Liveblog: Game 45 – Philly Phutility continues with 3-1 loss


Wait'll next season!

The Canadiens have not won a regular-season game in Philadelphia since April 2, 2010.

They'll have to wait until next season to break the streak.

On their final visit to the City of Brotherly Love, the Canadiens were dreadful, losing 3-1 and being outshot 27-10.

Sean Couturier, Zac Rinaldo and Michael Raffl gave the home team a 3-0 lead before Tomas Plekanec scored a shorthanded goal to spoil Steve Mason's bid for a shutout.

You couldn't fault Peter Budaj, who made several good saves to keep the score vaguely respectable.

P.K. Subban took a penalty in a scrum that ended the second period and spent the first 12 minutes of the third nailed to the Canadiens' bench.

So what if he's an Olympian?

No scoring in the third period.

P.K. Subban, who took a penalty in the scrum that ended the second period, was benched for almost 12 minutes to start the third.

Shutout avoided

On the first shift after a Canadiens power play, Michael Raffl gave the Flyers a 3-0 lead.

Late in the period with Philadelphia on a power play, Tomas Plekanec converted a pass from Brian Gionta for his 14th of the season.

Brandon Prust and Zac Rinaldo fought to wake up the Wells Fargo Center crowd.

And the Canadiens will start the third period without P.K. Subban because of a scrum at the siren.

Shots were 12-6 for the hme team.

Who gives a shot?

The Canadiens had the first three shots of the game on Steve Mason.

Philadelphia had the next six, and Sean Couturier popped one into an open net past Peter Budaj to open the scoring.

The Canadiens were to go 10 MINUTES – including a power play – without a SoG, and the Flyers extended their lead when Zac Rinaldo scored his first of the season on a backhander that ticked in off Lars Eller.

The Canadiens had a late-period flurry, with another PP, and the shots were 9-9.

Tough town

As was the Spectrum back in the day, the Wells Fargo Centre is an inhospitable arena for your Montreal Canadiens.

They haven't won in Philadelphia since April, 2010.

On Dec. 12, this season's previous visit, the Canadiens were outshot 27-21 and only an Alex Galchenyuk goal, scored with 56 seconds to play, avoided the ignominy of a shutout in a 2-1 loss.

The Flyers were 3-2 overtime winners in New Jersey Tuesday night. They got a goal from Claude Giroux, who was snubbed by Team Canada earlier in the day.

Peter Budaj gets the start in goal.

Puck drops 7:40ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.


  1. Storman says:

    Did Hartnell cut his hair or just lend it to Giroux

  2. duffy says:

    PK is one of the best when it comes to player interviews !

  3. Phil C says:

    Let’s hope the Habs speedy forwards give the big lumbering D of Philly fits chasing them around.

  4. Eddie says:

    Carbonneau praising Subban on RDS. Great stuff!

  5. Ian Cobb says:

    See you in Montreal–repost!
    I will be going to Montreal on Sat. Jan. 25th with my oldest son. His 1st game at the Bell Center, ever. Jeffrey was running the customs dept. at The Blackberry company in Waterloo Ont. since leaving University many years ago. He was laid off 2 months ago.

    So I thought we would go to watch a game together. At the same time that I will be delivering a check to the Children’s Foundation and seek out a facility room to hold our next Summit. (meet & great, charity raffle, pre game dinner, and after game dance, with bar of course)

    Be great to meet up with a few of you while we are in town!!

    I am hoping to meet up with some HIO people at Hurley’s before or after the game.


  6. DipsyDoodler says:

    This is going to be bad folks. If the Panthers pinned us in our zone …

  7. Habilis says:

    Something to remember about guys like Giroux and St. Louis: The team that was named is probably not the team that’s going to Sochi. Depending on who the unlucky one or two are who do get hurt, these guys are probably on deck.

  8. Reflektor says:

    Giroux needs a haircut. Looks like a bum. (So does Letang). Coincidence that the classy looking Stevie didn’t pick them? (P.K. is a great looking dude)…

  9. Dudeskiman says:

    I can hear crosby crying.

