Ignominy avoided

The Brothers Kostitsyn click on the power play – Andrei to Sergei – to deprive Henrik Lundqvist of a shutout.

Canadiens managed all of 19 shots in their 4-1 loss. The Rangers had 41.

Canadiens PP was 1-for-8 – including two blown 5-on-3s.

The only unembarassed player in a white jersey was Jaroslav Halak, who stopped all 13 shots he faced after relieving Cristobal Huet in the third period.



  1. P St. Pierre says:

    But yeah…she seems cute.

  2. NLhabsfan says:

    Yea dough head Domi over a GREAT player like Geoffrion showed their priority.

  3. PattyBoy31 says:

    honestly though everyone, its Detroit vs. Ottawa, that is quite the matchup, i’ll be watching the habs on RDS trying to decifer le francais (i need to keep going in high school french) but if I wasnt a habs fan and the habs game was on instead id be pretty upset.

  4. NLhabsfan says:

    In my area it’s Detroit at Ottawa.

  5. Ali says:

    wait a sec…my videotron illico schedule tells me that CBC is showing the Habs-Rangers game…they actually were supposed to!

  6. PattyBoy31 says:

    I like Don as long as hes not bashing montreal. Hes pro canadian so im happy with that (he also talks about Taylor Hall so thats cool, i played with hallsy last year in minor hockey for the preds). i made a highlight video, hes in there (#4), im the goalie with the yellow pads http://youtube.com/watch?v=39X8bPMgllU

    p.s. sorry this isnt habs related 😛

  7. Ali says:

    CBC hit bottom of the barrel when instead of covering Bernie Geoffrion’s retirement ceremony on the day of his death, they covered Tie Domi’s 1000’th nhl game or something like that. A disgrace.

  8. The Teacher says:

    Pretty good early comeback by the Pack, eh Boone?

    Make that 35 straight unanswered points.

  9. NLhabsfan says:

    CBC are cheerleaders for toronto.Quite obvious with the little TV time they give Habs games.Bob Cole is sickening to listen to with his bias.Cherry is Cherry,rude,obnoxious and very pro toronto.

  10. P St. Pierre says:

    Hopefully Maxim Lapierre’s faceoff work in practice will continue to pay off for him. He had a good game against Boston. Bryan Smolinski used to be a very good faceoff guy. Hopefully he steps it up a notch this evening, though I have my doubts.

  11. The Teacher says:

    Hey guys, do you think if she picked one and everyone else started rioting, We would end up calling it the Kat Riot?

  12. P St. Pierre says:

    I don’t think anything like that will happen, although I suppose it would be kind of funny. Habs-Kat is an insightful poster like almost everyone else on here and we value her opinion, plain and simple.

  13. showey47 says:

    last time we played the rangers betts and dubinsky were both over 80% in the faceoff circle, drury was 71% and gomez was 55%. We were also missing koivu who is our best faceoff guy and pleky was the best at 42%.

  14. yathehabsrule says:

    Well he’s 2-0 with the Bulldogs so far!

  15. Ali says:

    yeah a good friend of mine created that, we sent it into the Gazette as well and it was mentioned by Pat Hickey in his ‘Standing Pat’ Column. At one point there were 3-4 new signatures everytime i refreshed the page!

  16. likehoy says:

    not just hockey…but any sport 😛

    even if they just pretend it’ll be fine.

    i actually know a girl who would watch sports with her bf just cause she doesn’t want him to watch it with any other girls HAHA

  17. showey47 says:

    i figured as much but i would of thought the bow took place after that famous penalty was called.

  18. PattyBoy31 says:

    I got an RBK Authentic Price Jersey for christmas, I knew it was just going to jinx him. I’m going to wear it anyways, I just hope hes back on the team before I go to a game with it on

  19. likehoy says:

    last game…i think the younger kostitsyn laid a hit on someone right before markov accidentally took out savard…but RDS didn’t replay the hit…i don’t think the guy fell but s.kostitsyn came in hard…he’s way too small.

    and about small hitters…i love it when koivu throws a hit…he drops his centre of gravity and zooms into the guy and usually manages to knock the guy off the puck…but cause koivu expended so much energy into the hit, he himself doesn’t even recover to get the puck in time 😛

  20. HKisses says:

    exactly…..as long as she’s a die hard habs fans and cute……very hard to come by…always wanted a g/f who i coudl watch hockey with…without her complaining to change the channel

  21. Chuck says:

    The game where that bow took place was in Montreal, sometime before the Boooins were called for that infamous too many men penalty.

