Liveblog: Game 41 – Canadiens blow 3-0 lead, lose 5-4 in OT


Horrible, brutal and disgusting

The Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead and lost 5-4 to Carolina on Alexander Semin's overtime goal.

Lars Eller with his ninth and Max Pacioretty with his 16th and 17th goals of the season put the Canadiens comfortably in front through 40 minutes.

A third-period explosion saw Carolina tie the game with three in in less than three minutes.

Two by Jeff Skinner and another by Eric Staal.

Then Manny Malhotra gave Carolina a lead before P.K. Subban tied it up on a Canadiens power play.

Alexander Semin won it in overtime with his ninth shot of the game.

Carolina outshot the Canadiens 42-25.

Just brutal.

Semin wins it

Carolina's 42nd shot beats Carey Price.

The team that deserved to won was the winner.

Total collapse

The Canadiens 3-0 lead was erased in less than three minutes.

Jeff Skinner twice, on Carolina power plays, and Eric Staal made it 3-3.

Manny Malhotra gave the home team a 4-3 lead before P.K. Subban tied it up on a PP.

Shots were 15-7.


PK shines

The Canadiens killed off a 5-on-3 disadvantage.

They went eight minutes without a shot and ended up with five during the period, while Carolina had 15.

But the PK and Carey Price hung tough, and Max Pacioretty's 17th of the season was the only goal of the period.

Carolina's PP is 0-for-8.

Offensive explosion

It took only 80 seconds for Lars Eller to get the Canadiens on the board, off a good forecheck and pass by Alex Galchenyuk.

Then the power play – 0-for-12 on the road trip – produced Max Pacioretty's 16th of the season, a redirection of a David Desharnais feed.

At that point, the Canadiens had outshot Carolina 6-1.

A few power plays, including a brief 5-on-3, got the home team back on track; and the final shot margin was 11-10 for the Canadiens.

The second period will begin with Josh Gorges in the penalty box.

Bye-bye, 2013

Your Montreal Canadiens end the calendar year in Raleigh, N.C., where they'll play the fifth game of the season's longest road trip.

The Carolina Hurricanes, coached by CH alumnus Kirk Muller, are seventh in the Metropolitan Division and seventh in the battle for Eastern Conference wild-card playoff spots.

The Canadiens are coming off a dispiriting 4-1 loss to the lowly Florida Panthers.

Carolina played in Toronto Sunday night, outshot the home team 43-27 but still contrived to lose 5-2.



  1. Sean Bonjovi says:


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  2. rhino514 says:

    strange that no one is saying anything about the maybe dozen penalties called on the habs, one after another, at some point it just became laughable. A good chunk of those calls were not penalties.
    Add to that two goals taken away from the good guys the previous night; did someone from the habs say or do something to the zebras? Because right now we are playing against 6 opponents plus three refs.
    I´ve never gotten into bias discussions in all my years commenting , but I´ve never seen anything like what the refs have done to one team the last two nights.

  3. VancouverHab says:

    Everything you need to know about why we are stuck for the long term with a failed-&-failing coach:

    On RDS, or “The Pure Laine Therrien Fanboi Club”, the headline for tonight’s debacle is (believe it or not):

    Le Tricolore L’echappe a Raleigh”


  4. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …nothing to say about the game (when there’s nothing good to say …don’t say it, is My philosophy)

    …but I will sincerely wish Y’all the best in 2014 …Happy New Year Folks !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

    …and, last, but not least: Happy New Year !!! …in case Y’all didn’t hear Me the first time 🙂

  5. The Jackal says:

    Happy new year HIO.
    Special shout out to Boone.
    Thanks for doing the liveblog for the past who knows how many years now.
    You’re the McMurphy to our asylum of crazy Habs fans, cheers Boone, many happy returns and all the best, thanks for running the blog!

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  6. adadi says:

    Happy New Year all. Health and happiness to everyone of you. Even you MT. But don’t forget to close the door on your way out.

