Mathias Brunet of La Presse thought he had a scoop. Today Brunet reported the Canadiens had ordered equipment for Marian Hossa.

Players headed to Atlanta: Michael Ryder, Mark Streit (both of whom, like Hossa, scheduled to become UFAs July 1), plus a draft choice or prospect.

Not true.

What happened was hockey gloves looking very much like those worn by the Canadiens were labeled "Hossa"  and delivered to the Bell Centre on Tuesday.

New York Rangers wear the same colour gloves as the Canadiens. Rangers have a player named Hossa, Marian’s kid brother (and Canadiens’ first-round draft choice bust) Marcel. 


Hey, does anyone have insider information on the size of Alex Tanguay’s "equipment"?

A cup was delivered to the Bell Centre …



  1. showey47 says:

    Exactly, hey i would of loved nothing more than for ryder to of had a 35 to 40 goal season with us and bob sign him to more than a one year deal. I just think that with the way carbo has treated him add to that ryder and bob can never agree to anything more than a one year deal. Ryder will probably be looking somewhere else for a chance to re-establish himself as a top 6 winger and for more than one season deal.

  2. ZepFan2 says:

    “Anyways…Does it bother you that much that I have made a statement saying Ryder will not be back?”

    Only the part where you state that Gainey wont sign Ryder. Other than that, I’m just not happy about this potential trade.

    In the end though, it’s just a business. I understand that. I’m more worried about the chemistry on this team.

    Bottom line, like you and most others (not FFS), I’m a Habs fan!!

    With that I’ll just say…Go Habs Go!

  3. Richard says:

    Whoops! One mistake…

    This doesn’t have to be a fair trade. Hossa is being auctioned off – highest bidder wins all – no matter how lopsided.

  4. MikeL says:

    Yeah I misread it and tried changing it but you replied too quickly. Anyways…Does it bother you that much that I have made a statement saying Ryder will not be back? Go read other posts made in the last 30 mins. Many say the same thing as I have. I don’t think anyone needs to know Bob Gainey personally to say that Ryder will not be back next year.

  5. Rogie30 says:

    Streit aint Bobby Orr.

  6. Rogie30 says:

    Hossa, Hossa, now lets add some toughness to the mix, and kick some Ottawa a.

  7. ZepFan2 says:

    “If you “bet” Ryder will not be here next year, then why are you arguing with me?”


    Are you sure you’re not the senile one?

    Look again, those are quotation marks around YOUR statement.


  8. Blitzen says:

    Anybody else hoping that Hossa, Sundin, Jokinen, Campbell and Tanguay all get traded by Monday? Then TSN can spend 10 hours talking to John Ferguson Jr about the great job he did rebuilding the Laffs.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  9. NLhabsfan says:

    How do we know anything is being done…trade wise…maybe he is going to stand pat:)Rumors on trades are never reliable.

  10. MikeL says:

    If you “bet” Ryder will not be here next year, then why are you arguing with me?

  11. Wencz says:

    Good trade. It’s great that many of us are frothing at the mouth over trading two guys like Ryder and Streit for one of the leagues most coveted fwds. Only in Montreal, god love ya. It just highlights the emotional attachment of this team’s fans to its team and its players. I think most of us feel that Ryder has been treated somewhat unfairly this year, and we were hoping to see him come out on top, wearing the CH. I was anyway.

    At the end of the day though, if we are able to sign Hossa, I think this is a great trade, one that will turn us into contenders.

    Trust Bob, IMO.

  12. Plek-Andrew says:

    I’m with you, Mikey…
    We finally have the potential of having a star and people are shooting down rumors… yes streit is versatile but at his age, he can very easily be replaced. I love him to death and would rather have Streit on my team as opposed to Markov (check the stats and the pay) but he IS a UFA and would demand a lot next year.
    Like I’ve said countless times. Gainey’s gonna make trades that NO ONE expects. That’s his style. Even rumor sites have a hard time tracking Gainey’s actions and the moderators all have “sources” but this is something that I have definitely read elsewhere.

    We’ll just wait and see…

  13. cautiousoptimist says:

    I’ve been arguing that we shouldn’t trade the future for the present, but if this is the deal, it’s hard to say no. I like Ryder and Streit – especially Ryder – but they’re both UFAs, and I can’t see a) Ryder re-signing here after the year he’s had or b) Gainey paying Streit what he could fetch elsewhere. Add that to the fact that Streit has said he prefers playing D to forward, and it looks like a good deal for everyone involved. And Hossa beats the hell out of Tanguay.

