Liveblog: Canadiens lose 2-0 to Rangers, go 0-for-weekend

Sloppy defensive play opened the door for Mika Zibanejad to score his fourth of the young season, making it 2-0 Rangers halfway through the third period.

A dirty goal late in the first period put the home team on the board. A Brady Skjei shot ticked in off Shea Weber to give the Rangers a lead they didn’t deserve.

The Canadiens had opened the scoring.


And neither goal counted.

The Canadiens dominated the early action and had a goal disallowed when replay showed Andrew Shaw kicking the puck in off Henrik Lundqvist.

Not five minutes later, a Shea Weber howitzer blew past the Rangers goaltender. But Alain Vigneault successfully challenged again, with the ruling that Max Pacioretty had interfered with Lundqvist.

Shots were 34-25 for the team that can’t score.


  1. leafs stink says:

    I know the refs were bad again tonight, cant understand the no calls, the patches goal was off side they were gonna call it.

    Im in Toronto and watching the leafs last night compared to this one is mind bogalling.

    The rangers played there hacking style hockey and beat up the habs with cheap shots and of coarse the habs have no balls and hack them back to prove a point even if it costs them the 2 points, show some damn character!!!

    I dont understand why the rangers did not hack the hell out of the leafs last night, are the leafs off limits to all other teams. Watching the leafs its seems like you cant rough them up, washington did not play them rough in the first round last year but they played rough in the second round.

    The NHL is a bush league they kinda direct who wins and loses with there non steady calls to change the direction of games.
    Its all business with a long season with too many teams and water down hockey.

  2. leafs stink says:

    Before I begin I may have to change my user name LOL NOT!!

    Its hard to read posts of bashing chucky, I know he does not look sharp but can u blame him, look who is is playing with and how he is used on special teams.
    The first line seems ok and we may have a center in Drouin, the rest of the lines are boring and pathetic, what do we have to loose to just put chucky at center with with hudon and lekonen there all gifted players, is it so Fcken hard to make this happen and let them make mistakes but you know what they may create some excitement and goals, what the hell do we have to loose, plex does not belong there dame-it!!!
    Need balls not chicken shits, bring up Mccarron and just let him play with delarose and byron,

    Plex on the fourth line with shaw and danault all 3 below average centers that cant score, the shut down line.

    Thats all we have up front, play the kids we have nothing to loose let them learn and build.

    The d im confused and lost, just cant understand what the f##ck jj is still doing there.

    Lastly this french first policy, since the last referendum this franchise has not been the same, always crying the blues, and mister molson cant even lick the boots of the previous family members that always made sure this francise great!!!!

  3. FuzE_gus says:

    I’m not one to partake in all of the negativity. And it is still early days. But it’s hard to sit back an remain optimistic when deep in your heart this is, at best, an average team. A team stuck in “middle syndrome”. Not good enough to win. Not bad enough to build up from the draft. All of MB’s moves reek of Middle Syndrome management with no end in sight. Long term deals designed to bolster a middle team. There’s euphoria in winning. Optimism in tanking. Nothing but boredom and frustration in being a middle team. And sadly, that’s where I think they will sit for some time.

    With Regards from FuzE_gus

  4. Redzodrum says:

    Am I the only one tired of the coddling of Chucky by some here,
    He needs 2 players to set him up, the coach looked at him funny,
    He’s on the 3rd line, Oh he’s on the 2nd pp unit, enough! Rise to the occasion already, maybe he just needs a new team

    • homerbowen says:

      It’s not negativity it’s REALITY!! Team management are out of touch with today’s game. MB has given no indication he can oversee an NHL team and Claude looks lost behind the bench. I feel Claude is past his due date. However, he has a 5 year contract and we will have to wait until Alain Vignault is fired by the Rangers and we can try another re-tread. I’m afraid we are doomed for many more years.

  5. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    ALN up.

  6. FormalWare says:


    From: NHL Department of Officiating
    To: All Referees

    Good job cracking down on slashes to the hands, faceoff violations, and equipment violations. (Continue ignoring all other penalties; you mustn’t decide the outcome of the game.)

