Liveblog: Eastern semifinal Game 7 – Bye-bye Bruins! Canadiens win 3-1, advance to Conference final


Bring on the Rangers

Saturday, 1 p.m. at the Bell Centre.

Book it.

Carey Price made 29 saves. Between Sochi and the playoffs, he's allowed two goals in five elimination games .. and won them all.

Tuukka Rask was beaten three times on 18 shots.

Dale Weise, Max Pacioretty and Daniel Brière scored for the Canadiens.

A power-play goal by Jarome Iginla made it 2-1 late in the second period, but the Canadiens held the fort.

The President's Trophy winners are toast.

And the Canadiens advance to the Eastern Conference final for the first time since since 2010.

Brière sinks the dagger

daniel Brière, who had played six seconds in the third period, banked one in off Zdeno Chara to make it 3-1.

The Bruins were done.

Good Max, bad Max

Max Pacioretty made it 2-0 as exhausted Boston defenders couldn't get out of their zone after an icing call.

But with the Canadiens cruising late in the period, Pacioretty took an O-zone penalty.

On the subsequent power play, Jarome Iginla redirected Torey Krug's shot past Carey Price. – first goal against him in 103:46.

Shots were 13-8 Boston, 22-14 on the game.

Canadiens will begin the third period on a power play.

Fourth line scores

Dale Weise completed a superb passing play with Daniel Brière and Brandon Prust, barely two minutes into the game.

It was Weise's third goal of the playoffs.

The Bruins began the game sluggishly but ended the first period with pressure, as Carey Price had to make a big stop on Carl Sodergerg.

Boston outshot the Canadiens 9-6.

Win or go home

Game 7.

Need more be said?

OK, maybe a little more:

Carey Price has played four elimination games in 2014 – three at the Sochi Olympics, one in this Eastern Conference semifinal series against Boston.

The Canadiens goaltender has faced 97 shots. He's stopped 96 of them.

The only player to score on Price in a 2014 elimination game is Lauris Darzins.

He doesn't play for Boston.

Price is 1-1 in Game 7s against the Bruins. As a 20-year-old rookie, he posted a 5-0 shutout to eliminate the Bruins at the Bell Centre in 2008. Three years later in Boston, Nathan Horton beat Price 5:43 into Overtime in a 4-3 win that launched the Bruins on their Stanley Cup run.

Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head to send the Penguins packing.

The Canadiens may need similar heroics from Price at the TD Garden.

Epic rant by Chris Nilan

Your pregame laugh

Shakeup in Pittsburgh?



  1. Ozmodiar says:

    Saku vs Habs in the finals isn’t as crazy as it sounded a month ago.

    / just sayin’

  2. JohnBellyful says:

    The Bruins didn’t go home empty-handed.
    After winning the President’s Trophy, they came out smokin’ tonight and won President’s Choice

  3. HabinSquamish says:

    Everyone wants to be first on ALN…

    • Frank2468 says:

      Thanks for the link I enjoyed the video of P.K. Saw the video of Lucic man oh man that kid has got anger management issues. He threatens to hurt Weise and Emilin and thinks that ok cause it’s something said on the ice and then calls Weise a baby for saying something? Wow what a tool. I hope it’s noted so if something happens to Weise and Emilin next year at the hands of Lucic on the ice the book should get thrown at him.

    • Frank2468 says:

      Thanks for the link I enjoyed the video of P.K. Saw the video of Lucic man oh man that kid has got anger management issues. He threatens to hurt Weise and Emilin and thinks that ok cause it’s something said on the ice and then calls Weise a baby for saying something? Wow what a tool. I hope it’s noted so if something happens to Weise and Emilin next year at the hands of Lucic on the ice the book get thrown at him.

  4. Timo says:

    Well… there will be some interesting games between Habs and Bruins next season for sure. Habs better make sure they find a better George Parros next season and dress Tiny and White for these games. Maybe Prust will still be kicking around.

