Liveblog: Another shootout L


Man, this is getting tired.
Your Montreal Canadiens blew a 3-0 lead on home ice.
Yes, they’re playing the Cup finalists.
But still …


DD: Glove save on backhand

Hodgson: Goal shelf

Max-Pac: High and wide

Kesler: Save

Cammalleri: Save


  1. Feraco says:

    Ak Eller Moen has been great tonight…they have all played well.

    Can’t stand VC and their crying this is great to watch

  2. LimestoneHab says:

    Would it kill JM to have Eller on the PP?

  3. Feraco says:

    The powerplay does nothing in the middle and no big shot a la Wiz, Sourrey, Streit or Markov

  4. V says:

    Habs missing Gomez tonight.

    • Hab-Q says:

      Like a staph infection!

      “I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out”

      ~Rodney Dangerfield

  5. SUMO says:

    cammi can’t buy one

  6. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Vancouver really sucked on the Montreal powerplay. They didn’t even come close to scoring their second goal.

  7. Chuck says:

    Kinda wish that Kostitsyn took the shot there.

  8. showey47 says:

    AK needs to wire that shot instead of passing off

  9. JoeC says:

    Emelin looks so calm and cool on the point on the PP and makes hard accurate passes, wonder why it took the old count this long to actually use him.

    Oh and Moan could be beating Kessel if he cashed in on half the chances hes had, but i love him but he needs to be on the 4th line and atleast give LL a chance, hell Eller deserves to get some points on the sweet passes hes making

  10. TOP DAWG says:

    No words can discribe the Habs PP

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  11. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Powerplay again,
    Just don’t give up a shortie
    and I’ll be happy

  12. ogilthorpe says:

    Oh no, powerplay for the habs, another great chance for Vancouver to score.

  13. Propwash says:

    Be nice to cash one in here.

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  14. Feraco says:

    Gotta score on this, or Van will have huge momentum

  15. showey47 says:

    price sold that a little

  16. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Habs are 28th on the power play in the league. Wow! Theres actually 2 teams worse than them

  17. Chuck says:

    Moen alone in the slot… Eller with the slick setup… I hope that missing these chances won’t come back to bite them in the ass.

  18. Bill says:

    3rd worst powerplay in the NHL AND leading the league in shorthanded goals against, not pretty. Who’s working that powerplay?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  19. SLYDER says:


  20. Feraco says:

    Dear God, please help this team score. Open slot shots, open nets and no shot on net.

    Watching Moen trying to take a worst shot is…well you saw it

  21. Propwash says:

    How awesome would it have been if Moey didn’t flub that

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  22. showey47 says:

    The frustrating part of having such a horrid powerplay is that for the for once we are a team that is among the league leaders in powerplay oppurtunities. In recent years we had a great PP but towards the bottom of the league in oppurtunities.

  23. TOP DAWG says:

    Will Eller score anymore this season

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  24. HardHabits says:

    Gotta say this about Price. Nobody can accuse him of being weak between the ears anymore.

    What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

  25. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Did anyone else hear the Darth Vader theme playing when Vancouver got the penalty… Doom indeed!

  26. Kimberly2u says:

    Have to say I saw that goal coming

  27. Feraco says:

    That short handed goal was complete bad luck…the puck rebounded right to Van…but whoever made that pass was flying down the wing. Nice goal, no need to panic though

  28. Benoitr says:

    Put Gill on PP, at least we wouldn’t get scored on.

  29. Wayne says:

    We should jus kill our own PP from now on or, until we can score shorthanded on a regular basis and call THAT our PP… and someone please kill that Subway monkey.

  30. Danno says:

    We’ve seen it before
    Habs with the dagger in hand
    Drop it and get stabbed


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  31. SLYDER says:

    The look from behind the net shows Price was pretty weak on that one…

    am i wrong?

    far be it from me to blame our best player on a power play that tends to resemble one of Boone’s wet farts

  32. idle says:

    Look at the bright side, at least there was a goal scored during one of our powerplays…

  33. TOP DAWG says:

    It’s freakin bad enough that the PP sucks wind but giving up a shortie is pathetic

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  34. Habbu says:

    How many shorties is that this year?

  35. P St. Pierre says:

    Not a great pinch, Emelin…and I’m an Emelin fan.

  36. tippytoes says:

    Guess we won’t see Emelin on the PP again

  37. Chuck says:

    Gotta admit, that was a great move to use him as a screen there…

  38. Feraco says:

    Dam…Diaz and the crew was looking good on that PP!

  39. twilighthours says:

    Ah yes, now I understand.


