Kaberle? Really???


Tomas Kaberle was NOT the catalyst that ignited Boston’s power-play after the Bruins had paid dearly to acquire him.
He’s been a bust in Carolina.
But with Andrei Markov still rehabbing and a Hab-not PP,  general manager Pierre Gauthier felt compelled to make a move that smacks of desperation.

There are now two clear-cut criteria for being GM of the Montreal Canadiens:

* The candidate must speak French.
* He must own a hazardous-materials suit to handle the toxic contracts this team is carrying on its books.
Carolina signed Kaberle to a three year contract for $4.25 million per.
On the Canadiens burgeoning roster of guys on the wrong side of 30 who are signed long-term for big $$$, Kaberle joins the poster child for toxicity,  Scott Gomez; Andrei Markov, who’s playing Tiny Tim in the team’s production of A Christmas Carol;  and the two players who are earning their money (so far): Brian Gionta and Erik Cole.
Will Kaberle help the ailing PP?
He didn’t in Boston.
And the pedigree! Kaberle played for the Leafs AND Bruins, who, from a Canadiens fan’s perspective, are Hamas and Hezbollah.
How will his contract – plus the other flock of albatrosses – affect the Canadiens’ ability to sign Carey Price, P.K. Subban, Josh Gorges, Max Pacioretty and Lars Eller?
I don’t want to think about it.
On the bright side … OK, on the not-quite-as-dark side, Gauthier did not have to give up an important asset and/or a draft choice.
Jaro Spacek is a great guy who will be missed by his teammates and the media. And it sucks that his family is being uprooted two weeks before Christmas.
But that’s hockey.
And if Tomas Kaberle helps bring a Stanley Cup to …


  1. chartraw27 says:

    I don’t like this trade. Kaberle is soft and his contract is too long. If he was a UFA at the end of this season I would be ok with it or if it was for far less cash. Panic move that could cause the team some cap issues in the summer. I hope that I am wrong.

  2. gohabsjoe says:

    The most overpaid person I can see is Boone. Does he ever have anything good to say. I know it’s been a tough season but Come on start looking at the positives. And I’m sick of people blaming price for our shooting woes. We haven’t scored in our last two shootouts. What do ya want him to score too.

    Boone is a chum

  3. he scores says:

    Are you kidding me?

    I rather go with weber, st-dennis and diaz on a rotating basis.
    Given them Spacek is okay since Campoli would fit nicely.

    Now – we have another over-paid bum to worry about??

    Skate, shoot and score.

  4. Hammer says:

    The Canes are not turning the turnstiles enough to pay Kabarles wages over the next couple of years. Me thinks they are lightening up the books to put the team up for sale. For JR to slam Kab,s w/o taking a run at the rest of the team such as Staal, sounds rather scapegoatish for me. So Kab goes from being a scapegoat to working for athe Goat!!

  5. AceTen says:

    Cammy – Pleks – Gionta
    Max Pac – DD – Cole
    AK 46 – Eller – Leblanc
    Moen – Gomez – White

    Markov – Subban
    Gorges – Kaberle
    Campoli – Gill


    = Cup number 25 for the boys! Just watch and see…

  6. moan_for_moen says:

    clearly PG is using a method on par with the logic that the habs are the center of the nhl and good players will gravitate to it naturally. on the bright side we might as well watch and appreciate the little enojyment from watching our younger guys now, because its pretty clear that there just isnt any room for most of them, ohh and also the smart older guys jumping ship while they can still swim for safety

    *to be fair BG/PG did one trade right Rivet for Georges. I think thats it please, prove me wrong.

  7. at least they did something…spacek was twilight, but blocked alot of shots. Kaberle poses as a sissy by nature, but european, and there is a gang already on the current squad, he has hoisted the cup recently, some considered him excess baggage on the recent boston cup run. Slick move Muller for helping Carolina out…yet, at least we did something. Figure out the money later. Now tomas, bring some puck luck to this team. But please, I Can’t wait for brighter news on a Friday when the headcoach is fired? then i would have a better weekend. Now to devil land.. go habs

  8. PAPILLON says:

    please call up alex henry for the bruins games,i would love to see lucic get his

  9. gerrybell says:

    does this mean we have chosen Kaberle over Josh Georges for next season?

    i will say it again – Gauthier should have to run all trades by me first – veto!


  10. Marc10 says:

    Yet another awful contract. We finally get an overpaid soft D off the books and what do we do…

    It might get the PP going, but there’s no way we become a playoff beast with this soft lineup.

  11. ths says:

    This is amazing ! We have a power play specialist and a player who will grab Lucic and pound him back to Roxbury if he looks at Price sideways.

    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

  12. Yer-mum says:

    I’m a long time listener, never a poster before today. This Kaberle trade has compelled me to post for the first time.
    Seriously WTF is our brass thinking. Toronto dumps him for not performing, he bombs in Boston and is not offered a contract. All season long I’m laughing my ass off at Carolina for signing him to a big contract… who would have guessed he couldn’t perform. And now, seriously! Stuck with this bag-O-puck-sucking nothing for 3 freaking years! Did they not learn anything from the Gomez trade?
    I can only think this is some sort of giant deflection “look we are trying to do something, we brought in a top dollar guy to fix things.” How stupid do they think Habs fans are?
    To angry to type any more!

    • dasbooth says:

      TO dumps him? They traded him to Boston for a first round pick, they were not making the playoffs, that is hardly a dump.

      Kaberle is needed now, how many more games do you want to go up 3-1 and lose in the shootouts do you want? We obviously needed help on D, and a healthy Kaberle is avast improvment over an injured ageing Spacek.

