First F. Place

81 points.

First in the Eastern Conference. Third, behind Detroit and Dallas, in the whole  National F. Hockey League.

The Montre-F-al Canadiens.


And now that Canadiens have beaten him twice in a row – with a chance to make it three on March 11, when they return from their western road trip– I’ve decided to strip the coveted F. off New Jersey’s goaltender.

He’s Martin Brodeur. And he stopped 23 of 25 shots.

The Canadiens’ goaltender – known in New Jersey as Carey F. Price – stopped 31 of 32. Later, in the room, Price talked about being a Brodeur fan as he was growing up and how awesome it was to look down the ice and see the great Devils’ goalie.

It was a particularly pleasant view late in the game, when Bryan Smolinski and Maxim Lapierre took turns tying up the puck in the corner near Brodeur.

As the clock ticked down on a one-goal lead, it was textbook defensive hockey.

"A team like that has such good skill and they execute very well," Smolinski said of the Devils. "For us to waste some time, I guess it was 30, 40 seconds, and to get some fresh bodies out, they were a little discombobulated.

"Smart play," Smolinski added. "That was a big step forward for us. It didn’t matter who was out there, I think it would have been the same thing. The philosophy that we have was executed."

"It was a lot of work," Price said of the pivotal Smolinski shift. You got to tip your hat to them."



  1. dudefella says:

    He doesn’t, really… a few months ago he was calling Lapierre first “Maxim”, then “Laperriere”

    Gotta love RDS and/or CJAD!

  2. stephen says:

    Right, that name does ring a bell. A death knoll, in this context…

  3. Sulemaan says:

    Agreed but if you had your pick – who would you go with?

  4. Sulemaan says:

    The name Andre Boudrias comes to mind for some reason but I could be very wrong…

  5. NLhabsfan says:

    Tuner Stevenson was a draft pick and favorite here…Could fight when he wanted to…but not much scoring ability.

  6. Mickey says:

    too many leafs games will do that to a man…

  7. stephen says:

    Much has been said about those dark days of drafting, but I have never stopped to wonder who the director of scouting was back then.

    Anyone know?

  8. Mickey says:

    Markov sending some booms. Koivu so close. Great Pressure

  9. MikeMcLaren says:

    CBC cameraman cannot keep up with the cross-ice passes!

    Annoying as all get out!


  10. Deano says:

    I normally am disappointed that the HABs are not shown in Toronto. However, that now I know the Boob Cole is calling the HABs on the CBC, I am glad I have to listen over the internet.

  11. Sulemaan says:

    LOL! (My wife is looking at me while I laugh. Nice one Mike…)

  12. Mickey says:

    Gui Baby….

  13. Les-Habitants says:

    That should be a penalty shot…but, to be honest we have a better chance of scoring with Kovy on the ice 😀

  14. MikeMcLaren says:

    I don’t want to know where the syrup tap is.


  15. Sulemaan says:

    Sorry but that tree has been permanently implanted.

  16. Sulemaan says:

    I know – playing with fire.

    But you just made yourself an accomplice Habs-Kat…

  17. NLhabsfan says:

    Cole must have gotten the Maple Leaf tree removed from his but.

  18. MikeMcLaren says:

    An interesting thing happens when the Canadiens are up on teams by multiple goals in the third period.

    Carbonneau starts experimenting with lines.

    For some reason I prefer that method much more than the desperation line shuffling he seems to do if the team is down by two or more goals.

    That’s how you get things like Hell’s Bels, etc.


  19. Les-Habitants says:

    This is going to be a good game.

  20. Sulemaan says:

    Way back in 1990 we drafted Tuner Stevenson. And Martin Brodeur was drafted 8 spots later. Thank God we have Trevor Timmins now…

  21. Habs-Kat says:

    If he does get a shutout, we know who to blame 😉
    You run that risk here 😛

    Just for good measure:


  22. Mr Wonderful says:

    Bob OLD is doing the play by play. Amazed he knows any of the Habs.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  23. stephen says:

    Some good fight from Smolinski on his last sequence. Would like to see more of that from him…

  24. MikeMcLaren says:

    Oooh, to what pleasure do we owe getting Bob Cole do our game?


    Sounds like Greg Millen too? Two Habs-haters. Fantastic.


  25. Mickey says:


    Guy Carbonneau is not going to mess with a winning combination, but I’d like to see Ryder, who’s playing really well, get another go on the Koivu line. I don’t want my man Sergei demoted, but it would be cool to see him play with Mikhail Grabovski

    I agree

  26. NLhabsfan says:

    Brodeur can kiss my …. I hate that guy!!!