  40. habsfaninboston says:

    That hurts.

  41. Bill says:

    Was that … emotion JM just showed??

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  42. Stu says:

    Come on…….

  43. Propwash says:


    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  44. ffenliv says:

    It says something, something we already all know, when you’re giving it to a team, their goalie sucks, and not only does your PP still fail, they give up another shortie.

    How many times this year has the PP totally killed the Habs?

  45. showey47 says:

    another shorty FFS

  46. twilighthours says:

    Just got in. I’m not sure I understand what the symbols on the top of the screen are. What does “3-0” mean?


  47. Habsolutely says:

    and now I have to watch the habs PP to bring me down. Is there an obscure stat that can be used to make me feel better about the Habs PP..?

  48. TOP DAWG says:

    If Pleks would have faked that pass he would have been in all alone on Lou

    “If you’re not the TOP DAWG, the view never changes”

  49. Habby says:

    My two cents:
    Don’t make fun of Lou. Our whole team, with the exception of Carey and (sometimes) a few guys who show up, plays worse than Lou most nights.

    The drive for 25 is alive!

  50. habsfan0 says:

    Whenever Luongo plays in a “pressure” game, be it an important playoff game,or playing in his hometown,he folds like an accordion. Not exactly a “money” goalie.

  51. Bill says:

    Was just wondering who the babes in the Habs sweaters were … and OF COURSE it’s the wives/girlfriends.

    Eller’s girl …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  52. SLYDER says:

    I for one was very disappointed with the Cole signing

    I for one have been proven wrong….he has been playing like a beast

    However I sit at home and drink beer while others manage NHL hockey teams

  53. HabinBurlington says:

    What does the notepad say to do when up 3-0?

  54. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  55. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Cole gets the third one.
    Two more goals this period
    Should chase Luongo

  56. SKHab says:

    Now that we have 3 is it greedy to want more?

    Keep playing smart, pressure hockey!

  57. morivera says:

    Weak goal by Luongo. Hope they don’t pull him, we need a bigger lead.

  58. showey47 says:

    My man cole,woohoo. Did luongo look weak on that or what?

  59. topher5468 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing Subban on his back, he is a big time diver.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  60. Propwash says:

    Who said Cole was a bad signing?

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  61. ffenliv says:

    I’ve liked Luongo since he played junior. Man, where has his game gone?

  62. habsfaninboston says:

    Cole is money!

  63. idle says:

    I’m sorry, I’m not usually this combative, but the 667 people (so far) who have voted for 0 games that Markov will play this season are idiots.

  64. SlovakHab says:

    4-2 Vancouver final?

  65. slapshot777 says:

    Price, wants to always play his best against this team especially, since his first start against them he got blown out.

  66. Danno says:

    Steady Freddy scores
    Swiss Mister bangs one in too
    Lou was good, long, long ago


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  67. LimestoneHab says:

    Gorgeous Gorges

  68. Un Canadien errant says:

    Anyone who still doesn’t think Josh Gorges is the man obviously hasn’t seen his wife collecting items for the Canadiens food bank drive.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • Malreg says:

      A couple of the WAG’s were out selling Lokomotiv bracelets earlier this year when I went to a game in October. The two in the Price and Gorges jersey’s were drop-dead gorgeous!

  69. habs001 says:

    If you can get some scoring from your d and if the pp works it can go a long way in reducing scoring problems…Gill is very good on the pp but i allways wondered why teams just dont blast a few slapshots when he is lying on the ice right at him because he probably would stop doing that..

  70. slapshot777 says:

    Gill is the man, I know people crap on him because of his softness and offense,but no one can ever criticize his penalty kill is second to none.

    Cole is a team player and I am so glad PG got him this sat summer. Big man stands in front of the net and was a big reason Diaz got that second goal.

    Louongo is having all kinds of trouble picking up the shot with Cole standing there. Now all we have to do I keep playing like this and we will be okay

  71. My idea is from now on when Columbus (or any bad team) comes to town tell the Habs that it’s the Canucks in an alternate sweater.

  72. habber86 says:

    Who’s the Jersey Shore sounding guy on the TSN Radio feed?

  73. Kimberly2u says:

    Go Carey go…..we need to make sure we keep this lead and not sit back for the second..,

  74. HabCez says:

    crash the net.. shoot the puck.. who would have thunk this would work.. :O
    now this should be their PP.. no setting up no stalling for a perfect shot..

    “Emelin’s the real deal.”
    – HabCez

  75. Sotxhabsfan says:

    Leading after one
    Please don’t sit back the next two
    Protecting the lead

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