Liveblog: San Jose tops Canadiens 5-2

The second period decided the game.

Less than a minute in, Joe Pavelski’s shot changed direction off a CH defender and past Carey Price to give San Jose a 2-1 lead. Seven minutes later, during a power play, Tomas Hertl tucked the puck past Price on the short side.

Shea Weber scored on a Canadiens power play 10:37 into the middle period to revive CH hopes. But not three minutes later, Logan Couture scored his second of the game on a power play.

The home team had 20 SoG during the second period.

The game began with two goals in 15 seconds: Couture had a wide-open net to Price’s right to open the scoring. It took 15 seconds for Arthur Lehkonen to set up Jonathan Drouin for the tying goal, blowing a laser past Martin Jones.

Joe Thornton scored an empty-netter to complete another futile visit to San Jose.

Shots were 35-30 for the home team.


  1. habsfan0 says:

    Both John Tavares and Erik Karlsson will soon be members of Le Club de Hockey Canadien.
    How do I know this?
    Because I’m Expecting the Unexpected.

  2. charmenian says:

    “the 75-year-old Lamoriello would join his son, Chris, who is the team’s assistant general manager under Garth Snow.

    i’m not sure why getting, a crotchety, ball busting, no facial growth rule for adult men, control freak, as an overseer of hockey operations for an organization that already employs his son as asst gm, makes it more likely for tavares to remain in long island…

  3. Timo says:

    THat was some game by Canada. Whoever hired Peters is gonna love it… great coach. Not as great as Michael Therrien but clearly in the same league. What a crap effort and overall tournament from Canada. All these multimillionairs that presumably Habs would be lucky to have… and… loss to Switzerland. Should have just sent the same group that played the olympics…

  4. charmenian says:

    finally…some life…
    i got tired of checkin’, wonder how many did the same?

  5. Timo says:

    Marc-Andre Fleury > Carey Price

  6. charmenian says:

    “There are players out there and the challenge is to put together the right package with the No. 3 pick as the key component. If the deal has to include Pacioretty, so be it. It will be difficult to part with a perennial 30-goal scorer who loves to play in this city. And it’s sad that, on a team that has some players who don’t care enough, Pacioretty struggled last season because he cares too much.”

    why would a team interested in the #3 pick also want max?

  7. charmenian says:

    “Tom Dundon, a Texas billionaire who bought the team in January, has emerged as a hands-on owner despite having no previous experience in pro sports. In March, he relieved Ron Francis of his general manager duties and on Monday he fired the Hall of Famer from whatever he was doing. (( come on man!?! ))
    Head coach Bill Peters decided that four years behind the bench in Carolina was enough for him and he walked away last month to become the head coach of the Calgary Flames.”

    this is what attracted rick dudley…

  8. Timo says:

    Bergevin has a very daunting task ahead of him. He needs to determine which of the potential draft choices hates to lose the most. It won’t be easy.

    • habsfan0 says:

      There’s an opening for a GM in Toronto now.
      With any luck, MB will quit his current job to take it.
      If this indeed comes to pass, then I have a word of advice for all Leaf fans:
      Expect the Unexpected.

      • PK says:

        Maybe Lou Lamoriello can also be an advisor for the Habs?


        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

        “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

        – Nostradamus, 1552

  9. charmenian says:

    i have no idea how long minor league gm/coach contracts generally are but if i was patrick roy, i would have asked for a 4yr with the option to leave @ any time if the habs were interested in my services…

  10. Timo says:

    Wow… Anderson. Imagine if Leafs had the best goaltender in the world? Ooof.

  11. Timo says:

    So… David Desharnais is a center. Is Bergevin asleep again or what?
    I bet to date, Davey is still the best center that Max Pacioretty has ever played with.

  12. Timo says:

    I have to say, Carey Price’s goals against has been pretty good so far this post-season.

    • PK says:

      Hey Timo, charmenian come over to RATW.

      This thread is turning into a post-zombie apocalypse empty warehouse.

