Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out

The erstwhile superstar has put his foot down, and Forsberg’s absence opens the trade market to those old linemates, Supply and Demand.

With Forsberg off the market, the difference-makers – Mats Sundin, Marian Hossa, Olli Jokinen – just got A LOT more expensive.



  1. Jonnyboy says:

    Yes! to Gratton

  2. MikeL says:

    streit is an UFA, tampa is not gonna trade dan boyle for an UFA.

  3. 24 Cups says:

    OG – I wish the Habs would trade me to Tampa Bay. I just took my dog for a walk and it’s a cold, windy, mean spirited day out there. I wish I could be on a beach right now.

    The Original 24 Cups

  4. OldGrover says:

    And why would Koivu want to go for it? He’s got a NTC, he can veto any trade involving him. And he’s here, apparently happy here, a huge part of the community here and on a contender. Why would he trade that to go to Tampa Bay?

  5. likehoy says:

    with the emergence of evgeni malkin…Crosby will be traded.

  6. Mr.Hazard says:

    But the unrest… the stifled excitement… It’s eating at me.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  7. Bob Gainey says:

    Dan Boyle is already worth more than Streit on the market. Not sure how you expect me to land him AND Gratton.

    Remember that Streit is UFA at the end of the season and even if traded, we have a decent chance of drawing him back to Montreal in the off-season, that is of course if we have the money to sign him long-term.

  8. Mr.Hazard says:

    Mike! Another blog please! I need something to read!

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  9. 24 Cups says:

    Mr. H – It’s the calm before the storm. A week from today everyone in hockey land will be sitting on pins and needles. As for now, it’s basically all been said and done.
    The Original 24 Cups

  10. showey47 says:

    I don’t know if i would trade streit, we have the number one powerplay in the league and streit is a big part of it. If, and i’m saying if, we trade streit it should be a package that lands us dan boyle and chris gratton. We would still have one of the best powerplay guys in the league and the third line center we need. I doubt the wings would part with draper anyway, maybe franzen but i don’t think that would help us right now.

  11. Bob Gainey says:

    Lidstrom is injured now for Detroit along with Kronwall. They’re now missing 2 of their top 3 defensemen. It’s decision-time for me guys…

    Do I sign Streit long-term or do I take advantage and deal him as part of a package to Detroit for Kris Draper or Johan Franzen?

  12. arcosenate says:

    I would say that judging by the number of teams still in it, most teams will be hanging on to their regulars. The names Waddell is apparently mentioning include Chris Higgins and Mike Fisher in any trade for Hossa. I can’t see either Montreal or Ottawa doing that. Just can’t see Gainey giving up Higgins. Now, in Edmonton they’re talking Stoll for Ryder and crazy Bruce Garrioch in Ottawa says Montreal is also interested in Havlat. It’s just your typical February madness in the NHL, remember last year, the all-day trade day on TSN and Sportsnet was pretty embarassing. I would expect more of the same…

  13. teamplayer says:

    to guys who were talking about trading for federov, his gm was on off the record saying “i dont like making those moves of experienced players, because at the end of the season you are looking to replace the skills you lost in that player”

  14. Jonnyboy says:

    Gratton from TB

    the only trade I am a fan of at the moment.

  15. Jonnyboy says:

    i wouldn’t think that would be enough.

  16. king ddd says:

    i wish this would happen….. koivu,halak,ryder,mtl’s 2008 1st round pick(its not so bad because if we keep that pik it ll probaly be like 25 or 28th pick over all so thats not bad) and put another draft pik in there for ….MY MAN VINNE LECAVALIER!)

  17. manorrd says:

    Heh heh.

    Could you imagine being a Toronto fan having to watch Sundin as a Hab…providing just enough finishing power to the team to take it to the Stanley Cup?

    That would make life worth living for an extra 20 years on that alone.

  18. Mike says:

    What did we give up to get latendresse? (older 1)

    also, any news on lineup for tmrw?