      I know I know, Im still pissed Gauthier didn’t trade for Crosby too, I mean what was he thinking right?

      “Shutouts are really more of a team stat” – Carey Price

      • Yer-mum says:

        The Colborne trade was conditional with fairly hefty conditions.
        I’m not arguing they needed to do something, just would have preferred they do something useful. Saddling the team with another long term contract for an underperformer is hardly the fix needed.

        Within a month I guarantee everyone will be clumping him and Gomer together talking about how we get no performance out of all that salary

  13. Bill says:

    @steveren0 St. Denis at even strength … Does it really need to be explained that he wasn’t playing tough minutes against elite players? You honestly think he’s better than Kaberle?

  14. SnowManHabs85 says:

    Well atleast PG didn’t include 1st rd pick and high prospect for Kaberle, all PG traded was soon to be retired Spacek, who is still injured at that too. Let’s see how this trade will turn out folks.

    “Responding to the media , or playing to the media, or listening to the fans is the quickest way to start losing” – Sam Pollock

  15. The Jackal says:

    This trade may not be so bad, Kaberle is a skilled player and is good on the PP. A couple of people here have mentioned that if our PP had been clicking we would have a few more wins, which is true. The PP has been a difference maker in our record this season, and if we can get it fixed then we should be quite a better team. What I don’t like is the Goat signed Campoli apparently for his offensive skills, and now we have Kaberle on top – for that money we could have re-signed the Wiz.

  16. HankHardball says:

    How does an underachieving player help an underachieving team?

  17. HankHardball says:

    If we had to have a Leaf, I’d rather we kept Komisarek.

  18. mjames says:

    If you break down this trade you can say that Spacek and Kaberle are a wash. Spacek is always hurt and Kaberle’s game has gone the way of Gomez’s. Therefore if you really look at this trade Carolina’s received Spacek plus $8.5 mm in cap relief and improved cash flow over two years. Assuming the purpose of owning a team is to make a few dollars, we just improved Carolinas’ pre tax cash flow by $4.25mm a year for which PG received no compensation Remmebr Kaberle and Spacek are a wash) . If PG wanted to trade for Kaberle he should have also rec’d a second draft choice as compensation for the improved cash flow. Just as NY fleeced BG, Carolina fleeced PG.

    This is another band-aid trade which does nothing to help build a contender. If I am Molson I would forbid PG from doing anymore of this crap. Unfortunately I think Molson has the brains of a “trust fund” kid. He has this team and money only because of his name. He never made his own money. I wish the guy from RIM had purchased the Habs. He would not put up with BG or PG incompetence.

    I really think the Montreal fans are going to boo this team off the ice.


    • The Jackal says:

      Yeah, now go apply for a writing position at The Economist.

    • Nina76 says:

      Gauthier does not have the brains for compension or a second choice pick we always give our players away we have the most stupid top guys in the NHL every team knows this….Kirk knew what he was doing mark my words………he wanted kaberle off his team wish we had Kirk but no we could not keep him either…………funny how another team found him to be a good coach….SNAP, SNAP,GONE Gainey has to go before he distroys the team again, an advisor he is not for sure……………….GARBAGE!!!!!!!

    • JERM says:

      Agree with you opinion 100%.
      As per Geoff Molson, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Money does not necessarily indicate the person is smart.

  19. Forum Dog says:

    Nice, even reporting there Boone. Nothing like a knee-jerk reaction to fire up the masses.

    Is Kaberle’s contract a good one for the Habs? No, not really. But how does six more weeks (at least) of a power-play that allows more goals than it scores sound? Like the playoffs? No way. Something had to happen.

    As for the impact on other contracts, that will have to play itself out. Gomez’ contract is likely coming off the books soon (at least in part). There are a number of players who are pending UFAs that will likely walk next year (i.e. Gill, Moen, Darche, Campoli). There are also a few who decisions will have to be made on (Kostitsyn – who I’d like to see them keep, Gorges – who I’d like to see them keep but only at cheap money), and 5 who need contracts but are still under the RFA tag and should have reasonable contracts for at least 1 more season (including names like Price, Subban, Eller, Emelin, Diaz).

    Bottom line, the Kaberle trade raises some questions, but it should (note should) boost a horrendous PP that is absolutely killing this team. I say Boone, a professional journalist, should take a somewhat more objective tone when he posts.

    • mjames says:

      Gomez’s is contract is coming off the books. What are you talking about? What does “at least in part” mean -$7.5MM are year for next two years. Kaberle and Gomex = $12mm a year for which they contribute nothing. Kaberle failed in Boston and Carolina. Read your post your logic is grossly flawed. It makes no sense. The power play is no t going to change this team.


      • Forum Dog says:

        Not sure logic that suggests a team will be better if their PP scores more than 1 in 34 chances is flawed. I’d also say that logic claiming that Kaberle and his 4.25 contribute nothing is flawed, considering he hasn’t even played a game for the Habs yet.

        Kaberle has put up excellent PP number every year he has played, save for the last 60 games, during which time he was traded from the only team he’d ever played for, joined a team where he was 5th on the depth chart, then signed with a crummy team in a part of North America where they give out hockey tickets if you test drive a Cheverolet. I for one am not willing to write Kaberle off before he has even donned the jersey. I’ll bet Plekanec is happy to have him.

        As for Gomez, it is becoming pretty obvious that he doesn’t have a spot on this team anymore. I don’t know what the GM and owner are going to do, but if they have any business sense (and I assume they do), that contract is going to get bought out or buried. If buried, no cap hit. If bought out, a portion will count against the cap for the next 3 years. But then again, a portion of it will not. Make sense?