    Also, we will be issuing another clarifying memo within a few months on what constitutes goaltender interference. Until you receive it, carry on flipping coins.


    Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

  7. corretto says:

    Yes @25soonenough! I like the 4 centres you have there!! Fat chance it will ever happen though. They have destroyed Chucky’s confidence. Just let him play! Let Muller work with him on the other non offensive skills needed in a Centre throughout the season.

  8. SteverenO says:

    I’m not a coach, and I don’t make $5 million a year but if I can tell that Petry and Alzner cannot play together how long will it take for coach CJ to split them up?

    They 22 and 26 have now been on the ice together for 5 even strength goals against in 30:08 minutes of ice time.

    Unpucking believable!


    Steve O.

    • CHesterfield says:

      You are on to something. Could it be that post november these numbers triple back to be a success story? Numbers never lie. They just do not tell interesting stories.

  9. Lord Stanley of Surrey says:

    To Y’all and Your Loved Ones, a Happy heart-warming Thanksgiving.

    As for the Habs? This is going to be a looong, frustrating year of mediocrity, interspersed with moments of false hope.

    Go with the flow. Don’t let it get You down.

    I know it is a one in a thousand that Bergevin can off-load Price for Tavares, and place Our bet on Lundgren as Our future, yet by the time Christmas comes around I am hoping for the miracle beneath Our Christmas tree.

    Peace My fellow Habs’ Fans.

  10. port elgin says:

    would rather watch my cat clean itself than this crap

  11. port elgin says:

    I’ve seen Mennonite grandmothers with no pads on be tougher to play against than this team

    • Andre Binette says:

      Bad analogy!
      Grandmother’s are tough as nails. You don’t F with them or no homemade cookies for you 🙂

      And by the way grandmothers never wear pads. Ever. They don’t need them anymore.

  12. doug19 says:

    My concern is Habs having a season like the Blue Jays just had. There was lots of promise but they lost Encarcion settling for Batista and then had injuries and pitching problems at the beginning of their season and never recovered.
    Habs lose Radulev settle for Hemsky, lose Markov and replace him with Drouin instead of Sergachev.
    The Habs still have the same or worse scoring problems and are
    Mete is a great surprize and Hudon or someone could show up?
    Can some players catch fire please! There is still time.
    I do not think many thought these first games won with the as yet cobbled together defense. Oh repent those of us dishing Markov and Emelin last year!

  13. 25soonenough says:

    Changes will be coming. Julien won’t put up with this for long. Let the line shuffling begin.

    Davidson was a HUGE improvement over Streit. Mitchell didn’t need to do much to outshine Hemsky and Mete continues to impress.

    Drouin is learning , some growing pains there for sure . Plekanec is really past it, brings very little to the top 6.

    Our goals need to come from our best forwards . Load the top two lines and put a checking third line together.

    Hudon -Drouin-Lehkonen

  14. port elgin says:

    Bergevi has a five year plan that is in year six

    Send him packing before year seven

  15. haloracer18 says:

    Habs got robbed by the refs. Usual screen outside of the crease. Goalie Lundqvist moves out of the crease, incidental contact with Pacioretty who had McDonough on his back, goal is good.
    NHL is losing credibility due to the legalese of the rulebook. The rules need to be simplified greatly. Look at chess, it’s a great game because a child can understand the rules. Making the rules convoluted and complicated adds only frustration and unnecessary seriousness to a frivolous sport.

  16. CHesterfield says:

    The lot of the things. Something is going to go our way when it counts. Maybe end of season game, maybe playoffs. MB?! Not an election, run him out of town after 40. November and january totals is where we see how a team works before wreaking ball comes through. I like my Danault, leks, 92, 11, 6, Alzner, 67 and 65. These guys played like there is 81 chances, 80, to win. 27 is about to discover the problem, heself as enemy. Wins and boom! Coaching is problem? Let’s face it, we love our players to go off map and succeed. Talent. Bloody team sports. Takes a bunch

  17. port elgin says:

    Time to ” drain the swamp”

  18. Bim says:

    Boy. Alex Galchenyuk looks worse every game out. Don’t know what his problem is but he was a floater again tonite. Forget trading him for anything more than a bag of hockey sticks the way he’s playing. In fact that’s probably the big reason why they haven’t unloaded him yet for Matt Duschene. If you were Colorado would you? Maybe…after drinking a case of beer of course. Its going to be a long season in Montreal. Next up Chicago. Beat the drums, pass the torches around and mail the 2 points on Tuesday. They’re awful.

