Liveblog: Another home-ice suckfest

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The Canadiens played another gosh-awful first period en route to losing their 22nd game at the Bell Centre.
Mercifully, there are only nine home games left.

And the boos rained down on our hapless heroes …


  1. AliHaba says:

    So now they all have the flu. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

  2. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Would it hurt anything to put Eller on the 2nd PP unit?

    • krob1000 says:

      yes….he, subban, emelin, ak….all in contract years….coincidence they have all spent significant stints in the doghouse??? Dd signed thorugh next year for 850 k..coincidence he is centering only line that remained constant all year? It will be interesting to see what happens to Dd next year in his contract year…

  3. H.Upmann says:

    None of you who are being critical of Bob Gainey are even worthy of untying his skates.

  4. magictom says:

    Does his average merit more than 6 mins or at least the icetime we give Gomez or darche who I love

  5. Michael says:

    “Hey, all my shutout streak stats are baloney.”

    Well, Boone, balogna has gotten you this far; why stop now? ZING! BOO-YAH! Just kidding, Booneyoonski (may I call you Booneyoonski?) Nothing but love for ya! But just platonic love, not that there’s anything wrong with the other kind. Maybe “platonic” isn’t the right word considering we’ve never met. Maybe “love” isn’t the right word either. I’ll show myself out.

  6. boing007 says:

    Don’t like what RC is doing to Eller’s play. He was progressing at a good pace and now he’s hit a brick wall. What’s going on there?

    Richard R

  7. aj says:

    I wonder if post season comes and our team does a rebuild (New ‘bilingual’ coach – i don’t agree with it but then; this is Montreal; New staff; New GM – maybe some fresh faces that came from other teams’ some new AHL players, New prospects/draft picks) and after that, still the same result (below a playoff spot in the standings, replacing the coach ‘again’, asking for Molson to restructure the management and team)! I’m really curious as to how people will react to this.

    Honestly, our current Habs team have guts going through this game they lost. Although they looked so banged this evening like what they were when they lost to the Devils, they still made an effort in playing against the Stars.

  8. H.Upmann says:

    @kempie to tell you the truth, I feel like Gainey has been through so much as a player, gm, family man, that I think it’d just not possible to to scapegoat him. Nobody is perfect. And I still think Gainey was a decent GM for us

  9. CHicoHab says:

    On the bright side . After all is said and done. 28 losers will join us by June.

    “take your time and hurry up”

  10. H.Upmann says:

    Anybody know when was the last time we lost this many games at home in a season?

  11. JohnBellyful says:

    OTTAWA – Minister of Heritage James Moore says the federal government will invest millions of dollars in the Montreal Canadiens “to prevent a national treasure from falling into further disrepair.”
    With Canadiens president Geoff Molson at his side, Moore said the National Hockey League team will receive assistance in a variety of ways. One is the Canada Travelling Exhibitions Indemnification Program.
    According to Heritage Canada’s website, the program permits the federal government to assume “financial responsibility for loss or damage to objects and appurtenances in eligible travelling exhibitions.”
    Moore explained this means Ottawa will compensate Montreal for regular season losses as well as damage to objects, or assets, such as interminably injured defenceman Andrei Markov.
    “Appurtenances, or less significant parts, refers, of course, to Gomez,” he added.
    Reporters grilled Moore about using tax dollars under somewhat dodgy circumstances to prop up a failing sports franchise, but the heritage minister stood his ground, saying the Canadiens’ lamentable performance – “they play as if it’s still the pre-season” – makes them eligible for exhibition funding.
    The team will also get help by way of the Athlete Assistance Program, which supports “the pursuit of excellence through its contribution to improved Canadian athlete performances at major international sporting events, enabling athletes to combine their sport and academic or working careers while training intensively in pursuit of world-class performances.”
    Molson rejected accusations the federal handouts were an indictment of persistent managerial mismanagement.
    “It’s simply recognition that the Montreal Canadiens are a revered institution deserving of support, which, unfortunately, too many of our fans seem to have forgotten,” he said.
    The franchise is eligible for hundreds of millions of dollars but is limited in what it can do with the additional money because of the league’s salary cap.
    Molson didn’t see that as a problem.
    “This gives us the means to buy out our mistakes whenever we want,” he crowed. “Over and over again. At some point we will get it right.”
    Moore is also the minister of official languages, and the Canadiens are expected to take full advantage of that connection to fast-track the development of English-only coaches into fluent entraîneurs-chef.
    “Now we can go out and sign someone like Barry Melrose without alienating our francophone fans,” Molson said.

