First loss when scoring first.

First loss when leading after two.

And let’s be honest: First-class effort by a very good hockey team.


  1. HardHabits says:

    By occasional Bob Cole senior moments do you mean his occasional CBC broadcasts?

  2. HardHabits says:

    It’s no wonder Richards is monkey-see-monkey-doing the Cherry veiled threat tango. I remember Cherry gushing over his little pit-bull Richards during last years playoffs.

    What has Cherry won let alone done in Hockey? One measly Jack Adams award? There’s the pinnacle of his career. A year the Habs won the Cup over those other hockey boors the Filthydelphia Flyers.

    The fact that neither Richards nor Cherry have been reprimanded for their actions has to be addressed. This is a travesty. Both the CBC and the NHL are looking toothless. Maybe they think that’s Bobby Clark chic for acting tough.

  3. WarHero says:

    Indeed sir! Good points and thank you for the info :) I appreciate it!

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  4. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Nicely said. The real “culture” story is not about the rookies but about the poor role models that the up-in coming players have in Richards, Kovelchuk and at times Crosby. The kid has a passion to play that surpasses the commercialism of today’s superstar veterans. Maybe Gio’s and Gomer’s salary is worth it if they can continue to mentor PK. PK hasn’t “bad mouthed” any player in the press and has always shown respect to Crosby and Richards types in the media.

    Right on the money Boone.

    …is this the continuation of the Bettman-Crosby love affair?

  5. Big Ted says:

    Dear Mr. Bettman:


    Since you became Commisioner of the NHL some 17 years ago, we’ve seen expansion of the league into new markets and we’ve seen the owners in most cities generate higher revenues, so I suppose that in their eyes, you’ve been a success. But in doing so, you’ve put profit and marketability in the southern United States ahead of everything else that matters to the fans that have supported this league through the years. Ticket prices in most markets where fans actually attend games have sky-rocketed, while the quality of the product has been diluted by the addition of those extra teams. Heated contests against past rivals in cities like Winnipeg and Quebec, where fans are passionate and knowledgeable about hockey, have been replaced by meaningless games against opponents in Atlanta, Nashville, Carolina, and Phoenix, where the atmosphere in arenas is dull and fans cheer for goals and for cheerleaders but seem to have little understanding of the intricacies of hockey. And the officiating, which was once at least consistent and respected, has become nothing more than a joke, with referees who either can’t discern what is and isn’t a penalty or else can but choose to make calls on the basis of who the player is, what team he plays for, or what the score is at the time.

    One would have to believe this isn’t surprising, after incriminating evidence was made public recently showing Colin Campbell, the man you put in charge of discpline, was using his power to influence on-ice officials’ calls, if not using his own position to rule on suspensions on the basis of his personal opinion of players. Now perhaps Mr. Campbell was merely venting rage as a parent of a hockey player, but as fans with no access to what goes on behind closed doors, we have no way of knowing how impartial Mr. Campbell actually is. And therein lies yet another problem with today’s NHL, an utter lack of transparency into the rulings that are made. On-ice penalties and off-ice punishments are handled in such a way that there is no real explanantion given for why certain calls are made and others not. And there is no accountability, for the media have no access to the officials following games and teams are forbidden from criticizing their work unless they wish to be fined.

    More recently, another example of your lack of judgment has come up, in the incident involving P.K. Subban and Mike Richards. In every day life, if one man were to threaten another and tell him he was likely to be hurt in the future, he could be arrested and charged. In other sports leagues, that player would certainly be fined and put under watch for his behavior. In your league, no action is taken and the player making the threats comes out the beneficiary both in terms of the intimidation factor he is able to instill in his opponent and in the eyes of certain media members such as Don Cherry, who not only fail to reprimand this type of behavior but actually commend it. Is this the type of league you are choosing to run? Is this the message you hope to pass on to young children and teenagers learning to play the game of hockey? The Flyers have always been and likely always will be a team that plays the game outside of the rulebook, but for fairness to be had by all the teams that for the most part, do play by the rules, players and teams have to be subject to the consequences of bending or breaking the rules. Since you have been in charge of the league, the rulebook has always seemed to have been interpreted loosely according to what the league feels is best for its premiere teams and economic interests, when in reality, it should be interpreted the same for all.

    Mr. Bettman, you are a smart man, as evidenced by your education and time spent atop the NHL and in the NBA before that. As such, I am sure every move the NHL makes or doesn’t make is calculated and done with the utmost consideration for its consequences. And so I find it puzzling why this lack of transparency, accountability, and consistency persists after all these years. Certainly, if the NHL was interested in the opinion of its fans and the integrity of the game, it would have done more than brush off Mike Richards’ comments and it would have given a more detailed explanation of Colin Campbell’s actions, with better reasoning as to why he shouldn’t be fired or suspended. In the absence of this type of improvement, one can only assume that you yourself are not capable of running a league that is anything more than a for-profit business and that furthermore, you are incapable of appreciating that the only reason the NHl is even still afloat is that you have taken advantage of the common fan’s love for the game, something you yourself seem to have lost.




    A Fan

  6. SeriousFan09 says:

    Apparently he has a lot of the same flair as PK from what I’ve read, concerns are he might not get as big as his brother but I think PK himself said he thinks Joran will be better than he is. I imagine there will be some attempts to trade up in the OHL draft to grab him and tap that hockey bloodline.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  7. WarHero says:

    Nice! Would love for it to be the 67’s so i could see him all the time, but they are going to finish way to high for that pick.

    Woud you compare him to PK?

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  8. Propwash says:

    Whoever winds up in Toronto might as well sign up to join the PGA tour as well.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    Younger brother Jordan is eligible for the OHL draft this year and is favoured to go in the 1st round, a defencemen himself. OHL teams are going to be after him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  10. merlin_24cups says:

    Anyone remember during a Philly vs. Habs game last year. I think it was still the regular season. Might have been PK’s first game. There was a play where PK was going for the puck near the boards and Pronger was taking a direct run at the “numbers” on PK’s back. But PK’s spidey sense was tingling (or somebody called out to him) and he dodged the hit. PK made the play with the puck and avoided the hit. Pronger face plated into the boards. Obviously humiliated, he turned to PK and called him a “person of cowardly standing” well thats not what I read on his lips but I’m sure you understand. Anyway, the replay showed there is noway Pronger could have mistaken it being a hit from behind.  

    No doubt rookies gotta show a little bit of respect. But vetrans have to be held to a high level as well. I know Pronger is no saint. Like that crap with the puck the other night is somewhat childish even. These “vetrans” have to lead by example. SO Richards can say all he wants, but with a teammate like Pronger, Richards loses all credibilty. 


  11. WarHero says:

    Totally agree with you. I love the fact that the Habs only usually dish 5 year (max) contracts. But like you say … as for Subban … i’d like ot ssee him get a bit more.

    Which reminds me … got to see his little bro Malcolm in nets versus the 67’s on Friday. he played well but his defense left him high and dry a few times.

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  12. Born in a Bad Year says:

    I think I might know what has gotten Richards so pissed off at PK.

    I would imagine that a veteran like Richards would be really angry at PK taking a Nike endorsement contract that should be going to someone with real NHL experience.  Imagine the nerve of that rookie.

    Hey Richards, go back to pimping local used car lots. At least you got BMW’s to sell, it could be worse, it could be Kia’s.  (That was the only endorsement deal I could find on Richards, but it was pretty funny that even a blogger with the handle “PhillyFever84″ said “he looked straight up retarded in that commercial”)

  13. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’m not, strict policy of not wanting to the Habs to have any contracts that last a decade not involving players named Subban, Doughty or Stamkos.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  14. WarHero says:

    Good! All though, I must admit I am intrigued by a Gomez for Vinny trade (straight up) That being said, I’d still say no. I’d prefer to keep Gomez for his defensive abilities.

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  15. ABHabsfan says:

    The miracle of tech we call PVR could save you. Perhaps it could work as well for students as it does for dads like me who have bath-time come up in the middle of the 2nd period.

  16. gumper says:

    Thanks for that Dru. It’s a pleasure, and, due to the infrequency, a surprise, to hear an intelligent viewpoint well articulated.

  17. Ayan_SB says:

    Was he a big Shayne Corson fan, or did he become a Shayne Corson fan after he went from Montreal to Toranna?

    Dude, you were practically the only one defending Cherry on Saturday. Just give it up.

  18. SeriousFan09 says:

    If Richards wants to win something, he’ll have spend a lot of his contract on lotto scratch tickets if he goes to TO.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  19. Ayan_SB says:

    Damn, I have to write a final essay for tomorrow, so I’m going to miss tonight’s game. Luckily, there’s always Canadiens Express on RDS.

  20. 24 Cups says:

    If the laffs dump Grabovski next summer, they will have 13M coming off their cap.  Lots of room to sign Richards. 

  21. SeriousFan09 says:

    Eff that crap, word’s getting around that Vinny is damaged goods.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  22. WarHero says:

    hahaha, i hope not. ALso, beware the return of the dreaded Vinny to the Habs rumors now that Stamkos has safely stolen his spot.

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  23. VancouverHab says:

    Generally (& legitimately) true, SF — but he adores Patrick Roy, and did before he left us, and there are others. He was a big Shane Corson fan.

    I will predict that when (not if) P.K. finishes the season like he will, and does (let’s be fair) drop the early Sid the Kid act, Cherry will praise him to the skies.

    Time will tell if I’m right or wrong — & I’ll admit & do pennance if I should be proven wrong.

  24. New says:

    The only reason Richards would trash talk Subban is to get him off his game. He certainly isn’t worried about PK’s health or career prospects. The only reason for wanting to get PK off his game is because PK scares Richards (skill wise).

    Scared people do stupid things. Richards has already done some. More may follow.

  25. SeriousFan09 says:

    With a remark that is so cliche you could put in French and you’d swear a French Canadian of note and a pending free agent said it about Montreal, Brad Richards made mention of his upcoming UFA status prior to tonight’s match against Toronto and playing in a market like Toronto. That’s it, Brad Richards is the new Kovalchuk to the Maple Loafs fans, be ready for 7 months of Richards to TO stories.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  26. Ian Cobb says:

    The kid (a rookie at that) has twice the class and poise in his little finger, than has the CBC Cherry clown and Richards put together !

    Nothing will come of this now for sure. Richards and Cherry look like  fool’s already. 

    Richards wears the C for his hobby, Cocaine,!

  27. WarHero says:

    Agreed Ian! Just wish we could score more then 2 or 3 goals on a consistent basis.

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  28. Ian Cobb says:

    Here are this weeks statistics on where we place in this 30 team league, compared to where we were last week.

    By far the most important stat is first.  For it reflects the total teams performance to date.


    Goals Against—39, We are in  2nd place.   Last week we were in  4th place.

    Total Points—–27, We are in  3rd place.    Last week we were in  5th place.

    Goals For——–51, We are in 21st place.   Last week we were in 15th place.


    These are championship winning statistics folks, that we have not  seen in Montreal for the past 25 years.

    It takes great vision over time, by great management boys and girls.

  29. RS says:

    I only say him play in the OHL about five times, but I think it’s safe to say that players have been taking runs at Subban for years. He is one guy that I’m not too worried about, he is used to it.

    And after Richards opened his mouth, the league (believe it or not) will be watching. The Flyers would have to be stupid to try anything tonight. Well, in that case, maybe I am worried.

  30. SeriousFan09 says:

    Don Cherry has never been a friend of anyone who wears the CH since they embarassed him 4 times straight in the 1970s which was basically the end of his coaching career.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  31. Propwash says:

    It’s Xtra dontchaknow.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  32. helluva habs fan says:

    I think aside from the occasional Bob Cole senior moments, CBC still does a great job with game coverage. It’s the pre-game and intermission coverage that’s boring and uninspired.

  33. WarHero says:

    I wuould agree, he would be a great replacement. The only downside is that Hamrlik still has better hands, but it’s not like he scores a tonne anyway.

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  34. Gormdog says:

    Didn’t you know?


    Don’s known “whatshisface” since he was 14!

  35. habs001 says:

    great news he is gone but the season is lost…meanwhile the habs are playing very solid d and great goaltending…pk is great…the team knows that they will not win too many games where they give up 3 goals…it still would be nice to have at least one more forward with goal scoring ability…

  36. punkster says:

    High drama indeed.

  37. DearyLeary says:

    So beating the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins qualifies as?  Also, for all your praise of goon-play, the Flyers certainly got their asses handed to them by the Blackhawks.

    Also, ‘Adulterate the rules’?  We’ve got ourselves a bonafide troll here, folks.

  38. DearyLeary says:

    I find Friedman’s commentary vapid and uninspired.  There is nothing redeeming about the CBC’s coverage fo the sport. 

    Truly sad when American coverage of the sport is better than an icon like “Hockey Night in Canada”.

  39. fuhgawz says:

    not old yet not young but a very solid and steady dman .. i would love him with the habs

  40. punkster says:

     I would simply point out that Philly didn’t win the Cup. They were outskilled.

