Liveblog: Canadiens win again in OT, take stranglehold on series


Big CHaracter win.

Dale Weise, of all people, finally batted a puck behind Craig Anderson 14 minutes into the third period to tie the game 1-1.

Then Dale Weise, of all people, won it in Overtime, beating Anderson short side with a stoppable shot.

Clarke MacArthur had given the Senators a lead 11 minutes into the first period.

Canadiens outshot the Senators 49-34.

Game four is Wednesday.



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  2. bman123 says:

    I’m sure somewhere out there Milan Lucic was watching last nights game. I wonder what he was thinking when he saw good ol Weise pop the tying and OT winner! Thanks Milan for making sure you didn’t f*****g kill him this season!

  3. montreal ace says:

    The Habs have been on the receiving end, of too many bad hits over the last ten years. The only way its going to stop, is by us doing the same to their players.

  4. Danno says:


    I love how that sounds…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  5. 123456 says:

    Great win

    Yea Karlsson hit was to head but he didn’t target the head – I think it just happened

    I thought the refs kinds sucked both ways – each team got away with a few

    I do wish Habs were more physical around their own net after the whistle

    DD had impressed….. SP not so much but he’s playing his game

    How about that 22? Not too shabby

  6. montreal ace says:

    There is not a player I dislike on the Habs, so 3 wins up I am one happy fan

  7. Snapper7 says:

    I have to give credit where it’s due. I’m not a fan of DD being one of our top two centres, but I must say, tonight he channelled his inner Gallagher and played amazingly. I sure hope this continues. Max is still a little off. Look out when he’s back at it. A four or five game series would be great for all our boys to heal up. I know, I know, don’t count your chickens…

    Win with class…

  8. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Start to finish, he targeted Beaulieu’s head.

    Karlsson was on Nate’s backside, then cut across to initiate contact which happened to be his head. Nate got up, there won’t be any suspension…but man the kid is tough.

    At least a penalty should have been called for a hit to the head. I know it does not compare to Cooke vs Savard (Cooke should have been kicked out for life), but it was a blind side hit, shoulder pad direct contact.

    Any hit to the head when it is the principal point of contact should be an automatic suspension when it comes from a player’s blind side at the very least. Hey if you have to responsible for your stick at ALL times, shouldn’t the NHL care a little more about these types of “hockey plays”? Shouldn’t an NHLer in today’s game be responsible for hitting a vulnerable player in the head at ALL times? I mean especially when you have THAT much time and space to make a clean hit…no excuse.

    I have to disagree with a number of folks, it was a bad hit.

    “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

    • montreal ace says:

      Riverview you are 100% correct, Beaulieu will even things out with Karlsson, at a future date, I am very sure of that fact

    • 123456 says:

      clean, albeit hard, hit – should to shouder and N8s head snapped into him – head was not targeted……. I gotta say Karlsson is a great player.

      DD has been good, im disappointed with smith-pelly though

      • 123456 says:

        I stand corrected – after a freezefram in highdef Karlsson shoulder DID make contact to the side of the head and it was the first contact .

        Habs should call the NHL and say he has a micro concussion and request Karlsson be suspended

  9. jols says:

    I live in Ottawa so all their games are televised. I watch some and never really understood all the hype for Karlsson. He seemed to give away the puck a lot and seemed weak in his own end.

    Not tonight. He was by far the best player on the ice. Totally dominant. I now realize why Sens fans love him. I still rather Subban by miles but I am also very biased.

    Karlsson may have gotten away with a head shot but lets not be whiny little b*****s about it like the sens fans were about the Subban slash.

  10. Paz says:

    Of course, You’re allowed to hit the guy in the head in this league.

    If you strike blood, from his eyes, his ears, or an open skull wound, then you get a telephone call from the league.

    If you knock him unconscious, he has to leave on a stretcher, and he’s concussed, paralyzed for life, or dead, then you will get a face to face meeting.