        • Cable Guy says:

          Your wrong Forum Dog, if Gomez is bought out it is spread out for twice as long as his contract goes for which means he’s under contract for 2more years after this year so if he’s bought out were paying him for 4 more years. Leafs are still paying Tucker until 2013/2014 season. Gomez needs to be buried in Hamilton so no cap hit.

          • Forum Dog says:

            Fair enough. I still think they’d be better off with a portion of his salary is on the books for a few extra years than paying him the fully amount to negatively affect the lineup. Whatever they do, I can’t see him coming back and contributing in any real way. I’ve been wrong before….

          • adamhabsalex says:

            maybe he should get to play with Gionta like he did in the 4-0 win against the Rangers … he had a good game …the are other players on the team that are doing less but get a free pass because they don’t make 7.5 million … Darche, what’s he done this year? Eller scores a goal off a rebound off the goalie’s mask and every one thinks he’s the next Malkin. Eller contributes if he has Kostitsn, maybe Gomez needs Gio

            Membership since 1970

      • adamhabsalex says:

        The power play is not going to change this team? What the hell are you talking about? Why don’t you do a bit of research and find how many times the Habs have lost a game this year where they went 0 for on the power play? Where one lousy PP goal gets them a win in regulation or the extra point by going to OT. How’s that for some logic?

        Membership since 1970

    • adamhabsalex says:

      Excellent post imo

      Membership since 1970

  20. SPATS says:

    Hamas and Hezbollah on H I/O?
    Can we stick to hockey pls?


    • Ali says:

      hahah he works for the Gazette, what do you expect?

      • SPATS says:

        Ali, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sympathizer or supporter of either side. That stuff can stay over there. I think critically and I won’t hesitate to point out inappropriate material when I see it. Subliminal cluster bombs like these may work on a lot of the dupes here but they don’t belong and he should be called out and follow the etiquette like the rest of us have to. And GO HABS GO

  21. PoolFool says:

    Habs have Kaberle……..Leafs have Mike Komisarek

    The world’s flux magnetic matter/anti-matter is restored.

  22. tchabfan says:

    If this trade had been straight up the remainder of the year for both Spacek and Kaberle. I don’t think most fans would have minded. But because of the length of Kaberle contract is why every one is so upset. Did management not learn anything from Gomez contract?

  23. Sidd says:

    I wonder if I can unload that snow removal contract I may not be needing this year on Pierre Gauthier and the Habs.

  24. hfxhab says:

    Fire Gauthier and replace him with Patrick Roy.

  25. Propwash says:

    I’m on the wait and see how it turns out side on this trade.

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

    • adamhabsalex says:

      hey, you have too much optimism for this site … I’ll wait and see too .. not crazy about the term but the power play needs something and in a hurry … cute kid btw

      Membership since 1970

  26. habsfan0 says:

    Tiny Tim was a terrific hockey player when he wasn’t tiptoeing thru the tulips.

  27. slimjim111 says:

    Someone, shoot me now…

  28. HabCez says:

    Well the deed is done.. so im not gonna rant about PG..

    i was disbelieving, happy cause it is an upgrade, yet unsure bout the trade cause of his salary and also assumed there was more to this trade..

    I want to see Kaberle play a few games for us first..
    what i know is he has a good shot.. a decent passer..
    and has some size..

    but also doesnt shoot as much and sometimes makes costly mistakes on the PP when he was with the leafs..

    but he is a Hab now.. i wanna see what he can do!

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  29. homerbowen says:

    This sucks!!!! Trading deadwood for deadwood except we are stuck for 2 more years with Kaberle. This means Markov may never play again and PG filling in with Kaberle. Our GM sucks big time, and he should be removed from the position. As for the coach after last nights 3rd period letdown (again) it is very obvious JM has lost the room and his coaching ability has gone out with it. There are lots of good french speaking hockey men, however, they thrive elsewhere and not in Montreal so get your blinders off and find GOOD hockey men to run this storied franchise.

  30. mfDx says:

    Q: with the Atlanta move to Winnipeg this season, and the Jets having sold all their tickets for the season, could we expect a greater jump in the salary cap next season?

  31. Will Longlade says:

    I’m definitely in the “this trade sucks camp”. Not so much because I think Kaberle won’t perform in the role he’s been cast (as his recent and not so recent performance suggests). I dislike this trade because it suggests that the Habs have no long-run plan for the team. They are content with selling out game after game and the emphasis is on short-term performance as opposed to building a contender. Some posters have rationalized the trade by saying that the Habs weren’t going anywhere anyways. IMO, trades like this are precisely why the Habs aren’t going anywhere. I hope I’m wrong. But trades like this are only going to secure a decent 1st round draft pick for the Habs in 2012.

  32. piper says:

    Could we trade Campoli now for McCabe?

  33. NolanB says:

    Honestly, I found out by a friend sending me a bbm saying, “haha, Kaberle.” He didn’t say he had been traded to the Habs, so I was left imagining what that bbm meant before I looked it up on RDS. So before I knew he had been traded to the Habs, I had imagined the bbm referred to one of two scenarios: a)Kaberle had been sent to the minors, or b) compromising photos of him appeared on the internet.
    The last thing I imagined was a trade to the Habs. I was sure the only way Kaberle could have made news was by the two ways I mentioned above. No way did I believe it possible that the Habs would have made such an error with the cap.

  34. scavanau says:

    Irrational moves by a desperate man grasping for straws

  35. HankHardball says:

    Kaberle has 9 points (no goals) and is -12 in 29 games played this year.

    With Gomez, Markov and now Kaberle, the Habs have about $16 million per year in wasted cap space for the next 2 and a half years. And guys like Subban, Price and Pacioretty are going to need to be signed.