  5. monmick says:

    One thing the Canadians did very well during this series is to prevent quality shots from the slot. I can’t count all the opportunities the Bruins had for quality shots from the slot that were countered at the last minute with a well-timed slash, deflection, stick-in-the-lane, block, etc, from a Habs defender…

    I’m not sure whether that was part of an “intentional” plan, but it was certainly noticeable from where I was sitting. Carey should be grateful…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

  6. Da Hema says:

    I never thought there would ever be a more idiotic and pathetic player than Mike Milbury, but the Hunchback of Boston has done it.

  7. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    wow!!! I was 9 in 93 and too young to truly understand. The conf final run a few years back, while fun, wasn’t a team effort. What a team we have this year!

    Well done boys, and have a great night all my Habs loving brothers and sisters. FWIW, I still haven’t washed my playoff game day garb since before game 1 @ Tampa… Shall I start now???


  8. ianism says:

    just watching the LA-Anaheim game. the kings scored first and just after, the fans started chanting HI-LLER. don’t they know he’s ON THE BENCH?! and has been for three games now?! wow.

  9. jimmy shaker says:

    Check out the pukes over on NESN actually almost accusing PK of blowing a kiss at thronton during the handshake. I thought CNN was bad, these idiots take the cake. Tell anything you can so you don’t have to explain why your no neck LUCHEESE man looks a fool and a chump threatening guys after they lose game 7. Nothin but a bunch of arse holes, the whole bunch of them, form the team, management all the way up to Edwards and these koolaid drinking maggots that are supposed to be called reporters.

    Shaker out!

  10. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Looking ahead, patch is the worst PP player on the Habs…

    ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

  11. Louisville says:

    Even though many in ROC do not seem to be rooting for the Habs, I suspect we have a lot of Nucks fans cheering the Habs on and are ecstatic that their hated Bruins have been taken out.

  12. Butterface says:

    The line handshake….

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  13. Ton says:

    Milan Lucic

    He has lost the respect of his home town………he will lose the respect of hockey players……he will lose respect of his own players……….and next year is the year he gets a beating!

  14. Habcouver says:

    Kudos to MT for out coaching CJ.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  15. Louisville says:

    Methinks that the Bruins finally took all the bullying, whining, cheap shotting and diving too far. The Habs handled it perfectly. This might be the beginning of the end of this current version of the Bs. In any event it is pretty clear they will have to think long and hard about curbing some of this edginess. It cost them the series.

  16. Mr.Pointu says:

    For my fellow old-timers – a rallying call of old.

  17. Storman says:

    I have to cut my playoff grass,, but gives me an excuse only to cut it every two weeks,

  18. Timo says:

    So… what to do next 3 days? I know… read some Boston forums 🙂

  19. Storman says:

    From below also Marty Biron picked the Habs to represent Eastern conference in Cup finals

  20. Phil C says:

    I’m shocked that a player that likes to spear people in the berries from behind when they are not looking with little provocation would turn out to be classless. SHOCKED.

  21. Louisville says:

    Neely has been looking for an excuse to dump Julien for 4 years. Anyone care to hazard a guess about whether Juliette will be back behind the bench of the Bs?

  22. timbo_habfan says:

    I get to keep my playoff beard… Happy, happy happy!!!

    Now more than ever, we need the Jedi.

  23. JohnBellyful says:

    Gotta admit it, as great as the Habs winning is, I’m really impressed with the hamsters tonight.

  24. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Thinking ahead to next season, it may be time for the engineers at the HIO school of pre-emptive design to sketch out and produce front and back cups for Weise and Emelin before October arrives.

    Poor Lucic – Emelin’s is the only cup he’ll be tapping on this year,

  25. 123456 says:

    That Chara is great – finds the scoresheet every game!!

    Lucic – way to stay classy

  26. twilighthours says:

    Aaron ward just ripped lucic on intermission show. Deservedly, too.

