Homestand ends on a downer

Canadiens made it close: 14 shots in the third period, a shorthanded goal by Alex Kovalev (his 25th). But Darcy F. Tucker scored his second of the game into ann empty net, and the team that lost 8-0 at home against Florida beat the team that defeated Ottawa earlier this week.

On any given night …

Josh Gorges, who played 18 strong minutes, remembered an 8-0 loss when he was a San Jose Shark last season.

"You come out the next game ready to play," Gorges said. "You go all out. Nobody likes to be embarrassed.

"We knew that was going to be the case here tonight. We knew they’d come out and push hard. We didn’t respond.

"We waited until the third period and got some pressure going. But it was too late."

"Overall, I don’t think we created the pressure on the forecheck like we’ve done lately," said Saku Koivu. "They were waiting for us. They had four guys a lot of the time waiting at the blueline. And when we got the puck in we didn’t get the proper forecheck going. We made it a bit too easy for them."

The captain said Vesa Toskalaa saw a llot of the Canadiens’ shots and "if there was aa rebound we didn’t get on it quick enough.

"Their D played well in front of him."

As to his own goaltender:

"I thought (Carey Price) played well," Koivu added. "Some of the shots were tough and came from tough angles. It’s never easy to come back and play your first game after a while."

"I felt good," Price said. "After the first period I felt pretty comfortable. In the second period, you don’t get a couple bounces …"Β 


  1. likehoy says:

    timmins said fischer is developing right on schedule.

    No worries, timmins does his homework…may be 23 or 24 before he makes an impact, but an impact he will make

  2. Habitant-Kyle says:

    Come on man… When was the last time you ever said, “Man Koivu played awesome tonight.” I said it in my post and I will say it again. there is no such thing as a four year slump.”

  3. 24 Cups says:

    I think the Islanders pretty well have to re-sign Hunter. What else have they got that compares to him in terms of what he brings to the game?

    The Original 24 Cups

  4. Moey says:

    Thanks Likehoy, he is a class act.

  5. Alirio says:

    I got a single ticket to the game and am comfortably in my seat; from which I noticed that BOTH Ryder and Cube were dressed for warm-up. Is Breezer out?

    I’ve made a huge mistake…

  6. Ian G Cobb says:

    Mike Boone—No blog of warm ups or game to-night.

    Who is out and in>??

  7. OldGrover says:

    See my post below on what Koivu’s done and continues to do. Look at the teams that surrounded Saku previous to this year – who could make those teams real contenders? Gretzky couldn’t have done it. Look at Sundin on the Leafs – great hockey player, no question about it, but he can’t drag the bums into the playoffs by himself.

    Hockey is the ultimate team game. You can’t pin a team’s success or failure on one player. Koivu helped build this team to what it is today, he’s helping its success today (3rd in scoring, may I remind you, on the team) and he’ll help a hell of a lot down the stretch. And he controls his own destiny. That means that Gainey would, even if he wanted to trade Saku, which I doubt, have to find a contending team that wants to trade its first or second line centre. Good luck.

    Yes, he has to cut down on the blasted o-zone penalties. Hopefully, the mini-benching he got will help with that.

    On another note, the Habs aren’t supposed to be just another hockey team. They are an institution. They forgot that in the mid-nineties, trading their captain at every opportunity. We’ve regained some of who we were – let’s not toss that away by being just another ‘what have you done for me lately’ team.

    Oh… and what has Koivu done lately? 5 points in 6 games…

  8. VancouverHab says:

    You say that “we’ve failed to get into the playoffs more often than we’ve made the playoffs under Saku’s tenure as Captain.”

    And how is that Saku’s fault?

  9. tony d says:

    man no wonder guys don’t want to play in Mtl.
    all these Koivu trade stories are brutal
    the guy’s in a slump…yes makin mistakes… he’s aware of that but look at his line
    He’s been trying all season to get Ryder to produce and now Higgins is firing blanks (not a comment on his
    sexual ability, I’m sure the French press will be too happy to jump on that soon)
    but he’s been on a pretty invisible line, just under the radar… they shoulda been called the ‘Cellophane Line’
    I’m confident Saku will get his form back and score some key game winning goals…the man’s a fighter who’s just struggling a bit but be patient all
    once Ryder’s gone and we get some new chemistry happenin, he’ll be a new man
    on a lighter note, Leafs web site say McCabe may play tonight (ooooohh scary!!) I love watching him just for entertainment value….he delivers more laughs than the Tim Bit games during intermission, only difference is the skill level is higher with the Tim Bit kids
    Go Habs Go
    let’s bury the Leafs tonight and put them back in the compost pile where they belong

  10. JB_15 says:


    Koivu is the heart and soul of this team which is on the verge of taking the lead in the entire conference. Pathetic of the media.

    Regarding tonight, it will be a dismantling.
    4 or 5 to 1.

  11. likehoy says:

    for all koivu fans…this is perfect

  12. likehoy says:

    arguably lazy…i think he’s trying too hard…see aflredsson.

    dunno if you’ve ever been a central figure on a team…but when your system isn’t working (linemates or whatever)…you’re going to try to do too much and if you’re a natural care too much…and you’re going to try to carry the whole line…knowing saku…he’s not a bit lazy…he fought back from cancer…he’s just wants it so badly…

    i.e. go see footballers who dive…they just want it more and will do anything to get an edge.

  13. Bean says:

    sidhu, Hunter’s a GREAT choice. I love that kid. I didn’t realise he’ll be a UFA this year . . .

    C’mon Bob. Listen to sidhu.

  14. sidhu says:

    Even if he turns it up a notch in the playoffs, the fact remains that, we’ve failed to get into the playoffs more often than we’ve made the playoffs under Saku’s tenure as Captain. True, we are having a fantastic year this season, but that is due to the tremendous contributions of others. That is why I think some are comfortable with the idea of trading him – if he isn’t that central to our success, let’s find a cog that will be skating harder and not taking inexcusable, lazy offensive-zone penalties.

  15. ZepFan2 says:

    It seems it’s still in the air if Ryder sits or not.

  16. Les-Habitants says:

    He’ll break out, like he always does, and score a couple key points then everyone will shut up.
    I too and disappointed about those dumb penalities, but hopefully that partial 3rd period benching sent the msg and he’ll be more aware of it tonight

  17. HabsProf says:

    I’m sure Carbonneau can share some tips about what it is like to be hustled out of town while wearing the “C”. And, of course, he can comment about how many of those captains have gone on to hoist the Cup with another team.

  18. Les-Habitants says:

    20 players are allowed on the game-time roster, period.

  19. HabsProf says:

    I expect most veterans are smart enough to ignore calls for trades (though they must hurt, they are, in the end, part of life as a professional athlete).

    I remember around 92 when there were calls to trade Patrick Roy “while he is still worth something”. He promptly won us a cup in spring of 93 and then went on to win two more with another team.

    I also remember when people were calling to trade Markov because he wasn’t developing fast enough.

    Many were prepared to give up on Ron Hainsey (and the Habs did), but he promptly proved everyone wrong.

    Is David Fischer a 1st round bust? Maybe, and the odds have certainly increased. But let’s give him a little time to develop.

    The list goes on. Yes, Koivu is not producing as much as we had hoped, but that happens. I am far more upset at the silly hooking penalties then the fact that he will probably only wind up with 55 points instead of 70.

  20. Les-Habitants says:

    Trading Koivu at this point would be really stupid, point-blank, and I doubt Gainey is even considering it. It’s just the media hating on Koivu, for no reason, like it always does. Koivu is an amazing captain, 3rd in team scoring, and has always been a great playoff performer…just to mention a few things. So basically shaddap already about Koivu…geez.

    On tonight’s game, is Cube out/Ryder in?

    Also, I think someone asked about who would man the 2nd PP. At the Ottawa game, both Komi and Gorges got time on the blueline that I noticed. If Ryder’s in, they could also use him on the 2nd PP unit allowing Sergei Kostitsyn to man the point like he has done a few times this season.

  21. Chach says:

    Does anyone know what time before the game does a team have to have their final roster filled out? On the NHL site, the roster says both Ryder and Bouillon are playing. Also, how many players are allowed to be on the game roster?

  22. likehoy says:

    wrong…2001…alain vigneault…2nd place in our division by allstar break before we went on a tail spin…lol but it was a long time ago nonethelesss…played boston first round and upset those booins

  23. Leonard Zukerman says:

    I can’t remember the last time we where so close to being number one in the conference so late in the season but I’d guess it was long before Saku was made captain. I really hope that the impatience and shortsightedness expressed here and elsewhere stops because it’s a team killer. EVERY PLAYER
    on the Habs has contributed in taking this team a lot further than anyone
    of us ever expected including Saku.

  24. The Big O says:

    The English Media is not much different, we had Mr. Boone himself suggesting that the true capitancy has moved over a stall and there’s enough radio hosts already trading the captain for a draft pick…yeah that’s the way to go into the playoffs, take the guy who turns it up a notch when it counts, for a draft pick, can you say first round exit if they did that…..

  25. the_vipah says:

    Hossa is soft and for our purposes, useless. He is a top flight player (pay wise and skill wise) with zero physical presence. We have plenty of soft skill players on this team. We need a Oli Jokkinen type of guy, skill, size, toughness and work ethic all in one. We get that, we have a good chance to go far.

  26. sidhu says:

    He’s a UFA at year’s end, perhaps Garth Snow will part with him, trying to get something for him rather than let him go for nothing. Make him an offer he can’t refuse, Bob!

  27. Will Longlade says:

    It’s not a no show, but these numbers are not what you would expect from a player making $7.0 million a season. Besides, it’s what’s he’s done lately that counts and is the main driver of his value. In Atlanta’s early exit from the playoffs last year, Hossa recorded 1 point, was -6 and had a meagre 10 shots on goal. Finally, Hossa’s poor playoff performance is just one of several considerations suggesting that this deal is one that the team should stay away from at all cost.

  28. VancouverHab says:

    Yep: spot on! I am not certain but that the La Presse crew would not rather have us lose than win without a Francophone captain (& GM by the bye — they also complain against Gainey (That’s right, they actually complain against Bob Gainey as a GM, They would rather have Pierre Gauthier.)

  29. Hockey11 says:

    I am anxious to see Carbo pairings,

    I would go with


    OMG, who gets PP D time tonite?

  30. 24 Cups says:

    Montreal has not treated their captains that well over the last 15 years or so and that bothers me to no end. Keane, Turgeon, and Damphousse have all given up the ‘C’ under less then honourable circumstance. Why would we do that now with Koivu? I know he’s not a first line centre anymore, and his hooking penalities drive us all crazy. Big deal. Ever heard of the big picture? The intangibles of leadership? Setting an example not by your words but by your actions? You don’t think another team’s captain hasn’t hit a dry spell once in awhile? Yzerman saw his role and icetime shrink year by year but he still kept the captaincy. In fact in his last year or two he was on the checking line. And he’s as good as it gets as far as being a captain is concerned. I’m not saying Saku is Yzerman but this is his 9th year as captain which is the longest run since Beliveau.

    We’re one point out of first and we still have to read garbage like this. Gimme a break.

    The Original 24 Cups

  31. Hockey11 says:

    No that was speculation, they had not heard the CJAD Carbo piece yet.

  32. VancouverHab says:

    The Quebecois media despise Koivu — always have — for the one simple reason that he is not a Francophone and does not speak French.
    If Koivu were French, the same media would be shrieking, not for him to be traded, mais le seulement raison qui ce qu’il n’est pas dans the Pantheon des Sports pas encore est parce que les Anglos avais un complot contre les jouers Francais.

  33. Keith says:

    Some of those guy’s in the French media cater to the lowest common denominator. Not a big surprise. I predict that Saku will have a big game tonight. He usually does after something like a third period benching or a bad o-zone penalty. GO SAKU GO!!! GO HABS GO!!!