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

      • charmenian says:

        appreciate the invite pk, i miss seeing many posters’ names, but i can’t live away from the 5th estate…

        1st: ownership/mgmt (clergy)
        2nd: players (nobility)
        3rd: fans (commoners)
        4th: gazette (media coverage)
        5th: hio commentary on said media coverage (true free press)

      • Timo says:

        I finally feel at home.

  13. Timo says:

    Turtlepleks with a hat-trick tonight. Carey Price – a shutout. I can feel it.

  14. charmenian says:

    man it’s weird, i just saw rightnyder’s orange avatar & a big smile came to my face…yet when i posted my “relief” comment, i didn’t even take note…

  15. charmenian says:

    “There were players on both the Canadiens and Rocket who talked at the end of their seasons about everyone not buying into the system they were being asked to play, which is basically the same in Montreal and Laval.”

    sounds like a loaded sentence to me…

    has anyone asked stu about hio?

  16. charmenian says:

    “A coaching change at the AHL level is a start, but that alone won’t be enough to turn both the Rocket and Canadiens around after dreadful seasons.”

    anyone but youpi…

  17. charmenian says:

    in the 2 hours, after 5 unsuccessful attempts to post the link yesterday, i wondered whether that was it for this thread.

    surprisingly, i felt some sense of relief…

  18. RightNyder says:

    Timo, did you sabotage RATW to bring us all back home?

  19. charmenian says:

    i just tried to post this link more than 5 times with no result…

    hope it works this time!

  20. charmenian says:

    “Gallant can relate to today’s athlete at a very basic human understanding level, and get them to perform at a very high level. That is half the battle when it comes to coaching in today’s era. Arguably, no one has mastered that more than Gallant.”

    & it just keeps going…

    although later on in this article, it said this:

    “Now to play devil’s advocate, very few individuals still know the full story on Gallant’s firing. A huge part to the story that the hockey media and fans fail to acknowledge when dramatically expressing their version of said story was the following:
    Gallant simply didn’t mesh well with current management’s direction (on/off the ice)
    Nepotism involving Tom Rowe and other management partners quickly moving up the ladder
    Gallant’s insistent on his roster style/system versus management trending towards a fast, up-tempo puck moving style system”

    complicated shit…

  21. charmenian says:

    letting career blossoming coaches go is worse than hiring & subsequently firing career wilting candidates,

    more & more evidence that the scope of the job of being gm is beyond mb’s ability…

    mb’s big ego & small brain probably couldn’t grasp the idea of hiring a coach named turk or spuddy…

  22. Timo says:

    So what happened to the RATW site? Last couple of days the site is non-accessible? Did The Gazette and The Lucinda fix it too?

  23. Timo says:

    Leafs allowed 4 goals on 7 shots. Ouch. That’s worse than Carey Price’s GAA. Wonder how Boone’s feeling about the leafs now.

  24. charmenian says:

    “Bergevin has placed the blame for this season on a bad attitude in the locker room. If that’s true, the GM is the one most responsible for creating it. The answer to the Canadiens’ problems wasn’t in the room, as Bergevin suggested. It should have been in the GM’s office and the players probably knew that.”

    i guess absence of talent (stu blames mb) is a precursor to lack of effort (stu blames youpi?)…

  25. Timo says:

    Ooof… long vacation is always good. What did I miss? Did Habs make the playoffs? Did they get Davey D back? I am all rested and ready to watch Carey carry the team through the playoffs.

  26. charmenian says:

    maybe the rain & magic mushrooms will help…

  27. charmenian says:

    im sure it will work out alright…

  28. charmenian says:

    feels like everybody knows but me…

  29. charmenian says:

    “I used to describe HI/O as “the world’s biggest tavern table.” Posting to Hockey Inside/Out under a variety of colourful pseudonyms, fans could vent their passion freely.
    Fast-forward — through 12 years of spirited tavern arguments — to today. The drunks have gone home. The live blog lights have been turned off. The party’s over … and not a minute too soon, because it wasn’t much of a party.”

    the drunks didn’t go home, they are drinking somewhere else waiting for their true home to reopen…

  30. charmenian says:

    “Here’s a suggestion on where to begin:
    Trade Carey Price, before that cap-crippling contract kicks in.”

    i love boone, i love the sharing of opinion, i love that he would be so happy if he were wrong…

  31. Steven Finn says:

    Thank God that’s over, this one goes out to Charmenian…..

