Liveblog: 3-3 tie goes to Shootout L

Cole against Bruins

Sensational comeback by the Canadiens in the third period.

But a scary OT.


Bourque: Save

Krejci: POST!

Pacioretty: Great move, but saved

Seguin: Goal

Eller: Save


  1. showey47 says:

    People complained about the length of coles contract but without giving him that 4th year you probably don’t get the first 3. Worth every penny.

  2. blu_blanc_rouge says:

    Habs can play with anyone..only a few pieces are missing

  3. manu07 says:

    Boston is a bunch of morons. Emelins hit early in the game was perfectly clean. Thornton is a god damn moron. I really hope guys like bourque start getting more physical. This is the game to play physical.

  4. What a game!!!

    Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  5. slapshot777 says:

    Cole is the man. The two and a half men line has got to be one of the best lines in the league.

    This could be a turning point to the season of the Habs can pull out this win.

  6. savethepuck says:

    Has the mood changed on here a little bit?

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  7. joshbenn says:

    I don’t get it. Why doesn’t the thorton just fight an enforcer or someone that hasn’t had a part of their face reconstructed with metal plates. Oh wait then he wouldn’t win…

  8. nickster13 says:

    Dirty hit by thornton, totally outside of the play

  9. kempie says:

    Cheap as ****.

  10. PrimeTime says:

    I wish Emmy could fight!

  11. Chuck says:

    That same hit was an interference call on the Habs earlier in the game.

  12. RH says:

    That is the absolute DUMBEST rule EVER. I’ve hated it from the start.

  13. NLhabsfan says:

    What an a….Thorten is.

  14. NLhabsfan says:

    Oh what a bone head move.

  15. Mavid says:

    its getting dirty…I like it when its dirty..hehehe

  16. Propwash says:

    Emmy has Thorton targeted again

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  17. 123456 says:

    s/b penalty there – he knew he was offsides . . . f-en bruins

  18. L Elle says:

    I see Emelin has learned the most important English word. LOL

  19. Propwash says:

    Oh f***…….
    Bad move Plecky.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  20. manu07 says:

    PK with some great outlet passes

  21. Habbu says:

    Cole worth every penny….. Unlike some others we know

  22. L Elle says:

    Is this game a nail-biter, or what?

  23. Chuck says:

    How many juicy rebounds have we skated past this game?!

  24. Habbu says:

    OMG……could Molson donate Gomez to a charity and take the tax write-off

  25. 24moreCups says:

    Man I love when the Bell Centre is rockin’

  26. icemachine says:

    What a Beauty! Cole for Captain!

    Its time to switch to whiskey, we’ve been drinkin’ beer all night

  27. ffenliv says:

    Cole has to be here for next year. He just makes the entire squad better, Max in particular. They could combine for 75 goals next year and lord knows how many points.

  28. hansolo says:

    Love the DD line. It would be nice not to have to rely on 1 scoring line, though.

  29. HNS says:

    Please give Cole the C PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  30. Propwash says:

    I friking LOVE Cole, best signing for the team in YEARS!

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  31. RH says:

    I’m done with the AK-46 experiment. I keep waiting for this guy to finally blossom with all that talent he has and he just keeps floundering.

  32. HabFanSince72 says:

    HA HA

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  33. P-Habby says:

    Suck it chara!!!

  34. 123456 says:

    lol we wuld be bitching about chara after that one

  35. manu07 says:

    I knew either Thomas or that dumb fuck chara would screw up

  36. habs-fan-84 says:

    so many things to like about this team over the next couple years!



  38. kempie says:

    Suck it Chara.

  39. Peter Young says:

    Cole, you beautiful bastard.

  40. HNS says:

    Kraperle is definitely a double agent.COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. manu07 says:

    Comeeeeeeee backkkkkkk

  42. Propwash says:

    I was hoping Emelin would destroy Marchand there
    Oh, and….