  7. GL says:

    Don’t let the standings fool you. Tonight was a prime example. 12th place team beats 4th place team. Any team can beat the other.

  8. TMan1969 says:

    They lost, that sucked…the refs well best thing is do nothing to get penalized (may have a hard one last night)….positive, scored four goals and there is still a lot of season to play…GHG!

    Do not scorn a weak cub. He may become the brutal tiger.

    Mongolian Proverb

  9. CHicoHab says:

    Forget the Habs for now. Enjoy ur night people!!! Happy new year. To health!!! Cheers

  10. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    “Beeeeeep. Hey Carey. Stevie Y here. See you’ve got a shutout in the works after two. Awesome stuff. So… Wanted to tell you that if you get the W tonight, the starting job in Sochi is yours. If you lose though, you’re off the team, and you’ll have to stay home with your blushing bride, doing who-knows-what and resting up and not getting blown up by some lunatic terrorist. I’ll be watching the third. Goal bien. Ha ha.

  11. 4loorplay says:

    Mtl players are playing with no interest or too much on their minds.

    Nirvana is earned…

  12. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    About Last Night = About Last Year. Happy New Year to all HIOers.

  13. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Eh Mr Bone, yoi takim a long timn wth the ALN


  14. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Oh Goodie another New Year of Montreal sucking …

  15. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Us Hab fans have settled for crap teams for over 20 years. When will enough be enough?

  16. Grimmly says:

    When will Boone really retire so we dont have to read this drudge trolling anymore?

  17. Stooof says:

    up 3-0 with 20 minutes to play on new years eve. How does the coach not get them focused to play a solid 3rd. What a joke.

  18. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Should all bad Habs games be forgot
    And never brought to mind
    Should all bad Habs players be forgot
    Cause Mark Bergevin is blind ….

  19. ArmyFan says:

    This team will glide into the playoffs, and may even get through the first round by the grace of God. But they are not a contender in any way, shape, or form; at least for another 2 years.

    Looking forward (at the risk of stating the obvious):
    – Gionta is gone at the end of the season (or sooner). Lots of heart, but no place on the the future of this team. Just another small forward on a team full of them. Wish him all the best.
    – Diaz, Murray, and Bouillon (all UFAs) are gone — thanks, fellas, appreciate the effort, but we need to make room for Tinordi and Beaulieu.
    – David Desharnais — great hands, but no thanks. Needs to be dealt as part of a package deal (Bourque? Diaz? Murray?). With another year of Briere, and Gallagher being a franchise player (IMHO), there is no room for DD, no matter how much he’s turned it on lately as a set-up guy.
    – Galchenyuk — needs to be given a chance at centre.
    – Bournival — give him top 6 minutes. Not a 4th liner, obviously. What is MT thinking?

    Just my opinion. Worth as little as everyone else’s.

  20. Mondou6 says:

    Happy New Year, mes amis!

    Hope you all have an awesome, healthy, fun filled 2014!

  21. JohnBellyful says:

    Didn’t see the game. So the night wasn’t ruined until I came home and went online. Yikes!
    I can understand everyone’s disappointment, and the tenor of the remarks. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude after another frustrating game by our heroes.
    All well and good to make plain our displeasure, but I think it can be done in such a way that we can remain upbeat about the team.
    Sure, the Habs deserve to be pilloried for ruining your evening, perhaps even your life, but there’s no need to be overwrought about it.
    You put your lament to the right kind of toe-tapping music and half-way through the song you’ll be marching around the room, arms pumping, lips grinning – even if the words are a bit of a downer.