  41. Ayan_SB says:

    “From friends like Cherry”


    Oh, you were being serious?

  42. HabFarmer says:

    1.  Winnipeg and Quebec would be in it – Columbus and Phoenix wouldn’t

    2.  Burnsie would be in the HHOF

    3.  Jeremy Roenick would be commissioner – no wait a second……. .

    A man’s attitude… a man’s attitude goes some ways. The way his life will be. Is that somethin’ you agree with?

  43. Dru says:

    The Globe had an article about the threats against Subban and racism today:

  44. punkster says:

    Bettman and Campbell would be exploring meaningful relationships at Pelican Bay State Prison.

  45. PrimeTime says:

    Elliotte is the only credible CBC Sports personality. Love the guy!

  46. moser17 says:

    Pedant. I was obviously just indicating where my comment was going to be, i.e. ‘here’, and then repeating it to avoid confusion.

    Rats, that doesn’t sound believable to me and it’s my lie.

  47. heartandgoal says:

    We crap all over the Flyers all the time for being classless goons…  Is it because we’re racist against people who wear orange?  Probably.

    Back your statements up…  This is anecdotal inanity.  Quick – name 5 of the countless other trash-talking swaggering rookies from years past who didn’t get their share of abuse back.

    Name 3?

    Teemu? Ovy? Roenick? Avery?  These guys were all criticized just like P.K. is.

    Rookies get put in their place.  Confident players open their mouths.  It’s how it goes.

    Naive to discout race?  I think it’s foolish to jump to that.

    I don’t think Richards was seriously threatening the kid.  If PK was a trash-talking agitator, and thus just doing his job, Richards wouldn’t have said anything.  It’s that Richards can see the talent.  PK backs his mouth up with his game, and I think he successfully managed to get under the Flyers’ skin.  And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


  48. WarHero says:

    Could be since Hamrlik mentored him in Calgary :)

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  49. C3P1 says:

    the same coyotes team that finished with almost 30 points more than the habs last year in a far superior conference? hahaha Im with you on the fact that the location is a joke and that is the worst experiment in the history of professional sports, besides maybe the california golden seals, but gotta give credit where it’s due


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  50. VancouverHab says:

    This could be the day — the very day — that P.K. makes his mark on the league.

    As the wise heads below correctly say, he’s getting the attention because he looks like he’ll be an elite. If he can rise to match this — let it motivate him to excellence — especially tonight in a game this meaningful and with his most prominent critic, then he’ll be in.

    He’s getting the Sid Crosby treatement — from friends like Cherry — and foes like the whining threatening typical-Flyer Richards.

    This could be great.

  51. fuhgawz says:

    Is robyn regehr going to be Hammers replacement after this season? …





  52. TheDagger says:

    It would be very beneficial for the Habs to pot one on their first PP. Let them know if they want to run around like idiots the Habs will pound them on the scoreboard.

  53. Chorske says:

    Soft Euro play. You mean fast, skilled, right? What a drag THAT is to watch.

    So much more fun to watch the truculent clutch-and-hold grinder “North American” style hockey, eh?

  54. andrewberkshire says:

    Agreed, I think PK is a very mature person and hockey player. Seeing all this criticism from homers cheering on other teams, just tells me that this kid is the best player we’ve drafted since Markov.

  55. Mr.Hazard says:

    * Hear! Hear!

  56. kempie says:

    Chris Lee would be selling costume jewellery at Yonge & Dundas

    The Phoenix Coyotes would be a softball team.

    Officiating would be more reality-based and less sucky.

  57. DearyLeary says:

    I think that a strong work ethic (which this club has in spades) is far more valuable in the long term than being ‘chippy, crazy mofos’.

  58. Ayan_SB says:

    From CBC’s Elliotte Friedman‘s weekly column 30 Thoughts:

    22. Very interesting that Montreal’s coaches would
    break up the successful Tomas Plekanec/Mike Cammalleri combination to
    get Scott Gomez going. I think they’re getting really frustrated with
    Gomez, who seems to be behind the play a lot.

    23. Boy, is Max Pacioretty 
    coming on. Get the sense that if the Canadiens could do it again, they
    wouldn’t rush him to the NHL. He played one season in the USHL, one
    season at Michigan and half a year in the AHL before getting his shot.
    Of course, when Jeff Marek relayed that theory to Pacioretty during
    Sunday’s AHL on CBC game    the winger shot it down like a World War I biplane.

    24. Think Pacioretty also got a Clockwork Orange-style attitude adjustment from the organization.

    25. For all of the craziness surrounding PK Subban,
    there was an example of his maturity Saturday night. With a 2-0 lead
    late in the third period, he did one of his spinaramas on a solo rush
    near centre ice. Instead of continuing forward, though, he pulled up
    and got it deep. Small thing, but a big thing. Smart play.



  59. moser17 says:

    Here! Here!  Well said, indeed. Richards strikes me as crying foul because a kid made him look bad and was part of the defense team that shut him out. PK handles himself with relative humility in the media scrums. Richards is the one taking his ball and going home. In addition to the level of play, what’s also at stake here is the level of maturity. PK still wins the day, so far, in my book.

  60. Timo says:

    Let’s start a “If this were a pro league… ” list, shall we?

    1. Punishment would fit the crime

    2. Leafs would not be in it [next]

  61. andrewberkshire says:

    While it could certainly be a contributing factor, I think the biggest reason PK is getting all the hate is because he’s an elite level talent. It reminds me of how much crap Crosby got when he came in the league. By all accounts Crosby chirps, he whines to the officials too. However Mike Richards does the exact same stuff, so does Getzlaf. Corey Perry has the reputation of being the dirtiest, and most gutless player in the NHL, but you never heard crap about them in their rookie seasons. The difference is that Perry, Getzlaf and Richards took a season or two to catch up to the NHL, and develop into the excellent players they are today. PK was nearly an elite defenseman from the moment he stepped on the ice against the Flyers last February, and he’s embarrassing veterans on a nightly basis by being plainly BETTER than they are. That’s why Mike Richards is pissed, because he was shown up by a kid.

  62. mbplekfan says:

    Considering that we just pulled a player of PK’s calibre out of our farm system it really doesnt owe us anything.  Nash might develop into a player given enough time but other than that our Hamilton defence is stocked with career AHL’rs.

    Going to be a few draft years of 1st round defenders to restock the farm.

  63. kempie says:

    Of course you would.

  64. JIMVINNY says:

    Even though no one is admitting it, I have trouble believing that the color of PK’s skin doesn’t have a little something to do with all of this.  It’s just a little odd that there have been countless other swaggering, trash-talking rookies with way less talent than PK, and no one’s said boo to them.  The only major difference between those guys and PK is that he’s black. 


    Seems a little naive to totally discount the possibility, anyways.

  65. vaya_ says:

    agreed. white is out with a knee injury though.

  66. SeriousFan09 says:

    Unfortunately White sustained a knee injury on Saturday’s Marlies-Bulldogs game and is out for at least a couple of weeks according to reports.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  67. longtimehabsfan says:

    Was fortunate to catch the Bulldogs game yesterday on NHL Network.  Looks like we’ve got a good group of forwards but we’re thin on defense.  Curtis Sanford had to bail them out.

  68. sidhu says:

    I’d like to see White in a game like tonight’s.  I’d like to see him on the 4th line with Moen and Pyatt, bump up Eller to the third line with Lapierre and Halpie, bump up Benny to play with Gomez and Cammy, leaving AK46 with Pleks and Gio. No offense to Weber, I hope he gets a chance to shine somehow.

  69. Ron says:

    Lots of truth in that.

  70. Ayan_SB says:

    Damn, what a post. Quoted for F. truth!

  71. SeriousFan09 says:

    People are going to hate Subban for a long, long time because of how good he is and how bad he makes the other side look at times and in 5 years, oh my. All the great players have this against them, Flyers make voodoo dolls of Sidney Crosby before he’s in town, Pittsburgh fans have Ovechkin dolls, the hockey fans in the state of California loathe when they see Drew Doughty or Ryan Getzlaf take to the ice against their team. You think people jump for joy when they see 40-year old Nick Lidstrom making their best defencemen look like a Junior A player in comparison?

    Subban being this disliked just shows what we’ve got in him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  72. arcosenate says:

    You know, if this league weren’t bush there would be no teams south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  You know, where you can’t grow ice naturally?

    Let’s face it, the Flyers will pull said bush league crap tonight, we’ll not have the meat heads to retaliate and the world will continue to spin.

    Now if our PP works maybe the former pacifist coach Laviolette will actually return to his senses and reign in his ham and eggers.

    But that’s not going to happen is it?



  73. MICP says:

    The Habs must win tonight.  My in laws are staying with us for 10 days so I need something to live for.  If they lose,  Im headed to Boones place.

  74. sidhu says:

    Just drink some Four Loko while they are staying with you.

  75. C3P1 says:



    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  76. HardHabits says:

    It’s all Gomez’ fault. If he wasn’t on the team the Habs would be leading 25-0. They would have no losses. We could’ve had both Halak and Price and Kovulchuck and Lecavalier. Gomez needs to go. JM needs to go. BG needs to go. Sather is a genuis.

    That’s how effin’ stupid you all sound. Relax. It’s a 1 goal game. Team’s lose. Grow up some people.

  77. 21BIGGionta says:
    3P 4:50:

    Good shift for # 11

    i think its too late 21 games in….He’s lost the respect

  78. EricInStL says:

    Ok so basically we have NOBODY to park their fat asses in front on the other teams net during the PP.

    We need to get that someone who has size. How about Gill in front. It<s not like he<ll be on the point and it will force the other teams D to drop back a bit.

    Since we don’t have a power forward….


  79. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Making Boucher look better than Patrick Roy – SHOOT THE PUCK.

  80. 21BIGGionta says:

    All im saying is, he’s not putting the effort in…he’s making lazy plays and not hitting the net…

  81. Keith says:

    Sounds like they’re saying DOUCHEEEEEEEE LOL!

  82. MathMan says:

    I don’t mind the occasional loss. I’m worried about the way the Habs are getting dominated, but that’s because I’ve not been convinced by the Habs’ radical turnaround and keep fearing they’ll revert back to last year’s form.

  83. SeriousFan09 says:

    20 games in, Lapierre has more dominant games than he does. That’s crap by any standard HH.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  84. Propwash says:

    Habs are playing a decent hockey team. Philly is pretty good when they actually play hockey and not put on a goon show.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  85. Harditya_CareyPrice says:


    I am clearly upset lol

  86. Matt_in_TO says:

    They thought they had it in the bag after first and Philly got going.  If they play like this on Wednesday, they’re going to get smoked.


    – In Price We Trust

  87. Hockey Socks says:

    Habs need a shot of something up front. Max Power?

  88. ooder says:

    look the point is that when other players have a game off other players have to step up.

    gomez is the only guy not to have stepped up once.. i honestly can’t think of a single game where he was a difference maker.

    every player he plays with gets dragged down.. seriously..

    ak46, cammy, gio.. everybody who plays with him plays badly..

    every single other center plays better then him.. eller, pleks, and halpern have all outplayed him.

    he is very soft in the d-zone as well as the o-zone

    he just isn’t playing well.. other players have bad games as well don’t get me wrong

    but this is 21 but games now


    88 is the new 23

  89. notbigbird says:

    Ah HH, you’re so darn cool. Thanks for the laugh.

  90. Montrealer2 says:

    Sounds like there was a meltdown, I left for dinner & Habs were outshooting the Flyers & winning 2-0 I come back & Flyers completely outshooting the Habs & win 3-2………..???   Glad I missed it I guess.

  91. Danno says:

    Gomez has run out of time. Sorry, but send him to the Bulldogs.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  92. Keith says:

    I’m very pissed off that we lost this game. Habs did not work hard at all from the second period onward.

  93. JasonM says:

    Double post.


  94. JasonM says:

    Simply put, we were outworked and outcoached after 20 minutes and all our scoring ONCE again came from our checking lines. The Gomez situation is costing us points and breaking up another line to get him going is detrimental. He well below .500 faceoff wins, loses most of his battles for the puck and is a turnover machine.


  95. HardHabits says:

    And when a player does things making it look effortless. Dudes. Laps got both Habs goals. Laps!!!!! And we’re blaming Gomez. Un-friggin-real!!!!

  96. Antho says:

    Webber! solid call up JM when max pac is tearing it up and your stil using a grinder in a top 6 spot

  97. Norm0770 says:

    Well if you are playing against a shakey minor league goalie shoot more.

    Oh, and is there a player more useless than Gomez?  Not only is he unproductive, he takes playes that are on fire and puts then on ice.

  98. scrowe21 says:

    Weber was also tearing it up.

  99. captaink4life says:

    Blown leads have happened to EVERY team in the past. We were the victim of one tonight. They will happen in the future as well. Something definitely has to be done to spark Gomer but he’s not the only one at fault here. Another solid outing by Price and I really liked PK finishing his check along the boards with about 5 seconds left. 


