Liveblog: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades


Canadiens never quit.
Give them that.
With a shortened bench, playing their second game in two nights, they made a third-period game of it.

But the D was dreadful.


  1. Habbu says:

    Remember when it was all over last spring, Gomez said he was embarrassed at how bad he played through the year, apologized to his team mates, and promised better things in 2011/12………how about a comment now Scott? What’d ya thinking’? Myself I think you need a nice one bedroom in Hamilton

    • Danno says:

      I remember the opening game at the Bell Centre. When the spotlight shone on Scott Gomez and they introduced him everyone saw him spitting on the ice.

      I think that said it all.


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  2. Wayne says:

    ” Oy! Now there’s a scandal at Syracuse.”

    Don’t tempt me Boone…. 😉

  3. habsgod says:


  4. HabinBurlington says:

    Just got in, saw the highlites, so my man Emelin is struggling it appears. If Gill is still in Hospital, Saturday may be the last time he plays, good thing I will at least have gotten to see him before he gets sent back to Russia.

  5. Habfan4lfe says:


    “Subban and Gorges have played more than 18 minutes already”

    I think that’s because JM benched the rest. That’s how you motivate your players to play better.

  6. Toe Blake says:

    Don’t the Habs know? Fish sticks suck! Fish sticks suck! Fish sticks suck!

  7. immortalhab says:

    For sale: empty rolls of hockey tape. Willing to trade for one doofus coach with giant ears. Free delivery to garbage dump.

  8. LL says:

    Is our team a contender or pretender some ask?

    Who cares if they finish 1st or 8th, it’s going into the 3rd behind 2 goals and winning; that’s the true test. I have my fingers X’d.

    Budaj needs to be great in the 3rd, otherwise we’ll be seeing only Price from now on.

    • Propwash says:

      Now now, reasoning is gauche ’round these parts. Apparently, Fire Martin and Bury Gomez is the trending topic.


  9. Bugs says:

    Less Fukushima fallout?

    Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

  10. Cam_1 says:

    It’s not Gomez’ fault. It’s not Budaj’s fault. It is not one single habs players fault. It never has been never will be. I don’t care if they are 7-2-1 in past 10 or they go on a 10 – 0 run…the problem is Jacque Martin…he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be…at sucking. JM’s got to go !!!! PERIOD !!!!

    • Toe Blake says:

      No, and don’t misunderstand me on this. It IS the job of a coach to have his team up and ready to go. That useless suit behind the bench is just a joke. I’d take any of the recent former coaches ahead of him!

    • Bugs says:

      Unfortunately, Cam. Any such decision comes through ME first.
      And while I hear and appreciate your concerns, I’m not yet prepared to take such radical action.
      I can here and now assure you that IF Jack Marty were ever to be let go, it won’t happen until he gets at least 20 games with Markov on his blueline. That is my decision.
      It will be as I have decided.

      Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • Cam_1 says:

        Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey the truth is gonna come out here today alright ? ..and the truth is ..JM sucks..and another truth is is the Bettman Bruins…not the Boston Bullies ok !!! lol

    • Habsolutely says:

      thats one thing I’ve learned from reading HIO, nothing is Gomez’ fault. It’s not his fault he plays so bad, it’s not his fault he makes so much money, nothing is his fault. He should just be allowed to continue to rack up big minutes and continue to suck without a modicum of criticism.

      • Cam_1 says:

        Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey the truth is gonna come out here today alright ? ..and the truth is ..JM sucks..and another truth is is the Bettman Bruins…not the Boston Bullies ok !!! lol

  11. Habbu says:

    And tonight Budaj’s SV % is .800

  12. floatingineather says:

    oh Bud-aj aj aj aj aj aj

  13. Wayne says:

    on pace for 27 mins

  14. HardHabits says:

    Carbo thinks that Nokia, Darche and Gomez need to step up and lead the Habs to victory tonight.

  15. Bugs says:

    Friggin Carbo. THAT’S a mustache, boyyyyyy.

    Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

  16. Rob D says:

    This game is a laugher..and I can’t stop laughing at the memory of that Gomer pass to nowhere/noone earlier. I don’t know if I have ever disliked a Hab player more than him since I started watching the Habs in the early 60`s.

    Perry Turnbull? he was awful.
    Chuck Lefley? Couldn’t skate a lick..on his freaking

    Hated both those guys but Gomer takes the cake. YOu get the feeling he doesn’t really care. I am sure he does but he doesn’t care ENOUGH to be a Hab. Enough to be a BlueJacket maybe…I can hope

  17. Propwash says:

    Did Brunet dye his stache?


  18. HardHabits says:

    Gomez is 7 and 1 in the face off circle but is the only forward who is -2

  19. Habbu says:

    Right now I’m trying to figure out why they thought Budaj was an upgrade over Auld.

  20. Habbu says:

    Maybe a hat trick from Gomer to win this one or maybe I’ll win the lottery tonight

  21. PrimeTime says:

    Why hasn’t PG sent PK down yet?? Fire him!!! 😉

  22. Danno says:

    Game’s over unless we get an early one in the third


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  23. JIMVINNY says:

    islanders setting picks up in the o-zone.

  24. Bugs says:

    Question: who should get to claim the “Grabby” nickname, Grabner or Grabovski?
    For the record, I will dispute to the death whoever provides the wrong answer.

    Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

  25. JoeC says:

    Price did not need a break tonight!

  26. HardHabits says:

    Budaj had no chance on that one. Tipped.

    • Bugs says:

      Hardly tipped. A trajectory that doesn’t change more than 5 degrees three feet from the goalie should not absolve him from stopping it.
      Imo, that is.

      Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

  27. PrimeTime says:

    One of those games! Blame JM to appease the Occupiers

  28. Habsolutely says:

    crap! well, kinda crap, I have Moulson in my pool, but still crap!