  34. HotHabs says:

    Mr. Boone,

    I can’t agree with your assessment that Hossa disappears in the playoffs, barring last year’s Thrashers playoff collapse in which Hossa and sniper Kovalchuk went AWOL. If you look at Hossa’s numbers, he’s a playoff performer: 35 pts. in 55 games – is that a no-show?

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  35. HotHabs says:

    From another post on the other blog: Bouillon is in and Ryder is out… apparently heard on CJAD.

    Don’t be surprised to see Ryder packing his bags soon…

    As for the article in La Presse: a couple good points like the fact that Koivu is a #2 center and is being paid too much ($4.7 mil.)- absolutely spot on. The rest of the column reads like Hollywood confidential trash! Talk about an agenda in print…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  36. likehoy says:

    lol definitely…but they call higgins and plekanec 3-year veterans…so why not πŸ˜›

  37. Mike Boone says:

    Trent Hunter is a stud. I’d love to see him here. But I doubt the Islanders would trade him.

  38. Chorske says:

    Something made me smile about the concept of a 3-year veteran. I know what you mean, its still sounds funny to me. Reminds me of a buddy who called Corey Locke a veteran rookie.

  39. nick says:

    I think Jokinen would make a nice addition to the team – at a reasonable cost. Not too sure where we’d put him – guess it would depend on who leaves. To be honest though, i haven’t heard much Montreal / Florida talk. I have on the other hand heard alot about Toronto / Florida talking. Any one have any news or rumours or anything?

  40. Lee_D says:



  41. likehoy says:

    interesting koivu tidbit…
    first time in his career he has played over 200 games in a span of any 3 seasons. Fatigue?

  42. sidhu says:

    As I noted in another thread – I think Trent Hunter would be a solid addition to our squad. As for the others mentioned:

    Jokinen and Hossa (would cost us too much), Marleau (horrible +/-), Stoll (not the same since his concussion, but good on faceoffs), Holik (can’t keep up with our forwards), Prospal (would be decent, though we’re already stacked on the left side), Ian LaperriΓ¨re (we already have Begin), Armstrong and Gratton (might as well call up Chipper if we want a checking center), Scott Nichol (small, can’t score)

  43. likehoy says:

    don’t listen to the french media…they were waiting for koivu to crack to jump at this occasion. They’ve wanted him out since he couldn’t speak french like uhh…10 years ago…now they have a little bit of backing in their calling. Look no further to kovalev about getting passed trade rumours

    Here’s a move that probably none of us have thought about…Jeff Carter. Picked just behind Andrei Kostitsyn (11th overall 2003). 3 year veteran, great hands, 6’3 200 lbs. No longer figures in philly since the emergence of mike richards. He’s a potential 40 goal scorer, FROM the CENTRE position, which is tough to find in this day and age. Anyone can name the last centre who scored 40 goals? I’m going with Mario Lemieux, but I could be wrong…sindey had 39 one year and sakic is normally around there.

  44. Chorske says:

    Forgive my english, but what a bunch of petty provincial ARSES. Picking on a guy whose crime is not equalling his career best output from last season. This is a guy who has stuck with us through season after season of losers, playing alonside increasingly awful teams until Bob turned things around. Koivu has put up with a xenophobic french press. Has battled cancer and turned lemons to lemonade by funding a major cancer ward. Has never been afraid to face the music and take personal responsibility, and has always behaved with class. Who fought through a potentially career-ending injury. Who has led this team with pride- and he HAS led, no matter what some ungrateful folks might say: recall our collapse after his eye injury in the playoffs two years ago.

    The man wants to stay here, he’s in a funk and he will play out of it. Trading him when he’s down would be shortsighted and just BAD business.

  45. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Saku’s not the same player he was last year or even earlier in the year. I am guessing that he is playing hurt, although his style of play could finally be starting to take a toll on his career.

    He’s always taken cheap, lazy hooking penalties.

  46. HabFab says:

    Nothing ruins my day at work more than hearing about La Press’s most recent public hanging…actually I take that back…Team 990 (the Negators of all Negators) is more likely to ruin my day.
    That being said..give the guy a break. I agree with many of you here…he’s playing well, he is who he is, and nothing would be sadder than winning a Cup in the next few years without Captain K at the helm. He’s given us his career, let’s not put him on the chopping block just yet.

  47. OldGrover says:

    From TSN : KOIVU IS HOT 6 pts in last 7 GP

    He’s been the man for years. This year, other players have stepped up, but he is still playing well. He’s hustling hard and he’ll get back his consistency.

    At this point, he’s not going to be a gamebreaker, but he’s playing a second line centre role. He’s doing a good job of that, we’re in 2nd flipping place in the East and we don’t need to trade our Captain.

    Loyalty – it means something. He’s part of what got us here. Remember how we collapsed against the Canes in the playoffs when he was hurt? He’ll be there when we need him.

  48. OldGrover says:

    Addendum : but he damn well needs to stop with the damn o-zone penalties!

  49. GrimJim says:

    Guess its a good thing now that he doesn’t read French, eh πŸ˜‰

  50. The Teacher says:

    I will respond to you by saying


  51. Norm0770 says:

    I think if they sat Dandy every other game he would score 41 goals. He’s score his first game back each time he’s been a healthy scratch.

  52. Moey says:

    Bigger than my pile, and that’s saying something. But seriously, I think when the laffs beat us or Ottawa it’s better than sex for them, it’s their high in a typical season of lows. If you virtually have no chance of winning the cup, what’s the next best thing? To beat their rivals. They always want the win more than we do, it’s that simple.

  53. JB_15 says:

    F*** my life.

  54. 24 Cups says:

    Just read all the comments on the main thread. Unreal how everyone jumps ship when we lose a game or two. Goodnight.

    The Original 24 Cups

  55. Y says:

    Ok folks I know this was a CRAP game but let us channel whatever hope we have into our friends the Florida Panthers so that they may do us a tremendous favour tonight.

  56. The Teacher says:



  57. Blitzen says:

    When BΓ©gin took his penalty, he had the “I’m gonna be in the pressbox for this” look. I think he’s right.

    I think a number of guys have begun taking shifts off again. Laps certainly isn’t playing with the same intensity. Chips is back from injury so maybe bring him up and send someone down who needs to get a message. Then I would absolutely sit Dandy for Ryder.

    I think Higgins should be sent down if he doesn’t have to go through waivers. He is strangling his stick right now. He needs to play away from the pressure cooker for a while. Either that or try him at center for a bit to see if he breaks out.

    Getting O’Byrne back will also be hellagood. That’ll allow us to send Streit back to forward where I think he’s better.

  58. 24 Cups says:

    Good one Guy!

    The Original 24 Cups

  59. doug says:

    you too, thanks

  60. HotHabs says:

    After watching the replay again, I agree he wasn’t going off on a change. However, he wasn’t ready nor looking. That’s how I saw it. No matter. It likely wouldn’t have changed the outcome and the Habs didn’t deserve a win or a tie tonight.

    Everyone’s just hot under the collar from losing to the Laffs. Who wouldn’t be?

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  61. Hockey11 says:

    Dandenault has the same number of shots in 9 mins as the Kostitsyn brothers had in a combined 31 minutes. His center stunk tonite, he was fine.

  62. The Teacher says:

    Send down higgins?


    Everyone’s jumping off tonight. That’s ok. I’ll have a good seat on the bandwagon.

    Don’t expect me to keep any seats warm though.

  63. Blitzen says:

    I’m not jumping off the wagon but watching him play is painful right now. Even Carbo said that the guy is putting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much pressure on himself.

  64. king ddd says:

    does any one know if alex kovale is gonna be a ufa or still has one more year.. i hope we sign an extension and also…HOSSA IS COMING TO MONTREAL!!!as much as i like ryder we should trade ryder and halak for hossa and sign him for a 5 year deal..

  65. RH says:

    The Habs played a lazy and somewhat sloppy first period and, by the time they came around, in the third, it was too late. Toskala stood on his head and the leafs looked like they REALLY wanted this game bad. Unfortunate for the Habs…

    I need someone to PLEASE reassure me that another line is going to start producing on a consistent basis. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

  66. The Teacher says:

    Ok, but send him down? Be logical please.

  67. HotHabs says:

    Embarrassing! Well, the team should be more ashamed than their fans. They didn’t deserve to win this one.

    Habs should’ve come out with fury in the first, but instead allowed TO a chance to play! Had they scored a couple early this one would’ve been over quickly. Allowing TO to think they had a chance in this one was a big mistake. Biggest glaring fault of the night???? NO PASSION OR HEART…

    -what was Koivu thinking????????????????? a line change with 10 seconds left?????????????? Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unacceptable!!!!! The pass wasn’t bad. Maybe Koivu wasn’t heading off, but he wasn’t ready to drive back into the zone for a final effort.

    -the D lacked Hamrlik in a big way. But, Komi was there in full force again!

    -Breezer always makes me nervous, and tonight was no exception – his passing and playmaking is really scary.

    -Carbo messed up on the last PP, starting with Markov on ice without Kovy then putting Gorges to quarterback the PP was a huge mistake – I like the guy, but special teams is not his forte.

    -Habs need a second line that has offensive punch. If a move is made before the deadline, it has to be to boost and beef up that line. Next on the list is another top 6 D-man.

    -Pleks was fantastic, especially on faceoffs

    -Higgins worked hard on the 4th, but he didn’t have much to work with

    -would Ryder have made a big difference? Not the way the team played overall tonight.

    -Lats was a no-show and I don’t think he got much ice time in the 3rd

    -CBC commentating wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – I flipped between them and RDS

    -Lastly, full credit to the Leafs for a strong effort tonight. They actually played a decent game with Toskala giving a pretty good effort. I think all their fans smell Lord Stanley approaching now!!!!!!! But, the wings will stomp out that tiny spark of false hope very quickly.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  68. NLhabsfan says:

    Not to sound like sour grapes….But this is a nothing team with no future.Understandably toronto would have have stood in front of railway tracks then loose to us.After 8-0 loss.Maybe they will be a lot hungrier against ottawa.

  69. Y says:

    Well the Kings staged a major comeback against the mighty Red Wings. Things like that make this result a little easier to swallow

  70. Blitzen says:

    Is it better to leave him in there where he can sink further and further down?

  71. The Teacher says:

    Should we fire Carbo and hire you? you seem to have all the answers?

  72. The Teacher says:

    As opposed to completely shattering his confidence by sending him to a league he hasn’t seen in what? 4 years?

  73. likehoy says:

    i explained what koivu was doing in my post down below, take the time to read it

  74. Blitzen says:

    I think his confidence is already totally shattered.

  75. RGM says:

    Refereeing was terrible in this game. That’s not an excuse for losing to the 14th place team, but it was horrible to see so much holding go unpunished. I know that refs like to keep it close to even, otherwise there would have been 8 or 9 Habs PP’s in this game. All the same, there wasn’t enough fire to reach out and grab first place tonight. They’ll have the opportunity to get back within one on Saturday, so they’d best start preparing for an Ottawa team that’s getting all its stars back.

  76. Habhopeful says:

    i know this was a bad loss but the habs took them for granted, they should have known the laffs would come on hard, just a bad loss and lets hope we can rebound against the sens and hopefully they still lose tonight, we arent the only ones who took a crap team for granted the red wings were up 3-1 against LA and LA came back and won 5-3 against no holds barred the best team in the NHL, happens to everyone, hopefully we learn from this, it was a very disapointing game on the habs part, we need some more secondary scoring this one line cant do it all every night, what was koivu doin when he got puck passed to him looked like he wasnt paying attention and skating away from it, pretty stupid, if we wanna make it far, we gotta play like every game is our last…

  77. likehoy says:

    i jumped off the hossa bandwagon and onto the new Jeff Carter bandwagon…

    age: 23
    size: 6’3
    weight: 200lbs

    on pace for 28 goals and 51 this year, and has had 80 points in 140 games his first 2 season.

    I think he’ll be the perfect fit with sergei kostitsyn. Small-tits is a great passer and Carter is a shooter. We can also get him for cheap since he’s a surplus in philly.