  19. SUMO says:

    In Bob we trust.

    I also hope Bob keeps the nucleaus of the team intact. These guys got to where they are now and deserve a shot to get to the next level.

    I may be in the minority for suggesting this but after watching the last game in Philly I was thinking we may need a “Role Player” (ie. goon). I saw alot of black jerseys take healthy runs at some of our skilled guys. Kovy can take of business himself but guys like Streit and Plekanec seemed a little less like themselves. Maybe I’m wrong but it just seemed they were less confident as the game went on.

    Chemistry is an elusive thing in team sports but it seems like the team has it now. Guys know their roles and are executing.

    Why not Andre Roy from TB for a 7th round pick?

  20. 24 Cups says:

    Teach – thanks for the heads up. Some of the most humourous posts of the entire year. Everyone take a bow.

    The Original 24 Cups

  21. sadave says:

    Thx! just assumed younger!

  22. MikeL says:

    He is actually older than Gui. You know what else is funny…Wikipedia is updated already saying Olivier was traded there

  23. mbplekfan says:

    Another smallish center.

  24. nightmare_49 says:

    How about bed time.

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    Mike – Or we may be losing Quebecers if he trades. When i first seen it flash up i thought it was Gui but when it flashed up again i lost my smile. Olie is a nice little hockey player.

  26. sadave says:

    He’s Gui’s baby brother, from the Phoenix organization. He was here in San Antonio for a while, but I think he was sent down to a lower league a couple of months ago. I may have seen him play, but nothing stands out . . .

  27. Chorske says:

    Have you not been watching Streit? he’s brilliant. I would put that kind of versatility on long term contract NOW.

  28. Mike says:

    could this just be to we have pospects incase we trade some away?

  29. MikeL says:

    If you had your way, there would never be a trade in the NHL again. Trade Deadline day is basically like christmas to me. I sit in front of the tv all day and only move for the bathroom and food. Pathetic, i know

  30. The Teacher says:

    RDS a appris que le Canadien a fait l’acquisition d’Olivier Latendresse des Coyotes de Phoenix.

    Latendresse, qui s’alignait avec les Sundogs de l’Arizona de la Ligue centrale, est le frère aîné de Guillaume Latendresse. Il va se rapporter aux Cyclones de Cincinnati de la Ligue de la Cote Est.

    Olivier Latendresse occupait le troisième rang des pointeurs chez les Sundogs avec une récolte de 22 buts et 30 passes en 37 matchs.

  31. nightmare_49 says:

    The Habs have obtained Olivier Latendresse C/L , no details.

  32. The Teacher says:

    Wow Gainey. I think you’re thinking a little too much here.

  33. Bob Gainey says:

    How about Huet, Streit, and Smolinski (or Ryder) to Detroit for Kris Draper and a low draft pick?

    It’s unbalanced in terms of salary, but Detroit has the space and it addresses both teams needs: a shut-down defensive centre with faceoff skills and playoff experience in spades for the Habs and another reliable goalie, a skilled and versatile d-man, and a spare centre (or sniper) for Detroit.

  34. nightmare_49 says:

    It seems GM Gainey doesn’t follow your stand pat policy in an interview with sportsnet or he may be just starting his spin early like the faceoff BS. In Bob We Trust.

  35. howtathor says:

    The more I think about it the more I feel that the Hossa sweepstakes would be too costly for the Habs. The name most mentioned, Christopher Higgins is the future heart and soul of this team along with his good buddy Michael Komisarek. Talk about chemistry! If Atlanta is willing to take spare parts for Hossa then go for it, otherwise let someone else mortgage their future.

    I’d rather see a mid level player such as Vinny Prospel or Sergei Fedorov that wouldn’t cost us too much in return but would have Cup experience. In Bob we trust! (I DO think of the Samsonov signing, don’t these guys have any PRO scouts?) That being said, he seems to be the right fit in Carolina.

