The Buffalo Sabres were desperate for a win and played like it.

The Canadiens confronted desperation with disinterest, and the result was a 4-1 pasting.

A forgettable game, best consigned to memory because the Canadiens have to focus on two Bell Centre games, tomorrow night against Boston and a Monday date with the mighty Senators.



  1. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oh man… so close! Lucky Huet!

  2. zamboni says:

    Breezer, here we go again

  3. Naila Jinnah says:

    Nice backcheck by the Hammer

  4. Ali says:

    i think Mike Boone, that you are right! Put Dandenault (and those fancy hands!) on that first line

  5. showey47 says:

    good play by kovy to take the hit to make the play, nice move by dandy, he should be getting the shot on the koivu line instead of t.k.

  6. Naila Jinnah says:

    And Freddy loses it (but doesn’t try to kill Jason – yet).

  7. Ali says:

    MICHAEL F’ING RYDER! SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. showey47 says:

    ryder and that stupid deke, just shot the damn puck already

  9. Naila Jinnah says:

    First shift and Ryder almost scores…

  10. showey47 says:

    sabres are very under-rated. They are still a very fast and skilled team, but they did lose drury and briere and their 170 points they brought to the team last season and the duo was not replaced. I hope we come out hard tonight, here is a chance to put some room between us and the teams below us

  11. Keith says:

    I wonder how long Tom “The Bomb” Nonstopolos will play on the first line? And Can he contribute in a big way? Carbo’s 100th game tonight. God I HATE Glenn Healy. I may have to watch RDS instead.

  12. Naila Jinnah says:

    I love Kosto’s Franglais. It’s so Montreal. Bonus points for effort too!

  13. Robert L says:

    Ian – Glad to see you got my e-mail and got your pic up. I had to change your sign in name slightly – I almost made it “The One And Only Ian Cobb”!

    I call 4-1 Habs with Koivu, Kostopoulos, Plekanec, and Brisebois scoring.

    We should all tag along for a closest predictions post!

  14. Naila Jinnah says:

    Crosby? Really? I hope he doesn’t also mean that he can be defensive… Because I’ve never noticed Sid the Kid on D.

  15. Naila Jinnah says:

    Mike – I tend to agree. From the bit I watched last night, the Sabres didn’t look that bad… They were nearly keeping up with Ottawa – just not on the scoreboard.

  16. The Ian Cobb says:

    Nightmare– We have 4 good goal tenders that are staying put. You are right, why dismantle what took years to put together. I don’t even read about trades, we are staying pat and tweeking lines and d and goalers around using the depth that we now have here and in hamilton. Enjoy the game tonight!!

  17. nightmare_49 says:

    Geoff F. – Sorry about that, i scanned to quickly. So it was a Habdream. I figured you just wanted to get things going a bit and i didn’t want to read 100 posts about something that will never happen, you know what i mean.

  18. longbow says:

    The more Price plays,the more likely Huet gets traded at the deadline.If they do alternate goalies then I’d say it’s a sure bet.

  19. likehoy says:

    If you didn’t hear from older comment threads
    Dan Ryder stopped playing hockey for personal reasons.

    Ryder for Tanguay is too much of a stretch, Tanguay’s a bona fide first line forward, Ryder is a second liner at best. We’d have to throw in draft picks or prospects for that to work out, and Tanguay has no interest in coming to Montreal (as he stated when there were Kovy for Tanguay rumors)

    And I agree with geoff that we have to trade Huet before the whole Souray thing goes over again and we lose him for nothing. The chances of keeping Huet is growing more and more unlikely cuz I don’t see him signing short term with the Habs and long term wouldn’t be great for Huet cuz Price will be breathing down his neck until Price eventually takes over as number 1. Like Geoff said, Huet is in his prime and needs to play, and he wont’ be playing much if he stays in Montreal.

  20. howtathor says:

    I wouldn’t trade Huet unless the Price was right…(no pun intended) That being said, I would trade Michael Ryder for Alex Tanguay. MR could be united with his bro Dan who is in the Flames system and we would get the scoring winger we have been looking for. Is there any logic in this world when Radek Bonk has 7 goals and Michael Ryder has 2??? That’s the wild west for you….

  21. Geoff F says:

    Nightmare 49…i would tend to agree, that’s why i prefaced my post by saying what if.

    Just to clarify, i’m the one that started the Huet trade on this post, there hasn’t been any new rumors about it just the same lingering ones. All signs would point to that outcome and so i’m speculating on what if? KEeping Huet till the end doesn’t make sense to me unless Gainey has some sort of understanding with Huet. What kind of message would that send to Price and why would Huet sign again with the Habs…for one year? No way are they going to keep price as a backup for 2 years so i can’t see Huet signing for one year. I’m no GM but not trading Huet doesn’t seem to make sense given the options. Huet is in his prim now is where he needs to make his money. So in my opinion if he completes this year injury free he is thinking big money and long term contract. Neither of those options will be forthcoming from the Habs. Gainey loses trade bait? After the Souray fiasco (that turned out pretty well in the end) i can’t see Gainey giving up assets for nothing intentionally. At least trade for draft picks but letting him go…not a chance.

    So i’m not saying this is the only option but based on my limited knowledge i don’t see any other feasible option.

    I’m sure there are many people here with a sense of what other feasible options exist. I’m looking forward to hearing them.

    GO Habs GO

  22. likehoy says:

    yes but the large difference between abby and our goalies now is that our goalies are quietly confident about their ability and have a calm demeanor in goal, something that Abby did not have.

  23. Mike says:

    sry for the repost.

  24. Mike says:

    Does anyone else remember last year when we were alternating good goalies for awhile, then when 1 slumped we road the hot goalie and because of that we completely demolished the confidance of the other killing his entire career.