    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  22. likehoy says:

    it’s okay, she is kinda cute…and a habs fan..;)

  23. HKisses says:

    hahaha no no…come on now i know better then that….their’s no”fun” in forum flirting

  24. showey47 says:

    was he bowing because he predicted that the bruins would get screwed by officiating if the game seven went back to montreal? That is what i heard, not sure if it was true though

  25. likehoy says:

    is this some forum flirting?!

  26. showey47 says:

    i watched the game, it was a physical first period but no-one targeted downie in perticular. Lucic layed him out once but other than that nothing worth talking about.

  27. Chuck says:

    ‘Twas indeed, Showey. That might just be the most exciting Hab goal that I have ever witnessed. The clip of Cherry bowing on the bench in the opening montage of Coach’s Corner is from that game.

    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  28. HKisses says:

    lol Habs Kat….ur an ideal G/f for a Habs guy fan lol…unless u already have a habs guy fan b/f

  29. showey47 says:

    i think it was 1979, but anyway it doesn’t matter cbc is an embarrasment to hockey and don cherry isn’t far behind

  30. howtathor says:

    Carey is 2-0 in Hamilton, hope he’ll be back soon!

  31. howtathor says:

    Nice one! That’s our boy Sergei! Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow!

  32. Chuck says:

    …not that there’s anything wrong with that…


    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  33. howtathor says:

    CBC is so offensive in their coverage of the Habs. I don’t think that Bob Cole can even say Kostitsyn! Why do they even bother. I don’t mind the western coverage which I usually tune into after the Habs game. Maybe by that time I’m so mellowed out I don’t care anymore. The worst aggrandisment of the CBC is Coaches Corner with the inimitable Don Cherry, who’s still po’d about his too many men on the ice penalty in 71′ (is that the right year?)
    Ever since then I’ve never heard him utter the word Hab again!

  34. Rugger says:

    Any one know if the Bruins got after him today? That’s all the Boston announcers talked about during Thursday’s game. It was all over this afternoon before I realized it was a 1 pm start.

  35. Habs-Kat says:

    I went out and bought a Carey Price t-shirt today 🙂

  36. howtathor says:

    I meant to say Gord Miller and not Mckenzie! DUH

  37. howtathor says:

    I have admit, I will take Mckenzie over Houde anyday although noone can call “du BUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT” the way Pierre can! I do get enough RDS because of their great home and road coverage. TSN is a refreshing change as Mckenzie is a wealth of anecdotes and Mcguire is…well Mcguire! I have a lot of respect for the man but ever since he came up with his “book on Huet” statement I found it quite absurd. When Huet came up 2 yrs ago and was so hot, Pierre claimed that there was a “book on Huet” and soon NHL shooters would solve his enigma. Well, I guess they haven’t been studying the book too dilligently! Pierre has mellowed lately in his attitude toward the Canadiens (I think he picked them to finish 10th or lower). In all fairness, they were pretty bad last season and noone could have predicted the resurgence we’ve seen this year! As far as his knowledge of the game he is bar none as an analyst!

  38. MatttheHabsFan says:


  39. Ryan says:

    Just to give you guys something to get you pumped up for tonight, while looking for the hit Kostitsyn II laid on Lucic last night, I came across a big hit he delivered on Steve Downie in the OHL, enjoy.


  40. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Thanks for the info.

  41. Ryan says:

    I also remember that. He was also talking about how important his physical game was for the leafs, then showed a clip of Belak kneeing someone.

  42. showey47 says:

    i just checked the lineup for tonight and it doesn’t even have the habs game listed on the nhl package but that can change closer to game time. Maybe its because cbc is showing it on channel 206.

  43. Chuck says:

    Showey, Now THAT was funny! I’ve got to remember that line!

    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  44. HKisses says:

    I luv Pierre(no homo) …..he us to cover HABS games for the CJAD mainly why i liek him so much…..i like how he gets excited ,when he does gets excited he often points out good things in the game

  45. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Will the MSG feed be on NHL Centre Ice for today’s game???

  46. showey47 says:

    lmao, only a moron like healy would think belak has an “important role”, he gets less ice time than the guy who drills the holes for the nets after a zamboni flood.

  47. MatttheHabsFan says:

    If Canadiens fans are lucky, Glenn Healy will be the next JFJ:). I still remember when Belak scored his only goal of the year, Healy was going nuts about Belak’s “important role” on the Leafs. Please let Healy be the next GM of the Leafs

  48. showey47 says:

    i also like bob mackenzie mainly because he is the only on the panel with any clue, pierre maguire gets a little to excited for my liking and needs new material other than “livley boards” and “active stick”. Glenn Healy is the next bob cole and harry neale all combined in one pathetic package.

  49. MatttheHabsFan says:

    When you speak of biased broadcasts I think the worst of the bunch has got to be Sportsnet. I still like watching TSN based mostly on Bob Mackenzie, Pierre McGuire (although Pierre tends to get a little over excited at times), and Gord Miller. That being said, when Glenn Healy is talking, the mute button becomes very handy.