    • CHesterfield says:

      If he could shoot where, as a viewer, I imagine he scores, maybe he could pass to team mate where they could score. Coaching seems super hard to me now, or always. Screw CJ, never liked him. Even if he brings us a cup!

  19. HABS 63 says:

    The king out plays Price again ! Not saying that it was Prices fault but lets stop calling him the worlds best goal tender until he becomes one . Bergivin is going to make a panic move that’s really going to hurt this team ! Then he will be fired at seasons end! They need a player that can play the roll the Prust played , this team has been way to soft . Look what Reeves is doing for Pitsburgh , nobody will be giving it to Crosby this year . They also need a defenceman that can skate with the puck (PK like ). This is going to be a very long season . What a MESS you have made Bergivin . GO PREDS GO ! 76. 76. .76

  20. habsfan0 says:

    As inept a coach as we all believe MT was, he always had the Habs fast out of the gate.
    And he ALWAYS seemed to beat CJ’s teams.
    That can’t be good.

  21. habs001 says:

    The problem is scoring…If the Habs had the same D as last year it would be the same story…

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      At least Markov would be feeding one-timers to Weber on the PP. Dumba$$ Muller has Drouin on the wrong side so Weber can’t get any one-timer opportunities.

      • CHesterfield says:

        Ouch! I like Muller, they are more ‘fluid’ on pass and release. Maybe an extra player acquired during season? Weird thought Miller or Oshie were CH gets that did not pan out.

  22. corretto says:

    Six months after they barely scored in playoffs against Rangers they get shut out by same team.

    How was it possible for MB to see that lack of scoring and say ‘i know how I’ll fix this! I’ll rebuild my 4th ranked defence from last season. I’ll give up all my puck moving defensemen and bring in slower and older guys. Surely we will score more!. Who needs forwards who can score?!? I’ll show em!’


  23. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    BTW these are the type of games where they will miss Radulov. He can fight along the boards and make creative plays. Habs don’t have a player like this.

  24. habsfan0 says:

    Marc Bergevin’s contract runs through 2021-2022.
    And even if the Habs go 1-81 this year, Claude Julien still has 25 million reasons to smile.

    Must be nice.

  25. BKAK72 says:

    Does anybody watch guys like McDavid, Crosby, Malkin, Mathews etc. for their 200 ft game? When did this become a requirement??

    Place CHUCKY at CTR between DRUIN and MAXPAC. Let’s not forget PRICE was signed to that contract to pick up after the defensive mistakes.


  26. FireBergie says:

    Not a good team, downward trend. Time to go Bergie…’ve rid us of all talent we had on the back end, emptied the cupboard, perpetuated a piss poor farm system and a sub par talent evaluation department, so great 6 year plan. I guess people keep buying this $13 Molson Ex and the coach and GM have French last names so it’s all good. Pathetic.

  27. Habsbill24 says:

    It is Sunday night, and I thought I had the right channel for the Habs game but instead I saw the Walking Dead.

  28. nova scotia vees says:

    Every other team is building with fast, young players. We have an old defense, comprised of disgards. No stars anywhere. We have managed to ruin Galchenyuk.
    Bergevin is stupid. You sign Striet, who the Pens would not play in the playoffs despite missing Letang and at times Daley. What the..!!!

    • BensontheButler says:

      Not only that, expect some of the top coaches to hail from the USA moving forward. And given the politics this organization has chosen to engage in, the Habs ain’t gonna get a piece of that action. After all, the odds of an American coach speaking French are long. They’re better off dropping this requirement and just asking candidates if they’re willing to learn French (which is a fair request). You instantly just expanded your candidate options. Think of it, would this organization ever seriously entertain the likes of Trotz, Ruff, Babcock or Lamouriello? Let’s not kid ourselves. Other than that, this kind of insularity only hastens the Peter Principle which, in turn, results in mediocrity. I’m sure this could be expressed mathematically.