    Crappy days are here again,
    And who’s to blame, why it’s Therrien
    He has the smarts of old carrion
    Crappy days are here again

    Altogether shout it loud
    What’s he done to a team
    That once was proud
    They play as if they should wear a shroud
    Crappy days are here again

    Our care and troubles have grown
    With a coach whose head is all bone

    Crappy days are here again
    What was the date? I’ll tell you when
    A three-goal lead they couldn’t defend
    Crappy days are here again


    Crappy days are here once more
    To win a game is again a chore
    At even strength, they’ll not likely score
    Crappy days are here once more

    Altogether shout it now
    There’s no one who can doubt it now
    The lion’s roar is the cat’s meow
    Crappy days are here again

    Our cares and troubles have soared
    Every game now leaves us all bored

    Crappy days are here again
    The skies above are grey again
    Let us sing a song of drear again
    Crappy days are here again

    Happy New Year, Everyone

  22. GL says:

    I would love to have Tavares on out Team.

    • CH Marshall says:

      He’s good buddies with Subban. That would be do sweet if he could ever fill that gap we have at RW

      • aroma says:

        Habs have what they need to pull a blockbuster for a top notch forward – but that mean Bergevin needs to have the cajones to trade Price while his value is still sky high. They have goaltending help on the way… and goalies, with the exception of Martin F. Brodeur and a select few of others, are a flaky bunch. Trade Price, get that marquee right winger. But it won’t happen.

  23. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Okay I’m outta here…thanks for the laughs tonight.


    ….even DD…LOL

  24. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Tomorrow I’m going to start 2014 off on the right track. Going to cancel RDS. Take the Hab decals & magnets off my truck. Redo my rec room. Remove my Habs Tattoo.

    If MB had half a brain in 2014 he get rid of: MT, Gionta, Diaz, Bouillon, Briere, DD, Bourque, Moen, Gorges


  25. Danno says:

    Yes the refs were bad, but the Habs were even worse.

    Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  26. nova scotia vees says:

    Etcheverry is a troll..a infiltrator..Michael joined the site a month ago and his fave player is Bjudia…seriously. Go find a site for your real team. Toronto? Boston? Canes? You are a joke.

  27. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I wonder if Zach Fucale might still be wanting to play goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens? Even though he’s having a kick out of playing at the World Juniors, he could end up having the same problems Price is having right now – “In 2-3 years time.” If he can handle the circus here, good luck!

    Man, what did Bergevin do to lure Alex Galchenyuk here? He should’ve said No instead at the draft now that he’s living with the CH nightmare! Or, maybe he wished he’s still Yakupov’s teammate from their Sarnia Sting days.

  28. 416erHabsFan says:

    Our team is broken.

  29. etcheverry92 says:

    Referee Ghyslain Hebert should be terminated by Gary Bettman without delay, just as Red Storey was terminated by then commissioner Clarence Campbell 55 years ago. With the score 3-3 and the Canes all over the Habs, Andrei Markov slammed Tuomo Ruutu into the boards directly from behind, with Hebert looking right at the play. Two Minutes or 5 minutes? No call by Hebert as it turns out. Well, maybe he’s put his whistle away for the night.
    The Canes take the lead anyway and, no sooner than they do, Honest Ghyslain nails Ruutu for interference (replays didn’t catch the alleged call). The Canadiens, who looked like they were dead in the water, score on the power play immediately after first time offender Brendan Gallagher bumped Ward in the crease. Hmm, Hebert had called the Canes for bumping Price while the Habs’ goalie was out of his crease earlier in the game.

    Hebert wasn’t done, though. After ignoring an obvious interference infraction by Plekanec on Stahl, honest Ghyslain nails Stahl for boarding Moen. Stahl is none-too-pleased by the fact that Hebert is watching only one team, and picks up an extra two for his trouble.

    Hebert got his favorite team one point in this game and tried valiantly to get them a win. He should be given the nine of heats by Bettman without delay. Let his union go to bat for him, if they so choose, but there is no room in the game for cheaters like Ghyslain Hebert.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      “Hebert got his favorite team one point in this game and tried valiantly to get them a win.” This is ludicrous.

      What are you talking about??? Staal did a belly flop on Price’s head (knocking his helmet off) and Gorges got called for roughing for pulling Staal off. The refereeing was crap all around tonight…

    • habstrinifan says:

      You know you are drunk!

