Hands up, everyone who’s surprised

The NHL’s marquee star hasn’t played a minute since of hockey since Jan. 5.

So really, what did you think the league would do about a “hockey play” that has jeopardized the career of Max Pacioretty.

Oddly, Mike Murphy’s statement makes no reference to the Bruins in general and Zdeno Chara in particular targeting Pacioretty.

Nor does it mention a chip-in play, with 16 seconds left in the second period of a 4-0 game.

Two minutes for intereference.

Attempted murder?

Couldn’t be helped.

It’s a man’s game.

Total. Goon. League.

Hands up, anyone who’s got the stomach for it anymore.


  1. RJ says:

    GREAT point.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  2. doug19 says:

    Something is very very wrong with this league .Get out while you can!

  3. zozotheclown says:

    I can’t beleive they mentionned the clean record as evidence in Chara’s favor. He barely escaped last time, when he should have been suspended for that late instigator, and guess what, next time he nearly kills a player, he’ll escape again, becuase he won’t be a repeat offender, because he got off scott F. free this time…. Its stupid logic, and protects star players from being suspended, its the only reason the rule is even there, pathetic.

    My only hope is the Habs take the high road, and next time we play them, don’t go after Chara or do anything stupid, he’ll just put another one of our players in the hospital, and we don’t need that.

    One question, if teams can appeal a suspension, can we appeal a non-suspension?

    Get well soon Max-Pac!

  4. Black Snake Moen says:

    This league is a fucking complete joke.

    When is anyone going to stand up to these corrupt individuals.  This is a complete laugher for them and the saddest thing is that a poor 22 year old kid with such a promising future is the ONLY victim here.

    Carey Price said it best.  “Everyone has to be aware of their surroundings”  That means wether you INTENDED to or not, the fact is, you are responsible for the result of what YOUR actions caused.  PERIOD.  We’ve heard the car analogy here, and in fact the basis for those grounds does hold up.  If I run someone off the road with your car and say I didn’t mean to, we were both going so fast, bla bla bla, I still go to jail, or ATLEAST am reprimanded.  So if we again apply this to the hockey playing surface, and if Chara hits someone from behind, even accidentaly, and that player, by the laws of motion, and chance, hits is his head awkwardly on the end boards, is Chara still not culpable? After all, the boards are as much a part of the playing environment as the “turnbuckle” is.  So this absolutey FARCE of a league is saying, “Hey, what happens out there, happens, and unless you’re Trevor Gillies throwing an elbow to the head, or Marty Mac chasing down Donald Brashear with your stick, or Bertuzzis’ predatory attack on Moore, unless you really wanted this person to get hurt…you’re gonna walk”

    If the legal systems our society used we’re based on these principles, all our drunk drivers would be parading around killing innocent people.  And you can’t even say for a second that the whole issue with Campbell and his moron son and the fact that Patch EMBARASSED Chara in overtime about a month ago should not play into this.  It’s just disgusting.  I will not put another cent I own into this league ever.  I will pirate every game I watch from atdhe.net.  When is someone from the media gonna stand up?  These pussy lapdogs like Bob Mackenzie and whatever ex-goon bum TSN picked up aren’t journalists.  Their gatekeepers.  Boone, I love you.  You’re the voice of all the proud, dignified, and intelligent fans that love this team, and more importantly this game.  You need to make yourself heard on this issue, so does everyone in the Montreal media, and other teams as well.  Apathy and complacency will do nothing here.  Please, we as fans are begging you.  Again, you are our voice.  I hope Patch’s family take legal considerations against the NHL itself.  I can’t wait for player reaction.  It’s time for some people to step up here and get mad, after all that’s the first catalyst for change.

    What a disgusting league.  Absolutely inhumane.  Any troll Bruins fans out there wanna give me a laugh and contest otherwise? hahaha.  make my day.


    PG just released a statement saying “The NHL made it’s decision, and it’s not for us to express our opinion publicly”


    where is his spine?!

    what is he afraid of? a measly fine!? LA’s GM lashed out at the NHL for a DISSALOWED GOAL and PG can’t find the balls to call a spade a spade and speak out on this travesty!?

    If I’m Max and his family, I demand a trade and go to a team with a GM who CARES ABOUT HIS PLAYERS.  And isn’t afraid to sacrifice 1% of his salary to stand up for what’s fucking right.  This just gets sadder and sadder by the hour.  Please Boone, please somebody, anybody, do something, this is WRONG.  Where is the media in this.  Thomas Jefferson said “the spirit of resistance to ‘goverment’ is so valuable that I wish it to always be kept alive”.  This team, this league, this game needs some of that spirit right about now.

  5. habs-hampton says:

    And when he does it again, the NHL can look back and say he has no history of “supplementary discipline”, and on it goes.

  6. Habbu says:

    What is it going to take?……………………a player actually being killed during play?……it’s only a matter of time……and then what Gary?…”a tribute?” “a moment of silence?”………my God what have these people become?

  7. markCBC says:

    It’s safe to say the #NHL is afraid of #Chara. But let’s be honest, this is further evidence of a league that will not protect its players

  8. Greg says:

    There has to be something that can be done.  Look, the NHL relies on fans for its existence. As fans, we have a strong voice in how the game should be played. If we keep watching the games, and just posting on sites like this or blogs, we’re telling the NHL that we accept how they are governing our game (and it IS our game). If the fans can come together to force the NHL to protect its players, then the Cherry’s and Milbury’s will have to listen. A website should be set up or something. I hate watching the sport I love descend into madness because the old boys club that runs the NHL feel that they are untouchable. I’ve had enough.

    “I lined up next to him at a faceoff, looked over and said “Hi Rocket”. All he did was growl.” -Gordie Howe

  9. danp says:

    Sorry Mike, I’m losing my stomach for it. Hockey is a physical game. Players are sometimes injured. It isn’t supposed to be violent. There is a big difference between playing a hard, physical game and playing a violent game. This has gone from a game of skill to a game of big goons beating the crap out of one another. I suppose it sells tickets. In the end, a player will die on live television. I don’t want to be the kind of person who will buy tickets after that happens. It will happen someday. I thought that day was yesterday. It still makes me sick.

    Two comments made by the NHL in the statement today don’t sit well with me. First, according to the statement, Chara has not been the subject of supplemental discipline in his 13-year career. He was suspended one game while playing for Ottawa. He was also suspended one other time but the NHL decided to “wipe” that one out. I’m not sure that constitutes a clean record. Secondly, there was no attempt on the part of Chara to target the head. I realize the still photo of Pacioretty’s head contacting the post is not three dimensional but it appears to me that Chara’s forearm is slamming Max-Pac’s head into the post. I presume the NHL has a better view than I.

    I hope the NHL enjoys their view. Much more of this and I’ll start subscribing to another brand of hockey. If I want to see goons beat the crap out of one another then I’ll watch MMA.


  10. longtimehabsfan says:

    Bettman has a serious credibility problem and simply refuses to address it.  How can his chief disciplinarian be the father of a hockey player in the NHL?  It is an inherent conflict of interest.  Recuse himself?  So did Jeb Bush during the 2000 Florida recount.  The second person in command is not going to be influenced by the boss?

  11. Flex Aarnell says:

    There is no justice justice in the NHL. It makes me want to cry, throw up, and/or break a Bruin’s neck. I feel sick.

  12. doug19 says:

    They think or rather don’t think like Bob Mckenzie. Someone will die on the ice,  I hope the NHL is charged. This is the same league that keeps  a team on life support while quickly killing the rest of the league. Poor little Chara should we take up a collection for him? Sleep well at night Chara?

  13. RMc says:

    Here is hoping Chara is rundown by a car…but the driver is aquited becasue he was jaywalking and it was deemed just to be a “driving situation”. 

  14. habinypsi says:

    im just so disgusted with the league now.  Even if you accept that Chara didn’t know it was Max, and didn’t realize that the turnbuckle was there, and had no malicious intent, it was a hit away from the puck by a veteran player who should have known better.  Now a kid is in hospital with a concussion and a neck injury.  I think that 5 games for stupidity is not to much to ask for.  Also I am sure that if Max did this to Chara, the Bruins and idiots like Cherry, would scream bloody murder, about how the Habs are full of dirty players and Max would end up with a 10 game suspension.  I really hope Montreal sees the Bruins in the playoffs.

  15. HardHabits says:

    Incidents like this make me feel like stopping to watch NHL hockey altogether because the league has become a joke.

    Bettman has single handedly destroyed the game. I pity the poor fool that wears a Boston logo in Montreal.

  16. shiram says:

    16 seconds left in the period.

    Max didnt have the puck.

    Chara had vengeance on his mind for Max, for sure.

    The game was already lost for the Bruins.

    Chara is responsible.

    If the nhl cannot dole out the justice, it must be sought elsewhere, a court of low would probably be best.

  17. vic says:

    Well lets wait for the management see no evil hear no eveil speak no evil post a complaint to the league.

    again I wont be surprised at the silence

  18. RJB says:

    The league sent a message today, and that message was that if you injure a player to the point that you may have ruined his career, as long as you have clean record, no sweat! 

    It was a pathetic ruling, it was a weak ruling, the NHL had the chance to lead the hockey world, as they should being the marquee league in the sport. Instead they cowered away and left fans of all teams with a bitter taste in their mouths.

    I can’t remember a time when NHL hockey has let me down so much, I feel sick to my stomach. I love this sport more than any sport in the world. I watch hockey any chance I get. However after todays decision it just seems so hollow, a 22 year old kid has a cast around his neck, and Zdeno Chara doesn’t even have to miss another shift.  Will Max ever get to play another shift? Who knows.

    The last thing I want the Habs to do is to retaliate and come out swinging, because goodness knows that if we do retaliate against the Bruins in a violent manner, the league will have an eye out for it.

    My thoughts are with Max, but I’ll also being thinking about Mike Murphy, and wondering if he knows that he had a chance to set a precedent, to stand up and say “the NHL won’t tolerate this kind of hit no matter who makes it” instead he just let us down all over again. So dissapointed, so disgusted.

    What will it take to change the NHL? It’s scary to think about. Paralysis? Memory loss? Someones life? Theres no answer to that question, the only thing that is known, is that it HAS to change. And it should have today.


    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” – Bilbo Baggins

  19. eyhp says:

    Coming soon to a NHL rink near you: live coverage of a NHL player killed by an opposing team’s player.

  20. Bill says:

    Not surprised, and anyone who is probably didn’t understand the significance of Campbell’s “email-gate”.

    Habs’ fans are angry, but it’s useless. The NHL’s media pals will let this story die.

    A suspension wouldn’t heal Pacioretty anyway, so I don’t really care. As long as he gets better, that’s the main thing.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  21. Flex Aarnell says:

    I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than Colon (what -an-effing) Scam-bell. Thank you Mike Murphy for showing me that this is not true.

    On another note: Chara probably threatened to break Murphy’s neck if he suspended him. God knows you’d have to take that freak’s threats seriously now.

    And finally: This event angered me to the point of creating an HIO account in order to vent my frustration. The therapeutic value of posting in this forum is very under-appreciated IMHO. I feel better already (slightly).

  22. Kain292 says:

    This is enough to make me sick. I feel completely defeated.

    Being a Habs fan is a way of life, and a sh*tty one at that.

  23. MikeMcLaren says:

    Fact: The NHLPA is more concerned about its membership losing salaries for suspensions than they are about the safety of their own membership!


  24. RJ says:

    Jeremy Jacobs and the Old Boy Network took care of this well before any “review.”

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

  25. Bill says:


    Full Breezer 4 Life

  26. bel33 says:

    You summed it up perfectly…. what an empty feeling. 

    Let’s support Patch on his long road back…. maybe.  :S


  27. MasterHab says:

    We cannot get justice but we can get revenge. The way I see it, the NHL has left us with no other options here. They suspend James Wisniewski for merely gesturing at Sean Avery. They come down like a ton of bricks on Trevor Gillies because he’s a borderline NHLer at best. But they won’t do anything to Chara who is an all-star and the kind of player that fans are willing to pay money to see play. Money is all that matters to the NHL which is why he got a free pass.