    • The Jackal says:

      What’s he crying about? What a great player he is? How much he was won during his career? How excited he is to help Canada win another gold?

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  10. Plekasuares says:

    Why Hello friends

  11. Danno says:

    Hartnell cut his hair – with a hedge trimmer


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  12. HabinBurlington says:

    Wow, when is the last time I heard Coney Hatch, and on a hockey broadcast no less. Cool intro

  13. habcertain says:

    How friggin difficult is it to say” PK is an outstanding defenseman, having great year on our team and will make a difference for the Canadian Team”. End of quote, thanks guys enjoy the game. No MB can’t pull that, knowing people are hanging on every word. Jeff needs to sign him up for his corporate media training classes.

  14. Storman says:

    Ode to my good man yes a big man with an an eye like an eagle, but i bet a bag of bagels he has a bad feeling about this one

  15. HabFab says:

    Dave Stubbs @Dave_Stubbs

    via @ChantalMachabee: Parros sits, Therrien goes with seven D tonight, Diaz returns to lineup

  16. Samovich says:

    St. Patricks’ day has come early for MB

  17. Marc10 says:

    Wow. Ron Fournier and Stephane Leroux on 98.5 calling out Suter of Canada’s Junior Team for being just shy of a bigot and a terrible coach.

    Leroux had nice things to say about Hudon. Said injuries and utilization ultimately prevented him from doing more in the tourney.

    Here’s hoping someone thinks of bringing Guy Boucher in to fix this mess. He should be available and knows a thing or two about who should be on the ice during powerplays… unlike Suter.

  18. Samovich says:

    Yep Giroux is going to be ‘aiming’ at Yzermans’ ” head” all night.

  19. HabinBurlington says:

    The Boone Reverse Jinx, seems to contrived, lacking genuine feelings.

    Not sure what we need now….

  20. Danno says:

    Speaking of sharp-dressed men, does anyone remember the old Dorion Suit commercials starring Yvon Lambert? “At Dorion Suit, where there are no hassles.”


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  21. HabFab says:

    Check out Markov’s cool and quiet demure at the 1:22 point. Even MT commented…|MTL|home

    • Mark C says:

      Weren’t some ripping MT for having the team play baseball? Sure looks like it played well in the room. Oh wait, that’s the same room that those posters already think he lost.

    • CJ says:

      That video should be mandatory viewing here. People only see and here what they want though, so it would likely not make a difference anyway…

  22. habcertain says:

    Hey D Mex, I was referring to the comments, not the contract negotiations but since you mentioned it, yes I suspect he will have to bend over and take it if he wants him signed, that’s reality something you choose to ignore….baaaaaa

  23. Danno says:

    PK with the fedora, we adore ya!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  24. AH says:

    Jamie McLennan: “trying to be the starter for the maple leafs is tough” lol!!!!!

  25. rljmartin says:

    Watched the Devils game last night. NJD put on a fore-checking clinic against Philly.

  26. HabinBurlington says:

    What makes James Neal a character guy? He is a goal scoring guy, but he has made some piss poor decisions on the ice and often selfish. Curious how Carbo has him as a “Character” Guy, or is that in a Gomezesque kinda way?

  27. HabFab says:

    John Bartlett – #Habs Looks by warm-up that Parros is in. Diaz in, Emelin out.

  28. Psycho29 says:

    Check out PK on RDS!! What a hat!

  29. Dudeskiman says:

    If habs had better coach they would be winning the stanley cup

  30. 24 Cups says:

    Mike Boone acknowledges Elvis’ birthday. You made my day, MB.

    The sun never sets on a legend.

    Elvis – gone but not forgotten.

  31. Loop_Garoo says:

    This whole controversy about what MT said today is without question the most overblown controversy I have ever seen. He said nothing disrespectful, nothing that wasn’t at least partly true, nothing that belittled PK’s past present or future value. Just because his language was not hyperbolic does not mean he hates PK.


    • JUST ME says:

      There is no controversy . Only on HIO do people think there is one. Can`t you realize that ?