  30. Welks says:

    42 shots against and 34 Blocked Shots: Seems like way too much time and chances in the D Zone. They are not a grinding team they need to attack to take the pressure off Price.

  31. Mondou6 says:

    Watching the “hockey game” tonight made me harken back to when I was a kid watching WWF and I used to get pissed off that George The Animal Steele could get away with using a “foreign object” to win.

    The refereeing tonight was the same thing.

    I’m not sure what I was watching tonight, but a legitimate sporting event it was not.

  32. GL says:

    Only for Price. The game was over after the 1st period. Outshot 42 – 25 and some people on here saying they didn’t play that bad. Glad you seen it different than I did.

  33. CH Marshall says:

    Well…. At least Gay men using the app GRINDER score more often…

    (I know bad joke lol)

  34. habstrinifan says:

    When you lose a game like this you have to examine the reasons why. You cant be generic and say they didnt work etc.

    I think the team tried but a few things struck me.

    A) Emelin is still ‘recovering his timing, decision making etc. I am not gonna crap on him but you cant break up Markov/Subban for Emelin/Markov right now. And if you have no confidence in the others… bring up Pateyrn.
    B) Pacioretty is our biggest scoring threat. I grant you that. But he simply does not DIG. He has no puck recovery game.. no board game. People crap on DD but he skated into the o zone, tried all hell to beat a guy and was basically stopped… all part of the game … but Pacioretty did not react. If DD had made the deke Pacioretty would have gotten a pass but for heaven’s sake… once DD was stoppd, Pacioretty had to DIG DIG DIG to retain possession. He did not.

    c) It’s funny that MT called the team a grinding team. It is so obvious they are NOT. The team skated tonight. But when penalties changed the momentum and Carolina took over.. the team HAD NO GRINDERS..I REPEAT NO GRINDERS… to forcefully get it back.

    If hockey grinder is someone who plays the body shoulder to shoulder and aggressively harasses the opponent and forechecks them against the boards in their own zone… then the team has no GRINDERS. Moen, Prust(as he plays now),White, are not grinders. They can play on a line and benefit from a true grinder. A true grinder slows down the opponent , often fighting for the puck against two others and often steering the play to the boards. Then his linemates have time to come in and add muscle for the puck. This team HAS NO GRINDERS. This team actually does need at least one real true GRINDER… not a fighter… a GRINDER.

    D)We gotta get serious with Gionta. His time is passed. No hedging anymore. He still will score a goal or 23 but game in and game out he has NO CONSISTENT IMPACT on the game. Plain and simple. A change is needed there.

    I need a drink.

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      A) Put Emelin (and Diaz) on the pressbox.
      B) Max Power should step up. No Excuses!
      C) You are right. The Habs are NOT a ‘grinding team’ and they have to accept that!
      D) Gionta is not coming back next season. This will be his last and his time in Montreal is going to pass. He’s not included in Bergevin’s rebuilding plan.

    • Hoegaarden says:

      Nice post ! Fully agree with comment on Gionta. You could also add Bourque on the “no dig” effort.

  35. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    Glass half broken: Habs were up 3-0 after two. Thank god we got a point. Most we could have hoped for. Trade and fire.

    • Mondou6 says:

      Over the first 2 periods, we had 4 skaters 50% of the time. And we went ahead 3-0 nonetheless. How crazy is that?

      It’s a miracle we got 1 point. In the end, the refs got what they wanted. You can’t stop the refs.

  36. Peter Young says:

    i’ve read all the post-game comments. Come on boys and girls, let’s act like Montreal Canadiens fans ought to act. Support the team no matter what. Criticize for sure, but let’s not go overboard. The Canadiens are going to lose quite a bit; that’s where they are right now. Let us have hope for the future. Happy New Year to all.