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  43. Bill says:



    Full Breezer 4 Life

  44. Chuck says:


  45. Bill says:

    The Habs never met a rebound they could reach.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  46. Peter Young says:

    This site’s server has suddenly improved, but I wonder whether it’s because many people trying to get in just gave up.

  47. showey47 says:

    cole is awesome

  48. jwhogeveen says:

    I haven’t felt this excited because of a habs game in a while


  49. RH says:

    That little rat fink goes low AGAIN!! Someone needs to to smoke his ass!

  50. SKHab says:

    Why isn’t McQuaid gone for the jersey?

  51. Mattyleg says:

    Wow, see Marchand duck PK’s check?
    What a puss.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  52. Peter Young says:

    Sometimes this season–and in this game–I have felt the Canadiens are just cursed with bad luck. We just don’t get any breaks; the bounces nearly all go the wrong way. They say teams make their own luck, but I’m not convinced.

    • neumann103 says:

      a few minutes after you wrote this there were 4 rushes in a row with shots on net where lucky bounces gave the rebounds right ti bruins.

      Then Cole gets the gift and makes it count.


      “Et le but!”

  53. Mavid says:

    instead of bashing Kaberle lets talk about the beauty of a give a way by Lurch…whohooooo

  54. manu07 says:

    Now is the time for RC to sit Gomez and Kaberle. And put AK with Eller. The guy is playing with that goof Gomez how is he supposed to play…seriously.

  55. manu07 says:

    Marchand getting away with way to much.

  56. 123456 says:

    love to see AK get one

  57. topher5468 says:

    Why in the world would you put the puck in the corner with Gomez, he never wins those battles

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  58. habstrinifan says:

    And some people here actually have said they ARE OK with the Kaberle pick up. That it didnt hurt us. In my opinion it was a worse error than the Gomez deal because it was absolutely unnecessary.

    • jwhogeveen says:

      It was a ridiculous pick-up but the Gomez deal is in a league of its own. Hes looks great out there on the PP


    • Propwash says:

      It was done in an effort to try and kickstart the powerplay. The reasoning makes sense, but it just didn’t work out.

      Don’t let the wultures getcha.

    • Bill says:

      I’m okay with it. He’s producing about the rate he always has, moves the puck well. Defensively, he’s in the middle among Habs D-men. For a 45 point D-man his salary is reasonable at 4.25 and he only has two years left on it.

      You throw away a lot of credibility when you say that it’s worse than Gomez. I mean, what the hell could be worse than the Gomez deal? His cap hit his THREE MILLION DOLLARS more, he produces less offense than Kaberle despite being a centre as opposed to a D-man, and we traded McDonagh and Higgins for him, not Spacek. WTF.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  59. Habbu says:

    Chara in the bar all afternoon?

  60. Danno says:

    Tea Party Tim gets bagged!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  61. Propwash says:

    There ya go PK! Make that rat pay….

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  62. Bill says:

    Ugh, I hate Claude Julien’s fat, stupid face. Always have.

    Nice hit by PK.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  63. SKHab says:

    Cole never quits. Thomas needs his jock strap back.

  64. NLhabsfan says:

    What a nice steal!!!

  65. HabFanSince72 says:

    Chara you suck.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  66. jo_maka says:

    Now what I want to see is Emelin serving that sweet sweet russian vengeance on that Rat

    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  67. Mr. Boone – quickly change the title to 3-3!!

  68. manu07 says:

    AK should be put back with the Eller line. They had good chemistry.

  69. solomio says:

    Bruins are laughing. Got the lead in a road game. Habs have to score 2 to win. Bruins are already in the playoffs, they can lose and it means virtually nothing to them.
    Habs must win. That’s a laugh for the Bruins

    “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  70. SUMO says:

    pacioretty has such a quick release.

  71. Habbu says:

    Good things happen when you go to the net (as long as you don’t touch the goaltender)

  72. 24moreCups says:

    YES!! I said it earlier MaxPac will score tonight!

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