    What they need to do to turn this year around is replace Jacques Martin because he clearly has no answer for a team that’s seriously underachieving. Quebec being what it is, Jacques Lemaire is the most viable alternative.

    This move is just going to make their cap issues even more complicated.

    • Benoitr says:

      You want to get rid of JM and and replace him with J lemaire? Oh one boring defensive minded coach for another, boy that makes a lot of sense.

      • HankHardball says:

        Lemaire wouldn’t be my 1st choice. But this is Quebec and the list of available, experienced Francophones that haven’t already been tried is pretty thin.

        Lemaire’s previous stint as Habs coach was his 1st NHL coaching job and he’s achieved significant success since then. If we’re going to have a defensive minded coach, we may as well have the best one.

    • Nina76 says:

      Do you really believe that Subban , Price & Pacioretty want to sing here ??????????? They will leave because they will be offered alot more money,than we can afford……….BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!!

  36. badbalance says:

    Stop saying he’s the only leaf on our team, Gill used to play for the leafs too.

  37. Benoitr says:

    Well I have to admit I’m not real happy about this trade, or who we got, I am a Hab fan and I hope that PG and his scouts sees something that we don’t. I’m willing to give them the benefit of doubt and I’ll cheer for Kaberle. I hope the fans don’t get on Kaberle’s case which would only make it harder. After all PG traded Halak and kept Price and he couldn’t have been more right.

  38. AceMagnum says:

    Kaberle used to be good?? I live in Toronto trust me when I say he was never good.

    Kaberle sucks … Which unfortunately for us, means he will fit in with the Habs

    • 65habs says:

      I can’t believe this. Could someone please tell me what’s going on here. This will do nothing to help the pp . The d is too soft they need some toughness back there. Let the Subban , Webber and the others on the pp and put Thomas P up front were he should be… All I can see is a fire sale come up at the trade dead line if the habs don’t make the playoffs . It should start from the top down

  39. remi_10069 says:

    Markov is finito. He’ll never play in the NHL again. Spacek is a good d man but he’s not going to change anything. Having good D is the key to any team. Bad D costs goals but more importantly, forwards work 2x as hard as they have to and have no confidence because they aren’t getting the puck and if they lose it, they know the team is in trouble. I’m thinking positive about this move and I think everyone will be surprised. I also think this is the end of Gomez. I really like him as a player, not his fault he is overpaid but unfortunately the end is upon him. Don’t think he can renegotiate his deal but it would be cool if he could, and did.

  40. petrov14 says:

    This is like a lump of cole present to HABS fans.

    • Fred D says:

      If the lump of COAL turns into another Eric,I’ll be happy. Maybe he will click with the other players on our team from his country.

      IF and MAYBE.
      In any case we need a turn of good luck


  41. Sal says:

    During the game between the Habs/Carolina a couple of weekends ago, one of the TV scribes mentioned that Carolina was trying to unload their mistake of a contract, that they had bestowed upon the washed up Kaberle, and, I remember thinking, good Luck, Kaberle sucks, who would be that stupid to trade for him???

    Imagine the horror of having any f$&cking ex f$&cking Leaf, motherf$&ker!! I didn’t want Sundin when he was available a few years back, and, I don’t want this f$&king guy either. He is a leftover from the Leaf losers we laughed at for many years. NOW, the Prick is a HAB! !I don’t care if he is the second comming, I spent too much time ridiculing Leaf fans for ahving so many loser players on their lineup, and, what does PG do!!?? The shame and embarrasment is almost toooo much to endure!!

    Thanks, PG….I can’t bring myself to say the disrespectful S$&T I want to heap on you….nuff said.

    Sal from the Hammer

  42. helluva habs fan says:

    I don’t really like the deal, but it doesn’t make us a worse time. Spacek was running on empty and was in his last year with us. Kaberle is at least a top 6 D-man that can’t make our powerplay worse. The contract is not albatross by “Habs standards” and if he works out in the slightest, he’ll make excellent trade bait at deadline time. Others have said it, this team’s core isn’t going to win a damn thing, so it doesn’t really matter which ships sail through in the night for the next while.

  43. Olivier says:

    Can Kaberle outperform St-Denis at ES? I believe so.

    Can he outperform Gorges on the PP? That, I’m certain of.

    Can a 40+ points PP specialist DMan on a 4 millions a year contract be moved during summer? I think so (See Campbell, Brian).

    Can he play more games than either Spacek or Campoli (who we may be putting a bit too many hopes on these days)? Yup.

    With the CBA expiring, will we see some sort of roll-back or buyout window or, dare I say, a lock-out? Pretty darn sure a combination of these is coming our way after this season.

    Are the habs better today than they were tomorrow? Yep.

    So there.

    • SteverenO says:

      Olivier: kaberle outperform St Denis at even strength? Not a chance! St Denis played 89 minutes , only two goals allowed ES.
      And 3 goals scored (teamwide) while he was on teh ice. Hes a plus 1. Averaging 45 mins of ice per GA and 30 minutes of ice time per GF.

      Kaberle: averaging 17.45 minutes per goal allowed (ES) and 33 minutes per GF (ES) Hes a minus 12.

      I think a circus monkey could outperform Georges on the PP, He has not yet been on theice for a pp goal after 22 minutes of ice tim eon the PP unit. Bbut the question is if Kaberle could outperform Weber on the PP and St Denis at even strength

      ST Denis at even strength is no contest , and 4 million dollars of cap room saved.
      Weber was averaging one PP goal scored team wise for every 11.33 mins of PP time . Among the top of all the Habs. Way better than all Habs defencemen. Pk Subban avg is one TEAM PP GF every 24.5 minutes of PP time. Diaz is at 22 minutes per PP Goal scored.

      kaberle: Averaging one PP GF every 10.5 minutes of ice time, His teamate Pitkanen is averging one PPGF every 9 minutes.