  12. magictom says:

    If you want guys like kostisyn and bourque to contribute give them the chance on the pp. At what point do we concede that Gomez is past his prime? Why do Eller and Leblanc not get the opportunity to gain valuable experience? Management and coaching has to be changed more than we need to make moves right now. Make moves during the off season

  13. magictom says:

    He’ll need more than 6 mins per game. Just a thought but maybe reuniting him with plecky might reignite them. I mean, why go with proven sucsess when you can improvise

  14. H.Upmann says:

    @Bripro my friend, by royal decree: he shall marry a beautiful woman who shall tolerate anything less than un vrai fan !!

  15. Hobie Hansen says:

    The Canadiens find themselves in an interesting jam. With Gionta, Cole, Kaberle, Gomez, Markov, Plekanec, Gorges and soon to be Price and Subban locked in long term, a rebuild just isn’t happening!

    It is simply impossible!

    With a thin UFA market this summer all we can hope for is that we can grab a couple players to toughen up and to grind our way to a playoff spot next season. And chose wisely with our 1st round and two 2nd round picks. Next year will be a real challenge.

    The 2013/14 season; Hopefully Tinordi, Bournival, Beaulieu and Gallagher are starting to make their presence’s felt? Maybe our 1st pick this summer as well?

    Maybe there’s a blockbuster trade prior to next season to turn things around but highly unlikely?

  16. Mike Boone says:

    The Canadiens are playing so poorly that I forgot Max Pacioretty’s goal against New Jersey. I thought there was a shutout streak going. My bad.

    Mike Boone
    Hockey Inside/Out blogger
    Gazette City columnist

  17. aj says:

    I can really see people here are too quickly adamant in my motivating remark. I was just testing people on how they will react to what I just said lol…

  18. magictom says:

    Say what you want about ak47 but he scores 25 a year and he’s playing on the fourth line with no pp time. Again, slacker that he is, 25 per season

    • krob1000 says:

      reminds me of what we did with Ryder…..

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        let him sign with boston for WAY too much money because he couldn’t score?

        “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
        – Sean Bonjovi

        • krob1000 says:

          yeah thats it…then he has averaged over 20 goals a year for the last 4 years, won a cup (getting 17 points in 25 games), scored 35 playoff points and been plus 40 over the last 4 years…..on pace for around 30 again this year…yeah he sucked..just like the rest of of em we scapegoated out of town….
          In his “off year” he still potted 14 goals with 4th line minutes and constantly being fed dogfood from Carbo…

          • Sean Bonjovi says:

            Ryder only played out his contract in Boston because they couldn’t give him away.

            “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
            – Sean Bonjovi

    • AliHaba says:

      He’ll have to pick it up to get 25 this year.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      He’s only actually scored 25 goals once, and it’s not likely this year will be the second. He’s still younger than Ville Leino though, with more than twice as many career points, so he should be able to cash in this summer. (insert emoticon symbolising me about to hurl)

      “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
      – Sean Bonjovi

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Sorry magictom but he doesn’t. The last time AK scored 25 or more goals was the only time he did it, 07-08. Since then he has scored 23, 15, 20 and this year, with 12 goals so far and 21 games remaining he is on a pace for 17. I like AK but he certainly does not score 25 a year.

    • boing007 says:

      Not this season.