  14. Richard says:

    I have to say, this actually makes a lot of sense.

    1. Michael Ryder is not coming back. Every year at contract time he wants to go to arbitration but manages to avoid it at the last second. This year, he wouldn’t get arbitration because he’s UFA. Every year or two he has shown to be difficult with negotiations. Bob will certainly not want to deal with it. Also, he is not a natural two-way player (although he has been greatly improving this year). Carbo’s system requires strong 2-way players to work best.

    He is also not a bad player, only had a bad year. He has also shown that he may be snapping out soon. Most importantly, he has dealt with his difficulties maturely, which is not necessarily common in the NHL.
    There will be plenty of teams who will be interested in signing him, and know that they can get a good deal because he’s had a bad year.
    And you never know when a star will resurrect: Ribeiro in Dallas or Samsonov in Carolina.

    In conclusion, he is a good player in an off year that doesn’t fit our system, has reasonable trade value, and will certainly not be desirable to resign.

    2. First of all, I love Mark Streit. I think that he is one of the greatest assets that Montreal has, and I’m sure that Gainey is up-playing how versatile and talented he is. But let’s look at what we’re giving up:

    Defenseman: Mark Streit can be a 2nd line defenceman on most teams and a first line defenceman on some. In Montreal, he could be at most our #4 (after Markov, Komi, Hamr) but is realistically much lower down because of the recent expolosion of Bouillon and the fact that O’Byrne and Gorges are being molded.

    Forward: Mark Streit can play and has played as a first line forward, would work on a 2nd, but is probably most natural on the 3rd. He can score on any of those lines. Montreal is playing him on the 4th line.

    PP QB: He’s can be a fantastic QB on any team and is our #2. We know Komi, Hamrlik, and Buillon are mediocre QB’s, but who’s to say that Gorges and O’Byrne can’t do it with practice. Plus the defenseman in back is a little less important if we have better scoring up front.

    Versatility: Mark Streit can play all these positions in the same game depending on injuries or how the game turns.

    What we lose: a 4th liner, 7th defenseman, #2 QB, and versatility.
    What they gain: a scoring 3rd liner who can play on any line, a 2nd (or 1st) line defenseman, a (probable) #1 QB, and versatility.

    With a draft or prospect, Atlanta is losing in Hossa what they are gaining in Ryder and Streit. Montreal, however, is benefiting because we are not using Streit to the level that he can be used in Atlanta (i.e. his trade value is higher than his worth on the Habs, like trading a goalie as a #1 starter when he’s playing as your #2).

    In a trade, each team loses something. But we are under-using Streit because of our depth and Ryder wasn’t coming back anyway and in return we get Hossa. Atlanta is losing Hossa but he wouldn’t resign there anyway so they’re getting two quality players. Both teams are gaining more than they’re losing. That means it’s a good trade.

    Sorry this went on so long.

  15. ZepFan2 says:

    “You sound like a senial old man.”

    Calm down sonny!!

    This senile old man NEVER stated what Gainey would do or not. That seems to be your forte.

    “All I said was I bet Ryder will not be here next year”

    Umm and you’re calling me senile. lol

    YOU said Bob Gainey would not sign Ryder next year.

  16. Wencz says:

    haha… “you sir are no BG”, funny

  17. MikeL says:

    Wow..I don’t even know if this is worth responding to. You sound like a senial old man. I’m “no Bob Gainey”…Uh…Duh! When did I claim that I make decisions or that I am as wise as Gainey? All I said was I bet Ryder will not be here next year….which I thought was a pretty unaminous thought. Apparently not…

    Oh and congratulations on meeting Bob Gainey…I guess that means you are allowed to forcast what he does, but nobody else can.

  18. Blitzen says:

    Let’s look at Ryder and Streit’s playoff stats for a minute

    17 GP 3 goals, 5 assists -9

    1 GP 0 goal, 0 assist 0

    55 GP 13 goals, 22 assists, -9

    When he was still young, Hossa had a tough time in the playoffs, then he put in two years where he got close to a point a game. And remember that those were the years when the Sens lacked grit. He also has more playoff experience than the other two.

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  19. Wencz says:

    it can take a second to sink in, but it’s the truth

  20. Wencz says:

    yup, trust the guy, he’s a proven winner.

  21. ZepFan2 says:

    “The damage is already done. Some g.m. after july 1st will offer him a 3 year deal close to 10 million.”