  27. CDK says:

    Ottawa Senators. 1992-93.

  28. Exit716 says:

    Shanahan’s wife is American. She didnt want to come to Montreal Hopefully this summer things can be rectified. Brendan and his wife can come to Montreal do the big song and dance and at the end Gainey can tell him NO!! or give him the league minimum.
    We don’t need the Mimico phoney.

  29. wild flower says:

    To be fair, she is just picking up on a theme that has been talked about by many media sources. On TSN’s Off The Record, Michael Landsberg pushed this question at Cliff Fletcher repeatedly.

  30. Ian G Cobb says:

    You know the hockey intellect in T.O. just Oooses sh-t.

    Don Cherry included

  31. sag says:

    read that…sounds like a great guy….kids have to go to school to play. Love it. More guys like him and kids would play a lot less “nofriendo”

  32. Sulemaan says:

    Let’s hope Brodeur gets a shutout tonight!

    (There I said it early. Now let’s kick their ass.)

  33. saku11 says:

    that game went from the worst to the best I had ever been to. Best 40 bucks I’ve ever spent.

  34. showey47 says:

    Would you expect anything less from someone who is involved with cbc hnic? Such a stupid comment should be able to land her a job with jfj and mike milbury on tsn’s trade deadline next season.

  35. Les-Habitants says:

    Word is the Paul Martin isn’t playing tonight.

    If that’s true, that’s amazing

  36. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, and there was a great article about all the work he is doing to support hockey and extra-cirricular activites, tying in playing time with school ect. Great article
    And I think it was in the Gazette too….

  37. sag says:

    Didn’t Juneau have Native roots?

  38. the_larry says:

    Joe Juneau too Boone!

  39. Ian G Cobb says:

    I can not believe how stupid the CBC reporter Cassie Cambell is. She actually asked a Toronto player if it might be a good idea if T.O. should just suck it up playing the rest of the year to finish last to secure the first over all draft pick. How unprofessional of her and the CBC for even mentioning such a thought.

    If a team was ever to pull such a stunt, they should be banned for 5 years. What a stupid person for even asking a player, and she played the game.

  40. zamboni says:

    I wish we were playing a road game, I would have felt more confident.
    The pressure at home might be too high for notre Habs.
    Can’t have a better litmus test I guess.

  41. Flake says:

    Can you imagine how people that actually left the game feel? They had a ticket to the game of the century (maybe) and then walked out

  42. Les-Habitants says:

    Hotter then a ….wow
    Mike, you never cease to amaze me. lol

  43. Les-Habitants says:

    1st place….

    My god, Sportsnet and TSN eat your hearts out!

    Just like to point out that Red Fisher had picked the Habs to make the playoffs….but even the Living Legend of Sports Journalism didn’t see a no.1 finish.

    Here we go! It’s either 1st or 4th! Guts or Glory!

  44. gumper says:

    Yeah I saw him too. He seemed to be suggesting that guys like Hossa don’t want to sign in Montreal, completely forgetting that that was a trade not a UFA signing. We could have had Hossa easily. All we had to do was give up two first rounders and a couple of roster players. Guess Gainey must be really dense, eh?

  45. Ali says:

    i’m as giddy as a schoolgirl who knows shes going to be named the prom queen…but i digress. One thing stands between our Habs and the conference lead, Martin F. Brodeur. And thats a capital F.

  46. Les-Habitants says:

    If we can show up and beat New Jersey again, then the monkey is officially off our backs. It took heroic efforts and an amazing game to win last time, but I want to see the Habs coming up crashing and banging.

    Having used 4 lines, the Habs should be fresher then the Devils who had a dismal outing yesterday.

    Martin F. F. F. Brodeur is in nets.
    But he’s the past…and well, I guess the present. But the future is now (pretty witty, eh?).
    Helllooooo Carey

  47. Bill says:

    I dreamed last night that the Habs lost and Price got pulled. The good news is that in my dream they were playing the Sabres. The bad news is that I’ve started dreaming about watching Canadiens games again. I need help.

  48. sag says:

    Does that mean you turned the Rangers game off?? I have been wondering how many people missed that comeback because they turned the tube off.

