Liveblog: Week begins weakly


The Canadiens had to win.
They didn’t.

It’s almost over, compadres.


  1. novahab says:

    I support Gomez but even I say enough is enough. Bite the bullet put him on waviers . This team can’t carry him. So did the Habs spend the time off at a Montreal strip club eating greasey hamburgers. Did Buffalo spend the time off with the Doctor from Toronto getting mother littler helps shot in their asses.

  2. Adidess says:

    Double-shifting Gomez is a lot like single-shifting Gomez, which is a lot like not having Gomez in the lineup…

  3. habs-fan-84 says:

    Seriously, why did Subban become a Dman? Call me crazy, but he could’ve been a great winger….yes I’ve been drinking tonight.

    • Les Canayens says:

      Yeah eh?

      ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  4. scavanau says:

    Hope they’ve got bottled oxygen on the bench. They need it.

  5. JF says:

    This is it. Unless we can pull something out of the bag in the next few minutes, we’ll find ourselves in 14th place, and we can say good-bye to any lingering playoff hopes. Islanders won, Tampa and Washington are tied 3-3, so both teams will jump over us on victories.

  6. riddler says:

    Not fair to pin this all on Gill. Team tank with very few exceptions.

    • Lix says:

      I’m so tired of hearing this every time he attracts some criticism. He hasn’t been able to skate with anyone in the league for 2 years and now he’s becoming less able to contain players in front of the net. Anyone who thinks he will return anything of value from a contender is dreaming.

      Forgot to mention less than zero offensive skill to boot.

  7. Habbu says:

    Gotta play like hair is on fire…..

  8. JasonM says:

    Story of the season, cannot finish.

  9. RockinRey says:

    Leave it all out there boys!!!

  10. scavanau says:

    They were given that goal and couldn’t put it away

  11. HabCez says:

    penalties is really killin us.. even if they dont score on us on the pk..
    its just tiring out our pk unit
    and all this positional d is driving me nuts.. 5 on 5 should not look like a pk for us..

    Go habs.. steal one!

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  12. LTHF says:


  13. riddler says:

    Gomez= Ron flockhart.
    A bunch of skating….No results.

  14. novahab says:

    Someone has to stand up and explain whats the hell is going on. So the Sabres all of a sudden are the greatest skating team in the history of hockey, I seen this trick before with Nashville. Its called Mother’s little helpers. The NHL is the dirtest, drug ladden league in sports. I am sorry no F&(%ing way Buffalo just put together a exceptional game. On top of that you got the two blind mice refing. They don’t miss a thing on the Habs but boy oh boy they are human with Buffalo.

  15. habs001 says:

    While blunden tries i am wondering how did he make the canadian national junior team with so minimal skills

  16. Muckbringer says:

    ive got a new nickname…”next goal cole”

    (can be replaced in go habs go chant)

  17. manu07 says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeee find a taker for Gomez.

  18. ont fan says:

    Well HH you were right…. Malkin Shootout

  19. PrimeTime says:

    The dream is dying? LOL I’m sure Boone and the rest of the media will dream up other dramatics to “report”

  20. PureGuava says:

    This whole double-shifting Gomez experiment has been a total bust. Sure he looks great out there flying and buzzing around, but he’s really not accomplishing anything.

  21. riddler says:

    There ya go. Learn Habs. Get it deep and keep it there. !!!

  22. Muckbringer says:

    k, so we just watch pens tie leafs with 6.6 left. we go down 2-1 with 15 left in the third and rats jump ship. dont cheer if we score ok, just call it a night now!

  23. Les Canayens says:

    I`m watching the MSG feed and just heard they say DAIH-SHAR-NAIH for Desharnais.

    ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  24. slapshot777 says:

    F*cking asleep all night. Listening to all the players talk about how they need to be ready every night. Bullsh!t line. You come out and play like this all night and suck throughout the whole game.

  25. Sal says:

    Sell, sell, sell…

  26. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Boys need to pick it up.

    I want to see Emelin on the next PP.

    Gill’s value went down a little on that goal.

  27. Adidess says:

    Yep, just what we need. More Gill. I’d rather see the kids out there, making mistakes and learning what not to do.

  28. Mondou6 says:

    Gotta say, the Buffalo announcers are great…No homer BS at all, even questioning some of the calls for Buffalo and against us.

    • powdered toastmann says:

      Yes, I noticed that as well.

    • Les Canayens says:

      Blatant homers like Boston and Toronto are the exceptions in this league.

      ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  29. riddler says:

    You saw hard work Burtuzzi?

  30. PureGuava says:

    Is AK benched?

  31. RockinRey says:

    Well at least Pit has a chance to still win. They were down 4-2 to Leafs and cam back to tie it late in 3rd

  32. Kimberly2u says:

    They had too much time off and are playing like crap except for Cole and Price

  33. Bertuzzi says:

    That’s too bad. The habs worked so hard….

  34. HardHabits says:

    HaHa. Habs get the better draft pick.

  35. slychard says:


    Kiss my hAbSS!!!

