Liveblog: Book a tee time for April


The Canadiens slender playoff hopes took a massive hit in Buffalo Friday night.

With Mike Condon on the bench for an extra skater, Evander Kane’s empty-net goal cinched a 6-4 win for the Sabres.

It was Kane’s second of the game.

Sven Andrighetto and Alex Galchenyuk, celebrating his 22nd birthday, each scored twice for the Canadiens.

Marcus Foligno also scored twice for Buffalo, his second on a penalty shot.

The Sabres also got goals from David Legwand and Josh Gorges – !!! – the latter chasing starting goaltender Ben Scrivens.

The Canadiens outshot the home team 30-22.




  1. FuzE_gus says:


    With Regards from FuzE_gus

  2. strunzo says:

    If every player on the team had the desire, fire and hatred to lose as do Subban and Gallagher, this team would be in a much better position than they are today. Beaulieu may mess up at times but He has the fire.
    Weise, where are you? Remember, when a crusher tries to become a rusher, he usually ends up being an usher. (Don Cherry).

  3. Forum Dog says:

    Key takeaways for me:

    – Andrighetto is an NHL player. He outworked both his linemates last night and was full value. He has an excellent shot – slapper or wrist – and it was on display on that first goal. Not a big guy, but you see him interviewed between periods and he’s thick across the body and Popeye style forearms. Most importantly, he’s not afraid. He put a few hits on Bogosian last night mucked it up well along the boards. Tell him to find an apartment.

    – Galchenyuk showed exactly why he should play the first minute of every powerplay MTL has from here on out. That one timer is ridiculous. It is not even a slapper. He holds his stick there waiting and it doesn’t leave the ice until the follow-through. And he made some moves last night that really showed his elite puckhandling. Little pauses waiting for the play to move around him, instead of him move through the play. At 22, he is on the verge of being a PPG player, and if he gets played as a #1 instead of a #1a, we could see 75 points or more next year. I expected him to get close to 60 this year, and he’s a little behind that pace, but if they continue to expand his PP and 5-on-5 role, it’s still possible.

    – Subban let his emotions get the better of him (again, just like with Dubinsky a few weeks ago), but I think we can all agree that we’d be peeved as well if we were inches from tying a game and the dagger comes fumbling out of the linesman’s feet. Yeah, they’re part of the play, but that guy did not do a good job moving on that one. Overreaction by PK, but understandable considering the enormity of the game when it comes to the Habs pushing further towards the playoffs. If everyone on the this team (and behind the bench) had his emotion, I venture to say they wouldn’t be in the position they are.

    – Therrien seems to have given up a bit. Not pulling Condon again after the Sabres scored on the EN seemed to be a message of sorts. I mean they had 40 some seconds to work with and were in the offensive zone. Why not pull him? And the presser afterwards was like listening to Eeyore the Old Grey Donkey. No fire or encouragement whatsoever. Understandable, but again, players take their queues from their leaders…..

    – Bottom line is that this team is done. Given the lack of the progress from Price, and the failure of the team to find any consistency in his absence means that it is time to make some moves. Maybe nothing major, but at least get Fleischmann out of the lineup and put Hudon in. Possible move Weise and get McCarron 25 games at 3rd line RW. That’s about it for now I guess.

  4. PeterCH says:

    The ownership and management of the HABS have done and are doing a major disservice to this iconic brand. We can no longer blame individual players for the sorry state of our beloved Canadiens. They mock the fans with the blatant misinformation, we have been told about Carey Price’s condition. They have demoralized the players by not making a “move” any “move”: coaching change, impactful trades, significant call ups etc. Finally, the media have been complicit in allowing this situation to continue without truly making ownership and management accountable for their propaganda, arrogance and border line incompetence. I pity the young men in the dressing room and the loyal fans of the blu, blanc rouge. Shame on the rest of you.

  5. Rosieman says:

    If you replaced DD for Galchenyuk in the middle A totally diff team.

    Him getting PP Time is just a joke.

  6. habstrinifan says:

    If I were a genius I would post brilliant strategies for improving our team’s play!

    If I were smart I would recognize the flim-flam of the HABS mngmnt team… cluding the owner.

