Liveblog: Game 45 – Philly Phutility continues with 3-1 loss


Wait'll next season!

The Canadiens have not won a regular-season game in Philadelphia since April 2, 2010.

They'll have to wait until next season to break the streak.

On their final visit to the City of Brotherly Love, the Canadiens were dreadful, losing 3-1 and being outshot 27-10.

Sean Couturier, Zac Rinaldo and Michael Raffl gave the home team a 3-0 lead before Tomas Plekanec scored a shorthanded goal to spoil Steve Mason's bid for a shutout.

You couldn't fault Peter Budaj, who made several good saves to keep the score vaguely respectable.

P.K. Subban took a penalty in a scrum that ended the second period and spent the first 12 minutes of the third nailed to the Canadiens' bench.

So what if he's an Olympian?

No scoring in the third period.

P.K. Subban, who took a penalty in the scrum that ended the second period, was benched for almost 12 minutes to start the third.

Shutout avoided

On the first shift after a Canadiens power play, Michael Raffl gave the Flyers a 3-0 lead.

Late in the period with Philadelphia on a power play, Tomas Plekanec converted a pass from Brian Gionta for his 14th of the season.

Brandon Prust and Zac Rinaldo fought to wake up the Wells Fargo Center crowd.

And the Canadiens will start the third period without P.K. Subban because of a scrum at the siren.

Shots were 12-6 for the hme team.

Who gives a shot?

The Canadiens had the first three shots of the game on Steve Mason.

Philadelphia had the next six, and Sean Couturier popped one into an open net past Peter Budaj to open the scoring.

The Canadiens were to go 10 MINUTES – including a power play – without a SoG, and the Flyers extended their lead when Zac Rinaldo scored his first of the season on a backhander that ticked in off Lars Eller.

The Canadiens had a late-period flurry, with another PP, and the shots were 9-9.

Tough town

As was the Spectrum back in the day, the Wells Fargo Centre is an inhospitable arena for your Montreal Canadiens.

They haven't won in Philadelphia since April, 2010.

On Dec. 12, this season's previous visit, the Canadiens were outshot 27-21 and only an Alex Galchenyuk goal, scored with 56 seconds to play, avoided the ignominy of a shutout in a 2-1 loss.

The Flyers were 3-2 overtime winners in New Jersey Tuesday night. They got a goal from Claude Giroux, who was snubbed by Team Canada earlier in the day.

Peter Budaj gets the start in goal.

Puck drops 7:40ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.


  1. strunzo says:

    Back some time ago, the Oakland A’s of baseball acquired Mr. October Reggie Jackson. In an interview, one reporter asked the Manager Williams that he heard rumblings for the players that there were two sets of rules. One set for Jackson and another for the rest of the players. Williams replied “That is absolutely correct, there is a set of rules for the players on this club and a different set for a talent like Reggie Jackson”. Take note MT don’t put the handcuffs on a talent like Subban.

  2. Timo says:

    Lots of anger on RDS against Therrien as well. I like it.

    I am sure that en francais the message is a lot louder and will eventually be heard.

  3. scotland says:

    yes he is a hab untill then. unless they say other wise. and there is more than one way to get a trade buddy. but even given what you are saying …….pk will play another 15 years in this leagu as a star. 12 of them will not be in montreal.

  4. scotland says:

    nobody is saying you cant bench a guy to you mt fans out there.

    but do you know how many terrible shifts, and give aways brian gionta has had. and josh gorges. travis moen. patches. so what is very obvious is that the best player the habs have had since since the 80,s is being singled out by mt.

    the montreal canadiens would be nowhere with out pk subban ….he will be a star in this league long after therrien is a washed up coach who never won anything……….like what pk said yesterday…”i dont need anybody motivating me…i work hard every day of my life to get better”

    pk has more class, brains and hockey talent in his sleep than mt will ever have awake

    btw…check the stats on shots on net net when pk is on the ice and not on the ice. without pk tha habs shots on the other teams goalie are pathetic. absolutely pathetic.

    i feel sorry for the young guys like gally, chucky, elar…..the longer they play under mt the worse they get…..not an iota on improvement. matter of fast they were all better last year than they are this year. they were all better right out acamp than they are after 40 plus games under therrien.

  5. scotland says:

    “thats 2019 for price” “and same for pk”

    really…price still has this year…plus 5 more years on his contract?

    pk…really when did he sign a six year deal.

    pk will take the shortest term and become a ufa before 2019 …..

    habs have turned into the leafs.