      Richard R

  19. smiler2729 says:

    Ribeiro, still a weasel…

  20. Bripro says:

    So my boy and I took in the game.
    Yes, my Bruins’ fan son.
    If the Habs didn’t suck enough, one of two very drunk yahoos behind us spilled beer all over the back of his neck.
    Now my son is 18, so patience is at a premium.
    I thought we were going to be on TV, being kicked out, until he composed himself.
    And the guy to my left hung over both seats, and by that I don’t mean excess weight…. he just hung over both arm rests. Poor posture.
    I’m far more patient than my boy, but by the third period I had had enough. He got the message, but I was very polite….really, I was.

    Anyhow, game observations.
    I love our Habs, but they’re really not very good at all.
    There are a few things I hadn’t noticed before that are off camera.
    Like Eller coming out at the beginning of a period, while the players are seating themselves, and he’s checking out the ice in the opponents’ end. I would assume for cracks.
    Bourque never stops skating. Seems to chase the puck quite a bit, but never stops.
    And we all know that DD’s line is the same.
    Campoli is horrid! So is Weber.
    And the Boobirds started quite early tonight…mid first-period.
    I prefer watching the game from the confines of my recliner.

    But I got to spend some quality time with my boy. Lotsa laughs, and I found free parking to boot. I think there are four free spots with no meters in all of Montreal, and I nabbed one!
    Yeah, yeah….I’m good! But the Habs aren’t

  21. magictom says:

    When you keep your team in the game time after time and they respond by hanging you out to dry again and again ….. If you dig you see that most games he’s lost the Habs score 1 or less goals per game. He’s supposed to do what?

  22. Bill says:

    I didn’t see the second or third goals against.

    Really doubting our goalie was the problem though 😛

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  23. EricInStL says:

    Hey Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper at the Bell Centre july 11th.


  24. third generation haber says:

    Coaching situation:

    How about a francaphone co-coach to run the team along side Cunneyworth next year? (2 head coaches!)

    I like what Cunneyworth’s done this year. Not his fault he faces injuries and has too many softies in the lineup. He’s not the GM and is doing the best he can with the pieces he’s been given.

    j.p. murray

    • SlovakHab says:

      What exactly do you like about CW? His line combos? Line matchups The emotion the players show in every game? The consistency? The ice time of Eller, Darche, LL, Palushaj, Gomez…? I dunno, everyone crapped over JM, but he is 10 times the coach Cunneyworth is.
      The only thing CW does better than JM are no Too Many Men penalties, I’ll give you that one. Other than that, he has been pretty bad, regardless of the situation he was put in, which was pretty tough.

  25. aj says:

    Guys, this is not a suckfest. The Habs can still make the playoffs.

  26. nova scotia vees says:

    I was happy when Molson became owner…must have thought it was the Senator….I was happy when Gainey “stepped down”…actually I thought he was gone….silly me! I was happy when Martin was fired….I was saddened when Koivu and then Halak were dumped. Now, I realize that the organization is a shambles. The wrong people stay…and the wrong people go. It’s time for the fans in Montreal to picket the building and burn their tickets. A message must be sent to the top, and the only thing that talks is money. Boycott the rest of the season..

  27. AliHaba says:

    Even Bergeron is scratching his head.

  28. Propwash says:

    Sucks that they lost.
    I stopped watching when the 1st intermission came on to go and play with my son. There are more important things in my life than a hockey game.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  29. Boomer says:

    ” Stevie Y is stocking up draft picks for Tampa Bay. Smart management. The three-way trade works out to a No. 1 for Steve Downie, which is incredible to me.”

    Agreed. Hopefully PG takes the same approach, stock up on draft picks,

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Not so sure. That #1 will be late, which history tells us has about a 1/4 chance of turning into a NHLer.

      So they gave up a NHLer (late first round pick as it happens) on a modest salary for a potential NHLer who will play in 4-5 years.

      How is that good?

