Liveblog: Another home-ice stinkeroo


If the Super Bowl is this boring …
Nothing could be as boring as the Caps-Canadiens matinee.

How bad was it?

The Capital had TWO penalty shots … and cashed one of them.

Scott Gomez didn’t score, so he’s made it a calendar year since his last one.


  1. habs4ever says:

    One more thing…Carter is a bum…another guy who will be hurt all the time.

  2. habs4ever says:

    Clearly its time to pack it in….Trade Gill,Plecs,Darche,A.K, and put Gomez on waivers…eat some of his contract.Bring up some young blood and lets take a long look at our coaching staff…this year is a wash

  3. alwayssunny says:

    The imbeciles who have run this team for the past 8 years can’t surprise me anymore. I wouldn’t even blink if the next big announcement is – “I have decided to step aside (take a cushy job and still meddle but not have to put up with any bullshit from media) but I am turning over the GM duties to my hand picked successor. I have the utmost confidence in him. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Mr. Martin.”

  4. Roy93 says:

    Hey taking bets here. What period and at what time will Price let in the backbreaker goal tomorrow? LOL. Let’s give credit where credit is due mike3131 what Halak did for the Habs 2 years ago was simply amazing. To disrespect that is not cool. When Carey pulls that off I can shake his hand. Btw what do you guys think of that Carter to MTL rumor on todays intermission? I think that would be amazing!

  5. Richard B says:

    Our offensive struggles r mainly the result of a piss poor defensive squad. The major changes have been on d and just a few adjustments in the right direction can right the ship. I refuse to believe plecks is this useless. Go habs go. Ps. Kaber n campolie have to go. They both blow

  6. nova scotia vees says:

    Awful….no heart…vacation plans are being made. One thing that totally irks me though is the constant piling-on of P.K….. P.J. Stock and HNIC, are a shameful bunch…P.K. did not pinch…In fact he was already back at the point when the puck got flipped past him. It was Kaberle who didn’t see the forward go behind him. And on the second goal..Ak just stood there as the forward skating right past him into the slot, while Bourque also did nothing. Idiot Stock did not mention the lack of coverage by the forwards. Does P.J. have nasty pictures of the CBC President? How did he get the job and how does he keep it! Oh well, as they say in baseball..”wait’ll next year”.

  7. simoa says:

    Bust out the champagne, Habs are now in last place in the East.

  8. RetroMikey says:

    I am reading so many comments from our so called Habs fans on this site who now see the day of light where this pathetic franchise and team is heading. Too little too late for this club.
    I;d start trading everyone on this club and if it means trading Price, so be it.
    This team ain’t going anywhere now or in the future if we don’t make major changes form the office, management, coaching, scouting and players staff although I believe Cunneyworth is a helluva coach.
    Dark years are coming Habs fans, accept it.
    RetroMikey said it here first years ago!
    Tank I say! Tank!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  9. Michael says:

    I always feel bad calling for someone to be fired, but that’s not going to stop me. Molson must get rid of Gauthier soon. The problem, as I see it, is that he probably knows he is a lame-duck GM, which means he has no incentive to consider the team’s future. His only incentive is to improve the team now, which at this point in the season, can only hurt the team’s future. Look at the Kaberle deal, where he traded an ageing defenceman whose contract was expiring for an ageing defenceman whose contract was just getting started, all because he felt that the latter could (for some reason) immediately improve the team more than the former. The long-term effect of that trade is undoubtedly detrimental, and it is hard to imagine that Gauthier did not realize that when he pulled the trigger on it. He knows the only chance he has at keeping his job is if this team somehow turns things around very quickly. It is hard to imagine he is thinking about rebuilding because it would almost certainly mean he would lose his job, and there are very few people out there willing to act in the interest of their employers at their own expense. The last thing this team needs is Gauthier handling trade deadline movements.

  10. Cam_1 says:

    So now what ? The hockey season is officially over Feb 4/12. It is honestly gonna be boring watching meaningless Habs game. There will be other exciting games that don’t involve the Habs. But without the Habs in a play off race, nor the play offs this year…I must admit…I just feel like crying !! I can’t believe this..what a nightmare of a season ! Thanks for nothing Molson !!! “sniff sniff”

    I feel like its the end of world !!! Damn you Molson…Damn you !!!

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