    • Phil C says:

      In this league, if the hit is “clean”, you can kill someone and it’s not a penalty. Therein lies the problem with how the rules are enforced.

  11. Max says:

    It’s quite obvious that the Senaturds used up most of their energy in that ridiculous run to make the playoffs.They gave close to 100% tonight and still fell short.Our lads have been playing at around 60% of their abilities and are still up 3-0.The habs are a very good team and if they fix that sad pp,they can be considered elite.This series isn’t over but is certainly trending in our direction.

  12. punkster says:

    Not that it really matters at this point but in my view Karlsson is scum. The hit was illegal, targeted the head, clearly connected shoulder to head, and left his feet to do it. Attempting to excuse it as an unavoidable accident due to a “suicide pass” or that Beaulieu didn’t look up or that the league would never suspend for such a play is a cop out. Read the rule, follow the rule, or get rid of the rule (48.1) but please don’t pull the old “it was a hockey play” crap.

    In other news, check the replay of the winning OT goal and what do we see? Why, is that good old number 65 floating back into the play? I thought this kid was a god, a power to be reckoned with?

    Pffft… he’s scum.

    Release the Subbang!!!

  13. Max says:

    I wonder how Milan Lucic is feeling after Weise’s performance tonight?

  14. Dru says:

    I doubt they showed the replay on CBC, but Subban got crossed-checked to the side of the head something awful right before the Sens’ goal. TVA replayed it a few times. Hope there’s nothing lasting. Pretty brutal not to get a call for that. Good old selective Hudson Bay rules, but nice to see the habbies gut out the win despite stuff like that, and the bad ice.

    • Chris says:

      CBC showed it and commented on it. It happens.

    • SC27 says:

      They showed it a few times. Even Healy labelled it as a missed call.

    • BKAK72 says:

      The entire CBC/HNIC/Sportsnet crew called it a penalty. Don Cherry during CC said it wasn’t called “because it’s Subban” (meaning, he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt).

      NHL referees are brutally inconsistent.

      Even the black/white calls become grey. Consider the broken stick on DSP that should be a 5on3 becomes 4on4 as MAXPAC is penalized for holding?!?! Even the puck clearing penalty required PKs push to get the zebras to gather and discuss an obvious penalty.


      — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. –

  15. Paz says:

    Hits like the one on Beaulieu take me back 30 years to a different era of hockey, when Scott Stevens was a Norris Trophy candidate every year for hitting Lindros exactly like that.

    It’s been 30 years.

    Nothing has changed.

    Imagine if Subban had made that hit.

    Subban would be suspended into 2016 and beyond.

  16. DLS HAB says:

    As stated hit was a tad high but Habs have got to realize they are going to be targeted with borderline
    Hits because of what Subban started.

    • Adidess says:

      Of course, it is Subban’s fault that NHL playoffs are so physical. I have been watching Canucks-Flames and Jets-Ducks as well and I totally agree with you. Once PK did what he did, it’s been hard hitting in playoffs games everywhere.

    • Omit says:

      Subban got a major and game misconduct, so what,s your point? Karlson got nothing!

      “What a fool believes, he sees.” D. B.

      • DLS HAB says:

        Point being Sens are looking for retribution for Subban’s hit. It is how it is; however doesn’t mean it’s right.

        • Adidess says:

          Your reasoning is too linear to make sense.

          Game 3, Sens are down 2-0 in the series, and you think the only reason they were physical in this game is because of something that happened in Game 1. You should challenge yourself a bit more when you’re trying to think.

          And take a look at the other games, you see retribution for what exactly? Playoffs hockey is physical, period.

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      I wish I had a t-shirt that could animate that…

      Frickin’ awesomesauce!

