Liveblog: San Jose tops Canadiens 5-2

The second period decided the game.

Less than a minute in, Joe Pavelski’s shot changed direction off a CH defender and past Carey Price to give San Jose a 2-1 lead. Seven minutes later, during a power play, Tomas Hertl tucked the puck past Price on the short side.

Shea Weber scored on a Canadiens power play 10:37 into the middle period to revive CH hopes. But not three minutes later, Logan Couture scored his second of the game on a power play.

The home team had 20 SoG during the second period.

The game began with two goals in 15 seconds: Couture had a wide-open net to Price’s right to open the scoring. It took 15 seconds for Arthur Lehkonen to set up Jonathan Drouin for the tying goal, blowing a laser past Martin Jones.

Joe Thornton scored an empty-netter to complete another futile visit to San Jose.

Shots were 35-30 for the home team.


  1. Timo says:

    So with Leafs losing to Coyotes Habs get another chance to pass them when they meet the new league’s powerhouse on Wed. Will they do it? What would happen in Tranna is that indeed were the case?

  2. Cal says:

    Well, after 4 predictions in a row of 5-2 scores against the Habs, it finally came true. Geez, what reverse jinx can I use next?

  3. charmenian says:

    how come curly, cal & i don’t get owned by anybody?

  4. Timo says:

    Thanks DDO. All good now. Where are you spending your days now? Come back to the “right” side where it all began.

  5. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Just catching up on the comments here. Just wanted to wish my Timo well re: his job loss. I have worked for 3 companies/sites in the past decade that have closed down. I know these “involuntary sabbaticals” suck but you just have to stay positive and work your contacts and study all your options. Coincidentally I just started a new job literally at the start of the season so I have seen only 2 full games this season thus I can’t comment too much (mostly watching rds or youtube replays). Anyway keep up the entertaining comments…now I have to go shovel for 3 hours LOL.

  6. Timo says:

    So when does Drouin get to sit? When the team moves somewhere where they don’t give a shit about language? What an absolutely brutal game.

    As soon as I saw all these articles in the morning singing Habs the accolades I knew they will eff it up tonight. I should have bought a lottery ticket.

  7. Curly Howie says:

    With an opportunity to move ahead of the Bruins and Leafs against a weak opponent Habs lay an egg. Figures.

  8. Cal says:

    So, like 5-2 Flyers.

  9. charmenian says:

    feels like habs are playin’ with house money…

  10. Timo says:

    RDS is talking about Fowler or Muzzin as potential targets for Garbage Bin. Will they take Drouin? Can throw in Karl Alzner to sweeten the deal.

  11. Timo says:

    Watch Habs dial in a total stinker tonight. Lead by Drouin.

    Is there a chance Drouin gets traded for a decent left D? Is there another really stupid GM in the league a-la Bergevin?

  12. Cal says:

    See? Back tomorrow with a brand new prediction.

  13. Timo says:

    Did anyone use Gamecenter to watch the game tonight? I first thought it was my streaming box so switch to the laptop. Nope. Same shitty service. Image continually freezing or goes to very low res. Fuckkinng Rogers! Went on a chat support and first thing they tell me “it must be your connection”. F$#k you!!! My internet connection is better than that of a prick on the other end of the line. 124 Mbs down… it should allow me to stream all of their effing game at the same time. God I hate rogers. And Drouin.

  14. Timo says:

    An ok game. Drouin is absolutely maddening. I can’t understand how he retains a spot in the lineup with all that talk of accountability and attitude. He is gross. Once again… language crap on display.

    Tataaaaaaaaar had a monster game, including an awesome give away on which CBJ players just effed up.

    Carey let in his customary weak goal… but BJs didn’t seem much into the game. Typically they would bodycheck Habs into submission… guess they had a day off.

    Laffs lost… what does that mean? I mean, it’s always good when laffs lose but did Habs make up some ground?

