Liveblog: Another blown lead, but 4-3 shootout win


The Canadiens had no shots in overtime and only 19 in the game.
But they’ll get at least two more.


Boyes: Save

Max-Pac: Goal!

Pominville: Save



  1. Danno says:

    I love Mighty Whitey


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  2. Ian Cobb says:

    Ho Hum game!
    They are both playing like they have already cleaned up their clubs.

    He is back!
    Now we keep the Gomer!
    He is a scoring machine.

  3. savethepuck says:

    The dreaded 1 goal lead going into the 3rd. From someone who likes to see this team win, let’s see if the boys can hold on. The Habs powerplay looks really good tonight, too bad they’ve only had 2 of them, it’s actually looked a lot better the last 6 or 7 games.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  4. Chickenfisher, you must have taken something. It’s the same Gomez. $7.5 milion and blah…

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  5. otter649 says:

    Buffalo showing what 80 million plus in salaries (cash out) gets
    you this season – Not much…..

  6. ABHabsfan says:

    Fla 1 wash 0
    Bos1 Winn 1
    Can’t cheer to tank, can’t cheer for Boston. Your classic conundrum. Think I will have a scotch

  7. Thank you too Propwash! you and habsguardiangel came through. Just got back from downtown NYC, 90 minuted to get back to Westchester instead of the 25 minutes it takes without traffic ugh! Glad their leading but was worried that the Sabres would be P.O.’d about the pasting they took their last game.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

    • Propwash says:

      No sweat sir! When my infant son has to go to bed, I’m evicted to my computer to watch the game for the rest of the night.

      Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  8. That Gomez is on a tear. I like the guy, he dishes great passes, and goes to the crease.
    All he gotta do is shoot more.
    see my blog at

  9. Thanks Habsguardianangel! Got through the pop-ups and now it’s comin’ in real good. Hope you are their guradian angel. They can use it in the third. I’m looking forward to 2013 with some of the youth if PG doesn’t blow us apart by the end of the season.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!


    if only we can trade our 3 goal scorerers tonight!!!


  11. novahab says:

    Darche has the heart of Sidney Crosby but sadly the skill of Joe the plumber. Still he brings it every night. Most of this team is taking the night off. What mangement should work into ever contract, is if you don’t play hard and miss the playoff. You have to vacation on Baffin Island till training camp.

  12. RGM says:

    Because I like you people, here’s a quick screenshot of Carey’s new lid.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘Iā€™m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’ā€ – VancouverHab

    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

  13. Anyone have a link to watch the game?

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  14. JohnBellyful says:

    I love Friday night hockey. As long as I’m in bed by 10.

  15. Danno says:

    Who will be the next Habs bum to score tonight?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  16. punkster says:

    Gomez, Kaberle and Campoli on the board.

    Trade them now. Their value may never be higher.

    DO IT PG!!!

    (ya, it gets old, doesn’t it?)

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  17. HabCez says:

    ok subban what are u doing..

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  18. Propwash says:

    CAREY! Holy smokes!

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  19. riddler says:

    Our best line sucking in our own end there.

  20. habsfaninboston says:

    Love how White made a beeline into that scrum.

  21. HabFanSince72 says:

    Ryan White is great!

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  22. Strabo says:

    Saint John 4
    Quebec 1 End of 2nd

    Nathan Beaulieu 1a +1
    Mikhail Grigorenko 1a -1

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  23. novahab says:

    Its the same old with this team they can’t make a simple pass. they are just dumping the puck back to Buffalo its just a matter of time this game will be tied. Then they will lose. Sorry CC if this your idea of coaching see ya.

  24. riddler says:

    Kinda like a. Choice of ice cream eh vancouverhab

  25. db says:

    I feel lucky that I can at least see the liveblog…

  26. 24moreCups says:

    I’m really starting to LL, I think he’ll be good for us in the next few years to come.

  27. VancouverHab says:

    Mr. Boone says that Diaz plays soft — and yes he does. But so does DD and Eller (or, they are today), and Kaberle… well.

    So, let’s just assume (trust) that we have a balance of soft and hard…

  28. Adidess says:

    Man, resilient team. I am in favour of selling off and rebuilding with draft picks, but nice to them not giving up as players.
    PK won’t get an assist on third goal, but he made that goal happen, Good patience by the player I affectionately call ‘Crampi’.
    PK has found his game again, easily our best defender through the last 5 or 6 games, IMHO.

  29. temekuhabs says:

    Kaberle and Diaz together is a disaster

  30. Timo says:

    THAT’s the kind of play that should get Eller benched, not an accidental high stick.