    You will always be a Canadien in my eyes, Saku

  100. Montrealer2 says:

    I understand the sentiment, however I doubt the Copps Coliseum is worth $8.million (roughly) let alone have a player getting that type of cheque………

  101. Antho says:

    The count is using a 5’10” defenseman to grind against the flyers LOL

    Still no production up front; no scoring from top lines? do they exist here?

    2 lucky goals, thought it was in the books and instead turned out to be a game from the eastern conference finals; habs shifts are to clear the puck to center change, new shift comes on and plays D

  102. Barts says:

    Relax?? Did you read your post? Who sounds stupid? If you don’t like reading about people critiquing their hockey team, don’t come here.

  103. Keith says:

    Tonights loss really underscored what a detriment that Gomez has been this season imho.

  104. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    At least the Habs weren’t subjected to this kind of assault tonight (although given they’re in Philly, they probably got off lucky):

  105. Antho says:

    he was tearing it up on the pp with no pressure

    6’2″ 210lbs max pac would have been good on the top 6 instead of webber; completely lost

  106. Aybara says:

    ugh.. It did feel like that didn’t it.

  107. HardHabits says:

    Yes but does Gomez take that inopportune offensive zone penalty near the end of the game while the Habs are trying to make a last minute come back. Thanks but no thanks to Koivu. Watch l’Antichambre tonight to make y’all happy. It’s gonna be a Gomez-bitchfest.

  108. SeriousFan09 says:

    Can’t play 20 minutes against the Flyers than wait until 8 minutes are left in the 3rd to get going again. These are the kinds of efforts that are manageable against Edmonton or the Islanders, not a Cup Contender.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  109. Harani says:

    I’m seriously HATING Gomez. And dont even want him anywhere need the Bulldogs. From today, everything is Gomez’ fault. Sheesh! 

    And if we play like this on Wednesday, the Kings will eat us alive. Seriously, have 3 Kings in my pools, watch them a lot, and no kidding they’re THAT good!

    “It must be love!”

  110. Habbu says:

    Reminded me of last spring. They elevate their level of play in periods 2 & 3 and we simply had no response. They’re good and big to boot & I hate them.

  111. habguy says:

    if Boucher was a good goalie, habs would’ve been shutout.

    Philly is awesome! an offensive juggernaut.

    I’m picking them to win the cup.

    How is it they have so much talent, and habs have so little talent?

    1 reason, Pouliot, AK and Gomez are on this team. they need to go!

    habs need to make a trade for a top scorer, and a QB with a shot on the PP.

    their PP is just awful!

  112. scrowe21 says:

    Yeah, but I think it would be a mistake to bring Max up right now. They clearly brought him up too early, he said himself he wanted to spend the year in Hamilton and rebuild his confidence..He is just starting to do that now.

  113. 21BIGGionta says:

    i don’t see your point. Yeah laps got two goals, we’re not “blaming” gomez, but he’s the one on the team who consistently, over a 21 game period, hasn’t shown effort. Or at least thats my point.

  114. Chris says:

    The NHL is a bit of a rock-paper-scissors league.  Every team, without exception, has a team or two that are kryptonite to them.  For years, that team was New Jersey.

    Unfortunately for Montreal, their kryptonite now is Philadelphia, who have enough big forwards with speed that they can skate with the Habs while still being able to push them around.  It happens.  The Habs can obviously still win a seven game series against them, but it will require the team to play at its top level for a sustained period of time…that is the nature of the game.

    The effort was lacking, but that will also happen over an 82 game season.  Ask the Capitals fans, who watched their team get spanked 5-0 by the lowly Devils.

  115. punkster says:

    They just don’t get it HH.

  116. SeriousFan09 says:

    Koivu’s mistakes were far exceeded by his heroics, Gomez’s heroics are far exceeded by his mistakes this season and most of last.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  117. gK_HabsFan says:

    And Cammy??


  118. Traf27 says:

    One we should have won for Price and PK



    The struggles of today will make the victories of tomorrow that much sweeter.

  119. Danno says:

    I mean it. We can replace him. Send him down.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  120. shootdapuck says:

    Peeeuw what a stinker!

    The inability to score and bury a team comes back to bite them. They had Philly standing around in the first!

    Then tried the standing around for the next two periods with less than perfect results.

    I hope and pray the passivity in the second and third wasn’t the good JM protect the lead strategy resurfacing!

    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  121. larisalapointe says:

    When the Flyers are not gooning it up, they are a damn good team. And without Carey Price, this game was over long ago. Philly won this game, but we shut them out less than a week ago…..chill out.

  122. Antho says:

    they wrecked him putting him as a grinder hes a top 6 forward but JM has no patience…yet he has patience and does everything he can for gomez

  123. HardHabits says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. l’Antichambre are suggesting bringing up Desharnais to replace Gomez. OMFG.

  124. olematelot says:

    Yawn, you keep posting the same crap over and over

  125. HardHabits says:

    Words of wisdom right there.

  126. Bill says:

    Well, to be fair, HH, Gomez really sucks. In terms of production by salary, he must be one of the worst in the NHL. And then to see him just mail in that weak, wave-at-you backcheck on the winning goal … *barf*.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  127. habs001 says:

    while it is one game i dont think we can beat the flyers with this line up in the playoffs unless we win the games 1-0 or 2-1…we would have real problems scoring on them in the playoffs…with no pp we will have problems scoring vs any team

  128. ooder says:

    oh btw..i hope pple don’t start freaking out on JM.

    u can tell how pissed he was with his team just standing around.

    he had them going and ready and then it fell apart.

    coaches are not responsbile for everything.. what is he supposed to do when our centers dget dominated on the faceoffs.. or that pucks go off the post.

    he got us this far…let’s not forget that.


    88 is the new 23

  129. C3P1 says:

    cammy has two game winning goals.  oh, and he has double digit points.  shall i go on?


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  130. MikeL says:

    Gomez needs to either sit or play on the 4th line for a bit.

    Put Eller with Cammy for a game and see how it goes. I would bet a lot that it’ll be better than Gomez/Cammy.

    Price was great again.

    Spacek, not so much.

  131. C3P1 says:


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  132. matrags says:

    cant play rope a dope like we did in the second . Cant expect to win on gift goals every night, We nedd some phisacalty up front , an edge that will contest fron t of the net . Price carried us again , time to help him with some offence.

  133. MathMan says:

    And let’s be honest: First-class effort by a very good hockey team.”

    The Habs certainly made them look good.

  134. MikeL says:

    I’ve heard worse ideas, thats for sure.

  135. ctony says:

    If the last 40 minutes of this game become a trend we’re in
    a pile of trouble. Hopefully Jacques learns something from this game.  Don’t sit on leads, make adjustments after
    getting outshot 21-5 in a PERIOD, come up with new game plans from time to
    time, etc.  


  136. Antho says:

    On the optimistic side, I love pleks hes doing everything right this year, im glad hes locked up

  137. HardHabits says:

    Some folks like to make a play
    Skate the puck away like a D man should
    Hop it right to where its out of reach
    Or make a pass no good 
    But I’m skating around
    On my own blue Line
    I’m in a New York state of mind

    I’m not like other hockey stars
    they’re trying hard and I’m so routine
    I’m high in hockey’s terms with defensive schemes
    So what if I’m not competing
    And skate around and waste more time
    I’m in a New York state of mind

  138. Harani says:

    We could have played so much better! This wasnt a case of them being a superior team, it was us being stupid and unconcentrated and making the necessary efforts to win a game on the road. Not the end of the world. We’ll know on wednesday!.

    “It must be love!”

  139. andrewberkshire says:

    Gomez should just play in the AHL until Game 41, when he actually decides to start showing up every year.

  140. SeriousFan09 says:

    Okay I dislike Gomez to a great extent right now, but DD is one Chara bodycheck away from the morgue.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  141. habaholic68NJ says:

    Shame on the Habs and JM.   They play a smart first period, keeping the flyers out of our zone, playing in the middle of the ice and using the quick pass transition game to play to their speed.  Result, a lead after the first period where we out shoot and out chance the bad guys.  We would have beaten their ass if this style continued. But what do we do?  Play on our heals for two periods (protecting the lead) in our end against possibly the most offensively talented team in the league. Carey standing on his head for nothing.  

  142. PrimeTime says:

    Gomez taking the heat here but I didnt see anyone else outside of Price and maybe PK working much harder. What did Cammy do? Gio? Pleks? AK46? All played a little scared of a weak Flyer D. Phillie outworked and wanted this one more….especially after being down 2-0 at home. Gonna be a fun rivalry !!!

  143. MikeL says:

    Although they’ve won two playoff series’ recently, we’ve won the majority of regular season games against Philly.

    I think the Habs’ kryptonite is teams that are uninteresting. Carolina, Nashville, Columbus, Atlanta, and the west coast teams come to mind. It seems when they don’t play a conference rival, they don’t play their best.

  144. Bill says:

    Play Desharnais for 20 minutes a game and I’m betting he gets a shot on goal. Which Gomez did not do tonight in that amount of time.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  145. andrewberkshire says:

    Agreed, the two people I WOULDN’T blame for this are JM and Carey Price. Last people I’d blame.

  146. Number31 says:

    Meh. Bagskate those guys not wearing goalie pads. Men who stare at pucks.

    Also, take away their iPhones. No more Angry Birds for you!

  147. andrewberkshire says:

    The difference is that each one of those other players has contributed in a big way this year, whereas Gomez has been a consistent disappointment.

  148. Antho says:

    gomez gomez gomez…do we need to go back and discuss how bob’s formula was to fix a broken leg with bandaids?

    That was a no brainer for sather, i mean at least we got pyatt…..but they have gaborik :)

  149. olematelot says:

    It’s one friggin game people need to chill out.

  150. PrimeTime says:

    Oh chill….stop trying to jump on the mob-wagon, again!

  151. smiler2729 says:

    Win two games, lose one… keep that pace up all season and the Habs have a 48 win season.

    Where’d the team go after the 1st period? When are the big guns showing up to score? I can tell Weber’s not going to cut it on the PP. Has Gomez completely lost his mojo? Just some musings…

  152. andrewberkshire says:

    I don’t care if other people agree or disagree with what I’m saying, I haven’t read anything on this blog tonight, so I’m not joining any mob. I’m expressing what I’ve seen all season, which is a player who’s the highest paid Canadien in history, doesn’t show up, EVER.

  153. JasonM says:

    If Desharais was named McDonald I bet they would talk about other things.

  154. SeriousFan09 says:

    Simply speaking, on a team that is defined by hard work, Gomez is a major problem in the room.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  155. Chris says:

    I obviously don’t endorse demoting Gomez, but I don’t buy that argument against Desharnais.

    He’s played his whole career with guys trying to run him through the boards to intimidate him due to his diminutive size.  I’m sure he’s learned how to cope with that at this point in his career.  At 5’6″ and 177 pounds, he’s got to be pretty solid.  Martin St. Louis is 5’8″” and 176 pounds, Brian Gionta is 5’7″ and 170 pounds, Theoren Fleury played at 5’6″ and 180 pounds while Mats Naslund played at 5’7″ and 160 pounds and didn’t get murdered in the old confines of the Boston Garden, as points of comparison.


  156. andrewberkshire says:

    The reason people are freaking out isn’t because of this game, it’s because of 21 games of utter futility on behalf of Gomez.

  157. PrimeTime says:

    Pleks I agree. The others not so much. But none contributed tonite or worked harder than Gomez.

  158. eyhp says:

    Let’s hope we don’t have to play the Flyers in the playoffs.

  159. Ayan_SB says:

    If there is one constant this year (apart from Price’s solid play) is that no matter how well Eller plays, and how poorly Gomez plays, the former still receives low TOI while the latter gets much higher icetime.

  160. HardHabits says:

    And they played Weber on the left whereas most of his goals come when he is on the right. Why not play Darche tonight instead of Weber?

    The Habs got goals from Laps and hit two posts.

    ctony had it right. JM was outcoached. No adjustments were made for the 3rd period.

    I am commending the Flyers for playing hockey. They earned it.

    Good news: Habs still havent’t been blown out, although that was one crappy 2nd period. Not Gomez’ fault. I am tired of hearing the Gomez banter.

    Price is a stud. We’re OK people.

    Nevertheless, management will assess Gomez. If they feel he’s mailing it in, he’ll be sat.

  161. tote-road says:

    Again, Gomez for Komisarek.  Any takers?

  162. BeachHabFan says:

    audition over. whatever meagre amount of offense they may gain w/ weber is more than offset by the loss of darche’s shutdown capabilities. philly drove in unabated. i know gomez is struglling but i counted 5 different passes that weren’t handled, at least he drew a penalty i guess. overall, not enough shooting, did they not see lappy’s goals? ah well, see ya wednesday

  163. PrimeTime says:

    you’re kidding, right?? All you do is try to join the crowd then act all pc when you try to form your own opinion. It’s been your MO for 2 years!