      “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

  17. DLS HAB says:

    Nate was not out and leaking on the ice for 10 minutes. Eller was seriously damaged.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I wasn’t comparing injuries, I was pointing out the consistency of the league’s barbaric conception of “good hit”. The league didn’t mind having someone leak on the ice for 10 minutes. The league, like the Ottawa Sun, liked it.

  18. DLS HAB says:

    Beaulieu can pick his spot. What goes around comes around.

  19. DLS HAB says:

    Good hit on Beaulieu. Might be a tad high but this is the playoffs boys. Keep your heads up.

  20. SC27 says:

    TSN690 just confirmed no disciplinary action for Karlsson.

  21. Adidess says:

    Gilbert played a terrible game for the most part, but he was full value on the equalizer. The only reason Weise had that wide open opportunity to tie the game is that Gilbert was engaged with another defenceman next to him in front of the net.

  22. Cal says:

    Karlsson hit Beaulieu directly to the head. Karlsson will get a call from “The oops we have to be seen to be doing something about head shots department” and probably be fined, he being such a delicate flower and all.
    Have to mention how resilient Price was, especially on a night when his team was making Anderson look like an All Star. Just one goal allowed in their barn and about 55 minutes of shut out hockey.
    So, have to mention the D tonight. Experience really came through tonight, despite a few gaffes. After all the insane pounding in the first, Ottawa couldn’t keep it up and the Habs took over.
    Whodathunk it would be Weise to tie and win it after such a great night of opportunities for many of the other Habs forwards? DD was a Gallagher clone down low, fighting for every inch and winning his share of the battles against towering Dmen. Galchenyuk, DSP, Prust, Eller and Mitchell demonstrated that the Habs don’t play small anymore. They can play both the speed and skill game along with the crash and bang. That is a BIG improvement from last year. Hell, even on a quiet night for him, DLR made his presence felt.
    One guy who gets a lot of flak on HIO for being a playoff softie led the Habs forwards in hits. Yeah, it was Pleks, who is playing like this is the year.
    Enjoy the ride, folks! Habs have them in a stranglehold, baby!

  23. Phil C says:

    “48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an
    opponent’s head where the head was the main point of contact and
    such contact to the head was avoidable is not permitted.
    In determining whether contact with an opponent’s head was
    avoidable, the circumstances of the hit including the following shall be
    (i) Whether the player attempted to hit squarely through the
    opponent’s body and the head was not “picked” as a result of poor
    timing, poor angle of approach, or unnecessary extension of the
    body upward or outward.”

    The key is that the hit on Beaulieu was square through the body and contact to the head was not avoidable. The head was not picked. This is a clean hit by NHL standards. It is similar to this hit on Brian Boyle that was not suspended either as they deemed the head was unavoidable.

  24. twilighthours says:

    Karlsson on Beaulieu, still-frame:

  25. NightRyder says:

    Michael Ferland would look good in a Habs uniform.
    Bob ‘Artley would also look good behind the bench.
    (I know, I know, Therrien’s got his batch up misfits up 3-0)…

  26. Looking at the replay it really looks like Karlsson hit Beaulieu’s head first with that shoulder check. I think it should at least be reviewed.

  27. Feraco says:

    Hmmmm. Tough one! Thanks

  28. Max says:

    It was cute watching Karlsson recklessly throw his 115 pound frame around all night.Hopefully,he’ll get soundly levelled on Wednesday.

  29. Duffy says:

    Put the Weiss line out on the Powerplay,they might surprise you,,,,,

  30. aHabberlikeyous says:

    Wife and i are going to “celebrate” Habs win… goodnight HIO!

  31. Feraco says:

    What happened to N8!? I missed it

  32. The Gumper says:

    Amburglar…. non
    Amburger elper…. non
    Dutch Gretzky?…. Oui Oiu!

  33. brennan2 says:

    THS, love the new lyrics!

  34. brennan2 says:

    RING OF FIRE, I was thinking the same thing re ’93. Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. jlgib21 says:

    Mtl- Calg rd 3 ?