  27. Gazza Strip says:

    Just saw Lucic acting like a fool while being interviewed after the game. What a douche. Defeat looks good on him.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I thought he was going to punch a reporter.

      Moving. Forward.

      • monmick says:

        You have to admit, though, that the reporter questions are pretty lame. They were clearly baiting him…

        ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

    • D Mex says:

      It sure does. I’d be willing to bet he would have conducted himself differently (Note : not necessarily better) if this series had ended another way. The irony here, tho, is that he calls one of our players a ‘ baby ‘ for repeating his adolescent remarks.

      The truth is that Lucic is embarrassed now by his own behaviour but, rather than man-up and make it right, his plan is to defend a stance that is indefensible. He’s almost as pathetic as his coach – PFFT /

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

  28. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Watching Aaron Ward on TSN, wow he really is upset over what Lucic said…good on you ‘bye!


    Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

  29. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Wow, Bob McCowan was right, he said he dislikes the city of Boston, and the people. “Subban Monkey” has been trending on twitter for over an hour.

    This is sad.

    ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • Ozmodiar says:

      He said he *likes* the city of Boston, he just doesn’t like the people or the sports teams. 😆


      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        He said it is the most racist town in North America and everyone knows it, and they were the last baseball franchise to add a,person of colour. He also said he almost took a,job in the city and “thank god I didn’t” then he went on to say he disliked their sports teams.. Then muttered the pats are okay I guess.

        ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • chesterfiled says:

      Meh, Boston is cool. Aholes are here too. To me, this is a victory over the self-rightous.

  30. Psycho29 says:

    Pat Dussault‏ @PatDussault ·46m
    Yikes, Mrs. Lucic is gonna have some black eyes to explain to the neighbors tomorrow…

  31. habsfaninboston says:

    Even Milbury is denouncing Lucic’s actions.

  32. durocher says:

    Lucic’s actions show he has no class. He should be ashamed of himself.

  33. habs-hampton says:

    Game1 on sat at 12:30?? Seriously??? Does Molson have NO influence at all!!

  34. boing007 says:

    Yes, We Can. GHG!

    Richard R

  35. JF says:

    Farther down, someone posted a link to ESPN’s second-round predictions. Every single one of their thirteen so-called experts picked the Bruins, a few in seven, most in six. The only predictions I looked at before the series began were those of the RDS panel, who also picked the Bruins to a man. In fact, Jack Todd of all people was the only person with anything to do with hockey who picked the Habs.

  36. Un Canadien errant says:


    -We see a shot of the Bruins dressing room. The Charanstein has been powered up, it’s activated for the game. Gregory ‘Sonny Boy’ Campbell twirling a stick in his right hand, obviously limbering up, warming up his slashing muscles.
    -Not much activity in the Canadiens’ dressing room, just guys getting ready for the game. No rah-rah, Tomas Plekanec seems downright pensive.
    -Breaking down the game, Marc Denis of RDS calls the goaltending faceoff essentially even, except that he thinks Carey Price is in the Bruins’ scorers’ heads.
    -Mario Tremblay reduces the blueline matchup to a confrontation between Zdeno Chara and P.K. Subban, with the former having the edge on the toughness angle, but P.K. providing much more of a spark to his team. Boston media has single out Mr. Chara, calling this a ‘legacy game’ for him. Mario thinks P.K. has been at his best in this series, and expects “du grand P.K.” this evening.
    -Benoit Brunet breaks down the forwards, focuses on Patrice Bergeron and Max Pacioretty. The Bruins alternate captain is a leader for his teammates, being vocal and fiery, while Max leads by his play, his skating and offence.
    -In the name of all that is decent, with the magic of 21st century PVR technology, we skip over camera-whore René Rancourt and his ‘Look at me!’ histrionics. He’s a worthy representative of the classless Bruins.
    -The numbers favour Tuukka Rask in the playoffs, he has a 7-4 record, with a 1.90 goals-against average and a .933 save-percentage, vs. Carey’s 7-3, 2.25 GAA and .922. I know this includes the first round, but I still think Carey has outplayed Mr. Rask, and that somehow it’s not reflected in the stats. Maybe we can come up with an ‘advanced statistic’ that measures clutchitude.