    • Luke says:

      since you insist on this foolish tirade, I ask: Until which year do the
      Habs own PKs rights? When is he eligible to become an UFA? Because until
      That date, he’s a Hab, unless the team decides otherwise.

  6. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Got to go to sleep…will get back to trashing Yzerman tomorrow…LOL

  7. formerly known as the hc says:

    I get a strong impression that quite a few folks here have never coached in a competitive sport before.

  8. rogieshan says:

    I thought nothing could be duller than the hockey we saw under Jacques Martin.

    Boy, I was wrong.

    This is s#%t sandwhich.

  9. pete says:

    Why do some fans blame eller kid gets jerked around never plays with the some winger Ill take him over DD,bourque any day wait trade eller so he can go play some where else like Ottawa so he can show why some folks cant see down the road or a gm/coach

  10. The Jackal says:

    Repost from earlier now that things have settled down:

    I tend to try to stay positive but this game was just painful.
    I thought our struggles were a slump but I’m beginning to think the team just doesn’t have the horses to compete. Maybe our collapse last season would have continued in a full season, and maybe that’s what’s going on now.

    We’re still an above average team and it’s surprising we are where we are with this roster, but I’m starting to lose faith in MT being anything more than a transitional coach. He’s done some good stuff and has contributed to changing the culture in the room, but he’s just too old school, uncreative, and apparently unable to make adjustments… I don’t see him having what it takes to be a winner. I don’t buy that he dislikes PK or has anything against him but I do believe that, while he has gotten a lot out of this roster, he has made some poor decisions with it as well.

    That being said, I hope MB remains patient because he has the right idea. Panicking now would set the team back. Hopefully he is taking note of what we need most and is working round the clock to address our greatest needs.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      MB can’t panic even if he wants. He has bad contracts no one wants. Has given everyone one way contracts so he can’t bring guys up. I’m not expecting anything except maybe some dumps at the deadline.

      • slyCH says:

        Again the coming trade deadline and off season will be the tell all of the team’s management. If the wrong moves are made in my eyes will be time for full panic button mode. Until then, not much to grade by. Every move so far was made with restrictions due to the last management fiasco. Let’s see…

  11. ProHabs says:

    My real estate friend just told me PK put his house in Montreal up for sale tonight.

  12. montreal ace says:

    64 precious seconds, a tad over a minute, is the time Markov had over PK. I don’t know why this amount of time equates to a benching by the coach, I might say he missed a shift, but I guess you can’t do that to a player anymore. I think MT should be reported for player abuse, with the Ref reported also for his personal call that cost PK 120 seconds.

    • MrNax says:

      The guy didn’t play for 10 straight minutes in the third! If that’s not a “benching” I don’t know what is. The only reason his TOI was so close to Markov’s was that he played most of the final 8 minutes of the game!

      MT is an idiot for treating his BEST player like this.

  13. habstrinifan says:

    It is an odd olfactory phenomenon. A human person can sit and read WAR AND PEACE on the toilet because they are comfortable with the smell of their own crap.

    MT wont be fired. Bergevin’s unschooled unctuousness finds a perfect complement in Therrien’s sycophancy as they sit together joyously smelling their ‘culture change crap’ discharge.

  14. scotland says:

    adidess….well said buddy. no that did not deserve a benching like that. therrien makes me sick. i cant even watch this disfuntional joke of a team any more. been a hab fan since 1970.

    by by pk and price. they are gone….at first possible chance.

  15. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    I really didn’t have a big issue with the benching, nor the refusal to pull Budaj. In the context of such a listless performance, I can forgive Therrien’s frustration. But that doesn’t change my opinion that MT is not a good fit for this club. And I do find his relationship with PK strained and strange. Am I the only one who found it odd that, while stating how he thought Carey deserved to be on the national team, he then added “and PK, too” almost as an afterthought ?

    It looks more and more to me like the team is tuning out.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  16. scotland says:

    therrien quit tonight. through in the towel. i thought he was gonna throw a school yard crying fit while he was at it. he is an embaressment.

  17. scotland says:

    “you heard it here first”

    yes from mos. told you guys at the beginning of the year. subban will be heading across the border. He will never sign in montreal long term. This bush league coach and rookie gm have actually. And get this Price will be gone soon too. The two of these stars with become superstars else where….and they both will love to play for a contender……..mb and mt will never build one….incapable.

