Liveblog: Game 21 – A first since 1967 : Rangers shut out Canadiens in Montreal


It had been a while

The last time the Rangers hung a goose egg on the Canadiens in Montreal?

Feb. 25, 1967.

Perfect goaltender that night: Ed Giacomin.

A mere 46 years and nine months later, Ryan Callahan's power-play goal – a redirection of Brad Richards' shot – was the only red light of the game.

The Rangers won most of the races and puck battles, holding the Canadiens to 22 shots.

The Canadiens looked like a team that had played on the road Friday night.

The Rangers looked rested and ready.

Cam Talbot made 22 saves to record an easy shutout.

Carey Price faced 33 shots and made many heroic saves.


The Canadiens went almost eight minutes into the period before getting a shot on Cam Talbot.

They ended up with five.


Price streak ends

Ryan Callahan tipped in Brad Richards' shot during a Rangers power play.

It was the first goal Carey Price gave up to the Rangers in almost 260 minutes on Bell Centre ice.

Canadiens outshot the visitors 10-9, but the Rangers are doing a good job of minimizing blue-chip chances against Cam Talbot.

Good start, then ...

The Canadiens outshot the Rangers 4-1 in the early going.

Final tally: 15-7 for the visitors, and that doesn't include Chris Kreider clanging one off the goalpost behind Carey Price.

Alexei Emelin played six shifts, 5:13.

Canadiens had the only power play.

Two questions

1.Can your Montreal Canadiens win consecutive games for the first time since Oct. 28-29, when they beat the Rangers and Dallas Stars?

2. Can David Desharnais's Shootout goal in Columbus – which sent the Canadiens' bench into paroxysms of joy for their popular teammate – signal the end to DD's long slump?

Bonus questions:

• Will Brendan Gallagher, bitten by the flu bug in Columbus, be well enough to play?

• If Gally can go, who sits?

All will be answered soon at the Bell Centre, where the Rangers have lost eight in a row – including six shutouts.



  1. gymgolfer says:

    So, is it time to move PK up front, so he can add some punch without constantly worrying if he can’t get back? Maybe let him play the point on the power play, but up front 5 on 5? Think we might get a few more scoring chances that way?

  2. The Jackal says:

    Another funny, in a bad way, HIO meme is that MT is ruining/destroying the team. That’s very funny because it assumes that the coach has the power to make the team score on demand and thus dismisses the fact that there is another team, with another coach, that wants to stop our team from scoring, AND the fact that we’re working with a roster that is particularly challenged in the 5-on-5 scoring department and has been for a while now.

    MT is doing what he can, and doing well. Won the division last year and he clearly learned from the defensive breakdown that occurred last season as well. We’re more steadfast in our end now, obviously we still have some issues there, but we’re very good at keeping shots to the outside, etc. Our PK is also much improved and so is the PP – things that were a problem last season.

    Our scoring at even strength has taken a dip since we’ve lost Ryder and DD is in a slump, and Briere is not exactly in his hey-day. Anyway, it’s still a decent lineup but it does lack scoring and some size in KEY players. Overall, MB and MT have done well so far, addressing our problems effectively while also planning for the future. Murray, Parros, Briere – they are temporary solutions. We’ve added more veteran leadership and toughness while also becoming a better team in areas that we needed to.

    Overall, the scoring remains an issue but it’s mostly due to a slump. The roster is lacking some snipers but we can make due for the time being. In other words, the Habs are on the right path.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • adadi says:

      The coach’s job is to squeeze the best out of his players. The Habs may not be the most talented bunch in the league but they do have talent. What I see night in and night out is a group of players seriously underperforming. The main question given some of MB’s questionable moves is how long he will wait before dumping MT. Personally I would pull the plug tomorrow. NO EXCUSES!

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      I agree with you and feel the same way. I did expect a little more out of Briere though (although he may yet redeem himself) and I do regret the term of the DD signing but otherwise the team has a good young core and will no doubt add to it going forward. Emelin seems to be fully recovered, thank God. Fingers crossed that Dudley stays with the Habs and helps the build.

      24 cups and counting….

  3. 416erHabsFan says:

    I’m sure profits from the Canadiens are just fine, So why should they change anything? Let’s face it, we have a mediocre team and there is not a single thing we can do about it.

