Forsberg signs

Peter Forsberg is back – with Colorado.

Pierre McGuire, on Mitch Melnick’s show this afternoon, says this will start an "arms race" in the Western Conference. Anaheim, San Jose, Vancouver and Detroit will try to make moves.

On the Marian Hossa front, McGuire – stressing that he was speaking hypothetically – said Canadiens would have to give up a roster play of Christopher Higgins’ calibre plus Ryan McDonagh or Alexei Yemelin and one or two draft choices.

I think Hossa is going to Ottawa.Β 



  1. nick says:

    Ottawa isn’t lacking the talent. It’s lacking the focus. New coach might be a good idea for the Ottawa club.

  2. 9410 says:

    Thrashers have Enstrom, a rookie with damn good puck play to QB their PP, they need pretty much everything else though.

  3. HotHabs says:

    Now TSN talking about Sens coach Paddock possible getting the axe. That wouldn’t surprise me.

    enjoying the high’s & enduring the lows of being a Habs fan

  4. sidhu says:

    And so it begins….

  5. wild flower says:

    Grabowski may never play in the NHL – he has already tried and failed. Many talk about Higgins best role being that of a third line checker which would possible if we improve the top six by adding the likes of Hossa (signed to long term). How much depth do we need in third liners? I think Chiptura would be expendable under the scenario described. I would hope that Bob knows which of the D prospects we can send off to have a more realistic shot at immediate success which seems like it should be possible given Ottawa’s inconsistency. You don’t get too many shots like this year and Crosby and the Penguins will probably be even better next year.

  6. G-Man says:

    So, Colorado signs Forsberg, AKA “The Gimp”. Big whoop. The question is:Why sign someone who cannot skate any more? It boggles the mind.


  7. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, but I Hossa is more of an impact player then Smyth.

    And the Thrashers seem to need a QB for their powerplay, and an offensive center. So I’d agree with Grabs, but if I was Waddell I’d be pushing for Streit.

    Hopefully Gainey won’t part with him.

  8. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Just in …deal done …Hossa for Kovalev …..kidding,lol

  9. RS says:

    True, the Leafs would have to make an incredible run for that one to matter directly to them. We might need those two points in a big way though.

  10. Ali says:

    depends who on TSN, if it was Mckenzie i’d have no problem believing it, the man is the most well informed analyst on tv.

    Dreger seems to have good sources as well, and surprisingly so does Gord Miller, he’s the one that broke the Ryan Smyth trade last year.

  11. Will Longlade says:

    You could have a point there. The Sundin matter may give the Laffs the boost that they need to play the spoiler role although making the playoffs in almost mathematically impossible for them at this stage. The Habs must ensure that the lineup is full of Dawgs players for that game.

  12. Les-Habitants says:

    I’m telling you guys…Bobby Holik is our man!!

    Why won’t anyone listen to me?!?!? :)

  13. Les-Habitants says:

    too much, would be too big of a hit against our depth.

  14. Will Longlade says:

    Why? Deals that are made out of desperation are rarely good ones. If they discombobulate their team, that’s good for us.

  15. port elgin says:

    Sens have zero and I mean zero chance of winning the cup with Ray “swiss cheese” Emery between the pipes.

  16. Les-Habitants says:

    Roster player, prospect, and draft pick…standard, but still too much by far for a player who very well might be a UFA this summer.

    One of our best 2 way forwards, one of our best defensive prospects, and 2 (I’m guessing) 1st round draft choices??

    someone is gonna pay it tho, if Forsberg, Smyth, Keith Tkachuk are any indication…although, in those cases, no roster players, minus Glen, were involved.

    Forsberg: Ryan Parent, Scottie Upshall, a 1st round selection and a 3rd round selection in 2007.

    Smyth: Robert Nilsson, Ryan OMarra and a 1st round selection in 2007

    Tkachuk: Glen Metropolit, a first and third-round draft pick in 2007 and a second-round draft pick in 2008.

  17. port elgin says:

    Tsn is full of crap, they have no trades coming through and will have nothing of any substance to report tomorrow. So all they can do is make stuff up and hope people watch their show instead of Jerry Springer tomorrow. My advice…watch Jerry , more realistic and way more entertaining.

