Liveblog: Rangers 3 – Canadiens 1

Derek Stepan’s empty-netter sealed the deal on the Canadiens’ season.

Mats Zuccarello scored the Rangers’ first power-play goal of the series – beating Carey Price short side –  less than three minutes into the second period to tie the game 1-1.

Zuccarello added a second goal 10 minutes later as his line dominated the Canadiens’ fourth.

Did you have Alexei Emelin in your First Goal pool?

The defenceman blew a gorgeous Alex Radulov feed past Henrik Lundqvist, a shade over six minutes into the game.

Shots were 28-23 for the team whose season is over.



  1. PK says:

    Pretty good day in which Bruins and Leafs get knocked out.
    Too bad the Habs are not still in it.

  2. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    To the best regular season goalie and the world and all of his homeboys and girls. Carey Price

    The last 3 series you have lost have been against better PLAYOFF NHL goalies.

    Lundqvist, Bishop, and Anderson in ’13. And honestly he got outplayed by Andersson again in ’15 but the team got him through…namely Rene Bourque.

    Halak in just 1 season of playoffs for the Habs has has greater success than Mr. Regular Season.

    Everything they’ve done the last 5 years has been to help YOU. Changing he goalie coach, head coach, move subban for a more steady defenceman. OTT, KING, Maritinsen.

    PROTECT THE GOALIE at all cost.

    What a sham, and profits are through the roof. You think things are going to change anytime soon, hell no, this team has one of the most marketable names in hockey.

    They will need to start losing any money before they jump that ship.

    Go ahead and give MR. Regular Season a 100 million dollar contract, and handcuff any hopes of keeping Radulov or attracting any other real talent. I mean you can throw 25 mill at the coach. Right?

    Welcome to Montreal, where talent comes to die!

  3. Hockeygaga says:

    OK – read the comments, get a grip. Habs are a good but not great team. Stop digging on Price, he played great and is a bedrock player, u keep those guys. Habs Lines 3/4 have nhl players but they are all the 6th man of the bottom 6. the rangers 3/4 lines had at least 4 guys who would play on the Habs top 2 lines. the rangers simply had more talent, they are better on paper and proved it when it mattered. The habs tried to win the only way they could – play on the edge. surprisingly the refs let them and just as surprisingly the so called soft rangers proved to be at least as gritty if not more. Lay off Pax, yes he needs to score – crosby and Kane and a plethora off others have endured long scoring playoff droughts. Get him some players on his level to play with. Gally – young player blues. Lets see where he is 2 yrs from now. Habs need more talent pure and simple. best players in series other then the 2 G’s in order – radulov, Mcdonaugh & Nash. As bad as it was when Radulov left NHL, his return was exceptional – keep him & shined in these 6 games. Winning is not a birthright. habs need to get better and that is not a quick fix.

  4. Michael says:

    HNS, remind me how many cups has Halak won? And what’s he up to these days? Idiot.

  5. ari says:

    DO NOT WORRY GUYS…..happy bergy will solve our problems by acquiring couple of 4th liners from last place team this year…it will not be so hard for him…

  6. HNS says:

    Price is and will never be a Roy or Halak. His first goal against him was as weak as they come. The best goalie in the world couldn’t steal 1 game????
    Suban Weber trade was a crap move. Crap.
    Time for a new GM. MB’s time has expired. Lack of vision.
    Time to purge the passengers for some draft picks like Patches.
    Adios. 1/3 of this team is trash.

  7. Michael says:

    Hey, can everyone stop blaming Bergevin for making Max captain? He didn’t. The locker room elected him.

  8. SteverenO says:

    About last season………

    Different Coach…. same inferior personnel management.
    Let’s even the Coach had a valid reason NOT to play Beaulieu (fastest skating d-man on the team) at 5 on 5, was the 7 minutes that McCarron played so crucial that they could not have been made up by double shifting Galchenyuk or Byron (15 mins TOI) or Lehkonen (16 Mins TOI)?
    Could not Pacioretty, or Radulov or Gallagher or Plekanec each had one extra shift so that we could have dressed Beaulieu IN CASE we were behind after two periods, or IN CASE the NHL refused to allow Flynn and Davidson on the same PowerPlay , (because too many fans might ask for a refund)?.