  29. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    This was at least a competitive game. Look if you expected the Habs to go out and suddenly dominate teams with a 1st line center whose never played it before in the NHL and a 5’9″ 19 year old on the 1st pairing…then you’re drinking too much Kool-Aid. For example, Drouin missed the coverage on the 2nd goal. This was going to happen given his experience. People have to temper their expectations.

    Anyway what a difference taking out a slow Dman for a fast one. Davidson played like he did in Game 6 in the playoffs. Good sign. They just can’t covert their scoring chances. They put Chucky with Max and JD at the end which was another good sign. Hopefully he will try it in the future because playing Chucky with players who don’t have creativity won’t help his game.

  30. RightNyder says:

    One more post before I slip into my tryptophan coma.

    Despite the gaping hole at the centre position, our forward collection isn’t THAT horrible.

    What is horrible, and inexcusable, is our sorry-looking gathering of pudlingtons at the back.

    As mentioned below, I just can’t get enough of Benn skating up to the blueline, then rattling a pass into the feet of a forward standing stationary at centre.

    In a game clearly moving even more toward speed and movement – necessitating both from your defence corps – the natty turd-flinging blind squirrel has doubled down on scoreless third-pairing dudes at the back.

    I love the kid Mete, but the only reason he’s getting a shot as a little guy at age 19 is because someone whispered in MB’s ear that you just might want a puckhandler on D.

    MB traded a Norris-winning puck-mover for an older, throwback guy (and didn’t at least get Girard thrown in). Markov was older than dirt and slower than molasses, but he was smart and could move the puck. MB replaced him with the even older, even slower Streit.

    To replace our best forward, Radulov – one who could make things happen on his own, without as much help from the D – MB had to deal the best puck-moving prospect we had. So even if it’s a wash up front, we still lose at the back. Smooth.

    Instead of pursuing a kid like Shea Theodore, MB triples down on the scoreless Alzner.

    It’s a soff team with 10 guys aged 30-plus and a definite gap between where it is now and when guys like Mete and Poehling, etc., are really going to be able to help.

    Ah well. It’s the same hamster wheel over and over anyway. Bring back Patty.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      My favorite pre-season game was the one against FLA. They had FOUR puck-movers in that line-up: Petry, Mete, Jerabek and Davidson. They played against FLA’s best players and beat them with speed easily. They need to go all-in on a speed team. Yes they will get beat-up but it is the only chance they have to produce offensively 5v5.

  31. ashyslashy says:

    I really believe the biggest problem in this organization is MB’s ego. He always seems like he has to be the story. He’s made so many bizarre moves and has only managed to make the team average at best. This lineup is bereft of creativity and the backend is truly terrible – thanks to a GM who doesn’t know how to evaluate talent – but he sure knows how to pick a matching tie. I just can’t be bothered to watch – a boring team that can’t score that has to rely on the goalie every night. How did we get here?

  32. chilli says:

    No Rads, no PK, no Markov and lots of Shaw makes for really boring hockey.
    Zero puck control, awful breakouts.

    All roads will lead back to the PK trade.
    MB gone after this playoffless season.

  33. Andre Binette says:

    So, is Saint-Patrick the new GM yet?

  34. Chuck says:

    Might be time to bring out the ol’ Shooter Tutor for the guys; the only thing they’ve been able to hit are the endboards and the crest on the goalie’s sweater.

    3 games, 2 SH goals, 1 even strength goal, 0 PP goals.

    Their 2 points flatters such an anemic offensive output.

  35. Habs6088 says:

    MT has had much better Starts to the years than many other coaches before him and has maintained a better winning record. I am not saying i want him back because eventually he lost the room. But he Truely had his players better prepared and his teams gelled a lot better. You gotta give him credit.

    • HABS 63 says:

      PLEASE don’t say that MT was anything but the worst coach in HABS history! He ruined young players , he drove PK out of town ! At least this year we have CJ playing some of the young guys . It’s the veterans on this team that have to step it up . Bergivin also has to make this team younger with his trades and free agents , not older and slower ! Management SUCKS . GO. PREDS GO 76. 76. 76.