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Boomer says:

        kesler, havlat, simon gagne, Giroux, brendan morrow, danny briere, saku koivu, keith tkatchuk , martin brodeur… i could go on if you like…
        all these guys were late draft picks in the first round, what i’m getting at is since we’re not gonna make the playoffs this year why not try and go get some draft picks. They don’t have to be 1st rounders, but it wouldn’t be so bad if they were… there’s a chance we could get a guy listed above.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      Tampa really could have used Kyle Quincey more than that pick. Yzerman got trade happy and outsmarted himself.

      “Andrei Kostitsyn will be traded this month”
      – Sean Bonjovi

    • HabsFan82 says:

      Hope you don’t think PG is as smart as Stevie “Y” LOL

    • fastfreddy says:

      The saying,”It all starts at the top” is so true. Our owner is either clueless or just doesn’t give a damn! He should be asking for explanations!!!
      Fire the GM, you need someone that KNOWS hockey. I’ve been a fan for over 50 years, I think this may be the weakest “talented” team so far? If not, then pretty close. Please Mr. Molson, do something right, hire a REAL GM before you are forced to sell the team because it will become a bottom feeder.

  30. Clay says:

    This situation calls for some serious intervention activity…

    Fans: we are not making the playoffs. Embrace the tank, and hope for a great pick.
    Coach: Gomez sucks – stop playing him (repeat with many other players).
    GM: You have assembled a sh*t team.
    Owner: Your GM is terrible – fire him now.
    Media: Stop making Montreal a toxic environment for players, and good ones may want to sign here without us offering them much more money than other teams (and even then many still don’t want to play here).

    ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  31. manu07 says:

    If we are like the oilers for a few seasons it’s worth it. As long as I am entertained while watching some young talent on this team.

  32. magictom says:

    I feel sorry for price. Backstopping this gang of losers. You can see the discouragement. He keeps them in and they don’t play. If he had a real team in front of him…. I’ve watched every game for the last 45 years. I’ve never been so discouraged

  33. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Branden Gallagher, Morgan Ellis, Jarred Tinordi, Nathan Beaulieu all turn 20 this year. Hopefully all are signed to entry level contracts and 2 make the big club.

  34. BC HAB says:

    I have officially joined the tank team. It will be good for the team. Listen to Hard Habits. He knows what he is talkin about.

  35. habsfan0 says:

    Why is everybody so down?

    Habs only 8 points out of a playoff spot with 21 games left.

    It STILL can be done!

    On the other hand….

  36. Duracell3 says:

    I just watched the second goal again a few times. That is insane. I find it hard to believe AHL players would have worse defensive coverage on that same play.

  37. HabFanSince72 says:

    It’s not fair to boo Weber. The guy was a 6th round pick, and he tries his best.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  38. HardHabits says:

    Tough love.

    I am almost heart broken.

    The Habs organization and fans need this. It will be a cleansing once the dirty feeling passes. Trust me. This tanked season will once and for all wipe away the smugness that has driven the hubris of this club. It all started with the downfall that was the centennial season. Now it has reached its nadir.

    My apologies people. I saw it coming and I prophesied it. I never said it was going to be easy.

    However. I also never said it will bring an instant Cup. What it will do is change the culture of the Habs and allow them the ability to finally break the cycle of mediocrity that has plagued them for too long.

    Still some hard times ahead but opportunity presents itself. Patience my friends. 2015 will be a good year. Maybe sooner.

    EDIT: Reposting. I can’t believe this post got deleted. Welcome to ThoughtPoliceInsideOut.COM

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Losing that first game of the season to the Leafs was a big freaking red flag and it went down hill from there.

      As for the critics of Le Tanque ™ what choice do we have? Of course the NHL system of rewarding failure is ludicrous, but we have to play the cards we’re dealt.

      Vive le Tanque ™
      Vive le guerre
      Vive le sacre

    • habs_54321 says:

      gauthier must go i can’t believe this guy is still here has everyone forgotten that this is the same management group that pissed away a 1st and 2nd round draft pick for alex tanguay a couple years ago that first round pick could have been john carlson among many other gems in the later first round. only to watch tanguay play a handful of games and wuss out for the playoffs and not be resigned, this one decent trade of gill doesn’t make up for a decade of sloppy management decisions

  39. Led says:

    Why endorse Tanking when you can watch brilliant efforts like this defending the honour and integrity of the the Montreal Canadiens.