    I can’t decide what’s worse – Drouin or Habs powerplay. Or Drouin on Habs powerplay? Or Agustino. The point is – Julien is a moron.

    Who’s next?

  15. RightNyder says:

    Drive by…
    ‘sup lads?

  16. Cal says:

    Apparently, all I need do for the Habs to win is type something like 5-2 Columbus tonight. Book it!

  17. charmenian says:

    “I would like to make it clear I had no intention of causing injury or finishing my check through MacKenzie Weegar’s head.”

    poor decision to leave his feet but the impact seemed magnified by paulie b’s ultra lightweight & super hard shoulder pads!

    i have no idea what or if any less harmful equipment exists out there but you’d figure a union of millionaires would investigate options to protect their own members…

  18. Timo says:

    Paul Byron is officially a goon. 3 games. Is Hudon going to get a shot or is he done done ?

  19. Timo says:

    Oh noes!!! Karl Alzner is sent back to Laval. Julien has lost it.

  20. Timo says:

    Quiz: who has gone longer without scoring a goal

    a. Scott Gomez
    b. Victor Mete

  21. Timo says:

    Niemi… jeezus!!! What a stud tonight. The person most impressed… Carey Price.

    That being said, how the F do you give up 53 shots on goal to a god awful team? Does ANYONE coach this team? Absolutely brutal.

    Drouin as usual… you wouldn’t have known that he even played.

    I thought Tatar had a good game… the rest – bums.

    Who’s next? Minnesota? Ouch. I hope they cover the spread.

  22. Curly Howie says:

    Habs now just 1 point behind Toronto.
    On to Columbus where memories of a 10-0 shellacking still linger.

  23. Timo says:

    Will see if they all fatigued in the third.

  24. Timo says:

    This was a bit better. A bit. Drouin sucks. Domi deserves the goal. Both of them. Reimer sucks marginally less that Drouin but still sucks.

  25. Timo says:

    WTF is Chaput still in the lineup? Yesterday tying goal by bruins wasn’t enough? Is he there solely to fill the quota? The guy is utterly useless and at best is an ECHLer. Can’t they fine some half decent French guys?

  26. Timo says:

    The answer to my question is ‘the former’

    At least Drouindidnt disappoint. Floats like there is no tomorrow. I guess attitude only apply to gars pas d’chez nous.

  27. Timo says:

    Which Habs team will show up tonight? The one that “we weren’t in it from the beginning” or the one where they are in it from the beginning.

    I mean, I know which Droo-ehn will show up… the same one that Tampa dumped for the first round pick. I hate Drouin.

  28. Timo says:

    The best goaltender in the world should have had the first goal. That one was weak. Second one I am conflicted about… yes there was traffic but again… beat him high. Dunno.

    WTF is Chaput doing on this team other than causing idiotic penalties that lead to giving Bruins a point? How deep did Bergevin have to dive into a garbage bin to get Chaput?

    Drouin naturally floated all game long and did absolutely nothing. Having him play alongside Gallagher emphasized even more that a shameless lazy ass floater Drouin is. But of course we’re not going to talk about it because Habs won and he is d’chez nous.

    It was an ok game. Too many mistakes. Pasternak is a beast. Kotkaniemi may become one day… but not with the linemates that he gets.

    Who’s next?

  29. Curly Howie says:

    The best goalie in the world gives up another late goal.
    Imagine that.
    Jeff Petry bails him out.
    Both Boston goals..Price on his knees..Bruins shoot high.

  30. Curly Howie says:

    The best goalie in the world shut out the Bruins in Boston in October.
    I wonder what the odds are of that happening again tonight?
    About as likely as Claude Julien giving up Dunkin’ Donuts cold turkey.

  31. Timo says:

    Woot! New page. Slowly slowly but Ryan White thread will be beat!

  32. Timo says:

    … and what Carey Price will show up for the game tonight?

    The answer is a lot more clear with regard to Droo-ehn.

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