  78. likehoy says:

    hockey should adopt footballs (soccer as some of you call it) “loan” moves. We should put higgins out on loan to the kings…cause the kings suck and higgins can develop as a leader and scorer on the kings…for a year…then we take him back the next season…higgins will be properly groomed and we will get him in his prime.

  79. HotHabs says:

    Much to the disagreement of many, I don’t think the refs were all that bad. There’s always gonna be a bad call in every game. Tonight was no exception, but most of the calls were legit and actually favored the Habs who couldn’t put the game away on all those PPs. #1 PP looked like #30 tonight: lots of passing and very few quality shots.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  80. Y says:

    Arrggh…Sens win…Heatley with 2 including GW…I’m getting really scared about Saturday…

  81. Chuck says:

    And it happend on Bell Centre ice tonight as the Habs laid a collective steamy pile.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  82. HotHabs says:

    No. But, you’ll cool off by tomorrow. Actually, I don’t think I offered any answers, only personal observations like EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS SITE!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  83. Blitzen says:

    I agree..I don’t think the refs lost that game. The Habs did. Oh well…hopefully we get the Hamr back against the Sens.

  84. NLhabsfan says:

    I blame Carbo.Jeez when is this team going to start with established lines.This team is top heavy with youth.Somehow he has to make room.Why do I feel that is one large experiment.It’s driving me crazy.

  85. Chuck says:

    I think it’s what WASN’T called that has people upset.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  86. RH says:

    Completely agree with you on that point.

  87. Chuck says:

    After seeing the replay, I think that you’re right.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  88. Hockey11 says:

    Dandenault barely played, he has more goals than all the other 3-4 line players. Lapierre is a play murderer and he’s all we see in the third. Begin takes an idiotic penalty and gets rewarded with a shift on the first whistle soon as he is out of the box, nice message coach. Dandy played the least number of minutes on the entire team and he had the same number of shots as both Kostitstyn’s combined, what did they do in 31 minutes combined vs Dandy’s 9 mins. Where are the top 6 forwards on this team? (Pleks/Kovy excluded)

  89. The Teacher says:

    I was mostly responding to your observation of koivu, which was wrong. IMO. :)

  90. Erik says:

    This was a good game to win going into the ottawa game.

  91. doug says:

    great job summarizing – saved me the need to post anything other than “i agree” (except for the CBC commenting – bob cole is not only biased but he’s losing it: called a 3 on 1 a 2 on 1, misidentified habs players throughout, anticipated the wrong team getting a penalty on a delayed penalty despite the habs skating up the ice with the puck and no stoppage of play).

  92. HotHabs says:

    I looked at your post, thanks. Koivu never looked to see what was coming, whether it be a dump in or a pass. I agree after watching the replay that he wasn’t heading off, but neither was he ready for a last rush effort. I can’t be too hard on the guy, I’ll admit it was an unexpected pass. Nevertheless, he looked out of it…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  93. The Teacher says:

    I’m not hot under the collar for losing. They didn’t deserve it. i’m annoyed because the shocks on our bandwagon are going to break. I’m also annoyed by CERTAIN POSTERS WHO JUST say the SAME THING over and over and over and oVer

    AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER it is quite sickening

  94. HotHabs says:

    I could see him helping the team and fitting in nicely. Carter could be the missing link on a disjointed 2nd line.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  95. HotHabs says:

    The “non calls” could’ve gone either way. We tend to see the reffing through Habs tinted glasses…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  96. RS says:

    Rangers, Isles, Panthers, Thrashers all lose. Great. I’m not concerned about first place, I’m just hoping the Habs can make the playoffs. Watch out for the Sabres.

  97. The Teacher says:

    Why bother?

  98. Exit716 says:

    Moey, Bravo.

  99. mrstewart61 says:

    If we could get him, great, otherwise maybe Gratton for a cheaper version.

  100. mrstewart61 says:

    What’s with the odd combination of small case and upper case letters in so many of your posts?

  101. HotHabs says:

    You talking about my posts? I hope not.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  102. The Teacher says:

    No, no πŸ˜‰ I think you can figure it out though!

  103. Moey says:

    Reality check for you too, stay out of his line of fire, for a while I was calling you two Pete and Repete, very tiresome. You’re not a bad guy, but you like attention too. Just chill and go with the flow, you may be surprised, some of our older and wiser posters may come back and that would be a good thing.

  104. The Teacher says:

    I’ve actually BEEN trying to stop responding to him. Kind of hard when he seems to throw my name all around this site. (quite like in his response to you)

    I’ve been waiting for the older posters to show up as well. Ok! Moey πŸ˜‰

    but point taken. butting out now πŸ˜‰

  105. jew4jah says:

    i know that it’s ‘popular’ to hate brisebois these days but i’m not just jumping the hate train.
    i feel one way when i see #71 on the ice and i feel the exact opposite when i see #27 on the ice. everyone says he’s a great guy with heart, so i’d love to see him succeed in another jersey. i’ve kinda always felt that way about koivu too.
    kovalev is really bringing something back to me that i haven’t seen or felt since the days of richer or lafleur. koivu had flashes but he never did that on a consistent basis like kovi.

  106. The Teacher says:

    No, argument there, but AHL?

    A bit extreme in my opinion.

  107. Plek-Andrew says:


    no wait… I really don’t because there doesn’t seem to be a PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH.

    A wise person once said… “hey it’s not big deal, we had an off night”

    it was meant to happen.

    It just sucks that higgins is proving to me over and over how much of a choker he is…


  108. Moey says:

    Trust me on this one. :)

  109. The Teacher says:

    I have to post something, just to bite my pc tongue.

  110. jew4jah says:

    teach, you remind me of brisebois. your heart’s in the right place but you annoy the hell out of me.
    cournoyer’s more of a sean avery.

  111. The Teacher says:

    Can i at least get paid in Breezer dollars?

    I’m staying out of this one, but I felt like being funny with you.

  112. jew4jah says:

    no, you don’t

  113. jew4jah says:

    s’all cool, mon

  114. The Teacher says:


    Yes I do!

    Go HABS Go!

  115. HotHabs says:

    I’m not sure about overrated, but the team needs improvements. With many of the young players we have and no bonafide superstar (save Kovy this season), this team is where it is mostly because of hard work, not pure skill. Kudos to all of them! They must play 60 minutes of impassioned and smart hockey every game – tonight that was lacking, so they gave up a W to a team that was hungry for one!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  116. Moey says:

    No you don’t, and if you keep it up, IMO, we’re going to lose more posters.

  117. The Teacher says:

    Moey, don’t start with me. I got out of it before. It is a harmless comment, while useless, enables me to stay clear. I’ve had it with him. Every single comment I’ve made in the past few days seems to be responded to by him with useless refrain. Krob asked me to stop replying to him, and I think I’ve made a decent effort at it.

    I’m not about to stop posting, that’s for sure.

  118. Moey says:

    Just stop posting, go to bed. It’s that simple. If you want a Habs chat room, then go and find one, but this ain’t it.

  119. The Teacher says:

    Umm, nahhhhhhh. Go fight Cournoyer, get off my case.

    If you made a reasonable argument, fine. This comment has no justification.

    The Rules

    Habs Inside/Out encourages lively debate, but there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding racism, profanity and behaviour that we deem to be offensive. We will, without warning, ban those who do not abide by this simple rule, so as to maximize the enjoyment of readers and participants of both sexes and all ages.

  120. 24 Cups says:

    I’ve been saying that for a few months now. Let’s get real and forget all this Vinny – Ovechkin – Jokinen daydreaming. This is a guy we should go after big time. Trading for Carter would be a daring move that would help set us up for a real run at the Cup. He’s the big centre we need and he’s ready to go through the roof next year. Be bold and make it happen. Or live in the past and trade for Richards, Marleau and Tanguay. Carter is the new NHL. IF he’s available, outbid the other teams and grab him. Have some stones and take a chance.

    The Original 24 Cups

  121. 24 Cups says:

    Blitzen – Higgins can’t be sent down – he would have to clear waivers. Plus, even though he’s playing like crap, he is an assistant captain. Yu don’t send those guys to Hamilton. I think you’re just frustrated after tonight’s stupid loss to an inferior team.

    The Original 24 Cups

  122. doug says:

    Take Moey’s advice. She’s been right on. Drop it. No one’s interested in perceived injustices and petty arguments. Get some rest.

  123. ebk says:

    you walk over to the dark side too Doug

  124. The Teacher says:


    This is getting ridiculous.

    Quite past ridiculous actually.

  125. doug says:

    just joined the thread. what did i miss? just seems like adriano is getting worked up over a battle that can’t be won. i don’t know how it started but the best way to get rid of pests is to ignore them. i’ll read back to see what happened but this stuff is kind of sophomoric and boring. the site administrators will have to referee and kick out the culprits as necessary; i just want to talk about hockey.

  126. ebk says:

    have a good night doug

  127. Mike says:

    I beg, please, let my dreams come true

    S kost – koivu- ryder
    a kost – pleks- kovalev
    higgins – lapierre- latendresse
    begin – smols – kostop

    Komi- markov
    Streit – georges
    boullion- dandy

  128. Bouleau noir says:

    Tonight must be pretty disapointing for some of the fans that evaluated the CH as being a team that had reached the cup contending stature of the Wings and the Senators,… it must have been quite a turn-off also if tonight’s game was ‘your only night’ at the Bell Center this season… but for the rest of us…. 0 well, I guess it was still disapointing.

    Disapointing because the Leafs trimmed down by injuries only had to play a well organised defensive game to make an easy prey out of our team.

    We are a good team and when our effort is great and last 60 minutes we become a very good team and very hard to get beaten,… thats the price our team has to pay in order to compete as well as they have managed so far this season…. because they did so well lately we forgot that results like tonight can easily hapen whenever our team’s effort is not up to part.

  129. Bouleau noir says:

    Agree with his rational,.. yet bemused by it.

  130. sidhu says:

    What an exciting game, the Bell Center was alive. Only in Montreal do you hear jeers of the opposition goaltender when the home team is actually down 2-1.

    Absolutely amazing display by Kovalev and Pleks. Pleks’s backcheck on the Toronto breakaway was pure hustle.

    If Higgins and Koivu were on their game, we’d be unstoppable. I just don’t see Koivu improving, whereas I think Higgins is just in a temporary funk. I don’t think Koivu changed any minds with his play tonight – he’s “increasingly irrelevant” as I said weeks ago. Koivu had a game low -2 amongst all forwards tonight.

    Brisebois’s coverage on the 2nd Leafs goal was horrendous – I hope Hammer heels soon and OB gets into game shape very quickly.

  131. Traf27 says:

    We can all talk about how this turned into a good game in the last period when the Habs actually showed up, but in reality this game showed what shouldn’t be, but unfortunately is out greatest weakness. Two words: Secondary Scoring. In this league is you depend on one line any team can beat you. It’s the same reason some of the teams in the league that boast high powered first lines (Washington, Atlanta) still struggle in this league. Yes Koivu has to realize that this season this is Kovy’s team, but that doesn’t mean he should just disappear. Though I think if we could pick up Hossa for a resonable price that would be great I still believe that this team, if they all start contributing to there level, has the talent needed to catch Ottawa.

  132. Wencz says:

    anyone know the details of brisebois’ contract bonuses?

  133. HotHabs says:

    Doesn’t surprise me to hear those reports, Mike. The post-game show over the last few games on RDS has had a few comments from different analysts about Koivu’s days being numbered in Mtl. It was just a matter of time before it made it to print!

    Are you saying that Ryder is in the lineup tonight??? From many of the comments I’ve read, it seems he’s not. Do you know for sure?

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  134. drecha says:

    La presse is reporting that Ryder is in too.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  135. Mike Boone says:

    Only if Bouillon can’t go.

  136. KamiDave says:

    Yeah, it has pretty much been one a game… you’re almost waiting for it.

