Bourque – ?
    Parros – ?

    Markov – Markov
    Emelin – Emelin
    Subban – Subban
    Gorges – Gorges
    Murray – Tinordi
    Diaz – Pateyrn
    Cube – ?
    Drewiske – Drewiske

    Price – Price
    Budaj – Budaj

  15. boing007 says:

    ‘No Excuses’ MT said that the goaltending of Brodeur was the reason that the Habs lost.

    Richard R

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