Liveblog: Plus ça change … Devils 5 – Canadiens 3

3-3 going into the third period.
Visitors score early.
Crowd totally deflated and bummed out.
Happened against the Flyers.
Happened against the Devils.
Déja poo at the Bell Centre.



  1. nunacanadien says:

    Is there time to make it back and win the cup? Yes, the habs can do that if they get rid of the small tykes Gomez and Gionta. Desharnais at least plays hard and he gets support from the bigger line, which Gomez does not. If you are gonna sign small, at least sign players which the team will support. So far the habs have only shown lip service to Gomez. They overpaid him and left him to be eaten alive in the new NHL which does not like small players like Gomez. The NHL does not follow what it says publicly, sure Shamaham is their politically correct guy, but really, supporting goon hockey like Charra kind of showed us that the NHL is not about nice hockey, never was, never will be. The rest of the owners want fights, checks, hard hockey. The habs don’t believe in that. Until they do, we will never see a cup in Montreal.

  2. gp52 says:

    BOBO AND POGO MUST BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LA Loyalist says:

    Q: Why would so many Habs want to date Natalie Wood?

    A: She floats.

  4. outsider89 says:

    Why? WHY? is Darch still getting more minutes than Cammy, Kost, DD, Pac, LL, Cole and Eller? 3 pts in 32 games? -4? Does he have video tape? This guy should be in Hamilton full time for anyone else? Blunden, Palusjah? AND Why? WHY must the next “full time coach and GM speak French? Isn’t this DISCIMINATION to all others? Maybe if the polititians and contractors spoke FRENCH, Quebec roads and bridges would not be falling apart! Like this team!

  5. Habbu says:

    I’m scared that PK & Price will leave us and not be an integral part of the 10 year rebuilding plan

  6. WindsorHab-10 says:

    The 6 game road trip could be a blessing for this team and should give us an indication where this team is headed. If after the road trip it’s same old, ride this wreck until the deadline & just unload as much as possible. We need to give RC a fair shake.

    “Hate the Ole song like a sickness”

  7. Timo says:

    Cammalleri should be “canned” next. He is Gomez while Gomez is on IR. And at the very least Gomer has perfected the act of appearing to be trying. Cammalleri doesn’t even bother to look interested in the game. What a scumbag.

    Interesting, how while Martin was there I was still clinging to a hope that we might make playoffs. After tonight’s game I am 100% convinced we will not. Nothing against RC. I am not even going to judge him (yet)… but this team is crap. There are too many floaters. Those that aren’t require a lot of work which won’t be done in time to right this sinking ship.

    Bobo built this disaster. His banner should be stripped off the Bell center rafters.

  8. Chuck says:

    Gotta give these guys a break. It’ll take them a while to adjust to implementing the forward pass.

  9. Habsbill24 says:

    I have been watching the Habs since 1961, for 50 years. Boys, the season is over. This team is just not any good. We will play just around 500 hockey the rest of the year, then Gauthier will be fired, Randy C will be shown the door, Gomez will be buried in the minors and we rebuild. On a night when the team should have been pumped we got out played at home (again) blew the game in the thrid period (again) and that is basically all she wrote. The Fat Lady is signing. Play the kids, be a seller at the trading deadline and look towards the future

  10. HardHabits says:

    Benoit Pouliot scores 27 seconds into the game for the winning goal as the Boston Bruins never look back and trounce the Philadelphia Flyers 6-0.

    • Habsolutely says:

      uhhh ya, scoring the winning goal in a 6-0 game means squat dude…

      • ihabto says:

        Poluliot is tied for 3rd in the league with 4 GWGs! He’s also tied for 354th in the league with 7 points in 26 games. He also learned how to tie his own skates last week.

        One of those 3 statements may have been embellished.

    • Michael says:

      We really should have signed him. I mean, we should have known that his consistently poor performance during his tenure with the Habs would one day lead to him scoring the winning goal 27 seconds into a 6-0 game while playing on a team that just won the Stanley Cup without him. How could we ever let him go?

