Liveblog: Canadiens beat Islanders 5-3


The Canadiens blew a two-goal lead … again.
But Petteri Nokelainen, of all people, beat Al Montoya with one the Islanders’ goalie should have stopped.
Hal Gill added an empty-netter.


  1. jo_maka says:

    Nokia like a baaaawwwwsssss 🙂

    Just came in like: ” Lemme just pop one for a minute. BOOM !!!
    (casually skating off)….anyway, so the priest got in the bar with the rabbi, right ?”
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  2. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Nokia was dialed in on that one!

  3. Talik Sanis says:

    Forecheck hard, cycle and then you score. What a concept.

  4. HabCez says:

    nice puck control by Eller Ak and even Cammy.. good job!
    nice goal Nokie!

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  5. JIMVINNY says:

    Found ourselves a PP bullet, I think.

  6. TOP DAWG says:

    How long will this lead last?

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    Keep firing the puck from anywhere

  8. twilighthours says:

    Give props to cammalleri on that play, he cycled pretty well.

    But he is still stinking out the joint.


  9. Captain aHab says:

    Inigo Montoya not having a great game.

  10. gmur says:

    Never doubted for a second that Nokelainen would score…

  11. HardHabits says:


  12. gohabsjoe says:

    Was that Al Mcinnis?

  13. kakey says:

    “Habsolutely AT 9:33 PM
    get ready for the patented, JM, third period shellâ„¢

    HardHabits AT 9:34 PM
    Playing the Systemâ„¢ in the 3rd period is like skating uphill.”

    Patent trolls: forget about Silicon Valley companies, time to tackle JM instead.

    • Habsolutely says:

      Move to China if freedom of expression hurts you so much. douchebag.

      • kakey says:

        This is a sarcastic comment directed at the usual “patent trolls” who apply for all kinds of patents in the hope to sue tech companies’ new products for violations of their already patented ideas. It suggests they should patent overtly defensive strategies before Jacques Martin can use them.

        BTW I am Chinese, grew up in Hong Kong and China. So you should tell me to move to Libya instead, cause “move to China” is like going home for me.

        • Habsolutely says:

          Here in North America we have these things called freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Get used to it.

          • kakey says:

            You don’t seem to understand my joke on “patent troll”?

            BTW I lived in Park Extension for more than 20 years, did my secondaire en français, my CEGEP in English, currently reading Georges Orwelle’s 1984, after a couple of John Le Carré novels, just moved to Scarborough, inundated with giddy Leafs fans when they were leading the conference. And you’re trying to school me like a fresh off the boat foreigner?

          • Habsolutely says:

            well, to be fair, you started all this by insulting me, and calling me a troll for a joke I made about JM’s 3rd period struggles. Don’t call people out, and insult them if you’re not prepared for their retorts. Got it? Freedom of expression. got it? Freedom of speech. Got it? Freedom of the press. Got it?

          • kakey says:

            I think they deleted our posts, so I’ll explain to you here again. I was not insulting you by calling you a troll, I was referring to THOSE SILICON VALLEY PATENT TROLLS, because I find it brilliant that you guys added the â„¢, as a joke, after some of Jacques Martin’s defensive strategies he uses to protect (sometimes unsuccessfully) 3rd period leads. Maybe it was too cerebral for a hockey forum, so I’ll keep it simple, just like PK after his spinorama caused some turnovers.

  14. Mattee. says:

    That’s new.

  15. habsfaninboston says:


  16. Wayne says:

    Nokia ripping the fabric of time and space with that one, Holy Crap!

  17. PrimeTime says:

    Holy F….what a blast!!!

  18. Your Mom says:

    Noki with a BOULETTE DE CANON!!!

  19. Yayyy now let’s hold on to this lead

  20. tehmat says:

    Sheldon Souray?

  21. danhabsfan says:

    How come JM still has a job?
    Why is Emilin sitting
    Lucky goal… but we will take it

  22. HabinBurlington says:


  23. Habsolutely says:


  24. Propwash says:


    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  25. showey47 says:

    lol,as if nokia scored from there.

  26. syrrosis says:

    Anybody see pleks tonight?

  27. TomThompson says:

    Price looks pissed…as he should be. The guys in front of him are poking around.

