Liveblog: Game 23 – Canadiens notch big road win, 3-2 in Washington


Hot goalie

Peter Budaj notched his 11th win his last 12 regular-season starts  and the Canadiens edged Washington 3-2.

Three lines contributed to the win as Travis Moen, David Desharnais and Daniel Brière, on a power-play, staked the Canadiens to a 3-0 lead.

With 22 seconds left in the first period, Alexander Ovechkin's 18th goal – from a bad angle, between Budaj's legs – gave the home team hope.

But a scoreless second period saw the Canadiens outshoot their hosts 13-3.

And the two-goal lead held up until 12:27 into the third, when another Ovechkin goal set up a wild ending.

Tense ending

John Carlson's shot ticked in off Alex Ovechkin to set up 7 1/2 minutes of lead protection.

The Canadiens managed to hang on but may have lost rookie Michaël Bournival, who blocked a shot with his foot.

Scoreless second

The Canadiens played an excellent period and outshot the home team 14-3.

Canadiens wisely stayed out of the penalty box.

Michel Therrien shuffled Travis Moen onto the TomasPlekanec line, with Daniel Brière dropping down with Ryan White and Michaël Bournival.


The suddenly explosive Canadiens

Travis Moen, of all people, opened the scoring – his first in 51 games.

That set the stage for David Desharnais's first in 26 – a controversial goal that video review showed coming off DD's high stick. And then, on a power-play, Daniel Brière's third in five games made it 3-0.

Romp, right?

Wrong. With half a minute left in the period, Alex Ovechkin's 19th, from a bad angle through Peter Budaj's legs, reduced the lead to two.

Shots were 13-13.

P.K. Subban fought Troy Brouwer, who had taken a cheap shot at Andrei Markov.

Difficult weekend begins

Your Montreal Canadiens play a back-to-back set against two teams that are ahead of them in the Eastern Conference standings.

First up are the Washington Capitals, who are coming off an embarrassing 4-0 home-ice loss to Pittsburgh in which Marc-André Fleury made a mere 18 saves.

The Penguins play the Islanders Friday night and will be at the Bell Centre Saturday.

It's a safe bet Peter Budaj will face more than 18 Washington shots at the Verizon Center.

The Canadiens were 4-1 winners on their only visit to D.C., the third game of last season. Washington won both of its games in Montreal – including a 5-1 late-season romp in which Alex Ovechkin scored twice, added an assist and had six SoG.

Michel Therrien will go with the same skaters who easily beat Minnesota, except Douglas Murray draws in for Francis Bouillon.

Puck drops 7:10ish.

Check back later for live game blogging.

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• Pre-game reading: Sean McIndoe, aka Down Goes Brown, in Grantland



  1. Danno says:

    Never in doubt!

    Seriously. It’s called holding the fort. Too bad the captain couldn’t beat the clock on the EN.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  2. kirbhabs says:

    Murray moves people like a line backer and it is awesome

  3. jamman says:

    Budaj is in the zone!

  4. Chorske says:

    Murray is as mobile as a grand piano.

  5. Max says:


  6. GGtheHab says:

    Boy, think Ovie’s bad penalty will hurt his chances of going to Sochi?

  7. duffy says:

    Didn’t know there were so many Doctors on this sight, Broken foot, broken ankle ,

  8. B says:

    Ovechin now leads the league in goals, and drops to a -8 now

    –Go Habs Go!–

  9. habcertain says:

    The question is what play off contender needs a front line goalie and what can they give in return?

  10. The Gonk says:

    Alright! Okay!

  11. B says:

    Never in doubt. Good road game!

    –Go Habs Go!–

  12. Et le but says:

    3 or 4 to 2>

  13. Mondou6 says:

    Nice win, and F Ovechkin.

  14. habsfaninboston says:

    WOW! What an ending.

  15. kirbhabs says:

    Tough game for PK, but he worked it hard

  16. Propwash says:



  17. kirbhabs says:

    look PK is out there

  18. habcertain says:

    You can’t say that Ovi doesn’t come to play against the Habs.

  19. adadi says:

    Boone thinks it might be a broken foot…a master of stating the obvious.

  20. kirbhabs says:

    Bourque back tomorrow

  21. habcertain says:

    There’s a broken ankle

  22. habsfaninboston says:

    Looked like it him on the top of his foot.

  23. Arrow77 says:

    If we don’t lose tonight, that last goal might make us lose tomorrow’s game. We can’t rest anybody now.

  24. Et le but says:

    What courage that shift

  25. Propwash says:

    Bourni hurt, damn.