    • Muckbringer says:

      good, later then

      Conan: Almost 20 years of pitiless cumber! No rest, no sleep like other men. And yet the spring wind blows, Subotai. Have you ever felt such a wind?
      Subotai: They blow where I live too. In the north of every man’s heart.
      Conan: It’s never too late, Subotai.
      Subotai: No. It would only lead me back here another day. In even worse company.
      Conan: For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.

  36. HardHabits says:

    Back in the old days this is what they used to call a tie.

  37. riddler says:

    Saw that coming from a mile away.

  38. Propwash says:


    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  39. scavanau says:

    Can we win an D-zone faceoff?

  40. riddler says:

    Too many blind passes to the slot. Better to eat the puck on the boards.

  41. riddler says:

    PK degenerating ?
    On the scoreboard because of his patented slew foot.

  42. manu07 says:

    If MTL gets 2 points here I will be shocked. They look terrible.

  43. smiler2729 says:

    Maybe the Habs are doing the rope-a-dope?

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  44. Muckbringer says:

    am i wrong for thinking the crowd should react to the leaf loser point? are the league scores really as bad in the bell centre as on rds?

  45. habsfaninboston says:

    Weak call.

  46. smiler2729 says:

    Mike, Engqvist IS a bad one.
    Where’s Louie The White?

    Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.

  47. manu07 says:

    Another stupid penalty from the Habs.

  48. PrimeTime says:

    Boone’s stats of hits and sog are useless

  49. db says:

    Is every team going to OT tonight?

  50. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Laffs blew 3rd period 2 goal lead against the Pens in the last 5 minutes.. last one with 6.6 seconds left!

  51. manu07 says:

    Pens tied it with seconds left. Lol. Under review. Hopefully the leafs lose. I hate the leafs.

  52. PrimeTime says:

    Pens v Leafs now at 4’s.Woohoo!

  53. habs001 says:

    With the leafs up by 2 they get their first pk in 8 plus periods..plecks and gomez terrible so far…diaz and weber in a 7 game series with the bruins/flyers etc..these guys are swiss league material..

  54. Danno says:

    Only seven periods of hockey to go before Scott Gomez reaches his scoreless one-year anniversary


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  55. manu07 says:

    Hate to say it, leafs vs pens is a much more entertaining then the Habs game.

  56. Adidess says:

    Not sure how much of this is Habs being out of sync, following the break and the great tease against Detroit. But this team doesn’t look like it’s about to go on a 8th game winning streak, which is about what we need if there is to be meaningful games in March.
    Not happening, it seems. The good thing is from where we are, we don’t need to tank to get a high draft pick. Just keep doing what we have been doing.

  57. RockinRey says:

    Regardless if they are in playoff position or not they should try for any takers for Kabs at the deadline. Where is Campoli again?

  58. duffy says:


  59. Brazhabs says:

    Anyone have a link for the game???

  60. Danno says:

    Cole has got to score in the 3rd period. He has come too close too many times so far.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  61. Wops says:

    “Ayoye” – Paul Gaustad

  62. Danno says:

    Gaustad took a bullet off Kostitsyn for the Sabres


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  63. Chris says:

    Random thoughts…

    1) Watching this game, I get the feeling the ice sucks tonight. Lots of bouncing pucks, and lots of guys falling inexplicably.

    2) Passing is TERRIBLE tonight, for both teams.

    3) Subban…stop the dirty crap. Kicking a leg out on a guy is going to draw the attention of the league in a bad way if you keep it up.

    4) I love Emelin more and more each game. He makes mistakes, but he is a keeper. At some point he’s going to mis-time one of those hipchecks he loves to throw and land a suspension or two, but until then…fun to watch.

    5) The Eller line has not been “on” tonight. Hope they have a good 3rd period. Eller, like Subban, sometimes makes a complicated or risky play when a simple play is available. They’ll both learn.

    6) Bugs, wherever he went, was right; Desharnais is a keeper.

    7) The Plekanec line has been fairly quiet tonight too. A line with three veteran players needs to step up down the stretch if the Habs have any hope.

  64. solomio says:

    Lucky the Sabres are a crappy team otherwise this would have been over long ago.

    “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  65. obrien says:

    Price deserves to win. So does Buffalo.

  66. HardHabits says:

    They’re hanging on for dear life.

  67. SlovakHab says:

    Ottawa not smoking Boston anymore as they are up 4-3 (that’s what I call a good team) and Toronto is up 4-1 on Pittsburgh and close to winning their 3rd straight (that’s what a call a good playoff push).
    My Habs have none of that. Sad that the next meaningful game is in October – and it is still January in Canada, FFS.

  68. mb says:


    Poor Carey.

    Must feel so good hanging in there by himself.

  69. HABitual Fan says:

    Question: With such a completely impotent power-play, why don’t they just rotate the lines during a man advantage? The lads will have more space out there and I guarantee, they will not be any worse than 12%!

    “… but it’s still better than cheering for the Leafs!”

    • Strummer says:

      Dump and Chase is so pointless on the PP.
      They need to gain the zone and not cough up posession..

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
      -Dennis Miller

  70. goat_007 says:

    Haha good effort but Blunden is no greztsky

  71. HabFanSince72 says:

    We look to be taking over.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  72. HabFanSince72 says:

    Interview with Randy Ladouceur.

    Nothing to say.

    Our defensive coach.

    When Larry Robinson wants the job.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

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