  36. careysubban3176 says:

    As the old saying goes “You can’t win if you can’t score…and you can’t score if the ref denies the goal.”

    But all jokes aside if you take off your habs love goggles, you can see just one proven goal scorer on team. If he doesn’t score, the others can’t pick up the slack, as evidence has repeatedly told us.

    Until the day we start building from around a centerman instead of a goalie and defense, you have a hard time winning in this league. The Leafs have figured it out. The Pens and Blackhawks have figured this out for the past decade. Why can’t the Habs figure this out. They need to unload anybody for that true #1 center you can build around. And I’m sorry folks, but Drouin is not the answer. Nor Galchenyuk. Nor Pacioretty. Nor Carey Price.

    As much as I love Carey Price, he needs to go somewhere else if he wants to win a Stanley Cup. He doomed himself when he signed that contract because now the Habs simply can’t afford that true #1 franchise center and he’s still good enough all by himself to push the Habs into a playoff spot which guarantees the Habs a zero percent chance of not drafting a franchise center.

    “Stop blaming the goaltender! He can only do so much”

    • BC (Because of the Cats) says:

      I agree, especially with your last paragraph. Price’s contract has pretty much doomed the team to another decade of mediocrity. Another decade of making the playoffs most years, drafting middle of the pack, and never having a chance to acquire the game-changing players we need. We’ll remain a team that is too good to tank, but can never hope to become good enough to contend.

  37. vegas says:

    is it time to make some line changes?
    CJ doesn’t seem to like to make changes during the game, so lets see if he mixes it up before next game

    we have 1 5 on 5 goals nad zero PP goals after 3

  38. PK says:

    Bergevin is going to get fired soon, spend his days scouting for the Chicago Black Hawks.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  39. HNS says:

    MB is toast!!!!

  40. prep says:

    Bergys wants players that hate to lose ….get f n players that love to win you third pairing d head …. I noticed before the habs were looking like red army team now it looking more like the BC boys .. just get talent you fool

  41. BKAK72 says:

    A little bit of sobering perspective:

    OUT with …

    Sergachev and Subban

    … not one of these strengths on the roster returned a legitimate CTR.

  42. krob1000 says:

    Vegas had plenty of guys thaty could help us..
    Neal, Marchessault up front
    Theodore longer term and Engelland….sick of Habs being pushed around already

  43. Habby_Haberton says:

    After a rough game last night it was nice to see a real bounce back performance. Goaltending out, they rolled 4 lines and didn’t allow a ton of chances. There were a couple weird calls by the refs and that is normal. If they keep playing this way, the Rangers will be fine.
    As for the Habs, they didn’t do so well.

  44. Habituated says:

    Well, 79 games to go.

    How you view that prospect should help determine if you’re with the pollies or the nellies.

  45. zip by says:

    Just want to say that I did not watch most of this game – checking in now and then, leaving a pithy comment and then turning to another channel. I hope that this behavior is not lost on the advertisers who have had no opportunity to dazzle me with their product.

  46. haberoo13 says:

    MB’s blueprint
    Heart with no skill
    Skill with no heart
    Hope Price has a 0.5 GAA


  47. delete says:

    You really have to question Bergevin’s judgement. Does he really think that he is icing a credible NHL lineup?

  48. Adidess says:

    The question is: do you need a $10.5 M goalie when your team sucks so bad?

    Price is not the problem, but what’s the point of keeping him? To lose 0-2 instead 0-5?

  49. Slack says:

    It’s tempting to blame the refs…

    But this team has no balls. No guts. No nothing. A fickle, fragile bunch.


    • Breaking Wind says:

      That’s precisely right. Toronto Maple Leafs fans whine about conspiracies and officials “out to get us.” It’s funny how good teams always seem to get the breaks.

  50. CHesterfield says:

    oh damn.

  51. habsfan0 says:

    Chicago put up a 10 spot on the Stanley Cup champs and Toronto scores between 5-8 goals a night.
    Should be an interesting week.
    By the time it’s over, MB will start growing his Rip van Winkle beard again.