    Any GM that would allow this type of coaching should be relieved of his duties.

    Had they hired anyone, even Moishe Pipperelik from Latvia, an assistant coach from the KHL , to coach the team the FIRST thing that he should have done was to assess the special team’s past performance to determine WHAT HAD BEEN WORKING AND WHAT HAD NOT.

    It is inconceivable for a coach who’s team had so little success on the PowerPlay for two entire months, NEVER ONCE even tried to deploy the 5 man unit, or the 2 man defence combo that had the most success earlier in that season.

    Considering the team had just fired the coach for DOING THE EXACT SAME THING, (not deploying the personnel that had been successful, instead choosing to play his favorites), you would think that a criteria of hiring would be the promise NOT to play favorites.

    There are ONLY 6 combinations possible with 4 PP defensemen. M79, W6, B28 , and P26 (for short).

    Of the six, the only combo that had never been tried was B28 with M79 .

    Of the 5 combos that had played together, this was their success rates (based on 1 minute shifts).

    P26 & M79: 3 (goals) /37 shifts – success = 0.81
    M79 & W6: 12 (goals)/ 121 shifts- success= .099
    B28 & P26: 6 goals / 55 shifts- success = .109
    M79 & P26: 3 goals/ 27 shifts- success= .111
    B28 & W6: 11 goals – 51 shifts- success . 215

    A “passing grade” (league average) is approximately .125 (one goal in 8 minutes)

    How can anyone justify NEVER EVEN TRYING the last (most successful) pairing over a two month period when none of the other pairings were able to get their success rate over 10%? This is not a close contest, we are looking at one combo that was MORE THAN TWICE as successful as all the others.

    Now if told I you I would keep pulling marbles until I either got a red or a black one -You win $5 million dollars if you guess correctly. and lose $5 million if you were wrong. YOU are told that there was 10 black marbles, 21 red , and 69 white marbles , in a bag containing exactly 100 marbles .

    Now if told I you I would keep pulling marbles until I either got a red one (21 chances) or a black one (10 chances) how many people would pick “black”?

    The ONLY possible explanation for NOT picking red is that you were told before the game started that you were going to get the $20 million dollars, win or lose.

    We just played a 6 game series – with two overtimes, and managed a total of 8 even strength goals- In the game where we faced elimination you decided it would be best to bench the player that had the best offensive numbers over the entire season?

    Team with Beaulieu NOT on the ice all season long, averaged one goal scored every 28.1 minutes,
    With Beaulieu ON THE ICE the team averaged one goal scored every 22.8 minutes.

    The difference is equivalent to half a goal per 60 minutes.

    Go home Claude , have a nice summer counting your money. Maybe spend $10 dollars on a calculator if you can afford it, that is.


    Steve O.

    • habs001 says:

      The reality is that it is not the line combinations or who plays when ..the truth is the talent level is not good enough to do much more..

    • boing007 says:

      Is it possible that the assistant coaches neglected to tell Coach Julien about those previous effective combinations? Alex and Radulov, for example?

      Richard R

  9. Arnold 56-79 says:

    Subban on this team this season instead of Weber would not have compensated enough to change the ultimate result. A season leading the league in PP goals for defensemen, 17 goals, 25 plus minutes of solid defense. Minimal mental errors.

    It’s kind of chickens*t to whine and release season long hostility about a trade mere minutes at the end of a tough series. Subban was no saviour in Nashville, but blended in with talent around him. He didn’t have a superior season to most of those in his past.

    Nashville’s playoff win was a combination of factors. Mostly the good young core they have outplaying a veteran Chicago team who don’t have the hunger and intensity they had in past playoffs. Subban did his part competently but was not even one of their top five playoff performers or even one of their top two defensemen.

    Projection of preheld beliefs based on confirmation bias is not objective. No demeaning of Subban, but he was good, not great. Weber was one of the best Habs on a team that played much worse than Nashville. He had problems at times but the Rangers were far tougher an oppponent than Chicago.