    First Period:

    -19:37 Brad Marchand strikes early, high-sticking Michaël Bournival in the mouth, with, of course, no penalty awarded by the refs. Uh oh.
    -No changes in the lineup for the Canadiens, Daniel Brière and Nathan Beaulieu get the nod again.
    -I see Sean Thornton’s worthless mug on the Bruins’ bench, I guess he gets another kick at the dishonour can tonight.
    -David Desharnais buzzing around in the Bruins’ zone, going up against Zdeno Chara with no apparent fear. I think the constant booing he’s subjected to at the New Forum, and the fact that he never had a chance to expiate his crime against Max, plays on this guy’s conscience. He could obliterate David and the refs wouldn’t twitch, but he holds back against him, as he has generally in this series. There’s a theory that he doesn’t enjoy being the villain, that it weighs on him, maybe that’s the observable result, that David gets to live.
    -17:42 Weezy! Brandon Prust forechecks Johnny Boychuk, grabs the puck and feeds it to Daniel Brière, who sets up Dale Weise for an easy tap-in. 1-0 for the Good Guys.
    -The Bruins’ defence is ripe for the plucking. Matt Bartkowski also was ineffective on this play.
    -16:15 Max accepts contact from Zdeno Chara, forechecks hard, deals out a couple of hits. Good start by him.
    -The Bruins trying to thump the Canadiens in the offensive zone, but the Canadiens skate out of trouble, are often first on the puck.
    -13:42 Brad Marchand is handed a penalty for goalie interference, but he was kind of pushed by Andrei Markov. With all the crap that Mr. Marchand gets away with, you can’t really call this an injustice, more of a karmic rebalance.
    -Zdeno Chara, looking as ungainly as ever, stumbles while handling the puck and coughs it up. Thomas Vanek can’t cash it in though.
    -11:12 Shameless diving sequence by the Bruins, with Brad Marchand plunging to the ice after being brushed by Alexei Emelin, and Reilly Smith who falls over backwards with contact from Josh Gorges. Did they have a plot or marching orders from the bench, to try to induce the refs to ‘even out’ things after the dubious call on Brad Marchand? I wouldn’t put it past them.
    -I’ll take my previous statement back on Zdeno Chara, he goes in elbow first against Max, and then does a wrestling takedown when he misses. Somehow that results in a four-on-four situation, with both getting minor penalties. Good old NHL.
    -5:47 Zdeno Chara goes off for a deserved holding call. Surprising that it actually gets made though. No damage done by the Canadiens, they can’t get their powerplay organized in the Bruins zone.
    -Frantic moments at the end of the period with the Bruins trying to even the score. I wonder what has to happen for a charging penalty to be called as Milan Lucic skates from the blue line, and possibly from his bench, to hit Lars Eller behind the goal line.

    Second period:

    -19:53 Brad Marchand gets penalized for giving Carey Price a snow-shower. Finally, the refs are on to this little puke.
    -Good powerplay by the Habs, in that they were able to set up in the offensive zone, but no real shots on net, everything was blocked by the penalty killers.
    -15:11 Bruins are buzzing in the Canadiens zone. We need to settle things down, start making better breakouts.
    -Brian Gionta misses a great opportunity on a 3-on-2, all alone in front of Tuukka Rask, can’t get a precise shot off on net.
    -11:30 Again Brian Gionta can’t cash in a clear shooting opportunity.
    -9:38 Maaaaax! Brendan Gallagher wins the draw and the Canadiens keep applying pressure, good work from the Desharnais trio and Josh and P.K. Just as it seems the Bruins can clear the zone, the puck takes a bounce on Patrice Bergeron, and David is quick on his feet, grabs it with lots of room to operate, feeds a perfect pass to Max clear on the other side of the slot who one-times it in. Delicious stumble and pratfall by Tuukka Rask as a result.
    -Brendan and David are too small to play in the NHL, except that in this instance, when they’re not getting crosschecked and tackled with impunity, their quickness and agility is too much for the Big Bad Lumbering Bruins.
    -David actually ripped the puck away with his quick stick, it wasn’t a bad bounce on Mr. Bergeron. 2-0 Canadiens.
    -6:11 The Canadiens kill a Bruins powerplay, and the fans at the New Garden are starting to boo. Awesome.
    -3:55 Referees trying to even the score, Max gets a borderline holding the stick penalty against Dougie Hamilton in the offensive zone.
    -Jarome Iginla used to be a 50-goal scorer, but no longer. He misses a wide open net.
    -Oops. After failing to clear the zone when Brian Gionta had full control of the puck, the Bruins buzz around and Mr. Iginla deflects a Torey Krug shot past Carey Price. 2-1 Canadiens.
    -0:45 David Krejci penalized for holding Lars Eller’s stick, the Bruins were scrambling in their zone trying to contain the Canadiens’ forecheck. -Good work from Lars Eller, Dale Weise and René Bourque.
    -No damage done. Flagrant crosscheck in David Desharnais’ back by Zdeno Chara goes unpunished, no ref would have the stones to put Daddy Campbell’s team in a 3-on-5 situation.

    Third period

    -Canadiens start off with a 75 second powerplay, with a fresh sheet of ice. Although apparently it’s not great ice, the puck is skipping around a lot, which is par for the course on a warm spring day.
    -Bourque doesn’t have the same drive, jump or confidence he did against the Lightning. I’d like him to come up big here, to see him use his speed and size to put this game away.
    -Bruins kill the penalty, start buzzing in the Habs’ zone. Carey plucks a shot out of the air with his glove, calmly stopping play. The Bruins scowl a lot.
    -14:57 Jarome Iginla again, with an open net, lays the puck flush on the post. Are they trying the perfect shot to beat Carey?
    -14:07 I’m not liking how the Canadiens seem to be attacking less, defending more. If we try the rope-a-dope so soon, it will come back to bite us.
    -Dirty, dirty play by the Bruins’ designated rat, who while waiting for a faceoff, punches Tomas Plekanec in the head, after ascertaining that the refs were otherwise occupied. I won’t rant on the need for video replay to be used to suspend transgressors like this, like Milan Lucic with his spears, like Zdeno Chara with his punches.
    -Further, why are linesmen so impotent in these situations? In flagrant ‘personal fouls’ so-to-speak, the linesmen should be able to talk to the ref and tell him what he saw. NHL refereeing is such a joke.
    -What the refs were busy doing was trying to figure out who should be on the ice for the Bruins after an icing call. The Bruins milked two minutes while pretending they didn’t know that they had substituted a player. Why don’t the refs hand out a delay of game penalty in cases like these?
    -The Bruins are cheating up a storm, Don Cherry must be turgid.
    -10:47 The Krejci line pressing in the Canadiens zone. Me no likey.
    -8:34 More life by the Canadiens, Michaël Bournival is a whirling dervish. Zdeno Chara can’t skate, can’t move. We have to take advantage.
    -7:15 Good hit by Alexei Emelin on Milan Lucic.
    -4:35 Dirty, dirty Bruin Johnny Boychuk commits interference by crosschecking Michaël Bournival in the jaw. Powerplay Canadiens.
    -3:32 Andrei Markov with a great look at the Boston net, on a David feed, but can’t find the net.
    -2:53 Daniel Brière! I never doubted Marc Bergevin’s decision to sign him to that two-year deal, always knew he’d come through for us in the playoffs. Honest. 3-1 Canadiens.
    -Succulent detail? Seeing Zdeno Chara stand all forlornly forlorn after getting scored on, and being all frantic giraffe before the goal, and catatonic horrorionette bathed in red light after. That one is kind of on you there, big jerk, you potted that one past your own goalie. You stupid jerk.
    -Did René Bourque blow a hammy? He’s almost crawling to the bench, but nobody touched him.
    -On replay, we see that the Lars Eller shot went off his foot.
    -2:01 Interference penalty on Andrei Markov. Now they call that? I thought that rule was repealed, judging from all the Bruin transgressions.
    Bruins pulling Tuukka Rask, we have an empty net to shoot at.
    -0:20 Faceoff in the Bruins zone. Deathly quiet at the New Garden, except for scattered booing. P.K.’s prophecy that he’d take all the energy and excitement out of that place is coming true.