      Look anywhere else. Not a word on any impending controversy. People around here need someone to blame for everything and anything.

      Enjoy the game !

    • Mike Boone says:

      What controversy? Here in the HIO daycare? They were just cranky before their naps.

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

  32. habstrinifan says:

    D MexJANUARY 8, 2014 AT 6:23 PM
    “TandT : Are you some kind of an authority about something and, if the answer to that one is yes, how ’bout telling us what it is ?”

    So those with whom you agree “are some kind of authority”?

  33. rljmartin says:

    Good news for Bournival, hope he has a great game.

  34. Dudeskiman says:

    Who is that twit that didn’t chose St.Louis for team Canada

  35. habsfan0 says:

    I wonder if Pat Hickey drove to Philly in his car.
    Given the history that his vehicle has experienced in that town,I would doubt it.

  36. John Q Public says:

    Increased protons means (i hope) a very physical game.

  37. Dudeskiman says:

    I think adadi is a genius. Everyone should be more like him.

  38. Mark C says:

    Does anyone have a link to the woodshed comments that MB made about P.K.? Watched the video but still don’t know what all the hub bub is about.

  39. Reflektor says:

    Very entertaining post by ‘Pierre ‘Splooge’ Maguire’ earlier in this thread but I’m not sure its the real one as there was barely (pun intended) a mention of a young un-or-soon-to-be-drafted European teenage hockey player that was, um, scouted, in depth, by said Pierre.

  40. Danno says:

    We need a particularly pessimistic prognostication from Boone tonight


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  41. ABHabsfan says:

    If we’re going on 7 d tonight, I hope Murray gets some PP time in front of the net. I think that would be good to see and effective.PK barreling down the right wing might be entertaining as well

  42. habcertain says:

    I’m still irate over MB’s comments. This was a time for all the players selected to be recognized by themselves for their talent, not to make it about the coach or the org. He makes it sound like PK was lucky to have Therrien as his coach otherwise he be watching the games on TV. No doubt this is somehow tied to the contract negotiations, to again put him in his place, and if in fact he feels that way, should have saved for the bargaining table, not on a day when Canadian players were being recognized for their outstanding talent. Definitely shows signs of MB’s lack of experience. He needs to remember he had the opportunity to sign PK, which would have been for a song, and took a pass. Now his agent his going to play hardball and MB’s legacy with the Habs will be tied to being able to lock him up long term, if he fails than I say salute to MB. He talks about changing the culture, comes from the top bud, this would never happen on any other team, I have to admit, I feel a little ashamed to be Hab fan now. If I was PK, I’d take the 2 year route then soar high, not appreciated as much as he should be by an iconic franchise.

    • FANHABULOUS says:

      Dude… relax. MB didn’t say anything bad, this is typical HIO overreaction.

      Here is what he said (and I quote):

      ” I don’t want to discuss (the talks) publicly,” he said. “Two years ago, he (Subban) was sometimes a healthy scratch. His progression has been huge and he’s not finished.”

      What is bad about that?! Not. A. Thing.

      Subban got scratched a few games early on…so what? He got better… Thats exactly what MB just said (read it again….carefully). When you listen to the interview, he even mentions Subban as a “Norris winner”.

      Please, people…

      “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.

    • CJ says:

      Over it yet?

      Your suggestion that PK would have signed for a song are purely speculative. Much like your critique of Bergevin’s comments today, you have chosen to draw your own conclusions, which are unfair at best.

    • D Mex says:

      ” … this would never happen on any other team, … ”

      Why don’t you tell us how it WOULD happen on another team, expert !
      Would Sather open the vault, as usual ?
      Would Nonis bend over and take it up the wazoo, like Burke ?
      Would Holmgren make a ridiculous offer without sufficient cap space to support it, hoping to provoke a panic response with an easter rival ?

      You’re not irate – you’re just desperate to be indignant like a small flock of angry sheep that hangs out around here.
      Give it a rest already …

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • Et le but says:

      I for one believe that the bridge contract was and is a good approach. We will never know but who can say that PK would have continued his grade A progression had he signed a long-term deal instead of the bridge.
      The concept of proving that he deserves big money and playing his way into it does not seem to be lost on PK and we are the beneficiaries.