  18. Blarneylad says:

    the sens canot afford to have him under contract next season anyways. so they can have him for the playoffs, choke, and then we’ll sign him in off season. Higgins cannot be moved

  19. arcosenate says:

    Man, that would be WAY TOO MUCH! Let’s just sign Hossa as a free agent. Forget this crap.

  20. nick says:

    Well when you look at it that way yeah.. But on the other hand they are fairly far behind us at the moment. Ottawa on the other hand, yep numero uno…still. I dislike Toronto winning, but for immediate purposes i enjoy Ottawa losing way more than i care what happens with Toronto at all… theres some logic in there somewhere. πŸ˜‰

  21. Mr.Hazard says:

    This Hossa thing is really getting out of hand. Screw it.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  22. The Teacher says:

    The Leafs winning ALMOST makes you feel as good as a Habs win?…

    Buddy, you sure you don’t want to think about that again?


  23. nick says:

    HAH! That almost makes my night more than the Habs winning. Almost. I’d enjoy it even more if we hadn’t lost the last two games. πŸ˜›

  24. RS says:

    I previously mentioned Lapointe (well, and about 25 other guys). He’s been a healthy scratch at least once recently and he’s going to be a UFA. He should be cheap. Questionable how much help he’d be. But he’s French!

  25. The Teacher says:

    Check that 5-0

  26. RS says:

    Of course, that (Murray goes crazy) could be good…for the Habs. By the way, it looks the Sens need help keeping the puck out more than they need a forward. Of course, same can be said of the Habs.

    Talk about bananas, imagine if the Leafs now make a run for the playoffs! Seriously folks, I don’t like the looks of the last game of the regular season.

  27. nick says:

    Lose like that make GM go crazy… go crazy? Don’t mind if I DO!

    I hope this doesn’t make Ottawa go all out before tomorrows deadline.

  28. The Teacher says:

    Leafs 4-0 over Sens. Might make Murray go bananas.

  29. tony d says:

    Sundin just scored for TO….that’s for you Fletcher, so there

  30. 1010 says:

    Yesterday Ferguson stated that he thought Sundin would waive his clause and go elsewhere. So as you can see JFJ has a handle on the situation much like he did when he ran the leafs into the ground.
    Apparently TSN will hire anyone who comes staggering out of the ACC.

    GO HABS.

  31. subdoxastic says:


    I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments regarding JFJ’s new role with TSN. While I can understand any “news” organization looking to get insider information, the likelihood of JFJ providing any is next to nil.

    Furthermore, considering he is at least partly responsible for the mess the Leafs are in, how we can expect unbiased or objective reporting regarding that team? (and in Ontario there’s not much time devoted to any other team).

    Perhaps TSN has fallen victim to an all too common trade deadline disease, acquiring someone just to show you can, to acquire a little flash, only to be disappointed and left holding the bag after the party’s over?

  32. 1010 says:

    Forsberg sure starts an awfull uproar for a guy whose chances of making a major contribution are probably in the 25 to 30 per cent range at best. I mean, does this really scare Detroit and Anahiem that much?

    GO HABS.

  33. sag says:

    tsn just said Grabs and Chips are part of a Hossa offer

  34. Forlando says:

    Mcguire has gone crazy… I would not give that up for 2 months rental of Ovechkin or Crosby or ____________ insert whoever you feel like…totally nuts.

  35. 9410 says:

    Well I hope Maguire Realizes that there is no way, pretty much anybody would pay that price. Last years expensive rentals all flopped in the playoffs, and this year GM’s are more and more aware that the draft is key.
    Funny how he mentioned Yemelin and McDonagh, but neither were at the game which Waddell went to, so chances are he has not scouted them as extensively, especially since Yemelin is in Russia.
    I dont think theres any way Habs are going to rent, Gainey wont get a quick fix, he moved Iginla to bring Newy into Dallas for a while, not just one run at the cup.
    Where do these Jokinen being a bad locker room guy stuff comes from, had not heard it prior to this year, and if thats the case, is he a bad locker room guy or just sick and tired of playing with a bunch of gomers?