    If I were blessed with just an ounce of common-sense I would treat the habs as simply a run of the mill hockey club not deserving of any association with the iconic club of the past.

    But I am an IDIOT and cant wait for the next game and really believe they have a chance for the playoffs.

  7. Donkey Hoat says:

    The Tank’s greatest accomplishment was in convincing the world that The Tank didn’t exist.

  8. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Was at the game. Difference was the Sabres awful goalie made a save late our goalies didn’t make a save all game… That’s why they lost simple as that.

  9. Arnou Ruelle says:

    alright guys, good night and I’m outta here (till the next game)!

  10. PK says:

    MB has done well in hanging on to his three first round picks, he has not traded McCarron, Scherback or Juulsen (so far).

    He needs to show some courage and foresight – get rid of the
    deadwood, in any which way he can.

    Who is deadwood?

    Your list is the same as any other Habs fan.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

    • RightNyder says:

      Is a GM really praiseworthy for keeping his first-round picks (even ones that no one outside of the organization seems to rate particularly highly)?

      However: Victor Bartley, John Scott, Max Friberg, Ben Scrivens, Zack Kassian, Lucas Lessio, Brian Flynn, Torrey Mitchell, DSP, Bryan Allen, Sergei Gonchar, Eric Tangradi, PAP, Devan Dubnyk, Mike Weaver, Robert Czarnik, George Parros, Christian Thomas, Davis Drewiske and Jason DeSantis.
      MB knows his fifth-line puds™, No. 3 goalies and fourth-pairing defencemen. You have to give him that. Dat dep.

  11. expat_habsfan says:

    What happened to the Scrivens and the Habs who showed up for the previous 3 games? The Habs will need at least 40 more points to have a chance to make that playoffs. Considering their play and the dearth of real talent on the team it looks like it will be golf in April.

  12. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    This loss, combined with the other Buffalo loss, and those back to back Blue Jackets losses, has me really disillusioned.

    Not because it’s not a good team, but because the coach can’t even come out and call his players out for not showing up for most of those games.

    He has been subtle about it a few times, but come on, throw Markov under the bus for once, or your friggin team chosen Captain.

    Dont mistake my opinion as wrath against the coach, it’s all about protection of the organization that infuriates me.

  13. RightNyder says:

    Habs now perfectly situated in no man’s land.
    Little chance of making the playoffs, yet 11 teams still below them in the standings.
    So, lots to look forward to.

    “With the 12th selection in the 2016 NHL entry draft, the Montreal Canadiens select David Wilkie Jr., undersized defenceman, from second-tier U.S. league no one’s ever heard of…”

    • Phil C says:

      How about Max Domi, Tyler Myers, Ryan Mcdonagh, Cam Fowler, Dan Hamhuis, Marian Hossa, all #12 picks. Lots of talent to be had throughout the first round. Drafting 18 year olds is a crap shoot at best.

  14. BC (Because of the Cats) says:

    Another game we should have won. The Sabres are in 29th place and were smoked 5-1 last night in Philly. Yet instead of coming out hard and taking control in the first period, we give up two goals on egregious defensive bunders and go into the second down a goal. We then proceed to give up two more goals in the first three minutes before getting down to work.

    Where are the leadership and character on this team? Where is the urgency? The players all talk about believing in the system, believing in the team, believing in each other, believing they’ll make the playoffs. Why don’t they come out and play with that belief in a game they have to win? Galchenyuk said after the game that if they’d played the first two periods the way they played the third, they’d have won. So why didn’t they? How many times do we have to hear that a game is 60 minutes?

    Anyway, with the way our goaltending breaks down and with the number of defensive errors we make, it’s clear we’re not a playoff team. We won’t be in the playoffs, and we don’t deserve to be. I just hope we sink far enough out of a spot in the next couple of weeks that there’ll be no temptation to give up any assets for a rental; in fact, that Bergevin will try to unload some contracts for picks or prospects.

    “We gotta lotta dep.”

  15. boing007 says:

    The Habs led once in that game. They scored three goals the rest of the game and the Sabres scored 6.