  49. teamplayer says:

    are you sure? its uncharted territories, it could be scary.
    but then again ive also heard good things about it too

  50. gohabzzzz says:

    omygod…..I hope we win tonight!!!, but, marty brodeur has probably come on a mission tonight after losing last night and well…it’s montreal and he is always extra motivated. That is why that I’m not watching the whole game if A) we’re playing bad B) they score the first goal and we’re playing bad…but if we’re leading and playing like crap, well…I’ll watch:) I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens

  51. V. says:

    Air Farce live last night, the difference between Kosovo’s bid for independence and Quebec’s:

    civil wars
    ethnic cleansings
    corruption (i actually forget the last point, might not be this)

    ice storms
    english signs

    haha. HNIC sucks.

  52. doug says:

    boone: “it doesn’t get any better than this.”

    my response – agree with the going after the division, the conference, playing so well, etc. having said that, though, there are 29 other teams i’d prefer to play in a big game than the sleepy/boring devils. just hope they don’t bore us to death and that we’re in their head from the comeback just before the all-star break.

  53. J.T. says:

    Come on Habs! Don’t be afraid of first place…it’s not that scary. Really, it’s not.

  54. teamplayer says:

    was it not p.j stock who tried that redbull crash thing in quebec? i saw it on tsn and he could not handle that course. fell so much and went so slow.

  55. teamplayer says:

    how about players dont wanna sign here as ufa b/c gainey wont overpay for them as much as others do. and to get big signings for cheaper we wouldve had to have a better team then what we had.
    Maybe after this season if we dont win the cup, players may wanna come play with our youth

  56. wd40 says:

    i can’t believe they have this dud on HNIC. oh… right..

  57. usversusthem says:

    Yeah, and as I recall, Shanahan explained in a Gazette interview that the pressure wasn’t the reason behind him not coming here. He may of course have been engaging in a little white-lying so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you have to remember that his point is valid… some players would rather play in a city that cares about hockey than the Sun Belt…

    As for the guys we did sign, he overlooked Hamrlik because he didn’t help his point, but then mentioned him later on as support for another point… kinda cherry-picking, logic-wise.

    And the “Youth-Movement-as-least-worst-solution”… that may be the case, but we’re in the hunt for first in the east, as you said… the teams that made the biggest free agent splashes are not. Figure it out, P.J.

  58. Sulemaan says:

    P.J. Stock is such a tool.. He says no one wanted to sign in Montreal as a free agent. Gee, does Roman Hamrlik, Andrei Markov and Alexei Kovalev count as mice nuts? All of them were either UFAs or going to be.

    It’s easy to mention that Brier and Shanahan didn’t sign her and mention Smolinski and Kostopolous are just sitting in the press box. This guy couldn’t cut it with the team and now he get his facts wrong.

    I love this gem, “They have to go with the youth movement because no one will sign with Montreal.” Guess we would be better off as Toronto?

    The fact that we are #1 in our division, #2 in the conference and Toronto is #12 position has nothing to do with it. Granted some UFAs don’t want to play here because of the media, language issue and taxation but a blanket statement is wrong.

  59. doug says:

    this penalty call swapping is what really sucks about the nhl. so predictable

  60. sidhu says:

    Penalty against us – big surprise.

  61. The Teacher says:


    now the inevitable PK. Come on boys and shut em down.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  62. Mickey says:

    The last 5-6 minutes should be fun!

  63. zamboni says:

    I just wish i could fast forward to the end, my stomach can’t take the remaining 4 or 5 minutes

  64. showey47 says:

    no kidding it’s almost WWE like

  65. Mr Wonderful says:

    Just call me Kreskin Penalty habs

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  66. Mickey says:

    nice dive but i guess i cant complain after some of these njd calls

  67. sidhu says:

    What hustle by that PK group

  68. teamplayer says:

    lol oh price, you wouldnt try for an empty net goal in a 1 goal game would ya?

  69. Mickey says:


  70. MikeMcLaren says:

    This team sacrifices more than any Habs team I’ve seen in recent years.

    Hits, shot blocks, whatever it takes.

    This is a VERY different edition of the team we’re watching grow up here.

    Gotta love it.


  71. Sulemaan says:

    Goes down to the wire.

    (Let’s hope you are right Doug and I’m wrong.)

  72. sidhu says:

    Haha, Komi might as well have brought out a steal chair and hit some Devil over the head – we were going to get a penalty anyway

  73. Ali says:

    Hand on folk!! This is a humdinger!!!!

  74. Keith says:

    The crowd is going APEY!!

  75. Mickey says:

    agreed, awesome blocks. franky had two, one big one at the end

  76. Mickey says:

    agreed, awesome blocks. franky had two, one big one at the end

  77. MikeMcLaren says:

    Your pay check is hidden *somewhere* in the studio. Use your mentalist powers to find it!