  37. theox_8 says:

    I understand the frustration with the refs and and all that jazz. But without referring there is no game and nothing to look forward to in the spirit of sport so happy new year , hope all is going great with all the hio posters . :/)

    • Mondou6 says:

      I know what you’re saying, but I feel like tonight wasn’t even a hockey game. I’d rather have us lose 6-0 straight up, than to have the referees decide that they are going to make up calls against us, all night long, until Carolina ties the game.

      Tonight’s “game” is the reason I don’t follow pro wrestling.

      • WhatUp says:

        yes without refs there is no game but these guys are still paid quite well to do their job…tonight they lost control and lucky no one got hurt. I really wonder how much is from the refs and how much from the league. seriously stuff like George’s and Gio/ bench penalty are just phantom. I could see these as make up calls but when the count is like 6 -2 on PPs why add more to one team if you really are maintaining the integrity of the game.

  38. RAM_TOUGH says:

    Why doesn’t matter if the coach of the Montreal Canadiens can speak French? Who wants to hear what he has to say anyway? All that matters is WIN WIN WIN …


    • boing007 says:

      Like Mike Keane said many years ago the coach doesn’t speak French to his players in the dressing room. A sacrilegious remark that got him tossed off the team.

      Richard R

  39. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I don’t know if Geoff Molson is so convinced with this motto of “No Excuses/Pas d’excuse!” thing. Because the way the Habs have gone through for almost 21 years without winning a cup, all they’ve ever done are a bunch of excuses and made their reputation sink down to a really low end.

    I cannot seem to understand why Mr. Molson and his family have the patience to swallow the incompetence and lack of persistence of the Montreal Canadiens organization.

    When is this team going to wake up? Media will put this good catch phrase “the team is not a cup or a playoff contender but certainly will improve within 2-3 years.” Again, I’m tired of that 2-3 years phrase! I’ve heard this shit before since the Gainey/Gauthier era. And I’m still hearing it again now that Bergevin is the new GM.

    I can’t blame Therrien and his coaching staff for juggling players and line combos. Why? Because 5 players are just TOO DAMN SHORT to play teams that are bigger and tough!

    If this team will improve NOT IN 2-3 YEARS BUT NOW, Bergevin should now open the possibility of making changes with this team.

    It seems I’m fully convinced that Max Pacioretty might be traded to size up this team. And possibly more players to get traded. If it needs to happen, so be it!

  40. RAM_TOUGH says:

    If Carey Price & PK want any stiff of a Stanley Cup they better leave Montreal ASAP.

    Yes Mattyleg after that 3-0 blown lead I wanted them to lose. Does it make me any less of a fan? NO it does not! This team needs to lose 10 in a row.


  41. twilighthours says:

    Did this win save Muller’s job?

    Did it cost MT his?

  42. Plekasuares says:

    NHL refs are a joke

  43. theox_8 says:

    I for one Will never use the “bad referees ” as an excuse . Sure some calls are bad , yes . But we were given every opportunity to win that game as they were given to get back into it . Back to the drawing board tomorrow I guess .

    • Mondou6 says:

      Penalties were 10-3 for Carolina until they finally tied the score. That includes three 5-on-3’s.

      Even the Carolina announcers were like “WTF is going on here?”

      For whatever reason, the refs made sure that Carolina won tonight. No idea why, but you can’t play down a man for most of the game and have a chance to win. And they weren’t mistakes on our part, they were phantom penalties, all in Carolina’s favor.

  44. duffy says:

    I just threw my Montreal sweater I got for Xmas out in a snow drift.! This team is Pathetic !!!!!!

  45. The Jackal says:

    Well guys, it sucked to lose tonight, that’s for sure.
    But at least it was not a boring game! I thought we played a good game but unfortunately the refs screwed us over. Yeah, they called Staal for an obvious board in last 3.5 mins but they let Faulk go for his delay of game and they let the Canes run wild as well.