  40. HabFanSince72 says:

    Breaking the cycle of mediocrity by being absolutely horrible isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  41. BLACK ICE says:

    Clay, put you’re Coo coo back in the clock

  42. temekuhabs says:

    Since we are in definite sell mode, hope we don’t screw up the Draft picks we will acquire

  43. HNS says:

    Let me know when Halak comes back. Price eats it.

  44. BC HAB says:

    Molson is letting this all go down because deep inside he wants a lottery pick. It’s time to win a superstar for this team via lottery pick.

  45. AH says:

    Emelin…..get what you can for all the rest. I can’t believe an owner of the once storied Montreal Canadiens, with the last name Molson, is sitting back and letting this embarrasment and disgrace continue.

  46. ogilthorpe says:

    With a lost season why not have a contest where fans get to coach one game each for the rest of this season… Might be more fun to watch

  47. AliHaba says:

    I hate it when the Habs miss the playoffs….I hate it almost as much if they make the playoffs and get swept in the first round. This is the year of the lottery pick. Make it count PG.

  48. dallyd31 says:


    Not that it matters, but did the Habs not score on Sunday against NJ ? I thought the score was 3-1 ?

  49. sabi says:


    this is what you get when the blind lead the blind, randy has been given a chance now please remove him!!!!

  50. LA Loyalist says:

    … talk about doing the jobs that Americans won’t do…

  51. Carnegie says:

    Has Price been traded yet?

  52. BC HAB says:

    Ribs needs the beats. He is still cocky as fu….

  53. timothy13 says:

    Okay so I am a fan of the Montreal Canadiens’ and I have learned from them, this year, the last and a great many other years that it is all about destroying what you once loved. Let me explain; several players, coaches, gms, goalies, and whoever else leaves or gets fired, return to play the Habs and what happens?! The visitors dominate the Habs! Out shoot them, badly!
    Out skate them, badly! Out check them, badly! It is fine, like Greece, the Habs are a crumbling organization, former empire, bloated owner, sorry Mr. Molson, I suppose you still have time to get fat as you count your money that measures more than your brain cells when it comes to hockey! Sad! Sad! Very bad hockey!
    Hey Montreal Canadiens better stop while you are ahead, oh yes, you are usually not ahead, so forget it……

  54. JF says:

    Quite apart from the high draft pick, I want us to miss the playoffs because I’ve had about all I can take of agonizing over this team – hope when they get a lead, disappointment when they blow it, futile anger when they suck as they did tonight. Six more weeks and it’ll all be over.

  55. ZimHabwe says:

    1) We would have had a better record with Jacques Martin at the helm.
    2) From our defense keep 26, 76,74 and 22 (because we still need him for powerplays). Sell the rest.
    3) From our offense keep 72, 67, 51, 71, 81, 27, 14, 21. Sell the rest.

    • kempie says:


      This team couldn’t win with Toe & Bowman back there. RC isn’t a great coach but, let’s face it, it’s a pretty leaky boat the guy’s rowing.

      • ZimHabwe says:

        Haha. Toe and Bowman might have put us in 7 or 8 in the conference by now. Jacques would’ve put us in 9th or 10th. RC will keep us in the 11-14 category for a while. Either way, you’re right. The boat has hit the iceberg. But the band and I will keep playing until it sinks.

  56. Clay says:

    Then you take this game too seriously

    ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  57. showey47 says:

    yeah well,what if your best friend is a girl?

  58. HardHabits says:

    Tough love.

    I am almost heart broken.

    The Habs organization and fans need this. It will be a cleansing once the dirty feeling passes. Trust me. This tanked season will once and for all wipe away the smugness that has driven the hubris of this club. It all started with the downfall that was the centennial season. Now it has reached its nadir.

    My apologies people. I saw it coming and I prophesied it. I never said it was going to be easy.