    So what Pierre Gauthier needs to do now is go to Le Bifteque tonight, order himself a nice juicy steak and chow down. Then he needs to get on the phone to Hamilton and beef up his roster in time for March 24th. Call up Alex Henry, Jimmy Bonneau and any other knuckle-dragger he can find in the nether regions of the minor-pro leagues. And when the puck drops, if you want to REALLY send a message not only to the Bruins but to those clowns who run this garage league, the first guy you go after isn’t Chara but Gregory Campbell, Colin’s son. Take his head off and see if his daddy still thinks it’s “just a hockey play”.

    If the NHL won’t be satisfied unless or until someone dies or is paralysed, then justice demands that the victim be Gregory Campbell. The son should be punished for the sins of the father. Maybe then the message will penetrate the skulls of those neanderthals currently employed by the NHL head office.  

  28. Natrous says:

    I have been sick about this all day, not only in fear of Pacioretty’s health and the welfare of his loved ones, but in expectation that the league would do nothing to try to stem the tide and eliminate a clear and obvious head shot tactic that is driving a player’s upper body into the turnbuckle between player benches.

    This isn’t a new idea. We’ve all seen hits in the past that involved this dangerous area. The difference now vs then is that today, we have new rules that are applied to headshots of any manner, however it appears that the league is content with a double-standard when it comes to applying this new rule.

    As other posters have mentioned it before, it’s not coincidence that Lucic tried the same hit on Tyrell recently. There are teams in this league who thrive on ‘truculence’ or ‘a tough brand of hockey’, who specialize in the grey-zone attack arts and questionable methods, both inside and out of the scope of play. The league had a chance to identify a trend of dangerous hits and lack of respect, yet chose to ignore actual facts in rendering its decision.

    I will never apologize for being a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, but I can’t help but feel shame for being a fan of hockey in general and by extention a non-compliant fan of the NHL. This is a sad day for hockey. Get well soon, fully and completely, Max Pacioretty.

  29. bbezza says:

    absolute bullshit league with strong anti-Canadian bias (again!)…

  30. Rob Maguire says:

    And the next time Chara does something like this, he’ll still have a “clean record”, and therefore an excuse not to suspend him. 

    It’s pretty tough to have a history of supplemental discipline when you’re playing for Team Campbell. 

  31. HugeHabsFan says:

    I thought the exact same thing.


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


    Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  32. jhaze says:

    sadly true

  33. JF says:

    D. Meet them in the playoffs and take them out in five or six games.

  34. CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

    hmmm, downtown Toronto? Montreal businesses dont deserve the damage, plus its a beautiful city. Toronto, not really. Do the Bruins go to Toronto again this season? That would be the place to do it.

  35. NightRyder says:

    Granted, if it was Hal Gill who stanchioned Nathan Horton, I wouldn’t be so bent out of shape. Or Chris Pronger on Phil Kessel etc.

    The passion that comes with being a Habs fan obviously has me seeking retribution.

    But even if I take that step back and view these incidents impartially, I am distressed at the lack of response from the NHL.

    Someone is going to die. We have six-foot-nine, 275-pound monsters careening around out there in full armour and moving 30 miles per hour.

    If the league will not take supplemental measures to protect their players, the blood will be on their hands. And it will happen sooner than we think.

  36. yves_on_habs says:

    Exactly. I tend to watch alot of NHL hockey…. and I’ve been sickened by so many of these hits. It’s not about the Habs.

    It’s about cleaning up the dangerous hits and the growing list of talented players who may ultimately leave the game early. 

    – Yves –

  37. yves_on_habs says:

    The league deserves it. 

    Glad he’s speaking out.

    – Yves –

  38. Matt_in_TO says:

    That’s the most frustrating part about Chara not getting a single game.  Never mind the fact that this involves the Habs, the league had yet another opportunity to send a clear message and failed to do so, again.


    – In Price We Trust

  39. Matt_in_TO says:

    As much as I would love to see B, it’s going to be C as it should be.  We can not lower ourselves to the same level as those knuckle-draggers. 


    – In Price We Trust

  40. TheMock780 says:


    Max is awake, and taking the NHL and Chara to task. Throwing out a big FU to Chara and the league

  41. NightRyder says:

    Better option?

    A. BONNEAU comes up and goes for the teeth, never to be seen again.

    B. Price, Subban, Plekanec and Cammalleri sit. Bonneau, Henry, Schultz and Conboy called up. They spend all game not chasing Chara, but targetting Bergeron and Krejci and Seguin and YES, Gregory Campbell. Cheap shots all night.

    C. Tuck our tails between our  legs and do nothing because we are the classy organization.

  42. shakey says:

    Disgusting. Despicable. Inexcusable.

    Both the act, and the league’s decision.

    Maybe another Richard Riot is needed to call the league’s attention to this farce and travesty.

    Name a time and place and I’ll be there.

    All the best Max – may you play for us again.

  43. Precisionist says:

    Here’s my response, as sent via E-mail to Gary Bettman:


    Presumably, the league will stand behind Chara the next time he does the same thing. Perhaps to Pacioretty, perhaps to somone else.

    I’ve been an NHL fan all of my life, and I’ve never taken the trouble to write to anyone about anything to do with the league.

    But here are my sentiments regarding this issue:

    To the people who are responsible for developing and enforcing the rules of the game:

    F*** you.

    Yours very truly,


    etc etc.

  44. NightRyder says:


  45. yves_on_habs says:

    Not surprised.

    I honestly don’t know if I can stomach it any longer. So many hits to players in vulnerable positions resulting in major injuries… Crosby, Savard, Bergeron, Booth… Pacioretty. Feel free to name more, the list is geeting quiet long.

    The league do nothing to discourage reckless hits.

    It’s all “hockey plays” all the time.

    Today’s decision, once again, ensures we’ll see another lovely concussion or other serious injury in the near future.

    Although, there’s a chance that Mr Bettman might take notice of Air Canada hitting him in the wallet.

    Good on Air Canada for taking a stance. They are partnered with NHL in a very public way… I’m sure it’s become harder for them to be associated with a league who does little to protect their players… even one of their biggest stars in Crosby.

    – Yves –

  46. TheMock780 says:

    Ya, Don Cherry and Ron Artest would have a great conversation. Artest could re-tell the story of the guy he saw murdered on a basketball court in New York and once again refer to it as an example of “rough basketball” and Don could tell the yet to be determined story of a guy who was killed by a head shot at full speed and blame it on the instigator rule

  47. habs001 says:

    chara gave max a very hard slash last game that was not called…going forward the players still have to prepare for the rest of the season and playoffs…the player that has to step up and dedicate the rest of the games for max is pouliot as he will probably replace him on the line…

  48. bigbighabsfan says:

    Excellent. It’s the only language they understand. I fear that even in the inevitable case of a NHL player dying from a headshot or hit into the boards you will still have people saying “it’s a rough game”, “kids you gotta keep your heads up out there”, “it’s unfortunate” etc.

  49. PattyBoy31 says:

    My video spoof of the league’s spoof of a decision:


  50. TheMock780 says:

    Maybe the NHL will wake up now that a major sponsor is threatening to pull their dollars out of the league:


  51. Rush says:

    Beautifully and poetically put, Mike Boone –

    And yes, my hand is not up…

    Long past time for some serious, serious introspection about the time, mental and emotional energy devoted to Bettman’s New York circus…

    I hope I never, ever again experience the sick feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as I watched Pacioretty lying on the ice last night.

    Which, perhaps not surprisingly, has lingered through today…

    More importantly, Godspeed to you on your recovery, Max Pac…

    And keep up the great work, Mike Boone…

  52. DrA says:

    Here is the one word that came to me after the game last night: pathetic.

    Who are pathetic: the Bruins, for beating up on players who don’t fight (Lucic always fights smaller non-fighters); Chara for trying to injure an opponent; the NHL for reinforcing attempted involuntary manslaugther.

    There will be a death very soon.  I can no longer stand this league.

  53. Michelob says:

    It’s true that the NHL is “bush league” in its manner of enforcing the rules of the game, but the effects are felt beyond the NHL.  I tuned into a junior game on RDS the other day and couldn’t stand to watch for more than five minutes.  This is the way hockey is played today, at least in North America and judging from what I see of international play, it has affected the Europeans, too.  There was a time when launching yourself from half way across the ice to hit a player, even if he still had the puck, was called “charging”.  And slamming someone hard into the boards was called “boarding”.  And it was not ok to muscle another player to the ice just because he had the puck.  This is not just an old-timer’s rosy recollection of a mythical golden age: all you have to do is look at the old tapes from 35 or 40 years ago to see that this is true.  Hockey today resembles tackle football.  Why?  Is it because players are bigger, stronger, faster, or have better protective equipment?  I don’t think so.  It’s because there aren’t enough players around to adequately staff a 30 team league, so you bend the rules.  And because you are the world’s premier hockey league, everyone eventually gets the same idea.  It won’t change unless the fans turn their backs on it.  That’s not going to happen, short of an economic collapse.  So we just have to live with it. 

  54. timothy13 says:

    Chara is a good hockey player BUT he is a bully, there is no question. The Boston Bruins are bullies too. I agree the check was maybe not totally intentional but Chara must have known how close the boards were and the speed the two of them were going could be a dangerous combination. Many have said, players, bloggers etc, that one should know their surroundings and that was a cheap check. I am not surprised @ the NHL’s decision but it shall remain a black mark against both the league and the Bruins. I wish for nothing but a speedy recovery for Max P and if there ever was justice in this world let’s hope the Montreal Canadiens can use this as a torch and find something good and never lose again. And every time they play the Bruins, the Habs should humilate the bullies with the Habs speed and style.

  55. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …Zdeno Chara, understandably humiliated and not in a good mood in centre ice sees the player he does not have fuzzy and warm feelings for racing up the boards in yet another offensive charge towards his goalie …Zdeno Chara races impossibly fast for a huge man of 6′ 9″ and almost 300 lbs. to cut off Max Pacioretti, square to the boards …in Zdeno Chara’s mind was not manslaughter intent but competitive zeal and personal animosity to render any contact to be as punishing as possible within his means

    …Zdeno Chara’s physical strength and means are considerable …and Zdeno Chara understands this better than any of Us

    …Zdeno Chara has done this a thousand times before …like a lawyer, a doctor or a landscaper …Zdeno Chara KNOWS his work environment intimately …Zdeno Chara recognized the intensity and speed of Max attempting to burn past him …Zdeno Chara saw exactly where he was, the collision would be at his bench and the likely additional physical tool he had to stop Max’s progress included the glass stantion

    …Zdeno Chara has partially impeded Max’s race up the board …and this is where Zdeno Chara is calculating a moral decision …”will I use this extraneous tool (the stantion) to be certain to stop this opposing player I feel extra emotional animosity to as well provide opportunity for payback ?”

    …maybe, and most likely Zdeno Chara had no intention for Max to fracture his vertebrae or be concussed …maybe it was simply to provide him with a bloody nose to send Max a message, don’t mess with Zdeno Chara

    …whatever …Zdeno Chara using his extraordinary size, speed and strength to purposefully throw Max’s head into the stantion resulted in a life and career threatening severe injury …even less than, thank God, it may have been

    …My Son and I sat and watched this, for a Habs’ Fan, what was in every other respect a great game by Our Team

    …like most of You, I and My Son were left empty observing Chara’s railroading Max into the stantion, and questioning Our priorities

    …long ago My Son, like Myself, determined priorities other than pursuing careers in hockey …even though We remain avid and passionate Fans of the Montreal Canadians

    …besides the obvious concern I feel for Max personally, His family and the loss of His talents to Our promising Team, I asked Myself if My Son was hypothetically on the verge of pursuing a career in hockey, would I now discourage Him because the game is not being intelligently, morally or competently administered, resulting that hockey is more and more becoming a modern times version of Roman blood sport ?

    …it’s fine if You are not one of the Christians

    …I wonder how many parents today across Canada, Europe and the USA just decided this ain’t what I want My Daughter or Son to pursue …how many future potentially gifted hockey players did We lose the opportunity to one day see ? …because the NHL have no sense of precience or common sense that a message has to be made to it’s players there is a limit 


    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  56. rljmartin says:

    In all of the chat etc. about the Chara hit no one has mentioned a good reference point that the NHL should have used before taking a decision. Remember the hit or non-hit of Maxim Lapierre on Nichol that got him suspended for 4 games….. Curious how precedence does not seem to matter much in the National Horror League……

  57. G-Man says:

    Why watch only to have thugs ruin our game?