  25. FastRonnie says:

    I feel it’s way too early to make such a trade. As ‘likehoy’ above inferred, teams aren’t desperate enough yet to find another goalie. And even when teams do start sweating their chances at the playoffs, who can guarantee that goaltending will be the biggest trading commodity on the market? The reason Bryzgalov hasn’t been picked up on waivers is precisely that – nobody is desperate enough to take a goalie who hasn’t proven much.

  26. likehoy says:

    trading Huet might be getting harder now that Bryzgalov has been put on waivers.
    So the weaker just got a little stronger (probably not by much as Bryzgalov is regular season unproven) and the need for a quality starter like Huet might not come till teams are more desperate

  27. Zaskar says:

    As much as Carey Price has accomplished I find it very hard to believe that Gainey would move him into the #1 role so early in his career. I realize there are precedents such as Dryden and Roy but there are 10x more that have failed after showing so much promise…

    Furthermore the market for goaltenders hasn’t been that strong for a couple of years now. With so many teams like San Jose, Carolina, Ottawa, Anaheim, Buffalo carrying two starting goaltenders and very few teams weak in goal willing to offer much, I am sure there is no Brad Richards or Vinny Lecavalier in the near future.

    That said, Gainey has two reasonable options to back up Price in the AHL now and could dangle Huet if there was something decent out there in return. If I were him I’d look at packaging him with Ryder.

  28. Yeats says:

    The kids are doing really well. And, in the case of the NCAA D-1 guys that I have seen, coaching wise they are in very, very good hands. Red Berenson, Mike Lucia and Mike Eaves are so far ahead of you average Major Junior coach it isn’t funny. Wow, and those guys might actually get an education? What a concept!

  29. The Ian Cobb says:

    Yeats-You know me being in THE HOME now having my 90th birthday tomorrow and having a 30 yr old picture on this site of me, every game I enjoy to the fullest. Cant wait for my birthday present from the Bean town tomorrow.

  30. Chorske says:

    Urgh, actually, I think the Habs should be forced to watch this game on tape a couple of times. We could call it Night of the Living Dead. After a few days of rest, you’d think the Habs would have a bit more jump in their step. Like someone said: there are no excuses. We were rested, all our guys are healthy, Buffalo was ripe for the picking. Instead we’ve handed a conference rival a confidence-boosting win.

    No reason to freak out, I guess, cos we seem to be entirely in control of our destiny: when we want the win, we get it. It’s the WANTING bit that we seem to lack. I’m not sure why these guys aren’t hungry.

    Streit had a major off game, hope he shakes it off.

  31. Keith says:

    Would somebody for the love of God stick a rocket up Glenn Healy’s A@@ and launch him into a Black Hole.

  32. Yeats says:

    Damn, and the leafs aren’t playing tonight. Well, they have the story of cement on the History Channel. Could be some interesting viewing.

  33. Blitzen says:

    Well if he becomes GM of the Laffs, wouldn’t that be one and the same?

  34. TommyB says:

    yeats, didn’t we see the story of cement tonight? It was in the hands and skates of the Habs.

  35. J.T. says:

    Well, I guess Carbo will have to find some other reason why the first line is tanking. It ain’t Ryder. Has Koivu hit his mid-season slump already?

  36. Yeats says:

    Well, we all have nights like this one. Unfortunately for the Habs, their’s are televised. There are so many squads in the east that are crashing and burning, it’s hard to get too upset. Just as long as tonight wasn’t the fault of the medical staff, if you know what I mean? They screw up on the flu thing this year and I think Gilette should hire the guy outside the Bell with the bone through his nose.

  37. Yeats says:

    BTW, your mothers’ a dope and so are you. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  38. Lee Hayes says:

    Seems like it, his production has fallen off.

    Go Habs Go

  39. Yeats says:

    They just bit the root this evening. But truth be told, Huet looked less than ordinary and that doesn’t work in the NHL today.

  40. Grabs says:

    Not unlike myself after chicken wings and beer, the Habs squeezed out a real stinker, let’s hope for a decent performance tomorrow night for a change from the last two games.

  41. Lee Hayes says:

    Cocaine is a powerful narcotic! And McGuire is wired for sound!

    Go Habs Go

  42. Moey says:

    Mike Boone,

    Cute remark about your daughter’s taste in Carbo’s ties, she’s right, but he can’t match them properly with his shirt and suit…I wonder if that has some deep hidden meaning. Anyway, if she’s really into nice ties, Donald Trump has the best. Ties are a power statement, she’s on the right track.

  43. Keith says:

    Yeats you ARE a funny, funny guy LOL!

  44. Yeats says:

    Too graphic. I know where you’re coming from, but too graphic.

  45. Yeats says:

    And to think, I could have just passed on hockey and masturbated with a cheese grater this evening. It would have been less painful!

  46. Lee Hayes says:

    Whats it going to take to stop the unraveling twine ball that is our team from experiencing the same slump as last year? Minus the flu foolishness of course. I wonder if Carbo did learn from last year, guess we’ll see.

    Go Habs Go

  47. Grabs says:

    It smells but it sells!

  48. Naila Jinnah says:

    YEY! JT!

  49. Yeats says:

    You left me speechless. No comeback at all. And, that isn’t easy. (Truth be told, if I had a mouthful of beer, I would have spat it out!)

  50. Grabs says:

    Thanks for that mental picture!

  51. Naila Jinnah says:

    The Dogs lost too… But Corey Locke got 2 points!

  52. Yeats says:

    I aim to please. (Crap, that really hurts!!! More parmesan, more parmesan.)

  53. Yeats says:

    The Habs sucked, the Dogs lost. The Silver Lining Tonight: David Fisher scored his first goal of the season tonight for the Minnestota Golden Golphers and set up another one for the highlight reel. The future is in good hands. (Unlike, dare I say, the leafs.)

  54. Yeats says:

    In the post-game, Don Luchia is expecting David Fisher to be one of their best d-men going forward.

