Liveblog: Canadiens come back to beat Oilers 4-1


The Comeback Kids completed a 3-1 road trip.

Brendan Gallagher is playing his heart out in the city where he was born and helped set up the Paul Byron goal that tied the game 13:33 into the third period.

Byron added an empty-netter with Cam Talbot pulled for a sixth Oiler attacker.

Then max Pacioretty added another empty-netter.

Milan Lucic scored the game’s first goal a shade over four minutes into the second period.

Lucic beat old nemesis Alexei Emelin at the Edmonton line, then skated the length of the ice to fire one through Carey Price’s five-hole.


Shots were 41-25 for the team that won. 

β€’ A customarily excellent piece by Arpon Basu on what makes the Canadiens special


  1. Islandhabber69 says:

    My stream got cut off…fack..

  2. PK says:

    One of the worst waiver moves, ever. Flames letting go of Byron.

    Gretzky would have singlehandedly won this game.

    Where was McDavid?

  3. Rugger says:

    That 2nd Empty netter was a nice gift from the Edm. coach. The extra goal differential could become important at the end of the season.

  4. slapshot777 says:

    As much as we bemoan Galchenyuk as a centreman he was the best of the lot tonight.

    Galchenyuk 42%
    Danault 35%
    Mitchell 29%
    Ott 11%

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  5. D Mex says:

    All that 1st-overall / alleged pure offensive talent in the EDM lineup, including (arguably) the most dynamic, exciting player of his generation, and they go down on the strength of one (1) goal-for.

    Gotta wonder if Oilers fans, blessed with years of the best young offensive talent available, spiral into bitch-fest whinathon at a time like this. The game is important up there and they’ve seen some of the very best in the game come and go, so it seems doubtful, but you do gotta wonder …

  6. bwoar says:

    Sweet road game. Hard work and grit.

    Up top I see “4-1 is not indicative of this game”, but I also see

    “Shots were 41-25 for the team that won.”

    Not much to say about that, except: “So it is above, so shall it be down below.” And clearly the opposite is true,

    I know what I just saw, and it was in between. The Oilers played some serious hockey, and lost to a team that was willing to work harder. The line change in the 3rd period seemed to drop ‘the’ key piece into place. Carey Price is once again the best goaltender in the world (surprise, chumps) and Andrew Shaw isn’t taking all the dumb penalties I hear he was going to.

    Also I read here – and I eff well wanna call you out you schmuck you – that Gallagher was a band-aid, and we had people were saying it’s time to trade him while we could still get something. I guess that was pretty wrong, hey?

    Double down on that to all the sanity-challenged people who think Pacioretty is some sort of floater.

    I’m gonna say that if McCarron embraces a role as a fourth line guy who is big, skates, and fights sometimes, he’s got a job. Hope he plays next time. He leaves for 5 and Nurse is out for 5? I’ll take that exchange. I’ve been hard on his hockey, but he’s making his own niche on Team Dirty Champs.

    If you’re all grumbly that the Habs don’t score much, at least please admit that we get into tight games and win, even on the road. The Dirty Champions don’t gaf, so long as the final score works right. Nice game right there, Emelin included. PK would’ve lost that one for us.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Keep preachin’ brother. Good win.

    • Gerry Pigeon says:

      As usual, your take is measured, reasonable, IMO.

      As for grumbling fans bemoaning the lack of Habs scoring admitting the team can win close ones on the road, as long as Price plays to his abilities, you’re absolutely right. They can, and apparently are the number one team at coming from behind in the third period this year. Honestly, I find it hard to believe, given the lack of offence, but can’t deny the statistical truth.

      But much like the Habs leading in blocked shots in past years just meant they didn’t have the puck, I wonder if the number of comebacks has anything to do with the fact they can’t score, and therefore find themselves behind by the time the third period rolls around.

      Unfortunately, I can’t take as much glee from tonight’s win as others. Not only because my constant bemoaning a lack of offence has understandably set me up as a target for those that don’t like to be reminded of it, but because I really do believe this team can’t get to the Cup without it.

      I’ll enjoy this year’s run (assuming they make the playoffs) as much as the next Habs fan, but really, I’m more interested in what MB will do this off-season to address the lack of offence that’s existed since he arrived.

      Trade Carey for young offence.

  7. PK says:

    I thought McJesus was the next

    Not so much.

  8. HabsfanlostinTO says:

    He wasn’t referring to the “empirical views”, nor was he referring to the “well-grounded” points. He was referring to the Clown Show, which is an entirely different, yet prevalent factor on here.
    *edit: not as random as it seems, response to a post that has disappeared…

  9. OakvilleHabsFan says:

    Final seconds of the game.
    McCarron Ott King.
    Love it.

  10. D Mex says:

    Does your world view originate from the region described by your account name ?
    Seriously, tho, you should check out the recipe for mannish water sometime … 😈

    Edit : as the interlocutor to whoooom I was responding appears to have taken a powder been sent on sabbatical, his account name, which describes the nether region of an adult male goat, has been sent with him.
    Oh well, the recipe for mannish water is still worth checking out … πŸ˜†

  11. Arnou Ruelle says:

    2 points is 2 points.

    Nuff’ said. Back to Mtl. to face the Blackhawks on Tuesday.