  31. boonie says:

    Kaberle, Gomez, and Campoli… This is why we should trade these guys ASAP. They take value playing time away from others and cost us a high draft pick. Sheesh….a

    • VancouverHab says:

      Listing Campoli with Gomez for NHL credibility is like listing Bill Nye the Science Guy with von Braun.

      Sheesh, don’t let groupthink lead you into cloud-cuckoo-land.

  32. podbay says:

    The real test will be on all forthcoming PPs. Without Hal Gill, will the Habs’ #1 PK start to decline?

    Anyone else notice that PK Subban has been on better behaviour on the ice and is yapping less and less, which seems to be translating into better defensive play.

  33. temekuhabs says:

    Diaz can’t move anybody ( maybe Gerbe)

  34. Timo says:

    Now we know that it was clearly Gill who was holding back Gomer, Kaberle and Campoli. Good thing we traded the bum.

  35. punkster says:

    Gomez line! That started with a great defensive play by PK.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  36. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    They’re at their best when the white towel has been thrown

  37. aj says:

    I think the Canadiens fans are really agitating the ppl of Buffalo. You can here so many boos after that Campoli goal and Montrealers Chanting Ole Ole Ole.

  38. riddler says:

    Let me get this straight. Gomez , Kaberle and ,Campoli have scored tonight.
    I’ve entered the twilight zone.

  39. podbay says:

    Gomez gets the assist that doesn’t show on the scoresheet for that goal!

  40. What gives….Kaberle, Gomez and now Campoli scores???

  41. The Dude says:

    Now that the season is over Campoli, Kaberle and Gomez score…wtf

  42. Mavid says:

    The bum trifecta! baaaahhaaaaa

  43. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Great play by PK at one end results in a goal at the other end.

  44. Nightshine says:

    Way to go Campoli!


  45. podbay says:

    LL was in too close, too bad. Subban, nice defensive play. Campoli, brilliant!

  46. Rooster says:

    The night of the underacheivers!

  47. Timo says:

    Campoli, Gomer and Kaberle… someone pinch me.

  48. 24moreCups says:

    Kaberle, Gomez and now Campoli? what’s the heck’s going on here?

    Raising up the trade value!

  49. temekuhabs says:

    Kaberle, Gomez now Campoli???!!?? WTF is going on??

  50. HabCez says:

    what what darche thinking……….

    but good goal go habs!

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  51. joeybarrie says:

    are we gonna see a goal tonight by someone with more than 10 goals?

  52. Mavid says:

    hahaha Kaberle, Gomez, and now Campoli….

  53. JohnBellyful says:

    Now that was a play!!!

  54. Kimberly2u says:

    Trade Campoli now value just went up

  55. Danno says:

    The bum trifecta!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”


  57. habsfaninboston says:

    Holy Crapoli!

  58. Propwash says:


    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  59. EastCoastHab says:

    Patience! Campoli!!

  60. habsfaninboston says:

    Emelin laying some serious hits.

  61. Kimberly2u says:

    Cole needs to get a goal for first time wearing the A

  62. EastCoastHab says:

    Waiting for the big outside turn rush from Cole..

  63. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Gotta love all the Hab fans that fill rinks around the league to cheer on our team.

  64. Propwash says:

    Emelin, gotta love that guy!

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  65. temekuhabs says:

    Those icings!! Geeze !

  66. Danno says:

    What are the Vegas odds for a Gomez hat trick and if I bet $1,000 will I become the richest man on the planet?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  67. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    Every team needs an identity…we need to get back to ours

  68. manu07 says:

    Not sure where everyone is from here, but to get centre I’ve in a sports pack is 32 dollars a month. And to get rds in a French back
    Is 5 bucks for me anyway. So I watch on rds and put it on mute…until the Habs score then it goes to full volume. Lol. Rds should put English subtitles for Ontario viewers and other viewers around Canada that don’t speak French

  69. Mark C says:

    Word is Timmins and Boisvert are at the Sea Dogs vs. Remparts game. Grigorenko! Grigorenko! Grigorenko!

  70. Propwash says:

    Gomez is such a threat, they’re sending 3 guys after him.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  71. aj says:

    That 1st PK done, It felt odd since everyone’s used to see Gill there. I thought they wouldn’t pull through for 2 mins but it went well.

  72. manu07 says:

    I like Diaz. Hes the best out of weber campoli and Kaberle. Those 3 have to go.

  73. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    It’s nice to see the Canadiens adding some much needed size….but, I hope they don’t get away from their identity, speed, skill and French flair

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