  55. Moey says:

    You always have to bring the **turbated word at some point, my momma told me, those who are always talking about it aren’t getting any. Please give it a rest.

  56. The Ian Cobb says:

    OK enough of this, shit happens for a reason, bad night, now what about a shutout for the kid tomorrow night. Not only that, we score 5. It is going to be beautiful in our barn. NEXT!!!

  57. nightmare_49 says:

    Yeats – That’s good news about Fischer as i was begining to worry about him. Now is the time to shine. Ian – We didn’t make it hard for them tonight, as we played to soft and made it easy for the Sabres to get out of their scoring slump. We were a tad over confident for some reason and it won’t be easy tomorrow night as the Bruins are coming off a 5 goal output against the lafs and will play it tight and wait for the breaks. Discipline the key Saturday night.

  58. Yeats says:

    Ian: No matter how bad a loss, every time I see your picture, I am ready for the next game. Put simply my friend, it is really, really good to have you in the room!

  59. Yeats says:

    Still waiting for you to say something marginally insightful about the team. Come on surprise us all with you analytical skill or, dare I say, your rapier-like wit? Question: Are you sure you have the right end of the horse in your picture? There are some serious doubters. OK, that was an empty-netter, but what the hell.

  60. The Ian Cobb says:

    YEATS- Keep that talk up and I will owe you a couple more pints when next we meet. So we loose 5 out of 18, no big deal, it means we are 3rd in the league behind ottawa & red wings with only 5 loses. Ottawa lost 2 and detroit lost 4., Not to shabby my friend!!

  61. Yeats says:

    The problem Ian is that we all treat every game as if it were Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately, until that point that is exactly what every game is. I think we’re in very good shape at this point in the season and, assuming the medical staff does their job, we’ll be in the hunt in the post season. The problem is that we are so impatient as a group. We just want to lift number 25 and go home!

  62. Moey says:

    Nothing more annoying than a recurring Yeats infection.

  63. Yeats says:

    Ian: I am upset and I am sure other posters will be as well to not know in advance that tomorrow is your 90th birthday. We will have to organize the next Summit around your 91st. I do like our chances against the B’s tomorrow night because in my opinion, you stand in good with the ghosts. I have to go out to a jazz concert with the Mrs. tomorrow night, so it will be in your hands. On you birthday, as Brother Bernard would have said: May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he hold you in the hollow of His hand and be gracious to you. May he look upon you kindly and give you His peace. Amen! Happy Birthday my friend and I wish you 90 more!!!

  64. ColRouléBleu says:

    One thing positive about this game: none of the Habs players should be tired tomorrow night 😉

  65. Yeats says:

    Fischer was on the post-game show in the States tonight and I think it is dawning on him what is expected of someone drafted #1 by the Habs. If someone can draw out the best in him, Don Lucia the coach of the UofM will. We actually have some of the best coaches in NCAA D-1 looking after our prospects. These guys do know hockey.

  66. Naila Jinnah says:

    Happy Birthday in advance, Ian!!!
    Can I call you my old friend yet? 😉

  67. Naila Jinnah says:

    Awesome name and awesome picture.
    JT’s going to be all over you!

  68. teamplayer says:

    yeh for awhile there it looked like theodore was easily gonna take back the number one spot back… unfortunate for me, I got rid of Jokinen in my pool, if only he did that about a month ago

  69. petemoss says:

    I think the Sabres are going to be hungry for a win tonight, I hope the Habs put in a better effort then they did on Tuesday…..

  70. FastRonnie says:

    Keep in mind the Habs haven’t played their best games against the Leafs, so expect a much better performance tonight. But, I’m guessing there may be some necessary adjusting time because of the recent line changes with the Greek Grinder playing alongside Capt. K. Don’t know how that will pan out, but nevertheless the 2nd line should be in sync once again.

  71. Geoff F says:

    Not sure why this is News? It’s been said for the longest time that they would be doing this (Alternating goalies to keep Price playing). Huet has been playing very well, so if they are going to start to alternate more frequently then i can only surmise that they prepping Carey to take over the reigns in the very near future (i.e. after the holidays). I mean even Carbonneau looks uncomfortable broaching this subject even despite the fact that he has said this was going to happen. Where there’s smoke….

    I’ve said it before that it only makes sense that Huet will be gone given his contract and dependant on Carey’s progression. While i think this is inevitable I am really uncomfortable with it (No reflection on Carey Price’s play i love the kid) but it’s just tough to think about because Huet has been an integral part of the success for this team and is appears to be a really great guy. It’s tough to see someone being ushered out that way even though I know it’s a business. I just know that if/when it happens the Habs organization and us fans will ensure that Huet is treated with the utmost respect and admiration he deserves.

    I can only dream but what if….

    Tampa isn’t doing too great lately, they are in need of goaltending and awhile back it appears there were some scouts from Tampa at a Habs game. Would there be any potential to trade a Huet and a young guy or two for Lecavalier? Does that sound possible/plauisble? I believe that he has a no trade but do you think he would wave it? Talk about silencing the French media once and for all.

    Anyway interested in hearing some thoughts on this, let the speculation run rampant!!!


  72. likehoy says:

    no chance for vinny, as great as that would be.
    Though maybe we can pick up Richards who hasn’t been fantastic for the Lightning. I’m not a Richards fan, but Huet for Richards would be more plausible, except I don’t believe we need another point-man or playmaking centre so I don’t see Richards fitting into our team.

  73. nightmare_49 says:

    Geoff F. – Would you trade your franchise player whose on his way to holding up the the Hart Trophy and expect to keep your job.

  74. Dan23 says:

    In fact, the plan as I understood it was that Huet would play twice as many games as Price this season as the latter developed.

    It’s definitely news if Carbo decides to alternate the goalies on a 1:1 basis. Just as long as we have a healthy goaltender if/when we make the playoffs (no jinxes!).