  26. kirbhabs says:

    Bournival uh oh

  27. Lafleurguy says:

    Good thing Davey batted the high puck in. And good thing Travis didn’t shoot wide.

  28. Et le but says:

    Focus on the game…stay positive

  29. The Jackal says:

    Lol more coaching staff comments. Haters gonna hate. I bet what they said when it was 3-0. Just waiting for the team to start faltering and say they was right.

  30. Michelob says:

    I often see the comment that the most dangerous lead in hockey is 2-0. But the original quote is from Bobby Clarke, who said the most dangerous lead in hockey is 3-0. And that’s especially true when you take that lead in the 1st period. Hang on.

  31. adadi says:

    Is PK injured…he does not look right…either that or the hatchet job MT did on him is finally kicking in.

  32. GGtheHab says:

    game turned around soon after MT switched up moen and briere

  33. Harditya says:

    Wasted a lot of PP opportunities.

  34. Habbu says:

    Budaj has kept them in this……

  35. Arrow77 says:

    Any game where only Ovechkin scores should count as a shutout.

  36. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Subbie nailed to the bench now or what?

  37. ABHabsfan says:

    O ye of little faith.Shut the door, boys

  38. kirbhabs says:

    nice back check by pacs

  39. Mondou6 says:

    I think it’s safe to say that this game is not going to be on PK’s highlight reel.

  40. Mondou6 says:

    Interesting idea to let Ovechkin stand untouched in the crease.

  41. Danno says:

    This is deja vu all over again


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  42. Habbu says:

    Chucky and Larry are snoozing

  43. habsfaninboston says:

    The boys gotta pick up the pace. This isn’t looking good.

  44. Et le but says:

    Nail-biting time…yikes!

  45. NLhabsfan says:

    Jeez that’s a LONG HORN

  46. kirbhabs says:

    could see that coming, geesh

  47. Mullie01 says:

    Feels like 2010 again.

  48. Mondou6 says:

    Jesus, this website can barely handle text comments without crashing, so someone has the brilliant idea to add embedded NHL video. Genius.

    Time to shovel more coal into the CPU.

  49. Mullie01 says:

    Feels like 2010 again

  50. Lafleurguy says:

    Dryden always outplayed his back-ups, but Price hasn’t outplayed Budaj and Carey has been great.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  51. B says:

    Caps have the last 3 penalties, probably means there will be some make up calls coming the Hab’s way.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  52. Danno says:

    Next goal is HUGE, says Captain Obvious


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  53. Et le but says:

    Budaj worth every penny! So good to see a player over-achieving vis-à-vis his contract

  54. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Ladies & Boyz, Me thinks We have 2 number one goalies

  55. frontenac1 says:

    Gio getting in OV”s head! I love it.

  56. VancouverHab says:

    Ferraro observes that Markov talks to Subban through the game–“he’s like a coach…”

    Imagine how irritating Subban must find the junk that he has to listen to from JJ Daigneault when he has the supremely superior defenseman Markov actually giving him wisdom…

  57. Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

    Seriously, Subbie is slooooooow.

  58. adadi says:

    Wow, I would have thought that PK could win that game.

  59. Mondou6 says:

    Great game by Budaj.

    Also, is this site insanely lagging tonight?

  60. B says:

    Hudon with his 2nd goal and 3rd assist of the night.
    Reway adds an assist to go with his goal.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  61. Propwash says:

    BU DAJ!


  62. Samovich says:


  63. Et le but says:

    How do you say thank you in Slovakian?

    • zenaspolenom says:

      Thanks = Dakujem
      Thank you = Dakujem ti
      Thanks a lot = Dakujem velmi pekne

      by the way, budaj is so far not in spot for sochi, he missed the trainings camp during summer in high tatra,
      they focus on halak, the back up should be stana or laco (khl),
      the third one will be i guess janus (tampa history, now slovan bratislava in khl)

      so price will get his nomination for sure, budaj might get if they postpone the dead line to january and he keeps his winning ghost

  64. Arrow77 says:

    Weird penalty. Ovechkin looks like a bad captain but if the refs weren’t sleeping, Gionta would look bad right now.

  65. ABHabsfan says:

    Gionta should have fought him or at least wrstled him then fall down. Gio off with Ovi for 5 min is a good trade-off

  66. Danno says:

    Ovechikin the big ape has another brain fart.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  67. habsfaninboston says:

    Nice job frustrating Ovie.

  68. habcertain says:

    Nice play by Gionta, Ovi crying his way to the box

  69. ABHabsfan says:

    Gionta has done a nice job on Ovechkin. Ovi is a tool sometimes

  70. Samovich says:

    The Infuriated 8…

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