    Yeah, if I’m Ryder and some g.m. is offering me ten mill…sayonara Montreal

  22. ZepFan2 says:

    Yeah, thanks for your insight. I’ll wait till it actually happens before I make a statement like yours.

    Maybe it’s true Ryder wont be here, maybe he will be traded. If he is though, it wont be up to you. That job falls in the lap of Bob Gainey.

    I’ve met Bob Gainey, you sir are NO Bob Gainey!

  23. Blitzen says:

    Thought about this some more:

    Yep he had a great game and he has had 30 goal seasons. But why does he never sign for more than a year? Funny how he plays well when the season winds down. Think it might have to do with getting a contract for the following year? I think the odds are just as high that he would go back to doing less after the big game. I would be worried about signing him long term and maybe Bob is too. I guess we’ll find out when Toronto signs him for $4M per year next year for 4 years with a no movement clause.

    I like him also but let’s get real. If the guy is all that’s holding the team’s chemistry together, don’t you think that Carbo and Bob realize that? The guy has points and plays well on the PP but I’m guessing that Hossa will more than make up for that. SKoz has shown he can also play the point and I’m betting someone else will step up.

    Proven scorer. The guy has been playing on basically a one-line team and still has more goals than all of our guys except Kovy. On a team that would now have two great lines, other teams won’t be able to focus on him anymore. I think he would break out big time. Sucks in the playoffs? What have Streit and Ryder done in the playoffs again? Didn’t Alfie suck in the playoffs before?

    Fundamentally, I don’t think we were going to resign Ryder and Streit next year. I actually think Streit may be the next Souray. Get big money somewhere else. Like someone else mentioned, it’s not like we’re hurting in depth at D.

    If that’s the trade, then by all means do it.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  24. JB says:

    Someone look at Hossa’s playoff stats before you get to excited

  25. showey47 says:

    All i’m gonna say is put yourself in ryder’s shoes. He has been carbo’s whipping boy for most of the season and has spent 10 games in the pressbox while guys like lats and to some extent dandy have gotten a virtual free ride. The guy has been our top goal scorer for the past 2 seasons and he gets treated like a fringe fourth liner because things haven’t gone his way this season. The sad part is he will probably still score at least 20 goals, playing a limited role. The damage is already done. Some g.m. after july 1st will offer him a 3 year deal close to 10 million.

  26. tony d says:

    if we get Sundin instead of Hossa, the Leafs get the motor boat since they’ll be doing some early fishing having missed the playoffs again!!

  27. projectpete19 says:

    that was sergeis position in the OHL, dont know how he would do in the big leagues

  28. MikeL says:

    Is it some sort of mystery to you that Ryder is not coming back? I’m not sure where you have been over the last year or so, but you should try doing a little research before you claim everybody else needs to know players/gm’s personally. It is pretty safe to say Ryder isn’t coming back…in fact, he’s likely going to be gone before the deadline. That’s reality bud…live with it.

  29. ZepFan2 says:

    Oh, so you know “Bob” personally then.

  30. MikeL says:

    Bob is not signing him. I’d put a lot of money on it.

  31. ZepFan2 says:

    “Ryder? Can we get real here for just one second? This guy has been a disappointment all year.”

    Kovy was brutal last year. Are you happy we didn’t trade him?

    Ryder has 3 great years and one bad and that equates to running him out of town?!

    How do you know he wont sign here next year, do you know him personally?

  32. RS says:

    I like Mark Streit. He’s versatile, a smart player and he’s put up some pretty good points this year. But he should not be considered untouchable. If the right deal comes along, I could understand him being traded. I also like Hossa.

    Streit is an important guy on the PP, however. He is our second best PP quarterback after Markov. If we trade Streit, after Markov, what do we have for the PP? Breezer? Sergei? Gorges? Hammer? Frankie the Bull? It’s quite a drop off after Markov.

  33. showey47 says:

    If the rumour is true i would say hossa would play right wing with saku and higgins, not really breaking up any set line. I don’t see how you could compare samsonov to hossa, when was the last time samsonov had 50 points, never mind close to 100. They are 2 completly different types of players.

  34. MikeL says:

    Samsonov and Hossa arn’t even comparable.

  35. piche says:

    LOL – I have been reading transltated articles for a while… I like the high-speed motorboat (ie star player) and the guys smelling themselves well (which I believe translates to feeling pretty good and is usually written when a guy is coming back from injury).