  78. Ali says:


  79. doug says:

    what a player. what hustle.

  80. sidhu says:

    Yes!!! 20 goals by AK46. That was huge.

  81. Steiner says:

    ET. LE. BUT.

  82. NLhabsfan says:

    way to go—-OH baby!!!

  83. Keith says:

    6 second MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. the_larry says:


  85. MikeMcLaren says:


    KOS we love ya!


  86. showey47 says:

    woohoo thank you ak46

  87. Sulemaan says:

    That goal (and penalty) was a gift. Let’s see if this forces New Jersey to open up the game…

  88. the_larry says:

    Here comes our turn for the penalty parade. Hold on to your seats

  89. showey47 says:

    i would of prefered to do it like the rock and give the peoples elbow

  90. MikeMcLaren says:

    Well, I hope you’re happy now!



  91. Mr Wonderful says:

    Prediction.. Habs get the next penalty.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  92. The Teacher says:

    Now this is what I call exciting 😀

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  93. mbplekfan says:

    sergei should be one of the stars…

  94. Mickey says:

    Here we gooooo

  95. showey47 says:

    lets go boys big powerplay chance

  96. doug says:

    this is a big pp.

    call me mr. obvious.

  97. sidhu says:

    Here we go boys, big PP. Rupp doing his best Koivu impression with an unnecessary offensive zone penalty.

  98. the_larry says:

    How do they beat New Jersey 4-0 and lose to the Leafs? Thats bruital

  99. Mickey says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooh so close

  100. Ali says:


  101. the_larry says:

    HUGE 5 on 3!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE!!!!

  102. Mickey says:

    We better score here, i would expect a couple calls are going to goo against us after

  103. wd40 says:

    you got that right.

  104. doug says:

    my thought/concern exactly.

    what the hell is wrong with our pp tonight?

  105. Sulemaan says:

    Brilliant save. (Even if he plays for the other team…)

  106. showey47 says:

    thats it keep pounding brodeur

  107. doug says:

    nice hit by o’byrne there. we need more hitting tonight.

  108. sidhu says:

    OB looks more and more comfortable out there, he’s a keeper

  109. Sulemaan says:

    That’s the O’Byrne we want to see. Better the 3rd Period than not at all.

  110. showey47 says:

    nice hit by obyrne, we need more of that from him

  111. showey47 says:

    nice hit by obyrne, we need more of that from him

  112. doug says:

    looked good skating out of the zone in the second period as well and firing it into the jersey d zone.

  113. MikeMcLaren says:

    Millen just told me to “watch this O’Brien kid”.

    What number is HE?


  114. Sulemaan says:

    don’t know why but i don’t have a good feeling about this game…

    here’s hoping i’m wrong.

  115. doug says:

    the good news. . . we look like a better team than nj imho. if theyh win it’s lucky. . . we have too much offensive talent

  116. doug says:

    i have the opposite feeling for what it’s worth.

  117. Sulemaan says:

    ying and yan. 😉

    here’s hoping you are right doug.

  118. Mr Wonderful says:

    I have a feeling NJ will get a lucky bounce and win this. We are outskating them but they are good at running pcks.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  119. Ali says:

    IM SO NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. doug says:

    i think we’re a far superior team. . . they have the more experienced goalie and the trap system of lore. . . we have a better offense and better defense. . .

    win or lose this game, i don’t see them taking us in a playoff series. that’s a big statement from me given the way they’ve abused us over the last decade.

  121. doug says:

    that price play behind net almost made you a clairvoyant

  122. the_larry says:

    Did Smoky look like he was in pain or what?! :S

  123. showey47 says:

    no holding on sergei?

  124. Sulemaan says:

    Don Koharski must have been eating another doughnut.

    Missed that penalty there…

  125. doug says:

    anyone else really impressed with ryder’s puck possession skills tonight and since he’s back in the lineup?

  126. NLhabsfan says:

    Ryder is on Fire…..

  127. Kilgore Trout says:

    absolutely – he’s looked really sharp tonight.

  128. sidhu says:

    3-1 TO with Kolzig in net – doesn’t bode well for Olie the Goalie, but good news for Huet

  129. showey47 says:

    5 on 3 wow, if we don’t score here it gonna be a nervous last 5 mins

  130. doug says:

    bob cole somehow missed price exiting the net on that delayed call?

    come ON, guys.

