Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third


Nothing changed for the Canadiens.
They finished third from the bottom in the final NHL standings, and the draft lottery draw left the Canadiens picking third when the draft is held in Pittsburgh on June 22
Edmonton moved up a notch into the first spot, bumping poor Columbus to second.

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When CBC Radio’s beautiful and talented Andie Bennett asked Andrei Markov about the progress of P.K. Subban, the defenceman gruffly ansered “Next question.”

When pressed, Markov declined comment.

What to make of this?

In his RDS column, Renaud Lavoie sugests Markov was expressing a negative attitude toward Subban that is prevalent in the Canadiens’ room.

I don’t buy it.

As François Gagnon said onL’Antichambre Monday, this was more a case of being Markov being Markov: Self-consciously inscrutable, indifferent to his responsibilities as a leader in the room.

Look, P.K. is not everyone’s cup of tea.

He’s a hot dog, which for me is not entirely a negative. Bell Centre fans appreciate players with panache, and Subban is their man.

He’s a 22-year-old work in progress. And P.K. matured as the season progressed.

P.K. led the team in ToI, averaging more than 24 minutes per game. Playing in all situations and matched, with Josh Gorges, against the opponents’ best forwards, P.K. was plus-9 on a last-place team.

He made $875,000.

Markov’s salery was $5.75 million. He averaged 18 minutes in 13 games and was minus-4.

Next question.

• Good reading: Mitch Melnick’s year-end summary. My favourite part is Melnick’s demolition of  the know-nothings who knock Carey Price.

• I can’t believe Chris F. Lee is working the playoffs

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