  137. drecha says:

    The only problem with Koivu’s play as of late is his Offensive Zone stickwork. He has upped his game recently and I think is coming back into his own. I like him playing with S Kots an GUI! I think this line is in for a good night.Please Saks, prove me right!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  138. MathMan says:

    Not to pile on the media, but la Presse’s sports department has always stuck me as prone to campaigning over analysis, and their campaigning often seems to involve trying to run a guy out of town. They’ve also struck me as being very eager to draw out a tempest out of a teapot… This isn’t the first time they’ve made a big deal out of something dubious. For example, the story about Briere refusing to sign because he wasn’t told he would play with Higgins and Ryder because they were Koivu’s wingers — which looks rather silly now, doesn’t it?

    As pointed out, we are talking about a guy with 6 points in his last 7 games. How terrifyingly unproductive. I think the Lats-Koivu-Kost line has looked good in the past and will do him good.

  139. MikeMcLaren says:

    IF the Canadiens could ever win the Cup in the next few years it would be a tragedy of epic proportions if Saku were not part of that. He has truly given his all to the team and the city. The expectations put upon him have been huge and he has been often asked to carry a burden that he cannot.

    For all that he has gone through, for all that he has put up with in various media circles, for all the down times he has struggled through, there would be nothing greater, nothing more satisfying than seeing Gary Bettman hand over that trophy to Saku to raise above his head.

    That being said, if he keeps taking hooking and holding penalties in the offensive zone the above might not happen :)


  140. OldGrover says:

    Oh! And one more thing – he’s got a No Trade Clause. He’s on a contender right now. He’s towards the end of his career – he’s only 33, yeah, but with all his health problems, you gotta think that he’s not gonna make it much more then a few more years. The only place he’d be willing to go would be another contender – he wants a cup. Exactly what trades would work out? What contenders out there are going to trade a 1st or 2nd line centre (what the Habs would demand for him) for him?

    I can’t see it. I really can’t.

  141. RS says:

    Koivu has never been a great player. He is not a great player now. Yawn. So what? Hasn’t he always tried to compensate for his small stature by using his stick? I really don’t understand the nature of this crisis. When he was our #1 centre, there was a problem. Now he is in his rightful position as a #2 centre. That’s where he belongs. That should be his role. I’m not convinced that Plek is a genuine #1 centre, but that line is doing great.

    Of course, Gainey would be crazy not to keep his ears open for a deal involving Koivu. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And of course, we would have to get another decent centre in return, since we have no other potential #2 centre. Seems quite unlikely to happen.

  142. OldGrover says:

    * 5 points in the last 6 games
    * 16th on the Habs’ all-time point list. 16th – with all the great players that have played for this amazing hockey team over its history, Saku is 16th. Pete Mahovlich is 17th – was Mahovlich not a great player?
    * He’s a two time NHL All-Star
    * In 2005-06, in the playoffs, Saku had 4 points in 3 games before going down to that high stick. With him in, the Habs were beating the pants off the ‘Canes (the eventual Stanley Cup winners, you remember). Without him, nada, nothing

    He’s a great hockey player, a real gentleman off the ice and our Captain.

    And we’re 2nd in the East with him and Carbo and Gainey at the helm.

    Not a great player? I think a lot of teams would like players like this.

  143. J.T. says:

    Last year the same La Presse columnists were shouting about how Kovalev had to go and his days in Montreal were surely numbered. Koivu is just being Koivu. He slumps every year after Christmas and slowly starts gathering steam after the all star break. By the time the playoffs come around, he’ll be on the top of his game. And the idea of trading him will be just as ridiculous as the idea of trading Kovalev.

    Oh, and if Bouillon is out, I hope Ryder scores a bloody hat trick.

  144. ZepFan2 says:

    “Oh, and if Bouillon is out, I hope Ryder scores a bloody hat trick.”

    Not going to happen. Cube is playing.

    Carbo said (on CJAD), he’s disappointed in Ryder, but he’s looking for good things from him in the playoffs. What a joke.

    I guess that’s coach speak for, ‘I hope his NEW team does well in the playoffs.’

  145. Ian G Cobb says:

    JT, Koivu is not going anywhere, he is no spring chicken like me but he will be there when we need him. As far as Ryder is concerned, his role is changed this year, no problem if he is not scoring like other years. It’s not goals we need anyway, were 3rd in the league with 173. He help us in our weakest part of our game. That is in our goals against dept. where we have 150 and we are in 16th place in the league. This is where we need him and he does a great job.

  146. Hockey11 says:

    Carbo has to learn to say the Ryder is struggling (not I’m disappointed) we are a better team with him but he needs to get on track. This way the door is always open if we need him, like we do tonite. Not all players respond to a lack of confidence message from the coach.

  147. abhishek says:

    Thank you. Someone has made a solid point about our captain. He is a great player and there’s no reason to trade him.

    Another point: we shouldn’t be surprised by the French media on this one. After all, one of the photographers for the Devoir (i think) went to the hospital and took pics of Koivu after the team asked he be left alone.

  148. Moey says:

    When he had his eye injury he was in a darkened room in the hospital for obvious reasons, the damn French media burst in with bloody cameras & the flashes were going off right in his face, he covered his eyes with his hands to try and protect himself. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life. It was on the local news that night.

    So at the end of the day, take it from the source, they’re nothing but ignorant and embarrassing.

  149. Cable Guy says:

    I’d be iffy on trading Koivu. For one we don’t know what kind of influence he is in the locker room, he may be very important in there, I doubt Kovalev is motivational in the locker room, he’s mesmorizing on the ice though. Obviously if we could get a guy like Jokinen then I would definately consider it.

  150. Flake says:

    For some reason, this Koivu situation reminds me of what was happening to Plekanec last season when he had to center Samsonov and Kovalev, and anybody else that Carbo put on that line… Shouldn’t Koivu be able to play more than one game with the same wingers? They are winning, they can afford to give players a chance.

  151. Habitant-Kyle says:

    Saku Koivu,
    I am undecided about this whole trade thing. Off the ice Saku Koivu is awesome, he takes care of business in the dressing room and I believe he really loves the team. However Saku is also probably THE MOST AVERAGE CAPTAIN IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. This angers me, for people who say it’s a slump… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FOUR YEAR SLUMP. So the question remains-do we need a new “on ice” captain? Perhaps. My choice would be Mike Komisarek, he is a young leader that could be around for a long time.

  152. likehoy says:

    4 year slump?

    koivu’s not better than bobby holik or tim taylor?

  153. Les-Habitants says:

    WTF four-year slump?
    He had a career year, playing with a half-blind eye last year.

    Man, wtf…you guys are as fickle as the worst leafs fan

  154. MatttheHabsFan says:

    How exactly has he been in a 4 year slump??? Did he not lead the team in points last year? Koivu is not a #1 centreman in the NHL, but as a #2 and a true leader on the team I think he is doing pretty well.

    Anyone who criticizes Koivu in his role as a second line centreman should consider this. He currently sits 33rd in the NHL among C for points. Only 7 teams in the NHL have their 2nd line centreman sitting higher in the rankings. Does this mean that we have the 8th best second line centreman in the NHL???? And consider too that Dallas and Detroit’s second line centreman have fewer points then Koivu….my goodness…maybe we should hang on to this guy after all.

    Did I mention too that hes an inspirational leader, a solid member of the community and our captain. We are 1 point out of first in the conference…some people are just searching for things to complain about.

    Alex Kovalev ~ “I still have four fingers left”

  155. PattyBoy31 says:

    alright, i’m broadcasting this game online but i swear THIS IS THE LAST GAME I’M DOING IT!!! its just too big of a game to stop doing it…
    message my account for the password…

  156. Chuck says:

    Cube in, Ryder out.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  157. Habitant-Kyle says:


  158. Habitant-Kyle says:

    I’d take Holik for Koivu.

  159. lemess says:

    Don’t mean to insult you….. but I’m glad you are not GM :)

  160. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Yeah wow….I think the Leafs are looking for help in the front office…please apply to work for them.

    Alex Kovalev ~ “I still have four fingers left”

  161. PattyBoy31 says:

    go habs go!
    go cats go!

  162. MikeMcLaren says:

    CBC Coverage:

    Focus on the Canadiens and how they are approaching the Senators for 1st place in the East? (You know, the Senators are also a Canadian team, last I heard).


    Focus on the poor Leafs and what they should do to reverse their fortunes.

    I think the latter is far more appropriate and important.

    Gotta love that the CBC keeps on picking the wrong horse in this race…


  163. linp says:

    I am so sick and tired of those french press in Montreal. There is always a political element in their article. They over-react and pick on those non-old stock Quebecers to sell their paper. Even those star french Quebecers do not want to play here.

  164. Deano says:

    Oh NOOOOOOOO … Boob Cole

  165. MikeMcLaren says:

    Bob Cole.


    Wish I could get RDS down here.


  166. JB_15 says:

    GO HABS GO!!

  167. moser17 says:

    Here we go!!! Wake up Carey!! Atta Boy!

  168. Elbacky says:

    Does price have a new mask?

  169. Habhopeful says:

    rds image is much much better then cbc

  170. the_vipah says:

    Wow brutal no call on an EASY hooking call. Stick on body = penalty.

  171. MikeMcLaren says:

    I really hate how the only team the Leafs play hard against is the Habs…


  172. secretdragonfly says:

    RDS reporting O’Byrne sent for conditioning, could see him back in 2-3 weeks – thank you God. Leave Saku alone already. At least we don’t have Sundin as captain.

  173. the_larry says:

    great start to this game already

  174. secretdragonfly says:

    The rodeo theme is gone, couldn’t really make out the picture, looked like Carbo though!

  175. MikeMcLaren says:

    Did someone take the peas from the whistles tonight?


  176. lemess says:

    Toskala doesn’t seem to know where the puck is

  177. secretdragonfly says:

    Mike, I would strongly suggest calling the “Geek Squad”.

  178. The Teacher says:


  179. the_larry says:


  180. MikeMcLaren says:





  181. Chuck says:



    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  182. Les-Habitants says:

    Hell ya

  183. lemess says:

    Great Line……or the Greatest line

  184. linp says:

    This line out-class every line on the ice.

  185. jew4jah says:

    i think the refs are wearing blue & white stripes

  186. NLhabsfan says:

    First blood!!

  187. Ed says:

    I think it’s time to put Boone in the press box with Ryder. I have seen him talk about Ryder eating hot dogs in the press box, but I have a feeling that Boone can eat more hotdogs than Ryder. lol. Maybe he should join O’Byrne in Hamilton for conditioning. Come on Boone, your blogging is not up to your usual standards lately. We need you, and yes, maybe you should hire a techie.

  188. MikeMcLaren says:

    Good Gatorade product placement by Pleks!

    (I’ve never seen anyone actually drink out of a gatorade consumer bottle at a hockey game that wasn’t men’s league)


  189. Habhopeful says:

    One down 4 to go…I want 8 free chicken wangs

  190. Keith says:

    I cheer soooooooo much louder when we score against the laffs πŸ˜€

    GO HABS GO!!!!!

  191. Kevin says:

    Hey everyone who’s watching on TV, how’s the game been so far? How is Koivu doing? Anyone try to cheapshot A Kost?

  192. Elbacky says:

    i knew it looked different

  193. Gormdog says:

    It’s wierd eh? If you polled hockey writers, Kovalev, Pleks, and Kosty wouldn’t be in the top 20 at their respective positions.

    Together, they are literally unstopable right now. Every team in the league knows that they are our bread & butter at the moment, and still can’t stop em.

  194. Kevin says:

    TSN ranks Kovalev as 14th amongst wingers and Plekanec as 18th amongst centers in this week’s “Power Rankings”

  195. Barts says:

    Jokinen and Laperierre (he is a character guy who would play his heart out for Montreal), thank you very much… Love Saku, but those guys are right, it’s time for someone else to wear the C.