  32. habsfan0 says:

    Price’s last play before his $84M 8 year contract kicks in was to whiff leading directly to a Leaf goal.
    Not a good omen.

  33. habsfan0 says:

    Auld Lang Syne…

  34. charmenian says:

    bank security escorted me & my dog out of their building this morning…

  35. charmenian says:

    i was thinking (not really…) to go get a bank loan to pay former posters to come on this site & say they would support a free & non-fb or corp based comments page.
    this was on the hope that the gazette would then pay me back this amount (LMAO!!!) as i would recreate their income stream due to the advertising $ increase based on membership.
    but then i wondered if that approach was any different than the gazette unilaterally deciding a community would voluntarily be shipped to an environment completely different from what they had grown to love.
    it’s hard enough to move, it’s another thing to come back.

    marketing is driven by people’s participation & ultimately their $, this site was an example of what happens when their membership is not taken seriously.

    never too late…

  36. charmenian says:

    “Solace is all Montreal fans can suck on until training camp begins.”


  37. charmenian says:

    16:09: game day notebook: 3 comments
    puck drop: liveblog: 7 comments
    22:44: about last night: 2 comments
    23:02: game report: 4 comments
    23:29: in the habs’ room: 0 comments

    please tell me this is not where they want to be…

  38. charmenian says:

    ok fine, mea culpa was a li’l heavy, how about tabula rasa?

  39. charmenian says:

    mea culpa

    for me, since i was young, re: les habitants, it was always about the articles, the coverage, the daily updates, but then in the online world, the hio forum started to attract my attention.
    i was enamoured by the passion!
    so i finally jumped in, the only problem was, i didnt see the humanity of it all, i often viewed the commentary without glancing over to see who had written it.
    the way people expressed their opinion was more important to me than the name behind those words.
    i wish i had paid more attention to the who behind the what, where, when & why…

  40. charmenian says:

    @stevenfinn, i dont wish to curtail your hatred for timo, however, he was the only one not willing to leave an otherwise dying thread, can i please invite him back under the guise that you wont keep reminding him how much of a dirtbag you think he is?

    we can all post together as a final hurrah!

    maybe some hio hall of famers can also toss in a few comments as the hab/hio ship is sinking fast…

    perhaps turn this into a mea culpa thread?

    • Steven Finn says:

      I don’t want to ruin what’s left of this place for you or anyone else but timo has ruined the original Habs inside out for many people, some my friends and the one that set me off the most was the way he mocked the way people talked and people with French accents and My friend was posting on here years ago and timo mocked his post because his English wasn’t perfect. This combined with his constant bitching and whining lead to him stop posting all together.
      Someone once posted on here about how they were excited to see the Habs live in Montreal with there father for the first time and he comes on, hits reply and basically calls them stupid for supporting a losing franchise. I could go on but you get the picture……

      • charmenian says:

        you’re not ruining it for me, just feeling more & more solitary.
        i have no idea about the past, i wish your friends had not left, nor taken the comments to heart, i also have no idea what it says about anyone that uses their 1st language to come down on someone’s 2nd language errors, sounds like uni-lingual ego to me…
        if you go back a few months of this thread, you’d see quite a few longtime posters expressing the value of his presence, to tell you the truth, im a little confused…

  41. charmenian says:

    “One thing we’ve gotten pretty much all year is strong goaltending performances,” Gallagher said.

    LMAO!!! why speak this way!?!

    you don’t have to put down another member of the team but @ the same time, there is no reason to blatantly lie to the fans who support your enterprise & pay your salary…


  42. charmenian says:

    “The Canadiens came into their game December 23rd at Edmonton on a two game win streak and with a record of 16-15-4. It was the last time this season the Canadiens were over .500. They lost in Edmonton and since then their record is 10-22-8. The 10 wins are the fewest in the league by a team since then.”

    enough already…corporate greed & shortsightedness is stunting this team…

  43. charmenian says:

    by “chernobyl”, i meant to reference the thriving wildlife, not the hardships brought on by the disaster that it was!

    time is standing still in hio…

  44. charmenian says:

    tough to market an empty room…

  45. charmenian says:

    maybe hio can become a vacation posting spot for former posters before the community moved?