    Richard R

  16. RightNyder says:

    I’m tired of pointing out how terrible DD is.
    Let’s pile on Fleischmann.

  17. boing007 says:

    There should be a new rule that a puck hitting a ref or linesman should require a faceoff. It’s bad enough that they are always getting in the way of potetial breakaways and scrums along the boards.

    Richard R

  18. Forum Dog says:

    Loved PK’s presser. Much more assertive and determined than Pacioretty. And if his team-mates voted for the guy who wants to lose less, well, that is their choice.

    • The Jackal says:

      What did PK and Patch say?

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Forum Dog says:

        Pacioretty said something about them playing a very good game, executed the system well, didn’t get the bounces, had some mental lapses, but created a lot of chances.

        PK said that they needed the game, had a chance to win, was pissed at the ref for not getting out of the way, was sick of the notion of puck luck and that they’d referenced it too often this year.

  19. Bim says:

    If half this team is still around next season. My jersey will be on the ice.

  20. Arnou Ruelle says:

    Subban is risking some time making comments against the linesmen. I hope he doesn’t get fined or get suspended b/c of his comments.

    • The Jackal says:

      Likewise, but it’s about time some players called out the incompetence of the zebras

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        To me, whether the refs or the linesmen did or did not do their job, the team should have won this game. I still can’t believe they lost after all the momentum they did.

        What costed this game are the defensive lapses and the miscommunication from some players.

        • The Jackal says:

          Maybe, but they did create a lot of chances, just couldn’t convert. It’s gonna be hard to win when your goalies let in 5 as well.

          Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Phil C says:

        PK acted like he didn’t understand the rule. That’s the bigger issue. It was a tough break, but a part of the game.

  21. RightNyder says:

    Is it fair for the tankists (who profess to want to lose) to still complain bitterly about all the reasons why the team lost?

  22. Habnormal says:

    Old guy it could always be worse. Watch the Oilers some time. I was taught a long time ago to always look at people who are less fortunate and you will always be content. If you compare yourself to people more fortunate you will never be content. Same applies to our beloved Canadiens. Compare them to the Blackhawks l, a top team, and you will never be satisfied. Compare them to a bottom dweller that they are far superior to say, Buffalo, and you will also be ,,, -sorry forget what I said. You’re right

  23. Bozo McBozo says:

    Stop the madness! Embrace the Suck!! Tank for Glory!!!

  24. boing007 says:

    Anthony Duclair just scored his 15th goal for the Coyotes. Why was he not picked in the draft by the Canadiens?

    Richard R

  25. piper says:

    Chillax. Price will be back next season and we’ll win 20 games we have no business winning and make it to the second round of the playoffs.

  26. Bim says:

    Stick a fork in this pig. Its over! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out Habs are sellers and ffs get CP to surgery now before you mess that up too.

  27. Habby_Haberton says:

    Missing the playoffs wasn’t the worst case scenario this season..Finishing in 9th-12th spot is…Not good enough for playoffs and not bad enough for a top pick.

    Optimism is great but I truly hope MB unloads as much as possible for picks by the deadline and that this loss cements the fact that we don’t need a rental and aren’t going anywhere this season.

    • PK says:

      Logical but is MB that much of a pragmatist?

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

  28. Habnormal says:

    I’m with you. 26 wins. But if you can’t even beat Buffalo when you are up against the wall, you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

  29. bun17 says:

    PK costs them any chance of tying the game. Even an atom knows that refs are in play. Instead of going after the player and the puck he backs up and raises his arm in the air making no attempt to get the puck back. I am getting tired of his immaturity. That is not the way a leader of a team should act. Make the play, complain after the whistle blows.


    • RightNyder says:

      We complain because one of our leaders (Pacioretty) shows no emotion. We complain because another (Subban) shows too much in a detrimental fashion.
      How about we just make Gallagher the captain?

    • The Jackal says:

      Focusing on the refs’ blatant mistake and blaming PK for the loss is completely misguided. Could there be a personal bias in your assessment?

      He’s the only Hab consistently getting the job done and making plays happen. This team would be gunning for last place if it wasn’t for him.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Huh says:

        YES. As I said below:

        Ya because he’s one of the few who clearly gives a f***.