  196. The Teacher says:


  197. JB_15 says:

    I saw bryan mccabe in downtown TO, hand in sling et al., and i couldnt help but laugh. He looked at me as though i was gonna ask for an autograph and i thought “pal, not in a million years, youre a joke”


  198. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Sorry for the repost…but this is something I feel pretty strongly about. These guys are professional athletes and as such they are open to criticism. This is one guy though who does not deserve to be put through this. The French media roasts him for not speaking much French. Do they not realize that his first language wasn’t English…how many languages do they expect all these guys to learn??? Anyways…

    Anyone who criticizes Koivu in his role as a second line centreman should consider this. He currently sits 33rd in the NHL among C for points. Only 7 teams in the NHL have their 2nd line centreman sitting higher in the rankings. Does this mean that we have the 8th best second line centreman in the NHL???? And consider too that Dallas and Detroit’s second line centreman have fewer points then Koivu….my goodness…maybe we should hang on to this guy after all.

    Did I mention too that hes an inspirational leader, a solid member of the community and our captain. We are 1 point out of first in the conference…some people are just searching for things to complain about.

    Alex Kovalev ~ “I still have four fingers left”

  199. jew4jah says:

    to all who post GOAL or YESSS ….
    i think you should find a chat room.
    let’s keep the space limited to comments so we don’t have to scroll through 10+ pages of OOOHS & AHHHHS

  200. The Teacher says:



  201. JB_15 says:

    So when we score – we should write out a long explanation of why we’re happy?

    Give me a break, no one’s forcing you to participate.

    Here’s one just for you.


  202. jew4jah says:

    teach, you are right
    i missed the 4:20 alarm.
    ahhhhhhh that’s better

  203. Gormdog says:

    lol… Hockey enthisiasm, go away…

    But celebrating drug culture? πŸ˜›

  204. jew4jah says:

    i have no idea what you’re talking about……;]

  205. Barts says:

    How many of those 2nd line centremen are making close to 5 a season?? He’s a 2nd line centre, being payed 1st line money. Sorry, but he’s got to go.

  206. MatttheHabsFan says:

    yeah you’re right…by some estimations you might say hes a bargain…drury with the same number of points makes what $7M, Marleau with fewer points makes $6.1M
    Alex Kovalev ~ “I still have four fingers left”

  207. Les-Habitants says:

    We have a winning team, one of the best in the East, arguably the hottest team right now and you want the team’s captain to be traded…he has got to go????

    People are afraid of mixing with team chemistry, and you want the team captain gone…wow

    man, i gotta stop reading the comments made by people here…

  208. Habhopeful says:

    dam boullion is a solid hitter

  209. secretdragonfly says:

    Think Blake needs his bell rung again.

  210. the_vipah says:

    Thats the 4-5th time I’ve seen a hook or trip by the leafs and theres yet to be a call.

  211. nick says:

    whats with the ref’s tonight? they seem to either be letting almost everything go… or blind as bats.

  212. MikeMcLaren says:

    Holding/holding the stick of Higgins…

    …no call…

    …no surprise.


  213. The Teacher says:

    The Toronto Fact-Rattler effect!!!!!1

  214. linp says:

    The ref. wants to keep the game close. Our PP is deadly.

  215. nick says:

    same here… but in all honest that hit on Gorges should have gotten a call.

  216. MikeMcLaren says:

    I mind because of an important stat:

    Canadiens’ powerplay = #1 in the league
    Leafs’ penalty killing = #29 in the league


    (and right now it’s a lot more Leafs penalties they’re missing)

  217. jew4jah says:

    sorry about my previous post.. it was stupid and totally lacking in THC

    now let’s beat the stuffing out of these losers!

  218. the_vipah says:

    Wow. Brutal goal. Luck all the way.

    Would be nice to get some calls, this period should be 2-3 to nothing.

  219. Chuck says:

    Some lovely D there…

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  220. nick says:


  221. the_larry says:

    Its for the better that the game stays close, the Habs will play with more focus. No more 3 goal lead naps for us

  222. MikeMcLaren says:




  223. Habhopeful says:

    did anyone just see breeze hammer tucker or was i having a lucid dream

  224. The Teacher says:

    pattty what is the password!

  225. Chuck says:

    That just might have been the best hit that I’ve ever seen him throw!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  226. MikeMcLaren says:

    Wonder if the S. Kost – Koivu – Higgins line will stay together (they were out for that final faceoff)


  227. Gormdog says:

    No worries jah, was just being difficult. It’s 7:40 here, on a downer (combined with that Laffy goal).

  228. nick says:

    Mike, would you mind sharing your thoughts on Price so far tonight?

  229. 24 Cups says:

    Well this won’t be an 8-0 game. Leafs are skating well – too bad their American League line scored. We’ll get it back. Thought the ref missed a few calls early in the game. Price looks sharp. Watching on CBC. Cole and Millen are certainly not the A team.

    The Original 24 Cups

  230. Les-Habitants says:

    I hope so. Higgins has the speed to contribute on a scoring line, and I think Lats’ development would be better served playing with Lapierre and Dandy..making a pretty solid 3rd line and WHEN Higgins and Koivu get it going, with sergei, we’ll have 4 very good lines

  231. Mike Boone says:

    Steady. Good positioning. Confident. A few adventures in puckhandling, which used to be his forte.

  232. The Teacher says:

    Habs Kat?

  233. mrstewart61 says:

    Chris Gratton:
    51 9 10 19 -8 77 53.9 1.5M (UFA)

    I think he could be the third/fourth line centre we need.

  234. Ian G Cobb says:

    Better not take a shift off in this one tonight. A few give aways in our end, but I see us winning draws for a nice change. And Koivu is skating better than the past two games.

    Hang on, this won’t be over till late in the third.

  235. Chuck says:

    I think it’s the guys on the recieving end of his passes that have been having the adventures.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  236. MatttheHabsFan says:

    used to be? one mistake and suddenly it’s a skill he used to have? come on now mike
    Alex Kovalev ~ “I still have four fingers left”

  237. HAB-PROFESSOR says:



    that said, we will still win…just have to suffer first.
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  238. Chuck says:

    They’re never the worst team in hockey when they play us. They always find a way to get up for a game against the Habs.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  239. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    it was an accident.
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  240. HAB-PROFESSOR says:



    that said, we will still win…just have to suffer first.

    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  241. the_vipah says:

    Totally agree there. His passes have been fine, the receivers have done a poor job of moving it quickly.

  242. likehoy says:

    do you think if ryder changed his name to mikhail ryderov he might score more?

  243. Ian G Cobb says:

    Chuck– Call me (613) 968-9807 please now.. Ian

  244. The Teacher says:


  245. the_vipah says:

    Ok that was the breezers guy.

    Let the hate begin.

  246. Barts says:

    I am getting so DAMN TIRED OF ASKING WHY? WHY? WHY? is Brisebois on the Friggin ice!!!??!??!?!

  247. Habs-Kat says:

    I went shopping :(
    Just got here.

  248. PGHABS says:

    know one really knows

  249. jew4jah says:

    well he couldn’t score less

  250. The Teacher says:

    Good good, we need some lady luck or something.

  251. 24 Cups says:

    Shopping?! Get your priorities straight. You sound like my wife and daughter.

    The Original 24 Cups

  252. The Teacher says:

    Well, all three ARE women? lol

  253. 24 Cups says:

    cheeky devil.

    The Original 24 Cups

  254. originalsix says:

    Now CBC won’t stop repeating/showing the damn tucker goal…argh

    I think I’ll go and do my homework, and come back and hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  255. NLhabsfan says:

    I have RDS rather then listen to those fools.

  256. Yeats says:

    The Habs should never have traded Tucker. He’s a pest, but he has nads!

  257. MikeMcLaren says:

    Bob can’t think of a reason why the whistle sounded…

    couldn’t be a LEAFS penalty, could it?


  258. nick says:

    bust out the fireworks… leaf penalty.

  259. Barts says:

    Again, I do hate to pile on.. but where is Koivu??

  260. 24 Cups says:

    Leafs are skating everywhere – start hitting them big time.

    The Original 24 Cups

  261. Elbacky says:

    1-0 florida

  262. mrstewart61 says:

    FLA 1 OTT 0 Shots 14-4

  263. the_vipah says:

    Two $%^&ing times Kosty gets crosschecked into the goddamn net and no call.

    This is bullshit.

  264. The Teacher says:

    Tell that to the Fact Rattler.

  265. Yeats says:

    You are spot on. Unless a Hab gets murdered, they aren’t going to get a call tonight. I’d rather have one bad ref calling the game than two, at least for consistancy.

  266. MikeMcLaren says:

    It’s impressive when your wrist shot goes off the glass and then ALL the way back down the ice… that Kovy’s got a helluva shot.


  267. MikeMcLaren says:

    Bob Cole declares that the Canadiens “thought they had it easy tonight” on the basis of the Leafs losing 8-0 to the Panthers yesterday…

    How can you guys stand to let your tax dollars support this crap?


  268. The Teacher says:

    Think of Bob cole as a pothole in the city of Montreal. Does that answer your question?

  269. NLhabsfan says:

    What are the refs doing out there.Finally!!

  270. the_vipah says:

    About GODDAMN time.

    Refs can call 3-4 more and they’ll be caught up from the 1st.

  271. MikeMcLaren says:

    The Canadiens need to skate because if they can draw some more penalties they’ll have these guys for lunch… that earlier PP looked promising…


  272. Barts says:

    Greg Millen quote: “They’re just letting them go aren’t they? It’s terrific!”

    Ya, terrific if you’re the holding, cross checking, clutch and grab, Toronto Maple Leafs, give me a break.

  273. 24 Cups says:

    Good one Teach. Bob Cole is brutal.

    The Original 24 Cups

  274. the_larry says:

    hahahahahaha! Couldn’t of said it better!

  275. originalsix says:

    Amazing, anytime Andrei gets a laff in the corner, they end up bleeding or with a broken hand. Fragile guys these laffs :)

  276. NLhabsfan says:

    I guess crap supports (toronto) Crap.

  277. Chuck says:

    Habs have been their own worst enemy so far, with a couple of defensive zone coverage breakdowns leading to the laffs goals. Gotta smarten up a bit.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  278. MikeMcLaren says:

    A hole, a pit, a void of something that used to actually serve a purpose?


  279. The Teacher says:

    “Oh the Habs are getting a penalty (while the leafs had the puck the whistle went, mind you), but we shouldn’t guess should we?”

    “ohh that’s why”

    what an idiot

  280. Exit716 says:

    CBC coverage is such garbage.

  281. the_larry says:

    Kovy wanted that pass eh

  282. nick says:

    this reffing is ridiculous.

  283. Habs-Kat says:

    Koivu line NEVER moves their feet!

  284. Yeats says:

    The Venus de Milo has better hands than Higgins!

  285. Chuck says:

    Brisebois with another hit!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  286. The Teacher says:

    Breezer MUST read HIO, why else would he decide to throw a hit for the first time this century?

  287. Barts says:

    Lamenting the poor play of Higgins and Koivu… and the fact that Brisebois is dressed.

  288. MikeMcLaren says:

    “Habs look a bit confused.”


    Bob Cole, meet my friend black kettle.


  289. Yeats says:

    Celebrating the Chinese New Year?

  290. mrstewart61 says:

    Smolinski shouldn’t be our shutdown centre.

  291. mrstewart61 says:

    That’s why I watch RDS.

  292. Chuck says:

    It’s as good a reason as any!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  293. habitants12 says:

    why do we come up flat against the leafs so many times? Our last game against them we beat them badly, but this is another case of game jitters against them. Something has to be done with Koivu by the way. All this trade talk of Jokinen and Sundin (two captains of teams) well, maybe Koivu should be thrown in there.

  294. MikeL says:

    Bob Cole is driving me insane. I don’t know why CBC puts him in the “big” games instead of Jim Hughson. It’s actually pathetic.

  295. 24 Cups says:

    We’re getting outskated and outhustled. Laffs have all the momentum.

    The Original 24 Cups

  296. Chuck says:

    TIme to get somebody to go to the front of the net.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  297. the_vipah says:

    These are some -stupid- penalties to take. Habs need to take advantage.