  50. HKisses says:

    “Its like the CBC stands for Communist Broadcasting Corporation”

    Haha Love it…..and agree with u 100%

  51. HKisses says:

    Haha nice Dandy is to sick….iunno y he was a scratch but he should be in the lineup all the time …..he such a fast skater …ur guranteed to beat out some icing calls with him in the line up….as for CBC i have nothign else to say but TBC…..honestly even TSN is better now with showing habs games….i remember they us to be somewhat like CBC as well….But **** CBC ……and Cudo’s to RDS

    >>>>>GO HABS GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  52. showey47 says:

    agreed, i think sportsnet is by far the worst for covering laffs stories. What makes it even more disgusting is the fact is after they cover the laffs then they switch to the raptors or bluejays, (all depending on the time of year) instead of sticking with the rest of the hockey news or high lights. But since i have rds also, i never watch hnic or even tsn since glen healy is just as bad as the hnic announcers. I also agree with your statement about children being brainwashed by being force-fed the laffs. Its like the CBC stands for Communist Broadcasting Corporation.

  53. Ryan says:

    I haven’t got a big problem with what the CBC is doing in terms of being able to enjoy the Habs because I’ve got RDS, and while I don’t speak French, it doesn’t take away from watching the game. Also, TSN decided to show 13 Habs games this season.

    What I do have a problem with is that children growing up are basically brainwashed to like the Leafs. If they only get to watch hockey night in Toronto, the Leafs are the only team they get exposure to, not to mention practically every sports station covering the Leafs stories first, and spending the most time on them.

  54. Chuck says:

    I too have a signature pose… but it’s not for public consumption, I’m afraid.



    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  55. calvee123 says:

    I went and signed the petition. Great idea!

  56. calvee123 says:

    How do we, the people here try and change the CBC? That I would love to see done. I for one have written the CBC on many numerous occasions telling them they are so biased it is pathetic! They did write me back and say why they do what they do. I’m with all the Hab fans who feel royally ripped off when our tax paying dollars goes towards showing a team which toils in the dirt, toronto mpl. We(Canadiens fans) should get way more broadcasts than what we get!

    We all need to do a write in to the CBC to try and change this! I have written them to try and change them, it would be nice if they did change.

    So all, write in to the CBC and complain about their biased schedule of broadcasts towards the toronto maple loosers! We might be able to change things!

    What else could be done? I don’t know, anyone else have any ideas?

    Thank God for RDS. I am a english speaking Albertan but even I have learned many words in French from RDS.

  57. showey47 says:

    Free nhl package to bell expressvu custumers till january 16th for those who are customers and didn’t know.

  58. tony d says:

    hey keith for what it’s worth, I signed it
    don’t know who watches HNIC anymore…. those clowns pale against the great danny galivan (sp)
    for those of us who can, RDS is the way…. before that, I used to listen to the games on my computer
    from the CJAD broadcast
    I guess the CBC figures the hundred or so Leaf relatives that tune in each week are enough to keep it on the air
    I’d rather watch Hinterland’s who’s who or old episodes of Hymn Sing than the Leaf games
    go habs go

  59. N.B.habs fan says:

    thanks keith..think they will listen ,I had to get centre ice to get my canadines games ,but it is worth it………

  60. Chuck says:

    Why “paper the house” when you can force your patrons to do it for you? Not cool, especially with such short notice. What happens if you’re in line and can’t afford tickets to the other games? You miss out on the game that you really want to see, and the tickets end up in the hands of those with a conveniently large bankroll on them: the scalpers.

    “A Vezina banner must hang from the rafters!”

  61. Keith says:


    Please sign this petition if you haven’t already. It has been around for well over a year and I thought it was important at the time, but I went out and bought RDS and haven’t hardly watched HNIC. That show has been ruined beyond repair in my opinion unless the new guy does something drastic ,like fire EVERBODY and start from scratch. Merci RDS!