        Sure the refs are part of the play, but don’t tell me any of you wouldn’t have been as pissed off.

        At least the guy is showing that he is there to win.

        Ppl, PK is the LEAST of our problems. If anything, after Price, he’s our next biggest solution.

        Haters gonna hate.

  30. RightNyder says:

    I still think we can win all 26 remaining games and match last year’s point total.
    Who’s with me?

  31. Old Guy says:

    I have been a Hab fan since 1950.
    I don’t get upset when they lose, but watching how they are managed and coached is too painful. I think MT is hoping for a buyout package. I will follow other teams until there are changes at the top.

    A good offence is the best defense

  32. theox_8 says:

    Well sounds on here many would rather PK traded so here’s to thinking markov being number one and petry number 2 lol

  33. Forum Dog says:

    Just heard the Therrien comments. Yikes. He sounds defeated. Asked about Galchenyuk, refers to the Plekanec line. Asked about Andrighetto, refers to the Desharnais line. Asked about the linesmen, says they’re part of the game. At no point did he give his players a bump. Galchenyuk played a great game. Andrighetto played a great game. PK played a great game and had a legitimate gripe at the end. Give them props!

    • D Mex says:

      When you listen to him, it’s as tho he doesn’t want to stoop and get any of the muck on his nice clean shirt.
      As a Coach, the 1st question you ask yourself is what can I do to help improve the situation ? Evidently, he disagrees.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • Luke says:

      Just a point, you’d prefer your coach to single out one player on aline for scoring rather than consider the unit for the play.
      The first ghetto goal, Max make a nice pass, DD goes to the middle opening a lane, SA snipes a beauty.
      Should MT no acknowledge that?

      Pehaps he should as you want, heap praises on Galchenyuk… but I suppose he should also condemn him in public for the penalty shot.

      • Forum Dog says:

        Sure, whatever. But if a beat writer asks you about the performance of particular players, and those players performed particularly well, especially in comparison to other players who did not, you can’t, as a coach, say:

        “Galchenyuk played a great game. I thought he competed hard and scored two very important goals. He made a bad decision there in the neutral zone, but overall I thought he was a real presence in the offensive zone”; or

        “Andrighetto really showed a lot tonight. He was hard on the puck and really provided a great spark to that line. We failed to capitalize on a couple of chances there, but Sven was full value”; or

        “I understand where PK is coming from. That was a tough play and we had a chance there to come back. Unfortunately the linesman is part of the play and didn’t do the right jig there, but that is not why we lost the game”.

        PS Luke – Other than Andrighetto, that line was pretty sad. No jump, and the goals created the assists, not the other way around. At least in my worthless opinion.

  34. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I’m really getting pissed off with Michel Therrien. His post-game comments sound like he just don’t give a damn! Wake up dude, the team you’re coaching is not good!

  35. Bim says:

    There’s still time to make that bottom three and I think it might still happen. No Canadian teams in the playoffs. Looks good on the NHL,Rogers and the little Napolean. Now we’ll get to see who carries the freight in this league.

  36. RBK (Formally known as habzfan2003) says:

    It’s all falling apart! Tampa just tied it with the goalie pulled with under 40 seconds left. The captain Stamkos scored on a rocket from the point. 5 pts back atm…

  37. Alex_425 says:

    “Playoff hopes took a massive hit”???

    Who in their right mind was under the impression that everything was alright and that the leak in the boat was plugged after 3 wins in a row? Nobody wins and loses ’em all.

    We weren’t playoff-bound anyways after 3 little wins, not after the massive collapse we’ve had to endure for the past few months. This changes nothing.

  38. Bill H says:

    DD is on fire: 2 assists and a +1. Say hello to Lord Stanley’s Cup.

  39. theox_8 says:

    The play was dead bud no chance in hell PK catches up to him after losing all momentum , have you ever skated on ice before ?

  40. boing007 says:

    AG27 looking good on the power play. If he had been an integral part of the power play two months ago the Habs would probably not be where they are now. Why did it take two months to discover that? I think the Management’s indecision and refusal to make changes started this tank, not the players.

    Richard R

  41. Paz says:

    I was surprised and disappointed that Scrivens was pulled after the 3rd goal.