  298. habitants12 says:

    another PP, lets’ see if we can show them why we are number one!!

  299. nigel-ski says:

    I’ve just switched to the RDS feed out of disgust for Bob Cole’s, “I love the Leafs and they’re the best despite being third worst overall, they’re way better than the Habs,’ crap. My french is less than abysmal, and even still, I’m watching on RDS. To be honest, I almost always end up switching to RDS, especially when Cole or dude from Carolina(Ward never said “No” the night we scored 8[5 on pp] against him, did he???), the Buffalo pylon — all American commentators really. I might not understand Yvon’s every word, but the call is a million times better sans favoritism. Most notably, when the Leafs are the announcer’s chief object of cronyism (sp??).

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  300. The Teacher says:


  301. Moey says:

    Screw the laffs, I just don’t want us to get any injuries.

  302. Bean says:


    Nice one.

  303. The Teacher says:

    awww markieee

  304. Habitant-Kyle says:

    There was two sides to my argument, so don’t even start with a good member of the community… I know that. He’s not a presence on the ice.
    THAT’S IT.

  305. the_vipah says:

    Laffs getting all the lucky breaks this game. We are going to need an ugly one to get back in this thing.

  306. The Teacher says:

    A very ugly one

  307. habitants12 says:

    I’m sorry for being so negative here right now, but I can see a two game losing streak coming. tonight and Saturday.

  308. zamboni says:

    Yeah you are being negative

  309. Sulemaan says:

    I really dislike Bob Cole.

    Can someone explain how they missed the penalty while on PP and then give Sergei Kostitsyn one?

  310. zamboni says:

    Why aren’t you watching RDS?

  311. 24 Cups says:

    Sulemann – He’s the elderly uncle at the family Christmas dinner table that everyone tolerates.

    The Original 24 Cups

  312. the_larry says:

    theres the even-up penalty

  313. the_vipah says:


    Kosty the younger goes to get away from his check and the guy holds the stick, and then dives.

  314. The Teacher says:

    Bob Cole (ok, Greg millen)

    “A smart veteran play by MCabe”

    HUH, diving is smart? wow what a character guy bobby cole is

    wow this sucks 3-1

    let’s trade the whole team

    but in particular let’s send koivu to the AHL now right? or trade him for getzlaf?

  315. Barts says:

    What a horses**t dive by McCabe, or rather “a smart veteran play” as Millen calls it. What a complete jackass.

  316. MikeMcLaren says:

    Man alive.

    Great call by the refs (he says tongue planted firmly in cheek)… “smart veteran play” by the Leaf says Greg Millen.

    Great non-call on the Leaf who cross-checked Kost three times in a row, too.



  317. originalsix says:

    Have faith, SHORT HANDED GOAL coming up!

  318. the_vipah says:

    Thats the game.

    Refs have cost us this game. Period.

  319. Barts says:


  320. Exit716 says:

    Why do they always let ECHL calibre talent score? Wellwood?

  321. Chuck says:

    What was Komisarek looking at there?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  322. habitants12 says:

    this is just brutal. are these the same Habs from the Ottawa game? Should’ve stuck with Huet.

  323. MikeMcLaren says:

    Bob Cole certainly does take an orgasmic glee in announcing Leafs goals, doesn’t he?

    A national treasure, he is!


  324. originalsix says:

    AHHHHHHHHHH forget it… I can’t take this game anymore, anytime they score, and I see Sundin’s smiling face, I feel like choking something (sundin)…

  325. the_larry says:

    How? Penalties are 3-1 for them.. If anything the refs are keeping us in the game.

  326. lemess says:

    Are you kidding? We look like we looked in the third period against the Rangers

    oh sarcasm…. I get it!

  327. Keith says:

    Well were completely playing like S%$T tonight!! TOTAL GARBAGE!!

  328. mrstewart61 says:

    We’ve got them right where we want them!

  329. Hockey11 says:

    What Alien has invaded Lapierre’s body and why can’t Carbo see it? Every puck that comes to him he misses or miss plays and he isn’t skating, Carbs has him with Begin on the last kill.

  330. Barts says:

    I don’t know if we should be so surprised.. Montreal are a one line team right now, and Toronto has managed to hold them to one goal. Lapierre and Latendresse are doing nothing, the fourth line is, well the fourth line, and Koivu and Higgins are brutal as they have been for over a month.

  331. Chuck says:

    Er… why?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  332. zamboni says:

    Prepare for the comeback folks, all we have to do is move our feet.

  333. Bill says:

    That’s horrible. Down 3-1 against arguably the worst team in the NHL. Three straight power-plays and nothing to show for it. Win or lose, I want to see the Habs play in the third period FOR REAL. Total crap. And listening to the Toronto cheering section just makes it worse. I know I don’t have to, but it just makes me so angry that I almost can’t stop.

  334. whitecat says:

    All I can say is I’m hating this game so far.

  335. habitants12 says:

    I hear ya. I feel the same way. This could be any other team up by two, but it just irriates the sh*t out of me when it’s the Leafs.

  336. Sbah Reverof says:

    Hopefully we won’t see that second period again, ever. That blew.
    Will the real Montreal Canadiens please stand up?

  337. Chuck says:

    I’ll thank you to never use “Bob Cole” and “orgasmic” in the same sentence again.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  338. Y says:

    That’s it for me. I can’t take this crap game and crap announcers anymore. I don’t see the .053 percent increasing anytime soon

  339. Bean says:

    Let’s go, Carbo. Time to stoke that fire under your team’s butt and get them refocused on the prize.

    Our boys need to wake the heck up! Slow and sloppy.

  340. habitants12 says:

    well, because they haven’t been down in goals like this in a long time with Huet in nets. (without first having a big lead of course i.e. Rangers game)

  341. NLhabsfan says:

    Well they are about to stick the house out.Tell me does all that tinkering with lines work.

  342. Hockey11 says:

    Why did Breezer leave Tucker on the goal, basic hockey……..

  343. Yeats says:

    O zone penalties on the PP are just sooooooo smart. Man, and he coulda played at Harvard!

  344. mrstewart61 says:

    Lapierre is playing like crap, but I thought Latendresse created some chances early on.

  345. zamboni says:

    We have a habit of taking tea breaks during the second period.
    Hopefully we’ll bounce back.

  346. Yeats says:

    Tucker gave him a menacing look I think. Check out the replay.

  347. The Teacher says:

    LOL, so that’s what the sound of everyone jumping off the bandwagon is. LMAO too funny

  348. Exit716 says:

    Tee Hee Hee,,the Leafs are beating the Habs Dick says Red Deer Ronnie McLean.
    Why doesn’t that useless piece of dog crap just tatoo the leafs logo on his head.
    What a dick head.

  349. MikeMcLaren says:

    I am looking forward to an important upgrade that should be coming soon:

    To the ice: Former 1st overall pick Roman Hamrlik
    To the pressbox: Former 1st class Air France passenger Patrice Brisebois.


  350. Chuck says:

    Are you suggesting that they just play worse in front of Price than they do in front of Huet?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  351. Norm0770 says:

    Hardly Price’s fault…

    Breezer let Tucker go straight to the front of the net, set up a shop and deposit the puck in the net. Komisarek should have cleared the rebound on the third one.

  352. Hockey11 says:

    Yup, that’ll do it. Why did not simply keep Jamie Rivers, we knew the Breezer was done.

  353. Sulemaan says:

    Don’t have it here. Sigh.

  354. zamboni says:

    That sucks, I guess you’ll have to put up with him.

  355. Sulemaan says:

    Easier said than done. Love the icon.

  356. Wops says:

    Can’t watch the game, how is Pricey Price?

    EDIT: just read the previous post…. I get it
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  357. Chuck says:

    He hasn’t been the problem. Poor defensive coverage has.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  358. Y says:

    He hasn’t played that bad for a guy who has hasn’t seen NHL action for a month and a half. 1st and 2nd goals you can’t really fault him but the third goal he was caught out of position.

  359. nigel-ski says:

    F’ers just scored on us again…Why do we have trouble with one of the slowest teams in the league? If you are a Habs player, shouldn’t you want to dominate the Leafs even more than you do Boston?? My tagline since we got that ability has never changed (see below), and it never ceases to amaze me how poorly we play versus Toronto — for a lot of years now, though thankfully not near as bad as our Jersey record.

    I was telling my buddy this morning that I thought the fourth try (as in Price’s 3-0 record vs TML)wouldn’t work. I guess the best way to look at this is that a few more points for the Laughs over their basement brethren can only reduce their chances of getting Stamkos or whoever they’d pick in the next few slots. Ideally, they finish 1 point out like us last year, and get only an eighth to twelfth overall.

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  360. habitants12 says:

    Anybody else here think that Koivu should be traded? Along with Ryder?

  361. The Teacher says:


  362. Yeats says:

    Who would want him?

  363. Moey says:

    What a barffest.

  364. NLhabsfan says:

    The slow teams play the trap….We have difficulty with that system.

  365. habitants12 says:

    That is true. The Rangers did that to us after they came back and took the lead. We couldn’t score again.

  366. Les-Habitants says:

    God dammit, why do we always play like this against the Leafs…man, we can out-skate them easily!! UGH!

    Comeon boys, if we can come back 3-1 against NJ we sure as hell can do the same against the laffs

  367. Ron says:

    Of all teams to be playing and come up with a barf bag (so far) 2nd period. Even though we have had 3 pp the refs are letting TO away with a lot of trips and hooks and they call the weak one on Sergie K, should have been a dive type pen. for his part on that one.

  368. NLhabsfan says:

    I have always believed that Koivu’s eye is more than a problem.

  369. habitants12 says:

    I agree.

  370. habitants12 says:

    Honestly though, what has Koivu contributed to this team this year?

  371. Yeats says:

    You just haven’t been infected by Koivu lust.

  372. Les-Habitants says:

    He’s 3rd on the team in scoring and in the past seasons he has carried this team offensively.

    I think that warrants a little patience.
    Oh yah, he’s our captain.

    God dammit…hate other hab fans sometimes…

  373. The Teacher says:


    not even going to respond

    go read la presse and be happy

  374. habitants12 says:

    He’s third on the team for scoring because there is only Kovalev, Plekanec and Koivu that are “big” names on this team. We need a true first liner. Pack up Koivu and a pick or something and get somebody else!

  375. The Teacher says:

    Oh I just can;t wait until the playoffs start (I only hope we can make them this year)

  376. habitants12 says:

    “YAWN YAWN YAWN” Really, that is all you can come up with? Every time I mention Koviu should be traded, people think that he is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s time for a change and a scoring leader.

  377. The Teacher says:



    that’s why

  378. The Teacher says:

    If you were Detroit’s GM you would have traded Stevie Y for a puck.

  379. habitants12 says:

    can’t compare Koivu with Yzerman. you just can’t.

  380. MikeMcLaren says:

    The Leafs are not the Devils.

    Toskala is certainly not Martin F. Brodeur.

    If the Habs can come back against the Devils in New Jersey then there’s more than a glimmer they can do the same against the Leafs.

    Hopefully Carbo gets them riled up in between periods. Usually they come out slow against the Leafs… I don’t think that has necessarily been the case tonight. Both teams were jumpin’ early.

    Shots are equal, although the Habs are tilted a little because of their powerplay opportunities (they’re still shots that could have been goals, mind you).

    I would rather be frustrated by always having challenging games against a crappy team like the Leafs, but still able to say with confidence that you’re a contending team in the east, as opposed to the Leafs who can hang their hat on this performance and then figure out what they can get in trade value for their best player and talk about how they finally should just blow it up and start over.

    Keep the faith.


  381. JB_15 says:

    I would say even if the leafs win its a bit like pissing in a pool: It’ll give them a nice warm feeling, but it wont make a difference cause no one else will notice or care.

  382. Sulemaan says:

    We still have one more period to go.

  383. MikeMcLaren says:

    3-2 Sens… Panthers just scored.