  164. RGM says:

    One giant overpriced mistake for another? Pass.

    Iginla, however….

    Go Habs Go!

  165. SeriousFan09 says:

    He isn’t strong enough for his size to handle the NHL season IMO, I track him in case he proves he me wrong but I doubt he’s ever going to see regular time as an NHLer. I’ve seen him in the AHL and NHL pre-season, bigger players one-hand shove him around without much trouble. Some people are born with a greater natural strength than others, it’s why a lot of small guys who are highly skilled don’t make the draft or the NHL. They simply don’t have the physical strength to make it and in terms of speed, he isn’t as quick as Gionta either.

    Theo Fleury, St. Louis, Naslund and Gionta are pretty much freaks of nature for strength at that size, Desharnais does not appear to be similar. Gorges and Subban are the same height, Subban seems to be about twice as strong as Gorges though, natural strength and frame play into this.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  166. Antho says:

    Lets waive…..JM  xD

  167. Ayan_SB says:

    Mike F. Komisarek has as many points as Gomez this season.

  168. Harani says:

    Given how frustrated I am with Gomez, I’d even play Hal Gill at center. Geez! It’s all cause of Justin Bieber! 

    “It must be love!”

  169. Chris says:

    It’s the playoff series that stand out.  I think the regular season games are sometimes not particularly important because they don’t illustrate how teams can wear down.

    Playing a big, fast team like the Bruins or Flyers a couple of times a month in the regular season is fine, and the Habs do well.  But when they run into those same teams in the playoffs, they really struggle.  Sometimes we win (albeit usually in 6 or 7) and sometimes we lose.  That size advantage, combined with the ability to not be skated into the ground by our speedy forwards, wears the Habs down when they have to fight it for 4-7 games in a row.

    Like you said, the Habs have played down to their competition in recent years (don’t forget our lack-lustre record against the Leafs in that list, a team they SHOULD be able to get up for).  But come playoffs, you aren’t likely to get ambushed by a lack of effort.  That’s where the rock-paper-scissors comes in for me.

    The 82 game pre-season is just jockeying for position.  :)

  170. PrimeTime says:

    Name 2 forwards on the top 6 that worked harder tonite

  171. StevieRay says:

    did we watch the same game ??? The man can’t get the puck out of our defensive zone ..turnover machine … the 3rd goal can be pinned on him !

  172. JasonM says:

    Hey, I don’t think taking your frustrations on Andrew are going to solve any problems. Perhaps a step back would be a good idea mate. :)


    Though, I’ll point out, there’s no bandwagon. This is no goalie debate. The Habs are playing well thus far but Gomez is a huge problem and let me tell you, if they go on a losing streak, it’ll be all you’ll hear.


    And as far as I know, everyone is welcomed to comment here. As long as it’s constructive (hopefully) and respectful.



  173. andrewberkshire says:

    This comment isn’t even worth replying to. By far the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site, and I’ve read a lot of posts by Tony242.

  174. punkster says:

    Hey, they played a stinko game. They laid an egg. They choked. When Laps is your number one scorer (with two fluke goals and 6 shots at that) you know the rest of the team missed the bus. But of course blame must be laid and the lynch mob is gathering for a good old fashioned hangin’.

    I know, let’s hang Gomez. Pffft. This had nothing to do with one player. It was simply a total team loss.

    What I saw tonight was a number of our high-priced help mailing it in. Gionta, Cammy and AK in particular often looked disinterested, out of position and not willing to give the extra effort. Not the entire game mind you but often enough to make the difference. For the rest, Price was great, the D was good enough but again, and for the 20th time this season, where the heck are the goals? Well you can’t score if you don’t try and tonight many of these guys just weren’t trying.

    Oh well, on to LA, Atlanta and Buffalo. Busy week. Be a good time for a few of these guys to play up to their potential don’t you think?

  175. Harani says:

    Impressive stat from Twitter: “When Gomez plays 18:40 or more, Canadiens are 1-6-0. When he plays 18:39 or less are 12-1-1.” ‘Nuff Said!

  176. tony d says:

    Memo to Carey, ‘remind your teammates the game is 60 minutes, not 20′.

  177. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Pleks and Gio, no-brainer

  178. Chris says:

    I haven’t watched him enough to say.  To be honest, I find a lot of players get pushed around.  What separates the NHL’ers from the AHL’ers if how quickly they get back up and whether they go into the heavy traffic areas on their next shift.

    Saku Koivu gets pushed around a lot.  But when he wants to get somewhere, he finds a way.  And he often found his way into the traffic areas and would cannonball into a guy like Chara if he thought it might inspire his team.

    If Desharnais learns to play fearless, he can make the NHL and contribute with his offensive skills.  If he doesn’t, he will have a nice career in the AHL, Europe or the KHL.

  179. SeriousFan09 says:

    Name one game this season where Gomez was the best player on the ice, sooner or later he has to answer for this 21-game crap that he’s on, his only goals are flukes and he’s blown more empty nets than anyone.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  180. Keith says:

    A shitty night all around. We lose to Filthy, and the laffs win 4-1 against Dallas. Think I’ll go to bed now, too depressed to listen to the post game and the negativity.

  181. andrewberkshire says:

    I understand now. I’m sorry I was so harsh with you, it’s obvious you’re not actually able to watch the games but you want to get involved with other Habs fans. Unfortunately your inability to watch the games is affecting your comments because it makes you look like a fool. Gomez had 2-3 hard working shifts, never resulting in any good chances because he ruins a play every time he touches the puck. It’s a joke. He’s 100% responsible for the GWG because he doesn’t look before he does anything, and assumes everyone else is operating on the same retarded wavelength that he is.

  182. Chris says:

    Oh now you’re just asking for trouble, dragging Koivu into a Gomez bash-fest!

    I still haven’t forgotten how many people assured me when the Habs acquired Gomez he would easily out-produce Koivu, including many of the most vocal Gomez-bashers tonight.  :)

  183. andrewberkshire says:

    Kostitsyn, Gionta, Plekanec, Moen. All played WAY harder than Gomez tonight. You’re absolutely delusional.

  184. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Senators eking one out against the Kings was a bummer too…..oh well, thank god for Stamkos on a night like this

  185. JasonM says:

    I’ll take it.

    His contract is more managable and shorter.

    I’d send him to the NHL and call him up if needed to patch holes.

  186. andrewberkshire says:

    Every other player on this team has stepped up in key situations for this team, except Gomez. At some point the excuses run out, and he needs to be held accountable for his sh!t play. It’s getting ridiculous, and the only player in the NHL that’s underperforming at a worse rate is Ilya Kovalchuk.

  187. habguy says:

    and 8 million $$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. punkster says:

    Constructive? Now that’s something we don’t see often enough around here 😉

  189. PrimeTime says:

    Relying on insults now, are you??? I saw the game just fine thank you. All I’m saying is Gomez tried much harder than the other top 6 tonite. Don’t get so high with the wins and so pissed with the losses…they happen to all teams. So far from I see we doing fine….not perfect but the season is a journey….this “team” has the skill to get there but needs to play better than tonite…’s not on 1 player. Just like the losses weren’t all on Price last year, remember??? Chill Man!

  190. habaholic68NJ says:

    JM.  Stop with the experimenting.  Put these lines together and stay with them for 10 games.  You will not be sorry.


    AK46-Pleks-Cammi (line was on fire at the start of the season, one of the hottest in the league)

    PHD (our second best line to date – why is Darche siting?)

    Gio-Gomer-MaxPac (No one understands how to play with Gomer more than Gio.  Gio was getting chances with Gomer but was snake bitten.  MaxPac is burning up the AHL and needs to be brought up immediately)

    Laps-Eller-Moen (fourth line bangers with some skill)

  191. habguy says:

    JM learn from this game?

    he alway’s tries to protect a lead! that’s his problem! his teams aren’t ever aggressive!

    this team needs to play offensive hockey for 60 minutes. and stop trying to protect leads.

    it never works!

  192. Chris says:

    The fact that a guy is burning up the AHL for a short stretch does not mean he should be called up.  The Habs did that in his first season, and it was clear he wasn’t ready.  They did it with Matt D’Agostini, and after a short burst to start his career he didn’t accomplish much.

    Let’s see if he can sustain it for a while first.  Subban did just fine after being allowed to burn up the AHL for an entire season.

  193. andrewberkshire says:

    “Relying on insults now, are you???”

    Says the guy who does nothing BUT insult people on this website, including your first reply to me tonight.

  194. punkster says:

    So name one player, apart from Price and the D, who stepped up tonight. And as for “being held accountable”, really Andrew there’s no such thing in pro sports and you know that. They pays their money and they takes their chances. And just how would you hold Gomez accountable? Tell him we’re only 16-7-1 because of him? Tell him he can’t play in the sandbox with the big kids anymore? Dock his paycheque for every game he doesn’t get a point? Hey I know it’s frustrating but to date while Gomez has not lived up to his billing he also has not cost us any games. In fact I can’t think of any member of this particular team who has cost us a specific game, can you? It’s a good team Andrew, way better than the crap we’ve watched over the past 17 years or so.

    My point being…what…what was my point…I don’t know…ah, yes…point being, have patience. We had patience when Price stunk up the joint last year. We had patience when Gill looked like a dud last year. We had patience when the team looked like they’d fold all through last season before ever gelling. Just have a bit of patience with Gomez and enjoy the fact that we’re a top flight team for a change.

  195. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pretty much what I’ve said, Subban ruled the AHL for a year and look what it produced. If we make the playoffs, sure call him up as one of our “Black Aces” but leave him be for now and develop his offensive talents. One 7-point weekend does not an NHLer make.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  196. habaholic68NJ says:

    I get all that.  But Gomer and Gio need a big body that can bang and put the puck in the net.  We seem to have one on the farm and playing with confidence.  I still want to see him for 10 days.  If it doesn’t work, send him down again.

  197. SeriousFan09 says:

    Max-Pac can’t bang that effectively, not that strong, the key is developing his offensive talents so he can use his speed and reach to be an effective player, if you’re looking for Holmstrom or Knuble, he isn’t that.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  198. Rad says:

    I blame Jacques Martin for this loss.

    First, why break up the PhD line against a physical team like the Flyers?

    Two, if you’re going to call up Weber, why do you have him on left wing? He’s a defenseman with a good shot, and he should have been manning the point on the power play, so he could blast away. Playing him on left wing where he’s never played is bordering on the ludicrous.

    Third, Martin lacks the killer instinct. The team was up 2 goals, and Martin should have had his team go for the jugular in the 2nd period. Instead, he had his team go into a shell on the road, thereby putting pressure on his own defense and giving the opponent an opportunity to come back.

    Fourth, Martin needs to stop juggling his lines so much. They’re not getting a chance to develop any chemistry.

    And Fifth, putting Eller on the first power play unit looked like a desperate move by a desperate coach. I agree Eller deserves a chance on the PP, but not at random, without any practice. Desperation doesn’t win hockey games, it just shows the Coach has lost his marbles.

    Wake up Coach!!!

  199. 21BIGGionta says:

    Richards is just ugly. See even I can make immature comments that noone really cares about.

  200. kempie says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something regarding why Subban is getting all this attention. It’s not because he yaps, or because he’s “cocky”. Most people spouting off about this are afraid to address this topic out of fear that their real agenda will be revealed. But here it is folks, I’m just going to come right out and say it. The real reason that PK gets all this attention is because he’s (wait for it)…. really really freaking good! It drives guys like Richards & Cherry batpoop crazy. They see what he’s doing in his rookie year and they know that he’s only going to get better. They see him take crazy risks that would normally result in what we call rookie mistakes. They see him get burned and still have the skill and strength to get back up & cover for himself. They watch him one-arm guys like Richards out of his way while he stickhandles around him with his other hand, making him look like a fool. Richards can’t handle that and when PK woofs at him afterwards he gets all goofy. Cherry is losing his mind because he sees the future of the Habs and compares it to that of the Leafs and, well, you know.

  201. Danno says:

    The clinical term is PK envy.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  202. Max_a_million says:


    Wait a minute I though Kadri was going to put up 50 goals this season … plus they have all of their none first or second round picks remaining as far as I can tell for years to come.  Not to mention Komisarek is starting to rack up assists like the one he delivered to Cammalleri on Saturday.  Toronto is on the come my friend.