  36. Adidess says:

    Not sure why MT went out of his way to say the Karlsson hit was a legal bodycheck.

    In taking the high road, you could say I have not seen enough replays to know for sure and leave it at that. Now it feels like he bails out the NHL head office before they take a look, and Beaulieu could have used some support having been victimized on a borderline hit.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      MT is more experienced than the Ottawa coach. When the Habs go after Karlsson as they will, nobody can say it was premeditated.

    • Captain aHab says:

      There is no way they suspend Karlsson when the series is 3-0. MT knows that and wants to keep his guys focussed.

      Prepare to be boarded!!

    • Chris says:

      Because it was.

      Karlsson didn’t aim for the head. Beaulieu just skated like he was the only guy on the ice on that play. That one is all on Beaulieu, in my opinion.

      • twilighthours says:

        Disagree, my friend.

        It’s textbook definition. Principal point of contact was head, and since Karlsson jumped (not “left his feet”), he targeted the head.

        Totally suspension-worthy. But it will never happen.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Chris, where does principle point of contact come into it?

        • Chris says:

          The rule is described up above. It has to be avoidable. With the way Beaulieu was skating, the head was going to be the principle point of contact on any square hit, such as the one Karlsson threw.

          The principal point of contact rule is intended more for where guys “clip” the head on glancing blows or launch a shoulder directly into the face. I honestly don’t see that in this hit, but I’ve been wrong before.

      • Da Hema says:

        Look at the play more carefully Chris. I am not going to whine about Karlsson getting a suspension, because Wonder Boy will never get one. But he’ll pay for that soon.

      • Well where are you supposed to look when receiving a pass? Usually at the puck. In any case, it’s not like Beaulieu’s head suddenly changed position before the hit. He does lift his head up after receiving the pass only to get a shoulder into it.

        Head down or not, the other play should not be making a hit that targets the head.

    • kalevine says:

      because they are up 3-0 in the series. No point in escalating anything at this point

  37. SC27 says:

    So Bobby Boy is going to be making an average of $7.25mil for the next 7 years. I don’t think he has touched the puck 7 times this series.

  38. twilighthours says:

    By definition, the Karlsson his is suspension-worthy, but there’s no way in he11 it will ever happen.

    • Dunboyne Mike says: has it up as a video highlight. I guess you’re probably right.

    • Chris says:

      I disagree. The head ended up as the principal point of contact, but Beaulieu has to make an effort to protect himself. Karlsson didn’t charge him, didn’t jump into him (he gives up 2.5-3 inches in height), and skated right at him. The only reason that was a blind-side hit was because Beaulieu never once took a look to see whether a hit was coming, which was a pretty reasonable expectation given the tone of the game.

  39. keidongiles says:

    0-6 on the pp. MT needs to get DSP off the pp for Eller.

  40. Storman says:

    If Dave Cameron and Cameron Diaz had a child they would name said child Dale

  41. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Loser Ottawa reporter complaining about the refs. Yeah, that’s why the Sens lost…LOL

    • slapshot777 says:

      Dave Cameron even said so much that the ref wasn’t the reason hey lost tonight. Ottawa fans and media alike will look for every excuse. I guess before the series started Bruce Garrioch picked the Sens as he is a homer anyway. I wonder what he is thinking now. I believe he picked the Sens in five.

      He is lousy at trade rumors and also at playoff predictions.

      To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  42. Cal says:

    The Dutch Gretzky strikes again!
    Weised Lightning!

    • habsr4ever says:

      One more thing.
      NB makes a brutal give away and is sat……our pp has sucked and I would like to think to even out some ice time you put him out there INSTEAD of Gilbert on pp unit number two.
      We all saw Pacman make a BRUTAL give away in OT did we not? Well geez….let’s give NB a break…..MT – give him a bone….he’s going to be our top pairing dman in a few years…..experience for pacman- ok…..he’s our best forward…..but let NB play after that mistake….unless he is concussed I thought that was a BAD decision by MT especially when Gilbert to me sucked tonight as well….any how MT made a great change by sending out Weise instead of Flynn on that line……any how – up 3 to zip…..13 more Wins to go.

