Liveblog: Boston dumps hapless Canadiens 4-0


Frank Vatrano’s goal, five minutes into the third period, completed the rout.

Tuukka Rask, who had NEVER beaten the Canadiens in Boston, made 25 saves for the shutout.

Carey Price faced 36 shots.

The Bruins had not beaten the Canadiens at the TD Garden since Jan. 12, 2012.

Adam McQuaid got the home team on the board nine minutes into the game.

Unaccountably wide-open, McQuaid’s blast was pretty much unstoppable by Carey Price. 

With the Canadiens on a power play, Zdeno Chara danced through the white jerseys and beat Carey Price from close in to make it 2-0 five minutes into the second period.

Ten minutes later, David Krejci had an open side to Price’s right and buried it on a Bruins power play.


The Canadiens couldn’t score with a 5-on-3 power play in the first period.



  1. arcosenate says:

    We suck.

  2. haloracer18 says:

    I missed the last few games, but I’m guessing Price and Montoya are completely out of whack as are the forwards. As Pittsburgh showed last year, if you have the forwards and goaltending, you can contend for the cup with a 2nd rate defense. You’re going to get sub 5% shooting percent from the blue line, but closer to the net it will go up to about 13% I’d say is the best a group of 12 forwards can achieve.

    So if MB traded away the bottom 5 defensemen (and bottom 6 forwards) for offense, I think this team will quickly be a contender.
    That means trading away Petry, Markov, Emelin, Pateryn and Beaulieu on D, and Mitchell, Carr, McCarron, Byron, Flynn and Plekanec. Given they’re a long shot to win the cup this year, they can blow up the team and build the bottom 6. I think the top six are fine up front. No matter how good your top 6 forwards, if you have a second rate bottom six, you’re going to lose. Washington may have a very good top six as well, and a near elite 6-pack of D, but not sure yet if Connolly, Beagle, Eller and Burakovsky, Winnik and ? could be considered a top tier bottom six – but they are close. Eller at +14 on the season with a couple dozen games to go means he has a shot at a +20 season which would make MB pull his hair out for choosing small and tough over size and skill.

  3. Arnold 56-79 says:

    Relax … Chill … Take a mental break for the week and don’t dwell on negative things for a while. They’ll be there, waiting for resumption next game. No point in wasting brain power and emotion over what you cannot control.

    This time is for the obscenely paid hockey professionals to deal with. Management knows every minute detail about team and coaching performances. The coaches have time to agonize over what they should and shouldn’t have done. The players all own mirrors for outer and inner observation. They will come out next week and show who they are. Better, the same or worse. Changed roster or merely rearranged. It’s their livlihood. Only trifling diversion for fans.

    The season is not lost yet. The deadline hasn’t been passed. Odds are the team makes the playoffs comfortably. In the playoffs the true heart and soul of the organization will be fevealed. if this season spirals like last year then we will probably see those massive changes. Mr. Molson has expectations and knows his market well. Chaos again will not be tolerated. But it is very unrealistic to expect truly transformative change this week. Or even till the offseason. So try to depersonalize this stuff if it becomes too bothersome and revel in a week free from any losses.

    The Ferguson-Shack melee was a real donnybrook, if not an outright brouhaha.

  4. CHair Troll says:

    Pinpointing the cause of bad play is something that I find difficult to do a lot of time. It’s like trying to figure who’s to blame for a bad movie or bad acting. Is the actor bad or was the director giving him bad direction?

    Similar idea with sports. Is the player bad and unable to follow the coach’s advice and perform in his role effectively? Or is the coach giving bad advice and direction?

    I’ll let more astute observers try to dissect that but if Therrien is going to be fired I’d prefer to see that happen in the off season and not now. I say Bergevin should make a significant move at the trade deadline and see how the team reacts before considering any coaching changes.

    My gut feeling is that coaching and player development is to blame for a significant part of this if only because I think most agree that Bergevin did improve the team with his player moves this off season but for a second season the team are struggling during the winter months of the season without a Price injury to hide behind.

    “I have a reason that I can’t really tell you why, but if I could, you would probably understand.” – The CH approved explanation that school-aged Habs fans can now use to explain poor grades.