  203. BeachHabFan says:

    this is the kind of game where i miss having one extra set of knuckles in the lineup – steve begin, bouliion, even o’byrne – to back up moen and lay out a little justice if need be; not a brawler, just someone who will throw down and have a chance (no offense, lappy, but you haven’t convinced anyone yet). i have to believe our captain isn’t too happy about their captain threatening one of his boys, but what can gio do other than have a chat? (he doesn’t seem like the type to fight or run the guy, and i’m glad for it, but still) i know they want to focus on hockey and get them by winning, but the Lividelphia track record is filled with a litany of headshots, high sticks, sucker punches and nasty hits, and i’d hate to see PK or anyone go down because nobody pushed back against Richards, or hartnell (he choked me!) or Shelley (i had to go on the power play!).

    with all that said, it will probably be a snoozer now that everyone is so worked up about it…

  204. matraque says:

    And off the 3, O’Byrne was the worst fighter… haha


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  205. Max_a_million says:


    Boone has exactly hit the nail on the head here.  The NFL has eliminated bounties and threatening players with cheap dirty shots.  Very disappointing that Richards is not called to the carpet for his crap. 

    I showed one of my friends a Flyers highlight video, at least every other play is a suspendable offense.  Leaping into checks, teeing up guys kneeling on the boards, sucker punches, etc …  They celebrate this team in Philly though, because they ‘love action’. 

    Ironic that the city named the city of brotherly love is thug capital USA.

  206. habs-hampton says:

    Hey Boone, if this were a  pro league:

    – Head shots would be eliminated.

    – Campbell would be fired or at least reprimanded.

    – Pat Burns would be in the HHOF (I know, the NHL doesn’t run the HHOF).

    – THe Ott-Car game last week would have been postponed as respect for an assistant coach with 21 years playing in the league, instead of forcing Ottawa to drag themselves into Carolina for a 7-1 thumping in front of a handful of fans.

  207. kempie says:

    Stone cold bush.

    Very very sad state for sure.

  208. Rugger says:

    Agree with everything you say except the rescheduling.  NFL did not reschedule for JFK, the forced the Saints to play away games in place of home games to maintain the schedule after Katrina.  They would not have moved the game for the Asst. Coach.

  209. jimhasbeen says:

    why isn’t darche playing?

    yannick weber is going to be invisible yet again.

    and why didn’t we call up max-pac instead??? ahhh 13-6-1–habs fans are never pleased. haha

  210. DearyLeary says:

    Well, he was invisible last game largley due to the fact that we only had one powerplay.

    I suspect there will be more power plays tonight.  Hopefully Weber unleashes his megatonne bomb of a shot and makes the Flyers pay for their transgressions.

  211. twilighthours says:

    I think this Richards thing is getting blown out of proportion.  Really, a Flyer (any Flyer, and more than one) was going to run some Hab (any Hab, and more than one) at some point tonight.  This is nothing new.

    If Mike Richards does cheap-shot PK, he will get a lengthy suspension, and I doubt that little runt will hurt PK very much.

  212. Bill says:

    Same game plan as last time: Habs score a couple of goals and the Flyers forget about hockey and start running everyone. Easy points.

    The Habs better be focussing on Philly’s offence and not their threats, because the threats are meaningless. Like PK Subban is shaking in his skates, I’m sure.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  213. AH says:

    Bottom line, Richards has absolutely no credibility after almost decapitating David Booth.

  214. Ian Cobb says:

    If we can shut them down until the 3rd, our speed game should carry
    us the rest of the way. But we have to check them tight all night.

    Game of mistakes, whoever will force the errors, will win this one.

  215. says:

    Oh to have Knuckles in the line up!!!!!!!

    They Call Me Shane

  216. says:

    Biron is the key tonight.

    Score early, and he’ll fold easier than that suit JimGrim was wearing a few weeks ago!  :)

    I hate these Bums, beat them on the score board Habs.

    They Call Me Shane

  217. 24 Cups says:

    I think he meant Boucher.  It’s kind of like when I referred to Lats being a Minnesota North Star. 

  218. Keith says:

    I just heard on TSN that Snot Hartnell was complaining that in the game last tuesday night against the Habs, that Max Lapierre choked him when they were in a scrum on the ice. Obviously Max didn’t squeeze hard or long enough.

  219. WarHero says:

    Yeah, Hartnell is still crying about that :)

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  220. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’m surprised the NHL didn’t vote Lappy an award.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  221. NLhabsfan says:

    Sore losers.

  222. WarHero says:

    That’s what i was thinking :)

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  223. kempie says:

    I still have nightmares about that series myself, so I’ll forgive the slip.

  224. 24 Cups says:

    Jeff Halpern – He was part of the package that went to Tampa for Brad Richards. 

    Is there a better UFA pick-up this year in terms of performance and salary?

  225. WarHero says:

    Only other one i can think of could have been a UFA, but didn’t make it there.. Mathieu Darche

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  226. WarHero says:

    I miss the North Stars … Bring back Jon casey!! lol

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  227. Chuck says:

    Nice move by the Devils. It might be the only thing that they do right this season.

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  228. WarHero says:

    What move?

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  229. andrewberkshire says:

    Go Habs Go!

  230. Castor says:

    I’d say the Nashville game was a total stinker. If that’s what you mean…I’m very worried about tonight’s game for some reason. Prove me wrong boys.

  231. EricInStL says:

    Hey Pat, so you love watching Chelios elbowing Propp into lala land. Smart, very smart coming from someone who is practically crying to the NHL to protect Subban.

    Listen Subban yaps and yaps. Players don’t like it so at one point someone is going to do something about it and shut him up.

    If it’s 1 vs 1, no problem, if it’s 3 vs 1 then I have a problem with it.

    Get over it.


  232. C3P1 says:

    hey boone – that nashville game certainly qualified as a stinker in my books…no?


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  233. DearyLeary says:

    Overdue for a stinker?  What do you call being shut out by Nashville?

  234. Aerobiz says:

    Ah, I see what you did there. (ahem)

  235. JD_ says:

    Just saw a shot of Price’s ‘stache and got a hankerin’ to buy a used car from him.

  236. SeriousFan09 says:

    I was about to say, since when does MTL getting shut out not count as a stinker, what are we, the Islanders?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  237. punkster says:

    Low mileage, easy on gas, a real beaut…let me talk to my manager for a minute.

  238. DearyLeary says:

    My sentiment exactly.  If anything this is a game to get up for.  How could you not be motivated?  Winner claims 2nd place in the east, recent playoff history, recent ‘media drama’… If we drop an egg in this game I’ll be rather disappointed.

  239. DearyLeary says:

    We should start up a petition: After Movember, Carey keeps the moustache of power.

  240. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pronger’s toughness? Elbows every chance he can get, gets away with everything and never drops the gloves.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  241. JD_ says:

    …as a bit of that mornin’s donut glaze slowly crumbles off the thing.

  242. Antho says:

    would be nice if we had boogard or belak with us in the lineup tonight

  243. Hockey Socks says:

    Talk about quick start.

  244. Chuck says:

    I’m guessing that it’s the Boone reverse jinx at work.

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  245. JD_ says:

    Every shift’s a penalty.

  246. JIMVINNY says:

    Damn it, that would’ve been a perfect start.  There should have been two penalties on that sequence.  The one they showed wasn’t called.

  247. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Nothing I’d like more than the Habs to go up 1-0 on a PK blast from the point

  248. andrewberkshire says:

    RDS’s hate on for Pyatt is ridiculous. He’s second in PK ice time among forwards on the best PK in the league.

  249. habs001 says:

    can we win a faceoff in the opposition zone on the pp

  250. Keith says:

    I don’t see any red marks on Hartnell’s neck. I think he’s a faker lol!

  251. Josh says:

    Why is either Moen or Lapierre still on the second line?

  252. WarHero says:

    That shot by Laps was terrible!

    Follow Anthony on: Twitter & Ottawa 67s Live Blog & HockeyBuzz

  253. JIMVINNY says:

    Shelley is such a moron.  Apparently hard hits are only allowed if you’re wearing black and orange.

  254. Hockey Socks says:

    Tonight’s a night where I’m a big Lapierre fan.

  255. EricInStL says:

    I like the way Subban is handling things up to now. Good passes. Cool and composed. Keep it up, our future captain…


  256. SeriousFan09 says:

    Habs speed is frustrating those Flyers, good control so far.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  257. topher5468 says:

    I think he was at the end of his shift 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  258. JIMVINNY says:

    Gill just totally owned Giroux.  Physically, and with the puck.

  259. JIMVINNY says:

    Oh man.  We have to bury one soon here.



  260. Chuck says:

    Auctioning their jerseys to benefit the Burns family’s charity of choice.

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  261. Hockey Socks says:

    Punk Briere. MY GOD I HATE THE FLYERS.

  262. JIMVINNY says:

    Briere should be suspended for that.  What a load of sh*t.


  263. Keith says:

    No wonder Eller went ballastic! The guy went for his family jewels.

  264. badbalance says:

    What a goon Briere and the Flyers are. Thay suck and will never win the cup..

  265. EricInStL says:

    Briere is a little pr$ck never liked him.

  266. Matt_in_TO says:

    Liking the fire in Eller.  No way JM can be pissed at the kid for that.


    – In Price We Trust

  267. SeriousFan09 says:

    Two Flyers on him and Subban still makes sure the puck goes MTL’s way, love it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  268. Hockey Socks says:


  269. badbalance says:


  270. Keith says:

    YES!!! What a seive Bouch is lol!

  271. RGM says:


    Go Habs Go!

  272. Matt_in_TO says:

    Way to go Yappy!!


    – In Price We Trust

  273. Danno says:

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yappy Lappy. A garbage goal. A nice greasy one!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  274. Chuck says:

    There’s the Flyer goaltending that we know and love!

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  275. avatar_58 says:

    Bwahahahaha eat it flyers.

  276. Aerobiz says:

    Hey, whoa. None of that stuff here buddy. Show some class.

  277. bertuzzisucks says:

    finally Lapierre scores.

    boucher prob. thought he was going to cut far too the right and shoot a pathetic normal shot of his.

    Surprise, surprise!

  278. SeriousFan09 says:

    Lovely goaltending choice on the night Philly, you couldn’t beat us with your No. 1 so you use your No. 2? Genius.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  279. topher5468 says:

    Hopefully we can get a few more before the Flyers wake up, They’re playing terribly

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  280. JD_ says:

    Attaway to sign ’em, Holmgren.

    The spirit of Bobby Clobber lives on…

  281. Chorske says:

    Easy with the “fag” thing, dude. I’ll not spend two days questioning CHerry’s bigotry, only to accept bigotry on this site.

    Not cool.

  282. ooder says:

    ok i am furious at what brier did..

    those filthy flyers want to talk about respect aand they go and spear Eller where the sun don’t shine.

    good on eller for reacting like that.. should swung at that midgets head instead but oh well


    88 is the new 23

  283. habs001 says:

    flyers look dead…hopefully we can get a couple more goals before they wake up

  284. Big Ted says:

    I hope Colin Campbell’s working on his list of excuses for Briere now. That was a clear spear to an area that is a no-no among this so-called code that Mike Richards speak sof so freely… and Briere was already supsended this year for a similar gartuitous shot at a face-off. I think this suspension has to be 10 games minimum because obvioulsy Briere doesn’t get it. Absolutely disgusting.

  285. JasonM says:

    Gomez turned over the puck 3 times during that play.

  286. habs001 says:

    gomez pathetic in our zone

  287. avatar_58 says:

    Eller showing some attitude this game. I like it :)

  288. JIMVINNY says:

    So much of every philly play revolves around getting away with penalties.  If a ref wanted to, he could call a penalty on them on every single shift.

  289. RGM says:

    You know as well as I do that not only will there be no consequences or repercussions, the NHL will not even acknowledge that it happened.

    Go Habs Go!

  290. Keith says:

    The G.D Filthy Farters are by far the dirtiest team in the NHL. They get away with alot of crap.

  291. Bill says:

    Thanks for helping us Habs fans look classy.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  292. zak says:

    Gomez makes everybody he plays with look bad.

  293. topher5468 says:

    well said

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  294. habaholic68NJ says:

    Stuck watching the Flyers homer feed.  Pathetic homers in love with their goons.

  295. shootdapuck says:

    Typical Briere, he was never so brave with Buffalo cause he didn’t have the goon to fight his battles!

    He is now days a cheap shot artist with the stick!


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  296. Hockey Socks says:


  297. RGM says:

    Ha! Ha!


    Go Habs Go!

  298. JasonM says:


  299. Keith says:

    Lappy baby scoring at will!!!

  300. jbroderi says:

    there is no such thing as “zero tolerance” anymore, just an excuse for e ref to occasionally make a brutal call and justify it by saying zero tolerance.  The flyers are the perfect example of the late nineties early 200 clutch and grabbers..


    “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  301. ajpursell says:

    The thing about Richards whining about PK and ‘respect’ is that it sounds like your typical sad bully the first time someone punches back.

  302. habguy says:

    he’s just pathetic period.

  303. Keith says:

    To me that’s almost as bad as kicking skates, which is a definite no-no.

  304. Matt_in_TO says:

    I’ll laugh if he gets a hatrick.


    – In Price We Trust

  305. RGM says:

    Imagine how much talking there will be on the ice if that does happen! LOL

    Go Habs Go!