    I am all for clean checks – that’s the physicality I want to see. If I want to watch grown men mug each other, there’s always the UFC. Actually, I’m wrong. There’s the NHL, the AHL, the ECHL, the IHL and the junior CHL, for those up and coming thugs-of-the-future.

    Hockey is getting it wrong time after time and it’s a sickness that won’t go away until it is legislated out of the game.

  58. timothy13 says:

    Chara is a good hockey player BUT he is a bully, there is no question. The Boston Bruins are bullies too. I agree the check was maybe not totally intentional but Chara must have known how close the boards were and the speed the two of them were going could be a dangerous combination. Many have said, players, bloggers etc, that one should know their surroundings and that was a cheap check. I am not surprised @ the NHL’s decision but it shall remain a black mark against both the league and the Bruins. I wish for nothing but a speedy recovery for Max P and if there ever was justice in this world let’s hope the Montreal Canadiens can use this as a torch and find something good and never lose again. And every time they play the Bruins, the Habs should humilate the bullies with the Habs speed and style.

  59. darcy1 says:

    How can we as Habs fans protest? Unfortunately, I don’t live in Montreal, so I can’t phyiscally show up, but we can we boycot HNIC on Saturday to show our point?

    ”If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever. ” Pat Foley (Blackhawks broadcaster)

  60. boing007 says:

    Richard R

    Started to watch the Oilers Capitals game tonight on TSN then changed my mind. Hope their ratings go down by more than one tonight.

  61. Sheldon says:

    I’m not surprised, the NHL is pretty much a caricature of a professional sport. The on-ice officiating blows and the guys in the front office aren’t much better. Man, the guy running ESPN was so right during the lockout. When Bettman tried to play hardball on the TV contract, the guy told him to piss off; he could get higher ratings from poker and did!.

  62. boing007 says:

    Richard R

    NHL head office ,Garry Bettman’s Fax # is 212-789-2020—E-mail–gbettman@nhl.com

  63. Top Corner says:










  64. HardHabits says:

    OK. Enough being pissed off. MaxPax is not dead. He will live on and the NHL will continue.

    The irony is during the game at the website I was watching we started ragging on Chara. I said he was a failed experiment. That they had planted Czech horse sperm in Slovakian horse sh*t and out sprung Chara. Another poster talked about a parody where Chara broke his father’s neck. Another poster said it was no parody. Anyways that was well before the Chara hit. Other posters called Lucic a hunchback and hence he acquired the name Quasimodo for the duration of the proceedings.

    I know it might be early but watching this really made me laugh.

    So, I know everyone is pissed off. Laughter is the best medicine. Please everybody take a dose and let’s move on.

    The Habs need to get bigger and grittier to disallow other teams taking these cheap shots. We all know next Bruins game we will win and they will goon it up. How many more up and coming stars can the team afford to lose.

    Here’s the link and enjoy, for the love of God and all that’s decent in humanity, don’t let this sad and unfortunate event bring you down any more than it has.

    Have a laugh on me. I’m buying!!! –>


  65. PrimeTime says:

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for the NHL this year.
    Get well, Max!

  66. Shiloh says:

    Twenty-four hours later – and I’m sicker about it. I’m 60 years old and have loved hockey all of my life. I’ve watched hockey since we got a TV in 1957 and I played until I was 30. My semi-retirement has been spent watching our grandson’s games and having the family over to watch every Habs game on the big screen. I always assumed that NHL hockey would be one of the wonderful things about my retirement years.

    Now I just don’t know. We always knew that the old boys who run this thing were biased and neanderthal, but I have to say that I never imagined that it was this bad.

    I’m going to write a letter to the producers of Hockey Night in Canada indicating that I will not purchase a single product advertised on their show – even if it’s a Tim Horton’s coffee. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Rien.

    I don’t know what else to do.

  67. TheMock780 says:

    hopefully, more major sponsors will take Air Canada’s lead and threaten to pull their money out of the NHL over this garbage http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3013618

  68. P St. Pierre says:

    The whole thing is BS…if you look at the video replay, Pacioretty takes 4 strides before Chara puts him into the stanchion. That’s total interference and given where he directed his head, intent to injure. I’m biased because I’m a Canadiens fan, but when you watch that play, it sickens you. It gives you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach and a gnawing sense in the back of your mind that maybe this 22 year old’s hockey career is over. Hockey players know where they are on the ice; they’ve spent more time out there than most of us combined. Chara knew where he was putting Pacioretty and given their history, I’m sure he enjoyed it.

  69. Captain aHab says:

    For those who, like myself, would like to tell NHL sponsors about your issues with how the NHL handled this, here’s the page with their marketing partners:


    I’ve also seen ads for Jeep and Dove products 

  70. Cable Guy says:

    I’m pretty sure if this happened in the 80’s Chris Nilan would have jumped off the bench, if he wasn’t on the ice already and went after Chara for that hit.  Where’s the backbone of the team?

  71. RetroMikey says:

    Goon hockey will never change.

    Remeber Wayne Maki slashing Ted Green and fracturing his skull?

    Didn’t think many HIO posters remebered that incident.

    So I suggest everyone to switch to sports like soccer or tennis which is helluva more enjoyable or follow the KHL which has more skill and less goon hockey.  No wonder many Russians and Europeans prefer to play there.

    Goon hockey is here to stay unfortunately, it’s been here a long time in the days of Eddie Shore being a goon and our own Maurice Richard being the victim as well.


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  72. NightRyder says:

    It would never, ever happen.

    But I would love to see every single Montreal fan, just before the opening faceoff in Chara’s next game in the Bell Centre, get up en masse and leave their seats for a period.

    Every news/sports highlight would show all the empty seats and Count Chocula might actually pay attention.

    Not throwing things on the ice to endanger anyone’s safety, not booing the national anthem.

    Just a simple, classy and massive show of support for Pacioretty and disdain for the NHL.

  73. doug19 says:

    Well now who are the NHL’s major sponsors? I think we should boycott as many as possible after all Butman can find new sponsors as fast as  purchaser’s for Phonyx . Oh, and can Butman find new fans too?

  74. Chester says:

    It’s like those old goon Philly Phliers are running things.

    My God this is sad and really doesn’t bode well for the next game with the Beaners.

    The league has obviously sent a message to the Habs that if you want justice, it is yours to administer.

    sick really really sick.

  75. cd says:

    Good thing Greg Campbell’s daddio didn’t make the ruling or the NHL would’ve thrown the book at Pacioretty for getting in the way of Chara. Bravo to Air Canada. What’s Tim Horton’s take on all this?

  76. marlboro says:

    Not to sure, but asked my brother who is a doctor.  Apparently, as serious as the fracture is, in Max’s case,  it should heal fine.  it’s the concussion that might have the more longer term negative affect.   But as far as his Hockey career is concerned, forget about this season.  I hope this helps, but I’m not the Doctor in the Family.

  77. russianrocket27178 says:

    Call me stupid or something but I was just wondering if any “injury’ savvy people could help me. Max has a fractured verterbrae…how serious does this mean regarding to hockey. I assume he is out for the season but what is the expected recovery time?|tahnks

  78. marlboro says:

    Excellent email! kudos, to you, and Air Canada. 

  79. bsorek says:


    Does anybody know how to get a list of the NHL’s top sponsors?



  80. Black Snake Moen says:
    sent an e-mail to AirCan.  anyone who’s got 5 minutes and cares about this abomination should give it a go……….. 

    To Whom It May Concern;


    I am writing to you in response to Air Canada’s possible withdrawal as one of the NHL top sponsors.  I must commend Air Canada for these actions, and can say with certainty that many individuals who have been following this story are also very pleased with the leadership the company is exuding.  Violent and reckless behaviour cannot go without reprehension, and by refusing to punish careless acts, intentional or not, the NHL is only condoning these exploits.  This game that we as Canadians, and now many fellow Americans and others all over the world love and care deeply for is being abducted by those who refuse to act while reform is desperately needed.  By choosing NOT to suspend Zdeno Chara for his malicious check on Max Pacioretty, intentional or not, the league is saying to the fans that the game has become admittedly too violent and thus uncontrollable.  The NHL is now a sport where it’s possible an individual could perish while playing within the set of the current rules and conditions, and that there is NOTHING they can do about it.  This apathetic attitude towards easily correctable incidents is disgusting and appalling.  What kind of message is this sending to hockey parents and their young children who watched this terrible event play out, that NOTHING can be done to prevent this, and therefore no punishment is warranted?  Max Pacioretty’s parents were in attendance as he lay motionless on the ice for over 7 minutes.  This is a parents worst nightmare, holding your breath in front of over 21,000 people while wondering if your son is still alive.  The NHL’s refusal to act has severely contradicted public interest; that or their fans as well as respected media.  At this moment, a twenty-two year old lay in a hospital bed with broken vertebrae, and while the on-ice officials deemed this incident vicious enough to hand Mr. Chara a match penalty, the league sees no grounds as to punish an individual who may have accidentally ended a young man’s career.  This corrupt behaviour of an organization that is supposed to set an example as to how to make this game safer for future generations will not be tolerated.  I urge Air Canada to continue with this motion, and to put pressure on the NHL to act responsibly.  The true fans of this league greatly appreciate an airline with so much influence taking a stand and demanding change, as it displays to the people that Air Canada’s interests on the matter exist in the embodiment of it’s valued clientele.  Once again, I fully endorse such a commendable attitude, and only hope that as an industry leader, Air Canada’s moral compass can help guide its peers to come to the same conclusions about sponsoring the NHL. 




    Konrad J. Commisso

  81. Mill4ever says:

    This may be the only way for the NHL to get it. Take away the money. Bravo Air Canada

  82. CowtownCanadien says:

    I am now a big fan of Air Canada even if they have lost my bags more than once.

  83. pricefor25 says:

    Air Canada, one of the NHL’s largest financial corporate backers, is threatening to withdraw its sponsorship if the league doesn’t take “immediate” and “serious” action on headshots http://www.torontosun.com/sports/hockey/2011/03/09/17558366.html

  84. bsorek says:

    Maybe we should all start a campaign to put pressure on the NHL sponsors to pull out their sponsorships until something is done to end this gooner league. Air Canada has already shown that the sponsors are watching and don’t like this. Let’s get other sponsors to follow Air Canada. As usually money talks.

    The campaign should continue until:

    1) Chara gets suspended for a few games and he should not be allowed to play against Montreal until Pacioretty comes back (playoffs included). Any player causing injury to a player where the player is incapable of playing, the perpetrator will not be allowed to play against that team until the injured player returns.  

    2) The league instills rules to avoid these types of injuries – maybe “no contact zones” in especially dangerous areas. Any body check in those zones will result in a penalty, no questions asked.

    3) Colin Campbell needs to resign – his son playing in the NHL (Bruins) is a conflict of interest. Even though Mike Murphy made the decision here – the Bruins know they can get away with almost anything when they have connections so high up in the league.

     don’t even understand how Gregory Campbell was not suspended after he used his elbow pad to pound Pyatt. It’s the equivalent of using brass knuckles. Taking off the jersey during a fight – now that is bad – automatic game penalty,  using your elbow pad to deface your opponent? that’s ok, take a 5 minute break.


  85. S_Dot says:

    Look, I’ve never played hockey but I’ve watched and studied the game for over 18 years of my 24 year old life and the more and more I watch the hit, other highlights of games and use my common knowledge I find it hard to believe that Chara just meant to “rub him out”…Chara clearly knew that the two were by the bench (meaning no glass/and the turnbuckle coming up), he even said so himself…most other hockey players let up, there is no possible way he can get rubbed out safely in that scenario…did he intent to put Max into the turnbuckle, probably not, but with the force he was pushing with, he definitely meant to put Max into a bench at least, he clearly got his hands up, as evidenced by the picture thats circulating…

    Another note, it was an INFRACTION! It was not a legal play to begin with, it was clearly interference and I strongly believe that infractions that push the limit, and in this case, create an injury and a severe one, should be dealt with by punishment…2 mins, 5 mins or a match, no one is deterred from causing increased damage in an illegal play of the game, this is a joke

    Another note, where the hell is Bettman and when is this league going to stand up to questioning instead of sweeping everything under the rug…ridiculous, they made more of a statement by not suspending him than by giving him a token…MaxPac said it right, theyre basically condoning the action by saying no additional penalty, time served by missing a period. 