  5. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    If MB doesn’t fire MT now, he should not be allowed to in the off-season. They both should go and bring in Brisebois from TB.

    • Paz says:

      I agree that Julien Brisebois will be a finalist for sure.

      Twi posted below that this team is not hard to play against, nor does it seem like they hate losing.

      So facing adversity, the team still lacks character.

      That’s squarely on Bergevin.

  6. shakey says:

    Beaulieu needs to be benched, sent down or traded. The sheer number of mistakes, terrible plays and selfish penalties alone should get him off the team asap. And on top of all those, he adds nothing – no offense, no scoring threat, no speed, no intensity. Please MB – try to get a pick for him before his value is totally gone.

  7. doug19 says:

    Could someone remind us which players MT has developed other than DD?

  8. PK says:

    Price has lost his way.

  9. habsfan0 says:

    Should be a brief,but succinct ALN tonight.

    “Habs sucked.

  10. Paz says:

    Once the Bruins fans started taunting Price with their “Carey, Carey” chant, did you notice Price’s intensity lift to a different level?

    The quick glove, the push off side to side, square to the puck, low center of gravity.

    Where has that been these past 30 games?

    No injury there.

    Very peculiar.

  11. montreal ace says:

    One area the common fan might give a pro a hard time in is scouting. He is the guy I have a problem with, its been ages since he has drafted a goal scorer with speed and size.

  12. boing007 says:

    This comment from Sportsnet NHL:
    Gordy Downie Rank 3

    It is being reported that Therrien was upset after the game and threw the whole team under the bus for not following the game plan. A reporter on the scene got a picture of the game plan, it was a piece of construction paper taped to the dry-eraser board with the words Carey, don’t let the other team score written in crayon with several spelling mistakes.

    Richard R

  13. Forum Dog says:

    Folks – No-one wants to hear excuses, and there is plenty wrong with this team. But their most valuable player (we all know who that is) desperately needs a break, and this 5 day ‘bye’ week will provide exactly that.

  14. Habnormal says:

    Get rid of JJ and Lefebrve too. Enough is enough

  15. expat_habsfan says:

    Should be an interesting “ALN” and flight home for the Habs. If they announce MT’s departure tomorrow I don’t want Muller promoted to the job. His work so far this season on the PP has been dismal. I would prefer to see Gallant brought back for the remainder of the season. Even Julien (don’t think he’ll bite though) would be preferable. I also hope they trash JJ with MT because our D has not only sucked they have also not shown any improvement at all and that’s on the coach.

  16. Paz says:

    If I was Molson, I’d be calling Bergevin into my office tomorrow AM.
    Marc, why did we need to give Therrien a 4 year extension, and 8 million guaranteed??
    Would Therrien have turned down a 2 or 3 year extension?
    That’s going to be millions wasted.
    And Bergevin should be held accountable for that terrible contract.

  17. Habnormal says:

    This loss is a test of where MB wants this team to be. They have, for the 2nd straight season been one of the worst teams from December to February. For decades this once glorious franchise would not put up with even a fraction of that ineptitude. Have some self respect and get a new coach already or else let’s get a new GM!

  18. berc says:

    Last 25 games:
    6 regulation wins, 4 OT wins, 11 regulation losses, 4 OT/SO losses, 24 points, .480. 61 goals for, 77 goals against (including one shootout goal).

    • Cal says:

      So, that bad feeling I’ve had for the past month or so is justified? I’m not surprised, but damn!

    • berc says:

      Last 8 games: 15 goals for, 25 against. Preceding 8 games: 17 goals for, 25 against. 8 games before that, 28 goals for, 25 goals against. The goals against have been consistent over the past 24 games. The Winnipeg game skews the goals for. In any event, t’aint good enough.

  19. ashyslashy says:

    That HAS to be the final nail. If MB doesn’t drop the hammer then he can go down with the ship. It’s such an enormous collapse for the 2nd straight year – coincidence? By the time they play again it will be to stay in the wildcard picture. No leadership, no pride = no chance. Time to find someone else to light a fire. Players simply tuned out MT and he looks completely defeated. And thanks again for trading away 76 so we could be a serious contender. Looking forward to paper bags and acres of empty seats.