    While I know everyone would like to make a trade to get a “missing piece” player by the deadline and that most scenarios include Huet, I’d prefer that we kept Huet to the end of the season, like we did with Souray last year. We’d have the option to resign him or let him go to a team where he would be the number one.

    Unless, of course, we can get a can’t-miss marquee centreman in exchange.

    Gainey has a mixed record on the trading front, but he’s certainly earned my confidence given the team’s performance this season and potential for seasons to come.

  75. FastRonnie says:

    I agree with the idea of keeping Huet to the end unless something big knocks on our door, like a top-rated right winger/power forward. Huet has been great and I believe he can take this team into the playoffs.

    Price is the best backup in the league with potential to be a superstar. I wouldn’t have said that during pre-season camp, but he’s shown the goods early this season and players have confidence in him, which is rare considering his age. The future between the pipes looks very bright!

    Gainey has never proven to be quick with the trigger finger and I don’t see why his tactics would suddenly change by trading Huet without a fantastic opportunity to boost our fire-power.

  76. Lee Hayes says:

    “Cannnnnnn’t have it…”

    Go Habs Go

  77. Naila Jinnah says:

    I don’t think it’s that hard to follow. Most of the time, the blog box could be a bit higher in the post though, but at least it takes up most of column width. If the centre column could be larger, that would help. Otherwise, it’s not much different than before.

    I understand the need to have comments on separate pages for load times and to go easy on the server, but I do wish that we could see them all on the same page.

    Another cool feature might be optional auto refresh on the page, set to 60 seconds, perhaps. Boone doesn’t blog fast enough for a 30-second option 😉

  78. Yeats says:

    Which end are you referring to?

  79. Yeats says:

    Ryder should never deke!

  80. Yeats says:

    We all went down there in a rented school bus and we were felling no pain when we got on their capmus. From that game forward, we dubbed it the “Magic Bus.” I’m so nervous, I just sit and smile…

  81. TommyB says:

    Hey Lee,

    The most you’re likely to get is a tree in the turd. Let’s face it, every 3 or 4 games we come up with a stinker. Growing pains?

  82. yehaken says:

    Agree with Rob. If you’re lines all suck, may as well make them learn that they suck together. Juggling means that the players can blame the coach or their linemates and sleep well.

  83. Moey says:

    The refresh ain’t working, so much for that, and neither are the Habs.

    May I make a suggestion to the IT department, live blogging has to be done on a chat like site. This is next to impossible to follow.

  84. The Ian Cobb says:

    YEATS– You are so right, it is a large pain in the ass, but we are getting better with this site, I hope! Are they going to cancell the 3rd, or will they try to make a game of it?

  85. Yeats says:

    TommyB: There is only one thing I’ve experienced worse than a goalie heading for a dump mid skate. One time we were playing the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. The game was supposed to be at 3:00pm Saturday afternoon, so we did what college guys do. We got rip-roaring drunk. They decided to change the game time to 10:00am and didn’t tell our coach until 8:30am. I went out for the opening faceoff and I was literally sweating Jack Daniels. The high point came near the end of the first when our starting goalie puked in the crease. At the beginning of the second, one of the refs went over to our coach and told him that the Swabbies were not going to let up. I think we were down 6-1 at the time. Our coach called a timeout and told us to dump the puck at the first opportunity in one of the corners and all five guys chase the defenseman in and bury him. Of course a bench-clearing brawl ensued and they called the game, but it was better than suffering thorugh another 40 minutes.

  86. TommyB says:

    Classic, yeats! Classic.

  87. Blitzen says:

    Let’s have fun with lines:

    First line: Plekanek, Kovalev, A Kostitsyn

    Second line: Higgins, Koivu, Latendresse

    Third line: Lapierre, Streit, Ryder

    Fourth line: Chipchura, S Kostitsyn, Dandenault

    Smokes hasn’t really impressed me at all this year and he is at -4 so he sits. Bégin isn’t playing like he used to. Methinks his injuries are slowing him down so he gets a break too. Put Gorges in there and move Streit to forward. Bring up Laps to se if the time down has given him a kick in the butt. Bring S Koz up to see if you can catch lightning in a bottle.

  88. Yeats says:

    Lee, whenever I ponder having another beer, I just look at your picture and reach for the bottle opener!

  89. The Teacher says:

    my god, ryder…Ryder…DEKE? Ryder…oh Ryder…SHOOT THE $%&$#@%&*$#% PUCK!!!

  90. Naila Jinnah says:

    Also, If Chipper has Mike’s heart… The rest of the city will soon be converted! Yes! My mission is accomplished!!

    *Come on… It’s a slow night. Some humour helps*

  91. zamboni says:

    The problem with auto-refresh is it gets in the way if you are in the middle of typing a post.

    I think if manual refresh or posting, can bring it to the first new post, that would be awesome.

  92. Naila Jinnah says:

    Has Streit won himself back?
    Was that question grammatically correct? It’s hard to tell…

  93. Blitzen says:

    You have to give it to Buffalo. Everytime a Hab gets the puck he has three Sabres on his back.

  94. Lee Hayes says:

    Scotty90’s pic does the same for me!

    Go Habs Go

  95. Naila Jinnah says:

    That’s why it should be optional. On or off. And I’ve seen places where auto refresh doesn’t delete the content of the comment box. I don’t know how to implement it, but it’s there. Although it’s probably a frames thing.

  96. Naila Jinnah says:

    I love how we’re talking about tomorrow already.

  97. bigjames says:

    just not connecting out there tonite. lotsa ‘almost there’ passes…

  98. TommyB says:

    On the brighter side……leafs lost another one last night!

    How much longer until either Maurice, JFJ, or both is gone?

  99. Blitzen says:

    If Boston outplays Montreal and Price totally stones them, we’ll have a goalie controversy on our hands.