  4. The Jackal says:

    Avalanche Inside/Out must be having a meltdown at the moment.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  5. durocher says:

    Earlier this week, a poster suggested that MB was just buying time this season, and made meaningless moves only to appease fans: re-signed the homeboy in DD, signed the homeboy in Briere, the fighter in Parros, and the big D-man in Murray. Under this view, He’s not trying to make us a contender this year, and we should tailor our expectations accordingly.

    I’d rather take a step back in order to go two forward, than to make moves to be marginally better.

  6. JM says:

    MT – you’ve tried every line combo in the book maybe just maybe there’s one more line combo you missed and it may or may not work but it’s worth a shot!!

    Bournival Eller Gallagher
    Pacioretty Pleks Bourque
    Prust Galchenyuk Gionta
    Moen DD/Briere White

    Give it a try. The worst we can do is lose another game.

  7. HabsLifer says:

    The “team” sucks and we may as well get used to it. Imagine if we didn’t have Pricey in nets. This guy will be our goaltender during the Sochi. What’s happen to Max? Ellar is very inconsistent. Most of our forwards are 3rd line players at best. Prust is a gamer, but lacks offensive skill. To win games, you have to put the puck in the net. Contrary to most of the critics, I think our defence is decent. Markov,Subban, and Emilen are 1st rate defensemen. The rest is average. Diaz still scares me.
    Bottom line, trades wil not bring us a 1st rounder. Free agency is where it’s at. And looking at, we have a few years before we can seriously look for a sniper, unless we unload some veterans in trade manoevring.
    MT has a job as motivator. It ain’t happening! He’s got to go!

    Claude Provost Rocked!

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      definitely sellers at the trade deadline… even if they’re in line for a playoff spot. No way this team wins anything with DD, Gionta and some of the others. Dump some of the vets who may be able to help real contenders for picks or prospects and keep building with the young guys.

    • LTHF says:

      Folks lets face it, if Therien is still coach come xmas, the habs should plan for the draft not the playoffs. The habs dont have a consistent faceoff man, the best at that ( especially in their own end) is White and he was in the pressbox instead of either Briere, Bourque, DD or others . And have anyone seen a NHL team make so many bad passes, it appears they are color blind.

  8. Adidess says:

    Apparently, MB was at the airport and somebody overheard him talk on the phone to a guy called Guy. My guy asked him and he said the Guy he was talking to wasn’t Lafleur or Carbonneau. I wonder 🙂

  9. The Jackal says:

    Lol how neurotic are some fans. I guess the ones with a good perspective, i.e. not bipolar, are the koolaid drinkers. How rich!

    It’s a rebuilding team. How many times does it have to be said that the team is in transition. You can’t expect them to contend or be the best at the moment, just enjoy the ride. Hell, this team is going through a slump and not playing that well, but they are still in a good spot. There is a lot of potential and a very solid core to build around. Bad streaks always occur, can’t get too low though.

    I mean, it was 1-0. Big deal. On to the next game. Enough inane sky is falling BS.

    • Mattyleg says:

      No, no, no.

      It’s important to be the person who is ‘telling the truth’ and ‘seeing things for what they are’ and ‘being a realist.’

      Everything sucks, and as soon as you wake up and smell the ashes of the burnt-out world, you will realise that the people who have been telling you this all along, and living as though it were true for many many years and being miserable gits before it all came crashing down about our ears while you were enjoying yourself were right all along.

      It doesn’t make those people feel any better, but they were right.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • The Jackal says:

        Man I hope they’re not that negative in other aspects of their lives!
        Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the game Matty.
        I’ve been to four games that the Habs have played in, and the two that were at the Bell were losses… to Florida and TB back in 2006 and 2007, respectively. They were still good experiences that I enjoyed a lot – except the overpriced beer.

        The wins though… they were real sweet. One was in TO against the Laffs two years ago and the other was against the Canucks in Vancouver like 1.5 years ago. Good times.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Ring of Fire says:

        Proof is their dude….look at last 21 years how many rounds have they won?….21 years I’m talking about that’s a generation n then some….don’t care what someone thinks about being a realist or telling truth is what it is….doesn’t make me any less of a fan….no ones going to blow smoke up my a$&&

    • Ring of Fire says:

      Right the sky isn’t falling n yes it is a rebuild….Gallagher,Galchenyuk,Subban providing they sign him,Eller n that’s about it…..and as far as losing by one goal don’t have data in front of me but every game pretty much one goal in NHL.