  36. vic says:

    Word in Toronto Hossa is going to Detroit.I think its all smoke right now.
    I dont like the trade. where does he play,which line do we break up.
    I dont think it will work out memories of sammy.

  37. Barts says:


  38. RS says:

    Hossa is a pending UFA. Waddell can’t seem to sign him. So he is going to lose him. He wants something in return, both for short-term (they still want to make the playoffs) and longer-term. Thus, the UFAs could still help out this season. But the draft picks/prospects would be an important aspect of the deal. I suspect that if this deal goes through it might involve some pretty good prospects or early round picks.

  39. 9410 says:

    Upon further review, I thought they were better spread out amongst the other lines, with Kovalev’s carrying more of the load. Your right, on all accounts, Streit and the scoring. I apologize I should have reviewed my facts before posting. Damn i need some coffee.

  40. RS says:

    There’s always the Breezer option for the point on the PP. I’m only half joking.

  41. 24 Cups says:

    Assuming we are not giving up our first round pick, I think the rumoured deals to bring Hossa to Montreal are fantastic. We have absolutely nothing to lose except Streit, and he plays a position where we have the most depth in the organization. His spot on the PP will be taken by Hossa. Markov is still the most important guy on the blueline on the PP. Ryder isn’t coming back to Montreal next year and if anyone thinks he is then they really don’t understand free agency and the salary cap in the new NHL. Streit probably would have re-signed with Montreal but it would be around $3mil a year. Ryder + Streit + Smolinski = 8mil
    Subtract $1.5 mil to replace Streit and Smolinski with Hamilton players (Grabovski & Chipchura) next year and you are still up $6.5 mil next year. Even if you re-sign Hossa for $8 mil a year it would only push the cap up $1.5. You would have a real shot at a Cup for this year and NEXT year before you had to possibily restructure the salary grid to accomodate future raises to our young stars. We would also be saving money in the future if we didn’t re-sign Huet next year. Everybody is crapping all over Hossa. Why? Would you rather have Gomez, Briere, Drury, Richards? The money is basically the same. What do you think Pittsburph is going to have to give Malkin next year? It’s going to be between 7-8 mil. Count on it. That’s the price of having a star these days. If we make this deal we also have to make another deal where we pick up a solid, depth defensman. Dandy and Brisebois won’t cut it in the playoffs and it’s too much pressure to put on a kid from Hamilton. We need to fill Streit’s role on the back end.
    I mentioned team chemistry yesterday and it’s a major factor. Only Gainey and Carbo can truly answer how the team would be impacted by bringing in Hossa and a new defenseman. Streit has been great all year and will be missed. Ryder? Can we get real here for just one second? This guy has been a disappointment all year. Maybe it’s his fault, maybe it’s partly Carbo’s fault. The fact remains that he’s not cutting it. I know he has scored in the past few games but he still isn’t coming back next year. Ryder is a second line winger at best – Hossa is a first line winger, he’s an impact player. Ryder is a shot in the dark most nights. I can go on and on. But let me finish by asking you one question. If someone said to you in October that we could get Hossa for Ryder what would you have honestly said? This deal, as outlined on this site, is a win-win situation. Our core nucleus stays in place and we get a real shot at the Cup. I say roll the dice because what we have right now isn’t good enough to beat Ottawa and Jersey in a long playoff series. We need just a bit more.

    The Original 24 Cups

  42. frank81 says:

    It’s hilarious how Bob McKenzie kills every rumour related to the Canadiens. It’s almost like a game of whack-a-mole for him.

  43. Naila Jinnah says:

    I think the most unlikely part of this rumour is Streit leaving.
    But then again, who am I to know?

  44. RGM says:

    That would be a very interesting move, to be sure. Lots of impending UFA’s there, but the thing to remember is that if Atlanta has legit interest in both Streit and Ryder, they would have a months-long window of opportunity to re-sign them to new deals. It’s not as simple as “come play here for the rest of the season and we’ll see what happens on July 1st.” They’d likely receive permission from the Canadiens to open up exactly those kind of talks, much like Gainey would request the same permission vis-a-vis Hossa. The team is obviously not afraid to spend money; if they offered a guy like Briere a better deal than the 8-year, $52M he got from Philly, surely they’d be able to offer Hossa a considerable incentive to stay. Trade-and-sign could become a major buzzword around this time of year.

    See you April 5th at the Bell Centre!

  45. Naila Jinnah says:

    Check yesterday’s practice audio.