    I was perplexed by some of MT’s moves, specially on the last PP – Gionta and Plek??? Anyway, I’m not MT’s biggest fan but he’s got what he can work with. What is our PP without PK and Markov? Our forwards can’t establish a forecheck or net presence, we’re just very limited in our options because even if we use our speed and skill, who do we have who rushes the puck or creates rushes and can actually convert on them?

    It was a rough stretch to close out the year, and my tone is not exactly optimistic, but this team performs better than what’s on paper and that’s a big positive. We’re gonna make the playoffs and no matter what happens, the future of this team will get invaluable experience. Price is a lock for Sochi, PK continues to impress us all, Max is awesome, DD is resurgent, Markov is back, Eller is looking better and better.

    Have a great 2014 HIO, happy new year, to you, yours, and the Habs.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  46. jols101 says:

    Interestingly many that always blame the refs also blame injuries for getting shit-kicked by the Sens in the playoffs. There are no excuses in the NHL just whiners.

    • The Jackal says:

      Except that you can justifiable explain outcomes by referencing key factors that affected games to effect such outcome. Is that using an excuse, or is it merely part of an analysis?

      You can’t deny that the refs negatively impacted the game for us, to the extent that they gave the Canes numerous consecutive PPs to start the 3rd, with fresh legs and nothing to lose. It’s not surprising that we got scored on during that stretch, what with an exhausted PK team and all.

      Anyway, it’s a learning experiene. The Habs will be better, let’s forget the rest.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Mondou6 says:

      If you think the Canes deserved 12 power plays through 2 periods, you’re watching a different sport than I am.

      And if you think a team should win while killing off 24 minutes of BS power plays, including three 5-on-3’s, I would disagree with you.

  47. Habcouver says:

    2014 goals:
    Price and Canada bring home Gold
    Habs pull off upsets in the playoffs

    Happy New Year all!

    Waiting patiently for #25

  48. topher5468 says:

    Agree on Emelin, he’s awful. Way out of position trying to take the body on Staal, then loses Semin on the winner.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  49. JF says:

    I’ve had it with this team. I absolutely can’t stand watching them anymore. What I hated the most was Subban’s stupid celebration after they made it 4-4. You blow a 3-goal lead in less than five minutes, then showboat because you tie it up? WTF?

    I still can’t hope they lose, but I’m not watching anymore until they become a good team.

    On reflection, I think I’m glad they lost. No team that blows a 3-goal lead at the drop of a hat deserves to win.

  50. Born in a Bad Year says:

    Everybody wants to have Eller for dinner so they can apologize for having a coach who watches with everyone else, Eller’s line getting all those even strength chances, a goal, and then not even a sniff of the four minute powerplay. MB gives “little breakfast” two and a half out of the four minutes. Then of course he gets most of the OT, leading to his lapse on the game winner. Brutal how DD gets all the perks.

  51. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Happy New Year…yeah right. Holy s!@#@$%t that has to be the worst period of hockey I have ever seen the Habs play. That PP at the end was an absolute disgrace. I love PK but getting knocked down by Nathan Gerbe? Geezus…

    Price and Budaj aside, they should be embarrassed. I can’t blame the coaching staff for a collapse like this. Players need to suck it up and do their jobs. They simply did not show up in the third and hung Price out to dry.

  52. Dulljerk says:

    What was the point of dressing Bournival, anyway? 7:23 of ice time. No shots. Maybe he’s a defensive specialist?

    No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

    • twilighthours says:

      Now I know you’re dull, but I’m guessing you could probably figure out that he would have gotten more ice time if so much of the game hadn’t been played on the PP or PK.

      • Dulljerk says:

        Yes, of course, silly old me. I forgot the payoff the Canes made to the officiating staff. Of course it only happens to Montreal when they lose.

        No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

        • twilighthours says:

          I wrote nothing about a payoff, or complained of any officiating bias. I merely provided a possible explanation of Bournival’s ice time.

          Get your head in the game, sport! You’re slipping!