  36. J.T. says:

    Well, if that’s the price for two months of Hossa, Ottawa’s welcome to him. The Habs aren’t Cup favourites this year anyway, so there’s absolutely no need to bolster the roster with a rental. Bob, step AWAY from the Hossa!

    Oh, and am I the only one who thinks TSN has gone beyond the previously-recognized bounds of “ridiculous” by hiring John Ferguson Jr. to dissect Mats Sundin’s decision to invoke his no-trade clause, and feature him saying things like, “It’s too bad. I would have liked him to go somewhere where he’d have a chance to win the Cup?” I don’t know which is worse…the leafs or those who cover them.

  37. wild flower says:

    Maybe we eventually win because of Bob’s patience. I don’t think that this is a zero sum game, as many teams destroy their futures each year while only one team can win. If the price becomes too high we sit back and watch Ottawa lose because they lack chemistry which can’t be bought. Eventually we should rise to the top. I just wish Bob had been a little more patient last year and taken another long look at Riberio, Niinimaa or both.

  38. Will Longlade says:

    Huet, Ryder and O’Byrne to TB for Dan Boyle. As part of the deal, the TB police agree to drop the charges against OB.

    Sounds like a lot, but we will lose the first two of these players to FA anyway and as an RFA, OB may attract an offer sheet that the Habs may not be able to match. What does everyone think?

  39. Cable Guy says:

    No way Tampa trades their first round pick this year, won’t happen.

  40. likehoy says:

    actually..i think that’s a brilliant move cause if we get tampas pick…we’re top 5 pick and if we don’t get stamkos…we get drew doughty who’s highly rated as a dman which can make for mcdonagh’s loss for sure.

  41. sag says:

    If I were Bob…

    1. Try to get Martin Lapointe – not heard him mentioned in the rumors which actually makes it likely – tough and leadership!
    2. Sign Ryder…. at a discount.
    3. Trade Huet(UFA, too many good goalies)
    4. Call up Halak(tearing up AHL), Chips(NHL player – always was before demotion), Grabs (playing well lately)- send down Lats (embarrassing skater), sit the player of choice for that week
    5. No Rentals, No Giant Richards sized contracts, No bad room guys like Jokanen.
    6. Hossa signing in the off season after he and the Sens come up short against the young and determined Habs in the East Final!

    ps Price gets start??? Was that source reliable? Not usually announced until game day. If so, Huet is on the move for sure. No way Price gets the start after the Columbus start and Huet well rested.

  42. likehoy says:

    my prediction is hossa for grabs valentenko and a first rounder.

    we had 2 first rounders last year which allowed us to pick well..unfortunately this year is a deep first rounder…therefore expect gainey to deal Huet for a first rounder…hopefully tampas so we get a steven stamkos shot

  43. howtathor says:

    Ottawa will never win a cup unless they pick up a goalie tommorow!

  44. howtathor says:

    Wow…Heatley-Alfredsson-Spezza and Fisher-Hossa-Stillman. Not a bad two lines!

    But you know, I like Koivu-Hossa-Higgins, Kovalev-Plekanec-Kostitsyn.

  45. Blitzen says:

    If Ottawa gives a ton for Hossa – and you know Waddell will demand it – then they better win the Cup now, because they might turn into Laffs North for several years after.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  46. Blitzen says:

    An arms race? A few hours ago, people were saying that Foppa’s injury was still bothering him a lot. Odds are the guy won’t contribute that much and/or hurt himself soon.

    I think the arms race bit was McGuire trying to boost the ratings for tomorrow’s guaranteed snooze fest on TSN.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  47. RS says:

    Hmmm, on the way home from work, I was thinking Hossa to Ottawa too. They have some guys they would be willing to move for another big scorer to give them two lines. Their team D still needs work though, much like Habs.