      I belief that your belief is unfounded.

      See the youtube video.. FIRE THE COACH!


      Steve O.
      Qlik View – Data Discovery.
      Every team needs it- Every coach needs it.
      Every fan needs it!


  44. durocher says:

    We should have gotten Gleason instead — a tough as nails player who was going to be a UFA anyway. Spaceman and Weber for Gleason would have made me happy.

    The Habs are to hockey what the Redskins are to football — overpaying for has-beens and being saddled with their contracts as a result. PG should have the stones to do with Gomez what the Skins did with Haynesworth — cut him, get him off the roster.

    • LizardKing1967 says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I am a Skins fan as much as a Habs fan, have been for 30 years, and you are right. Both orginizations don’t make any sense with their signings. Only difference here (for Habs) is that NFL contracts are NOT guaranteed, which means they can cut any one they want (as they did Hainsworth) and simply void the contract. In the NHL, ALL contracts are guaranteed. Can’t cut anyone, EVER (even if his name is Gomez and he sucks the bag!).

      The Cup is coming home!

      I BELIEVE!

  45. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    I keep shaking my head, blinking vigourously, and refreshing my browser, thinking I hallucinated this Kaberle trade. Moldy bread or something. And yet, apparently not.

    I still can’t understand this move. A d-man who is -40 in his last 4 seasons for a team that can’t hold a 3-goal lead, and who has a tendency to give up shorthanded goals. Kaberle, with his gift-giveaways will certainly elevate THAT number.

    And to what end? Why not ride out this season, bank the cash that was going to become available at the end of the season with the expiry of Jaro’s contract. And develop your young defensemen: Subban, Diaz, and Emelin.

    Instead we take on a toxic $4+ million contract for 3 years, and add a guy who was absolutely horrible for three different teams in the last 3 years. I give up on Gauthier!!!

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  46. habin-ktown says:

    Everyone is complaining about the trade the team isn’t going anywhere in the next the years anyways not even Crosby could help the team so just sit back an let the idiots ( jm and pg ) do there half ass work and hope we get a few good drafts in the next two years

  47. ponyboy says:

    One other point to ponder. No team is scared to take penalties against the Habs right now. In fact it seems to suck the very life out of the team when they do have some momentum playing 5 on 5, especially giving up shorthanded chances and/or goals. It’s a confidence thing with the PP units to a point; just think back to the last 6-10 games and what a PP goal would of done.

  48. Gindan69 says:

    A quick look at capgeek shows that they have 23 million before a cap hike (assuming the annual 2-3 million bump) to sign the RFA price, Subban, Eller and ufa George’s. 17 million just for those 4 leaves you 6 for the rest if the support staff before a cap bump. Let’s say 8. With gill, moen, campolli and ak walking, and low cost guys replacing them, this trade doesn’t hurt finances. Ultimately, there is always the bury them in the ahl or khl solution but I don’t think they would even need to go the route.

  49. alwayssunny says:

    “We feel Mr. Kaberle is a good player who can help us out on the PP. Mr. Spacek contributed a lot in the time he was here. Hopefully Mr. Kaberle can also help us in our own end and keep some shots away from Mr. Price. The fact is we don’t know when Mr. Markov will be back. Mr. Mulder and the other Mr’s on our staff are doing all they can. I know I used 3 weeks as a minimum estimate but that was just to blow sunshine up Mr. Reporter and Mr. Fan’s ass.”

  50. ponyboy says:

    High risk high reward. On the POSITIVE side of things I think Kaberle WILL work out. Being good friends with Pleks, being back in Canada where people live and die hockey AND on a team that uses skill with speed, not brute force with ignorance (Boston).

    It feels another trade is coming, Gomez with Weber to somewhere….

  51. jimmyb001 says:

    Anyone who thinks this is a good deal is nuts. Now we have 3 piles of XXXX (Gomer, Kaberle, Markov) contracts. Great no other team would touch these guys.

    Gauthier you are and have ruined this team.

    billy jackson

    • Richrebellion says:

      How is Markov’s contract garbage? The skill set which made him one of the best d in the league before his injury was his vision, position and hockey sense. I’m pretty sure his knee injury didn’t affect any of those! Right now his salary does not count toward the cap so it is not hurting the team in anyway. The only negative is that we don’t have him playing, which does suck but at the very worst he never plays a game again and the habs pay him out his contract and it doesn’t count toward the cap. I’m sure the habs aren’t worried about the cash they have more than enough of it. If he does play the skills above are all still there, he may lose a step but making a crisp pass or patience on the pp doesn’t require the use of speed. Taking every precaution with Markov is a smart move as you want him to be 100% when he comes back. His contract is very little risk and if he comes back and stays healthy its all reward as you have an all star d at 5.75 mill when other teams are paying similar guys 7+

      • Old Bald Bird says:

        I think you’re wrong. I don’t think he’s ever been put on the list. Therefore, I believe his salary is currently counting against the cap.

  52. ogilthorpe says:

    Unlike what most people are feelin, I think kaberle is gona surprise everyone and fit in really well with Habs. Just nervous about the contract that comes with him. plus, makes you wonder if markov is ever coming back. I don’t know.

  53. MathMan says:

    So, if I read you correctly, there is no conceivable way in which the 13th highest-scoring D-man of last year can possibly help this club?