  53. sherburnehabfan says:

    that was a big wet kiss to Kurt Muller!!!

    Happy New Year Hab fans

    Hockey is a game played with a clock, the more time you play in the offensive side of center ice the less pressure you put on the defense. Control the clock, win the game.

  54. habstrinifan says:

    I dont know if the coach had other options, but wish Emelin and Markov were not paired.

  55. tougalor says:

    What is wrong with this team!?!?!?!? Baaaad goal by price in overtime..Complete breakdown.finding new ways to lose.pathetis 4 minute powerplay as well !!!!!!If it weren’t for the 10 game or so winning streak they went on they would be in 7th or 8th right now (or worse) ..they should all flog themselves!! embarrassing…i need beer

  56. FlyAngler says:

    Let’s not forget that Markov did not come back the same after his last knee surgery. It took him until this season to get his game back to where it was and many think that he has been the Habs best defensemen so far this season. Emelin deserves some time to adjust and hopefully strengthen his “new” knee as well. It is way to early to give up on this guy even though he is clearly having a very tough go of it right now.

    “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

  57. HabsFansince49 says:

    So much for Therrien’s baseball game and team spirit. Give me a break.

  58. D Mex says:

    Up 3-0 heading into the 3rd, tied 4-4 at the end of regulation, losing it 5-4 in OT. Speaks to lack of focus – and / or leadership – IMHO.

    The good news here is that things will improve. I’m not a guy who is given to false optimism, but am convinced that, one way or another, the situation will improve. In a backhanded way, games like this one almost guaranty it.

    Bonne année à vous tous !

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      You know what, we’ve all heard “this team will improve” or “things will improve” line over and over again for the last 6-7 years now. What do we get? Nothing!

    • RAM_TOUGH says:

      Keep dreaming. No improvement in the near future. The tires fell of this bus around the 35 game mark last season. Looks very much the same right now!


    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      When Price banged his stick over the net after the Canes scored their first, I had a bad feeling that this game was over and it was. If Therrien doesn’t get canned and soon, then I hope we never win another game. He simply sucks and does absolutely nothing for this team. May I suggest he takes DD with him as well. WTF Bergevin, get off your friggin ass and ditch the bozo.

  59. HabsFansince49 says:

    How long will it take Bergevin to realize the mistakes he made and how to admit them – biggest one – Therrien. Emelin, Desharnais, Bouillon, Gionta and Briere wouldn’t make 4th line on most NHL teams.

  60. The Slacker says:

    There. The trolls are nice and happy now aren’t they? The refs are happy too. Bettman’s happy. Shanahan’s happy. Everyone’s just having a ball.

    Happy new years guys. It stings, but don’t let it ruin yer night. See you next year.

  61. Arnou Ruelle says:

    The stupid thing to take into consideration is this team got 1 POINT for this OT lose. Pathetic!

  62. billylove says:

    Observation: A very fragile team. Question: Why would Price want to stay in Montreal?

  63. Mattyleg says:

    (love all the never-posters who crawl out of the woodwork to bitch on here!! Hahaha!! I might hang around for a while longer… it’s pretty funny!!)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  64. Bogie Man says:

    I think they were tired and we asked too much of them. I mean it was only a 3 goal lead. At next practice they should try playing tennis. MT you should sit back and have a cold one a celebrate a good job done.

    Fuc me…..

  65. Habbu says:

    Poor Price……those guys abandoned him; left him out to dry

  66. rogus says:

    All this talk about Timmins, yet we have no youth playing on the team, and the cupboard is bare in Hamilton. Time for a change in scouting I’d say!