  29. Old Bald Bird says:

    Goaltending duel.

  30. JasonM says:

    Can we please put Price in the nets?

  31. The Dude says:

    I just seen Martin look at the clock and say F-off,lol

  32. JIMVINNY says:

    So damn typical. Score to get back in the game, and forget that the other team can play too.

  33. Feraco says:


    Gomez not on the ice = 2 goals hahaha

    Nice Goal Cole <— has been great

    Aww 4-2…

  34. Bill says:

    Sonuva …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  35. JoeC says:

    And who said it was a good idea to play Budaj tonight? wow

  36. HardHabits says:

    Cole and Pacioretty. Power forwards. How long since we could say that.

  37. JasonM says:

    Don’t you dare stop.

    Keep pushing.

    Keep crashing that goddamned net. No fancy pants plays, shoot at the net and get dirty you pukes!

  38. badbalance says:

    Well well well, Les bous showing life

  39. roady says:

    we gotta a game…

    take your drink to the end of the bar buddy…come on now, don’t be a fool…

  40. Bill says:

    More like it …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  41. punkster says:

    Oh damn, they may actually get a lift from this.
    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  42. PrimeTime says:

    That wasn’t an NYI D flop……it was Eller and Max’s skills. Funny how that works. Isles should fire their coach and rid of a high contract vet!! Ha Ha

  43. The Dude says:

    Back on the saddle…………

  44. MrsPrice says:

    YAYYYYY COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Price is Right

  45. Habsolutely says:

    and we have a game ladies and germs…

  46. immortalhab says:

    NY is doing an amazing job of staying on their man. It seems like there are 2 of them on each Hab.

  47. JIMVINNY says:

    Staple Gomez’s ass to the bench. Give Eller his minutes.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      A good coach would. JM wont, he’s too stupid.

      And who scores next? Cole, the guy he was benching and now lately getting more icetime. Funny what happens when you put them on longer. still don’t….. arrggggh.. still don’t think we will win this. Now i am sure, JM too stupid to notice what he has.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      it wasn’t a WEAK goal.

  48. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …keep an even-keel Guys …this is the Parity Hockey League
    …back-to-backs are tough
    …We have a good Team and a decent Coach
    …love Your Team, win or lose …and, if changes are gonna happen, They WILL happen
    …but stop the hate-garbage

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  49. Gerry H says:

    This ain’t over.

  50. longtimehabsfan says:

    I’ve been an advocate for JM for the last two years. But he’s gotta go. This team was not prepared to play tonight. That’s just bad.

    “It’s a moo point. Like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

  51. joshbenn says:

    Hey guys I’m new here and have been reading at this site for the past couple of years.
    Watching the game right now andnhave realized that we might be shutout tonight which is pretty ironic

  52. MrsPrice says:

    Yay Pacioretty!!

    The Price is Right

  53. AceMagnum says:

    Budaj Movie!!! Amityville Horror

  54. Habsolutely says:

    thank u Patches, I was starting to drift off into a state of apathy about this game…

  55. JasonM says:

    That’s what I’m talking about.

    One more, keep shooting, it’;s DIPIETRO.

    Crash the net.

  56. Feraco says:

    Hahahah Eller’s 1st shift without Gomez

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      a guy with half the icetime Gomez gets. Guy who played in playoffs with 2 dislocated shoulders! Ya! The guy we want to trade!! wow.. sorry but JM has me in a faul and blunt mood.

  57. Propwash says:



  58. immortalhab says:

    I never liked JM. So here’s my piece tonight. He screwed up Price last year for awhile, remember? As soon as he was red hot, he chose to sit him out. Then he was screwed up for awhile.

  59. JasonM says:

    Completely mailing this one in against a bottom dweller.

    Start rolling three lines and start shooting. Get back in this one with ONE GOAL.

  60. PrimeTime says:

    Going to be a good night for the “HIO Occupiers – Fire JM; Dump Gomez”. All goals against obviously on them! Enjoy your obsession.

  61. SmartDog says:

    Gomez is sucking less tonight tho. lol

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  62. Habsolutely says:

    gotta love the patented Gomez pass to nobody.

  63. Rad says:

    Nice pass to nowhere Scott.

  64. Wayne says:

    “Three mistakes, three goals-against. Bad night”
    Sorry. my bad. I logged in…

  65. avatar_58 says:

    Has this team EVER had a good backup? You know other than the 1a 1b tandem of Price/Halak?

    I mean a 100% backup-only goalie that could actually stop the puck. Not since I’ve been watching

  66. Habbu says:

    Way too much glidin” not enough stridin”

  67. JF says:

    I see that the JM hatred has returned in full force.

  68. Gormdog says:

    This period all but guarantees Emelin is back in Russia next year.

    He’s dropped to 9th on the D depth chart as far as Martin is concerned.

  69. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    When I saw the Isles lineup for tonight, earlier today, I was surprised to see Pandolfo still in the league… then I thought, oh he’s going to be trouble against the Habs tonight.

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  70. JoeC says:

    Emelin did techinally clear the zone, and the O came back so late, but its all on emelin really?? come on, atleast he got it over the blue line unlike every other D minus Georges and PK

  71. Rob D says:

    And the rout is on..but after IS the NY Islanders, one of the most powerful and complete..errr..what’s that?

    This isn’t Bossy, Trottier and Gillies and Potvin and Battlin’ Billy?

    Never mind.

  72. Habsolutely says:

    Our young D haven’t been great, but to be honest the forwards have kinda hung them out to dry compared to last night..

  73. duffy says:

    Carolina has nothing on this team when it comes to stinking up the joint.

  74. punkster says:

    Worst looking D in the league there. That’s 2 on them and an honourable mention on the first one.
    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

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