  11. ihabto says:

    Do people actually think that Cunneyworth was going to walk into the room a couple hours before the game and just describe to the team how he wants them to play the game and then they would just go out and flawlessly execute it? If Cunneyworth took that approach then, yes, he’s and idiot and should be fired. Since he was an assistant under the previous coach, a more likely scenario is that he will slowly institute the changes he wishes to see over at least the next few weeks of practice. This isn’t a video game where you just go into the settings and pick a new forecheck, d-coverage, PP, PK, etc. from one of the 3 or 4 canned selections and then your team goes and does it. Players develop habits, have tendencies, and emotions about going through change, etc. The first changes you will probably see (already saw) are in his bench management (lines, ice-time, etc.) and then hopefully we will see the team progress into whatever system (lower-case s) he preaches and teaches in practice. Looking forward to seeing where he takes them.

    • nunacanadien says:

      If the management culture or the mindspeak as we say, encourages a game of softness, what the hell can Cunneyworth do? The habs have gone away from their tradtional fast play and have instead become or is trying to be the showcase for wimpy hockey. I know there is too much violence in sports, but honestly, when we see Gomez splattered on the boards time after time, include Gionta, then you know they are not being protected or defended. Which pro hockey player wants to put his butt on the line to protect a lazy highly paid player like Gomez? What can the coach do? His hands are tied, Martin tried using the five on five which doesn’t work. Now we hope Cunneyworth can help Subban come out again, to be the Subban we all loved when he first started and not the headcase that Subban has become under Martin, and you might as well add half the rookies include the Kosty bro.s……what Andrei said must have been true after all.

  12. edtheh says:

    Let’s be honest here.
    This is not a Cup team.
    They will not make the playoffs.
    Too many injuries.
    Not the players to play the trap.
    JM after 25 yrs coaching his style was very tired. Never won anything anyway and didn’t have the players to go all the way in Mtl injuries or not. No risk, no creativity. He’s gone.
    Gauthier made the right move even though RC is anglo.
    RC made a good move not playing Camm on the PK.
    He didn’t over play his top players.
    Eller and Leblanc got more time.
    Subban and Georges played normal amounts for a change.

    On short notice, he made some good moves.
    If he take us to the playoffs, I’ll eat my words.

    Players only meeting shows us something.

    Bruins will clean our clocks but good.

  13. JayBee says:

    Bruins game should be interesting.

  14. Trisomy 21 says:

    Nice Eller got 18 minutes of ice time, more than DD. I think he can thrive with more ice time. I’m not going to say I think he’s a star, but I think I see potential for him to be a pretty well rounded 2nd liner.

    Habs stunk, but maybe they need a couple of practices with the new changes RC is gong to implement

    • LA Loyalist says:

      You can never tell how a team is going to react to such a change. I’m sure “Le system” is so ingrained that it will take time.

      Habs are sort of “institutionalized”, like prisoners who upon release are terrified of freedom (to enter the offensive zone).

      No worries. I am drinking a special wine tonight — an 09 RED Meursault (I know, it doesn’t exist) trust me, it exists, quite lovely. My guy only has one case).

      Somewhere Bob Gainey is drinking a lite beer and thinking: this is my report card. Gomez: F, Cammi: B, Gionta: C, Martin: F, Laraque F*with an explanation (I can’t blame Bob G for not being psychic and not seeing that Laraque would go all vegan on him).

      I honour Gainey A+ as a player, and his draft heritage may well redeem him somewhat, but for now… that’s the score card.

      I am at peace. Habs can be regenerated into a hockey team.


      • HardHabits says:

        Here are the Habs in their first game with the straight jacket off.

      • ihabto says:

        Perfect, I was just looking for the word “institutionalized” to use in my next post. It was on the tip of my tongue. Now I think I need to go watch Shawshank Redemption.

      • Michael says:

        In a few days, Gainey threw together a team that wasn’t expected to make the playoffs yet went to the Stanley Cup semi-finals for the first time in sixteen years (2009) and then came closer to defeating the eventual Stanley Cup champions than any of their subsequent opponents (2010).

        Some would reassess that report card.

      • nunacanadien says:

        It is too bad Gainey was a victim of the times in the NHL board of Gov.s who were on a wimpy hockey kick that the Habs bought hook line and sinker. While the nhl gov.s spoke soft and said they would bring niceness back to hockey, some of the NHL gov.s owners were hypocrites drafting and signing goons. Then the gov.s changed the rules to allow crashing the net and concussions have sought through the roof as the NHL while it says it is bringing niceness to the game, is playing goon hockey.

        Martin and Gauthier and Gainey should have known better.

        Sign the big boys guys, the NHL is a big hockey league. Small smurfs have no place in Montreal.