  46. Dingwell says:

    If this trade is for real, hopefully we can sign him to an extension..

    All the Habs need now is Chris Gratton and the team will go deep

  47. ZepFan2 says:

    I smoke weed from time to time, and even I think this trade sucks.

    An impact player is one thing, but chemistry is a whole different ballgame.

    Right now the Habs have chemistry up the ying/yang. Why break that up?

  48. MikeL says:

    Our offence is not spread out with only 1 line scoring most of our goals. Koivu’s line hasn’t really produced consistent offense in a long time. They didn’t even produce in the big comeback. (Ya koivu got an assist but it was on the PP when Kostitsyn and Kovalev were still out there) Taking Streit out would not put in Breezer, it would put in a 4th liner (Smolinski or Kostopolous).

  49. lemess says:

    This from the above linked article – translated by babelfish:

    “for the attacker high-speed motorboat 29 year old, Marian Hossa.”

    Does that mean we get Hossa AND a motorboat?

  50. 9410 says:

    That makes a lot of sense, thats good justification for the trade, but I would be hesitating to make it. I never thought of what you said regrading the message he is sending. I don’t see this deal being made unless we sign Hossa to an extension before the end of the season. I don’t see Gainey renting anybody, and giving up a piece of the future in terms of a pick or prospect. I also hope he does not give in a pick or any of the top prospects, but realistically after getting fleeced for Tkatchuk last year, Waddell is gonna do what he can to get a highly touted prospect.

  51. MikeL says:

    From Bob McKenzie:

    The Marian Hossa Sweepstakes are on hold – for now.

    Amid published reports out of Montreal that the Canadiens have ordered equipment for Hossa in the event they secure his rights and out of Ottawa, where the Senators are apparently in a holding pattern on Hossa, the focus in Atlanta today is strictly on the Thrashers’ game tonight against Carolina.

    Sources say Atlanta GM-head coach Don Waddell is in full coach mode today and won’t be working the phones or advancing any trade talk for the talented winger who is likely to be dealt before Tuesday’s NHL trade deadline.

    But sources also told TSN that before Waddell resumes trade talk on Hossa, he wants to take one final stab at seeing if he can sign the winger to a contract extension. That effort, the source said, would likely take place on Friday. If it’s unsuccessful, and Hossa himself has been quoted as saying it’s a longshot he would re-sign in Atlanta before July 1, then Waddell will attempt to close a deal for Hossa this weekend.

    Teams reportedly interested in Hossa include Montreal, Ottawa, New Jersey, Detroit and San Jose, amongst others.

  52. 9410 says:

    “Ya there may be chemistry, but you are all only bringing this up because of the big win”. Maybe, but this team has much more of a “team first” mentality than has been seen since the early 90’s. This year we’ve finally seen more than most of the players sticking up for each other, especially the goalies, and willing to drop the gloves. Look at what happened in Nashville and Atlanta last year after getting Forsberg and Tkatchuk respectively, they both lost early because they did play well as a team. Fact is streit is a good and very well experienced player whose logged tons of minutes for the swiss national teams in big games.
    Messing with chemistry could hurt the team in the short run but if they come together in home stretch it should be fine. I stand by what i said yesterday; we dont need more offensive firepower, we have the second highest goals for in the east at 192 compared to Ottawa’s 204 and third in the NHL after Detroits 199. Offense is there, and spread out decently. We need more toughness for a deep playoff run, and giving up Streit puts in Breezer; whose is not that tough.
    I hope this rumor does not pan out.

  53. Lafrich says:

    That first line made me laugh. You hit it on the head. To get quality, you need to give up something. I say we offer Brisebois, Smolinski, Dandenault, and Matt D’Agostini for Hossa and Kovalchuk…

  54. Cable Guy says:

    Ideally what I would like to see happen if this trade goes through is for us to sign Hossa long term and then re-sign Streit this summer.

  55. MTL LOVE says:

    cmon this is a business..I don’t think these guys will take it at heart and besides since when do we care about feelings. Do what’s best for the team and move on. Time for change and move into the right direction. Just hope for the best and a run at the playoffs!

    Can’t wait to see how the boys come out vs the pens.