  52. HabSgt says:

    well that was underwhelming. Do we press the PANIC button yet, or is it still too early?

    Winter is coming

  53. prep says:

    My god ..bergys vision of this team is still stuck in the 90’s .. wow just wow …

  54. Max says:

    Lundqvist should be called Queen Henrik.

  55. sirs81 says:

    How long before we see MB fired?

  56. Sluff Adlin says:

    Blair MacKasey for General Manager.

    He can speak English

  57. Duffy says:

    Nine periods of hockey and a total of three goals scored. This team is a complete Joke,,,,,,,

  58. habsr4ever says:

    Rangers put on a defensive clinic. We needed the first goal. Dejavu from the playoffs.
    Refs didn’t help.
    Second goal was a goal. High sticks missed on shaw and pacman.
    Oh well I wanted a 500 road trip and didn’t get it.
    Need an upset win vs the hawks now. We can do it.
    Effort is there which will pay dividends as we move forward.

  59. RightNyder says:

    My new favourite thing is watching Jordie Benn carry the puck up to the blue-line, then make a pass directly into the skates of a forward stopped at centre ice. Such flow.

    And how is Weber not a minus-1 when the first goal went in off of him? At least the scorekeepers are still scared of him.

    And did you just see Galchenyuk’s face when he realized he wasn’t going to be the extra man out there with the empty net? Trade the kid now.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving folks!

  60. Breaking Wind says:

    I’d say the best thing to do is to get rid of Bergevin, trade Price, Pacioretty, and Weber for what you can get for them, and drop to the bottom for a few years to rebuild. However, the Habs management group is so pathetic they would probably find a way to ruin even a generational player like McDavid. From top to bottom, this organization has a rot running through it.

  61. LeaveTheCoachAlone says:

    Bring on Chicago and Toronto. That should fix the scoring. If not the Califonia road trip should definitely, if not…

  62. 25soonenough says:

    Growing pains.

  63. FormalWare says:

    Such crap officiating. Rangers have been dirty most of the game; Habs have been on the powerplay exactly once.

    Montréal Canadiens: “Season after season under the same, low ceiling.” – D.M.

    • krob1000 says:

      ?? what the three blood drawling crosschecks, ate hit on Byron, kneeing attempt on Shaw, and disallowed goal don’t sit well with you??? why is that?

  64. twilighthours says:

    Who’s going to get the nyr empty netter?

  65. slapshot777 says:

    I don’t think the Habs should subject Mete to this for the season

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  66. twilighthours says:

    If it’s possible for a team to be both frustrated and heartless, this Montreal team is.

  67. topher5468 says:

    The only thing left, or the icing on the crappy cake would be for DD to score,,,,,

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  68. krob1000 says:

    please try mixing things up….please?!?!

  69. topher5468 says:

    Maybe Petry lost his mojo when he cut his hair….He stinks now too, I remember when he was good,

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

    • deggy24 says:

      Petty was never good. Only on the team cause MB made a mistake trading for him and paid 1 mil a year more for him than anyone else would have given. Classic Billy Beane observation: looks like he should be good but isn’t.

      We’ve got a great goalie, why don’t we run and gun and win games 4-3?

  70. expat_habsfan says:

    The overwhelming amount of mistakes this franchise has made since the events that caused the team to trade away Roy is just astonishing. They allowed a tempestuous under-skilled coach (Tremblay) to put himself above the team and then compounded the problem by allowing clueless Houle and soulless Corey to trade Roy for a bunch of pucks. Since then they have had nothing but a revolving door of useless managers, cast off and retread coaches and disassociated owners.

    The team’s front and back office promote a French language bias above getting the best person for the position. They have had very little player development success and have given away assets for nothing in return. It also appears that the franchise can no longer attract real talent. Does it go any lower than being on a players’ list of no-trade destinations.

    As a life long Habs fan who has been so disappointed with the last quarter century of futility I feel that I no longer have the ability to follow this franchise with any amount of optimism. They will now have to not just win games but also prove to me that they are a franchise worth my effort.

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