      I would agree,he’s playing like the Shuttsian of old

    • otisfxu says:

      You have drank the koolaid big time. Rebuilding?? Usually rebuilding means upward, not trying to dig a hole to CHina.

      And this great “core” we keep talking about,,,,,,,we have been rebuilding since 93, and this current edition is least impressive in last 5 years. A few good young kids, but rest have nothing left in the tank

  10. PeterD says:

    This team as currently constructed is a long way from contending for the Cup.
    From what I see, if management plays their cards right and does well with moving aging assets and drafting well and maybe adding a key piece here and there thru free agency…they could be taking a serious run in 2015/16 but more likely it will be 2016/17.

    So in 3 years gone will be (or should be gone by then),
    Moen, Gionta, Briere, Parros, Bourque, White, Prust and Pleks…these last three may still be around unless we get good offers or someone more talented appears to take Whites place.
    The D…well in three years, Boullion, Murray, and Markov will all be gone…in Markovs case he will just be runni g out of time.

    So looking at the team thru a lense of reality and over a 3 – 4 year horizon, its hard to get too upset cause this group aren’t cup contenders right now.

    All I can say is I really really hope MB does a better job managing assets going forward than he has thus far.

  11. Chuck says:

    Something happened tonight that hasn’t happened since 1967. What are the chances that something else that hasn’t happened since 1967 happens this season? (I shudder to think about it).

    Anything is possible.

  12. Mattyleg says:

    You know what bothered me most about this game?
    The fact that my $60 ticket (plus the mystifying $10 ‘convenience fee’) cost $30 more for this game. Same seats, same (for the most part) result as the last few games I’ve seen, new and improved (not for me) price.

    We played like sh!t, which makes it hurt more, but increasing ticket prices for teams that the CH marketing department thinks that people want to see more than, say, Nashville (also part of my deal) is pathetic.

    I f$&%ing hate marketing. Destroys every last trace of soul.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  13. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    If I’m Briere, I’m pissed watching DD play 18 minutes and he can’t get 10…why the heck did they sign this guy for?

    • Ring of Fire says:

      DDO do u mean Briere?….question is y did MB sign DD …n 3.5 per year I think….that’s grand larceny n a felony

      I would agree,he’s playing like the Shuttsian of old

    • Eddie says:

      If Desharnais would have scored tonight they would have stopped the game immediately!

      Lafleur would have walked out to center ice,
      grabbed the torch from Briere,
      and proudly passed it to David.

  14. Ring of Fire says:

    I love this team n always will but their 500 at best super soft n retread coach MB was out of his gourd to hire this guy..don’t tell me coaching doesn’t matter c how Sabres lay it on the line with new coach..demands full effort every night…organization hasn’t been even close last 21 years trying to b politically correct always….just hire the best!….still think will make playoffs n possibly win a round but that’s it..way to soft n too many floaters I.E Pax , go deep….this doesn’t make me any less of a fan just a realist….sorry but I don’t drink the koolaid…..maybe lay off the CC n gingers before I rant

    I would agree,he’s playing like the Shuttsian of old

  15. Sportfan says:

    This game just got me depressed, someone point out the good things this game had.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  16. Chuck says:

    If Price were playing for St. Louis he’d have 14 wins by now.

    Anything is possible.

  17. JM says:

    when it comes to scoring goals here’s our best:

    Gallagher, Pleks, Eller Bournival – the rest every 5-6 games what a joke …. and we’re talking making it to the playoffs that would even be a bigger joke….Right now I feel sorry for the two GOALIES.

  18. boonie says:

    Shire… Awesome.

  19. SmartDog says:

    MT is destroying our offensive firepower. These guys scared to take chances and playing dump and chase hockey.

    They must also be wondering why they can’t see the GENIUS of DD the way Therrien does.

    This doesn’t look good for where the team is going.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  20. Mark C says:

    So current management took a team that picked third to the playoffs with the second seed in the east, now are .500, yet their the ones who ruined the team?

    Is it drugs? Dropped on the head? Something else?

    • Eddie says:

      Here’s a news flash Mark. It was a short season and we were in a free fall to lottery territory when the season ended. Then we got clocked by Ottawa, and this year even the kool aid drinkers have admitted we can not expect to contend.

      • Mark C says:

        Kool aid drinkers huh Your now drinking the negative kool aid?

        Since it was a shot season, when will the Blackhawks returning the Cup?