    • expat_habsfan says:

      Unfortunately la Sainte-Flannel have too many blindly devote followers. Plus even as bad as it gets they would rather just boo and catcall the team then put paper bags on their heads and pull an ‘Aints’

  20. PK says:

    Last season: Habs were pathetic because Price was injured.

    This season: the Habs are still being poorly managed, poorly coached.

  21. RightNyder says:

    So we’re throwing in the towel already?
    OK, here goes, let’s blow this shiznit up…

    MB and MT out; Roy president, Julien Brisebois GM, Julien coach.
    Weber for Seth Jones.
    Price, Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, Emelin and Scherbak for Pickard, Duchene, Rantanen and Jost.
    Gallagher for Brandon Sutter.
    Markov for Samuel Girard.
    Plekanec for a third.

  22. HabsCHfan says:

    I say the chance of Therrien remaining coach is 99%. I really hope I’m wrong. I want him fired for sure. I think there will be a conversation between MB and Molson but MB will say ‘weir furst in da davision tabarnaque, we got dis, don’t worry. Five days of rest and we’ll be ready. Trust me boss. Total BS. It’s such a clown town right now that I can’t rule out a firing of Muller. Damn foxhole. And for the record I’ve been a glass half full fan up until now, but so fed up with poor decisions made by the coach. Say your prayers tonight people there’s still a chance that Therrien gets fired, even if it’s 1%.

  23. Old Guy says:

    If MB doesn’t fire MT, Molson should fire them both.
    When a team shows up every second game, there is something seriously wrong with the coaching.

    A good offence is the best defense

  24. CJinBK says:

    Does it honestly matter if Therrien’s replacement is francophone? You could replace any coach in the league with a pair of See ‘n Say toys — one for a win, one for a loss — for their post-game comments. Just pull the string, and out comes a stilted bit of nonsense. Montreal’s equipment manager would have to make room for 4 of the items: French & English / Win & Lose.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat myself here: Bye week should be bye bye week for Therrien. Bergevin should also waive David Desharnais, and assign him to St John’s. If the Cup window is truly open, then Therrien is not the coach for the task. (Just as he wasn’t the man to win the cup with Pittsburgh.) With Price playing as badly as he has been, the Habs don’t look to go very far, so he needs to be himself, rather than whoever he has become.

    The Canadiens have 5 games before the trade deadline. Depending on how they do with their new coach — Muller? Gallant? Julien? — Bergevin will know if he should buy big on March 1st, or start the rebuild. I would hate to see some of our bright talent shipped out, but the prospect pool is shallow, and if the Cup is not within reach, then Bergevin has to admit this fact and move some talented players out to stockpile picks and prospects, and move on from the Therrien Era.

  25. montreal ace says:

    I watch a guy like Cehlarik be a factor in this game, and it leaves me wondering why Hudon is not called up. The few minutes that I have seen of him with the Habs, I thought he had some offence to his game.

  26. Paz says:

    I thought Price and Weber were better than this.

  27. ArmyFan says:

    The 24 year suck train just keeps on rolling. Richest history, most rabid fans, one of the wealthiest teams in the league, and this is the best product they can field. What a joke.

  28. ebk says:

    Bergevin has two options, overpay for Duchene or fire Therrien.

    I’d fire Therrien, give Muller a shot at turning this around and if he doesn’t, hire Julien or Crawford this spring. I’d forget the rentals for this year but would make any trade that made sense for the next two or three years. So I’d probably overpay for Duchene and fire Therrien sometime this week.

    This place is going to be hilarious for the next week if Therrien doesn’t get fired.

    Maybe they have some Russian hackers that have Polian’s emails and they can trade Emelin, Beau and #1 for Roman Josi,

  29. WindsorHab-10 says:

    As bad and painful as last year was, this latest stretch has been worse and more painful to watch. Became a fan in 1975, this is the most helpless I’ve felt about this team.

    So much talent and yet a constant behind the bench ruining it. Wake up Marc Bergevin. For the love of God wake up and do what’s owed to this team. Let go of Therrien.

  30. Thomas Le Fan says:

    So now, at least around here, it’s come down to the Pollyanna’s vs the Cassandras.

    It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. – Mark Twain

  31. PK says:

    The Habs should take a page from the Leafs playbook.