    Finally, I know we get worked up over the rivalry with the B’s but there is one thing we have to understand, and I know I’m making a huge generalization but after living in Boston for 4 years and going to every Habs-Bruins game, this is a VERY uneducated fan base that would rather stand in the beer line than watch a hockey game…we cannot astoop to their level of idiocracy and try to argue with them, they will never understand our viewpoint and come back at us with heartless, passionless, and purely disgusting remarks, they suck and always will

  86. Mr.Hazard says:

    Let’s put a price on Chara’s head! That’s allowed in this league, right? See: Steve Moore, ex-NHLer.

  87. sampson12 says:

    I know that the first concern for all of us should be patches’ heath, and that’s what I’m most concerned about.  I want him to be able to play again and still have a career in a hopefully improved and safer league.  That is what concerns me most, him getting better. 

    BUT, at the same time, although it is an afterthought, I can’t help but be upset at the fact that we could potentially lose a huge part of the future of this team.  He’s a rare breed of player.  He’s gotten himself to a very good mental state, budding with confidence and potential.  He’s a big power forward who has learned what it takes to score.  He can hit, as we saw earlier in the game where he went down.  He seems excellent in the locker room, a kid who knows his roll and wants to help the team win.  He had personal ambition as well as he stated that he didn’t want to settle for being a third line player, he wants to be the type of player who really impacts a team offensively on the top two lines.  He has given me a lot of hope.  Him along with the other young guys – Eller, Desharnais, PK, Price, etc.  

    I’m pretty sure, although he has played less games, he was second on the team in points per time on ice, trailing only Desharnais.  ESPN has a good stat on their website called ‘production time’ or something.  It gives you the time on ice it takes for a player to register a point.  Patches was putting up points at an excellent pace.  Something we always expected him to do.  

    Now once again I will say that my top concern is his health and well being.  But I feel like we could lose something irreplaceable in our organization.  If he is able to play again, will he be the same player?  I believe in him.  I think he has the mental toughness to shake it off, but it certainly wouldn’t be easy.  But him getting the chance to shake it off and reach the same level of production is certainly not guaranteed, as many are saying this is the type of injury that can easily end a career.  

    I hope he gets well for his sake first.  And secondly, I hope he gets well so he can come back and help bring us a cup one day.

  88. danedmunds says:

    ahh i see. so he’d never hurt anyone. problem solved!

  89. bigbighabsfan says:

    I felt for the past few years that the Habs are way too often on the receiving end of these types of incidents. It seems to be common knowledge around the league that you can run them, doesn’t matter if you are Chara or Grabovski, and nothing will be done about it. In fact opposing players have actually said that. I felt that was the fault of the front office and the coaches, the general philosophy of the organisation. As recently as the last Bruins game, I really felt sickened watching Pyatt and Spacek, guys who didn’t want to fight and should never have had to, getting pummeled. I felt myself wishing that Gauthier and Martin could take a few of those shots. I felt angry when guys took runs at players like Saku for example, and his teamates just stood and watched. I’d want to see blood when other teams laughed at us on the bench and in the media.

    I don’t feel that way anymore. Last night the Canadiens played a beautiful, tough, clean, hockey game. Ryan White didn’t like Boynton’s run at PK and settled it nicely, fair and square. But the game doesn’t matter to me now, and that is sad. Seeing Max lying on the ice I felt sick.  It disturbed me. But not nearly as much as the reaction to it today has.

     The voice of the NHL and the ambassadors of the game aren’t people like Jean Beliveau anymore. They are talking apes like Stock, Cherry, Milbury, and Barnaby. You have a goon meting out punishment  for the league, one whos son is an active player no less. Some of the commentators south of the border are just so over the top with their calls for blood. I don’t know who that guy for the Bruins is that was howling that someday Chara was going to “take his (Pac’s) head off”. Well there you go pal, I’m sure you are happy today. Is this what hockey has come to? What sort of fan does that appeal to? I know one thing, and this is just my personal experience – Ive been to Boston many times. I have attended games at Fenway Park where each time I encountered fans who were a delight to spend an afternoon watching a game with. When I went to Bruins games at the old Gardens, I’d be hard pressed to find that much white trash under one roof anywhere else. That suggests to me it’s hockey fans. Mouthy little punks Bruins fans for the most part. Whether for reasons of their own inadequacy, or maybe some homoerotic thing, they love to see the goon stuff. Don’t kid yourself into thinking there aren’t a lot of happy Bruins fans today. 

    And what about Chara himself? He is a coward and he is a liar. He knows what he did was intentional. I wont have my intelligence insulted by debating it. Did he say sorry? I made a mistake? I went too far and I regret it? Nah he said it was unfortunate. Shit happens. it’s a rough fast game. Of course he said that because he knows the goons that run the league and their mouthpieces around the country are going to back him up on it. So if I was Pacioretty, i wouldn’t take his call. Because he is a liar. 

    The NHL is a joke. More and more you are hearing it called bush league and i think even that is too generous. That ruling today is the last straw for me. It’s a total joke. I don’t want to identify myself with the types of fans I mentioned above. Or with PJ Stock or Don Cherry. I don’t want to feel a base thirst for revenge when i watch a hockey game. I don’t want to see a guy lying on the ice like last night and thinking he is dead. i don’t want to feel angry and upset the next day over something like that. The league doesn’t care. So neither do I. I’m done with the NHL, at least until it regains something to respect and admire. 

  90. oshawahabsfan says:

    Good to hear Lance Brown, CTV sports guy, call bull on this decision. His words were “Chara certainly knew the partition was there, any adult can see that was there. It’s the extra shove that leads me to believe this wasn’t an accident” Nice to see someone with some sense in the on-air media. He’s always rips the Habs as a Toronto sports guy and said he always is willing to give the opposing player the benefit of the doubt but he definitely can’t here

  91. SeriousFan09 says:

    Honestly, scratch Subban against Boston. They’re going to go after his knees all night long, or his head. Whatever they can get first.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  92. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Oddly my anger for Chara has decreased over the span of the day as the NHL debacle has unfolded.

    instead, I hate the TSN media, CBC media, NHL office, Bettman, Murphy, and Cambell with the heat of a nova. You’ll get yours Chara, one day, you’ll get yours.

    Cambell, tell your son to keep his head up.

    Bruins fans, you are still and always will be our bitches. Know that.

  93. frankcasting says:

    In 46 years of watching hockey, I have NEVER heard of a 5 minute interference penalty, followed by a game misconduct. Never. The on-ice people thought that what happened was at minimum, illegal in hockey terms, and highly reckless. The off ice people clearly disagreed. 

    What if 67 died? Same penalty? I’m shocked. But why should I be?

    This league is run by J Jacobs (Bruins) and a few other US billionaires. They have Bettman in their pocket. Any time I wonder about the injustices that appear day after day, from franchise relocations (or not) to discipline, I remind myself of that. This is like Don King, or Dana White, or any other fascist kind of organization with a strongman or two at the top. 

    And it ain’t the Habs up there. Not even the Leafs.


    Loving the Habs since 1965

  94. bolder says:

    I’m sure there are many who share your desire, including me. However, JM and PG are two f***ing idiots when it comes to aiding their players. He’ll use Pyatt, and COLON’s son can pound him again in the next game.

  95. DearyLeary says:

    It’s what I’ve been saying all along.  Foul committed, foul causes serious injury, there has to be a response.  It’s not rocket science.  Intent or not, there has to be suplementary discipline.

    Now everyone’s gonna run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to hit people as dangerously as possible, “as long as they didn’t mean to hurt someone”.

    Utter crap.

  96. showey47 says:

    Its because chara is a fitness freak and chicken wings are fattening

  97. danedmunds says:

    best quote from

    The H Does NOT Stand For Habs

    What’s wrong in the NHL is that it doesn’t follow the same logic as the rest of the world. If you drive a car on the highway and cut off another vehicle because you’re trying to pass it, and if that move causes an accident, you will be charged with reckless driving. If the accident you caused hurts or kills another person, the severity of the charges goes up. Of course, you didn’t mean to hurt someone; you only wanted to pass that car. The law doesn’t care. If you are reckless and hurt someone, you will pay the price. The outcome might not have been your intention, but you must still be accountable for the consequences of your actions.

  98. foxscape says:

    I’m going to start following the KHL instead.  Go CSKA Moscow!

  99. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    this travesty has created a divide… look, listen and remember… every single P.O.S. that is in Chara’s corner must be branded as bigoted, agenda controlled, blood suckers with not a shred for decency, compassion, humanity or justice.

    do not forget those who talk against the Habs from this day forward… never forget them.

    Wednesday March, 9th, 2011 – the day NHL Hockey “officially” died

  100. foxscape says:

    I’m going to start following the KHL instead.  Go CSKA Moscow!

  101. Mr.Hazard says:

    McKenzie put it so blatantly obvious: illegal hit causing injury.


  102. hansolo says:

    I’ve been a Habs fan since 1971. I couldn’t watch the third period of the game last night. I’m not sure I can watch any more hockey — not if it’s mayhem on ice. In the 70s, aside from the Wayne Maki/Ted Green incident, and Bobby Clarke’s slash on Valery Kharlamov (disgusting and inexcusable), mayhem was meant to intimidate, but not to seriously injure, defenceless players. There has been a paradigm shift. This mayhem is deadly. It’s not what I want to watch. Someone will be killed before the NHL does anything. 

  103. phillyhab says:

    I’d like to do the same.  I know in the agreement that even when you’re billed monthly you’re paying for the whole season and can’t cancel it, but I want to do SOMETHING.  I want to show the NHL that I do not find this unacceptable.  I have tickets to the Carolina game at the end of march.  Right now I don’t even want to go, unless I’m making some kind of protest or statement.  


    What can we do?

  104. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I was just glad Mccown and Brunt did not take the same stance. And I loved how Bob ended the conversation with Glen right he made the comment of it taking the Sens 2 years to convince him to eat a chicken wing. 

    Bob said “People change, just like you have” (not verbatim)

  105. sp00k says:

    Maybe the Habs can join the KHL.

  106. danedmunds says:

    Healy also said, while describing what kind of person Chara was in Ottawa, “that it took them 2 years to get him to eat a chicken wing”.

    Please someone tell me what the hell that means?

    What would healy’s highest level of education be. Regardless, this is not a smart guy. The majority of these analysts are not exactly rocket scientists. PJ Stock, Barnaby, Healy etc.


  107. Propwash says:

    R.I.P whatever integrity the NHL had left.

  108. DearyLeary says:

    So Healy’s on death watch… anyone else?

  109. Shiloh says:

    Might as well bring in as many goons as possible and injure some of their players when we meet them next. Just swing some sticks at them, take their knees out – whatever. If that’s what the NHL wants…..

  110. Shawn S says:

    Healey always blames the victim unless its Crosby.  I usually switch the station when he is on, he is completely backwards in his way of thinking. 

    Glad to hear both Mccown and Brunt agreeing there should have been a suspension.

  111. dean roberts says:

    exactly. campbell should be gone, or his kid goes to khl. everything i’ve heard today, from americans too, think this league is a friggen joke. big mistake made with no suspension. watch revenue drop like a stone.

  112. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Watching the Bob McCown show with guest Glean Healy.

    Healy is laying the blame soley on Pacioretty and the club. Pacioretty is at fault because he knows those turnbuckles are there and he should have slowed up knowing Chara is on him. So Chara gets off scott free, well if Max knows they were there, surely Chara did too, so why does the responsibilty not lie with him to lay up.

    The club is responsible because of the glass being there, and the rink has some of the hardest glass in the league. Well there is also glass at the ends of the benches as well, if you make the glass soft, guess what, it will break.

    Is Healy for real?

  113. danp says:

    Since our message is clearly not reaching the NHL, I sent them a message the only way I could find. I complained about the bill for NHL Center Ice. Went to the NHL website and sent a complaint about the way the NHL billing me for the Center Ice package. Told them to refund my money for the rest of the season and not to expect more from me next year.

    I know – foolish. Unlikely anyone will read it. I also don’t expect – or even want – a refund.


  114. HardHabits says:

    Here are the facts. Every team knows they can run the Habs at will. Nothing will come of it. The Habs are at a disadvantage because they skate not just honourable players but over-all a team not know for fighting but also a smallish team. Pacioretty was one of the bigger players yet he was too young to know better.

    The team needs muscle and grit. This has to be answered.

    Next game I am sure the Bruins will expect the Habs to roll over. They wont. They will play their game and win and the Bruins will inflict more injuries.