  28. HardHabits says:

    Hilarious. Jacques Martin the recidivist.

  29. Cole and Desharnais are the only two forwards on the Habs with balls.

  30. JIMVINNY says:

    Price is pissed.

  31. habsfaninboston says:

    Our D is sucking badly.

  32. twilighthours says:

    Kaberle and campoli are a deadly duo.


  33. Rad says:

    Cammalleri in the defensive zone in a tight game is a recipe for disaster.

  34. HabFanSince72 says:

    Plex and Cammi nowhere to be found on that goal.

  35. TOP DAWG says:

    Habs D softer that fresh horse shat

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  36. gmur says:

    Where’s Kostistyn? I know he’s not playing much but when he gets on the ice it looks like he’s got gout…

    Cammydonna’s feelings are hurt.

  37. Zigzag413 says:

    what is the score

  38. Can’t wait till we lose in another shootout

  39. NLhabsfan says:

    This is ugly

  40. Habbu says:

    PK handles the puck in the D zone like its a grenade.

  41. Hali_Hab says:

    Way to pick up your man! 6 million dollar MIke

  42. Sotxhabsfan says:

    SO, what’s the Isle’s shootout record?

  43. gohabsjoe says:

    Cammelleri sucks. If he don’t wanna play for us send em to the leafs

  44. TOP DAWG says:

    What a joke of a sorry excuse team

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  45. HabinBurlington says:

    Well that is an example of the weak part of Kaberle’s game, his infamous stick check

  46. scavanau says:

    Ahh, the 3rd period collapse.

  47. gmur says:

    hmmmmm… Campoli and Kaberle with a one goal lead…

  48. habsfaninboston says:


  49. ffenliv says:

    Wait, is this game a replay? I SWEAR I’ve seen this before.

    There were two Islanders uncovered in front of the net. How can that ever happen?

  50. Wayne says:

    These PK “growing pains” are tough to watch. It’s hard to teach a young dog old tricks.

  51. sheds88 says:

    i hope cammy is playing hurt cause man he stinks.

  52. Propwash says:

    Subban definitely playing hurt

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  53. HabCez says:

    Cole showing a mean streak..
    forget PG.. Price is JM’s savior..

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  54. duffy says:

    Where’s the OLE,OLE,OLE choir tonight, that usually gets the other team fired up.

  55. 4m3y2j says:

    All this BS about Subban’s defensive play,.I have counted at least 5 deadly turnovers.This KAid’s head is so messed with by JM he doesn’t know what end is up.Martin is ruining him….

  56. Talik Sanis says:

    The TSN announcers have repeatedly stated that we’re a completely different team now that we’re deploying the 1-2-2. I generally don’t put too much stock in their opinions, but they think we’re only harming ourselves.

    Also, Yemelin should be in for Diaz next game, even if he wasn’t the only one at fault on the goal. His give-away started the entire sequence.

  57. Propwash says:

    Cole is an awesome signing.

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  58. JIMVINNY says:

    P.K. is just falling apart. What is wrong with him?

  59. Hali_Hab says:

    PK is having a stinker

  60. showey47 says:

    what a gong show in our own end.

  61. gmur says:

    Love Cole! Make me eat a goalpost? I’ll come back for more next shift…

    What’s up with Cammy? He looks like he’s having a hissy fit…

  62. Rad says:

    Hammonic’s a tough kid. We could use a player like him on D.

  63. HabinBurlington says:

    Can’t imagine how much Cole is going to enjoy having a White come back, then we will have two forwards full of jam.

  64. gumper says:

    Nice to see a bit of passion from Cole.

  65. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Man, I like that number 72.

  66. canadiens26 says:

    Cole is the man!

  67. VJ says:

    that was the right call unfortunately. He hit the puck first. Probably just knocked the wind out of him

  68. gumper says:

    Wow! Hope they’re enjoying watching the game.

  69. habsfaninboston says:

    Play is helter skelter in our zone. Wake up boys!

  70. gohabsjoe says:

    K that’s enough of that line

  71. HabFanSince72 says:

    Wow we really suck.

  72. JohnBellyful says:

    Watchin’ Cammalleri play tonight reminds me how much I hated it when the NHL brought in its Frequent Floater Miles program.

  73. Propwash says:


    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

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