  15. Bozo McBozo says:

    The System is bigger than any coach that employs it. Don’t be mistaken. It will rise like Christ from the dead!

    • LA Loyalist says:

      “Le system” has it’s place if it is populated with players who are committed to it and appropriate for it. For teams without skill guys, it can work. The problems arise when you have offensive players and constrain their abilities too much.

      On paper, Kovalchuk and Coco Lemaire are a train wreck, but Lemaire was no idiot — he knew what he had. Martin, sadly, either not as smart or secure as Lemaire to take advantage of Cammi or Kostitsyn.

      And so we beat on, goats against the current….

      • Timo says:

        Show me that “skill”. I don’t remember last time I saw Cammi’s, Plek’s, Gio’s or Gomer’s skills… other than collecting fat paycheck without doing anything for it. That’s what I call skill.

  16. Habziefan09 says:

    Oh ye of little faith…

    Same sh*t, Same HIO writer.

    Yeah the 3rd period collapse was bad, but there were some positives I take from this… Most notably is the fact that Cunnyworth had less than a day to prepare as head coach.. I don’t see that in your liveblog and I don’t think we will see that in your ABOUT LAST NIGHT piece either….

    Shame, because between you HIO boys, and the FRENCH only Coach needed RDS, I have had it up to here with your vile filth writing.
    Twitter: Habziefan09

    Confucius says: “Baseball has it all wrong, Man with 4 balls cannot walk!”

  17. habsnyc says:

    Another stunning move to save PG. If JM was not the right person for the job, then why did they allow two of the best replacement candidates to leave the organization?

    How could a man who won 600 games in the leauge not play the guys the GM signed in the off season? Didn’t JM know that Cole needs more minutes than Darche?

    Same story as usual, this team is not going to score more than three goals. So Price has to let in two or less. Once the other team scores four, the game is over.

    You have to think that all these moves – Campoli, Kaberle, Pearn, JM all come down to PG miscalculating on Markov’s knee.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      What’s the old saw? About the nail in the horse’s shoe by which the battle is lost?

      That said, maybe Markov’s knee is a blessing in disguise. Markov would have made this team look better than it is, and better than it’s coach was. Now the bride is stripped bare.

      Can you imagine if the new coach opens things up offensively, and we actually do get Markov back in the new year.

      Ride the wind, baby!!

      • nunacanadien says:

        Lets hope Cunny doesn’t adopt a style of play that hinders the talents of shooters. PK needs space boys. He needs to be PK Subban. Cole needs to do what Cole does best, crash the net. This is the crash the net NHL for those of you who actually listen to Gary Bettman. The Habs have been thinking it is not. Well it is and the habs have to sign more players like Cole.

  18. DorvalTony says:

    ‎12th in NHL Jaroslav Halak 2.27 GAA
    17th Carey Price 2.38 GAA
    “Trading Jaroslav Halak was the brain dead decision of all time.” Red Fisher

  19. Habsolutely says:

    I’m starting to wonder if the reason the Habs players are always sucking air, and plain old sucking in the third, is because they are just not in shape enough to compete for 60 minutes..? I remember when people used to make fun of the Sens for doing interviews after the game in the workout room on the bikes, but there was a good reason for that, to play 60 minutes of hard hockey you have to be in damn good shape.

  20. Ton says:

    This organization is heading south! They should have kept Martin till seasons end. They should have fired Gauthier, he is has been and very fake at that! Martin would have kept the media in check, now we got an anglo (not his fault) running the team and poor guy will get run out of town and have a nervous break down at that. All this team needs now. they have young players that need to develop without adversity. What a circus, bet you Cole will be the last free agent of quality we will sign here for the next 5 years at the very least.

  21. Neutral says:

    The fans didn’t like 11th place – I wonder how they’ll like 12th

  22. Wops says:

    Bref, boring 3rd.

    Great first and second. Very entertaining!

    As for the third, I think its the worst period I watched the habs play in years. Except the Kostitsyn’s deke, nothing happen.
    They were trying stretch passes after stretch passes. He’ll have a rough night and don’t want to hit on the guy, but Cunneyworth should have done something to stop this mess. Reduce the space between D and fowards, fowards play closer, short passes…

    Bref, boring 3rd.

  23. WindsorHab-10 says:

    First game under new coach. Lets give them a couple & see what happens. I kind of expected this result tonight. No biggie.