  56. MikeL says:

    My brain cannot comprehend why some people are opposed to this trade. Do you expect us to get Marian Hossa for Brisebois and a draft pick? Come on. If there is any truth to this rumor, this is huge for the Habs. You should all be happy that Gainey is trying to make a run here. Mark Streit is, as I said before, a huge beneficiary of Markov and the Habs PP, much like Souray was. I would almost guarentee his numbers are going to go drastically down on another team. Team Chemistry? Ya there may be chemistry, but you are all only bringing this up because of the big win. If we just lost a game, you’d all be happy about this trade. You’ve gotta look at the big picture here. Streit and Ryder are both pending UFA, so saying we can’t sign Hossa is the same as saying we can’t sign Streit and Ryder.

  57. The Big O says:

    IF that’s the trade, I’d do it in a heartbeat!! Although if i could get them to take Dandenault instead of Streit, that would be even better! But this deal, DO IT if that’s all it’s going to cost!

  58. showey47 says:

    As much as nobody wants a trade in fear of disrupting team chemistry, i do like the message that bob is sending to us the fans,the media and possibly pending ufa’s after july who may still think that montreal that is still an undesirable place to play. That message being even though we are in a position to claim a top 4 playoff spot, bob wants to compete for the cup instead of just being satisfied with making the playoffs.

    I also fear the repurcussions of making a big trade that could possibly mess with team chemistry. But what i also fear is a team going down the stretch that hasn’t had a consistent second line all season and also a team that hasn’t been hit with any substantianl injuries. Could you imagine the impact of losing pleky or kovy for any period of time? Especially in this playoff race. We could go from 4th to 9th in one week.

  59. doug says:

    only unknown is pp. would need a new point guy and komi or dandenault are not the guys. skots?

  60. doug says:

    thank you. spot on. ian, you’re a smart hockey guy; you said at the bottom of this thread that streit’s the glue that keeps the chemistry together. a quiet swiss guy? if that’s true, we’re in big trouble!

  61. Blitzen says:

    I am done doubting Gainey. If he feels like this trade will help, then bring it on.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  62. MikeL says:

    Ian, come one. Ya Streit is versatile, but he’s not an impact player. He is a huge beneficiary of Markov and the Habs PP, much like Souray was. His plus minus is not great and he cannot play D because he is very poor at skating backwards (wiggles his butt instead of crossovers) and is not very physical. If we can trade a PP specialist 4th liner and a player who seen more press box then ice, for a bonified NHL star, you’ve gotta be happy as a fan.

  63. OldGrover says:

    Hmmm. The more I think about this, the more I like it. Yeah, Streit will be hard to replace on the powerplay, but, as posted earlier, that’d be effectively TWO first lines. Look at this :


    Then the kid line that played so well :


    And then a grinder line :

    Begin with whoever feels like playing tonight out of Dandy/Smoke/Kostop

    That could be brutal for opponents to try to match up against.

    Then powerplay point end up being Markov/Komi and Hammer/SKost, probably. I’ll admit that Komi is not Streit on the point on the powerplay, but he can shoot it at the net. Maybe even give Dandy a shot on the point at the powerplay.

    This could be a stellar lineup. Who knows if it’ll happen – rumours fly everywhere – but I’d not be unhappy if it does.

  64. frank81 says:

    Do you have a link to what Higgins and Koivu said?

  65. Ian G Cobb says:

    Talk about an impact player! Streit is by far the most rounded player on the team, he is one player that will be signed by us for a long time.

  66. Trashknob says:

    I believe Tanguay is signed through next year.

    Probably Streit would have already discussed the possibility of signing an extension with atlanta if this goes through.

    Btw, have you guys heard Higgins and Koivu’s comments? Higgins is chuckling at the possibilities of what will happen without naming names… they played it on the team it’s great.

    Something is going down…

    I got 40 to 1 odds they’d make it to the cup final at the beginning of the season. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW??? KO HABS KO!!

  67. Cable Guy says:

    Why do you say ‘Not a chance’? Gainey himself said he’s looking to acquire an impact player. I think there is a good chance actually that this trade will happen.

  68. MikeL says:

    Hossa for two pending UFA? I don’t see how this helps Atlanta.

  69. Rugger says:

    Though I would like to see this group stick together, I am sure Gainey has considered all of the chemistry impact issues and if he does this I trust it is the right thing.

  70. Ian G Cobb says:

    Not a chance.!!-Just someone smoking weed. ?

  71. Blitzen says:

    Well that would be nice. I was as happy as the next guy that Ryder broke out but his value was sky high. Perfect timing. Hate to see some guys go but Hossa is a player. We weren’t going to resign Ryder and Streit anyway, if those are in fact the two guys going the other way.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

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