    NESN will also promote the game as a WWE rematch.

  115. HUDSONHAB says:

    Who does Campbell’s kid play for again? What? Who? Boston you say?

    Nuff said.


  116. DearyLeary says:


  117. Danno says:

    (Mike) Murphy’s Law

    Anything that can go wrong is completely excuseable


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  118. Kevin says:

    I can’t stomach it anymore. I’m done. Boone, it’s been great following your blog for almost 7 years, but it’s time to move on for me. I’m slowly closing the door on decades of being a hockey fan. I have tickets in the first row behind the Montreal bench during the next Bruins matchup and that will be the last time I financially support the NHL. Like most people here, I read hockey news every day so it will be hard to give this up, but I think a real profesional sport is what I’m looking for now. Bettman, you win. You can have the NHL. I’m out.

  119. bigbighabsfan says:

    I guess what I was trying to say in response to Mike Boone’s question is no, I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. And as usual you are right on the money and thoughtful people in the media like yourself need to be heard on this because this is a travesty.

  120. danedmunds says:

    had chara on my fantasy team and since im in last i contacted the fantasy owner who is also a hab fan and we suspended chara for the rest of the year

  121. Stoox says:

    Disgusting hit, and a kangaroo court meting out justice.

    Tanner Glass, Vancouver Canucks: ” “I thought it was a dirty play. I thought he knew exactly what he was doing. It’s unfortunate that a player got hurt that way. I think if you poll 700 NHL players, a good majority are going to say he knows exactly what he was doing and he knows the turnbuckle’s there.”


    Brooks Laich, Washington Capitals: “It’s not a fine line. You’re talking about the 700 best players in the world playing this game. They’ve played it for 20 some years and finished thousands of checks. You know when a player is vulnerable. Your instincts at this level are that good.”


  122. WestHab says:

    I can’t believe today’s decision. Part of the reasoning was that charedhead had been a good boy for 13 years. Does this mean everyone gets one free pass to injure? This excuse of a man knew what he was doin,g he is no rookie. When that turnbuckle or whatever you call it came up he threw his arm out. An arm the length of my leg. This ensured that Max’s head would not clear the post. They also said that the play was fast, Good God that’s no excuse! And oh yeah chara didn’t hurt Max the drop to the ice did it…..WTF!!

  123. habs001 says:

    chara should have received suspension time…but unless he was suspended for the playoffs it really has minimal impact on the bruins..at the most they give him 2-5 games and he is rested for the playoffs….it will probably be a write off game vs the blues thurs but the blues do play today…may be a cruel reality but the rest of the team and players have to plan and play for the rest of the season and playoffs…i dont think maxpacs career is over and he will be back next year…

    going forward we have to probably try pouliot for maxpac for now and consider even using weber as a forward…if we have to call up players from the minors who are our 3 main choices…dawes,boyd ?

  124. Fansincebirth says:

    I have such an empty feeling inside me. I was brought up believing that when people are put in a situation, they will make the right decision, fair play. This goes beyond words.

    Is it because I love the Habs that I feel so betrayed or is it because I see what has become of this league?

    Had they handed Chara, even a token suspension, I would have been enraged but at least they would have done SOMETHING, but this….this condones the play and says “have at ‘er boys!”

    Imagine me at the gym on the treadmill watching the tv when TSN flashed it across the bottom of the screen. With my IPod going, I’m quite sure everyone in the place heard my “WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!”

    It’s like the commercial where the girl is sneaking out of her bedroom window and gets caught. It doesn’t matter how you pretty this up, call it a clean hit or whatever. The fact remains the same. Because of what Zdeno Chara did last night to another hockey player, that hockey player, Max, may never play hockey again….and what does the league say about it? “After a thorough review of the video I can find no basis to impose supplemental discipline”

    Hang your heads in shame, Mr Bettman and your minions have ruined this once great hockey league.

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  125. habs4evr says:
    The decision is an outright farce. Murphy, Cambell and the others have shown more than once that they are in over their heads and unqualified to assess how to make the decision. And Murphy should have recused himself since he is Campbell’s junior.  This stuff should go to the courts or a special tribunal of independent experts outside the NHL – enough already. They are playing with lives and the livelihood of players and families, and investments by teams, all with serious monetary and life consequences (e.g., Crosby). It’s irrelevant whether Chara intended to cause injury, that he is a good guy, or that he does not have a prior record. Chara knew where he was and he was in total control. The reality is simple – Chara was being reckless and acted with total disregard as to what might happen. This is the issue. This is the conduct that needs to punished and policed by the NHL – the game should be allowed to be pyhsical but without this part. Reckless endangerment of players on the ice is happening way too often – meaning, taking advantage of a player positioned badly or defenseless and making an illegal hit that can cause injury ought to be punished. If with that act, you can cause injury or ruin someone’s year, career, talents, or their ability to play to their potential – you must suffer the consequence equally and be held severely accountable.  That’s the deal outside the rink and no person who is self-serving to the interests of the NHL should trump that.
  126. SeriousFan09 says:

    Healy is a nobody, he doesn’t understand the game, he was a hack goaltender and his grasp on NHL business is comical. He’s a joke and that’s all there is to it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  127. jbroderi says:

    Healy is a moron with ugly hair and a imbocelic face.  I am done talking about him, but I would like to punch him in the face!



    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  128. Les-Habitants says:

    I’m really tired of seeing this, its sickening. 

    Colin Campbell had a chance to right the ship, so to speak, with the Cooke hit on Savard.  He choose to not suspend the guy, and blame it on the current state of the rules.  Intent was obvious there, and he ended a star player’s career.

    Dear NHL: if Pacioretty had been killed, would you have suspended Chara?  Maybe a fine, $100,000 for an untimely death?

  129. Habs1st says:

    Excellent point!

  130. boing007 says:

    Richard R

    I agree JVF. To hell with the NHL. Create a Canadian Hockey League. Besides that, the Stanley Cup is Canadian. So there!

  131. jhaze says:

    Good idea, except the money is in the US, and the players will chase the money, like the NFL. Why would someone like Crosby want to play in Canada when he can make 5 times as much (+endorsements) in the US.

  132. doug19 says:

    Great idea!

  133. JVF says:

    If I were Geoff Molson, I’d phone Gary Bettman up and tell him that if he doesn’t change his BS league and its half-ass ways, I’m removing the most storied of his teams from play (hopefully along with the other 5 Canadian franchises) to start the hockey equivalent of the CFL — The NCHL, or National Canadian Hockey League. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver, plus teams in Quebec City, Winnipeg, Halifax and Hamilton.

    A brand new 10-team league that will play hard-checking, but non-violent hockey with no fighting of any sort allowed. Rinks will be widened and the accent will be on skill and skating.


    It would work and in Canada at least, you know it would be a huge draw.

    Watcha waiting for, Geoff?


  134. boing007 says:

    Richard R

    NHL head office ,Garry Bettman’s Fax # is 212-789-2020—E-mail–gbettman@nhl.com

  135. HugeHabsFan says:

    Bettman’s email address has been posted, but I can’t seem to locate at the moment.  Does anyone have it?


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


    Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  136. DearyLeary says:

    I’m looking for it as well.  No suspension is an obscenity, it’s hard to call it anything else.  

  137. Billyboy says:

    Note to the next drunk driver that kills someone:

    Just say that you usually never drink, you had no intention of killing someone and you have not killed anyone in the last 13 years. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a judge who has the pea brain of  the likes Brian Campbell.

    I also listened to some knuclehead on ESPN TV say that the hit was not intentional and the next sentence was: “Chara was gunning for Patches since Patches pushed him a little in a previous metting after he, Patches had scored.


  138. go.habs.go says:

    Like many, I am absolutely appalled at the league’s decision not to suspend Chara.

    Let’s imagine (and, at this point, it does require some imagination) that they NHL’s rules against charging and boarding (etc.) are meant to protect the players. Chara’s hit on Patches may not have been either of these, but the outcome was the same, or worse. Regardless of whether the hit itself was dirty, the play was illegal and resulted in what might be a career-ending injury. It’s only reasonable to think that a dirty play that results in exactly the kind of injury that boarding/charging rules look to prevent would merit the same suspension that supposed results from boarding/charging when there is a serious injury involved.

    I don’t think Chara is a dirty player, in general – and, in this instance, it doesn’t even matter. His illegal play caused another player to be seriously injured, and he should be held accountable for his actions and suspended. He defends himself by saying that he didn’t mean to hurt Patches (which is probably true), and you could argue that he didn’t realize the partition was so close — but all that is irrelevant. The league isn’t interested in the player’s intent when he knocks the puck over the glass. If the puck doesn’t touch the glass, it’s an automatic delay of game penalty. No one asks a player if he meant to hit another player’s head with his stick; what matters is that the stick made contact with the head. We would laugh at him if he used his inability to judge the distance between stick and head as an excuse. Why is the NHL suddenly interested in a player’s intentions when he fractures another player’s neck? If you break the rules, and someone gets hurt, you are responsible. Yes, there are “unfortunate accidents” in hockey, but this was not one of them. “Unfortunate accidents” happen when the rules designed to prevent such accidents are being followed (i.e. a skate to a tendon).

    This is happening way too often. Even if this wasn’t technically a “hit to the head,” and although some brain-damaged NHL officials have convinced themselves that the hit was clean or there was no malicious intent, the play was illegal and Chara’s actions were completely irresponsible. The league should hold players to higher standards of personal accountability. Discipline in NHL league is a joke, and it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed.

  139. jew4jah says:

    i feel the same sick feeling brother.  and i don’t know what to do with it either. 


    wouldn’t it be nice if the habs organization, as a whole, decided to boycott the march 24th game and forfeit the 2 points. 

  140. twilighthours says:

    You summed it up perfectly.  To whom do we express our concerns?  No one.  Seemingly, no NHL executives care that this young man might have lost his life, and that the explicit statement is that Chara’s actions were OK.  

    In 25 years as a hockey fan, I have never felt this way – this powerless, this sad and frustrated.  

    We can only hope that Max still becomes the player he was becoming.

  141. Ronin says:

    Powerlessness, or at least the feeling of it is a powerFUL thing.  I feel sickened by my own……our own….feeling of powerlessness in this situation.

    Max Pacioretty, a guy I don’t even know……but someone I have come to respect for his play and “imagine” a closeness to because I see him on the TV every second day or so, is lying in a hospital bed with his “young” (by my reckoning) life potentially being changed forever.

    Overly dramatic……I don’t think so…..and there’s nothing I or we can do about that.  And that’s sad, and draining.

    If someone out there can come up with a credible way to empower us….truly empower us…in this situation I would be indebted to them (at least morally) for giving me a direction to move during the unfolding of this tragedy.

    I would like to say its as easy as turning my back on the game….but I know its not true.  its too deeply ingrained in my psyche…too firmly etched in the building blocks of my Canadian heritage.  I just wish there was some concrete and empowering way to express myself.

    I’m rambling….but this is one of the few forums where I think that’s OK this time.

  142. larisalapointe says:

    The NHL screwed up big time on this one. A gift from Max to help send the strongest message ever. I believe them to be corrupt, there’s no other explanation.

    I couldn’t sleep last night. I hope Chara has nightmares every night for the rest of his life. Even better than a suspension.

  143. Nakasuga says:

    Did I not hear Boone on Toronto radio today, being a lot more conciliatory in his views!

    My take: you finish a check with your shoulders, not with a pushing motion. New rule to consider-check must be done with both hands on the stick. Sill hard checks, but less dirty. Chara should have been suspended.

  144. phillyhab says:

    At this point, I don’t know what would make me sicker: that the Habs play Boston (in two weeks) in a clean, well-mannered way — that points are the best ‘revenge’, or that they make a statement — violent or non-violent —  that Chara’s behavior and the NHL’s refusal to censure him in any way* is unacceptable.

    1.  In the Disney movie version of this, we would overcome adversity and win the Cup (even the division!), the team brings it to Max and thanks him for his part, they did it for him, etc.

    Without one of our top 6 forwards?  Who scored two goals against TB just a few nights ago?  That’s not going to happen. Every thug and and thug squad (BOS, PHL, TOR) has been given a pass to hurt the Habs: the cheap and sneaky team that can’t jive with Good Ol’ Hockey.