    • Captain Pike says:

      Scotty, slow the engines to impulse.

    • wjc says:

      Yes, he will be heading across the border, because there are teams he has to play over in the USA.

      I think I am getting it, do not correct P.K. Do not correct P.K. even in a nothing game that you are losing. P.K. is above correcting.

      Play for a contender? Big deal, contendes are a dime a dozen. Contender today, has been tomorrow. I coulda been a contender, rhymes with pretender… shortage.

      Go coach a team and try some of your hair brain theories out and see how fast you get in trouble. Remember all for one , one for all. Give special rules to someone and then try to ding a lesser player, the players will turn on you faster then a on/off switch in your moma’s basement computer.


  18. CHicoHab says:

    I don’t care about getting a cup. I care about getting more than 5 shots in a 3rd period down 3-1. How does that happen?? Didn’t watch the game but that’s pretty god awful.

  19. ProHabs says:

    I just watched Chantel Macabees report on the game on RDS. At the end of the clip, Chantel was talking and I noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring on her wedding finger. I thought she was married. Has this changed. Mr. Boone, do you know anything about this.

  20. Adidess says:

    Ok, I missed the game tonight. Looks like the only thing of consequence I missed is the benching of PK on a night where apparently most players didn’t come to play.

    You know, I have tried to follow MT’s actions and thought process closely since his infamous “making PK a better player and better person” proclamation, which I continue to find laughably weird considering the well-rounded person Subban is.

    But hear me out here… Could it be that one night after having been named on Team Canada as part of the elite among the elite in the NHL, and only a few months after Subban won the Norris Trophy, MT came into this game thinking he might need to start breaking this guy again to reinstate the fears, doubts, and fake humility he’d rather see in Subban’s eyes or maybe just so that PK understands the coach is not done ‘correcting’ him?

    Okay, I’m speculating wildly here, but does that penalty deserve that response when we’re talking about the team’s best player and we’re down 3-1.

    • Luke says:

      Best players don’t throw stupid punches in cluster scrums when they have targets on their backs… especially the game after calling out the refs.

      • Adidess says:

        Did you remember how Plekanec made Crosby blow his top and get completely off his game the last time the Penguins played at the Bell Centre? Remember Crosby completely unhinged in the playoffs against the Fyers a couple of years ago?

        It happens to the best of them, and with Crosby we’re talking about the best of the best. I don’t think Crosby was benched for one shift. If anything, the coach determined he had lots of emotion in his game and triple-shifted him in order to capitalize. You don’t bench your best player in this circumstance unless it is for extremely recidivist behavior.

        • Luke says:

          Did crosby throw a stupid punch at pleks in a muddled scrum while down by 2 and take a two minute penalty while trying to catch up?

          • Adidess says:

            Crosby did worse. He stopped playing for the rest of the game, slashing Plekanec and chirping him at the face-off circle and all around the ice while Pleks never looked at him. Crosby did nothing in that game.

            In the playoffs against the Flyers, he took several penalties in responding to agitation tactics by the Flyers. I am a Crosby fan too, was quite frustrated by it.

          • Luke says:

            So the moral should be, don’t react like a child. if it can knock sid off his game, it can knock anyone off their game.

            be disciplined.

            dont be pissed at MT. Pk (and in that case, SC) are responsible.

          • Adidess says:

            Ok, is that really how your mind works or you’re pretending? Because you’re not following any rule of logical discourse.

          • Luke says:

            no, honestly, my opinion is that pk shouldn’t throw the punch and that he’s responsible for throwing it. Especially after calling out the refs (which he was correct about, btw).

        • habstrinifan says:

          Why are you making this long and evened argument… to convince Luke. You know and Luke knows that he is just mouthing off nonsense because Therrien’s action was indefensible. Stand up and tell him that. Don’t add to the insincerity of the night.

          • Luke says:

            something like that. or not.

            Sorry we disagree.

            I’ll bail out so you can complain that people who disagree don’t get the chance to have their opinions heard.

          • Adidess says:

            I tend to discuss in good faith with people until it becomes clear that they are unreasonable. Now I see it, so case closed.

      • habstrinifan says:

        WRONG. Reactions like that happen time and time in hockey and will happen again. Check out Markov in an earlier game. Sure the coach has a right to cuss out the player in the locker room but then he has to refocus the player and team to try and win the game. You can guffaw nonsense excuses all you want… Two people acted impetuously tonight.

        • Luke says:

          Ahhh the impetuousness of youth.