      • CJ says:

        Agreed. What is also lost is the understanding that if PK was signed to a long term (assuming 8 year term) in place of the two yer bridge he would be a ufa two years earlier. It’s going to cost $8 million a year, but the by the end of this contract, given the salary cap increasing, this will be a bargain. I think differing his ufa eligibility by two years will be key down the road.

  43. adadi says:

    Who is more challenged as a coach?

    MT or MT. That is Therrien or Tremblay. Neither one seems to have a clue how to handle superstars. Let’s hope that PK does not go the way of the Roy.

  44. Habfan10912 says:

    Somebody explain to me how no one was called up from Hamilton. 7 dman? Yuck.

  45. CHasman says:

    Budaj is a pretty decent backup but we would stand a much better chance of winning with Price in goal. With no call ups, don’t the numbers dictate that Parros will be playing.

  46. db says:

    I hope PK gets some time at forward tonight.. He’s the power forward we’ve been looking for.

  47. Psycho29 says:

    ” I don’t want to discuss (the talks) publicly,” he said. “Two years ago, he (Subban) was sometimes a healthy scratch. His progression has been huge and he’s not finished.”

    Geez over react much here guys? I’m a big PK fan and nothing Bergevin said wasn’t true. A couple of years ago HE WAS a healthy scratch, and now he’s a star and will continue to improve.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Remember the Monty Python Dirty Spoon sketch?

    • JUST ME says:

      Such a big fuss has been made about nothing ! On HIO we prefer to believe our own hallucinations as long as we can blame someone that`s OK ! Therrien made what P.K. is today whether that pleases some on HIO or not ! P.k. was a kid and as any kid needed to be coached and thought a few facts of life as we all did as some time around his age. Nothing dramatic,scadalous or outrageous . Life and nothing but…

    • Habcouver says:

      True about overreacting, Psycho. Early on, When PK was trying to make the Habs, he publicly said something to the effect that he’d be the water boy or stick boy to make this team. Guess we wouldn’t need to hold it to him now.

      Waiting patiently for #25

    • formerly known as the hc says:

      Absolutely! Besides all that you said, they are negotiating a new contract. You don’t publicly shower the guy with praise just to offer him less than he is asking for.

  48. AliHaba says:

    Any word on Parros? Is he in tonight? Or is Diaz going to try to be Streit III. We know how that worked with Weber (Streit II).

  49. Pierre Maguire says:

    Hello HI/O fans, here’s the first installment in a series we’ll call “Pierre’s Hockey World”:
    I just thought I’d weigh in on an issue concerning the Olympics…
    Martin St.Louis: Great hockey player, but he’s an even better human being, and that’s what counts. I knew way back when that Marty was going to be a special player in this league. He might be small, but as my great and good friend Scotty said over lunch yesterday, “It’s not the size of the animal in the fight, it the size of the fight in the animal.”
    I was speaking to someone close to Team Canada today (I really cannot say who it was), and Marty was not chosen to the squad because management is looking for that “big body presence”, an “active stick” and great “Foot speed”. While he has 2 of those 3 attributes, size is the main issue.
    I’m not one to criticize Stevy Y, but if I ran things I’d certainly have done things differently. I don’t want to get specific, because it wouldn’t be fair to Stevy and his management team, who really tried their best.
    Well that’s it for today HI/O fans. Hope you enjoyed this!
    One thought as I leave you. How is it I can’t find employment in the NHL, but Pierre Gauthier is employed by the defending champs?
    That really gets my goat (pardon the pun)

    Me loves everything Scotty and Mario.

  50. Wintercount says:

    Funny MB made no mention of the positive influence the well spoken Subban has had on his f-bomb slinging bozo of a coach.
    MB’s latest comments provide us with a picture of a Gm obviously still learning on the job.
    And the great world spins……..

