Liveblog: Tampa Bay beats Canadiens 4-3 in OT

Tyler Johnson’s second goal of the game capped a Tampa Bay comeback to secure an Overtime win.

Third-period goals by Victor Hedman and Ondrej Palat erased a 3-1 Canadiens lead.

Seconds after Carey Price made a miraculous paddle save on Ondrej Palat, Chris Terry completed a tic-tac-toe passing play with Daniel Carr and Michael McCarron to give the Canadiens a 3-1 lead, three minutes into the second period.

Alexander Radulov’s seventh of the season got the Canadiens on the board 3:24 into the game.

Tampa Bay goaltender Andrei Vasilevsky was stripped of the puck behind his net by Paul Byron, who fed Radu in front.

The Lightning tied it halfway through the opening period.

Shea Weber’s turnover ended up as a Tyler Johnson goal off a slick passing play with Nikita Kucherov.

Weber redeemed himself with a power play goal at 13:31. Victor Hedman had barely settled into the box when Weber one-timed a Byron pass for his ninth of the season … and first since Nov. 22.

Shots were 30-22 for the Lightning.


  1. POPS says:

    Too many people raising the white flag tonight. Who would’ve picked Pittsburgh to win it all last year? Chill. Bergevin will make some moves to improve this team and then we will have a better idea of what this team will do in the playoffs. I would like to see him make a deal for Matt Duchene or Jordan Staal. Another depth D as I like what they have right now.

  2. spinarama says:

    More scoring talent? Pittsburgh got it on the cheap: Kessel

  3. Coach K says:

    Folks dumping on Price have it wrong. New dads can get distracted at work. It happens. Especially at Christmas time when you want nothing more than to be with your child and you have to go to work.

    I’m more concerned about the chronic lack of firepower on this team than anything else. The GM has had years to address this recurring issue and has failed; instead, stocking up on journeymen defencemen, like he was. I guess his modus operandi is, “go with what you know”.

    He needs to get his head out of his foxhole and acquire some scoring talent and skill or move up in the draft in order to obtain some. Without help in the goal scoring department they go nowhere and mediocrity will continue to rule the day.

    Then again, I could have it all wrong…

    -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
    (James Lane Allen)

    • spinarama says:

      Would you believe they are 5th highest scoring team in the league?

      • Coach K says:

        maybe now. we’ll see where they are in April.

        -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
        (James Lane Allen)

      • Gerry Pigeon says:

        I don’t think the stats (5th place in goals for) can defend this popgun offence team.

        How does that statement square with the current 5th place ranking in goals for?

        Well, during close games in the closing minutes, or on the PP, or in OT, how does having scoring throughout your lineup help you tie or win a game? Can you ice a 17 goal sniper like Wayne Simmonds? Maybe a Patrik Laine? A Sid Crosby?

        Habs had this game under control, until they sat back and watched TB’s skill takeover. Kucherov, Hedman, Johnson. Two points turn into one, lucky it didn’t turn into zero.

  4. spinarama says:

    Before HIO decides to trade Price these facts should be considered:

    Price is one of the top goalies
    Price will be expensive
    Teams with no top goalie suck
    Price is injury prone
    Do the Habs have another top goalie?
    What is Price worth in trade?

  5. PK says:

    Rogue One is one of the best
    Star Wars movies, to date:

    Go watch it on the big screen if you have time during the holidays.

    Oh, what about the Habs?
    Over two decades of mediocrity, meh.

    • habsfan0 says:

      “Jackie” is an excellent movie as well.
      Padmé Amidala(Natalie Portman)will probably win a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the former first lady.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        As is Sing. Canadiens could use someone like Buster Moon leading the team: shows indomitable spirit, inspires loyalty, and responds well to adversity.
        (It helps to have great songs and the talent to sing them.)

  6. Chris Lee says:

    Habs are 8-8-4 last 20 games, not good.
    Same coach same management same collapse as last year.
    Top 6 players in terrible slumps all the time, and 4th liners excel ?
    Something seriously wrong with that.

  7. expat_habsfan says:

    This is “Groundhog Day” Habs style. Even if Price had been healthy all of last season it would have played out the same as too many of the prior seasons. This is a team the other teams now know they can get back into the game against in the 3rd period. However, the Habs don’t have the compete to do the same when behind going into the 3rd.

    From a fans perspective this team just isn’t a winner and hasn’t been for a long time. For an owner, it is a money tree, that after 23+ losing seasons is now rooted in faded glory.

    • habsfan0 says:

      The Chicago Cubs hadn’t won a World Series in 108 years. Until this year.
      Still sold out almost all of their games.
      The Leafs will have not won a Cup in 50 years come May 2017.
      They still sell out every game as well.

      23 years for the Habs?
      Unless attendance declines noticeably, watch for Geoff Molson to do…nothing.

      • expat_habsfan says:

        Yup, same as Gillette. As long as you sell out your season tickets, luxury suites, and merchandise then why should you actual, need to improve the product?

        When it was Molson’s progenitors and smart GM’s like Pollack it was always about improving. Now it is all about marketing the brand.