    2.  The players and staffers aren’t going to do jack.  They don’t do it on the ice when it happens (save Ryan White), they’re certainly not going to do anything off it.  The only players who even questioned Chara’s actions were Eller and Price: young players who “ought to show more respect”. 

    3.  There is a good chance that Max Pac’s career is over.  Certainly, the one he was on pace for.  This is his last season on contract.  He made $910,000.  Two nights ago, what contract would he have been signed to?  3 year, 2.5M per?  I’m sure there is a way to project his worth like they do for RFA arbitration.  Is there a lawsuit here?  That the NHL has shown a clear pattern of negligence?

    I’m disgusted and disillusioned.  Pro Hockey is the only thing intangible outside of myself and my life that I feel passionate about.  I’m glad some members of the media are as disgusted as I am, as we are, but I feel that nothing good or fair is going to happen.

  145. EricInStL says:

    It is not surprising for anybody who knows what this league stands for. They are dinosaurs. Always have, always will. Their thinking is violence sells. Well it’s a sellout. A copout.

    I bet on game, but don’t care actually.

    This league is bush.

    Football and hockey are in a contest to see who’s player will die first on the ice and on the field.

    Remember in the eyes of the owners, players are dispendable. Assets to be collected and discarded whenever they choose.

    Pieces of meat.

    We were not there for the gladiators, but I think we have an idea.

    Good luck with this thing we used to call hockey.

    I don’t care about them. Good luck, hope the Canadiens win, but it’s over isn’t it ?


  146. bigbighabsfan says:

    The league officials have blood on their hands. So does Chara. So does Julien. So does every commentator who excuses this kind of stuff. Milan Lucic was out there gooning it up some more in the third period as Max was being taken to the hospital. I can’t watch it anymore. I have no desire for vengeance, that’s not why i love hockey. Like another poster below said, it isn’t easy to turn your back on something you love. But this isn’t fun anymore. You want a goon league and goon fans you got it, but I won’t be wasting any more of my time on it. The NHL embarasses me.

  147. HabinBurlington says:

    Listen to the interview he did with Bob McCown on Fan 590 today, certainly didn’t say that he thought CHara did much wrong, or that the league screwed up not giving suspension.  He said from the outset of interview he was on the the fence on this one.  We are all entitled to our opinions, for that i hold nothing against Boone.  I just don’t understand nor do i agree with his opinion.

  148. Habnofear says:

    H.H. ,I know it’s a hard reality but it will save a life in the long run by showing these  sociopaths where the line is and what happens when you cross it.

  149. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    Utter nonsense.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  150. HardHabits says:

    I know it wont happen and punkster I could care less whether you agree or not as I am sure hnf and H-P will undoubtably agree.

    I dont care about the next win in Boston. I would favour the type of response the Islanders gave the Penguins

    Screw the 2 points.

    Bring up every goon and heavyweight in the system next game in Boston. Don’t even dress Price. Put in Bonneau and Henry. Put in some players who have no NHL future. Tell them that there is a bounty on every Bruin player. Endorse full two handed slashes. Break some bones.

    Like Therrien said. They go after our star players, we’ll go after theirs.

    I know this sounds like a heat of the moment response and it is. I am disgusted. My stomach is wrenching from this incident and the league’s response.

    The Bruins will not back down and next game they will inflict even more damage on the Habs if they go there thinking they can get away with a win and not lose PK Subban or any other young promising player.

    In all my life as a hockey fan I have never been so disgusted and I want to see Bruin blood on the ice. Whatever the cost.

    The Habs better stop with the small, speedy, skilled player experiment. Not as long as there are Bruins, Flyers and Brian Burke’s truculent teams in the league.

    I fear for Subban now as I am sure he is next on the goon list for targetting.

  151. bolder says:

    PG and JM won’t do that. They both watch their players get bullied over and over, and they do nothing about it! It’s time for the Molson’s to remove these two and bring in managers that protect their players from these thugs and bullys. The habs of the glory days had some small and speedy players, but they were protected by players whom would stand up to the goons in the league! Fergie, Nilan, Odelin, Corson, Kordic, Tremblay, Robinson, Bouchard …. to name some. Now they have Pyatt, Darche, Spacek, Hammer to hold up the fort?

  152. HardHabits says:

    You wont say that after Subban is gone for the season.

  153. jbroderi says:

    when the hell did he say all that??



    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  154. Pisano says:

    Mr. Boone, Seldom have I been as disappointed in a person as I am nonce with you. Your excuses for Chara, your defending of the league in its ignorance toward Chara’s illegal hit, his intent to injure being justified by the media and your criticism of the fans of les Canadiens for being upset and basically whining about not being protected by the league from the Bruins and Philadelphia. You got your stint on Sportsnet, you sold out.

    This is a disgusting situation, it is sickening to watch the thuggery being accepted by the media. A young man is lying in the hospital with life altering injury while the perpetrator is being defended while going unpunished by a biased league.

    Sickening, disgustin and once again, very disappointed in your stance in favour of both Chara, the so-called disciplinarians and the league…

  155. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    Just repeating what I wrote on the other page, but to me, the league has once again failed to take into account the optics of the whole thing. At the very least, there should be prompt action on the part of the league to change the very structure of the boards and glass in EVERY rink in the league; and they should announce right now that they are going to ensure nothing like this EVER happens again. But they won’t.

    This is yet another example of how the NHL exists in a bubble with no sense of its place in the larger sports community, or the responsibility that comes with that towards children — the athletes of the future. The Bettman regime is so concerned about the “growth” of the NHL in the U.S., yet they seem oblivious to the league’s reputation in the major American media who continually dismiss the NHL as a bush league. And they aren’t far wrong in that analysis!

    On the heels of the findings about Probert’s brain damage, and the Gillies incident, and the loss of the game’s most renown current player, the NHL continues to act like a remnant of the pre-cambrian age of sports, populated by troglodytes, and run by callous millionaires who delight in the money blood spectacles bring. 

    The on-going farce in Phoenix, not to mention Atlanta and Nashville, just further entrenches the perception among many major influential sports commentators and journalists that professional hockey is akin to roller derby and cock-fighting — a blundering, bungling blood-sport to be covered only on VERY slow sports days, or when the league executes yet another sensational prat-fall. 

    I’m not even concerned about whether or not Chara intended to run Patches into the stanchion. The point is, it was a violent and illegal play that may have cost a promising young player his career and livelihood, not to mention his life. This makes every parent of eager young hockey players want to switch their kids to soccer. And it makes every American sports and news commentator just roll their eyes, bury the NHL standings on the back page, somewhere behind pee-wee T-ball. And who can blame them? 

    I fear for the health and well-being of not just the players, but of the game itself.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  156. dranko says:

    we seriously need to get rid of gary bettman now can we all please just start a group to get rid of bettman. hes an arrogant ignorant a**h*l*

  157. habsgirl74 says:

    i have never seen anything as atrocious as that hit last night, i’m a mom and seeing Max laying there not moving brought me to tears. I hate the fact that the nhl doesn’t seem to want to stop these things from happening but i believe the best revenge the team can get is to keep beating the Bruins and go farther than them in the playoffs abd show them that the habs are a classy team….God bless you Max and get well

  158. bolder says:

    COLON campbell

  159. Larry says:

    I hope Max talks to a lawyer and goes after these bastards in criminal and or civil court. I have no doubt he was targeted, and I can guarantee that puke Julien was the one encouraging the targeting. This league is a DISGRACE, Colin Campbell is DISGRACE and the commentators who are playing apologist for the brutality of the Boston Bruins are human garbage. The NHL can GO TO HELL

  160. jbroderi says:

    If this play happened here, or there or over there…good hockey play gone bad….unintentional…..no history of dirty plays….etc.etc.etc

    These enrage me almost as much as the actual hit.  People are searching for reasons to let this big moron off the hook for a play that had no business happening.  You know what?? It didn’t happen on the other side of the rink!  It happened by the benches, and for those of you who think Chara didn’t know where he was, take a look at the replay and how he looked up to see where he was, then he does the big forearm shiver.  It was not a good hockey play gone bad, it was blatant interference involving a player with whom he has a spotty history with.  He intentionally hit him into the boards, and he is 1005 responsible for that play since it was a punishable infraction to begin with.  Sure, he didn’t mean to break his neck, but neither did Bertuzzi, or mcSorley, or OJ for Christ’s sake!!!  He has a huge history of borderline plays that always escape punishment because “he has no prior history”.  He doesn’t even have a history now because the NHL is like a little neutered dog pissing all over the thing we love.  GOOD CLEAN TOUGH HOCKEY! 

    What happens now??  The precedent is set now that the “turnbuckle” is in play, and players cannot be punished for pushing a guy into it.  Unless they suufer a more severe injury than a broken neck, I guess. This will come back to bite the NHL.   

    This goes beyond Montreal, Boston NHL etc.  This was a chance to make a meaningful example to the players, fans, little kids watching at home, etc etc etc that the league is taking the health of the game and its players seriously and assigning it the highest priority.  They failed, and in a much bigger way than just Chara walking with no punishment.

    I apologize for the rant, but I am so upset at the turn that the league is taking that I get quite upset.

    We need a arms length group of former players, coaches GMs, referees etc who make up a 4 to 6 member commitee that decides on the length and severity of punishment.  To say that Colin Campbell didn’t have influence is ridiculous.  Murphy and Colin work together!!  No other business or league would condone such a blatant conflict of interest.  I am so surprised that the owners don’t revolt over this farce of a head office.

    Last note:  Molson should rip the NHL a new one publicly.  He can’t get fined, because the little weasel didn’t fine Lemieux.  You can’t pick and choose who you fine (sorry, i guess the NHL can, and will)  You get my point.  Someone who has computer smarts should start up a petition that we all can sign for both the NHL and for Molson and the Canadiens to at least make a statement saying that they are in complete disagreement with the league’s stance.

    Go Habs Go, and get better MAX!!  I see a game winner around early June in your future my son!!  Just not sure which year!


     “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  161. dranko says:

    I am a 24 year old male, and im all for contact sports… but this just disgusts me. Gary bettman and his whole staff need to be removed from the NHL. He is no good for this leauge and I have finally had enough with him and what hes doing with the NHL. The NHL is officialy a joke, how could anyone respect this league after all this. Not even a one game suspension, for what was clearly a dirty hit. Chara knew where he was going, if you watch that video you can see hes looking at exactly where hes directing patches. Also I dont really like Sidney crosby, I think hes a spoiled brat, but that hit on him also should of been suspension, so no im not at all surprised by this. However I am absoluetely outraged about this!! I think its time we start a facebook movement calling for the end of gary bettmens reign!! and i say we do it now! Hes a tyrant, and he should be removed just as much as ghadafi should be removed from libya!

  162. habfan1969 says:

    Very well said. Wish I was seeing this from some of the, ahem, professional hockey writers.

  163. mollek says:

    The only way to send a message to the powers that be is boycott in support of Max P.  I’m thinking an empty Molson Centre for the next habs game would send a definite message of protest that we as fans of hockey do not buy into the particular brand of bullsh*t being peddled by NHL headhunter office.

  164. Grumpyoldhab says:

    This is all a very sad situation. But I have said it many times before. Habs management, led by BG, does not stick up for their their players. Could you imagine what Burke would have to say if this had appened to a Leaf. This is also another reason why the Habs have a difficult time attracting free agents. They know what goes on with BG and his disciple PG.

  165. Danno says:

    A man was almost killed and the NHL washes its bloody hands of it all.



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  166. habsfan2442 says:

    Its real simple what the canadiens have to do now..



  167. Sportfan says:

    My thumb is down to the NHL my stomach cannot hanndle more of the gross thing we call “hockey” i love it but what i keep seeing now isn’t hockey it morons wanna kill each other bring back gladiators or how about they go to MMA or Boxing and knock their brains out I am sick of the NHL stop uining everything we love is it cause hockey os Canadas Game and you don like it when we do well ? Is the NHL so brain dead it can save its futur look at Crosby where is he? Mac Pac he was futur power forawrd developing in front of our eyes now he’s gone for who knows how long. The NHL is disgusting and should have an over haul of its uper management because this is not fun anymore

  168. habfan1969 says:

    Agreed!!! But as an employer, the NHL has to have some responsibilty for diligence in ensuring safety. I’d like to see Pac (or any other recent victims) be able to at least appeal such a crazy discretionary ruling, and if not, sue the league for criminal negligence / lack of safe working conditions.