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Of course he can but his career is going downhill, the two-years at 4.25 M could a real problem in a couple of months and why not first give Emelin and Campoli a real chance on the PP? It has been crap for weeks and now we can´t wait another 5 to 10 days?

      I personally also don´t like the fact that he´s another soft player. Take Emelin out and after Subban-Gorges our D is very soft. If Diaz or Gill sit when Kaberle and Campoli are both in, the balance and overall skill of our D might be pretty decent though.

      What I really like about this: No more excuses for Jacques Martin.

    • SteverenO says:

      Math man: It doesn’t matter who they add if the coach doesn’t use the right people at the right time.


      All explained here. Educate yourself.

      Its a shame to send down Frederic St Denis, He played almost 90 minutes of ice time and only two opposition golas while he was on the ice. That,s an average of 1 goal per 45 minutes of ice time.
      Hal Gill averages on egoal against for every 20 minutes of ice time (even strength) .

      team average is one goal against per 23.5 minute of ice time (even strength)
      Kaberle averaging one GA per 17 minutes of ice time ( even strength).

      Whos next to be sent down when Campoli is back in?

      Diaz, Emelin?

      This move makes no sense—- we need a new coach, a new system, a more movement on the PP, plugging in an over the hill, and iver paid Defenceman WONT make our PP better, and WILL make our team weker when even strength.
      Watch teh new and improved fire the coach you tube video.


      Steve O.
      Qlik View – Data Discovery.
      Every team needs it- Every coach needs it.
      Every fan needs it!


      • MathMan says:

        I am always up for learning about stats. I’m probably one of the biggest proponents of statistical analysis of hockey there are in Habs fandom. Data-driven evaluation is an excellent approach and I cannot possibly endorse it more, so I commend you for making this exercise.

        It’s a nice video; sorry I couldn’t watch it with the sound on. I see two major problems with it though: there’s no consideration for strength of opposition, and have not examined the importance of statistical variance in your analysis. In the first instance it’s a pretty intuitive concept: Nokelainen preventing 4th-liners from scoring doesn’t necessarily mean he will make a good job of preventing first-liners from scoring.

        The second issue is more subtle; hockey is highly chaotic and there is a lot that is outside of a player’s control, and because goals are rare it is often the case that on a small sample the right process and the right play will produce the wrong result.

        I heartily recommend both enattendantlesnordiques.blogspot.com and habseyesontheprize.com if you have interest in quantitative analysis of hockey. You’ll find a lot of like-minded people over there, though I imagine most will disagree with your assessment of the coach, based on their own analysis of the data.

        There are a number of other blogs that do similar research but cover other teams than the Habs; arcticicehockey.com is probably the foremost, being the home of Gabriel Desjardins. His behindthenet.ca site, if you’re not aware of it, is a fantastic resource for many microstatistics such as scoring rates.

        • MathMan says:

          Oh, another tidbit of data you may not realize: in terms of GA per icetime, among players with significant PK time, Plekanec was the best penalty killing forward *in the entire league* last year.

  54. Michael says:

    Imagine if SOMEHOW we managed to win the Cup this year (I know, I know, won’t happen), how much that would piss off Leafs fans?

  55. Richrebellion says:

    Everyone is always crying on this board and for no reason. Everyone likes to point out that Kaberle didn’t help out Boston’s pp but what does that have to do with the habs. We have a completely different style and a completely different roster. Kaberle is a guy with a certain skill set and that is distributing the puck on the PP. Boston used the guy completely inffectively and both before and after him continue to have a PP in the bottom half of the league! Boston is also the team that used Chara in front of the net on PP instead of using the Hardest shot in the league on the point! Kaberle has the exact skill set which the habs are missing on their pp. They have no1 to set up Subban or Cammy on one timers and Josh Gorges is clearly not that guy. With Markov out another month it makes all the sense in the world to go out and get Kaberle. I remember just a few years ago when the habs got Schneider and everyone felt the same way they do now, can you remind me how that worked out? Back then Markov needed a guy who could shoot the puck and although many thought Schneider was done he clearly wasn’t. The habs powerplay has worked in the past couple of years on the concept of a playmaker and a shooter. Last year The Wiz was the playmaker he had 12 pp assists and Subban the shooter with 9 ppg. When Markov comes back in a month you simply push Kaberle down to the second unit. His 4.25 is only .417 more than Spacek this year and when he works out he can easily be moved, after all he was traded to Boston for a 1st and a top prospect less than a year ago.

    I love that the Montreal Media is hating this deal as they do on most deals. I’m pretty sure Boone ripped PG for trading Halak and keeping Price only a year and a bit ago. Once Price proved that he is not only better than Halak but prob a top 5 goalie in the league he got on the fact that we got nothing for Halak. Well guess what Eller has been stellar this year on the third line killing penalties and creating magic with AK. He looks a lot like Pleks but with more skill! I can’t wait to see this trade work out and see everyone on this board quickly change their opinion about Kaberle and the trade. Its funny how many have bashed great trades in the past only to switch sides and pretend like they knew it all along. Keep jumping on and off the bandwagon it really shows your hockey knowledge!

    • Habsbill24 says:

      With Schneider we were not stuck with 4.25 for two more years as hewas a rent a player. And if he doesn’t work out, what them? The only team stupid enough to take on bad contracts are the Habs.

