Liveblog: Canadiens trample Ducks 5-1

Chris Terry’s late one was icing on the gateau.

Third period goals by Jeff Petry and – on a power-play!! – Max Pacioretty broke open a close game.

The Canadiens’ PP was making loud sucking noises until Tomas Plekanec converted a sweet feed by Paul Byron, 12:35 into the second period for a 2-1 lead.

Byron scored his 11th, cashing the rebound of a Jeff Petry shot with a minute to play in the first period tie it up at 1-1

The Canadiens failed to control a scrambled draw five minutes into the game, and the puck popped out to Andrew Cogliano, who beat Carey Price from close-in.


Shots were 34-13 for the winning team.


  1. Rugger says:

    It seems the Habs are learning how to win in different ways with the injuries. When the wounded return, the Habs will be a much better team then before the injuries happened.

  2. Chuck says:

    Habs held the Ducks to TEN even-strength shots.

  3. PK says:

    The Columbus game will be a measuring stick game.

    Yeah, I know there is this thing with Minnesota, before that.

    Is Big Mac here to stay?
    Or is he just a placeholder for DD?

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  4. JohnBellyful says:

    The Habs are putting together a nice resume of solid wins this season.
    Hope they add the Wild and Blue Jackets as references this week.

    • FormalWare says:

      Ha! Imagine listing Torts as a reference! Risky.

      “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

      • JohnBellyful says:

        To whom it may concern:
        After being horsewhipped and humiliated by my team, the Canadiens regained their composure in the weeks that followed, overcoming several setbacks, principally the loss of players to injury, to record convincing wins over four top-notch teams in a row, including my Blue Jackets.
        I say without reservation they are a team well-positioned to challenge for the Stanley Cup and such is the measure of my respect for them that I would not want to face them in the playoffs.
        Should you require any further information feel free to give me a call, preferably not during a news conference.

        [This is the version typed up by his secretary based on a dictation that required judicious editing on her part.]

  5. slapshot777 says:

    With key players out of the lineup, this is how the Habs have to play. The team concept with everyone buying in. Speed kills and the Habs are right now skating teams into the ice. The team is also winning their share of face offs.

    The team defense has stepped up with Petry right now leading the way with key goals and key pinches. On the backend the Habs are shutting down the opponents offense. Saturday they allowed 5 shots in the third and tonight 3 shots on net.

    This team is showing way more character than last season after losing key players and the silver lining here is Markov may well indeed get some deserved rest as well as Galchenyuk.

    Also the team get to evaluate their AHL players in real game situations so to better take stock of what they actually have.

    In the end the Habs get another two points and lets roll onto Thursday.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  6. HabsHammerZone says:

    MT doing a great job with call ups
    McCarron looking comfortable out there
    Gallagher drove the ducks batchitcrazy tonight, lol
    Price should have leaned on his stick a la Dryden style
    Price did make some incredible passing plays although, ridiculously good
    Petry is on fire

  7. Chuck says:

    A nice win tonight. Glad to see them holding the fort until DD gets back.

  8. city center says:

    What a great effort with a quarter of the regular lineup missing. Defense was amazing: not just holding the opposition to a measly 13 shots but the fact that the big duck forwards got nowhere near CP31 during the game.

    The combination of Petry stepping up his play, Byron continuing to be excellent every shift and the role guys playing responsible, solid hockey makes for a good chance of surviving the injury bug while a few of our boys still struggling to pot one. Only down note is it looks to me like Shea is certainly playing hurt. His dominant physical game is missing so am guessing a hand or shoulder injury.

    Go Ch Go.

  9. FormalWare says:

    In 20/20 hindsight, this game was over the moment Carlyle submitted his lineup sheet, showing Bernier in goal. They needed their goalie to steal another one (as you could argue Gibson did, last night, vs. Leafs); Jonathan Bernier ain’t a good bet to do that.

    “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

  10. PK says:

    Duck l’orange as a post-game meal, better than pizza.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  11. berc says:

    Habs do best when everyone on offense pitches in, the offense keeps skating and coming in waves, and everyone makes a second effort. The next two games will be a huge test, facing the two stingiest teams in the league. If the offense keeps rolling, despite having one line of AHLers, they can hold their own against the league’s best.

  12. CJinBK says:

    Two shockingly bad power plays, one of which ended with Plekanec’s goal, and two corkers, one of which ended with Pacioretty’s goal. Paul Byron was on fire tonight — he often is — and was rewarded on the scoresheet. And we Habs fans are rewarded by Bergevin’s brilliance in plucking Byron off waivers for free.

  13. Habnormal says:

    I did not see the game so relied on the blog because the RDS that my wife bought me years agomy birthday is blacked out for whatever reason here. Huge win. Last year, they would have lost this game.

  14. Cal says:

    Solid, solid win for the Habs tonight. Value, thy name is Lord Byron. Since DD and Galchenyuk’s absence, he has made the difference game in game out. Petry has stepped up on the offense and it’s just in time, as Markov is out and Weber’s in a stretch of no offense. The team only allowing the Ducks 13 shots after shutting down the Caps Saturday shows a full out attempt to blanket the opposition with puck pressure and relentless speed on the forecheck. I liked Terry getting the Habs 5th tonight; it was just reward for that line’s diligence keeping Anaheim bottled up. Another very good game against quality opposition. The more players they have out, the better the team play. Odd, isn’t it?

  15. piter says:

    Great win. What makes it even sweeter is that Carey didn’t have to steal it. Way to step up boys! Props to the “AHL” line.

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