  48. howtathor says:

    I think all the rumours surrounding the trade deadline have affected the team’s psyche. Remember, this is a young team and very impressionable. Even those who we consider our leaders such as Higgins and Komisarek have dropped off drastically lately. I don’t think Higgy has anything to worry about. Bob would never trade him for Hossa or otherwise. I’ll be glad when 3pm rolls around. I know it’s been drivin’ me nuts!

  49. von says:

    We are up to our eyeballs in goaltenders, let’s not add another one to the equation…

    Halak and Price will lead the way!!!

  50. howtathor says:

    Hmmm Maybe I’m reading too much in the fact that Price is in nets tommorow night. Could there be a Huet move in the offing to Tampa Bay? I think they could make a good run with Huet in nets and maybe they would give us Holmqvist as well to backup Price. Sounds like a good deal to me!

  51. HABSMANIA says:

    well well well I would not assume we will get Hossa. However the good thing is that at tomorrow after 3 pm we will know what has or has not happened and we can focus on the rest of the season – playoffs. GO HABS!!!!

    Chris Nilan what a cool guy hes on that show on tsn.

  52. howtathor says:

    That’s straight from Carbo himself. I think Huet is going to TB for Richards.

  53. The Teacher says:

    Had problems accessing the site just now. Anyone else?

  54. nick says:

    If Hossa moves to Ottawa…
    4 Players on their roster are going to be worth over 30 mil. The other 20? are worth 20 mil. Is it just me or is that ridiculous?

  55. likehoy says:

    tampa bay part 2 cause emery sucks :)

  56. sidhu says:

    In my view, a trade for Hossa is not worth it if Higgins is going the other way. I’d rather rely on our youth — Grabovski, Chipper, Halak — than trade away good assets for a rental player. I hope BG makes a move for a player that will help us long term, not just someone who will be with us for the remainder of this season.

    In Bob We Trust!

  57. jimstr says:

    ottawa gets Stillman and Hossa – smells like the cup’s coming back in canada, at last.

  58. Sehs says:

    Let Ottawa get Hossa now and we can nab him during the offseason!

  59. MikeL says:

    I don’t think Ottawa has the depth of talent in roster players or prospects to make the “best” offer to Atlanta. Who could they offer? Foligno and Vermette with draft picks? Higgins and one of our prospects is a much better offer. If I was betting, he’s going out west.

  60. RS says:

    Habs won’t offer Higgins.

  61. Morenz7 says:

    Amazing after that Heatley-Hossa deal to think Ottawa might end up with both playersβ€”and Atlanta with neither.

    A lesson, I suppose, in the many benefits of being a winning team.

  62. Richard says:

    Montreal’s offer for Hossa with the condition that he signs here will definitely be higher than what Ottawa will offer for a rental.

  63. RS says:

    Vermette, Foligno, Hennesy are possible guys to move.

  64. tony d says:

    so once the smoke clears, I gather we’re right back where we started
    is this karma for our last loss on tribute to Bob night?

  65. showey47 says:

    If anything i at least hope bob gets a big third line center who wins draws close to 60% of the time. If we can’t improve on offense, it is a necessity to improve on the defensive side of the puck.

  66. von says:

    “Christopher Higgins’ calibre plus Ryan McDonagh or Alexei Yemelin and one or two draft choices.”

    Too much for a rental I think. Why isn’t anyone talkin’ about Jokinen is what I wanna know???

  67. HABSMANIA says:

    That is WAYYYYYYY too much. Dont need to do that Bob. haha

  68. howtathor says:

    Holik should be available or Chris Gratton, although Gratton is slow as molasses. Tough though!

  69. wild flower says:

    Dan Boyle resigned with Tampa 6 yrs 40 million

  70. The Teacher says:

    That means one of the big 3, most likely Richards, can start adjusting his wardrobe.

  71. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, it seems that Richards is gonzo…good signing with Boyle though, he’s an awesome d-man.

    Is it just me or doesn’t it seem that Philly got Prospal for relatively cheap? Albeit, one of Philly’s better defensive prospects and a 2nd rounder, but still…the guy’s on pace for 80pts.
    Maybe he really is that bad of a locker-room guy.