  10. RoySubbanPrice says:

    There’s gotta be some fundamental changes, the fanbase is too loyal to put up with this stupid revenue making tactic of building a mediocre team and no cup. The fan base spends their hard earned money and this is how we’re treated to a BS of a product that you gave Bergevin the blessing for to ice.

    We finally get a coach who’s Bilingual! !! French-speaking!!! And a recent STANLEY CUP Winning Coach, but unfortunately he has to work with the pieces that Pretty Boy Bergevin brought in, so he can’t pull something out of his *** to get a game 6 win, never mind a series win against our playoff nemesis. Nor can Julien do something because he has asst coaches like Dan Lacroix, and dumbo JJ Daigneault; Kirk Muller is awesome but has he lost his PP MAGIC or is it because that stupid brain-dead Cpt who does have any stones, nor does Galchenyuk, or Jodie Benn,. Hey, didn’t Bergevin bring these guys oh yeah he made idiot choice for 67 to be captain.

    Weber, solid defenseman but that trade screwed with our defensive mobility, no transition game or lack thereof. With Subban we had a transition game, we had a mobile option besides Markov. We had a chance in OT, just like Ottawa always has a chance to score with Erik Karlsson on the back end.

    He the so called GM picked up King who did jack besides sulking about the trade and playing horrible.

    You suck Bergevin you don’t have the smarts to build a winner “THE CHICAGO WAY”.

    I hate the fact that Subban had to go because of your stupid foxhole guy.

    Hope you get fired Bergevin

  11. Michael says:

    Make no mistake: PK is an elite player. Weber might be better, but let’s count the Norris trophies

  12. FlyAngler says:

    Why did the Habs lose the series? Because for most of the games in the series the forwards with a few exceptions looked like a commercial for Vasectomy Montreal- no scalpel, no needle and we guarantee that you will fire blanks….. Sorry, gallows humor I guess. Olczyk said it on NBC, and it has been discussed ad nauseam on this site- no depth at Centre. The laffs have Matthews, Kadri, Marner and Nylander. That’s depth at Centre. We need some of that…..

  13. jimster says:

    And just like that….the Canadiens playoff run is over. So freaking disappointing, was hoping to make it to round 2 at the very least. How does Plekanec not score in front of the net with the puck on the tape of his stick?? Plekanec plays like hockey is a hobby for him, so fed up of him and sure hope he’s not back next year. After the Rangers tied it, you can sense the guys’ confidence was broken. Their swagger was replaced by panic. Carey was just average, just didn’t look like he was at the top of his game. Captain Max was invisible after the fight. Galchenyuk looks lost on the team. So sad, really thought we’d make a serious run for it this year. Is it October yet??

  14. Phil C says:

    I blame Wisconsin dairy producers.

  15. durocher says:

    Weber is a top 2 dman with us
    Subban is not a top 2dman in Nashville (Ellis, Josi are ahead of him)
    So we traded a non-top 2dman for a top 2 dman.

    • Mister Wrong says:

      Read this a minute ago and actually have not stopped laughing since.

      You could replace Sean Spicer dude.

      Weber made zero impact in this series. I wish it were otherwise.


  16. Michael says:

    Mister Wrong, Bergevin did not give Max the C. The team elected him. As usual, your comment lives up to your handle.

  17. Ozmodiar says:

    the 5 year plan didn’t bear much fruit, did it?

    MB didn’t get the job done.

    The season was a failure for MB and the Habs. A good consolation prize would have been a bright future for the club…. An oncoming wave of prospects ready to make the big club. This isn’t happening. The group of prospects – drafted from 2012-15 – who should be ready to make the leap is very thin.

    I expect MB to look to the KHL, depth players, or more panic moves to right the ship. That’s all he’s done so far.

  18. Duffy says:

    The only way the Cup will be in Montreal is when PK brings it to the Hospital for the Kids to enjoy,,,

    • dwrozeboom says:

      BURN!! (but I’m kind of hoping for that) Remember when our mayor’s prediction for 2016 was that the Habs would win the Stanley Cup. Wouldn’t it be great if PK come with the Cup to some event for Montreal’s 375th? The city would love it!

  19. simoa says:

    I wonder what Therrien is up to tonight?