  8. JohnBellyful says:

    I can’t help but think that the Canadiens would fare much better if they could:
    — pass better
    — accept a pass and not have it go off their stick
    — receive a pass while in flight, and
    — show consistency in getting the puck out of their end.
    Should that happen then they could work on their shooting, screening the goalie, and deflecting shots.

    • RightNyder says:

      I was once talking to Claude Ruel, who was scouting at a meaningless junior game many years ago. I was the only one who recognized him in the semi-empty arena, so he indulged me when I politely struck up a conversation.
      I asked him ‘what would be something that you look for in a player that most people wouldn’t think to notice?’ and he said how well a player receives a pass.
      He said during the course of a game, those great players can make a huge difference, simply by gathering in non-perfect passes, whether it be on defence, in transition, or in a place to create a scoring chance.
      I remembered Larry Robinson saying that about Lafleur, that he could accept a pass, in full flight, on either side, in his skates, wherever. I mentioned that to Claude and he smiled and nodded.
      One of my favourite hockey moments.

    • Coach K says:

      JB, the inability to handle/control a puck has a lot to do with composite sticks.

      None other than Brett Hull complained about them. He said, that those sticks are engineered to spring a puck off of a stick like never before but the problem is that they do the same thing in reverse when you try to receive a good hard pass. They bounce off the blade making it hard to control a hot pass.

      I use them now because you can’t find anything else on the shelves and I agree with Hull. I fight with the puck all the time when I never used to before.

      Watch a game from the 70’s or 80’s before those sticks were introduced. Players received passes and controlled them a lot easier without fighting the puck. Now, not so much. Every pass is a struggle.

      -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
      (James Lane Allen)

      • JohnBellyful says:

        It’s too bad the blade couldn’t be covered with a material that ‘softened’ the impact of a hard pass, making it easier to control the puck, without appreciably diminishing the means to let fly a wicked shot (which is more the result of the shaft’s composition).

  9. L Elle says:

    Markov, Galchenyuk, Shaw, lots of key injuries. Come away from the ledge.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      I gotta admit, it’s a great view.
      Kinda crowded, though.
      Guess everyone’s here for the same reason I am — a leap of faith the team will turn it around.

  10. The Gumper says:

    Well, that was a pretty good hoof in the wedding tackle.
    Pretty sure my kids will have shoe polish on them…

  11. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    This left-over ice cream cake is not making me feel any better.

  12. RightNyder says:

    My biggest problem tonight was the effort level.
    Danault was a lazy arse on the 3-2 goal. The defence had problems with gap control all night – and that is controllable, with effort.
    MT’s calling card is getting his teams to play hard – all the time.
    If we don’t have that, we’re left with his inability to nurture top-level talent and some questionable strategic decisions.
    And that will get us a whole lotta nuthin’.
    Perhaps he really does get his energy from DD…

  13. habsfan0 says:

    Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula just fired HC Rex Ryan because he was an incompetent buffoon of a clown.

    Geoff Molson, take note.

  14. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    I liked the PP adjustment that freed Weber for a one-timer. I did not like the 4th line getting 10 min while guys like Pleks got 20 min. I thought if you produce, you get more ice time. Whatever…

  15. hajidirobertis says:

    … fire the coach…

  16. Bim says:

    Can someone explain to me how Steve Yzerman can sign all his big name players to reasonable raises and stay under the salary cap in a small market and our guy only goes for bargain basement deals and signs under performing players to ridiculous contracts to do the same thing. I’m just sayin…apples..oranges??? I’m going to shake my head till it falls off my shoulders!!

  17. PeterCH says:

    Price is not buying into this system or management team. Its not an accident that he is not playing well. MB/MT have to go or Price has to go…RN ur comments are valiant but u are clearly not seeing what is going on

    • RightNyder says:

      Prince Valiant?
      I think I’ve been pretty consistent for years now sharing my thoughts on what’s been going on and what I think of MB and MT.
      But all of us starting our own panic beards isn’t going to fix anything either.

  18. Ian Cobb says:

    This team is not worth my time or ink. Good-night all!

  19. HabsCHfan says:

    Timo I disagree. If we’re going to get really derogatory and talk about who was the most useless garbage of a player that ever wore a C…I would put Brian Gionta ahead of Max. For $5 million a year he didn’t bring much…well except playing on that great line with Scott Gomez!

  20. JohnBellyful says:

    Maybe Therrien is coaching injured …

  21. Habalicious says:

    Last time I wrote here was also after an OT loss where I pointed out we are sitting ducks in OT. We are a counter-attack team with no offense outside of Radulov (and Galchenyuk). 3 on 3 makes us look scared, confused and disorganized. I mean, Max Pac just gives up the puck freely on the first sequence, and no team back tracks and “resets” the play in freaking 3 on 3 as much as we do. Absolutely zero flow and no creative instincts.

    Which makes it all the more upsetting that knowing this, we sat on our asses in the 3rd and choked away a point to a division rival. This team is so structured that it almost structures away the emotion and the will.

    And yes, I will say it. Carey Price has been just ok recently. He has been making the saves he is supposed to, but basically Tampa had about 6 scoring chances tonight in total and Price let in 4 of them. He isn’t making the big saves like he should be ala “best goalie in the world” status. Johnson should not have scored on that rush. He also should have had the first Tampa goal…that’s what the “elite” goalies do.