    -While I prize the work that RDS does covering the Canadiens, I have to chide the director for showing us a long crowd shot immediately after the game, instead of the players’ celebration. Or the uncomprehending countenance of Zdeno Chara. That’s what I want to see, the handshake line, whether Tomas will shake bRat Marchand’s hand or give him a forearm shiver in the teeth.
    -Or Claude Julien lardness melting away in squealing rage.
    -Cool shot of Marc Bergevin greeting his players and coaches in the tunnel as they came off the ice. Big hug from P.K. Subban. Don’t worry folks, the contract is a formality.
    -Carey Price clearly outplayed the Bruins ‘tender, stopping 29 of 30 shots, while his counterpart only managed 15 stops on 18 shots. Further, Carey calmed things down repeatedly, while Tuukka bobbled and fumbled again, a few times.
    -The P.K. vs. Zdeno Chara confrontation was a technical knockout for our boy. The Bruins morloch seemed dead on his feet in the third. P.K. didn’t score, the Bruins were on him like a bad smell, but it opened up others for opportunities.
    -Nathan Beaulieu picked up another assist, kept his head while the Bruins were clearly targeting him for big hits. He didn’t play much at the end of the game, but he pitched in and was rewarded.
    -The Canadiens are really tough when they get their seemingly-trademarked early goal.
    -The Bruins do have Montréal issues. Thugs like Milan Lucic were more interested in administering a beating and being faux-tough than winning this series.
    -Tonight almost makes up for 2011. If not for that pinball Nathan Horton overtime goal, we could have kept those degenerates from befouling the Stanley Cup.
    -We get the Rangers at home, I won’t be so naturally pessimistic about the next series

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • JF says:

      For Price and Rask, just take their numbers in this series. Before tonight’s game, Price was at .932, Rask about .885. Rask had better numbers in the first round (about .962 to about .908 for Price).

      This was Rask’s third Game seven, and he didn’t do any better in it than he did in the first two, in fact worse in terms of save percentage. I think he was about .885 in his first two (the 4-3 loss to the Flyers in 2010 and the 5-4 victory over the Leafs last year); tonight he was at .833.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Thanks Jane, those numbers are much closer to my impression of how the goaltending has been. As I was making notes I thought I could probably find those numbers, but I was a few minutes behind the game on my PVR, and didn’t want to get on and have my game spoiled.

        • JF says:

          Price outplayed Rask by a wide margin in this series. In fact, I’d say the Habs outplayed the Bruins for most of the series, except Game five obviously and a few minutes in Game two. Goaltending was better, special teams were better, we were more opportunistic, our fourth line was better, and our top line woke up in time. The statement game was Game six, a truly astounding game in which we really looked like contenders.

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Agreed, the Canadiens were the better team.

            The Bruins have this arrogance, they were so wrapped up in being the Big Bad Bruins, that they probably felt the whole time that they’d come back. After all, they’d done it against the Leafs right? But it was telling how few minutes they actually led in this series. They had a big comeback in Game 2, and a lucky-bounce win in Game 4, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they should be winning, they had all these chances they said, they hit all these posts.

            You could almost see them pouting: “We should be ahead!”