    After winning 3 straight games, that was an unjustifiably quick hook from the unkind, middle aged coach.

    Not sure why he would “pull the plug” on Scrivens’ momentum and confidence like that.

  42. piper says:

    Has Molson seen enough yet. Please don’t let Bergevin and Therrien be part of this rebuild.

  43. Scottym314 says:

    Another frustrating game to watch. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a diehard fan. These last few months have been hard to watch and even harder to understand. How a coach can continually do the same things and hope for different results, is beyond my understanding.

    I hope we are active sellers at the deadline. This team needs a shake up.

  44. fitzy56 says:

    Michel Therrien says in his post-game press conference…”My GM and Owner were crying in my arms.”

  45. theox_8 says:

    @dmex PK is the only player that gave a flying rats a** about that play , for that I respect him and for all his contributions on the ice .

    • D Mex says:

      Displayed poor judgement and a generous lack of leadership.
      Immature to the n-th degree and should consider growing up.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • The Jackal says:

        Amigo, is Little Mex a fan of 76?

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • D Mex says:

          Truth be told, we never talk about PK. Never.

          Little Mex is more out of the Rick Green / Larry Robinson mould, Jackal, and I’ll take the bait here by responding that I’m a fan of any Hab who conducts himself in a manner that is conducive to desired outcomes.

          PK’s focus is way off IMO, and he displayed that quite nicely by waving his arms instead of bearing down at that point in the game and focusing on the job he was on the ice to do.

          I really do wonder if and when he will grow up.
          At 9M per, it’s not an unreasonable ask.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • The Jackal says:

            We’ll have to agree to disagree here, amigo. I don’t see PK that way at all. I’m not calling you old by any means, but I asked about Little Mex because, me being closer to his age than yours, I wonder if there could be an age divide on how PK is perceived.

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • D Mex says:

            Both Little Mex and Mex Jr learned back in Initiation Hockey to play whistle-to-whistle.
            That is not tied to age – it is a function of discipline and being team-minded, and those values are timeless.

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

  46. Duffy says:

    Blockbuster deal at this years Draft, Price goes to Oilers for first pick, Eberle, Hall. (Make it happen MB )

  47. Bim says:

    Would someone please explain to me why you would want to rush CP back to this FFS? This manager and coach are out of their freakin minds!

  48. Garbo says:

    PK for captain!

    It’s time to accept the wrong choice was made. Max is a shell of the player he was in his pre-Captain days. No one can handle that pressure like PK could.

    PK for captain!

    • D Mex says:

      And PK is all substance, is he ? Not the way I see it.
      BTW – is he still on the ice waving his arms ?

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

    • fitzy56 says:

      Love him or hate him PK is all heart and soul. I agree give him the “C”.

    • bun17 says:

      Please..PK showed his immaturity and threw away any chance of tying the game up. Instead of trying to stop the player from scoring the empty netter he backs up and keeps complaining to the refs. A true captain would have stepped forward to prevent the goal and deal with the linesmans mistake after!


      • D Mex says:

        This guy thinks it is all about him.
        Send him to a team where he can live that dream.

        ALWAYS Habs –
        D Mex

      • The Jackal says:

        You’d be right if that was just a misplay, but what happened was something that routinely gets whistled down, zebras gotta get out of the way and keep an eye on the play, the zebra messed up and nothing. It was the 2nd goal they gave the Sabres.

        Any player would be PFO’d at that.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • D Mex says:

          Same situation in Game 7 of any playoff series.
          Habs down by a goal and Subban does exactly what he did tonight – are you good with it ❓

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • The Jackal says:

            That’s different, but if that happened I expect the zebra messing up that call should be rightly disciplined

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • D Mex says:

            Yes, well he’d be righty disciplined as the team is cleaning out lockers for the off-season.
            The point is, Subban has to be better there than he was.
            ON the positive side, he couldn’t handle it any worse …

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

  49. theox_8 says:

    On a positive Galchenyuk looks great on the pp until teams review and start covering him

  50. Duffy says:

    Chill out folks, just enjoy this Comedy Show for the next 26 Games “””

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