  306. showey47 says:

    laps again? woohoo. 2 helpers for benny.

  307. C3P1 says:



    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  308. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Since when did Cammy start wearing #40?


  309. Danno says:

    Respect the Yappy!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  310. HardHabits says:


  311. topher5468 says:

    Awesome work Benny

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  312. RGM says:

    Credit to the Flyers d-man for one great deflection.

    Go Habs Go!

  313. nick says:

    Give the puck to Lappy!

  314. Hockey Socks says:

    Lapierre is disrespecting Boucher tonight, big time. It’s always hilarious when he scores.

  315. JD_ says:

    One more crazed knuckleball floater away from a “Laps Hatty”.

  316. JasonM says:

    Is there a legit reason why their backup goalie is playing Montreal tonight other than a stupid coach decision?

  317. Keith says:

    The goalie net that Carey Price is backstopping looks like it came out of the Art Ross era, looks old and shabby, just like Filthy!

  318. Wayne says:

    Just got in. Just got the feed goin’. Wow, SWEEEET. Go Habs Go!

  319. Hockey Socks says:

    Benny is quietly playing a great game tonight. Throwing the body, making things happen in the Flyers’ end.

  320. RGM says:

    The poor fourth line just can’t buy one.

    Go Habs Go!

  321. showey47 says:

    god pyatt has no hands. eller put a goal on his stick.

  322. RGM says:
    1P 2:20: BRILLIANT D by P.K. on that sequence
    If he had any kind of respect he would have let the guy just walk in straight on Price.

    Go Habs Go!

  323. JasonM says:

    40 more minutes of this.

  324. Keith says:

    Getting booed by their own fans! I LOVE IT!!!

  325. avatar_58 says:

    Hahaha I bet Hartnell loves it. The icing would be Subban popping one in as well

  326. ooder says:

    im starting to feel bad for eller..

    this kid is palying great out there and would have wy more then 1 point if he was playing with guys who could finish


    88 is the new 23

  327. Danno says:

    Happy Yappy Lappy heading for a hatty tonight.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  328. HFX-HabFan says:

    Hmmm…that “notoriously loud” Philly crowd was awfully quiet.

    I think I heard Richards’ name mentioned once that period.

  329. Hockey Socks says:

    Apparently Bobo whined to the Russian media that he’s exhausted. Then he let in like 6 goals the other night.

  330. SeriousFan09 says:

    I suppose Mike Richards will now complain that Max Lapierre making a funny face at Boucher when he shoots is disrespectful and distracting him.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  331. Hockey Socks says:

    Apparently Bobo whined to the Russian media that he’s exhausted. Then he let in like 6 goals the other night.

  332. Bill says:

    Awesome period. If Pyatt had any hands, it’s 3-0, Eller giftwrapped one for him. Not faulting Pyatt, but maybe Eller could use a winger who can score? Like whoever is playing with Gomez right now, how about those guys.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  333. habs001 says:

    pyatt gives great effort but has no scoring ability at all..

  334. HardHabits says:

    Inside the mind of a Leafs fan (*cough* Don *cough* Cherry *cough*):

    The Habs got lucky. It should be 2-0 Flyers now.

  335. EricInStL says:

    Is Jeff Carter playing ????


  336. Big Ted says:

    Excellent first period… we didn’t get out-muscled and we definitely set the tone with our speed. Lapierre’s goals were lucky, but we could have easily had a few more with so many chances. Eller’s getting really close, as is Pyatt, and after what Briere pulled, I’d really like to see Eller pot one and hand Briere a -1.

  337. C3P1 says:

    like, seriously? who cares? two found twine…thats the only number that matters


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  338. joeybarrie says:

    Couldnt ask for more in a period. We keep this up and they will get worse with the dirt, and start to get alot of calls. We can keep them on their heels and tired from killing penalties……..


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  339. topher5468 says:

    I’m so happy for Benny, The kid has evidently turned his hard work in to becoming solid hockey player, maybe he can teach it to Gomez

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  340. Big Ted says:



    Or maybe it distracted Mezsaros, leading him to deflect it into his own net.

  341. Harani says:

    I’m loving the look on the Flyers but the Habs better not take the next two periods off because Laviolette is gonna give it to them in the intermission. Concentrate and play smart!

    “It must be love!”

  342. habguy says:

    how about Eller getting a goal?

    he belongs in Hamilton. nothing more than an AHL  player.

  343. Just A Guy says:

    I see how you took the scenic route on that one, very nice. RDS saying maybe eller should have shot but I agree with you, if just for a game to maybe wake up the Gomer.

  344. HardHabits says:

    Why does it not surprise me that you would say something so stupid.

  345. shootdapuck says:

    Unfortunately Pyatt is not alone!

    The hands of stone syndrome afflicts several members of this years team.


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  346. C3P1 says:

    GO AWAY! how many goals does nazem kadri have this year? was he even playing on saturday? I sure as hell didnt notice him…and yall are excited about him?


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  347. Bill says:

    He looks better than that to me: you disagree. We’ll know in a couple of years.

    Eller already proved himself in the AHL.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  348. HardHabits says:

    This proves how little you know about hockey. Eller is playing awesome tonight and has been for a while now. 10 minutes of NHL time is better than 20 minutes of AHL time.

  349. ooder says:

    are u really this dumb or are you trying really hard to be


    88 is the new 23

  350. 21BIGGionta says:

    and the most over-used joke on HIO of the year goes to…..

  351. C3P1 says:

    i am relaxed and chil…because 2 found twine.  be happy, were winning


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  352. Danno says:

    Pyatt can’t buy it.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  353. kempie says:

    Now that period was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  354. Danno says:

    A face only a mother could love.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  355. C3P1 says:

    the funny thing though is that the flyers are all ugly beefs…like carcillo.  ugliest dude in the NHL.  and lappy is, of course, les fracophone…


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  356. Hockey Socks says:

    Max is a heartthrob in the Montreal nightlife scene.

  357. habguy says:

    flyers didn’t show up.

    hope habs don’t wake them up.

  358. HabFanSince72 says:

    Here we are near the top of the league, winning 2-0 against the Flyers, and some of you still have to criticize Gomez.


  359. HabFanSince72 says:

    Of course you could reply that I’m just criticizing the people who are criticizing Gomez.

    Anyway, well done Max. Way to show ’em.


  360. topher5468 says:

    Hey Boone, if that were Darche, he would have burried it, Ha Ha Ha

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  361. SeriousFan09 says:

    Flyers chirp, Habs play, results speak for themselves.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  362. Caper says:

    The Score is reporting PK left with lower body injury. Is this true?

  363. JIMVINNY says:

    Neither him nor Picard saw the ice after the 2:13 remaining mark, but he didn’t miss a shift, as far as I know.

  364. PrimeTime says:

    “Catch me if you can” hockey seems to work against Filthy Plyers

  365. novahab says:

    Good for you Boone that is absolutely right on the nail. I been saying that since that  baby Richards shot of his mouth it’s threats. Samething from Don Cherry when you say a player has a big mouth and will get hurt you asking for meatheads to take a shot. As for the game the Flyers look like they have cement in their skates instead of their heads. Habs should be up at least 4 and bully for Laps thats the way to rub it in. I say if the Habs keep this up they could be up 5 or 6 in the third and look out then.

  366. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    Was it really a vicious spear on Eller?  My feed skipped as it was happening, all I saw was the trip/dive job Briere pulled.  Thought they were giving Eller a penalty for that…

  367. RGM says:

    It was more the old “how do you do?” stick between the legs and lift than a spear, so yeah, pretty vile.

    Go Habs Go!

  368. habaholic68NJ says:

    Flyers are pissed.  They are clearly afraid of our speed as they cautiously attack and we counterpunch and catch them up the ice.  They are going to step it up offensively in the second to get bak into the game so watch for the pressure in our zone and their D-pinching in.  If they fail and we counter with another goal or two, then look for the goon show in the third period. 

  369. andrewberkshire says:

    Off topic, but how the hell is Kovalchuk this bad? I’m not a fan of his game but he’s a better player than this, it’s getting ridiculous that he’s got Gomez-like numbers.

  370. SeriousFan09 says:

    He’s playing on a team that suits him as well as Don Cherry and a book that doesn’t have pictures in it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  371. Hockey Socks says:

    Damn it Gord Miller. He said the ‘S’ word.

  372. madcap_habsfan says:

    It might be a little soon to say this but..SUCK IT Richards 😛



    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  373. habs001 says:

    no points for him but 3-0 devils over caps end of one

  374. bp says:

    hey, anyone know of any streams online? my usual ones are down and i’m trapped at work without access to rds :(

  375. HOGGIE says:

    here is a nice stat 10 million 10 points -10

  376. HardHabits says:

    I can hear it now on the Flyers fans boards.

    “The Flyers are too big, they’re too slow, they have no finesse.”

  377. kempie says:

    So I guess Max is not thinking pass from here on.

  378. HabFanSince72 says:

    Never a penalty.

  379. habstrinifan says:

    Man oh Man! I am deliriously on eggshells. Are we really this good? WOW!

  380. Wayne says:

    We got the Habs, Leaf fans got “Battle of the Blades” finale on. Fitting.

  381. novahab says:

    News out of Philly Richards said that Youppi is disrepectful to their mascot and if he doesn’t show some respect someone is going to get him and Don Cherry agrees. Don said he been watching Youppi since his days at the big O and he has talent but he talks to much. Rumors has it Colin Campbell sent a e-mail to have Youppi  fired for sticking his tongue  out at his son.

  382. JIMVINNY says:

    Love it when Price clears the puck.


    And that was right in the throat.

  383. PrimeTime says:

    How scary was that??

  384. Framlingem says:

    Don’t know about visuals, but the CJAD radio feed accessible by clicking “Listen” at is excellent.

  385. Keith says:

    OHH! Pricey felt that one burn.

  386. Matt_in_TO says:

    That shot literally left a mark.  Ouch.


    – In Price We Trust

  387. SeriousFan09 says:

    Price has been very sharp with his stickhandling in his last stretch, I bet he’d have a lot of fun with no trapezoid.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  388. Keith says:

    They even suck at booing!

  389. HOGGIE says:

    i wonder if anyone actually has Lapierre in there fantasy league

  390. showey47 says:

    laps hit the post,damn

  391. JIMVINNY says:

    Oh, Lappy.  The Natural would have been sweet.

  392. Matt_in_TO says:

    I can’t believe he just came that close to a natural hattie


    – In Price We Trust

  393. showey47 says:

    and of course we are shorthanded again.

  394. Caper says:

    Thanks. Hopefully it’s a reporting error.

  395. HOGGIE says:

    or that your just trying to convince yourself

  396. Chuck says:

    Great… now laps will never pass.  :)

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  397. Wayne says:

    Wonder what the Vegas numbers would be for a natural HAT from Laps against the Flyers in their own barn.

  398. C3P1 says:

    how does he do it? what did he eat over the summer?


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  399. SeriousFan09 says:

    Something consecrated on the grave of Jacques Plante obviously.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  400. Hockey Socks says:

    Halak it. Halak it a lot.

  401. JIMVINNY says:

    Price is the best penalty killer in the league right now.

  402. C3P1 says:

    best penalty killer, best goalie, best moustache, best attitude…


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  403. Wayne says:

    Flyer fans enjoying Carey’s clinic? Dude’s got radar at this point… beauty.

  404. Keith says:

    We seem to be playing like they did last period.

  405. Danno says:

    Price is a warrior


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  406. avatar_58 says:

    PRICE 😀

  407. PrimeTime says:

    Great PK….Flyers lookng frustrated

  408. habs001 says:

    while the pk has been great moen is sometimes to soft in our zone…plecks cannot win a draw when we are on the pp or on the pk

  409. HOGGIE says:

    Laps really is on fire

  410. JIMVINNY says:

    Lapierre should stick to shooting.  That was NOT a great pass.

  411. PrimeTime says:

    Richards with the high elbow on PK

  412. SeriousFan09 says:

    Love it when Flyers just bounce off PK, the kid is a bull.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  413. JIMVINNY says:

    Shelley just LOOKS dumb.  No matter how many times he asks, Lapierre is not going to oblige.

  414. ooder says:

    moen and gomez.. uuh



    88 is the new 23

  415. JasonM says:

    It’s amusing me. What level of penalty will it take for a Flyer to get a penalty?

  416. Keith says:

    Bitchards will be throwing cheapshots at PK whenever they tango. And I would expect PK to give it right back to him.

  417. win4ce says:

    “Meet me on the scoresheet”

    Never heard that one before, definetly stealing it and claiming it as my own 😉

  418. PrimeTime says:

    A little puck poccession time would be nice

  419. JasonM says:

    Has Gomez received a sit down yet? He’s dreadful.