          • JF says:

            Dan Shaughnessy, one of the sports writers in I forget which Boston paper, was adamant today that the Bruins would win. Everything that hadn’t worked so far for them would start working. Their top line would start scoring, pucks that were hitting the post or the crossbar would start going in, Rask would outplay Price, and so on. Because they were so clearly the better team. All logic, all hockey knowledge, even common sense said there was no way they could lose. (BTW, I think it was this writer who earlier this season called the Habs “a dirty, despicable little team.”)

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Yeah, I read that too, and was he the one who called P.K. “despicably villainous” earlier on? What kind of a funhouse mirror does that guy have at home? I can’t wait to read his column tomorrow, remind me not to miss it.

            I want to see him cover the Chara takedown on Max, the bRat Marchand punch on Tomas, and Milan’s post-game handshake.

    • chesterfiled says:


    • habsfaninboston says:

      Good summary UCE.

  37. Da Hema says:

    TSN is at it again. They have a video stream on whether Phaneuf should remain captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Of course he shouldn’t…and who gives a shit?

  38. Ozmodiar says:

    Lucic threatened Weise??? HA!!

    I guess Weise and Lucic’s girlfriend have something to talk about if they ever meet at a wine ‘n cheese.

  39. Mattyleg says:

    Oh, hey guys.

    …anything interesting happen tonight?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  40. FlyAngler says:

    Poetic justice that Max should score the GWG against Chara and the Bruins to send them to the lynx after Chara ended Max’s season with that filthy hit in 2011. What goes around comes around eventually. Mangez la merde Chara…….

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  41. chesterfiled says:

    To me, it looked like Briere was not centre passing but going on old clutch instinct on using a tired 33’s skate to deflect in a goal. Series was done with too many Bruins self righteous calls for third period comebacks. Thing is more of the same with Rangers… then more of same against LA

    • Habcouver says:

      I forgive Briere for scoring all those goals on us as a Flyer.

      We Are (Not) All Canucks.
      Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

      • chesterfiled says:

        Yeah, to me the Flyers are like the Capitals of the the late eighties, early nineties for the CH. CH beats Nordiques or Bruins, then Capitals eff us up

    • kalevine says:

      I think Briere knew exactly what he was doing.
      It’s incredible how much he makes out of so little ice time.
      Still cannot believe he sat out game 5.

      Nothing better than being in Boston when the Habs win
      GO HABS!!!

    • Ton says:

      yes sir…….trying to tell a guest I had over that he banked it off chara…….he said no way but Briere is famous for doing this.

  42. Psycho29 says:

    We all need to say a big thank-you to this fellow, Mr.Motivation:

  43. Vid says:

    I thought Rask would be a better goaltender. Wonder how Habs offense will do against Lundqvist.

    St. Louis is going to be extra dangerous against the Habs.

  44. Butterface says:

    Hi-Yo ! Silver ! Away !! … The Lone Ranger I am worried about is Lundqvist…..

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  45. Ozmodiar says:

    Ya wanna know what coaches/players are talking about when they say “paying the price”??

    just watch Michael Bournival’s game tonight.

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      I could not agree more. That kid is wicked, I kept commenting to my father and brother tonight that he has such speed (actually I was saying “wheels”) and tenacity and net smarts (hands aren’t too bad either, great puck control). Just like BG11 who also has such determination (remember BG23? – MB49 reminds me of him, except faster), Bournival’s game is pretty complete and I really like him being paired with the Habs resident trainer…Tomas Plekanec.

      Bournival should be a Hab for a long time IMO.


      Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

    • metropolitfan says:

      Bournival is my new man! Will have to change my handle.

    • Phil C says:

      I hope he’s alright.

      • Ozmodiar says:

        Yeah, I hope there’s no lingering effects.
        He kept putting himself in compromising positions… in dangerous areas. He just didn’t stop.

  46. habkin says:

    Well Hab family, 3rd round:) I am enlightened! The whole family is enlightened! My son won two dollars and I won a case of beer. What a way to begin the long weekend. GO HABS GO!