    • habsgod says:

      no youth on this team! are you drunk? timmins is doing a great job the guy has more players playing in the nhl than any other team
      if we have no youuth onthis team what do you call galchenyuk,gallagher,eller,subban,price,bournival is that not youth/ and we are loaded with young stuff maybe not in hamilton yet but we are the future is very bright look at some of your young draftees in the wjc’s

      • NDG BOY says:

        I don’t care to hear about the God dam future anymore. It’s time to produce in the front office and get a team on the ice

        We are not as far as u think

      • rogus says:

        Bournival was drafted by Coloarado, so no need to include him on the list. Other than 2007, the quality of players drafted has been lacking. Galchenyuk was a slam dunk at 3rd overall, and I love Gallaghers work ethic, but the point that I am making is that Timmins almost always drafts the same type of player. Small and skilled, which is exactly why the Habs are getting pushed around (and losing the tough games) right now. How about these high draft picks? Fischer, Leblanc, Ben Maxwell, Kristo. Then add Collberg, Dela Rose, Lehkonnen and Reway to the mix, and you start to see the pattern. WJC is one thing, but NHL playoffs are totally different. Remember Ottawa last year?
        This year, you could see MB’s influence at the draft picking bangers like MacCarron and Crisp. There are some defense prospects in Hamilton that might get a look in a couple of years, but overall Timmins has failed. Counting draftees playing in the NHL is one thing, but how has he helped our team??? Why is it that no one ever wants our small skilled players?? Couldn’t even give Weber away on Waivers, and Kristo is shaping up to be a huge bust. Given his title, I would also suggest that Timmins had a hand in re-signing Desharnais, and aquiring Briere. So tell me again, how is the future bright with that clown at the helm?

  67. rogieshan says:

    Paging Jacques Lemaire.

  68. Ironhogs says:

    Skating hard is one thing, but you have to do something with the puck. What I don’t like about this team, and has been for years now, is they are scared to make changes, as in trades, sign players etc. Why Bournival is nor on one of the top two lines is beyond me. I’m sick and tired of the small outplayed players on this team.

  69. Mondou6 says:

    After this farce, MT, or someone in the organization, needs to publicly question 12 power plays by the refs. Pay the fine, take the suspension, or whatever, but you cannot compete in a league where something like this officiating happens.

    There has to be some accountability from the NHL when games are gifted by refs. This sport has some serious problems.

  70. rogieshan says:

    MEMO to Bergevin: Never sign a player to an extension during the season!

  71. Storman says:

    Does this team look like a team wiling to fight for each other, that is not a tight team.

  72. bmcalig says:

    And there you have it!! A fitting end to the year for the habs. Blow this freaking team up!! I get sick just watching this crap team. Disgusting, pathetic, shameful. None of them should be allowed to wear the CH on their chest. Seriously it is time to start from scratch and build this team from the draft and possible prospects from trades. We have no one on this team and no one in Hamilton that can help. Start over. I will start 2014 by no longer following the habs until MB makes serious changes. I would rather watch a bunch of young players trying hard and making mistakes than a bunch of lazy useless vets.

  73. WindsorHab-10 says:

    3 words for the entire team, excluding Carey Price.


  74. Storman says:

    LOL refs do not call that delay of game at the end of regulation

    • topher5468 says:

      Good call, they absolutely missed that one,

      “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • Mondou6 says:

      No kidding…Let’s recap our NHL officiating…

      – 12 power plays for the Canes, including 3 5-on-3’s.
      – Markov boards a Cane out of frustration, no call, because the refs already made up 12 bogus calls against us.
      – Staal gets called for the same boarding call, goes nuts, forgetting that his team has already been gifted 3 goals by the refs.
      – Canes player shoots puck into the stands, automatic penalty, except waved off, because a Hab was 20 feet away and it “went off his stick”. Replay shows the Hab was nowhere close to him.

      Given 22 minutes of penalty killing, it’s a MIRACLE we got 1 point out of this game. We totally outplayed Carolina, and would have won this game by 4-5 goals if it wasn’t for the refs making sure that the Canes got back into it.

      There were probably 4-5 legit penalties in this game, but close to 20 were called, almost all of them against us.

      There is nothing to take away from this game, it wasn’t a legitimate hockey game.

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