    Dissapointing effort tonight. They gave away a point but it’s the way they played that is continually dissapointing. Here comes the slump and the “we will be ok” speeches.

  22. Oach61 says:

    Seriously who do you want to replace Price ?
    “GO HABS”

  23. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Whenever the media and fans praise Carey Price and regard him as the best in the world, I often scratch my head. Like it was stated before, #31 is good but not great. the Olympics and World Cup are not good indicators of how good a goalie is because of the stacked and talented teams they put together. I do not like Price’s game the last 10 or so games and I question his temperament. Even tonight, as he was skating onto the ice, he shoved a photographer and gave him the stare.

    I’m in the camp of fans that want the team to trade Price and get the necessary pieces needed to be a good contender. We can then move forward with just good goaltending.

  24. HabsHammerZone says:

    Blaming the coach, REALLY! how clueless of a comment can that be?
    Ok maybe its the little kids that are using this site as well that are posting that stuff.
    I have noticed quite a while back, and called Price the Sieve that he is and was attacked, because it was not the popular thing to do , I should have fallen in line and attacked DD, MT and MB,

    Word has been out for a while in the NHL, Just wait for Carey to go down, he always does, and lob it over his shoulder, any shoulder will do.

    With Goal tending like that Habs are toast, ship Max, Gallagher and Price out and shake the team up

  25. Arnou Ruelle says:

    So this is what we, the fans, will do now after this OT loss? I find it sad that ppl., including folks from TSN 690, will blame Carey Price. I find this disjunction ridiculous! Again, this is not the goalie’s fault. He can only do as much as his body can handle. But who’s to blame from their loses? Its simple – the whole #****n team in front of the goalie just eff’d it up!!
    We have a squad that have injured players, we don’t have enough support to protect the lead, and who is it to blame? Yeah right, its the f****’n goalie!

    So the theme for here on, tomorrow, and so forth is Trade Carey Price? I don’t know guys but we the fans whine a lot and look for someone to blame.

    • HabsHammerZone says:

      Right on, lets pay him 10 million a year for the next ten years

    • Cal says:

      If Price gets too much credit for his wins, perhaps he can share the blame for losses, too, especially after allowing 3 or more.

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        That I can agree. This loss is by committee and sadly, I do agree on Michel Therrien’s reaction tonight.

        The guy and his staff are trying to fix this. Maybe its best for him to blow off and put some heat on players the same way Boucher did with the Ottawa Senators.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      Injuries aside, Carey Price was given a 2 goal lead with 20 minutes to go and he simply laid an egg like he’s been doing lately.

    • JohnBellyful says:

      Price has been other-worldly but he came down to earth a few games back.

      • toneez says:

        Maybe its because he realizes that his coach depends solely on him and he is sick and tired of making the coach look good … Hence the Stare !
        Its looking more and more like its either Price or MT … Bergy got rid of one Superstar because of MT , he cant be stupid enough to do it again , not even for his Fox Hole Buddy …

        All Habs all the Time

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      I understand we shouldn’t let Price off on this loss. But we cannot put the blame on him on the string of loses.

      If MT is emphasizing on team structure, where everybody will contribute (including the goalies), then the problem lies on the lineup. To me, we can have either a Dubnyk, and Lundqvist, a Rask, whatever! But if the team in front of them is either too small, or too weak offensively, it would not make any difference.

  26. HNS says:

    I predict tomorrow’s headline will include some bs about Habs being too tired on a back to back. Same old bull crap year after year.
    Molson needs to sell the team to someone who knows how to win.

  27. kalevine says:

    Missed the game but looks like Habs need to figure out how to get to the shootout

  28. smiley says:

    I am vacationing in Cambodia. I take a tuk tuk ride to the museum and river. Habs up 3 to 1 after 2 with Carey in net. Why do we never win these games????

  29. CJinBK says:

    PS; also agree with Timo that Tgerrirn should receive a pink slip on the same day that this blockbuster trade is made.

  30. Ian Cobb says:

    The best team won the 1st period, after that they looked like a bowl of jello that did not care to stay on the spoon. I called the game a loss half way into the 2nd. There are to many over paid floaters giving the puck away and taking penalties, instead of skating and working out there. We did not even deserve the 1 point. If I were Price, I would give this organization an ultimatum. Hab’s played Garbage hockey in the 2nd and 3rd. Weber’s worst game here yet!

  31. Bim says:

    Leafs, Tampa and Carolina are all better (way better I might add) in their last 10. Out at season’s end will be Ottawa, Boston and our lovely Habs. Lets face it, Habs have zero. The fore mentioned teams are far more entertaining to watch and have been rebuilding effectively. They are competitive. If I were Carey Price I would take a hard look at where this team is going before I sign anything and most importantly who is in charge at contract time.

  32. CJinBK says:

    Price for Talbot and Draisatl. I would go it! Maybe throw in a couple more Habs — Pacioretty and Desharnais — for another youngster and an autographed Yakupov jersey.

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