    “Hate the Ole song like a sickness”

  24. Well, the Radio City Rocketts are not the usual entertainment I favor on a Saturday night in December, but it’s better than pissing away my valuable time watching the abject suckitude that is the Montreal Canadiens!

  25. otter649 says:

    Gill in less than 5 minutes has scored more points than Hamerlik (1) has all season all for 7 million over two years & worse plus minus……

  26. RGM says:

    15 minute players-only meeting after the game. Ohh if only HBO 24/7 cameras were in the building tonight…

    I should think that some guys are getting some serious strips torn off them for not performing. Eller has had some of his media scrum quotes posted on Twitter already and he sounds just livid. He cares.
    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

  27. Marc10 says:

    Gill and Campoli – didn’t work.
    AK-Pleks-Cams – didn’t work.
    Their only good spots were on individual efforts.

    Realistically there’s only on line working on this team. There’s zero stability and little cohesion. And too many errors from the guys logging the most minutes. Things don’t look too good for this team…

    It’s going to be an interesting road trip.

  28. habstrinifan says:

    I am really worried for Randy Cunneyworth. Not because of his ability or anything. I can just imagine him having to face the press tonight… especially the french press.

    Man he’s in for a tough ride. PG should be at the presser with Randy.. and in fact so should Geoff and maybe even a player or two and an alumni.. preferably french.

    The players on thi steam needs to see management having each other’s back right now.

    Very very uneasy atmosphere now.

  29. gumper says:

    Okay, so we can put to rest a couple of theories. 1) The players had quit on JM. 2) The system was stifling out talented players. In fact we find out that: 1) the players haven’t quit at all, they just didn’t have any heart to begin with, and 2) we don’t have any talented players. Normally I’m more of a glass-half-empty guy, I’ll admit it. Tonight I’m more of a glass-completely-empty guy. The only way out of this mess, I’m increasingly convinced, is to go the tank route. I just hope Gauthier is gone before trade deadline this year. Just don’t trust him to get good return.

    Tired of watching this train wreck.

  30. twilighthours says:

    4 teams in the NHL have fewer wins than mtl.


  31. The Dude says:

    Have fun buddy and at our age we don’t have to bag it,lol

  32. habsblood82 says:

    you watch price will run away from this team next year . It’s sux watching my fav team like this.This is mainly management failures…. Thank god for the cole pac and dd line. If not for those guys what would this team be…

  33. idle says:

    Did you see the comment on here and then get deleted? Maybe it just timed out?

  34. rogieshan says:

    Price is a solid goalie but, like many on this team, he seems to have lapses that are costly.

  35. Bill says:

    Team meeting going on now apparently … media still waiting for access.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  36. G-Man says:

    I guess the Habs don’t get that 5 game bump. A decent 2nd period and watch Cole be suspended for 3 to 5 games.
    Price not huge tonight, but can’t fault him on all the goals.
    One of the things most of us expected was the 4th line getting minutes. Didn’t happen. I expected a furious forecheck. Didn’t happen. I expected less dump-ins and more offensive zone passing. Didn’t happen.
    At least the Habs got a PP goal, not that it mattered a lot in the end.
    The shock the players received this morning did not spark them. It made them uncertain and shaky. It was reflected in their play save for a few brief moments.
    Fire RC! 😉

  37. slimjim111 says:

    Very poor 3rd period. Decent start but you can’t expect much from anyone in today’s game considering RC found out this morning that he was head coach.

    But I am a tad worried about the Bruins this week. If we play with the same sloppiness we showed in the 3rd, we will get destroyed.

    Sad but true.

  38. Strummer says:

    On a positive note:

    Leafs Lost!


  39. Blaming Price, now that’s freakin funny.

    Poor poor clueless souls.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  40. hansolo says:

    I hope, for his sake, that RC isn’t pressured to do anything but what he feels is best for the team. If not, we’ll all be nostalgic for JM sooner than we would like to admit.

  41. Mondou6 says:

    No single player is the problem, and no single player is the answer.

    Our roster, from top to bottom, is not good. Do all our players suck? No. Are any of them great? No.

    It’s a collection of mediocre players. Let’s face it. What you see is what you get.