  100. Yeats says:

    Any new pics on the internet?

  101. zamboni says:

    Frames are becoming extinct, more and more people are avoiding it as if it is the plague.
    You can have auto-refresh feature as an extension to most browsers.

  102. Naila Jinnah says:

    Well then. I was going to say that Miller’s like an extra D, but RDS said it first.

  103. TommyB says:

    well…there is some talk of a certain photo of JFJ, and….naw, better leave that one alone.

  104. Yeats says:

    Have you noticed that JFJ has not blogged on the leafs site since the middle of October when he said things were looking up> Yea, just like they were for the French Army on the retreate from Moscow!

  105. McHabby says:

    lol @ Glen Healy being considered for the Leafs GM job. On the plus side, we wouldn’t have to listen to him on TSN anymore.

  106. Yeats says:

    Look, we get good field position, kick a field goal and let the chips fall where they may in overtime.

  107. Moey says:

    The one thing that sticks in my head is Mike Boone’s statement about Ottawa.. “Good teams come back”. Now that we’re into game 18 I have a license to chirp, we know if we’re down 3 goals there’s virtually no chance of a comeback. We’re not that good, yet…

  108. Lee Hayes says:

    Tree in the turd it was.

    Go Habs Go

  109. Blitzen says:

    Screw that…we’re on the road so we play to win. Let’s throw that hail mary.

  110. Yeats says:

    Doug Flutie, damn it!!! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  111. tony d says:

    I’m going to the Bell Centre next Sat so I hope the habs save some Mojo left over for the sabres then.
    Coincidentally, the pic next to my post was taken last year in Buffalo after our boys scored and taught the 1st place Sabres a lesson in a 5-2 victory…. it sure shut-up the Sabre fan sitting next to me, who when taking his seat proclaimed “I smell a W tonight!” He sure stank on the way out. (lol)
    Go habs go!!

  112. MikeL says:

    Is anyone else getting an error on the first page? Mike maybe you can help me out here. It says something about the database.

  113. FastRonnie says:

    Just because they’re playing the kid more doesn’t mean there’s a trade in the works (although stranger things have happened). Take a look at the schedule this weekend and on through next week. The Habs are playing 6 games in 9 nights bookended by back-to-back games on the Fris & Sats. Those are times when you have to use both goalies.

    Mike, where is this speculation coming from, the french media? History has shown they have a tendency to create speculative controversy. It might be good for ratings, but as far as truth is concerned they’ve missed the mark too often. If it isn’t coming out of that camp, then where?

  114. showey47 says:

    wow, did we catch a break there breezer looked terrrible there

  115. Kullkullan says:

    HI folks, my dish is on the fritz, and I know this question has been asked a million times but, can any one provide a link to watch this game online?

    thnx for your time

  116. teamplayer says:


    had to download sopcast first though… crap! and not a good start

  117. showey47 says:

    nice hit on peters by lats

  118. Kullkullan says:

    I love Rick Moffat and Murray Wilson, but it just ISN’T the same…..

  119. zamboni says:

    Ryder back on 1st line
    and we get scored against

  120. showey47 says:

    saw that coming.

  121. showey47 says:

    3 players standing there and no one takes the puck

  122. Naila Jinnah says:

    Poor Huey. It’s hard to see on the replay, so imagine in real time!
    PS: Price would have had that.

  123. showey47 says:

    hard work beats talent,when talent doesn’t work hard

  124. Rob Maguire says:

    Damn you, Michael Ryder.

  125. Moey says:

    Very sloppy start for our boys, more giveaways than an infomercial….

  126. showey47 says:

    lazy penalty by koivu, weak call but the refs are gonna call it everytime and why 200 feet from your own net

  127. Naila Jinnah says:

    The Habs don’t usually perform too well when facing a team that’s in the second half of an away-and-home back-to-back series, especially if that team lost the night before. I wish there were stats to support my claim, but that’s the feeling I get. It’s probably psychological…

  128. showey47 says:

    sabres penalty, very weak not complaing though

  129. Naila Jinnah says:

    Nice one!

  130. The Teacher says:

    Man, was anyone watching th Sens-Sabres game last night? Did anyone see any resemblance of consistency to games the habs have played…penalty calls shift from game to game….anyways…RYDER SHOOT THE PUCK!

  131. The Teacher says:

    The Habs passing in the last few games has left a lot to be desired….

  132. showey47 says:

    lats on the first powerplay unit, here’s your chance big guy

  133. The Teacher says:

    Maybe you’re just used to the Habs losing a lot for the last so many years Naila? 😉

  134. showey47 says:

    oh come on you’ve got to be kidding me

  135. The Teacher says:

    JEESH, I guess the Habs will be losing after the first period for the first game this year.

  136. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oh oh… One more and Pricer is in nets. Huet did look nervous in pre-game footage – like he was having trouble focusing. It reminds me of that Leafs game at home a while back.

  137. zamboni says:

    It looks like this is going to get ugly fast

  138. Naila Jinnah says:

    Ok, it doesn’t look THAT bad on the replay…

  139. Naila Jinnah says:

    Maybe 😉

  140. showey47 says:

    we are losing all the battles for the puck

  141. showey47 says:

    it was a nice tipin but weare just getting outworked bad

  142. showey47 says:

    t.k. experiment should be over by now, the line has created zero chances

  143. JasonM says:

    This is why you don’t change three lines in one night… everyone skating around getting a feel for one another while they are getting dominated in every aspect of the game.

  144. TommyB says:

    Ian Cobb…so glad to see that you have got a pic up now. It would have taken me a month to explain what someone else has explained in less than a week!

    Seems to be a lot of talk here about the goaltender situation, and even more since Jacques Demers has stated that there will be a number one by Christmas, and that number one will be Carey Price.

