Just in time for the finals

As I was saying, just before the dastardly Gary Bettman/Paul Devorski/Michael Leighton conspiracy crashed Habs Inside/Out for longer than Ryan O’Byrne’s ToI in the playoffs …

It’s great to be back.

Did I miss anything?

Pat Hickey has a splendid analysis of all the tough decisions Pierre Gauthier faces in the off-season, eg. Price or Halak, Tomas Plekanec, the Brothers K, a humane way to euthanize MAB.

It will be a lively summer, and – technology permitting – HIO will keep fans up on what’s goin’ down.

And because I love hockey and can’t face the thought of resuming my day job, there will live game blogging of the Stanley Cup final, beginning tomorrow night.

It should be a dandy: Jonathan Toews vs. Mike Richards, Chris Pronger vs. Dustin Byfuglien, all those nice Chicagoans vs. the creepozoids in Philly.

I want the Blackhawks to win. But factoring in experience, grit and the Hossa Curse, the prediction is:

Flyers in seven

•  •  •

How much is Jaro worth?

La Presse has a story that suggests $4.4 million.

*  *  *  

Last edition of L’attaque à 5 tonight.

I won’t miss Jean Perron.

I will miss Jean Pagé, Marc de Foy, Tony Marinaro and – most of all – the incomparably foxy Evelyne Audet.

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