Sixth place

600 wins for Jacques Martin.

And a date with the Bruins.


  1. JasonM says:

    Bah, getting bored of playing the Bruins in the playoffs all the time. My dreams of Tampa/MTL have been RUIIIINNNNED

  2. HabFanSince72 says:

    Rangers squeak into the playoffs.

  3. MathMan says:

    Boston’s underlying numbers are the weakest of all the top seeds’ — weaker than Montreal, who are very strong. They are very dependent on goaltending for their defense as they give up a lot of shots. Their offense is predicated on high shooting percentage.

    The Habs can beat them. It’s no sure thing, since any playoff series is a crapshoot, but there’s a good chance the Habs are actually the better club.

  4. Keith says:

    Habs and Booins in the playoffs! The traditional right of Spring.

    Can’t wait!

    GO HABS GO!!!

  5. Jim Edson says:

    Bloody Hell these HNIC morons are overtime in trying to RAH RAH the LAFFS and all their future prospects!

    Utterly pathetic!

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

  6. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    Desperately hoping that Philadelphia hold on. Bring on the Bwooins.

    No answers, just opinions. Bite me. Och.

  7. HabFanSince72 says:

    Man those Conservative Party ads are dire.

    Stephen Harper is a bigger tool than Dion Phaneuf.

  8. zozotheclown says:

    6-4 Philly, bring on the Bruins!

  9. JasonM says:

    Watching the Leafs lose…. is a great way to spend one’s Saturday.

    • Clay says:

      Your edit rendered my post obsolete…

      Great way to spend a Sunday morning too!
      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

    • Sakus Evil Twin says:

      Amen J. Had 1st BBQ and beer of the year. This caps it perfectly. Congrats on scoring tix BTW

      No answers, just opinions. Bite me. Och.

  10. Da Hema says:

    Is Pouliot even worth playing in the playoffs now?

  11. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Can’t wait to see how red light Reimer plays during the grind of an 82 game NHL sched.

  12. larisalapointe says:

    Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole,Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole,Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole

  13. MathMan says:

    Tampa Bay with two empty-netters after the ‘Canes pull their goalie out of desperation. The End for the ‘Canes.

  14. showey47 says:

    funny to hear the chants in the leafs building but i wish they would wait till the last minute or less.

  15. sidhu says:

    Reimer throwing in the towel, and the mask.

    Pleks looked like Jagr on that goal 😉

  16. Keith says:

    Beat those punk laffs!

  17. lemess says:

    Last Shorthanded goal: Gio beats Vinnie on the blue line to score vs Tampa on March 17

  18. Danno says:

    Fore! to one Habs over the Leafs!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  19. Jammin says:

    Saved brain dead Pouliot

  20. Da Hema says:

    Boone asks whether Pouliot is playing himself out of Montreal. I hope so….

  21. punkster says:

    Oh. Poor Leafs. Feel so sorry for them.
    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  22. showey47 says:

    wooooooooohooooooooooo F#$K YA pleky

  23. JIMVINNY says:

    Lol. Eat, frankendion.

  24. Keith says:



  25. Clay says:

    F**K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  26. JasonM says:

    Hey Plecanek is playing!

  27. sidhu says:


    And yes, Benny is playing himself out of Montreal. I’d rather have Paloosh on the team than him.

  28. habsfaninboston says:

    Plekkkkkks with the shorty

  29. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Pleky power!

  30. HabFanSince72 says:

    It’s official.

    Pouliot is an idiot.

  31. t1tan5 says:

    That’s a pre-lockout hook there.

  32. showey47 says:

    and pouliot again

  33. Keith says:

    White has been a warrior tonight!

  34. HardHabits says:

    The Referee Syndicate is a hot topic of discussion tonight. More N.A.G. anybody?

  35. Da Hema says:

    I guess Price is motivated after letting in that first period goal….

  36. Clay says:

    Some playoff goaltending there!

    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  37. Keith says:

    Pricey with a superfuntabulous save!

  38. habsfaninboston says:


  39. t1tan5 says:

    What a save!

  40. Danno says:

    This is a bad call and there are plenty of bad calls by the war room. Just look at the soccer goal that they allowed for Chicago’s Hossa the other day and it didn’t even cross the line. That was another head scratcher.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  41. showey47 says:

    lets go guys 10 minutes to go

  42. lavie says:

    Unreal, I’d say unreal! hahaha…

  43. Habsfan_jay says:

    Looks to me like the NHL has decided they want a Habs/Bruins series and are darn well going to make it happen

  44. punkster says:

    Funny. In a game that means almost nothing the call goes our way. Like that happens ALL the time, right?

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  45. SeriousFan09 says:

    Don Cherry is going to have an aneurysm on the post-game.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  46. Shiloh says:

    All right! Now let’s get Cammy his 20th.

  47. MathMan says:

    The league must be trying to get Montreal in the playoffs!

    …oh wait…

  48. Keith says:

    Those p***ks won’t give up! Keep on em Habs!

  49. JIMVINNY says:

    And the war room gets that one right. It “may” have crossed, but the call was no goal, and the replays were inconclusive.

  50. Larry says:

    I think it was a goal, but then again, I think that is the first time all year a call like that has gone our way

  51. showey47 says:

    WOW,huge break. If we end up winning,tsn and cbc will be crying for a month.

  52. habsfaninboston says:

    Wow they botched that call.

  53. JasonM says:


  54. Exit716 says:

    Never in doubt.

  55. ABHabsfan says:

    CP just said” I’m pretty sure it’s a goal” LMAO

  56. showey47 says:

    its a goal

  57. JasonM says:

    I say no goal, because Price made the effort. 🙂

  58. Larry says:

    I think it’s a goal I hate to admit

  59. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Lets see what the guys in Toronto call that, Doh! I bet Cherry is answering the phone in the war room.

  60. Shiloh says:

    Sure looks like it’s in.

  61. habsfaninboston says:

    Looks like it crossed the line.

  62. Jdub1985 says:

    not conclusive .

  63. JIMVINNY says:

    If he stopped that, WOW. And after seeing the camera angles, no way to overrule that no-goal call.

  64. Keith says:

    Inconclusive. NO GOAL!

  65. joeybarrie says:


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  66. zozotheclown says:

    WOW, hard to tell, I think its a great save, what athleticism.

  67. habsfaninboston says:

    Save of the year.

  68. JasonM says:


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