Liveblog: Devils 2 – Kings 1, final goes back to L.A.

We’ve got a series.
L.A. finally loses a road game in the playoffs.
And game 6 goes Monday night at the Staples Centre.

The great Martin Brodeur made 25 saves – nine in the third period as L.A. poured on the pressure. The kings hit the post three times.

The Devils have beaten L.A. as often as Vancouver, St. Louis and Phoenix combined.

Jonathan Quick had not lost two in a row since March 26.

Has a seed of doubt been planted in the minds of the erstwhile playoff juggernaut?

• Good reading: A nice piece by Bill Simmons on his daughter’s love affair with the Kings


  1. ZepFan2 says:



    Ka is a wheel.

    “Bring it back home to me baby”

    Bring it on Home

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  4. ZepFan2 says:


    Ka is a wheel.

    Fans Theme: “You’ve gotta have your way There’s nothin’ left to say” – Harry Nilsson

    You’re breaking my heart

  5. habstrinifan says:


  6. nunacanadien says:

    I like the fact that no superstar is now out of our grasp, ok, having said that, the proof is in the pudding as to whether Geoff Molson’s committee will destroy any trade for the sake of profit. Profit that is in just selling gate proceeds vs selling a real hockey team with a real GM who is allowed to gamble with the team’s future, albeit, with the Committee running things, anything is up as any team that is run by a Committee is a bottom feeding team, which the Habs are now famous for.

  7. mark-ID says:

    All this Crosby talk….thought I’d throw out a trade that came to mind.

    Subban, Desharnais, our 3rd overall this year and our 1st rounder next year for


    Is this at all realistic?

    Pittsburgh would receive a potential all star defenceman,
    a young(albeit small) centreman….who has always put up numbers, every league he has played in. Then they get a top three pick and another first rounder in a very deep draft.

    Ps…..I wasn’t willing to throw in Pacioretty…gave them Subban instead considering we have a good amount of D prospects

    We get the best player in the world…who has ties to Montreal’s new management…..but is coming off some serious concussion issues.

    Who wins….is it fair? Discuss.

    “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

  8. boing007 says:

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  9. habstrinifan says:

    OK! I am going to bed now.

    I want your solemn promise that there will not be bloodshed during the night. And that no one named P.K;Price;Max Pac; Cole; Tinordi; Bournival;Ellis; Gallagher will be traded before I awake.

    Everyone close your eyes; bow your heads and pray with me!

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray our GM, P.K to keep!
    But if he trades before I wake
    I pray it’s Gomer, Kaber or Bourque they take.


  10. sprague cleghorn says:

    Dickie Moore is making a comeback!! He’s going to be on left wing with Pierre Larouche at centre and a bottle of the Rocket’s Grecian Formula on right wing. PK is being traded to the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Munich for an experimental quantum electro-shock reactivation process that will re-animate the amazingly well-preserved internal organs of Doug Harvey, which will anchor our defense with MAB and a surprisingly spry (for 76) big burly Ted Harris. New assistant coach: the stuffed remains of Dick Irvin Senior’s pet dog. Michel Therrien is actually a clever double of the real Michel Therrien, who was killed in a car accident with the real Paul McCartney, who was replaced in the Beatles in 1966 by Roger Doucet.

    It’s gotta be true, I read it on the internet — and they have that on computer now!

  11. habstrinifan says:

    I had been thinking the same way re Jac Villeneuve’s rant. But didnt have the guts to say it. I agree with Jack Todd.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      I love Jack Tood and don’t get why he’s hated so much he tells it like it is.

      I especially loved this line “This is the privileged Little Prince who got his education at a Swiss boarding school, then parlayed some talent and his father’s name into a ride with what was then an excellent Williams team” He has no idea what is is to hold down a full time job to pay for school. I used to like Villeneuve but after the Williams team fell into obscurity so did Villeneuve and I lost interest in F1. After his comments this weekend I really started to dislike this spoiled brat.

      I also liked this part of Todd’s article and I think he nailed it on the head when he talks about Therrien; “Our reservations about Therrien come down to this: the man simply doesn’t have the class we once associated with the Canadiens. (Well, that and the fact it’s impossible to imagine the Canadiens winning a Stanley Cup on Therrien’s watch.)”

      Pretty much sums up my feelings on the new coach as well.

  12. commandant says:

    With the Sharks adding Stuart, any chance Murray is available? or Vlasic?

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  13. kempie says:

    Some friends were down to visit from Belleville this weekend and they are avid Habs fans. I don’t have a lot of folks around here to talk hockey with (so I’m on this damn site every day) so it was nice to have a lengthy, intelligent discussion about all things Bergevin, the draft, our D, the Mem Cup etc. You know, the scuttlebutt.

    But tonight, I had dinner with some folks who are more casual followers. There was a new guy I’d just met, nice enough but when somebody asked who won the game last night, he confirmed that the Kings did. Having no choice, I corrected him that NJ had won. He was pretty sure I was wrong, so I explained that I had watched the entire game and, at least on my TV, the Devils had won. He then went on to explain what a huge Kings fan he was. But he could have sworn that they won last night.