  36. The Teacher says:

    You all gotta scroll down and read these one liners. hilarious

  37. Exit716 says:

    Kevin Allen of USA Today called the Habs “mediocre” tonight on WDFN radio in Detroit.

  38. likehoy says:

    i was just watching a hamilton bulldogs clip on youtube…and they wear an advert (pepsi) on the top right of their jersey…as i mentioned last time you posted…the adverts if a small one on the corner of their jersey wouldn’t make a big deal and would become relatively unnoticeable in a short period of time.

  39. Erik says:

    “I think it’s a great way to grow (hockey-related revenue),” he told the Star. “They have (uniform ads) in Europe and it doesn’t take away from the true jersey look.”

    This is what Dwayne Roloson in the sun newspaper. WOW How can someone lie like that! Have you seen those eurapean jerseys? WOW

  40. Will Longlade says:

    The Habs should stay the course and not look to add a player that will underachieve and upset the team’s chemistry. Trent Hunter would be a great addition, but I’m not at all impressed with some of the other names that are being tossed around. Most of the players mentioned in rumours are too expensive and too soft. The Habs need to add some grit for the playoffs. Hunter would fit the bill perfectly.

  41. Ian G Cobb says:

    We have the players now that we need, just a little more seasoning and we will be drinking from the cup again. Were are all the posters in the early part of spring training that knew not what we had in Mr. Bob Gainey. They have a better idea now I would think.

  42. Erik says:

    I may say that I did not really get all this forseberg talk. I mean what is the big deal about this guy. Fragile and not very good. Look what happened to Nashville last year. On the Sundin issue I dont get it either. If hes looking at staying in Toronto and if dealt just is waiting to go back their in the offseason then I cant see the story here.

  43. Rugger says:

    NJ won today so now a 3-way tie at 73 points, with the Pens having a shot to catch up tomorrow.

  44. JasonM says:

    Out of all of those, Jokinen would be the best pickup.

  45. Will Longlade says:

    The latest from Eklund (Hockey Buzz) on rumours re: the Habs:

    “More and more I am hearing that Montreal is trying to grab both Hossa and Havlat. It just won’t go away despite how much I try to debunk it. The Canadiens better not do anything too rash, because that team is truly clicking right now.”

    I don’t see either of these deals happening. They simply don’t make much sense in relation to the Hab’s medium-term/long-term financial picture and B.G. will not trade for a rental. Havlat would come with a 6.0 million dollar cap hit in 08/09 and Hossa will likely be looking for 7.5 million + a year to extend. Neither of these players even comes close to being worth this kind of money and Havlat is nursing a chronic shoulder injury. If the Habs want to retain their flexibility moving forward and have the ability to resign their core players to long-term deals, they will pass on both of these underachievers. Besides, neither of these players represent the piece of the puzzle the Habs are missing. I would take a much better look at Grabs before bringing either of these guys on board.

  46. The Teacher says:

    Sportsnet reports

    -Habs GM Bob Gainey, speaking in general terms about his team’s possible needs, said he would like to add an impact player but wasn’t convinced it was going to happen.

    “We’re not really looking for any sideways moves,” said Gainey. “A lot of the players on our team are still developing and getting better. I suppose an intangible is that we’re missing a lot of experience. We don’t have a lot of playoff experience, but have depth in most areas. …

    “If we could upgrade significantly to an ‘A’ player, those are the kinds of things that we’re interested in,” added Gainey. “We would try to put together a deal that would make that work. But there’s not many of them. They’re rare to find here. I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat thinking it’s going to happen.”

  47. Rugger says:

    Yes, on Sundin, the Laffs have so telegraphed that they already have an agreement for bringing him back, how would I as another team’s GM know that he would put more than a half hearted effort into the balance of the season?

  48. showey47 says:

    I did say streit as PART of a trade not one for one.

  49. JF says:

    Smolinski has a no-trade clause. Draper would be good,, but I don’t want to give up Streit. And I think Huet, Streit and Ryder would be too much to give up for Draper.

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