Line of the Day

On 110%, assessing the impact of Mathieu Schneider, Jean-Charles Lajoie of CKAC said:

"This team needs the help of Brother André … and I don’t mean Kostitsyn."

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Line of the day

To a suggestion that the NHL might need another  lockout to restore salary sanity, Gazette Travel Editor and Canadiens super fan David Walker quips:

"Yes, and this time they should lock out the general managers."

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Line of the day

Me: Where is the Canadiens vaunted depth if they have to play Tom Kostopoulos on the top line?

Pat Hickey: I’m more of a glass half-full guy. How many teams have a 30-goal scorer on their third line?

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Soft team?

Marc Antoinde Godin of La Presse points out that Mike Komisarek is tied with Dion Phaneuf for lthe league lead in hits with 64. (But the Flames have played one more game than the Canadiens.)

The Canadiens have five other players among the NHL’s top 50 hitters: Steve Bégin, 19th with 40 hits, Guillaumke Latendresse, 34th with 35, Tom Kostopoulos, 35th with 34, Francis Bouillon (whose missed four games), 41st with 33 and Michael Ryder, who also has 33 but has played 17 games and is ranked 44th.





  1. JF says:

    I think Grabovski gets beaten off the puck too easily to be much help to Koivu and Higgins. He wouldn’t be able to dig the puck out of the corners. Hopefully TomK will, and by crashing the net may get a tip-in or a rebound. It may work for a game or two, but I agree it’s not a long-term solution. If Ryder continues to struggle, I’d like to see Dandenault given a chance on the top line.

  2. Chuck says:

    Because we’re not quite in a position where we can afford to piss-away points while letting the first line get their act together, that’s why. We’re a good team on the rise, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves: we’re going to need every extra point that we can get our hands on to put us into the playoffs, and possibly a home-ice advantage in the first round.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  3. Chuck says:

    It brings new meaning to “hanging your goalie out to dry”.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  4. Chuck says:

    Hey buddy, how did your laffs do against the Boooins?.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  5. Chuck says:

    I love your photo, Ian! To be honest, I was spending some time this evening voting for our guys on the all-star ballot.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  6. Chuck says:

    Three scorers on a line rarely works out. You still need someone to go into the corners and dig the buck out for the finishers.

    The Pocket Rocket wasn’t the greatest goal-scorer in history, but he sure as hell knew how to get the puck to his brother!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  7. Yeats says:

    Very sporty, very sporty, indeed!

  8. Yeats says:

    Yea, and we’re what fifth in the whole damn League? Calm down, it’s only mid-November. And, I guess you knew that nine rookies would band together to with the Cup in ’86? You want to blow your brains out, don a leafs jersey and load your luger.

  9. The Ian Cobb says:

    Notice that i kept my umbrella on, there’s no leaf on me!

  10. Yeats says:

    Ian, or should I say “The Ian Cobb,” I like our chances. Think about where we stand and we have yet to see all lines fire on the same night. The way the wags talk about the Sens, I am reminded of the same talk about the ’95 Red Wings and the Devils sent them home in what, four games? The regular season is just like a house league to eliminate the truely dreadful squads, like the leafs, from the playoffs. The ’86 and ’93 runs were much, much longer longshots than the current squad. Forgive me, but I don’t see any equivalent to the Edmonton Oilers in this years’ group. By the way, I love your picture. You should offer to sign some for charity. I’d buy one right away. All the best, Brian.

  11. Yeats says:

    Just imagine how Avery is going to twist those leaf bastrads before the next game. The poor guy is gonna draw a $50K fine.

  12. The Ian Cobb says:

    Don’t forget, these coaches know there stable both here and in Hamilton very well. They have kept a close eye on them from before they were drafted. Right down to which lace they do up first. Carecter and yes even the way they spell, temprement, all play a part in what they see and want from a paticular player. We only see the on ice product of a player. These coaches and G.M. themselves are top of the line winners, they have developed this system and are looking for the perfect combination for all 4 lines and special PP & PK units. It takes years to draft and develop a club into what we now see on the ice. We are getting very close to the day that we will hoist Stanly again. We are not there yet, but I can smell it.

  13. Yeats says:

    Yea, it’s like when Ian called me “Teats.” You have to have a “rep” before something like that happens, or you’re just done. And, T-Lusty is indeed done!

  14. Yeats says:

    Have any of you noticed that JFJ hasn’t blogged on the leafs website since the middle of October when he thought things were looking up?

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    No matter what the kid does in his career he’ll have to live with that all the time and the players won’t let him forget.

  16. Yeats says:

    Is it as good for you as it is for me?

  17. Yeats says:

    The kid show his privates on the internet, but the whole damn squad is denuded in Boston on TV. Which is worse, I ask you?

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Boston 5 toronto 2.

  19. Yeats says:

    The leafs are SFD: So F’n Dreadful!

  20. Yeats says:

    Did you get a nice glossy print?

  21. nightmare_49 says:

    Yeats – Tlusty got caught with his pants down on the bruin’s 4th goal.

  22. Yeats says:

    The leafs are absolutely smokin! 4-2 B’s. But what is TO smoking? They must be distracted by T-Lusty’s naked picks on the internet. ROFLMAO!!!

  23. Kevin says:

    Its too bad… Latendresse has such a long leash, and yet Grabs doesn’t even get a chance when the first line is a man short.

  24. Yeats says:

    Watching the leafs/Bruins’ game. Who is going to post naked pictures on the internet to take the heat of the boys from TO tonight?

  25. Kevin says:

    What about Grabovski playing wing on the first line? Could be interesting to see him perform with first line duties.

  26. The Ian Cobb says:

    bigjames & twitch- Thanks for the help. I wonder where DD, yeats,moey,naila,jt,gtc,tommyb,chuck and a dozon others have gone. Maybe my picture did them in!!

  27. bigjames says:

    sabres are having a warm up scrimmage tonite against the sens. should be a good game tomorrow! go habs!

  28. howtathor says:

    Hopefully Kostopoulos can take care of the dirty work down low in the corners and open up some time and space for Sak and Higgy. I think Rydz will do ok on the third line with a couple of guys like Smokes and Beige feedin him the puck. Should be an awesome line lots of size and now some scoring touch. I like when every line has at least one sniper. Even Lats on the fourth line is ok. Go Habs!

  29. twitch says:

    i think you saw the “225 reads” it’s how many times the post has been read, or rather, how many people have been to the page.

  30. bigjames says:

    i think that number is reads, ie how many people have read this thread, not posts. i may be wrong, but that is what i think…
    go habs!

  31. The Ian Cobb says:

    Clayton M—Nice Sweater—It says at the top of this page 225 posts, I can only find 10 ???

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