  420. SeriousFan09 says:

    Fun fact, the only #2 overall picks since 2000 James Van Riemsdyk is outscoring right now is Jordan Staal on IR and Goalie Kari Lehtonen.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  421. Danno says:

    Gomez. Seriously. WTF?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  422. thorandresson says:

    how do we get rid of Gomez?  2 icing clearings tonight

  423. Keith says:

    Even when the whistle is blown Filthy still manages to crowd our goalie. God how I hate them.

  424. avatar_58 says:

    Which is why fighting goons are pointless. Unless he wants a penalty he can’t touch Lappy

  425. Castor says:

    If it was icing why the commercial break?

  426. shootdapuck says:

    Gomez looks disinterested!



    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  427. thorandresson says:

    not playing badly? Icing it twice isn’t playing badly? come on man?

  428. Keith says:

    I think Gomer want off the team. At least by the way he’s playing this season.

  429. JVF says:

    It’s the Habs’ rope-a-dope.

  430. HFX-HabFan says:

    Season or lifetime?  If it’s lifetime, gotta include Seguin.

  431. MathMan says:

    “2P 5:52

    What are they gonna do with Gomez? “



    Nothing. He’s not actually playing badly, but nothing goes in while he’s on the ice. He’s a case study in how results color the observation of the process.




  432. JVF says:

    It’s the Habs’ rope-a-dope.

  433. Keith says:

    F-off Filthy!

  434. C3P1 says:

    here comes shiloh


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  435. SeriousFan09 says:

    Season, Seguin’s ahead with 4G, 4A.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  436. MathMan says:

    I meant in general.

  437. habguy says:

    2 goals in 20 games. yeah fantastic.

  438. habguy says:

    when has he looked interested?

  439. JIMVINNY says:

    F*ck.  That goal has been coming for a long time.

  440. habstrinifan says:

    What to do with Gomez? Get Guy Carbonneau to teach him how to be Guy Carbonneau

  441. PrimeTime says:

    only was a matter of time. Falling asleep here

  442. EricInStL says:

    i always like Letterman better…


  443. JasonM says:

    Refs aren’t calling anything Flyer side.

  444. HOGGIE says:

    i guess crosscheking a guy in the back is not a penaltie for philly players

  445. EricInStL says:

    Who Shelly on AK ? Legal hit my friend did not see any crosscheck.


  446. PrimeTime says:

    WHAT A GOOF!!! and why are they fans booing???

  447. showey47 says:

    gomez finally does something and draws a penalty.

  448. VancouverHab says:

    Look, I’m watch snatches of this game on feed at work, and I’ve seen Gomez make three or four elite-level defensive plays (a perfect backhand lob from behind Price during intemse Flyers pressure, for example.)

    This penalty Gomez created by pushing back and hassling just enough to draw a penalty without comitting one. He takes a punch in the mouth for the team.

    And the comments here? “Gomez is only good for eating a punch.”

    We are having this lack of class toward our own player??? What the Hell is with this?

  449. JIMVINNY says:

    Gomez is good at one thing – eating a punch.

  450. RGM says:

    Do they really wonder why that’s a penalty?

    Go Habs Go!

  451. Keith says:

    I knew they’d start gooning it up. Filthy is stupid!

  452. JasonM says:

    Nice fall Gomez.

  453. thorandresson says:

    ok Gomez, draws a nice penalty, and had a decent shift

  454. JasonM says:

    Why is Gomez on the PP? WHY?

  455. ooder says:

    the only good thing gomez did this game was getting punched in the face lol


    88 is the new 23

  456. Shiloh says:

    Only in Philly could they boo that penalty – they could’ve called three on him.

  457. JasonM says:

    His centerman is the worst player on the ice. :(

  458. SeriousFan09 says:

    Just me, or has it been since Campbell’s been covering his backside, refs think it’s back to pre-lockout rules on what obstruction is?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  459. JIMVINNY says:

    There is still something terribly wrong with the PP.

  460. Hockey Socks says:

    One period for the Habs, one period for the Flyers.

  461. JasonM says:

    Laps hurt… hopefully will be back in the 3rd.

  462. Bill says:

    Money save there.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  463. EricInStL says:

    Not really, but I heard that the Habs are thinking of changing everyones family name to Campbell…


  464. PrimeTime says:

    I guess we survived that one??? Not good :(

  465. Danno says:

    Why does Polliot fall down all the time?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  466. Aybara says:

    21-4 shots this period?? yikes.

  467. HardHabits says:

    This is the way to play hockey. None of this Bettman/American basketball on ice BS. Low scores. That is real hockey. Teams that let in 5-6-7 goals should in theory not win Cups. OK. Maybe if you’re the 1980’s Oliers, but still.

  468. VancouverHab says:

    My thought exactly!

  469. habguy says:

    because he’s no good.

  470. Keith says:

    Habs have to be a HELL of alot better in the 3rd if they want to win this game. Filthy won’t roll over easily, if at all.

  471. Jordio-oh says:

    Is it just me or does Hammer look like the least mobile player on both teams. Good thing for our own net or else he wouldn’t have any refuge when dragging the puck back during our pp.

  472. HardHabits says:

    That was a gomophobic statement.

  473. OneTimer says:

    2A tonight, and he’s actually been really good lately. Begone, troll.

  474. Hockey Socks says:

    Weber experiment not getting better. Kid’s still pretty much invisible and hasn’t had an impact on the PP. If Lapierre’s hurt, Pacioretty or White?

  475. scrowe21 says:

    atta be Hal, wind up and take a big slap shot and blast it into Lappys ankle when he is standing directly in front of you..

  476. Chuck says:

    Well, that’s what happens when you only win 4 faceoffs the entire period.


    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  477. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes but our actual faceoff guys seemed to get thrown out of the circle for every 2nd draw at one point.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  478. HabFanSince72 says:

    Devils beating the Caps 5-0!

  479. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    Could be a problem with a skate.

    He set up both Hab goals – not sure what game your watching.


  480. habstrinifan says:

    Poliot’s beeb better than Gomez lately

  481. HardHabits says:

    Guess who’s injured. Coincedence?

  482. OneTimer says:

    What’s this, pointing out something that Gomez does well? This is not allowed on HI/O.

  483. Danno says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  484. topher5468 says:

    Look, It’s A Team game Dude, Gomez needs to step up his game, period. He desreves what he gets, Laps has more goals then him thats pathetic 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  485. Chuck says:

    On seeing the replay of the Philly goal… was it deflected, or a clean shot?

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  486. JIMVINNY says:

    Clean shot, just outside the shoulder where it’s pretty tough for a goalie to get his glove to.

  487. habguy says:

    can habs please forfeit their next PP!

    imagine if we had a coach who believed in offensive, instead of trying to protect leads, which NEVER WORKS!

    obviously JM never heard the expression:”the best defence is a good offence”!

    oh I forgot, habs have no offence.

  488. Chuck says:

    And you really know about offending!


    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  489. HardHabits says:

    can somebody please delete habguy’s account!

    imagine if we had fans who believed in not being offensive, instead of trying to post utter garbage, which NEVER SAYS ANYTHING OF VALUE!

    obviously habguy never heard the expression:”children should be seen and not heard”!

    oh I forgot, habguy has no sense.

  490. ajpursell says:

    “Canadiens haven’t been dominated that bad this season.”


    until the next period you type that.

  491. HFX-HabFan says:

    Bruins getting blanked by the Tampa Bay Bouchers, 3-0 midway through the second.

  492. ctony says:

    That period looked a lot like most of our playoff games last season.  Outshot, outplayed, no continuity in the offensive zone, Pouliot falling down and a goalie standing on his head.  We better turn this around.

  493. JasonM says:

    How is Jersey winning 5-0 against the Caps?

  494. king ddd says:

     who the hell is washnigton’s goalie?



  495. Fred D says:

    Why does Pouliot fall down all the time? All by himself and down he goes. So once in a while you lose an edge and once ina while you mess up but, Benoit just seems to fall.

    There was a point in that period where he had the puck, and it looked like the beginning of a good scoring rush and he fell down, letting Philly do the rushing, in the other direction.

    After a great first period by Montreal, I suspect the Philly team were subjected to a little speech between periods. The third period, as Mike alluded to, should be a “barn burner”

  496. showey47 says:

    If we are talking about the same play,my first thought was that he might have stepped on the puck because it was passed in his skates.

  497. Hockey Socks says:

    Yeesh. TSN pointing something out that I’m afraid will become a big issue if the Canadiens go through a slump this year – what to do with Lars Eller?

  498. Captain aHab says:

    Put him with Cammy and try Gomez as the highest paid checking forward in the NHL.

  499. Captain aHab says:

    They need to sit Gomez on the PP and try Eller. Can’t be worse….kid makes nice passes and can actually gain th puck off f the boards.

  500. HardHabits says:

    Interesting proposition.

  501. JasonM says:

    Tampa up 3-0 on the Bruins. That’s very good.

  502. Hockey Socks says:

    Mike Johnson’s colour commentary is steadily improving. He’ll be a great Habs voice by the end of the season.

  503. habaholic68NJ says:

    Habs gave up the middle too easily that period.  Time to resort to the style we played in the first:  close the middle, hold the blue-line and counter punch.

  504. punkster says:


    Man, you could cut the Gomez negativity in here with a knife. It’s like people have nothing better to do than to look for something to hang on him. You make huge issues out of simple things, like icing. Like you did last season for Price, Halak, Spacek, Hamrlik, Gill, Pouliot…and on and on. Like I did for AK. We were all sooooo right about those weren’t we. Which is why not one of us is an owner, GM or coach in this league. We’re all a bunch of crybaby whiners, no better than any other fans of any other team. Difference is our team is presently, shockingly, unbelievably one of the elite in the league.

    Get a grip folks. Enjoy the freakin’ ride. I am.


    Rant over.

  505. Wops says:

    Joel Bouchard is good

  506. RGM says:

    Kovy: 1,000 points. Cool. HoF career?”

    Nope. It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of the Pretty Good.

    Go Habs Go!

  507. Keith says:

    And we’re back…

  508. habstrinifan says:

    Tampa’s handing it to Boston!


  509. JasonM says:

    For the sake of everything I hold dear (including my sanity), can we please limit Gomez’s ice-time for the 3rd?

  510. Wayne says:
    Feature on Classic Auctions:

    Fools and their money. $50,000 for Denis Brodeur’s Nikon?


    Totally, Ridiculous. Maybe one of Marty’s rings is stuck in the shutter?

  511. Keith says:

    F-off Filthy!!!

  512. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Giroux…French player strikes again.

  513. Hockey Socks says:

    Aw man. Hal out of position.

  514. Big Bird says:

    Well at least we drafted David Fisher instead of Claude Giroux.  Errr….never mind.

  515. C3P1 says:

    this is becoming an annoying habit…leaving people alone in front of the net


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  516. Danno says:


    Okay, time for another garbage goal. A nice greasy one.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  517. Shiloh says:

    Price – sliding around on his knees for the first time this season. He might not have saved it – but he can’t pop back up into position when he gets down into a church kneel.

  518. T-roy West says:

    Was Gill really covering Giroux?

  519. Wayne says:

    J.C. Trembley on a bike!!!

  520. showey47 says:

    4th line getting killed out there

  521. Keith says:

    Where is the team from the 1st?

  522. HardHabits says:

    2-0 leads. *sigh*

  523. JIMVINNY says:

    Shiloh, the shot was coming right along the ice.  He has to go down there.

  524. MathMan says:

    Against the Flyers at home?

    I’m sorely disappointed that they basically stopped playing when they had it — and I just hope that’s what happened — but it’s not like Philly is a bad team.

  525. Hockey Socks says:

    Gomez and Gionta really have a tough time even-strength against the Flyers. It was a problem in the playoffs last season and its a problem now.

  526. SeriousFan09 says:

    I predicted that comment the second it happened.

    Subban is outperforming their 2nd overall pick JVR all night long.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  527. MathMan says:

    I’m hoping it’s not simply a case of the Flyers being this much better.

    But really, I don’t think so. The Habs ought to be able to play them closer than that. 

  528. T-roy West says:

    Your actually going to blame that one on Price? Seriously?

  529. C3P1 says:

    Shut up.  he cant stop the initial shot with his pad unless hes on the ice.  interesting how you only come out and comment to rip on price


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  530. showey47 says:

    Besides the puck never even hits price,it deflected off gills stick and right to giroux.

  531. ctony says:

    He was well positioned for the dozens of other shots.  

  532. Fred D says:

    Thanks, I missed that.

  533. HabFanSince72 says:

    Price has been brilliant, Boucher terrible. Otherwise it would be 6-0. We can barely keep up.

  534. JIMVINNY says:

    They better start making some calls the other way.

  535. MathMan says:

    Yeah, that’ll happen.

  536. Wayne says:

    They score, we’re boned…

  537. ctony says:

    Hey JM this strategy isn’t working.  Can you make some adjustments? 

  538. C3P1 says:

    hey shiloh: no church kneel on that one, and its in the net


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  539. Shiloh says:

    Nobody’s bashing Price – but that was his big weakness the past two years. Alright – Hartnell in the box.