  42. Bill says:

    Five game winning streak begins Monday. Calling it.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  43. montreal ace says:

    Whats another bad decade, give it a break folks, its not like its a half century

  44. ogilthorpe says:

    Decision was the right one…the timing sucked…good move to distract the players right before a crucial game…nevermind not giving the new coach time to gather his thought and strategies ..Mtl management threw two points away … At least Anaheim waited tillAFTER a game to make a change… And still can’t get my mind around the two mil payout….

  45. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Price needs some rest.

    “Hate the Ole song like a sickness”

  46. Corson27 says:

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
    Someone please tell me why Darche has the 4th most TOI on the team tonight I did not see the game.

    I am sick and tired of mediocrity

    • rogieshan says:

      He, Eller and Leblanc had energy tonight, and Cunneyworth also gave him some PK time. I’m no fan of Darche, but he wasn’t the reason we lost tonight.

  47. Rainrocket16 says:

    Jesus, everyone thinks RC was going to fix it all tonight!! Some of you on here are the Habs worst enemy!

  48. axxerd says:

    I’m not saying Price is the reason we lost tonight…and some of those goals he had no chance on. But let’s be honest here…Carey Price hasn’t been stellar this season. Before tonight’s game his sv% was ranked 17th in the league.

    Newfoundland’s biggest Habs fan. Hands down.

    • Strummer says:

      He has the worst save % in shootouts of any starting goale- I think its just over .400,

      Thats a lot of points left on the table


      • RGM says:

        Too bad the team in front of him can’t protect a 2- or 3-goal lead. They don’t stop pressing the attack, the idea of a shootout is moot. Also, take a look at how many SO goals the skaters have this year. That’s not to excuse Price, he knows he can be better, but there’s more to it than just Price.

        GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

        • RiverviewCanadien says:

          But still RGM, Price has to take some of the responsibility. Just because they win a game, does not mean Price is the 1st star every night.

          He was not good in the 2nd, especially when the boys out front pot 3. You have to be better than that.

        • Strummer says:

          Price is cool. But he has some warts like a lot of his teammates


    • Marc10 says:

      I’m mostly annoyed by the slow clearances. The D goes to the corner and remains static and waits for Pricey to pass them the puck. The puck ends up in the D’s skates, confusion ensues and the break out fails… Time and time again.

      He’s very good with the puck, but his perceived nonchalance around his net (and same goes for his D partners…) causes many problems.

      For 40 minutes they did alright. They’d still get killed by the Bruins or the Red Wings, but they were doing OK against a mid pack team… And that pretty much sums it up.

  49. rogieshan says:

    Hope Cunneyworth gets the green light to overhaul the Martin system, and this squad is simply not strong enough up the middle.

    Can’t fault Price for the loss – just wish he could have made a few more big saves when the team really needed them.

  50. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …at least the Weedz are down 5-3 in the last minute …small comfort

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  51. Da Hema says:

    The moderator on this site is an arbitrary fool.

  52. G-Man says:

    I guess JM screwed up this one yet again. Oh, wait….

  53. Chorske says:

    So here’s my theory: Pleks and Cammy are both new dads. And I know from firsthand experience that being a new dad cuts into your sleep and motivation big time.

    No? No?

    • rogieshan says:

      Spend a few dollars and hire a full-time nanny.

    • hansolo says:

      Hmm, makes sense …so the solution would be to write into the contracts that they can’t have children.

      OTOH, Roger Federer played (and continues to do so) at a very high level despite being the father of twin girls.

      I know you’re being facetious. I never bought into that “New dad” crap. It was just another excuse, which the players, at least were smart enough not to offer.

  54. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …will Boone be too depressed to write His ALN ?

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  55. duffy says:

    Jus think ,if they would have won last two games they would have caught the Leafs.

  56. JF says:

    I thought after the last game that Budaj should start tonight. Price has not been great in any of the games this week. Not that the loss can be blamed on him. A team that can’t maintain any offensive zone pressure and constantly breaks down defensively is not going to win too many games. As our record shows. Four victories in the last 13 games I think. How can anyone still be talking about playoffs? It’s getting harder and harder to cheer for this team.

  57. HabFanSince72 says:

    HA HA Phaneuf sucks.

  58. lgc_liam says:

    Another display of mediocrity. I could take being a non-playoff team if we were actually rebuilding. While not making the playoffs isn’t acceptable for the Montreal Canadiens, in this league you have to be bad before you can get the right players to challenge. Let the young ones grow, while playing entertaining hockey, and get rid of the overpaid hacks for some draft picks. A young, energetic team is entertaining to watch at least, rather than the lazy and uninspired show we had tonight.