    Oh, and the Picard they are talking about is this one…not the random Colombus prospect they’re linking to on TSN

  72. 9410 says:

    They need something for him, and hes on pace for 80 because he plays with Lecavalier, I don’t see him getting the same production with the flyer’s, I’m surprised Feaster took an 09 pick instead of 08.

  73. mjames says:

    Based on Mcguire’s assessment of Hossa, Ottawa can have Houssa. All I can say – insane simply insane. Waddell deserves to be stuck with Houssa.


  74. 9410 says:

    Boyle Re-Uped by Bolts, 6 for 40.

  75. Chorske says:

    I think Hossa is going to Ottawa too. I think the players can smell a big change coming and it’s thrown them off their game. How else could one explain a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of the Leafs?

    And while we’re on the topic- amazing what a vote of confidence from a captain can do for a team, eh. Sundin puts his money where his heart is, and I’m sure his teammates had an extra spring in their step as a result.

    I’m not sad if Hossa signs elsewhere. I liked Jokinen better anyway.

  76. 9410 says:

    I dunno, I think that Ottawa has less to give, unless they add Vermette but they most likely won’t be willing to trade him. I hope we get Jokinen though, and Hossa only if we get him to resign at 7 max, for at least 3 years.

  77. Will Longlade says:

    I guess the Habs are not the only team that are not immune to the pre-trade deadline funk.

  78. Moey says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s my take on things, what I took out of BG’s audio the other day. He clearly said he was looking for an impact player and he clearly said he wanted to win the championship.

    Think about it for a minute, I’m all for building the future, but there are no guarantees that next season Kovy will be having a great season, we could have injuries, there are so many variables…right now we have our ducks in a row, for the most part. This is the year for a run at the cup, BG & Carbo sense it, I’ll be okay with whatever happens, but I think the future is now.

  79. 9410 says:

    Totally agree, in a lot of way a huge push in the post-season would really just put the entire franchise over the top. I trust Gainey, im just overcome with nerves, no sleep for me. I know were gonna get something, because the more I think about it the more Boone is right. Things are really coming into play for the Habs. Awful Ottawa, Philly injuries, the only competition in the East is a very scary Pittsburgh and Martin Brodeur. I think our window is at its widest.

  80. mjames says:

    I don’t understand the value being assigned to Houssa (Mcguire’s comment) and the rather modest price for Prospal. Philly gave a potential top six D man plus an 09 second rounder. It is my view Philly paid a fair price. Why is Houssa so overpriced. If I am Gainey I would point this out to Waddell.

    I am tired of all this trade talk. I hope Gainey just sits tight. If he pulls off the Houssa trade at a price level put forth by McGuire then we have the Leclair , Desjardins trade all over again. Who wants that????


  81. 9410 says:

    I think Mcguire is absolutely crazy with the price he stated. Higgins-caliber, top flight d prospect and 1 OR 2 draft picks. thats nuts, I don’t see anyone doing that, because I don’t think anyone wants to risk what Waddell paid for Tkatchuk, or Wilson paid for Guerin or even what Poile gave up for Forsberg. I’m just thinking something like a propect and a pick or two or three big propects, someone like Yemelin, maybe McDonagh (not both) and maybe even Halak. Gainey won’t give a big piece of his current roster, and despite his skid, Higgs is still a warrior.
    Gainey will make a move, Im getting a feeling. GOD I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.

  82. Moey says:

    If it takes Hossa, bring him on. Nobody has better hockey sense that BG & Carbo. As I fondly remember these words, “they weren’t the favorites to be in the finals, but Bob Gainey hired Guy Carbonneau and Kirk Muller and together they brought a young team to the top, and now a 25th banner will hang from the soon to be famous….(oops I was having a flashback) :)

  83. wild flower says:

    If you watched Ottawa vs the Penguins on the wkend and Ottawa vs the Leafs tonight you might come to believe that the Sens need players other than top six forwards to fix their problems. Terrible goaltending and lousy defence may have them wondering if Hossa really addresses their needs. I think the Penguins and Canadiens are closer to the cup than the Sens. When the Leafs play like they did tonight, I really wish they could blow up the team and trade Kubina and Sundin because they probably are better than the points total indicates (to be fair they did have injury problems which is about as legitimate an excuse as us talking about a flu last year).