  540. Jordio-oh says:

    haha, ok old timer. keep on hating. 40 shots and you’re talking about the goalie.

  541. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Hate to say it, but lack of size shows. Always seems to happen against the pathetic Flyers.

  542. MathMan says:

    I’m not too worried. At least half of the time the Flyers’ size has been said to be a big deal in a Habs loss, it’s been demonstrably false.

    That infamous 07-08 playoff series would be Exhibit A.

  543. Keith says:

    Finally they call one against the STUPID F&^%ing GOONS!!!

  544. Chuck says:

    Every powerplay the Flyers immediately send two guys to the front of the net. Habs, take note.

    Centre Hice: puttin’ on the foil

  545. JasonM says:

    thank God Gorges didn’t get hurt.

  546. Keith says:

    F’ing blew that one!

  547. HOGGIE says:

    Gomez very weak on that one

  548. JIMVINNY says:

    Gomez is a f*cking idiot.  That was all his fault.

  549. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    WOW where’s the D?

  550. SeriousFan09 says:

    Guess this is what I get for taunting him all night long.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  551. habsperspective says:

    Seriously, 3 unanswered goals!

  552. shootdapuck says:

    Pathetic! No other word to describe it!

    After the first period our boys have mailed it in!


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  553. andrewberkshire says:

    Get Gomez off this team. I’ve had enough.

  554. Barts says:

    Seriously, Gomez is not only a waste of salary, but of a roster spot as well.

  555. Shiloh says:

    Scott ^%$%^ing Gomez. He cannot win a single battle – not one. He is awful. Ship his $7 million ass to Hamilton.

  556. habsperspective says:

    Bloody Posts!

  557. HabFanSince72 says:

    OK, you Gomez bashers might have a point.

  558. punkster says:

    See, this is exactly what I mean. It was Gionta who missed the coverage, not Gomez.

  559. JIMVINNY says:

    another post.

  560. Jordio-oh says:

    Since when did our D-men decide it was ok to no longer mark up in our end?

  561. t1tan5 says:

    Gio was like 7 feet away. Why the bullet pass?

  562. MathMan says:

    I’ve worried all year that the Habs were really still a bad team playing above their heads. Everything seemed fundamentally strong, but you can’t turn around from a team that’s two goalies away from a first overall pick to something like this so quickly, right?

    I do hope this game isn’t the beginning of the end.

  563. punkster says:

    And Gomez who fights for control, gets a perfect pass off and Gionta who misses the shot.

  564. HFX-HabFan says:

    I blame SF09 for pointing out JVR’s offensive ineptitude.

  565. JIMVINNY says:

    Gomez had a two on zero down at the other end that he totally f’ed up.  That’s where the mistake was.

  566. HabFanSince72 says:

    The entire team is sucking except  Price, Gorges  and Subban. But as I was saying this afternoon the Flyers don’t have to goon it up. They’re faster and more skillfull. Thank God they don’t have a keeper.


  567. Barts says:

    Gomez turned the puck over dude, forget the coverage.

  568. SeriousFan09 says:

    JM, just bench Gomez already, his play is inexusable if he was on Halpern’s salary.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  569. shootdapuck says:

    But who coughed up the puck to begin with!



    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  570. MathMan says:

    I’ve never been sold on the notion of Philly as an elite team — for too long they had too many of the same warts as the Habs — but I may need to revise my position this year.

    Which is annoying because there is no more despicable team in hockey, if not pro sports.

  571. andrewberkshire says:

    No, Dave. Gomez had a clear path to the net and made a stupid pass that was too hard for Gionta to get, which caused everything else to happen. He’s playing like a ***ing idiot out there and it’s getting ridiculous. At some point people have to stop blaming EVERYONE else for Gomez sucking.

  572. ctony says:

    And yet, JM had him out there 4-on-4.  

  573. Framlingem says:

    The love of my life? My car doesn’t care. It’s got an adjustable seat and steering wheel. :p

  574. Shiloh says:

    Kovalev – darn right it’s a Hall-of-Fame career. And – if the officials called half of the fouls against him, he’d have another hundred points.

  575. SeriousFan09 says:

    He’d be at 1500 if he tried every night.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  576. Chris says:

    Based on talent?  Sure.

    Based on his off-ice work in the community?  Absolutely.

    Based on his career production?  Zero chance. 

    On his career, he’s ranked 76th in NHL history in points and 74th in goals.  That is just not going to cut it, especially with the backlog of players that were better than him that are waiting to get in and the Hall’s need to add more women and ultimately more international stars.

  577. Jordio-oh says:

    hey shiloh, how about that Price save??????

  578. C3P1 says:



    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  579. Keith says:

    Guys are bailing out on Carey Price tonight. He has every right to be pissed off! Good another Filthy penalty!

  580. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Price saved their ass there.

  581. habs001 says:

    2nd and 3rd replay of last years playoffs so far…plecks invisible in these type of games

  582. ooder says:

    no im not complaining about gomez’s salary..

    what pisses me the hell of is that this supposed number 1 center is playing like he’s the number 1 center in the AHL.

    he is literraly the worst center on the team.. every palyer that plays with him gets dragged down, cammy, gio, ak46

    who can honestly say that pleks, halpern, eller is playing worst then gomez.

    even when pleks is having an off night you would expect gomez to start playing.. nope

    defensively he’s no good, can’t win a face-off… loses 90% of his battles.. can’t shoot and can’t pass



    88 is the new 23

  583. The M says:

    you should also complain about his salary. its the worst part

  584. C3P1 says:

    i think i hate briere more than richards


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  585. ctony says:

    I’m beginning to think Eller can’t finish.  

  586. EricInStL says:

    And that’s the reason he’s not a porn star.


  587. HabFanSince72 says:

    The lack of goals is a hint.


  588. C3P1 says:

    thats not going to work twice, PK


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  589. HabFanSince72 says:

    Funniest line of the evening by Benoit Brunet, on the bad penalty by Briere: “Et le Canadien va en profiter”.


    HA HA.


    I don’t think so.


  590. Barts says:

    Lars Eller, who hasn’t scored this year, on the first wave of the PP… says all you need to know about Gomez’s performance.

  591. topher5468 says:

    Why are all the shots on the PP coming from the efin point, we have more men on the ice, find the open man 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  592. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Goal scoring is such a major issue with this team.

  593. PrimeTime says:

    Pleks Cammi Gio Gomez all need to play better. All playing perimeter hockey again.

  594. EricInStL says:

    Do you think RDS will ever show a question in the style of “Hey Joel, why is Benoit Brunet still on TV ?”


  595. helluva habs fan says:

    Anyone else’s blood boiling right now?

  596. MathMan says:

    Why the hell did they think that the pathetic playstyle that fluked them in the playoffs was a good idea all of a sudden?

    They were due for a stinker, right? It’s just a one-off thing, right? Because if they’ve decided to be a lottery quality team again, it’s a bit late to tank.

  597. Shiloh says:

    Price is playing very well – some great saves. I guess if you point out anything that doesn’t anoint him for sainthood the starry-eyed kids on here go nuts. He has been awesome this year, but he was out of position badly on the second goal. Learn to live with it – he isn’t the Redeemer.

  598. SUMO says:

    MEMO to JM; Gainey sat Kovalev for a game……..sent him home to “think”

  599. RS says:

    Wow, the negativity around here is getting crazy.

  600. VancouverHab says:

    So the reason that we are losing right now is all Gomez? No-one else is screwing up?

    People here need to read about themselves in The Personality of the Scapegoater:

    • “Frustration is acted out and projected onto somebody else…Often scapegoaters, in their own minds, manage to convince themselves that what they are doing is somehow right. And bystanders, on the other hand, usually don’t want to interfere, and thus scapegoat is alone. As personalities scapegoaters are usually dissatisfied with their own lives and themselves, and also with life in general. They may be self-righteous and hostile, sometimes even punitive and sadistic types, who get narcissistic gratification in controlling or even torturing the scapegoat. They raise themselves by lowering the other person.”
  601. MathMan says:

    The Habs were god-awful last year. People aren’t quite convinced by this year just yet.

  602. HOGGIE says:

    6 min lets think positive we got this

  603. Barts says:

    And the Yannick Weber experiment is not working. He’s taking up a roster spot so he can essentially play on the PP only, leaving a hard working sturdy forward like Darche in the pressbox. Yannick Weber is NOT what you want on your fourth line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  604. C3P1 says:

    neither is jaro.  get used to that.


    Avon Old Farms: 2007, 2008 & 2010 New England Division I Hockey Champions – #5

  605. HNS says:

    How do you blow a 2-0 lead to these blumpkins???????

  606. Big Bird says:

    Glen Sather must be chuckling while watching this game.  Sorry but when you take +$8M per season you have to deliver.  I’d argue when you take $2M per season you have to deliver…

    Having said that – a lot of other players have missed the team bus today.  The problem is that Gomez has done that on a regular basis this year hence the frustration by other posters on here.  I can’t entirely blame them for that.

  607. HNS says:

    Done like dinner…

  608. MathMan says:

    The sad part is that in the course of the season Gomez hasn’t even been bad, just unlucky. He’s actually been on the ice for more scoring chances for than Pleky (playing weaker opposition will do that), but the Habs are converting at a fraction of the rate they are when Pleks is on the ice.

    Unfortunately, it may be getting to him. He needs a stretch of good luck to get himself going.

  609. 21BIGGionta says:

    I’ve been okay with Gomez, i’ve been understanding of people having slow starts but now it looks like he jsut doesn’t care. He’s not busting his ass evertime he on the ice when someone whos having a slow start should do. He’s making lazy no look passes, he can’t hit the net and he doesnt know the meaning of Stop and Starts not circles which i think i learned in Atom…. I’ve had enough send him to Hamilton make him a healthy scratch its time.

  610. Keith says:

    Shut the hell up Filthy fans! You and you’re team suck farts!

  611. icemachine says:

    Price deserved a better team in front of him tonight

  612. olematelot says:

    How was he out of position, he made the initial save. Why was Giroux all alone to cash the rebound.

  613. ctony says:

    Total domination. It’s the playoffs all over again.” Hey Boone, thanks for making my point.  This time it only took you 20 minutes to reach my conclusion.  

  614. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    The team’s offense needs help.

    Can’t score more than 2 on Boucher.

  615. MathMan says:

    Philly is not exactly a crap team and they’re playing at home.

    I’m more worried about the extent of the domination. Hopefully it’s a one-off thing.

  616. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    So was Gill, bad play all around.

  617. andrewberkshire says:

    At a certain point Gomez needs to take some accountability for his LACK of action.

  618. SeriousFan09 says:

    Honestly, as of tonight I’m changing my opinion and it’s going to take an 80-point season or a Conn Smythe performance from Gomez to alter that, never should have let Koivu go.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  619. PrimeTime says:

    2-0 came to easy and the boys looked for an easy night. Philly is a good team and they woke up and we havent responded. Playing desperate now to tie it.

  620. 21BIGGionta says:

    wow i should proof english is terrible..sorry about that.

  621. HOGGIE says:

    i know right the guy has played 18 min has 0 shots and is -1 give him a break

  622. 21BIGGionta says:

    Philly wasn’t good in the first habs were getting the job done…philly came out to play in the second. the habs didn’t adjust and now this is whats happening…

  623. MathMan says:

    There’s the whole thing about being on the ice for more chances for than Plekanec.

    Gomez is a case study in how results (lack of scoring) can color perception of the process (he’s not doing anything). At some point he’ll get lucky, the points will start racking up, and people will talk about how he’s rededicated himself. Odds are he won’t have changed anything, but the results will color the process again.

  624. HardHabits says:

    Ridiculous. Seriously. Youthful hormones. You kids make me laugh.

  625. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    I’d rather the Conn Smythe if we have a choce.

  626. andrewberkshire says:

    If he’s been on the chance for more QUALITY chances than Plekanec, I’ll eat my shirt.

  627. SeriousFan09 says:

    What good is Gomez’s speed if he can’t make a good decision at that speed for the season so far? IT’s like waching Cogliano in EDM, all that speed and doesn’t know what to do with it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  628. 21BIGGionta says:

    Halak is gone so i unno why he keeps popping up in these game discussions.

  629. HardHabits says:

    Perception isn’t reality, although most people believe it is. That’s why magician’s are so good at suspending disbelief in others.

  630. Chris says:

    My brother always used to describe Russ Courtnall as “Million dollar speed, ten cent hands”.

    Gomez is just a good example of inflation…  “7 Million dollar speed, ten cent hands”.  :)

  631. Bob Barker says:

    It deflected off of Gill right to Giroux, had nothing to do with poor positioning. 

  632. Bob Barker says:

    that’s awesome

  633. Aaron13 says:

    You should talk, Duddly. Google NPD.

  634. ctony says:

    Chances around the net every game and he can’t capitalize.  The rest of his game is fine, I just hope we didn’t trade for another Gomez

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