  62. teamplayer says:

    That is a joke, I thought ottawa wouldnt have to do things like that to sell tickets, I got 2 tickets for christmas to april 1st game in ottawa vs habs.
    although ya hear about so many stories in the states where you can go out to dinner and theyll give you a pair of tickets to go see a game, I find stuff like that sad and comical, yet im a litle bit jealous, although the fans their just dont have near the enthusiasm or knowledge that us habs fans do for the game

  63. tony d says:

    me too
    I’ll be cheerin le bleu blanc et rouge on RDS in my best franglais
    ET LE BUT!!!!!
    You have to wonder what Sundin is thinking these days….he must feel like he’s
    in The Twilight Zone…. a bad dream that he can’t wake up from
    he probably can’t wait to hop a train outta Palookaville
    I live in Ontario as well but I bleed blue, blanc et rouge
    Go Habs Go
    the best jersey in the league, the best history, the classiest guys
    your honour, the defence rests (that doesn’t go for you, Markov, Komi, Bouillon, Jorges etc)

  64. DD says:

    I just purchased the 12 tickets for the Feb. 9th, Habs vs the janitors tilt here in Ottawa. I stood in line for 4 hours in sub zero temperatures to be told 10 minutes before the tickets gates opened, that if you buy tickets for the Feb. 9th game, you had to buy the equivalent amount of tickets for the Feb. 7th Panthers vs janitors or the Feb. 12th Sabres vs janitors tilts. The more I deal with this team, the more I realize what a mickey mouse, bush league, classless, fly by night, wanna be organization they are.

    I will have no problem flipping the Florida game tickets I was forced to buy but I just found it extremely cheesy. Remember, this is a team that has been bragging about selling out 18 of their last 21 games so far this season.

    Of course they had some poor ‘$8.00 an hour Moe’ explain this to some extremely pissed off people. I don’t believe in shooting the messenger so I didn’t say anything to him. I actually felt sorry for the guy, because this gutless organization didn’t have the cajoles to send someone from the front office out, to at least explain their latest foray into screwing their loyal ‘ex-leaf’ fans or to face the music.

    ……and some of my friends have the nerve to ask me why I never switched to my hometown team when they were awarded a franchise.

  65. P St. Pierre says:

    The CBC is a joke. National broadcasters? Yeah, right. The biggest Leaf fans in the world work at the CBC. I’m currently living in Ontario and know and play hockey with many Leaf fans. After our game last night, many of them were talking about finally switching teams if this season continues to be so bad for Toronto. You know the Leafs are a brutal team when their young fan base is ready to disown them. Why the hell does CBC need to continue pumping the biggest joke on ice?

    I still like to think that Quebec matters to the rest of Canada, so why can’t Quebec’s team be shown nationally on a consistent basis? The other five Canadian teams get plenty of CBC coverage. I don’t mind watching Ottawa and Detroit. I realize that they are the best teams in the league and watching them should be exciting. However, the Canadiens are the greatest hockey franchise in the world. A little respect please.

    I’ll have RDS on this evening.

  66. Yeats says:

    Thanks for the “heads up.” I have been debating scalping tickets at MSG tonight. Maybe, I’ll just watch from the comfort of home.

  67. P St. Pierre says:

    Thank you.

  68. Habs-Kat says:

    My signature pose… don’t ask.

  69. N.B.habs fan says:

    kat what are you doing in your picture?

  70. N.B.habs fan says:

    Kat PLEASE GO BACK TO BED,mabe you will have a better dream,LOL

  71. N.B.habs fan says:

    Mikel…..I agree with you on the CBC putting the Sens.on and not Montreal ,makes me boil to not be able to see The canadians,but the dont care about the martimes.

  72. Habs-Kat says:

    I had a dream about this game. It wasn’t a good one, so I’ll keep it to myself 😉

  73. The Teacher says:

    I agree, CBC is becoming more pathetic every year.

  74. tony d says:

    i feel your pain Mike L
    I am so sick of those biased Leaf broadcasts that the CBC continues to air ad nauseum
    I’d rather watch local Bantam House League games than that bunch of
    whiny losers
    I finally caved in and ordered RDS from my cable supplier a few weeks ago
    at least the Ottawa – Wings game should be an exciting night of hockey,
    something you’ll never see in a Leafs broadcast

  75. MikeL says:

    I know this is somewhat off topic, but I wanted to share my frustration. I am English speaking only, and although I enjoy RDS’s broadcast, I don’t really understand them. So I look forward to English speaking broadcasts. CBC decided to put Ottawa’s game as the national broadcast and the montreal game only in Quebec. That is not much use to me out here in Nova Scotia. Anyways, here is an email I sent to CBC. My TSN comment was bascially out of anger and I would actually be sad to see HNIC leave CBC.

    “I checked the NHL schedule this morning and was excited to see Toronto played a late game. Since your station loves showing the near last place Leafs over any other team, I seen this as a great but rare opportunity to watch a Montreal game. Instead, you decide to make us on the East Coast watch the Senators. Are you kidding me? The amount of Montreal fans in comparison to Sens fans out here is not even close. Yet you continue to throw Ontario hockey damn the rest of this country’s throats. Not to mention how happy the West Coast viewers will be when they get to watch those high flying Leafs tonight over their home-town teams. The day that TSN takes over Hockey Night in Canada will be a great day for hockey.”

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