  169. DearyLeary says:

    Edit: sorry, it won’t let me put spaces.

    I just mailed this to Gary Bettman, feel free to use it:

    When the hit first happened I was up in arms, I slept on it, and I eventually decided that a small suspension would be warranted, and while I wouldn’t like it I would live with it.  When news broke that there would be no supplementary discipline only one word came to mind: obscenity. 

    It was obscene to the Montreal crowd: the most devoted fan base the NHL has.  People who excite players, both home, and opposing (as was evidenced in a recent player poll that named the Bell Center the best place to play a hockey game).  We live the sport, it encompasses daily life for the fans.  To say that this is just a hockey play is insufficient, and unacceptable.  
    It was obscene to the season that Max Pacioretty was enjoying: a player who had redeemed himself in the franchise, working his way back up to the big club and having a major impact on the play of his team.  To say that the time he will miss (maybe an entire season’s worth, maybe more) is irrelevant in your judiciary system is an insult to the player.  Who had done nothing to deserve the injury he sustained, nor the disrespect the NHL has for his worth.
    It is obscene to the players in the league.  To say that safety is paramount, and that the NHL is taking head shots seriously, when it obviously cares little for ‘the product’.  When the game is reduced to a glorified version of Slapshot, and people cheer.  When the NHL.com website puts up a section covering last night’s action called ‘rough stuff’ and shamelessly, and sickeningly puts up a clip of Pacioretty being severely injured, it not only shows an acceptance of violence, but a celebration of it. 
    Maybe most of all it is obscene to the integrity of the sport you and your ilk claim to promote.  The injury in question happened as a result of a punishable offence: interference.  When a serious injury is sustained due to an illegal play (and Mike Murphy made no attempt to disregard the illegality of the initial incident) there has to be a response not only from the referees (who made the appropriate call) but from the league.
     Everyone was trying to ascertain the intent of the play, when in fact intent is not needed to suspend in this case.  Reckless behaviour is every bit as dangerous, if not more so at times, as malicious behaviour.  The inherent unpredictability of reckless actions is the very reason that recklessness is punished, both in every day life, and as it should be in sport.  
    The area of the rink must be taken into account as well.  We don’t see punishment doled out for hits from behind in open ice very often, but once a player is close to the boards it is universally regarded as a heinous penalty.  Why do we discount the area that this penalty took place?  As if this is somehow a different offence?  
    In plain English: a player committed a punishable offence (interference), and the player on the receiving end was injured severely.  There must be a response, no matter how small.
    As a result I am disgusted in the game that I love so dearly.  The irreverence with which you, and your staff, have treated this sport and its players has gone too far.  For the first time in my life I am seriously considering giving up on this sport.  Shame on you, and your cohorts, for lacking the integrity to make even a token gesture to the fans of Montreal, and Max Pacioretty.


  170. D Alcorn says:

    I was struck by many of the images associated with this incident last night :

    1- the initial impact : memories of the skeleton incident from Vancouver 2010

    2- the images of Max Pac lying motionless on the ice : I saw my sons, and it scared me

    3- the video of Chara going after Max Pac following the OT goal

    4- the raised eyebrows of Claude Julien, every time he presides over this crap, and

    5- the stoic (emotionless ?) Jacques Martin on the bench and after the game

    Boone questions whether one has the stomach for more of this :  Well, I don’t have the stomach for what has already happened, so forget about more of the same.  Given enough time, Buttman and his band of sycophants will take this game and this league where they should never go.

    I am a Habs fan, first, last and foremost – always have been, always will be.  And I contend that, by any standard, this so-called ” hockey play ” was gutless and sickening – point final.  I have friends who are Bruins fans and who love the Bruins ‘ style ‘.  Fair enough.  They coach minor hockey, and so I have invited them to show the video to their own kids and to their players.  If they are the people I think they are, it’ll never happen.  Codes and NHLPA aside, no athlete, no human being, should ever be subjected to that degree of abuse & disrespect in the name of ” sport “.

    Wishing Max Pacioretty a full recovery and strong rehab.  

    ALWAYS Habs – D Mex

  171. HabsFanInVictoria says:

    If I had the time to search, I’d point out the posters on this site who were calling for Bruins players to be carried out on stretchers.  You know who you are and you should be ashamed, although I’m more convinced you’ll repent by claiming to have been ‘joking’.  

  172. New says:

    I hate to say it but this is a case for the police and courts not the “employer” who has a vested interest and can hardly be considered objective or to have the interests of society or the individual in mind.

    The only way this will change is to charge the individual. Sorry but if the kids running the league can’t police themselves then adults should.

  173. forskis says:

    PG is going to say nothing…in a way it works…whatever stunts (if any) the Habs pull in the future, PG can say “hey we did not bitch about what happened to us, get off our backs NHL”…also by saying nothing does not mean they are doing nothing…for all we know, the Molsons are going to withhold a few sizeable cheques from the NHL.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  174. Mr. Habs says:

    Ryan White, the only Habs who had balls last night….

    Nothing like sticking up for your guys PG, GM!

    The Montreal Canadien’s Organization lost alot of respect from it’s Fans today

  175. jew4jah says:

    well said dave.

  176. iluvthisgame says:

    To think that GM Gauthier had all of last night and most of today to come up with a statement, and that’s all he could muster.   I thought I read that he was livid last night…I guess his ‘livid’ and my ‘livid’ are 2 very different things

    GM Gauthier, please grow a pair and protect your players.  This surely isn’t over.

    I am so saddened by this.. been crying most of the day and cannot seem to concentrate..this may very well be the day I stop watching hockey.  Going to see about cancelling RDS and the NHL network.

  177. Lafrich says:

    The most perfectly written comment. Agree 100%

  178. Flanker says:

    This was my comment to Damien Cox.  Rather than write it out again, I’ll just post it as is.  Hopefully, someone in the media will have the courage to address the real issues here.

    @font-face { font-family: “Cambria”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }

    Mr. Cox. I must respectfully take issue with your following comment.


     “Chara received an interference major and game misconduct, and to be sure, he definitely interfered with Pacioretty. But at the same time, if the collision had happened on the side of the rink without the benches, it would have just been a garden variety rub-out into the glass, and maybe even an infraction the officials ignore.”


    The major issue here is that this type of play is tolerated by all who support the NHL and hockey in general.  While interference penalties are called on these types of plays, there still exists the mentality that “garden variety rub-out” checks are acceptable because they happen so often. 


    The proper play, when the puck was knocked forward by Pacioretty, would have been for Chara to skate back hard and cut down the angle.  That is if he was able to catch up to the play.  Instead, this incident is an example of what we see all too often – a player taking a short cut for loss of momentum, lack of speed or poor positioning.   


    Many people will argue that this is a hockey play gone bad.  They will argue that the game is played very fast and that the player could not have possibly made a better decision in the given circumstances.  However, these arguments can be contradicted when one considers that a player can pick a puck out of mid-air to redirect it into the net.  Such a “miraculous” play is ultimately taught and the player perfects it through practice. They then are able to make that split-second decision that seems “unbelievable”.  


    At some point and time, these players are being taught that “rub-outs” are a good play, they practice it and it becomes reinforced by a culture that deems it acceptable. 


    This is the issue that needs to be addressed that no one is addressing.  And why is that? – because it would require a level of introspection that most people are not willing to engage in. 


    Interference is cheating and fighting is violence.  Condoning either is hypocritical if you stand for fair play and sportsmanship.


    How wonderful would it be to see a player streaking in for a breakaway chance?  That’s hockey as it should be.


    Be well.

  179. Lafrich says:

    Wow. Not sure how I can watch a game with this on my mind. A travesty.

  180. RGM says:

    Said GM is also $50,000 lighter in the bank account for said comment.

    Go Habs Go!

  181. cunningdave says:

    I don’t understand the confusion and hand-ringing from hockey experts.  It doesn’t matter what his intent was, or whether he has a clean record.  It should work the same way as it does in real life.

    If you run a stop sign and a cop sees you, you get a fine and some demerit points.  No big deal.

    If you run a stop sign, hit and seriously injure a pedestrian, and the cop sees you, you will be nailed to the wall.  Your life will be ruined.  It doesn’t matter what your previous driving record is.  You did something criminally negligent.

    What Chara did was illegal according to the rules – it was interference of a player while he did not have the puck.  I think you should apply the same reasoning – if it was a clean hit on a legal play, I would agree that no suspension is warranted.  But it wasn’t a clean play.  There should not be degrees of illegal when it comes to player safety.  It should not matter at what point of the game it was, what score it was, of if a player doesn’t like another player, because all of that is subjective.  

    If a player seriously injures another player while doing something illegal, he should be nailed to the wall for it.   It’s really not that complicated.

  182. sulham44 says:

    My naivety is in my reliance upon logic which means that yes, I am surprised even though deep down I know better.

    To me the inherent severity of a fractured vertebrae where the “good” news was that is wasn’t displaced would logically result in a significant suspension particularly when the “hockey play” had already been determined to be illegal by the officials on the ice issuing a 5 minute major and ejection.

    It’s yet another application of an age old debate of what is worse, failure due to ignorance/incompetence or failure due to willful intent. The NHL has failed on one of these accounts: either due to the ignorance/incompetence of not recognizing that actions have consequences and illegal actions should have severe consequences lest they be repeated or due to willful intent where recognition was present, but other interests compelled them to ignore it. Either way is unforgivable and now only the victim of an egregiously illegal play is suffering the consequences short and long term.

    It makes no difference the extent to which Chara intended to inflict injury. He willfully made an illegal play and extended that play beyond its necessity aware of the risk associated with the location of the play and it would be well within reason to suppose that Chara intended to extend the play precisely because of the location especially in a league that markets its violence. Had Pacioretty miraculously not been injured on this play you can bet it would appear in Rock ’em Sock ’em Hockey, on NHL Center Ice marketing promotions, and on NBC or Versus should these teams meet in the playoffs.

    At some point in time the league will suffer irreparable consequences well beyond those that should ever be necessary when a player is paralyzed, permanently brain damaged, or God forbid killed in a game. I’ve played this sport since I was four. Had a concussion or two, been stitched up without novocaine, and just had shoulder surgery for multiple dislocations. It is a man’s game to be sure. But man implies human and the league is being ruled by animals right now.

    Get well soon MaxPac because we can’t wait to give you the deafening applause for which Habs fans and the Belle Center are known and for which there is no equal.

  183. RGM says:

    Just so that we have our reference point – the punishment for a dangerous and reckless play that results in a player having his neck broken and his brain severely concussed = 20 minutes, 15 seconds’ worth of timeout.

    Go Habs Go!

  184. Black Snake Moen says:

    PG just released a statement saying “The NHL made it’s decision, and it’s not for us to express our opinion publicly”


    where is his spine?!

    what is he afraid of? a measly fine!? LA’s GM lashed out at the NHL for a DISSALOWED GOAL and PG can’t find the balls to call a spade a spade and speak out on this travesty!?

    If I’m Max and his family, I demand a trade and go to a team with a GM who CARES ABOUT HIS PLAYERS.  And isn’t afraid to sacrifice 1% of his salary to stand up for what’s fucking right.  This just gets sadder and sadder by the hour.  Please Boone, please somebody, anybody, do something, this is WRONG.  Where is the media in this.  Thomas Jefferson said “the spirit of resistance to ‘goverment’ is so valuable that I wish it to always be kept alive”.  This team, this league, this game needs some of that spirit right about now.

  185. habsfan0 says:

    Screw the NHL. Can Chara be charged criminally? Hell, the cops went after Dave Winfield for killing a seagull.

  186. Habnofear says:

    No surprise here ….like I said before, next time sit the smaller players and grab the bigger Dogs and give those Fkers the beat down of their lives! If the Bruins had any respect for the Habs this shit wouldn’t of happened and I have been calling for the management to act before it was too late.Now it’s time for beat-down plan2 and that will probably save a life down the road! Get her done Gauthier and Martin …make it so!

  187. Catwalker13 says:

    If Max-Pac is not able to pursue his very promising career, I hope he sues Chara and the league for lost wages as well as other damages. The league refuses to police their own players so our legal system should hold them jointly and severally responsible.

    I have been a hockey fan for over 50 years and I can’t remember a time I have felt so sick inside since Lou Fontinato broke his neck playing for the Habs. Campbell and Murphy obviously didn’t see the same hit that I did. In the one I saw, Chara was pushing Pacioretty forward to increase the speed at which he hit the stanchion while guiding him with his hands to make sure there was nothing Max could do to avoid hitting it. And this is what Murphy calls unintentional?! This is just another hockey play, right Colin?