  46. habsfan0 says:

    Habs shut out for 2nd consecutive game tonight.
    But I’m not worried.
    That’s because Geoff Molson says Marc Bergevin “has a plan.”

  47. on2ndthought says:


    Are you there? I owe you some dosh 🙂

    Are you on RATW?

  48. HabSgt says:

    Hard to believe this is all that is left of the real HIO…

    Winter is coming

    • charmenian says:

      no idea who is who, nor what they’ve said or done, just a head’s up, you might get insulted & yelled at by someone from your hio past that feels you ruined many a people’s day with what they felt were adversarial, condescending & senseless commentary…

      my perception of the real hio is pretty skewed @ this point, but there’s something about this place

  49. charmenian says:

    bergy = dominant, molson = submissive, habs = $$$

  50. Steven Finn says:


  51. Steven Finn says:


  52. Steven Finn says:

    4-0 to the laffs!! The fuckin laffs!!!

    This is the worst I ever seen!!

    For the love of God fire the idoit Bergevin!!!!

  53. charmenian says:

    “There’s no way to sugarcoat it, sweethearts: This once-proud franchise is in trouble.
    And that sad reality will not be drastically altered by the return of Carey Price, Shea Weber and Max Pacioretty — all of whom probably should be traded if the Canadiens commit to a rebuild.
    But that’s not going to happen.
    Instead, we’ll hope and pray for luck in the draft lottery and the limited likelihood of a high-profile free agent signing.”

    sad reality it is…

    i couldn’t find the comments!?!

  54. Steven Finn says:


  55. charmenian says:

    shout-out to the shutout!

    habs have been shutout 17 times (so far: 149/164 games) the last 2 seasons

    8 times (price 4, lindgren 2, montoya 2) they’ve shut out the opposition in said 149 games

    maybe the executive vice-president of hockey operations can have a talk with the general manager of hockey operations about outlining a plan?

    blind vision…

  56. Steven Finn says:

    I see the players have voted Price hardiest goalie to score on and Weber top 5 in hardiest players to play against.

    What a bunch of idiots!! Don’t they know Timo said they’re both garbage?!!

    I mean he clearly knows more about hockey than the people who play in the NHL! Timo knows more about hockey than anyone and he doesn’t even watch the games!!

    Stupid players, don’t they know Halak is the best goalie to ever play?!

    The nerve of NHL players. Who do they think they are? Some kind of hockey experts? They’re no Timo that’s for sure…..

  57. Steven Finn says:

    I seen a episode of South Park the other day. In the episode Cartman was forced to go to anger management because he was angry and bitching all the the time for no reason. Cartman goes to the anger management group and finds everyone is as pissed off at nothing as he is.
    At the group it is discovered that the one thing all the pissed off people have in common is smaller than average penis’s. In a attempt to have less people in the country pissed for no good reason the government lowers the national average for penis length. All the anger management members are elated with the news they are no longer below average, well except Cartman who still lands below average.

    After watching this episode I think I can finally understand people like Timo and their sad existence of being pissed off and non stop bitching about everything…………….

  58. Steven Finn says:

    A lot of trolls and whinny bitches came through this place over the years but never has one rivalled Timo for shear stupidity and all around lack of hockey knowledge.

    That the problem with this piece of shit, he knows absolutely nothing about hockey. He wanted the Habs to bring back Halak earlier this year because he’s still butthurt cause Price pushed his man crush out the door. Price may have been shit this year but do you think any sane person in hockey still thinks Halak is better than Price. NOT A FUCKING CHANCE. He couldn’t even beat this shit team in 2 chances in 1 week.

    Bergy may be a moron but he’s not as stupid as timo and that says a lot…

  59. Steven Finn says:


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