The Buffalo Sabres were desperate for a win and played like it.

The Canadiens confronted desperation with disinterest, and the result was a 4-1 pasting.

A forgettable game, best consigned to memory because the Canadiens have to focus on two Bell Centre games, tomorrow night against Boston and a Monday date with the mighty Senators.



  1. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oh man… so close! Lucky Huet!

  2. zamboni says:

    Breezer, here we go again

  3. Naila Jinnah says:

    Nice backcheck by the Hammer

  4. Ali says:

    i think Mike Boone, that you are right! Put Dandenault (and those fancy hands!) on that first line

  5. showey47 says:

    good play by kovy to take the hit to make the play, nice move by dandy, he should be getting the shot on the koivu line instead of t.k.

  6. Naila Jinnah says:

    And Freddy loses it (but doesn’t try to kill Jason – yet).

  7. Ali says:

    MICHAEL F’ING RYDER! SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. showey47 says:

    ryder and that stupid deke, just shot the damn puck already

  9. Naila Jinnah says:

    First shift and Ryder almost scores…

  10. showey47 says:

    sabres are very under-rated. They are still a very fast and skilled team, but they did lose drury and briere and their 170 points they brought to the team last season and the duo was not replaced. I hope we come out hard tonight, here is a chance to put some room between us and the teams below us

  11. Keith says:

    I wonder how long Tom “The Bomb” Nonstopolos will play on the first line? And Can he contribute in a big way? Carbo’s 100th game tonight. God I HATE Glenn Healy. I may have to watch RDS instead.

  12. Naila Jinnah says:

    I love Kosto’s Franglais. It’s so Montreal. Bonus points for effort too!

  13. Robert L says:

    Ian – Glad to see you got my e-mail and got your pic up. I had to change your sign in name slightly – I almost made it “The One And Only Ian Cobb”!

    I call 4-1 Habs with Koivu, Kostopoulos, Plekanec, and Brisebois scoring.

    We should all tag along for a closest predictions post!

  14. Naila Jinnah says:

    Crosby? Really? I hope he doesn’t also mean that he can be defensive… Because I’ve never noticed Sid the Kid on D.

  15. Naila Jinnah says:

    Mike – I tend to agree. From the bit I watched last night, the Sabres didn’t look that bad… They were nearly keeping up with Ottawa – just not on the scoreboard.

  16. The Ian Cobb says:

    Nightmare– We have 4 good goal tenders that are staying put. You are right, why dismantle what took years to put together. I don’t even read about trades, we are staying pat and tweeking lines and d and goalers around using the depth that we now have here and in hamilton. Enjoy the game tonight!!

  17. nightmare_49 says:

    Geoff F. – Sorry about that, i scanned to quickly. So it was a Habdream. I figured you just wanted to get things going a bit and i didn’t want to read 100 posts about something that will never happen, you know what i mean.

  18. longbow says:

    The more Price plays,the more likely Huet gets traded at the deadline.If they do alternate goalies then I’d say it’s a sure bet.

  19. likehoy says:

    If you didn’t hear from older comment threads
    Dan Ryder stopped playing hockey for personal reasons.

    Ryder for Tanguay is too much of a stretch, Tanguay’s a bona fide first line forward, Ryder is a second liner at best. We’d have to throw in draft picks or prospects for that to work out, and Tanguay has no interest in coming to Montreal (as he stated when there were Kovy for Tanguay rumors)

    And I agree with geoff that we have to trade Huet before the whole Souray thing goes over again and we lose him for nothing. The chances of keeping Huet is growing more and more unlikely cuz I don’t see him signing short term with the Habs and long term wouldn’t be great for Huet cuz Price will be breathing down his neck until Price eventually takes over as number 1. Like Geoff said, Huet is in his prime and needs to play, and he wont’ be playing much if he stays in Montreal.

  20. howtathor says:

    I wouldn’t trade Huet unless the Price was right…(no pun intended) That being said, I would trade Michael Ryder for Alex Tanguay. MR could be united with his bro Dan who is in the Flames system and we would get the scoring winger we have been looking for. Is there any logic in this world when Radek Bonk has 7 goals and Michael Ryder has 2??? That’s the wild west for you….

  21. Geoff F says:

    Nightmare 49…i would tend to agree, that’s why i prefaced my post by saying what if.

    Just to clarify, i’m the one that started the Huet trade on this post, there hasn’t been any new rumors about it just the same lingering ones. All signs would point to that outcome and so i’m speculating on what if? KEeping Huet till the end doesn’t make sense to me unless Gainey has some sort of understanding with Huet. What kind of message would that send to Price and why would Huet sign again with the Habs…for one year? No way are they going to keep price as a backup for 2 years so i can’t see Huet signing for one year. I’m no GM but not trading Huet doesn’t seem to make sense given the options. Huet is in his prim now is where he needs to make his money. So in my opinion if he completes this year injury free he is thinking big money and long term contract. Neither of those options will be forthcoming from the Habs. Gainey loses trade bait? After the Souray fiasco (that turned out pretty well in the end) i can’t see Gainey giving up assets for nothing intentionally. At least trade for draft picks but letting him go…not a chance.

    So i’m not saying this is the only option but based on my limited knowledge i don’t see any other feasible option.

    I’m sure there are many people here with a sense of what other feasible options exist. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

    GO Habs GO

  22. likehoy says:

    yes but the large difference between abby and our goalies now is that our goalies are quietly confident about their ability and have a calm demeanor in goal, something that Abby did not have.

  23. Mike says:

    sry for the repost.

  24. Mike says:

    Does anyone else remember last year when we were alternating good goalies for awhile, then when 1 slumped we road the hot goalie and because of that we completely demolished the confidance of the other killing his entire career.

  25. FastRonnie says:

    I feel it’s way too early to make such a trade. As ‘likehoy’ above inferred, teams aren’t desperate enough yet to find another goalie. And even when teams do start sweating their chances at the playoffs, who can guarantee that goaltending will be the biggest trading commodity on the market? The reason Bryzgalov hasn’t been picked up on waivers is precisely that – nobody is desperate enough to take a goalie who hasn’t proven much.

  26. likehoy says:

    trading Huet might be getting harder now that Bryzgalov has been put on waivers.
    So the weaker just got a little stronger (probably not by much as Bryzgalov is regular season unproven) and the need for a quality starter like Huet might not come till teams are more desperate

  27. Zaskar says:

    As much as Carey Price has accomplished I find it very hard to believe that Gainey would move him into the #1 role so early in his career. I realize there are precedents such as Dryden and Roy but there are 10x more that have failed after showing so much promise…

    Furthermore the market for goaltenders hasn’t been that strong for a couple of years now. With so many teams like San Jose, Carolina, Ottawa, Anaheim, Buffalo carrying two starting goaltenders and very few teams weak in goal willing to offer much, I am sure there is no Brad Richards or Vinny Lecavalier in the near future.

    That said, Gainey has two reasonable options to back up Price in the AHL now and could dangle Huet if there was something decent out there in return. If I were him I’d look at packaging him with Ryder.

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