      • Richrebellion says:

        Schneider was also 40 years old! It is a IF he doesn’t work out and IF he doesn’t then what stops the habs from putting him in the minors? or buying him out? He would only give us a 1.4 million dollar cap hit at that. Even at his worst he still helped the bruins win the Stanley cup, to do that you can’t have a crap play 18 mins a night. He obviously did something right in Boston! He still had 11 points in 25 games with a plus rating in the playoffs, not what he should be for 4.25 but not that far off either. He definitely didn’t hurt them. Listen although you may think 4.25 is a terrible cap hit it’s nothing crazy and although it is a risk he still did have 38 points in 58 games with 22 pp assists last year. No risk no reward! If he does work out on the other hand and turns back into the player he was only a year ago then we just traded and injured Spacek for a solid puck moving d who was traded for a 1st and a top prospect last year. Look around the league and tell me how many d have the ability to put up 25+ ppp in a year? Oh ya that’s right only 10 guys did last season and guess what Kaberle was one of them!

    • bear says:

      I.m with you Richrebellion, some of les Boyz are a little frustrated with our Habs, and why not, but the man can skate, sees the play and has a great first pass, not quite as good as Markov’s but who does …eh. as mentioned he’s also a great set-up man on the PP. He’ll click well with Pleks as they did in the Olympics. I remember too may games where he fed Matts Sundine and beat us on the PP to be worried if he can still contribute. I’m all for it but I did really love Spachek though and hope he’ll like the Tail Gate Party State and take in some NASCAR. Hey doesn’t George Gellette have a race team in Carolina?


  56. “* He must own a hazardous-materials suit to handle the toxic contracts this team is carrying on its books.”

    No kidding, the Habs are acquiring more toxic assets than TARP!


  57. UnkleGary says:

    How do you think Price, Subban, Patches, Goerges, Eller, AK, and the other non-signed players feel when they see a player who just had two bad seasons get 9 mil from Molson? If management and ownership think Kaberle is worth that much, then what do you think PK is gonna ask for? Think Pk should only make a million more than a washed up Kaberle?? What about Goerges? If you think that Price and PK and Goerges are gonna take a home town discount to stay in montreal because we needed to make room for kaberle and gomez then youre dreaming. Its a desperation move that will cripple this team.


  58. alwayssunny says:

    Kirk Muller: “Look Jim you gotta help me out, get this guy out of here. He has no heart, shows no sign of the skill he once had, he’s hurting us on the books, he’s been booed for the last 3 years in 3 different cities.”

    Rutherford: “I gave him a chance, it’s pretty obvious to everyone now it was a terrible mistake. Who would be stupid enough to take him and that contract?”

    Muller: “I know a guy”.

  59. tote-road says:

    Shouldn’t PG have gotten a second round pick (or 3rd?, even his customary 5th?) with this deal as well, to help polish this turd of a contract?

  60. Habsbill24 says:

    Just when we thought it could not get any worse, it does. When everybody in hockey knows that Kaberle is washed up, we manage to take on his bloated contract to add to our list of unproductive bloated contracts (Gomez, Markov, Cammelleri) thereby assuring the team of many dismal seasons to come. Hard to understand what they are thinking. The worst managed and coached team in hockey. I am sure all Bruins and Leaf fans are falling down laughing at hearing of this deal, make that theft by Carolina. Anybody who has a terrible contract they want to dump,
    just ring up Pierre.

  61. sampson12 says:

    And to think I trusted Pierre Gauthier enough to captain that magic carpet in that dream I had last night..

    I spent my youth making fun of Tomas Kaberle and loving to hate him as leaf fans thought he was awesome.

    I spent the first 5 minutes of this day in tears after I was awoken by a text from a fellow habs fan.

  62. Topham says:

    If Kaberle gets just a quarter of the free pass you give Gionta, Mike, he’ll be just fine.

    Lions in Winter: http://www.lionsinwinter.ca

  63. Gindan69 says:

    All this crying for a 6th defenseman traded for another 6th who is slightly younger, may have a point shot and earns slightly more. If it works out great, of not, you cant tell me spacek can do better. Ultimately if he sucks and cap is an issue you can send him off to the khl.

  64. Taipei 101 says:

    Look at the face in that picture…it reminds me of Joey’s ‘smell the fart’ acting from Friends. How does this guy put his head on his pillow at night and close his eyes thinking he’s made his team better. Outside of the Cole signing, nothing he’s done has helped:
    – Gorges 1 yr deal? Motivate JG to play well, and get scooped next July
    – Markov’s 3 yr deal? Unless they move him to the long term IR and recoup his salary to put elsewhere, pointless
    – Gomez? His unwillingness to send him to the minors for even a brief stint to wake him up shows lack of courage
    – Kaberle? Pardon me, but are we the new look Rangers or Leafs, signing has-been players for millions more than they could ever bring in tangible gains? I’m fearful if he gets fired Geoff Molson would bring in John Ferguson Jr as a GM to keep this group of old farts happy.

    As many of you have said, this contract (and countless others) will make it next to impossible to sign the few young guns we have left in the stable. Good luck Carey, PK, Josh and others who should play longer here, but possibly won’t.

    “Music is the best.”
    – Frank Zappa

  65. caladin says:

    Those of you who know me n this site will agree that I have been a strong supporter of PG.
    I can’t do it anymore. Kaberle is an underperforming player of a type we have too many of already. He is unlikely to be a real upgrade on even Diaz. For this year this trade is mostly harmless, but for the two after….
    How is it that our pro scouting can be this bad?
    Now it’s possible that PG has seen something I’ve missed and that this trade will work out as well as the Wiz did last year, or as well as the Halak trade seems to have.
    I sure hope so, but I can’t see it.

  66. Rosieman says:

    Kaberle has never displayed any toughness or heart – he’s terrible

  67. Rosieman says:

    Officially PG is a complete fool. By all means lets sign a guy who failed on a great team and a bad team but more importantly displays zero heart. Fits in with your coach. And you make this gross signing because you didn’t do your homework on Markov. Now we have Gomez AND Kaberle on one team ? Automatic dismissal – you’re lost.