  59. C-Sword says:

    Price didn’t have a bad game, just an average one. How was he supposed to stop that 2 on 0 in the 3rd? The defense sure doesn’t help him by turning the puck over and over again.

  60. Habbu says:

    Ok on to the next firing initiative……PG HAS to go!

  61. The Dude says:

    This soft D against the Goons will be something too watch! Time for Gauthier and his 7 Dwarfs to go!

  62. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I don’t care if this gets deleted, but those talking about the team having to be blown up. No way. One player is standing out to me for all the wrong reasons.

    Mike Cammalleri. He makes dumb plays with the puck defensively and offensively, and I bet my shed would have more marks from him than me.

    I know there are going to be those who will bring up his playoff success, but that does not matter IMO (you gotta make it there first), he is a waste of that much cap space. No offence, no defense.

    • SLYDER says:

      he’s a waste of a really nice jersey

      i would love to see cammy, gomez, gionta, weber, and darche long gone tomorrow morning

    • gloveside says:

      Of course this team has to be blown up. It’s sad to watch these guys get out-hustled, out-passed, and out-played in general. Soft D, no offensive firepower, no go-to guys at all. Not a single player on this team could crack the top line of ANY other team in the league. As much as I like him, even Pleks would be a 1B on any other team. We need new leadership, that’s not afraid to put Gomez in Hamilton and use that $7.0 mil on some upgrades; not afraid to trade some of the 2rd and 3rd line players we’ve drafted over the past 5 years; not afraid to say that what we have is not good enough to win it all and therefore we will pack it in [ie. trade what we can for assets] for the year instead of dragging this out for a shot at 8th place.

  63. LimestoneHab says:

    You have got to be kidding…without Price the game would have been over after 40 minutes

  64. duffy says:

    A once mighty dynasty has become a modern day circus.

  65. SLYDER says:

    somebody please explain why we all want to trade our best skater in pleks??

    doesnt make sense to me

  66. Rainrocket16 says:

    There must be something going on in the locker room that none of us know about. There is probably 4-5 people who just don’t give a damn! Any guesses?

  67. Marc10 says:

    This team still can’t break out of the zone… and can’t finish.

    Meanwhile NJ breaks out and shoots at will against every line but the DD gang (the only one that maintains any pressure…)

    NJ seems motivated to play in this building. Brodeur of course, but Sykora, Zubrus, Elias, Kovalchuk, Parise, Henrique & Clarkson played great. They completely buried their match ups as the game went on.

    Lots of work to be done by Randy & Randy.

  68. TheMock780 says:

    The lack of compete in Cammy’s game is getting ridiculous. There’s no way he can be back next year. Some playoff bound team out West will give up something for him because of his playoff rep.

    Trade Cammy, send Gomez to Hamilton and the Habs cap issues become a non-factor going forward.

  69. montreal ace says:

    lets see the results in 10 games, glad they are going on a road trip

  70. cmurray11 says:

    Pleks isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, I see cammi gone by the deadline. And yes I think price has been good NOT great

    • Strummer says:

      Who’s gonna tak eCammy’s contract $6 mil a year for 2 more years for 13 goals a year?


    • Mondou6 says:

      Price can’t win us games on his own, but he’s not part of the problem either. He has a good attitude.

      He’s better than anything we could get on the FA market, and younger, so as long as we aren’t paying him $10M a season, we may as well keep him.

      • Man Dingga says:

        You can’t judge Price this year to last. Our team was so much better last year, Weber and Diaz should of been in Hamilton from the start of the season. Due to injuries they have been playing, with Campoli back in and Kabs playing they should send them back. They have no business being in the NHL. Emelin has been our only bright spot on D, Subban has been below average this season. Gorges is our best D-man, although Gill has been a great leader and good shot blocker he is slow, so you know what your getting with Gill.

        Then we have the offense, Cammy has been brutal, Gio has worked hard but he isn’t scoring and then we have Gomer, what a terrible trade and we have Gainey to blame for that one.

        At seasons end Gainey “will” step down and PG will be fired. That way the new GM can hire his own coach. Time to retool and start over.

  71. Sharks9 says:

    Why all the hate for Pleks? He’s leading the team in scoring and is our best center!

    25 before 14

  72. rogieshan says:

    At least Cunneyworth is a better dresser than Martin.

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