  12. habsr4ever says:

    The old slow untalented Weber 26 minutes of ice time and plus 2.
    Price makes key save to keep score 1-0 for oilers.
    Byron on road to 20.
    Pacman on road to 40.
    Solid effort and well deserved two points. Stuck with it.
    Beat a very fast and talented team on their ice.
    Playoffs should happen now.
    Will final four happen?
    Can’t wait to find out.
    Size matters but will we score enough?
    Can’t wait to find out.

  13. dexterdog says:

    4-1 Canadiens. It was money in the bank.

  14. kalevine says:

    There are many fast skaters but few whose speed pays off as often as Byrons. That third goal was completely because of his speed, and it killed any rally Edmonton might have muster.

  15. slapshot777 says:

    The Habs pretty much controlled the play for the entire game. They kept pushing and pretty much kept the Oilers to the outside. Never heard much of McDavid which was a good thing.

    The Habs outshot the Oilers 41-25. I thought Galchenyuk got the winning goal but apparently Pacioretty got credit and both Him and Byron potted two each.

    Price continued on his one goal against pace which gives the Habs a chance every game. McCarron should be sent to St.John’s as Martinsen can do the banging job as what McCarron did. Plus McCarron will get more ice time and help the Ice Caps push for a playoff spot.

    Main thing is the Habs rebounded from that 5-0 loss to Calgary and got two points in Edmonton and get back to Montreal and get ready for Chicago on Tuesday
    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

    • Habs Down Under says:

      Agree about McCarron. Just does not have the skills to be playing in the NHL. He can’t skate, doesn’t handle the puck well, and doesn’t even fight that well. No place for him. No way Martinsen should be sitting

      Bog Short

  16. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Watching the West Coast swing was as much fun as I had the other day in My dentist’s chair. But 4 out of 6. Done the hard way.

    Well, now’s time to focus on Mavid’s favorite team.

  17. PK says:

    The Curse of DD and Kassian.

    No Cup for thee.


    Shane Oliver
    25 Wins to Tie Saint Patrick
    Shane&Son Dec 2016

  19. Arnou Ruelle says:

    Well, well, well.…I was losing hope watching this game. But it looks like Claude Julien re-structured the mindset of this team from being a passive/defeatist-type, to a more patient and clutch-scoring team. It does seem that CJ has made this team into a Boston Bruins-esque, 2011 type of a team.

    Just as we are egging the Habs for not scoring for 5 periods (their loss against the Flames on Thursday), the team sticked with their gameplan. They also shut down players from the Oilers such as McDavid, Draisitl, or Nugent-Hopkins. Plus, Carey Price again is amazing tonight, all their β€˜primary scorers’ from Byron (great clutch performance), Pacioretty, and Galchenyuk, have done it.

    I think the 2 best players for the Habs this season, so far, are Radulov and Byron.

  20. AH says:

    Finally, a nice win over these bloody Oilers. Work will be nice this week!!

    Attaboy, boys!!!

  21. Islandhabber69 says:

    Bada ding…..fuzzy ball was clear with outcome…stay positive my friends…..sholi nailed the later period action …fball hit the scoreboard. …next….

  22. HabsfanlostinTO says:

    Nice, Gally 1st star and Byron 2nd


  23. Danno says:

    A solid rope-a-dope road game,
    or just puck luck?
    Did they deserve the two points?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • bwoar says:

      This time of year, it’s almost all deserve. But eh, 41 shots, they made their own luck.

    • Gerry Pigeon says:

      They earned the two points.

      But if MB ever gets some goals, it would be a lot easier.

      For a small team with a popgun offence, I can’t imagine them doing any more than they do on the ice. With the injuries and Price’s struggles, this team’s accomplished as much as one could reasonably expect.

      Now, if only MB could be as effective at over-achieving as this Habs club is, given their limited offensive abilities…

      Trade Carey for young offence.

  24. Cheech says:

    Byron is a lil NINJA

  25. Timo says:

    After all this… 3-1 on the road trip. Very impressive.
    I am also sure that Davey D held back today.

  26. AH says:

    Can we please get rid of this lame Rogers home town hockey??

    Really? , is this the best we can do on broadcasts of our National winter sport?

    Can you imagine the NFL bringing on a couple of kids from Pop Warner football to do stuff like this??

    So lame.

  27. on2ndthought says:

    Morning coming early tomorrow. Drive safely.

  28. D Mex says:

    Must be frustrating to invest all that innovative bitching and whining for 55 minutes, only to find out it’s a 60-minute game.
    Clown show here is hilarious 😈

  29. montreal ace says:

    Nice win, maybe it shuts the haters down for the night

  30. PeterCH says:

    Disciplined, patient, playoff hockey. Claude Julien style. HABS were always in control of this game and clearly outplayed and out hustled the Oilers. Goaltending and timely goals…simple game. One note of worry is the PP. Not so much that they are not scoring goals but their inability to control the puck in the offensive zone 5 on 4…needs work.

  31. slapshot777 says:

    For a fast team like the Oilers their ice seems brutal. Lot’s of bouncing pucks as well. I could understand if there were other events going at the rinks but there was nothing.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  32. Led says:

    We sucked.

    We were still the better team.

    Strong d.

    Fair result.


  33. And Your First Star of the Game, CAREY PRICE

    Shane Oliver
    25 Wins to Tie Saint Patrick
    Shane&Son Dec 2016

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