  84. 9410 says:

    I’m feeling this Sundin staying there will give them a the push they need to make the playoffs. Ottawa looks to be drowning, slowly but surely losing it. I feel before the end of the season Emery will act out again. I hope Ottawa falls because we need to make a huge push for it from here on out, we can realistically only lose about 5-7 of the 19 next games at most. God I can’t take this anymore, I need to stop drinking coffee.

  85. Wencz says:

    I think that Neil going down will really hurt Ottawa. If I was Murray, I would address that. Although I can’t stand him, he brings some toughness that is sorely needed to that team. Without him, they’re just the…. Habs.

  86. Mike says:

    Hey guys, check this site out. me and my friends made a blog website about the habs.

  87. nightmare_49 says:

    in his interview at the Dawgs game Waddell said that a roster player and two prospects would do it and he wasn’t crazy about picks and doesn’t need goalies. Waddell priorities 1) a puck moving “D” man 2) 1st line center and he said he’ll take care of that in the summer and doesn’t expect that in the trade. Unless the Sundin issue has changed his mind. McGuire is often wrong and i’ll take Waddell’s word on this.

  88. The Teacher says:

    That would suggest Mr. Mark Streit, a Mr. Michael Ryder?, and a Valentenko o Yemilin plus possibly a pick?

  89. showey47 says:

    definatly a tough guy to replace, you hate to play against him but love to have him on your team. I find it hard to believe the sens are looking at hossa when it needs goaltending and defensive help, and now some toughness more than it needs offense.

  90. likehoy says:

    tuomo ruutu is available…i’m interested

    the guy isn’t bad at faceoffs 53%…and he’s gritty as hell…he still has some offensive upside and could be a steal for a draft pick.

  91. Wencz says:

    he’s a jackass. you can keep him. I’d rather lose with class.

  92. sadave says:

    Pass. Plus, he’s a wee bit injury prone — only played one full season in his career since 03/04. Then again, I’m biased. I had him in 05-06 on my pool team, the year he missed 67 games, and he earned me 5 pts in his 15 games.

  93. likehoy says:

    well i guess it runs in the family…jarkko is a huge douche…but can’t play hockey…tuomo can.

  94. nightmare_49 says:

    Rumoured to bring his faceoff skills to Pittsburg to join his brother.

  95. nightmare_49 says:

    Mr. Gainey – Don’t forget we need a big veteran stay at home “D” man ( Ken Daneyko type) for the playoff run and it won’t break your budget and a big gritty shutdown center while your at it and good luck with Hossa. Priorities Bob.

  96. showey47 says:

    Since it would cost us a fortune to land hossa, i wonder if they would throw in holik. That would at least take care of 2 of our problems being secondary scoring and a third line center who can win draws plus play physical. Holik is not the guy he used to be but the options available for a player of his type are very limited.

  97. nightmare_49 says:

    You have to think like Waddell , and if he can trade Holik separately he’ll get more and NJ is looking to obtain him.

  98. showey47 says:

    yeah i know, i would do the same thing if i was waddell. We do need someone though. Peca? Federov?

  99. mcLovin says:

    so has anyone read this? is this just stupid speculation meant to make my heart race? or is this a real deal? i hate yahoo;_ylt=AqhDMtKzOLq0NPyuCWW47pR7vLYF?urn=nhl,68602

  100. G-Man says:

    Boyle gets $40 million for 6 years. Now, does anybody wonder why Tampa is a team in trouble? Sure, now they have to move one of the big 3 they signed to ridiculous money, but what will they get? Talk about painting yourself into a corner.


  101. moser17 says:

    Gord Miller: “No word on whether the Avs have talked to Patrick Roy about coming back as well.”

  102. 1010 says:

    I’m choosing to treat this like bull@#%$. Higgins and maybe McDonagh and a couple of draft picks for Hossa. I’m hoping we can swing something but this would be INSANE!!!

    GO HABS.

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