  32. chinahab says:

    This should give pause to the idea that MB should be all in by trade day. The team’s core is inadequate for a cup run, even if they add a top-four defenseman and a top-six winger –already a tall order. Even assuming Price is healthy and back in form (a huge assumption now that the season is 2/3rds over), the top six needs two additions, not one, and I’m not sure that the rest of defense is that sound. It relies on two question marks (Emelin and Markov), who are probably not top four on a real contender, and I’m not even sure that Petry is all that solid beyond a #4 role. As for Weber, he’s a legit top pairing d-man but he’s over 30 and not able to carry a team. He’s a great player, but not a hall of famer–not a Chara-type player, or a Keith, Burns, etc. So even the Habs’ most solid d-man is not as good as the anchors on a contender.
    So does anyone really think a team can snag two top-six wingers and two top-four defensemen by trade deadline? Those players are unlikely to be available, and certainly not at a price that wouldn’t bankrupt the Habs for a generation.
    I think it’s more prudent to see what’s available and reassess next year. It might be necessary to trade Price, Weber, and do a partial rebuild around the younger members of the core. Maybe they can somehow dump Plekanec’s millstone of a contract, or do that next year at this time to a contender.

  33. RightNyder says:

    Does anyone really expect Therrien to get fired?
    It’s not going to happen.
    At best, there will be the usual ramblings about patience and process, and maybe a few more leaked quotes about Galchenyuk. But MT’s not going anywhere at this point, unless Geoffy Molson gets a little antsy.
    We will piss and moan all week, then when things start up again, MT will be behind the bench, and DD will be back in the lineup.
    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    • lizard ranger says:

      You’re right, he survived an epic meltdown last year. This year we will just quietly bow out of the playoffs. Maybe trade a talented player in the off season for third liner with grit and a cup. Just one more chance.

      Hmm, maybe Galchenyuk for Jordin Tootoo.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Not sure if MT will be fired.

      I’m sure the heads of hockey ops – Bergevin and Therrien – will get together this week and make a decision.

      DD might sit in on the meeting to take the minutes. (He was promised his minutes this season, after all. )

  34. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Guaranteed the excuse will be team is tired (WCH, ASG, etc.) and that they will be refreshed after the break. Good luck with that.

  35. lizard ranger says:

    Yikes, inept, boring and craptacular play.

  36. D Mex says:

    If there is a team in the league we should have been up for, this was it.
    Consequently, if your name is Michel Therrien, you’re thinking about an inevitable
    sit-down with your GM who, in turn, is thinking about the phone call he’ll probably be receiving from his owner. Shared theme : WTF ?

    Team was rolling fairly decently when the protégé disappeared after giving contact hockey a shot, why his parrain didn’t tell him to extend the vacation after the all-star break I don’t know, but the lineup just had to be manipulated to that he could again be featured. How does any team tell its players it’s time to bear down when it dresses a circus act night in and night out …
    Horses have been out of the barn for a while now, and oats aren’t getting them back this time. Have to agree with the broadcast crew – status quo not working, and it’s quite possible things will have a different look when the bye is done.
    Buckle up, folks –

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  37. Arnou Ruelle says:

    As the Canadiens go to their 5-day break, a lot of questions are now asked. To me, the one question that I think should be of great concern is, will there be a pending coaching change for this team? It looks illigetimate. But I felt that as more and more loses are starting to come, I’m inclined to call now that an imminent coaching change has to happen. Even if Marc Bergevin will acquire players at the trade deadline, I think this team is not coached well enough to compete hard teams like Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington, etc….

    The obvious ones will always be the obvious: The first line plus Weber, and at times Galchenyuk, are the ones doing the offensive production. The rest, I don’t know anymore! They just got tired, or their mindset is that bye-week coming up. We all hope Marc Bergevin will do something either next week, or at March 1st. However, for crying out loud, please show some persistence and jump! Not for lack of trying….no the Habs lack trying to put pucks in the net. And our goalies? Where is the confindence?

    Its been 5 years the Habs are trying to correct the errors of the past. Yet the effort is not enough, too many small players, the General Manager has always compromise!

  38. boing007 says:

    MB said ‘it’s on me’. Great. Get lost!

    Richard R

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