    Les Senators d’Ottawa look much better with Heatley back in the lineup.

    Luckily they’ve still got Emery and Gerber between the pipes!

    And as I write this, it’s 3-3.

    Like I said :)


  384. Elbacky says:

    the panthers just came back from being down 1-3 to the sens, we can do this!

  385. ebk says:

    before all the line shuffling, were not three lines working?

  386. the_larry says:

    Good to know we have Boone’s confidence for a comeback

  387. Richard says:

    Let’s make Ottawa fight for first spot on Saturday, not the other way around!

  388. Chuck says:

    It sure would be nice to take advantage of a Sens collapse. Maybe a collapse from 3-1 in the cards for both Ontario teams!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  389. nigel-ski says:

    Well said, MikeMclaren. I tend to be negative at times, mostly in the To MTL tilts, as a Habs fan in Toronto. I inevitably have between four and ten bets on every h2h match, with the minimum four for $20 each. So I get a wee tense and bitter. Not to keep whining, but it often seems the officiating in these Hab-leaf games is almost as biased as Cole’s commentary. And come to think of it, we won last season’s series, and are still ahead this season also. Thanks for reminding me the most important detail — that I’m a Habs fan, and that makes me right!!

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  390. Yeats says:

    Higgins better put of the seat when he does number one. He has no aim whatsoever.

  391. Y says:

    Hey at least Florida is making a game out of it vs the Sens.
    Go Cats!

  392. JB_15 says:

    I hope he doesnt room with Mark Streit. That would be one messy toilet.

  393. zamboni says:

    What a crap call

  394. MikeMcLaren says:

    Well, by modern officiating standards that was a good call.

    Too bad they’re not calling those both ways tonight.


  395. Sulemaan says:

    It was actually a crappy play by Begin. He should keep his hands on his stick.

  396. Yeats says:

    Your picture captures it beautifully!

  397. zamboni says:

    What a crap coverage on CBC, back to RDS

  398. Hockey11 says:

    So Carbo pay Maxy and Begin on the late kill and they get scored upon so he puts them on the 4 v4 and Begin take a stupid peanlty any ref would call.

  399. Sulemaan says:

    Ask and ye shall receive. πŸ˜‰

  400. MikeMcLaren says:

    Wow, Bob Cole is SENILE.

    He is SO shocked.

    Honestly. It’s funny at this point.


  401. the_vipah says:

    wow a brutal makeup call against tucker. not a good night for the refs.

  402. Barts says:

    Can somebody tell me… Is Bob Cole mentally handicapped???? The Habs have the puck, no whistle, and he’s still screaming it’s a Habs penalty.

  403. Keith says:

    Knob Cole is such a tool!

  404. MikeMcLaren says:

    No blood, no blood, no blood


  405. JB_15 says:

    This team desperately needs roman hamrlik back, our defense is deplorable and the dumb penalties trying to compensate for being out of position are starting to add up.

  406. the_vipah says:

    And the refs just keep on ticking. Not really their fault, although Stajan did lift that stick into his own face.

  407. yehaken says:

    Maybe they should call Halak up for the last 2 minutes and blame it on him…

  408. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Oooohhhh I would LOVE to see Brisebois score tonight!!!!

  409. zamboni says:

    We’re not moving our feet, The only way we’re back in this is if we get a lucky goal and get the momentum going.
    Now I’m sounding negative.

  410. zamboni says:


  411. habitants12 says:

    Who would want Jokinen? Who would want Forsberg? Teams will dish out to take him.

  412. Yeats says:

    Then let’s dish him.

  413. Moey says:

    The gloves are off and the tail’s lifting.

  414. Chuck says:

    He made the original save on the third goal. That was more the fault of Komisarek not taking Wellwood.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  415. Barts says:


  416. Ali says:

    Kovy for the Hart!

  417. Habs-Kat says:

    YES!!! My heart just fluttered :)

  418. Chuck says:


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  419. The Teacher says:


  420. JB_15 says:



    HUGE momentum shift, I can feel it.

  421. MikeMcLaren says:

    Oly hay.



  422. NLhabsfan says:

    OH baby!!!

  423. the_vipah says:

    Rofl. Stupid laffs. I was waiting for one of those backpasses to cost em. Not that that one did…but πŸ˜‰

  424. Moey says:

    Kovy earned that one big time!!!! A one man show!!!

  425. the_larry says:


  426. Y says:

    Well I hope Bob sees the glaring problems this team has and does something to address them, namely the lack of secondary scoring from anyone not named Kostitsyn, Kovalev, and Plekanec.

  427. The Teacher says:

    Big props to Gorges who saved a goal.

  428. Yeats says:

    Kovy could have ordered Chinese, drinks, got lucky and still scored on that one!!!!!! The stretch pass rules!!!!!!!!

  429. Vecs says:

    what was he doing

  430. the_vipah says:

    I would be happy with a single point. The refs can have the other one.

  431. Sulemaan says:

    Can’t underesitmate what Mike Boone’s man ‘Josh Gorges’ just did. He cleared the puck with an open net and a bunch of Leafs swarming. Nicely done sir.

  432. Barts says:

    OK, I’m glad he scored, but my God… the Leafs are four deep in front of the net and Kovalev is skating out to the other blue line like he’s on the pond. This team will be the death of me.

  433. Keith says:


  434. Vecs says:

    hahaha that was hilarious

  435. Sulemaan says:

    Nice one Yeats. Make me laugh out loud and have everyone stare at me.

  436. JB_15 says:

    I get that we have 1 line.

    But isnt there some other team thats leading the conference that also only has 3 real offensive threats.

    Rhymes with smalfreddson, smeatley, and frezza?

  437. Forlando says:

    Man, gotta say Gorges is one of the best surprises of this season…

  438. RiverviewCanadien says:

    This guy does it all….this team is going to come alive…

    Just watch the BRILLIANCE…

    Montreal will win by 2 goals tonight…
    GO HABS GO!!!

  439. zamboni says:

    Yeah, we were lucky on that one, as much as I like Kovy’s dance during the PK, he gambled big this time, considering that almost everybody else was in the offensive zone, he should have just skated back to our zone to kill time.

  440. MikeMcLaren says:

    It’s Kovalev.

    I like to call it: “Artistic License”.


  441. The Teacher says:

    no, no predictions by you. you sucked me in with the last time. and we ended up losing by the score u predicted πŸ˜›

  442. Moey says:

    I love Kovy, you can practically figure out what’s going on in his head, okay, so mucn for the team stuff, I guess I’ll have to take care of this myself..

  443. Keith says:

    We are still dopey as hell to me tonight.

  444. Sulemaan says:

    No high stick there?????? WHAT!!!!!!!!!

  445. the_vipah says:

    Wow highstick and zero call. Imagine that

  446. Yeats says:

    There is a special place in Paradise for hangers, myself included hopefully. I love it when a pro plays the game the way I do at the age of 46!

  447. The Teacher says:

    who saved that goal against?

    Pleky. an untouchable

  448. RiverviewCanadien says:


  449. MikeMcLaren says:

    Robbie Earl, I knew Alex Kovalev and you sir are NO Alex Kovalev.

    (great D-play by Pleks)

  450. zamboni says:

    Hos is that not a penalty?

  451. Sulemaan says:

    No holding there? Of course not. !@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#

  452. The Teacher says:

    These refs r pathetic

  453. Les-Habitants says:

    Wow…refing again total crap

  454. Ali says:

    ah the usual refs bending over for the Leafs

  455. Chuck says:

    No high stick call… no holding the stick call…

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  456. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Ah come on…that was one game.
    I predicted the Flyers would lose last night by 2, I was close…Tonight I also predict Florida 5 – Ottawa 4

  457. Barts says:

    Plekanec just caught one of the fastest players on the ice in Robbie Earl to nix that breakaway… sign him Bob!!

  458. Keith says:

    GreatD by Plecs! Refs are really deciding this one tonight. Disgusting!!

  459. NLhabsfan says:

    The refs have lost control of this game….Over their heads.

  460. JB_15 says:

    CALL A ******* PENALTY

  461. the_vipah says:

    Maybe the refs should ride the pine the rest of the way πŸ˜‰

  462. Yeats says:

    I really think they should go back to one ref. One bad ref has got to be better than two.

  463. Chuck says:

    It’s like one guy waits for the other to make the call…

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  464. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Everyone knows the ref are controlling this one, but say to any other fan that does cheer for the HABS

  465. Yeats says:

    Unless there is a corpse, the Habs aren’t getting any more calls tonight.

  466. The Teacher says:

    no? REALLY?

  467. Barts says:


  468. Sulemaan says:

    Not sure I like that trade-off. Look who else we have on defence.

  469. The Teacher says:

    MAN I HATE HIS f$%^&$#^ FACE

  470. RiverviewCanadien says:


  471. Les-Habitants says:

    Wow…Breezer doing his thing…wish he’d stop
    Komi…man, doing his thing too…keep it coming.


  472. MikeMcLaren says:

    “No calls here” says Bob Cole as CBC shows Sundin and Komisarek in the penalty box.



  473. Keith says:

    I’m shocked Sundin would have the guts to go after Komi. I still hate his guts myself though :-)

  474. The Teacher says:


  475. Habs-Kat says:

    I would’ve liked to see Komi smash Sundin’s face in. There would go the trade value.

  476. The Teacher says:


  477. Yeats says:

    How could they not call that?

  478. Sulemaan says:

    No penalty? Of course not because Coliaccovo got injured.

  479. jimbo82 says:

    komisarek rocks….don’t get why he got a penatly!

  480. Ali says:

    Colaicovo deserves that, trying to hit from behind. piece of crap!

  481. the_vipah says:

    Yep no call on the clear roughing by Sundin. This is a $%^$ing joke from start to finish. If the Leafs win they need an asteriks next to this game.

    Then a hit from behind on Koivu and no call here either.

    Wake up NHL, you arent very sneaky.

  482. JB_15 says:

    The guy tries to hit him from behind and smashes his own face against the wall like an idiot and so our offensive pressure is negated.

    This team is a disgrace to the sport.

  483. the_larry says:

    Carlo is an IDIOT! I hope one day he breaks his neck

  484. The Teacher says:

    wow, his face touched the glass, GET UP

  485. Sulemaan says:

    I’ll agree to that and raise you a double-smash to his face. It would be an improvement.

  486. Les-Habitants says:

    Man, the refing isn’t always great, but why is it always this bad when we face the Leafs??

    Maybe MLSE bought these refs new cadillacs or something

  487. Chuck says:

    I think that he knocked himself out!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  488. Sulemaan says:

    he’s fallen and he can’t get up.

  489. Yeats says:

    I think it’s time for someone to throttle Sundin once and for all and rip up the one card Cliff Fletcher has in his admittedly short deck. What do you guys think?

  490. MikeMcLaren says:

    Man, Montreal fans are giving Philadelphia fans a run for their money!

    Booing injured Leafs.

    I love it!

    Pere Noel would get snowballs thrown at him if this were Christmas!


  491. Ali says:

    Burst appendix for Blake? Fingers crossed!

  492. the_vipah says:

    If you’re going to go to the net hard like that, enjoy the ride.

  493. Moey says:

    We have to at least tie these pieces of crap!!!

  494. Sulemaan says:

    One thing, whether they win or lose, when this team skates and cycles the puck they are terrific to watch. Too bad it’s only been the 3rd period.

  495. Barts says:

    OK, can’t take Greg Millen anymore, “Jason Blake might be one of the best players to go to the net blah blah blah” what the hell????? Off to RDS for good luck.

  496. The Teacher says:


  497. RiverviewCanadien says:

    The first time we have a chance to take over the East in a long time, and we get donkey f’d by a bunch of BS refs

  498. The Teacher says:

    Blake is dirty

  499. RiverviewCanadien says:

    As soon as i turned i to RDS, they scored. Come on everyone tune into RDS

  500. the_vipah says:

    What you meant is most of the 1st, half the 2nd and all of the third.