      • Mattyleg says:

        You have a pretty negative way of looking at last season.
        We were never in free-fall, just got injuries late.

        The fact that it was a short season means nothing. It’s a weak argument. All teams had the same number of games to play. We didn’t have to play fewer than anyone else.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  21. Ozmodiar says:

    I think the Habs need more size, speed and grit down the middle on the 3rd and 4th lines. Let those lines take all the defensive responsibilities while wearing down opposing defenses.

    Is this not obvious?? I think MB agrees – he said as much when he was hired and again at the beginning of the year on 24CH. Yet, some of the moves he’s made seem to contradict this.

    Some explain.

  22. Kfourn says:

    Holy moly am I glad that most on here are not GM of the Habs…trade EVERYONE! Relax, the team is just now all healthy, give them some time they’ll turn it around.
    “It’s sad when our rookies have no NHL experience before they jump up to the NHL.” – nunacanadien

  23. jols101 says:

    Check out the Flames third jersey. I wasn’t sure who the Oilers were playing for a second. They look good.

  24. Eddie says:

    So last year Therrien had a plan to play exciting hockey. We rocketed up the standings.

    It must be on his desk somewhere.

  25. Danno says:

    One of the reporters at MT’s presser had the nerve to ask if the coach thought the fans who paid to watch the game got their money’s worth. MT’s reply was that the team played well but could not capitalize on their chances. Next question…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  26. Propwash says:

    Ain’t no party like a Rob Ford party!!!


  27. otisfxu says:

    I love all you guys debating/arguing which of Bouiliion, Diaz, Murray should be sitting,,,,,you really think it would matter between those stiffs,,,same with 3rd and 4th lines – all interchangeable, all same calibre, all duds.

    don’t be fooled lads,,,MB’ building program has run out of bricks,,,,this is your team for the next few years,,,,nothing really in Hamilton, and no free agents coming here to play for Therrien,,,,,check he standings,,,,we may not even make the playoffs

  28. twilighthours says:

    I thought DD was our best forward tonight, and his line our most effective (not saying much, but…)

  29. Cal says:

    Tomorrow, the team that can’t complete passes or take dangerous shots will have another day off. Oh well, you play like you practice, eh?

  30. habstrinifan says:

    Knowing the pattern of this organization… I am taking odds Mario Tremblay will be the next coach.

  31. Mark C says:

    I’m surprised to hear some many people who believe that the things MT tells the media are the same things he thinks personally.

    Coaches lies and Santa ain’t real, people.

  32. Habsbill24 says:

    MT is clueless when it comes to managing minutes in a game. For the second night of a back to back he virtually does not use the fourth line (Bournival-Briere-Moen) and overplays the fatigued top three lines that produced absolutely nothing in terms of offense. Not too soon to start to think about a coaching change. Bournival has been a revelation yet he plays 7 minutes and DD plays 18. Go figure.

  33. CHicoHab says:

    Lost 6 of the last 8. Any cause for concern.

  34. Danno says:

    This was the second of a back-to-back game and they got back to Montreal late…. ahhh NO EXCUSES!!!!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  35. Cal says:

    Nice. 4 lines that can’t score.
    At least The Tank is back.
    Well over 18 mins for DD, Pac and Bourque. They got 5 shots.

    Habs stink the joint out, despite another good night for Price. I wonder how many more times this will happen this season?
    Habs now 9-11 with 2 bonus points. 4 eastern teams within 3 points and all with at least 1 game in hand. The good ship Hab is sinking already and it’s not yet December.

  36. C-Sword says:

    Apparently, Price stated that the team’s performances throughout the first 1/4 of the season were not good enough.

  37. Ozmodiar says:

    Did DD really play more than 18 mins tonight? Can someone confirm?

    L’AC killin’ Max and Bork. No mention of who played between them.

    I see Bou played instead of Murray. Sigh. Not surprised. Thx, MT.

  38. stevieray says:

    so much for DD’s scoring streak !

  39. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    DD-Max-Bourque had 4 shots total and played 19 minutes while Bournival played 7 minutes and had the most hits…c’mon.

  40. CHicoHab says:

    Did anyone mention our 5 shots on goal in the 3rd.