    There are those who feel some sort of allegiance to Huet, and understandably so. However, when I look at the technical aspects of both….I don’t see much difference. Add to that the fact that one is 20 years old, and may still have room for improvement, and the other is 30 plus and has reached the peak of his career, to me it is a no-brainer as to who will be number one sooner than later. And hey, I’m writing this just as the Sabres make it 2-0, with Huet in goal.

    I am of the opinion that if Price was given the reins, and told that he is the guy (time to make a name for yourself kid), he would rise to the challenge and make everyone look very wise in their decision to put their faith in him.
    Apologies to the Huet supporters, but Cristobal has not shown that he is leaps and bounds ahead of Price. Time for the natural progession to take place.

  145. zamboni says:

    I can’t take this anymore

  146. Steiner says:


  147. showey47 says:

    this goal may not count

  148. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    bad time to join the conversation.
    booo… what are we doing out there?


  149. Naila Jinnah says:

    And the camera pans to Carey. I understand it wasn’t Huey’s fault, and it might not even count… But come on! Get in the game a bit? And not just Huet. The rest of the team needs to wake up too. They look like zombies out there.

  150. Kilgore Trout says:

    take him out :(

  151. TommyB says:

    And now it is 3-0!……and don’t go blaming everyone else. This is not top goaltending.

  152. The Teacher says:

    Does anyone else notice the puck bouncing everywhere? seems like really bad ice in Buffalo

  153. showey47 says:

    sustained pressure but not scoring oppurtunites

  154. sidhu says:

    I’m not getting the game on Center Ice (which may be a good thing given the score). But, does anyone know if the game is available online?


  155. teamplayer says:


    use that link.. you have to download sopcast first and it gives you the rds broadcast

  156. The Teacher says:

    haha nice face wash guy!

  157. Naila Jinnah says:

    The Sabres look faster than ever versus the Habs… who look slow like molasses.

    Oh look, a shot! By Chipper, Dandy (and Lats).

  158. McHabby says:

    Logging on to Boone’s Online Email: A good sign you’re bored of the game.

  159. Moey says:

    Naila, I agree one more goal and the iceman cometh..(I hope)

  160. showey47 says:

    miller goes down to take the bottom part of the net, you gotta go roof on him

  161. TommyB says:

    Moey, that may be true…….but will it really help? We’re down 3 goals, and most games we struggle to score three goals.

  162. Moey says:

    I agree TommyB, but I just don’t want to see it 8-1.. One thing for sure, you can’t blame any one player tonight, they all suck…interesting, either everyone shows up or no-one does….very frustrating, very much like shades of last year.

  163. Yeats says:

    Environmental tech now showing on the History Channel. We don’t get one before the end of the first and I’m off.

  164. showey47 says:

    sabres are good at protecting the front of the net. you can tell they were well prepared to play tonight

  165. RCMP486 says:

    I really dont want to watch this game, but I can’t stop

    My brain doesnt want to watch this game, but my heart can’t turn it off, that’s my only explaination for it

  166. zamboni says:

    No. 1 line struggling big time.

  167. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Correct me here, but did Pierre Maguire say that Lantendresse is a dirty player? Or Peters?



  168. Naila Jinnah says:

    Huet is going to start the second but won’t finish it.

  169. TommyB says:


    This is a game that the Sabres simply have to win! And it shows.

  170. Keith says:

    Well this has been a real sucky game so far.

  171. showey47 says:

    Ok carbo you tried with t.k. and it failed miserably like we all said it would. Even lats would be an upgrade because he has at least shown he can score or even give dandy a try at least he can skate with these guys

  172. The Teacher says:

    RCMP486..I’ve had that feeling many times over the last few years..I just hope Carbo’s breaking a stick or two in the dressing room at the moment.

  173. TommyB says:

    Daniel Paille on RDS interview…..too bad he is playing for the wrong team! He is from my home town, and I played oldtimers with his dad, who BTW is a huge Habs fan.

  174. Yeats says:

    It’s games like this that make you appreciate the fact that they bring out the Zamboni every 20 minutes. That was a very leaf-like stanza! (And, Huet has looked pretty soft tonight in my opinion.) One before I go, who will score first, Ryder or Lats? Frankly, I’m torn.

  175. showey47 says:

    I’m just glad i didn’t burn a sick day to drive down to see this like i was planing on

  176. TommyB says:

    yeats, we will be here until next month before we have the answer to your question!

  177. Yeats says:

    I thought Lats was going to pot that chance. But, alas, he couldn’t get it up!

  178. Higgins21 says:

    Well, if the 3rd goal was legit, Huet would be on the bench. Lucky for him that it was a fluke. Pretty obvious that the team wants Price. Habs’ best player in the first period? Latendresse. OOOH boy

  179. Higgins21 says:

    Yes, they are worse. Put Ryder back now.

  180. Grabs says:

    That’s what she said 😉

  181. Yeats says:

    You’re scaring me. I don’t want to see Huet turn into this year’s Abby. The team never played the same in front of Abby last year as they did in front of Huet or Halak.

  182. TommyB says:

    Not surprising that the Habs would come out flat tonight. They had a big game against the leafs earlier this week, and make no mistake about it, it was a big win. Just think of the reaction from the rest of the guys when Komi potted that OT winner.

    Now they come into Buffalo day before the game, have a few pops and chicken wings, and take the Sabres (whom they have handled fairly well so far this year) a bit too lightly. Result: 3-0 Sabres after one.

    Sh*t happens.

  183. Yeats says:

    Well, if Ryder is going to become reacquainted
    with “Mr. Back of the Net” this would be a good night to do so!

  184. howtathor says:

    LOL McHabby…how true! Hope Carbo can settle the team down and start playing OUR game. Was thinking one more…does Huet get the hook? All the goals were due to poor defensive play…not his fault.