  20. Michael says:

    This is gonna sound nuts but Max & whatever picks for PK? I love that guy.

    Anyone blaming Price should be banned from commenting. Bergevin does not need to go either. He’s a fine GM.

    What this team needs is better leadership. It’s insane that Max was ever given the C. I think he will be traded this offseason before the rest of the league figures out what a loser he is when it matters.

  21. durocher says:

    Here are the UFAs that are hitting the market this summer:

  22. Danno says:

    That Weber gamble MB made is going to look horrible real soon.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  23. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Do we trust Bergevin to fix any problems this team has? First order of business for Geoff Molson is to fire MB. Should have sent him packing with Therrien. Yes we applauded his acquisitions at the trade deadline because what else can we, the fans of this team do. Bandaid fixes will not be acceptable. As of right now, no one playter on this team is untouchable but we need the right guy to initiate any moves and Marc Bergevin is not that guy.

    I watched the game and felt extremely relieved when it was over. We could see the writings on the wall right after game 5. But we soldiered on and rooted for a com e back like loyal fans do. Bergevin wrote his obituary with trading PK Subban and that is a good enough reason to pink-slip him.

  24. PK says:

    Edmonton may be moving on to round two.

    Look at that: Kassian and DD still in the playoffs.

  25. G.M.B. says:

    Sigh… how bout them oilers… Anyways. Tough loss by the Habs. Tough team to play againts, But the Rangers were tougher. Still need more Playoff players and less regular season players. Hard to trade a guy like Patches. Although streaky, great reg season player, and showed character tonight with a fight. though he didn’t pick the toughest player to fight with. Too many shots to the pads, imo. This team will need to make a few changes. Getting a solid center is needed, but from where and whom? everyone says we need a top 6 center. I agree, but who? I don’t blame Bergevin for this because there is no one out there that we could afford. And there’s that dreaded salary cap.Thanks to him though, salary wise it can happen, as hes kept it well managable considering he needs to pay his players. For those who think he should be fired, easy to say, who do we replace him with? Mr Wrong?? lol I give credit to the rangers for winning. This was not a good team for us to face in thre first round, despite me thinking otherwise before the start. Washington would of been better. But it is what it is. There will be changes, but not wholesale. Julien will have a say as to how he wants his team built. Course I’ve been wrong,.. Once i think?.. maybe twice. doesn’t matter, Bergevin wont listen to me anyways. Cause if he had I would of been right on both counts haha. Have a good summer everyone. Cheers

    Don’t fire Bergevin. He’s been a hab’s fan for longer than one day.

    • boing007 says:

      There is no one out there that we could afford because Marc Bergevin signed too many players to contract extensions and lengthy contracts.

      Richard R

  26. Max says:

    I hope we never see Galcheyn YUK ever wear a hab’s jersey again.Send Price and whoever else needed out west and get MacKinnon and Duchene on board.We need better players.

  27. durocher says:

    Players who have to go:
    – King (UFA, slower than Hal Gil and Douglas Murray)
    – Flynn (UFA, serviceable and nothing more)
    – Beaulieu (needs a fresh start somewhere else, did not progress this season)
    – Pleks (did nothing during the season, played better in the playoffs; in general, he goes through the motions, has no emotion, and can’t play up to his $6m contract)

    Players who should go:
    – Chucky (too inconsistent, didn’t show up in the playoffs)
    – Max (didn’t show up in the playoffs, perimeter player; my guess is he stays and Chucky is the one who is dealt)
    – Markov (Max has gotten a lot of criticism, but 1 assist in 6 games isn’t good enough either; he’s the PP on an absolutely dismal PP; he can be a mentor to Sergachev once he retires)

    Players to re-sign:
    – Radulov (our best forward in the playoffs along with Lekhonen)
    – Ott (has character up the wazoo, can still skate; he’d be good for a one year contract)
    – Martinsen (if he signs close to the league minimum again)

  28. HabsfanlostinTO says:

    Major disappointment. I knew we weren’t going all the way but I was looking forward to watching many more games.


  29. FormalWare says:

    “One does not trade P.K. Subban.” It’s like “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.”

    Bergy never called me before pulling the trigger. Such an unfortunate mistake.

    “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

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