  41. jrshabs1 says:

    Gionta, Plekanec, Bourque, Max Pac, Briere, DD, bring what to the team? Max Pac is the worst power forward in hockey. Plekanec kills penalties and that’s it. Gionta has done nothing but get hurt and cry in his coaches arms for the last 2 seasons. Bourque is a bum. Briere is washed up. DD wasn’t drafted for a reason. But..let’s lay the blame on Parros and Murray.

    Go Habs Go!!

  42. Eddie says:

    I feel badly for the people who paid tonight. Saturday night. Hundreds of dollars. It’s no fun to go when this is the result. Especially for the younger fans.

  43. habstrinifan says:

    I am calling a TROLL only closed door meeting.

    Meanwhile the Kool-Aid drinkers have called an optional meeting for tomorrow.

  44. Habbu says:

    MT is in denial…..a powerful coping skill for some………

  45. Dr.Rex says:

    I understan Gally has the flu so his minutes were limited. But why Eller and GAlchenyuk? Makes no sense. COulda moved Bourny or even Moen on that line if need be.

  46. Dr.Rex says:

    It seems MT is tyring to pull some strings to help make things work better for the long term. NOt a bad idea but we cant abandon the short term completely or there will be no long term with this group of players.

  47. smiler2729 says:

    I got a feeling that Pacioretty will never be the player he can be…

    For Pete’s sake, Bergevin, deal the deadwood like Pleks, Gio and Bourque.

    Think Calgary will take Rene back for Cammy?

    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
    The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

  48. The Puckhound says:

    Tomas Plekanec is sucking the life out Gionta! Gionta hasn’t done anything in the past month! He is the Captain!

    Habs needs something!
    Trade or a firing?

    Go to the net and keep your stick on the ice!

  49. C-Sword says:

    MT was pissed when asked if he felt his team failed to give the fans a good game, he’s still defending his players just like he did when they lost to the Sens, they worked hard he said. He needs to stop giving credits to the other teams for playing well, just admit that your team sucks.

    • third generation haber says:

      What else can he say??? He’s not the GM!!!

      He’s forced to play a line-up which he knows is too small. And, yes, even though they get knocked around, they are clearly working hard. The players are also not to blame for the fact that, collectively, they are too small to compete.

      The GM alone (present and past) is responsible for the depth of the team and the entire organization.

      j.p. murray

      • C-Sword says:

        Pacioretty and Bourque are not too small

      • showey47 says:

        What he can is give limited minutes to under performing players like DD and briere. Instead of a guy like bournival who had 7 minutes tonight but is 4th on the team in goals. Then you have DD after 1 shootout goal is back to get more ice time then eller. Then you have probably your most talented forward in galchenyuk only playing 14 minutes. MT isn’t very good at distributing ice time to the players who have earned it. Which IMO sends a negative message in the dressing room.

    • stevieray says:

      Pleks , Bourque ,Pacs looked invisible tonite ..again !…and DD’s scoring streak ended to boot

  50. Habbu says:

    Year after year after year……… All you ever hear is that the Habs are simply too small……and yet nothing changes……

    • third generation haber says:

      And it likely won’t. We drafted two small players this year, and added Thomas by trade. We also added 2 other small players (ST. Pierre and Duffy) to ensure that the Bulldogs will also be undersized!

      j.p. murray

  51. CHicoHab says:

    Offseason moves to excite us.

    George Parros-didn’t play
    Douglas Murray-didn’t play
    Daniel Briere-played but didn’t play

  52. twilighthours says:

    No man, that’s really not a funny joke. Not cool.

  53. Eddie says:

    Is it possible to have a Vezina trophy winner, a Norris trophy winner, and still not make the playoffs?

    That’s no easy accomplishment right there, I tell ya.

  54. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    MT just said the team worked hard and just did not capitalize on their chances…22 shots on a back-up goalie…yeah right.

  55. showey47 says:

    Your top offensive line plays 3rd line minutes and a guy like bournival who is 4th on the team in scoring with 5 goals has the least amount of ice time.

  56. third generation haber says:

    DD, Briere, Gionta, cube, Pleks, all in the line-up at the same time= very easy to play against!!!

    Leafs added Peter Holland, a center, (6-2/192), drafted 15th overall in 2009. Got him for an average d prospect and a 3rd round pick. Brad Staubitz was also included in the deal.

    It’s not that hard to add size!

    j.p. murray

  57. duffy says:

    Should be in about 13 spot by this time next week !!!

  58. JM says:

    They’ll be out of the playoff race soon …

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