  185. showey47 says:

    guess its safe to say the next goal is the big one

  186. Grabs says:

    Pew! What a stinker, well that’s what you get when;

    You lose all the board battles
    You’re a step late for all the loose pucks
    The puck bounces around and only settles itself when it’s near a buffalo stick
    No cohesive attack
    No sustained pressure till it was 3-0
    Yada yada yada…

    Another goal and we’ll see Price, I can’t blame Huet for any of the goals, but it would have been nice if he stopped at least one of them.

  187. Yeats says:

    Tlusty-like pictures couldn’t deflect attention from how bad we’ve been thus far in the evening.

  188. TommyB says:


    Do you not think that a very good goaltender would make poor defensive play look at least average, by saving their collective asses once in awhile?

  189. The Ian Cobb says:

    Robert L,– Thank you very kindly for the help, i don’t know how you do it , but your the MAN!

    Listen, while I have your attention, would you go down the hi way a little, and see if you can spot the habs bus, there bloody late for the game, I sure hope they show up. IAN

  190. TommyB says:

    And how old is that stock footage that RDS uses, showing the chicken wings being prepared? C’mon guys, time to move on.

  191. Yeats says:

    Brian Jones’ Rules of Hockey #17: If you’re going to suck, do so during a game from Sunday through Thursday. Sucking on a Friday or Saturday night merely makes purveyors of alcholic beverages rich. But more imprtantly, it adversely effects the taste of the beverages your fans are downing.

  192. Blitzen says:

    Here we go again. Do they all have the flu again?

  193. Yeats says:

    No, they just suck tonight.

  194. Naila Jinnah says:

    Mmmm… Those wings are the prettiest things I’ve seen all night!

  195. Blitzen says:

    OMG Ryder scores!

  196. The Teacher says:


  197. Naila Jinnah says:


  198. TommyB says:

    Well….holy sh*t! Ryder

  199. Yeats says:

    TommyB: Ryder wins the contest!!!

  200. zamboni says:

    Do you believe in miracles?

  201. Yeats says:

    TommyB: What 27 goals to go?

  202. TommyB says:

    Right you are, Brian. Now let’s hope this is that start of plenty more to come from Ryder.

  203. Naila Jinnah says:

    Think they’re awake yet?
    Let’s score the next one, boys!

  204. McHabby says:

    I had a feeling Ryder would score in this game. The theme tonight is expect the unexpected.

  205. Yeats says:

    Looks like they’ve come out full of piss and vinegar!

  206. Blitzen says:

    Time to trade Ryder while his value is sky high LOL

  207. TommyB says:

    Blitzen….funny, but almost true!

  208. Yeats says:

    Bold prediction of the evening: Next goal will determine who wins this game.

  209. The Teacher says:

    Man oh man, at least they’re getting chances now…but they gotta start burying them..and I wonder what Kovalev thinks of the chemistry now aftwer not getting a pass there on that 2 on 1.

  210. Naila Jinnah says:

    Tripping much?

  211. zamboni says:

    That’s more like it.
    keep the pressure and lots of good things can happen.

  212. doug says:

    Ryder the streaky scorer will score again tonight.

  213. Yeats says:

    Ryder looks like he’s rediscovered himself. I hate those intervals between self-discovery periods!

  214. Rob Maguire says:

    Ryder is heating up… keep him on the third line and he might start scoring goals!

  215. Yeats says:

    We’re done!

  216. Blitzen says:

    Good feeling gone

  217. Naila Jinnah says:

    I hope you’re wrong!

  218. The Teacher says:

    Huet looks like he’s on tape delay…

  219. Yeats says:

    That was f’n weak. Sometimes Huet just sucks moss!

  220. The Teacher says:

    Can we just leave the 3rd line on the ice for the rest of the game?

  221. teamplayer says:

    wow you cant say huet wouldnt have had that one on a normal night

  222. Blitzen says:

    Observation: when the Habs were playing like world beaters, didn’t they send two guys to forecheck deep?

  223. Grabs says:

    I was wondering when Huet was going to stand back up, I guess he was waiting for a play stoppage, mission accomplished! Why is he still in there?

  224. Naila Jinnah says:

    What a play by Freddy’s line!!! And I love the audio from the ref.
    Looks like Chipper’s growing a beard!

  225. The Teacher says:

    Ok…Chipper can play also…

  226. Yeats says:

    If Price wins tomorrow night against the B’s, he should start against the Sens. We can’t afford to piss away points waiting for a kicker to find his game like last year. Huet let all of the air out of the freakin’ baloon. I don’t like this rotational crap at all. You play until you suck, then the other gur gets a chance.

  227. The Teacher says:


  228. Naila Jinnah says:

    Nice shot by Kovy.

  229. Blitzen says:

    Pucks are bouncing off of Huet like he’s made out of Abbyium

  230. TommyB says:

    Oh my f’n god, yeats…….blame me for that last goal!!!

    I went, you know where. (upstairs to make a cup of tea) I just knew it!!!!!!!

  231. zamboni says:

    Is it only me or others are having the same problem.
    We have now 4 pages of posts, and I keep being bounced to 1st or second page.

  232. Naila Jinnah says:

    I’m with you on this one. It would be nice to have the post commenting page load the last page of comments.

  233. Blitzen says:

    I’ve sent an email to Boone asking if this can be done.

  234. Naila Jinnah says:

    Ryder and Saku on the PP… They look good out there:)

  235. Yeats says:

    I’ve seen Miller play for several years going back to his days at Michigan State. He’s a quality kicker. I’d take him over Huet tonight or in a big game in a heart beat. Swap goalies tonight and we’d win. Be fair, the Sabres had their guts ripped out by free agency.

  236. Naila Jinnah says:

    Hammer is the best D out there tonight.

  237. Yeats says:

    TommyB: You really have to get your tea-time $#!T together.