    I call it criminal.

    And I call what Murphy did, equally so.

  188. pricefor25 says:

    WOW..i dont think i can stomach this..not even a fine??..WOW..

  189. hablifting says:

    Here’s my take, no doubt to get all sorts of heat.  Luckily I don’t give a crap.

    Both Chara and Max were reckless on this play. 

    Reckless on Max for not being aware of his location on the ice.  If he had been there is no way in hell that we would have let Chara ride him into the boards there.  There is no way that Max wins that hit even IF his head doesn’t hit the partition.  If it’s not his head then he separates a shoulder or breaks an arm.

    Reckless on Chara for finishing his check LATE with the puck nowhere to be seen.  Reckless for not letting up if he saw the partition coming.  Very likely he is guilty of the same thing as Max and that’s not being aware of his physical location on the ice. I simply do not believe that the head + turnbuckle thing is possible to be planned out at the speeds these guys are going.  That opportunity would maybe present itself one time in a career. Forget it.

    The 5 minute major and game misconduct must have played some part in why we don’t see a suspension today.  However I submit that an illegal play “interference” that leads to an injury should be subject to some sort of additional disipline.  The problem may be that interference is normally viewed as a victimless penalty, its not like slashing or high sticking or elbowing/kneeing.  Those can be viewed as an intentional attack.

    This should have been dealt with as interference AND roughing and subject to 5-10 games.

    By the way for all the people wringing their hands over this decision.  There is no way you can give this a season long or lifetime ban without completely destroying the physical nature of this game.

  190. Shiloh says:

    The league is a joke. Gary Suter destroyed the careers of two of the most talented offensive players ever – Gretzky and Kariya. He was not punished. Crosby’s career threatened – nobody’s punished. Pacioretti’s life endangered – nothing.

    The referees have virtually no rights – they piss off Colon and they’re fired (after getting crucified by email). And when the referees get it right, the old boys club “fixes” it anyway.

    This is an unfair bush league which deserves to be less popular than high school bowling. This is an unfair bush league that gives away its US television rights. This league is a joke.

    My son just called – he’s taking my grandson out of hockey – and the little guy loves the game. I can’t blame him, though.

  191. Habbu says:

    I am as angry as ‘Jules’ from Pulp Fiction

    “And, I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! And, you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”

  192. Black Snake Moen says:

    good for him, I’m sure if one of his players had his spine demolished and have it go unpunished, he’d have some choice words, no?

    grow a set

  193. hablifting says:

    Very true.  You know what they say about being carefull what you wish for…..

  194. ZepFan2 says:

    “I could not find any evidence to suggest that, beyond this being a correct call for interference, that Chara targeted the head of his opponent, left his feet or delivered the check in any other manner that could be deemed to be dangerous.” 

    Note to the Mike “Mental Midget” Murphy:

    Of course he didn’t leave his feet, he’s 6’9″ you idiot. He doesn’t have to leave his feet to deliver the forearm to the head that everyone but you and the rest of the idiots you hired missed.

    Here, maybe this would have helped, ya’ pea-brain.


    Now go f-ck yourself!

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  195. ZepFan2 says:

    “led by BG, does not stick up for their their players.”

    A couple of names for you: Patrice Brisebois, Carey Price and P.K. Subban.

    Gainey stuck up for them.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  196. DLHABSNUT65 says:

     In hockey, you throw a hit to seperate the player from the puck! Chara threw a hit to seperate the head from the shoulders!! NO RESPECT!!! I have never been so disgusted after the Habs defeated the bruins so easily!!! Get well soon Max….you’re awesome!!!

  197. D Alcorn says:


    The Bertuzzi was reviewed by authorities, and this goes well beyond that incident IMHO.


    ALWAYS Habs – D Mex

  198. habfan1969 says:

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, the statement strongly implies they are “expressing their opinion” PRIVATELY at the moment. I’m sure Gauthier & the Molsons are letting fly where it counts for now– to Campbell & Bettman. Hopefully they’re trying to argue for an appeal of the decision, or threatening legal action somehow.

  199. S_Dot says:

    Anyone know where and who to direct letters of protest to? 

    Regardless of intent, isn’t it time for the league to suspend players that injure others during the course of illegal infractions? We all understand that Chara never left his feet or delivered the check in any other manner that could be deemed to be dangerous, but he implicated himself when he said he knew exactly where he was, didn’t know that the pole was there, but knew the benches were there…that means that he was trying to at a MINIMUM put Max into the Bruins bench or even the 1st row of the Bell Centre…isn’t that enough? That isn’t in the course of play! 

    This is just unbelievable…and yes Boone, I’m losing my stomach for this and I’m only 24, someone was inches away from passing away last night, and yet Chara walks away hands clean. 


  200. Lafrich says:

    We can stop watching and paying outrageous sums to go to games.

  201. Flanker says:

    Nothing much that would carry weight with those with the power to enact change. 

    However, continuing to write is better than to ignore the issue all together. 



  202. Kappy says:


    We as fans need to take a stand.  What can we do to draw more attention to this?

  203. DearyLeary says:

    Thank you very much.

  204. HugeHabsFan says:

    Agreed DL!

    ……….. “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!” I STILL BELIEVE. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE. Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  205. HugeHabsFan says:

    DL – I went on a mission.  Here you go.

    NHL Head Office–Fax# 212-789-2020……E-mail gbettman@nhl.com

    Thanks to Ian for posting this info.


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


    Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  206. DearyLeary says:

    The worst part is that I believe the NHL is capable of something so digusting.  The refs themselves called a penalty on the play, and someone got seriously injured.

    In plain english, someone broke the rules, the player who was on the receiving end got seriously injured (possibly a career threatening injury) and they feel no need for suplementary discipline.  That’s a slap in the face to every Montrealer, and spitting in the face of Max, who did nothing to deserve this.

  207. tony d says:


  208. geo_habsgo says:

    And yet Cammy got two games at the beginning of the season for some slashes. Yeah I totally see the justice.

  209. bbezza says:

    greetings from sunny Burnaby, BC…

    the silver lining of this story is that Habs will continue their domination of the Bruins… always have… always will…

  210. Harry says:

    “I could not find any evidence to suggest that, beyond this being a correct call for interference, that Chara targeted the head of his opponent” (Mike Murphy-V.P.-NHL)


    …….What exactly was Chara’s hand targetting?

  211. bp says:

    Joke, only a matter of time until the courts step in because some much of the hockey community (including a lot of the talking heads) live on a different planet when it comes to violence in hockey. There are voices of reason – Stubbs, Arther, Cole but too many are ok with the status quo.  


  212. doug19 says:

    Yea this makes it hard to follow hockey any longer, think I wil cancel my RDS!

  213. Captain aHab says:

    If Habs management doesn’t lose it publicly, I think I’ll stop watching hockey like I did for 10 years during the clutch and grab years.

  214. doug19 says:

    Good points clearly Murphy is not in charge of himself and or any sense of dicipline.

    Welcome to the


  215. SeriousFan09 says:

    Murphy says Chara didn’t leave his feet. Well of course Chara didn’t have to leave his feet, Pacioretty is 6’2″, not 7’2″. Chara’s never had to leave his feet in his career to cause someone harm. He just has to his freakish size and strength to crush someone like he’s not even there.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  216. jew4jah says:

    true dat!

  217. RMc says:

    what do you think parents would rather have their kids watch…a lifeless body on the ice or something they can hear on the radio.  I don’t understand one decision this band of idiots makes. 

  218. Admiral_Adama says:

    same league that kicked a guy out for the rest of the year because he acted like a frat guy (Avery).


    Bloody joke it has become, this league.

  219. JVF says:

    By the way, Is Darche anywhere near coming back? We’re going to need bodies… in a big way!

  220. Marvin says:

    The NHL is more concerned with losing a team in Phoenix than it is about a player whose career could be threatened by a vicious hit. What a travesty this league is turning out to be. I’ve had it.

  221. sidhu says:

    F Chara

    F Murphy

    F this league

  222. Captain aHab says:

    I’m not one to argue for retribution but I’ll make an exception here. Bring up someone big from Hamilton and tell him to take out Chara’s knees next game. He’ll get a 2-game suspension for a first time offense.

  223. EricMelvin says:

    Is there any avenue for appeal in Bettman’s Dictatorship? Does the NHLPA have too vested

    an interest on both sides of the issue to come out on one side or the other? 




  224. HugeHabsFan says:

    Mike, I really don’t.  I’ve never felt so deflated. 

    I really want to walk away and never support anything to do with the NHL again.  But I LOVE my Habs.  I’ve been a Habs fan since I can remember watching the games with my Dad when I was about 4 years old.  And that’s a LONG time ago, lol. 

    How do we, as fans, get the message across to the NHL that we’re done?  Reality is – they don’t care anyway.  But I’m just sooooo frustrated!!!  How can a man have his neck broken and there be no further disciplinary action?


    “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


    Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  225. DearyLeary says:

    I’m close to just not wanting to watch hockey anymore… I’m sick to my stomach.

  226. RMc says:

    All the league cares about is keeping their old boys club in power and hopefully promoting the game in the US.  The latter is clearly failing, and anytime I’ve seen highlights of the sport on US networks it is either a insane brawl, a bloody fight or someone being carried off on a stretcher.  I really hope the NHL is aware that having footage of a US BORN player who was developed in the US College system being nearly killed with no retribution is not going to make young American parents either sign their kids up for youth hockey or take them to games.  It’s not 1980 anymore, adhering to “the code” or saying it was a “hockey play” is not acceptable anymore…maybe it takes someone getting killed on NBC for the league to finally understand this. 

  227. dranko says:

    I am a 24 year old male, and im all for contact sports… but this just disgusts me. Gary bettman and his whole staff need to be removed from the NHL. He is no good for this leauge and I have finally had enough with him and what hes doing with the NHL. The NHL is officialy a joke, how could anyone respect this league after all this. Not even a one game suspension, for what was clearly a dirty hit. Chara knew where he was going, if you watch that video you can see hes looking at exactly where hes directing patches. Also I dont really like Sidney crosby, I think hes a spoiled brat, but that hit on him also should of been suspension, so no im not at all surprised by this. However I am absoluetely outraged about this!! I think its time we start a facebook movement calling for the end of gary bettmens reign!! and i say we do it now! Hes a tyrant, and he should be removed just as much as ghadafi should be removed from libya!

  228. Morenz7 says:

    Well, it’s too late to riot… :)

    So I was thinking: how could Habs fans react to this in a way that would get the league’s attention? I mean, if you want to keep cheering for the Canadiens, you are indirectly feeding this mockery called the NHL, and a so-called disciplinary process run by semi-literate culls. Every ticket you buy, every overpriced jersey you shell out for, every ad you watch on RDS—all of it feeds the beast.

    Then it struck me: what if Canadiens fans vowed to free Montreal—the entire province of Quebec, even—of the National Hockey League logo? Clip the tag bearing the NHL logo from your Habs cap. Go ahead. I’ve already done it. Childish, yes, but it felt great. 

    Take a black Sharpie, very carefully, to the one on the corner of your son’s bedroom poster. Tear it off your Habs bumper-sticker. Have your wife take a seam-ripper (there is such an instrument, mine tells me) to the one on your souvenir jersey.

    The next step is to get at the ones that appear in public. Call it a boycott. Call it “re-branding.” I’m not one to counsel vandalism, but business owners who display NHL products are free to act against the offending brand (if it were me, I would deface it with relish). And hey, if people take the law into their own hands at bus shelters and the like … whaddya gonna do? It’s like “a hockey play that results in an injury.” Nobody’s fault.

    I like to imagine hundreds of hand-drawn Canadiens logos scrawled over the cheesy NHL shield, all over Montreal. All over Quebec. Here and there, where the great Habs tribe lives, across Canada, down in Florida, around the world.

    The Habs are ours, NHL. They are bigger than you. Really, they are.

  229. gumper says:

    I hope that when Max is recovered enough to launch legal proceedings against Chara that he doesn’t forget to name Campbell for his complicity in the cover up.

  230. Castor says:

    Sean Avery suspended for a comment. Wiz suspended for an obscene gesture.

    Chara not suspended for nearly (accidental or not) killing someone.

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