    However. I also never said it will bring an instant Cup. What it will do is change the culture of the Habs and allow them the ability to finally break the cycle of mediocrity that has plagued them for too long.

    Still some hard times ahead but opportunity presents itself. Patience my friends. 2015 will be a good year. Maybe sooner.

  59. Adidess says:

    The only reason we’re in 14th place after this game is Carolina wasn’t playing. 28th overall.
    This is why I have been saying the ‘tanking’ or ‘no tanking’ thing is a moot debate. This team is so bad right now, there’s no difference between the two. Nobody can tell me having a shot at a top 3 pick is not better consolation than finishing 11th, which is the most we could achieve at this point.

  60. Captain aHab says:

    Habs are gonna get a lottery pick, then get drawn for the first overall and they’ll draft a goalie.

    McGuire for GM!
    Roy for Coach!
    Sh*t for Brains!

  61. sabi says:



  62. twilighthours says:

    Unless you’re into that sort of thing

  63. EastCoastHab says:

    Agree, of all the posts I think this one describes the feeling best!
    Good job.
    See you at the window Friday night ok?

  64. JF says:

    Boone, the score in the New Jersey game was 3-1.

  65. PeterD says:

    Blow it up Pierre…no one should be untouchable on this team…man this really sucks.

  66. The Gonk says:

    I like HIO. Will tune for whatever Hab trade action unfolds by next week, but that’s it. Too depress to see this despicable season come to its miserable end. I’d like to see if Markov makes an appearance though, just to see what he can bring after all of his travails. Good luck to everyone, if you are a Habs fanatic you are awesome.

  67. HabFanSince72 says:

    I think I’ve figured it out.

    We’re not very good.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  68. sabi says:



    • Clay says:

      Caps lock sucks…
      As does the their/there/they’re trifecta…

      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  69. Curtis O Habs says:

    Budaj should get the next fifteen starts before
    Price gets hurt or his soul crushed.

    • Clay says:

      In case you didn’t notice, Price was just average tonight. I know we would have lost even if he was really good, but he wasn’t.

      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  70. temekuhabs says:

    We need 17 more Erik Cole’s

  71. Rainrocket16 says:

    embarrassing as hell! We suck! Sell!

  72. SlovakHab says:

    Q: Have you been impressed with the job Randy Cunneyworth has done as head coach of the Canadiens?

    62% of people have been apparently IMPRESSED.

    Could someone please explain to me why?
    And also, since he has taken over, I have not see anyone saying one negative thing about CW.. I wonder why, he is the worst coach this team had since I watch the team.

    • topher5468 says:

      I believe the team has quit, I can’t put this all on RC, but there is a zero chance he’ll return here, He’ll get another job, and come back here and rub our noses in it, like everybody else this teams gives up on

      “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • MacHabFan says:

      I am with you.

      His line combos are not making effective use of the younger talent.

      And he does not know how or when to shorten the bench.

      Please do not sign him on.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Sigh… I can’t bring myself to hang the guy.

      He is in an impossible situation, a declared lame duck, trying different stuff to try and generate something… anything… he’s taking one for the team and deserves our respect accordingly and a nice contract for another job when he’s done in a month or so.

    • gumper says:

      Remember when everyone criticized JM for not showing enough passion? Lots of yelling going on now. Doesn’t seem to be doing much good. To me, the players stopped believing that the coaching staff had a viable plan somewhere near the end of October. The coaching change only made matters worse. I know this team isn’t the most talented, but that doesn’t explain why they don’t play with pride and determination. “Attitude reflects leadership.” Julius, Remember the Titans

  73. temekuhabs says:

    I’m guessing they would have to hide his f-in skates and stick for Cole not to be out there,

  74. Soolz says:

    Can you guys imagine when Montreal decides to get a center that actually wears an XL jersey. Man I can’t wait. I miss those days.

  75. boing007 says:

    Why is Cole out on a bad leg, late in a 3-0 game?

    They should wave a white flag instead.

    Richard R

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