    I’m a nice guy so I just ended up grinding my teeth and changing the subject. But wow. I repeat… Wow.

  14. That's-Hockey says:

    you don’t have to be tough to beat Boston – gotta have more than a one line team…

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I want PK Subban off Our Team ASAP …will actually become an admirer of both MB & MT if PK is gone soon …He is a low-brow trouble-maker causing all kinds of dissension in The Room !

    …ahem, THAT is My quota of Hab Fan ‘STUPID’ talk for today 🙂

    …now, on to boxing
    …I’m a huge fan of Manny Pacquiao …but I did not see the fight last night
    …can You tell Me how he lost out-punching by 100, and out-power punching by almost 80 ???
    …ay carumba ! …Mon Dieu !

    Michel Therrien ???: HIS’ new Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
    HIO’s BC Odd Couple: UCe, the supercilious stickler; and HIS, the stubbornly relentless ‘schismatist’ 🙂
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • commandant says:

      It was a fix

      The money line in Vegas moved by $35 in the last 5 hours before the fight

      That doesnt happen unless some serious, serious money comes in, in that period of time most of it on Bradley.

      The two judges who went against Pac gave round 5 to Bradley. Round 5 was absolute domination by Pac. I thought he was gonna knock him out, Bradley was lucky to survive.

      Bradley’s mom would have scored that round to Pac

      Seriously though Bradley’s manager had it 8 rounds to 4 for Pac. Howard Lederman had it 10 rounds to 2 for Pac.

      This result was a fix

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …PacMan was quite classy after the result was announced
        …if I was he, I would have gone bananas

        …of course, he will make another $ 20 to 40 million in November …I guess that would soothe an aggrieved soul a little

  16. punkster says:

    So lemme see if I got this straight; Subban to Edmonton, we get Crosby, BGL coming back to the Habs.

    I gotta think Halak figures in this deal somewhere, right?

    This is perfect example of why the expression WTF was invented by early man.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  17. commandant says:

    Its gonna be a long summer if we start quoting the twitter frauds as legit sources

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  18. That's-Hockey says:

    This stuff is garbage subban for crosby. what kind of a deal would that be a crippled crosby for a healthy subban. any GM that would do that shouldn’t be a Habs GM…

  19. ProHabs says:

    I am starting to lose confidence in Marc Bergevin already:
    – he hires Mike Terrible-an
    – a Subban deal is pretty well complete with Edmonton
    – Patrice Brisbois and Donald Audette are being added to the staff in some capacity
    – George Larocque is being asked to come back and play
    – he is considering trading the 3rd pick overall for Henwick Corsi

    We are going to be wishing for the Gauthier/Martin days me thinks.

  20. Psycho29 says:

    Wow….The Habs haven’t played a game yet and Michel Therrien is already on Jack Fraud’s “Zero” list……(along with Jacques Villeneuve)

    • ZepFan2 says:

      I like this reply:

      “For someone who has spent so much of his career as a writer, it amazes me that you persist in using the collective “we” to refer to yourself.

      It’s old, give it a rest. Unless. of course, you suffer from a multiple personality disorder, which would explain a lot.

      Your penchant for trolling deep into the past to pull up some half-witted tidbit with which to mock somebody whose views, ideology, or looks (remember your remarks about Kurt Warner’s trailer trash wife from all those years ago, Jack?) really don’t serve you well and instead taint you with the odor of yet another lefty crank on the downside of his career.”
      – Haggisboy

      “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

      Bring it on Home

    • ProHabs says:

      Jack Todd sounds very very jealous of Jacques Villeneuve’s life.

  21. 24 Cups says:

    Just think if the Devils had of picked up one of those two overtime home games at the beginning of the series. Just one second, just one play, could have turned it all around.

    Of course, it still might.

  22. frontenac1 says:

    Go Habs! Go Devils! And Go Taylor Stevens!!!

  23. Sean Bonjovi says:

    The new thing that I’m on is that really want the Canadiens to go out and get Fedor Tyutin from Columbus. I want Keaton Ellerby from the Panthers too. Ellerby can play with Kaberle.

    “I’m not opposed to trading Plekanec and/or Markov”
    – Sean Bonjovi

  24. slapshot777 says:

    Who said that PK was up for grabs? We need PK moving forward if we are ever going progress through this youth movement. Beaulieu, Tinordi, and Ellis will not be ready for the NHL just yet.

  25. Sean Bonjovi says:

    Subban’s available, therefore we must be getting Crosby. I’m real pumped about that, but now I’m conflicted about whether we should dump Gomez now, or maybe play him on Crosby’s wing for a while to increase his trade value.

    “I’m not opposed to trading P.K. Subban for Sidney Crosby”
    – Sean Bonjovi

  26. Sean Bonjovi says:

    double post (server must be overloaded)

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