  43. boing007 says:

    Don’t even give them a sniff in game four. And keep your heads up.

    Richard R

  44. HUDSONHAB says:

    I was getting irritated. All they were talking about was Karlsson and Stone.

  45. habsfan0 says:

    Habs won 10 straight playoff OT games in ’93 en route to the Cup.
    2 down…8 to go.

  46. Storman says:

    Before Senators first goal there was a crosscheck to Subban”s ear,, just looked it up if you wear a Habs jersey number 76 and take a cross check to the ear it is not a penalty, rule 8-34.1jackass

  47. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    At the time, Cameron Diaz was past her prime so it was a good trade. Weezy not a looker but he looks good with a clutch.

  48. Captain aHab says:

    Cameron looks haggard.

    Prepare to be boarded!!

  49. kalevine says:

    After watching the last 2 games, and getting the idea that game 1was similar, I’m wondering if the Sens really are exhausted from their stretch run, because the Habs do seem to outlast them, having by far the better of the play after the first in every game

  50. kalevine says:

    I’m not one to point out my rare moments of inight but before last year’s playoffs I “suggested” that Weise would be the playoff surprise, which he was, and is again

  51. scarboro_habitant says:

    habs have proven to be a counter punch team. feel out the other team in the first, then team talks about strategy in intermission and makes adjustments.

  52. Ring of Fire says:

    Is it just me but this feels a lot like 93….hope it ends the same..long way to go

    The Thin Blue Line.

  53. on2ndthought says:

    Wild, wonderful, Weise!!!

    “a cannonading drive”

  54. habcertain says:

    Therrien saying upper body N8, maybe something will come of it.

    • on2ndthought says:

      principal point of contact? head!
      that should be a suspension!

      “a cannonading drive”

      • Lafrich says:

        I took a picture of it right after it happened in super slo-mo. Worse than Gryba’s hit as far as principal point of contact being the head. Should be suspended.

        • Captain aHab says:

          There is no way he gets suspended….they’ll find an obscure reason.

          If the series was 1-1, he might get a game but not when it’s 3-0.

          Prepare to be boarded!!

    • PK says:

      Interesting that Karlsson did the hurting, not Gryba.
      “Clean” hit?
      To the head?

      I would think that Pateryn comes in rather than the GonCH.

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

  55. jlgib21 says:

    Save some crow for the Emelin haters. Probably most solid and steady dman on the ice tonight. A bargain @ 4/$16m

  56. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Did you guys hear Healy say that MB traded Cameron Diaz for Weise? Actually, if Cameron Diaz was on the Habs she wouldn’t get traded…LOL.

  57. drdaytona says:

    Sorry guys,
    I can no longer post during games. I’m a longtime lurker, first time poster tonight, and I stopped posting with 9 minutes left in the third.
    I’m so sorry I nearly cost our team the game. My bad.

  58. Danno says:

    On the hit on Nate – it was a legal check.

    “We gotta lotta dep.”

    Not even a micro-complaint.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  59. Psycho29 says:

    Don Cherry Parody ‏@DonCherryParody · 7 minutes ago

  60. Captain aHab says:

    MT says the hit was legal…doesn’t want to stir the pot I guess.

    Prepare to be boarded!!

  61. Ton says:

    upper body…..beauleau

  62. innis_mor says:

    Next series will be a lot tougher. This Sens team is crap. Those lines 3 and 4 of theirs accomplish nothing, except soak up some ice time and try and get some hits in. Did Neil even even tough the puck?

    Defense isn’t all that either


    Another great game from Desharnais … some bigger guys on lines 1 to 3 would do well to take notes on how to fight for pucks along the boards.

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