  238. Naila Jinnah says:

    What was that subliminal ad?! Did someone in the truck press the wrong button? And where did the scorebar go? It’s been gone for a few minutes now…

  239. Yeats says:

    Nice rebound control there by Huet!

  240. Blitzen says:

    Observation #2: They need to practice line changes.

  241. Strak says:

    What is up with the Habs this season….they just play terrible against struggling teams. (Atlanta, Toronto, now Buffalo). If all their games were against Ottawa, Philly and Detroit they would have a great record….

  242. Higgins21 says:

    This is the worst so far this season.

  243. Blitzen says:

    Cindy Crawford furniture? LOL

  244. Yeats says:

    TommyB: The timing of your tea brewing is right up there with a young goalie we had at pickup last week. Half way through the skate he decided he had to go take a dump. That’s why I always wear sweat pants and no hockey pants!

  245. Yeats says:

    We weren’t. And, we couldn’t give him to much grief because his Dad was tending the other cage.

  246. TommyB says:

    But yeats….did he get his, ummm, sh*t together after that?

  247. The Ian Cobb says:

    Oh good, I mean bad! I thought it was me, the way this blog, page, thread, or what ever you call it, is put together???? anywhy I can’t follow properly anymore, I’ll just stay off untill they get it together?????????

  248. zamboni says:

    only 20 more minutes of this torture to endure.

  249. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    This is just painful to watch. It burns the retinas.



  250. doug says:

    have a good night! agree with boone – let’s just hope for a better effort last night.

  251. Naila Jinnah says:

    rofl! That’s what I thought too!

  252. sidhu says:

    Thanks! I owe you a round

  253. McHabby says:

    It’s a “Tell a story about a goalie leaving the ice to take a dump” kinda game tonight.

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

  254. Naila Jinnah says:

    Yey! The page refreshes to the last comment page! 😀
    Thanks guys!!!

    Now if only the Habs were this effective…

  255. TommyB says:

    Look on the bright side….think of how much better the Habs will look tomorrow night.

  256. Chorske says:

    Yikes, Streit on the ice for 3 of 4. What is UP with these guys.

  257. TommyB says:

    Well, McHabby,

    At least the goalie yeats was talking about had a good reason the go for a…….! What’s the Habs excuse tonight?

  258. McHabby says:

    Well TommyB,

    Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the off-topic stories on nights like these. Keep them coming Yeats!

    I have no idea what the Habs excuse is tonight. They’ve traditionally had bad games in Buffalo. Too much of a high after finally beating the lowly Leafs? The line juggling is messing up the players? The team plays better in front of Price?

  259. Yeats says:

    The only thing that could make tonight worse would be if one of the Habs pics showed up on the internet, or we traded for Tlusty!

  260. Moey says:

    Thank you very much guys for the refresh adjustment , that was doing my head in….I think Ian Cobb is about to give up…hang in there Ian, they still have some teething problems, just like the Habs have tonight, no actually the Habs have a major team abscess. I can smell the stink from here.

  261. Yeats says:

    Is it me, or it the new HIO layout a pain in the ass? After you post, you end up back on the first page. Hate to say it, but I liked the old HIO. Version 2.0 is just way too fussy.

  262. Naila Jinnah says:

    I think they’re working on that. At least now if you refresh the page, it lands on the last comments page…

  263. The Ian Cobb says:

    I don’t know, I guess a bad evening all round, having a harder time on this site tonight and my Habs are no where to be found tonight. Oh well, we are getting better, aren’t we!!!

  264. Lee Hayes says:

    You bet we are!
    All I’m asking for is 3 in the third!

    Go Habs Go

  265. Naila Jinnah says:

    Wait wait wait… That lotto commercial is in French too? The English version is way better – albeit more annoying!

  266. HabsInsideOut says:

    Testing changes to comment module. Carry on.

  267. Lee Hayes says:

    Thank you for the great effort that you and your team have put forth, It’s greatly appreciated!
    I think I’ll let you folks resolve some of the issues before I start nitpicking.

    Go Habs Go

  268. Blitzen says:

    So they’re finally forechecking two guys it seems.

  269. zamboni says:

    I better sign out, running very low on battery.
    See you all tomorrow.

  270. Yeats says:

    I don’t like Friday night games. It throws the quality of my buzz into doubt!

  271. Blitzen says:

    Hey! I posted and defaulted right to my last post!

  272. TommyB says:

    yeats, the good thing about these Friday games….no matter how bad it is, I go out after the game to play pickup, and it is guaranteed to look a lot worse!

  273. Yeats says:

    TommyB: You’re lucky, you can salvage your evening. I have to wait for 6:30am Sunday to redeem my weekend.

  274. HabsInsideOut says:

    Hi folks,

    I’ve made some changes to the comment system to address what Yeats et alia were complaining about earlier. Send me an email at dru.oja.jay [at] gmail.com if you notice any problems.


  275. Naila Jinnah says:

    Thanks Dru :)

  276. Blitzen says:

    This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!


  277. The Ian Cobb says:

    We are still a work in progress, but honestly I have watched the development over the last couple of years, we are getting there, and the progress over time to watch really excites me. So when we loose and come out like we did in the first is discouraging, but knowing the game was done after the first it was very interesting how each player played his shift the rest of the game. It is all part of the development. I will read a few more posts before heading to the pillow. So good night All

  278. Y says:

    Alright, I’ve finally got myself reg’d!

    Till tomorrow!


  279. Chuck says:

    That game sucked like a gaping chest wound… and was almost as painful to watch, too!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  280. Habsfan39 says:

    I cant beleive I was at this game.

    Im still mesmorized with dissapointment and frustration with how stupid sabre fans are and how they got to cheer and I didnt. Arrrgh!


  281. Chuck says:

    I was there, too. Actually, I was surprised how quiet the Sabres fans were, given that they had a hefty lead for most of the game.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

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