  501. Yeats says:

    The officiating in the NHL today is worse than that of soccer!

  502. Sulemaan says:

    I thought the 3rd period was pretty good, no?

  503. Keith says:

    It’s the laffs man!! We hate them to the Nth degree.

  504. the_vipah says:

    Heh no I was actually saying that they’ve outplayed the leafs for all that :)

  505. RiverviewCanadien says:


  506. The Teacher says:

    who else do they have on offence?

  507. Sulemaan says:

    tomatoe, tomatoo Teach… πŸ˜‰

  508. Les-Habitants says:


    God dammit, great save by price, but we should have a damn PP…like 6 of them

    They aren’t CALLING ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  509. zamboni says:

    We’re skating again, good things could happen.

  510. Ali says:

    the only thing left for the Leafs to do is blatantly rape one of our guys, they’ve gotten away with everything else.

  511. Moey says:

    Shhhhhhh, don’t give them any ideas!! Visions of Sundin….oh I’m going to barf now.

  512. Les-Habitants says:

    TSN just reported we signed Brock Trotter to a 3yr entry-contract

    Anyone know anything about him?

  513. Richard says:

    From the first few minutes when the refs didn’t call icing, I knew this would be another BS Toronto game where we skate with them hanging off our shirts.

    And as I say it…


  514. Sulemaan says:

    About !#!@#!@ time…

    Sorry but I’m way too wound into this game. The result of being a Habs fan in Toronto. Sigh.

  515. Sehs says:

    We feel your pain.

  516. 24 Cups says:

    Sulemaan – I feel the same pain. It’s lonely being a Habs fan in the GTA. Did you enjoy shoveling snow today!

    The Original 24 Cups

  517. The Teacher says:

    ok boys. now’s the time if any

  518. Ali says:


  519. Yeats says:

    It’s about f’n time!!!!

  520. Les-Habitants says:

    Great hussel by the Captain, and the refs are FORCED to call a penalty

  521. Keith says:

    The reffs had to call one sometime.

  522. Yeats says:

    Please get it on net Streit, please!!!!!

  523. MikeMcLaren says:

    I hear this trotting outside my house, like it’s four horsemen or something.

    And the Leafs actually got called on a trip.

    The apocalypse IS coming!


  524. Richard says:

    I think that they were just waiting until it was late enough for us to score but too late to not go to OT…

    If we score…

  525. Barts says:

    Oh man, get that other line on the ice!!!!!!!

  526. Barts says:

    Oh man, get that other line on the ice!!!!!!!

  527. Habs-Kat says:

    Canadiens are making smart decisions here. They deserve to win.

  528. the_vipah says:

    Zero breaks :(

  529. Sulemaan says:

    Nice goaltending by Toskala.

  530. Les-Habitants says:

    Toskala!! WTF!!! god dammit, pulling saves out of his ass

  531. jimbo82 says:

    why is this happening

  532. the_vipah says:

    One lucky bloody bounce!!! WHY??!?!

  533. Sulemaan says:

    Of course Patrice missed it in front of the net…

  534. Richard says:

    If I ever see Breeze-by on the street, I swear I am going to punch him in the ear.

    (Legal disclaimer: no I won’t, but I would sure enjoy it if I did).

  535. the_vipah says:

    Of course, hes brutal all year….until now.

  536. Keith says:

    Clutch and grab is back in vogue in this game folks.

  537. Blarneylad says:

    whats with these leafs? why is it that they only come out against the habs?

    Oh well, its not over yet boys and girls

  538. Hockey11 says:

    Why is Laps playing so much? He is having an awful game. Why no time out to rest Kovy?

  539. Sulemaan says:

    ‘It doesn’t look like the Leafs are going to make the playoffs’

    Really Bob Cole? What was your first clue. Tarrot cards? Crystal Ball? You called Jo-Jo on the psychic hotline?

  540. MikeMcLaren says:

    clock management.

    Throw the #1 line out.

    Then call timeout.

    Then keep them out.


  541. Ali says:

    Hey, cops like hockey too, they’d give you a medal!

  542. Barts says:

    Kovalev really is a pleasure to watch.

  543. Chuck says:

    You called it!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  544. Barts says:

    What the hell is Koivu doing out there?? I mean, seriously…

  545. Blarneylad says:

    whats with koivu? he has been terrible for 2/3rds of the season

  546. MikeMcLaren says:



  547. Bill says:

    Maple Leaf sock-huggers. I really am mad at the habs tonight.

  548. lemess says:

    I thought SK74 would have been a better choice

  549. Moey says:

    LOL….I heard that too, what a stupid a*s Cole is, no sh&t Sherlock.

  550. Norm0770 says:

    I was hoping Breezer would hurt himself and Tucker with that hit in the first period. O’Byrne can’t come back soon enough!

  551. Sulemaan says:

    Lots of snow today. :-)

  552. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I predicted a 2 goal win…fuk I have to stop jinxing these games


  553. the_vipah says:

    Nice pass to a guy leaving the ice. I am so pissed off right now. Complete joke of a game by the refs and the Habs dont get a single break all game.

    We deserved this game 100%

  554. Les-Habitants says:

    God damn everything
    I hate this crap

  555. zamboni says:

    This sucks, specially when we lose to the laffs

  556. Keith says:

    Well blew our chance and Durty F&^%ER scored! What a SUCKY ASSEDGAME!!

  557. Richard says:

    Dear Refs,

    F&^% You!



  558. RiverviewCanadien says:


    I got a message as well for those F’ing morons

    ,!,, ,,!,

  559. ZepFan2 says:

    Absolutely disgusting!

  560. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Going to be a very embarassing day at work tomorrow

  561. Moey says:

    Agreed, I was rubbing my colleagues’ face in the Florida massacre, i”m in for it tomorrow and I owe him two drinks…crap!!!!

  562. moser17 says:

    Lots of Leafs fans in Riverview, I suppose. Too many in the maritimes for my liking. If it’s Leafs fans you’re worried about, just remember to point out the standings.

  563. Yeats says:

    What is Koivu thinking? Please enlighten me, please?

  564. the_vipah says:

    Are you blind man?? He was leaving the goddamn ice, and Markov tossed him a pass.

  565. MikeMcLaren says:



  566. Moey says:

    I can’t believe that these idiot commentators are going on about an empty net goal…..God that was awful.

  567. yehaken says:


  568. Habs-Kat says:

    Embarrassing. Paper bags, anyone?

  569. Barts says:

    Yvon Pedenault on RDS: “This is a game where the Canadiens could have used a second line that could score.”

    Amen brother, amen.

  570. JB_15 says:

    2nd in the conference is definitely not grounds for paper bags.

  571. Richard says:


    I’m going to the game in Ottawa, and I’d really love if we had the chance to pass them for first on their ice.

  572. Dru says:

    The horror. The horror.

  573. Blarneylad says:

    man, koivu maybe better suited as a 3rd line centre then?

  574. Hockey11 says:

    Koivu pivots to watch the play and we have another chance. Lazy.

  575. Forlando says:

    Man, Koivu is a lost cause….that was the most horrible brain fart ever from Saku…#@^%%~##!

  576. The Big O says:

    Ummm, Sergei Kostitsyn takes a penalty in the offensive zone that leads to the game winning goal….I guess this means he should be traded!

  577. Habs-Kat says:

    A loss to the Leafs is :)

  578. 24 Cups says:

    Habs lose to one of the worst teams in the NHL on home ice. Outskated and outhustled. Back to the drawing board.

    The Original 24 Cups

  579. MikeMcLaren says:

    Nah, it’s only one game. No need to worry.

    Depending on what happens in the third period in Ottawa, the Habs could still be one point within first place in the division/conference. Worst case, it’s three points.

    Besides, I’m sure a lot of Leafs fans, when looking at their season and future, are just looking for a plastic bag to put over their heads.


  580. Forlando says:

    Horrible game for Higgins…I am really starting to lose patience with him..,he seems unable to win a single one on one situation WTF is wrong with him!!!

  581. 24 Cups says:

    Agreed HabsKat.

    The Original 24 Cups

  582. Chorske says:

    Man, if there ever was a game that highlighted our weaknesses, this was it. I still like our squad without making too many changes but I’m worried some of our old fragility is creeping back in. Maybe a move is called for after all. All I know is that the Habs have been playing partial games again.

  583. Chuck says:

    Mats Sundin gets a lone assist and warrants the third star?!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  584. nick says:

    Refs stole the game. Inconsistent calls all night. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what kind of splash Gainey is going to make before the trade deadline.

  585. Hot_Pie says:

    We’re officially a one line team.

  586. JB_15 says:


    Price’s first game back, no hamrlik, its not the end of the world. If ottawa loses, the battle for first resumes saturday night.

  587. Richard says:


    I have never missed Hamrlik more….

  588. Habs-Kat says:

    Mr. Lafleur would now say we have one first line and three fourth lines. At least we’re improving.

  589. nick says:

    You had my hopes up…

    The Montreal Canadiens have signed free-agent forward Brock Trotter to a three-year contract. Terms of the deal were not released.

    The 20-year-old Trotter played in 24 games with the University of Denver Pioneers, his third season with the NCAA team. He led the team with 31 points in 24 games (13 goals, 18 assists), and registered 18 penalty minutes.

    He will report to the Hamilton Bulldogs on Friday.

  590. whitecat says:

    Ok that sucked the big one folks………

  591. Chuck says:

    Onward and upward!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  592. Habs-Kat says:

    What a blockbuster!

    The article on this’ll get 200 posts regardless.

  593. PattyBoy31 says:

    ridiculous, i had a bit of a pillow throwing incident on that lousy give away empty net goal. montreal doesn’t deserve to be in first place, its as simple as that. hopefully ottawa will lose and montreal can prove they are for real on saturday. eff

  594. Chuck says:

    That was a clinic on how to play down to the other team’s level.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  595. Keith says:

    The Habs played a horrible game and did NOT deserve the win. Inconsistent officiating was a huge factor. The laffs were holding us up all night long which was pissing me off and the crowd at the Bell. God I HATE losing to that team :-(

  596. PattyBoy31 says:

    he did kill tucker though…

  597. originalsix says:

    He doesn’t seem all that bad. However, he’s 5’9!!!! What is up with signing SMALL forwards. ARGHHH

  598. Chuck says:

    We’re not going to be able to back-door our way into firstplace. We’re going to have to earn it.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  599. likehoy says:

    okay for those of you who are wondering what koivu was doing

    he was circling towards the boards cause markov made the motion of dumping it in…if it bounces off the glass and toskala missed it…koivu would be the first on the puck…markov faked it…and shot it towards koivu who had his back to the play waiting for the puck to come around..kovalev circling in the other direction…should have realized this and touched the puck…it was a total miscommunication…when the puck bounced off the boards, it landed probably right in koivu’s blind spot so he never noticed it

  600. Chuck says:

    He threw a couple of nice checks tonight, in fact. Too bad he feft Tucket alone for his first goal. He certainly wasn’t the worst player on the ice tonight.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  601. Forlando says:

    Saku -2…./cry

  602. Blarneylad says:

    if gainey could get a guy like gratton or lapperiere, that would add some size and grit to the lineup, send lapierre back to hamilton for the rest of the year, he doesn’t seem to affective to me.

  603. the_vipah says:

    He rarely has been this year. Its just popular to hate him, I guess its easier then people thinking for themselves.

  604. 24 Cups says:

    HabsKat – LMAO. There is always an element of truth in humour.

    The Original 24 Cups

  605. Hockey11 says:

    Laps was our worst forward tonite.

  606. Wops says:

    5’9 165lbs!!!
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  607. Y says:

    Blah…I thought Jokinen was coming on over

  608. doug says:

    thanks; good pick up

  609. doug says:

    well put – thought the same thing tonight

  610. doug says:

    1300th point. . . could have been first star if that’s why, though.

  611. Moey says:

    You’re a hoot vipah…love that handle, and let’s face it, Koivu’s the whipping boy of the month, gives breezer a bit of a rest.

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