    This team is 9-14th material forever unless you change GM coach and scouts and properly rebuild.

    It’s gonna get even worse

    • Richrebellion says:

      First off how is winning the Stanley cup a fail? Anyone who knows hockey knows it takes a full team to win the cup and if he was so garbage there is no way they would of won the cup. Kaberle wasn’t a signing it was a trade and he is actually the piece the habs are missing on the pp a playmaker. Both Boston and Carolina have a completely different team and different style of play, so to compare what he did there to what he can do for the habs is simply ignorant!

      As for the supposed homework on Markov you speak of, it was done and he was supposed to be ready for the start of the year according to doctors. It’s called a set back for a reason because it wasn’t previously known it would happen! Markov is a player that uses vision and position to run one of the best PP in the league every year. Taken every step necessary so that when he does return his knee is 100% is vital and the things that made him an All Star D are not going anywhere because of a knee injury. Will he lose a step maybe but how often did you see markov throw a hit or rush the puck up? Never because he uses his brain more than any other asset. The bottom line PG did his homework, knowing that the skill set which made him the best are all still there is why he was signed for 3 years and even tho he’ll prob play 40 games this year we still have him at a bargain for the next 2.

      Finally this team has lost probably the more man games than any other team this year and while rolling 3 rookie d and a sophmore for most of the season they are only a couple of points out of the playoffs and have competed in almost every game this year. If you take away the same type of players off almost any other team for the same amount of time I don’t see anyone else doing much better. In fact its a testament to how deep this team is that they continue to compete, Vancouver has been dominating teams for awhile now and if not for some mistakes by young d the habs would have won.

  68. IamShepherd says:

    One thing is for sure, I’ve been a habs fan for all my 31 years. I tell you the biggest problem the habs face is the negative energy fans bring. When we win all is good (sort of), when we lose it’s time to trade the whole team.

    Did we ever stop to think what postive vibes do for a team?

    Yes we are lacking production from our keys vets. Yes our powerplay is in the dumps right now. It doesn’t help that we have lost 5 of our starting D’man for most of the year! H0w do we expect to have a good powerplay? Chemistry is a huge part of the game, and with 5 of our top vets missing, no wonder our powerplay is bad.

    Kaberle had 1 bad year!!!! 1! Give the guy a break!!!! When he helps our powerplay, and he will, all you peeps will be praising the move by JP….

    Enough is enough…either get on the band wagon or get the f#$% off…

    Positives out of all this:

    Through all these injuries we have found our core for the years to come i.e = Sud, Em, Leblanc, Diaz, Gallager, PAx…etc…

    Postive responses welcome…


    • Ferg says:

      Kaberle had about 3 bad years in Toronto before Burke was finally able to unload him.
      Then he had 1 bad year in Boston before Chiarelli was able to unload him.
      Then he had all of this year playing like crap before Rutherford was able to unload him.
      He hasn’t had 1 bad year. He has been crap for the last 5 at least.

      And we get to watch his pylon impersonation for the next 2 years.

      • IamShepherd says:

        Again with the negative comments….I guess I wasn’t clear when I said:

        POSITIVE RESPONSES WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This is the reason why we are losing…

    • jimmyb001 says:

      your joking right cuz if your not you know nothing about hockey.

      billy jackson

    • Richrebellion says:

      I agree way too much negativity from people that don’t know enough about the player to even comment. He actually hasn’t had a bad year statistically, last year he put up 40+ points and was 1 of only 10 d in the league to have more than 25 ppp on the year. If that’s a bad year I wasn’t aware, he struggled in boston at first but after playing your entire career in 1 city and then having to uproot your life it is understandable, in the playoffs he had 11 points in 25 games not amazing but definitely still respectible. Just look at Erik Cole went to Edmonton and stunk only to return back to Carolina! Many believed he couldn’t play anywhere but there but here he is proving everyone wrong! Kaberle is now struggling on a terrible team, to expect huge numbers from the guy in Carolina is expecting the guy to be something he’s not. He gets paid 4.25 mill a season and if he puts up 40-50 point pace with a solid habs team I think it was a steal. Kaberle is an excellent passer and with him feeding Subban I don’t see how he won’t be a solid addition.

    • Nina76 says:

      Who are you to tell us what to put on this site, you will not get any positive responses from me……..also have some respect for your elders..don’t tell me to f#$% off I never use the word & do not like it thrown at me…………..I have the right to voice my opinion without that kind of language , Do you think maybe you should be the one to get OFF ?

  69. Habsrule1 says:

    Boone I think it’s sad that you posted this. I don’t know if it’s really the way you feel, but it caters to the people on the site that are never happy.
    Just look at his stats, even as recent as last year…..47 points is pretty good for a guy on the decline.
    Not sure who is worse….HH or Boone.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  70. PrimeTime says:

    Boone pissed that because PG traded a friendly media player. I’m not going to take issue with his personal feelings but it seems to be the undertone to this article.

  71. DBag says:

    Just like Gauthier’s diet our lineup remains low in iron.

  72. Mutt says:

    The happiest man in Montreal now is Jacques Martin, no one is talking about him and #firegauthier is trending NATIONALLY on Twitter.

  73. twilighthours says:

    Is there an official scientific name for a flock of albatrosses?

    I love Boone.


  74. zooziff says:

    Was it Sam Pollock that said: “I always trade for futures – not pasts”? Unfortunately we’re talking about Pierre Gauthier who has the same number of Stanley Cups as many that frequent this website.

  75. G-Man says:

    C’mon, Boone. Where’s the hyperbole?

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