  51. AliHaba says:

    If either the Rangers or Senators (or both) win tonight they’ll be tied with the Torontard’s (apologies to Rick Mercer) for the second wildcard spot.

  52. NLhabsfan says:

    Well I have been called worse..A hole is not to bad:)

  53. AliHaba says:

    I have a good feeling about this game. The One and Two Half Men line has been on fire and I expect that to continue.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  54. habstrinifan says:

    I cannot believe the CRAP that came outta Bergevin’s mouth. And I dont care if all you a-holes on this site who do not want to admit that it is crap disagrees. When last have you seen a GM stand up and spout such inanities as our esteemed GM.

    Holy Crap!

  55. Danno says:

    We are long overdue for a win in the Philandering Liars’ own barn.

    Captain Pike, make it so!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  56. Marc10 says:

    Big game for Budaj and the D corp. Let’s go Les Boys! Go Habs Go!

  57. jsaz says:

    Should bring back the “like” option for posts!!

  58. habsfan0 says:

    The last time the Habs won in Philly,1-0,CP wasn’t in nets either.
    Perhaps history will repeat itself.

    • Ian_Habs4life says:

      I didn’t realize this but the last time they won in Philly was April 2nd 2010. I was at that game ( best birthday present ever )… just felt like sharing lol.

  59. Timo says:

    What are the defensive pairing for tonight?

  60. Eddie says:

    Punkster, I favor a “players coach” style. Jacques Demers, Kirk Muller, and yes, Guy Boucher. I believe in respect for the players first and foremost. I believe the coach should always give the players the credit publicly, and any criticism should be behind closed doors, privately and respectfully.


    Had no idea one of my favourite Braves was a hockey player.

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  62. Propwash says:



  63. 24 Cups says:

    The headmaster didn’t post a reverse jinx – something that I thought was imperative for tonight’s game.

    I think we’re really screwed now. Oh well, it will be easier on Saturday night when we face the Black Hawks.

  64. Eddie says:

    Could it be only a few monts back that HIO was full of ridicule for the stupid Flyers’ management, Holmgren in particular. What an idiot he is! How could he still have a job?

    Holmgren has cajunas, that’s for sure. He has and continues to take chances, to make the big deals, to try and push as hard as he can for a Cup because its been a long time waiting for the Philly fanatics.

    Every year you hit the max on the salary cap just like most often teams. The playing field is level for everyone.

    Add a piece, subtract a piece, push the envelope, and try and win.

    Identify what your team needs quickly and efficiently, and then make those key decisions that will make your players believe they can contend, they can win a championship.

    If the players are not even being told by their coach and GM to expect to win, how can they believe that winning is likely or even possible?

    Lots of scorn and ridicule for Holmgren in this city.

  65. naweed235 says:

    I haven’t seen a video or anything showing how Chucky ended up with a broken hand. Anyone got something?

  66. Et le but says:

    Is all the doom and gloom about tonight’s game part of laying the foundation of enhanced palatability in the event of a Flyers victory?

    Sorry to buck the trend, but I have a really good feeling about the result tonight; hope I’m right!

  67. Luke says:

    Well, getting ready to shut it down today.

    A couple of pregame beers in store and a Muskoka brewery’s Mad Tom IPA or two during the action.

    Really hoping for a strong game and extra icetime for Bournival tonight. I’m not sure when it happened, but it seems I’ve become a fan. He reminds me of Bergeron, though I can’t quite say why. (So does Hudon, for the record).

    Everyone have a good evening, enjoy the game and either stay warm or keep cool as your climate dictates.

    Anyways, Go Habs!

  68. Danno says:

    Why do I have a sense of imminent disaster about this game?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  69. GL says:

    Predicting a Phillys win tonight. Berube has done a fine job since taking over and philly is moving up in the standings!!

  70. Danno says:

    I really hope Budaj has an okely dokely game tonight


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  71. CJ says:

    Feels like I’m playing hopscotch.

  72. shiram says:

    more threads, more clicks, more ad revenue?
    I don’t mind it as long as it keeps this place running!

  73. krob1000 says:

    Would be more bon if Chucky were healthy

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