          Sorry if PK was acting the fool and the coach busted him for it.

          Look, I’m a fan of PK’s, but if you don’t want Pk to be benched for throwing stupid punches in scrums, ask Pk to stop throwing stupid punches in scrums, don’t ask the coach to ignore them.

          • habstrinifan says:

            Geez you are so blind. I said two people acted impetuously and because you are incapable of balance you TOTALLY MISSED my point. Again TWO PEOPLE acted impetuously. Think!

          • Luke says:

            No, you think. your two, I’m assuming are Pk and Mt… Or spell it out .Subtlety is lost on the internet.
            Pk throws the punch. That’s all I really need to care about. anything afterwards is a result of the punch.

            root cause etc

  21. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    As I’ve said before, when I agree with Timo…you know something went wrong. This has to be one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from Habs management. The day after your yet-to-be-signed-Norris Trophy-leading scorer makes Team Canada, management openly disrespects him. The GM basically said he was crap before he got there (“being benched”). New flash GQ: even when PK was stupidly benched, he was still the best D-man on the team. Get the hair gel out of your eyes.

    Now onto the power-keg he hired as a coach. Down two goals in the third period he benches his leading scorer because of a roughing penalty against the Flyers??? This stuff happens against the Flyers (ask Crosby). I am not saying PK was great (he and Gionta were brutal on the 2nd goal) but he was far from the worst performer. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen DD not cover his man just like on the first goal. For blowing his assignment, DD gets to play 20min…what a joke. There must be something going on in the background with PK. I’ve never seen a coach take a penalty so personally. All I know is that this is not how you treat one of your best players. Ridiculous.

    The primary concern many of us had with MT was his temper and inability to communicate with players. As bad as the players were tonight, MT was much worse. The number one rule in hockey is never to quit or give up. He quit on PK and he quit on the team. If MT keeps this up, sooner or later, everybody will quit on him too.

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      What did Bergevin say? I seemed to have missed something.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        “I came here two years ago and he was a healthy scratch,”

        He basically insinuated PK was not very good or doing well when he got here…yeah right. I guess he never saw PK shutting down Crosby in the playoffs or blasting a tying goal in the Boston Gardens in the playoffs or….ah forget it.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Whoops…here’s the full quote:

        “I came here two years ago and he was a healthy scratch,” Bergevin said of Subban. “Our coaching staff did a great job with him. I’m proud he’ll be able to represent his team at the Olympics.”

        Doesn’t credit the player but credits the coaches??? Give me a break…

    • Billyboy says:

      Everyone has quit on him already. The man is an idiot. What the hell was Briere dong on the powerplay. At times I thought he was playing for his former team, most of his passes went there. And DD makes many more mistakes than PK and yet gets to hog the pp. Their pp stinks. How about more PP time for Eller, one of the best
      stick handlers and hardest workers on the team and he has new wingers in every game. MT does not know s**t. He needs to be replaced before this team misses the playoffs and PK signs with a team south of the border. AND FOR GODS SAKE bring back the EGG line.

  22. slyCH says:

    This has got to be my most anticipated ALN ever. I hope Boone puts in all the gritty details. I’m gonna go shave my face and head before jumping in the shower to kill some time. This suspense is killing me…

  23. Phil C says:

    The Habs’ record is good enough that there is no need to panic, and I like Therrien more than some here, but that was not a good performance by the coach. Yes he was frustrated because his team was not competing, but nothing justifies throwing in the towel, that’s just a cardinal sin in competition to give up. Yes, Subban took a dumb penalty, but 73 of the Habs’ 115 goals this season have been while Subban is on the ice, so how can you ever justify benching him when you are down 2 goals? Especially for just a bad penalty. Not pulling the goalie was further evidence that he had thrown in the towel at that point. You can’t quit like that. Ever. The cure is worse than the disease in this case, he needs to find other ways to send a message. Throw a chair, get thrown out of the game, knock down the glass partition, anything but that.

    • wjc says:

      Phil C…..let me understand, your solution is to ignore P.K.’s stupidity, because he is good. Put him above others that make a similar mistake and get punished.

      Fastest way to actually lose the respect of the players and the room. Okay you lose a game, you might have lost anyways.

      Bonehead plays should not be tolerated from anyone.


      • frontenac1 says:

        When was the last time DD was benched for a stupid penalty? Or Plex, or Markov? Mike talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. That nonsense will lose the room pronto.

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