  47. Da Hema says:

    Let me once again send my deepest regards to Shawn Thorton! Thank you so very much for providing the extra motivation for the Montreal Canadiens to send your team golfing!! Well done!!!

  48. Louisville says:

    I’m loving the Habs but as I said before this means MT will be here forever now!

  49. Ring of Fire says:

    Think the Big Apples ready for PK?

    The Thin Blue Line.

  50. Louisville says:

    Lucic needs to take anger management classes. Douche bag!

  51. jimmy shaker says:

    How does MT get Chucky in there? Barring injuries, or if the boys fall off the tracks, I can’t see him taking anyone of these guys out of the lineup vs the rangers. The only change I could see is MT getting Frankie back in for Beaulieu for his experience. I would stay with Beaulieu but would understand MT going back to Frankie so he doesn’t have to basically go with 5 D like he did tonight.

    Shaker out!

  52. RiverviewCanadien says:



    PS – Montréal vs Chicago – Habs in 6…

    MTL – X|CHI – —
    MTL – 1X|CHI – 1X
    MTL – 2X|CHI – 1X
    MTL – 3x|CHI – 1X
    MTL – 3X|CHI – 2X
    MTL – wins the Stanley Cup on home ice!


    Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

  53. habcertain says:

    @slapshot, I think the same thing Beaulieu is a keeper, played solid hockey no panic

  54. DipsyDoodler says:

    Anyone watching the other game?

    Pretty tight defence.

    Moving. Forward.

  55. Coach K says:

    I have previously stated here that I’m no fan of Therrien’s on-ice personnel choices. That said, I clearly have to admit that maybe he does know a few things. Well done MT!!

    And perhaps I was a bit hasty in my assessment that this team might come up short (pardon the pun) in the size department. (crow doesn’t taste as bad as you’d think) I thought DD played like he thought it might be the last time he’d ever get this close again.

    As for Cherry, he’s not always wrong. He’s 100% correct when he says that, “its not the size of the dog in the fight that matters but the size of the fight in the dog”. Les boys proved that in spades!!

    —When Hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too—

  56. slapshot777 says:

    I think we will be seeing Beaulieu for the remainder of the playoffs now.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  57. Just A Guy says:

    Interesting comments coming from some Bruins especially Julien in that he put it that they weren’t able to establish their rhythm. Other Bruins commenting they didn’t play their game. This is hidden credit to the habs and their game plan to disrupt the way the Bruins score their goals.

    They took care of the late man in and the cycle game was mostly kept to the outside.

    And by god they have finally stopped losing their !@#$ in goalmouth scrums. I’m loving it. Bring on the Rangers. Another Original six match up!

    Home ice!

  58. Lafleurguy says:

    Around 2,000…..high five’s that is.

  59. habsfaninboston says:

    Any reports of riots downtown?

  60. shrack says:

    Go Habs Go

  61. cdhc says:

    In honour of the former intrepid Four Habs Fans let me be the first to proclaim:


    Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, this is Danny Gallivan along with Dick Irvin from the Forum in Montreal!

  62. Psycho29 says:


    Conor McKenna ‏@mckennaconor ·12 mins
    Julien: “When guys were pumping their chests after goals, it was out of respect for BostonStrong.”

  63. Da Hema says:

    Given the likes of Marchand, Lucic, and Thorton, this seems appropriate:

  64. FlyAngler says:

    Lucic was livid in his post game media scrum and called Weise “a baby” for talking about things that happened on the ice. He was really pissed and almost lost it……

    “Gardez la Foi! Keep the Faith!”

  65. habs-fan-84 says:

    hahaha Lucic, classless like always.

  66. Chris says:

    LMAO…my TV just conked out again. But it gave me Game 7, so I shall forgive it!

  67. Mondou6 says:

    JohnnyLarue: You HAVE to get a haircut during every playoff game from here on out!!! 🙂

  68. Habcouver says:

    “I’m going to get you”?

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

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