  131. sidhu says:

    5-on-3. Here’s our chance boys. (Pretty light call in my opinion, but hey, I’ll take it!)

  132. wd40 says:

    crap call by the ref on langenbrunner.

  133. Sulemaan says:

    What is our Captain doing? Where is his head? In Helsinki?

  134. sidhu says:

    Oddly constituted PP – Koivu in front of the net? Why not stick to the Pleks line with AK in front, or have Higgy in front?

  135. Ali says:

    they’re very disorganized are our boys…

  136. wd40 says:


  137. Mickey says:


  138. CHiggins says:

    Ottawa won today…which means if we win–> HABS ARE GONNA BE FIRST!!

  139. the_larry says:

    Games still on. 6 mins left and a 1 goal game. Just cross your fingers that it doesnt go into OT

  140. sag says:

    dandy or smokes on the 4th line?

  141. HabinVan says:

    Snow eh?? We here on the west coast just finished a game of flag football across the street in our shorts enjoying the 11 degree temperature! Kind of offsets the fact that I gotta pay 48 bucks for a 24 out here!!! Excited about the game tonight gonna be fun. Anyone know how many back 2 backs the habs have left this year?? I remember last year we were slammed with back 2 backs in the last couple months.

  142. moser17 says:

    … the crucial question is: can Gerber maintain his concentration for 3 more minutes? … dunno …

  143. moser17 says:

    two minutes …

  144. moser17 says:

    one minute …. :S

  145. moser17 says:

    59.2 seconds …..

  146. the_larry says:

    All I can say is, Im glad he’s not OUR goalie

  147. moser17 says:

    :) done deal. MTL is ready to take over first in the East.

  148. CHiggins says:

    come on boys…let’s get this thing done

  149. teamplayer says:

    boston with another victory, thats 6wins in a row. are we the only ones that know how to beat them?

  150. Rugger says:

    Since we are about 25% of their losses, yes we are the only ones who consistantly know how to beat them.

  151. moser17 says:

    HE …. oh, I mean, THEY DID IT!!! Good stuff! Ottawa wins 5-4. The stage is set for MTL….

  152. V. says:

    It would have been better if Ottawa had lost…

  153. the_larry says:

    At least it wasnt a 3 point game tho.

  154. wd40 says:

    ok…? but if they had, we couldn’t challenge for #1 tonight. that would be sweet no?

  155. Elbacky says:

    I would have to disagree, in the short run, had pitsburgh won, the devils would have even more incentive to play hard

  156. Mickey says:

    agreed, i was cheering for pits, untill the last 10 minutes

  157. Keith says:

    Well the Janitors just won so we will have to keep pace with them by beating Martin F. Brodeur tonight. It is gonna be a logjam til the end. We could be as high as first or as low as fifth. May the boys come out flying and pulverize Jersey and Martin F. GO HABS GO!!!

  158. V. says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too while I was watching. But in the long run, if ottawa had lost it would have been better. Because even though we get to challenge for first tonight, what IF we lose? We are back in fifth. It is ultimately better to go for top in the northeast instead of top of the east. It is better to have a spot in the top three rather than in the middle. Just my two cents though.

  159. Kilgore Trout says:

    pj stock to ron maclean on hnic (and i’m paraphrasing): the so-called youth movement in montreal is nothing more than a lucky back-up plan because they can’t get top players to come here.

    give me a break.

  160. moser17 says:

    I don’t think I’m the first to say and I’m almost positive I won’t be the last to say that PJ Stock is a dunderhead. He can’t string together two sentences, and this is largely because he can’t finish a single sentence coherently. His commentary is full of non sequiturs and juvenile platitudes. The real litmus test of his idiocy is Ron Maclean, who has the patience of Job, and almost always looks like that patience is being stretched to its breaking point.

  161. wd40 says:

    pj stock must have an alias on H I/O. i’ve seen that crap here.

  162. Shawn S says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Everytime we’ve had a shot at first, we blow it. I would love to take down Brodeur and claim first in the east, but first things first, come out flying against them devils!

  163. doug says:

    i’m going to game march 20th in boston – first habs game for my 5 year old twin boys. one will be wearing his lafleur jersey and the other his richard (the #9 one). they’re SO excited.

    as far as boston goes, you’d have to put the bruins, the habs, the predators, and maybe the caps/coyotes if one can get into the playoffs as the ones who have shown the pundits they’re wrong (in terms of overachieving – others for underachieving). probably missing a team but too lazy to check the standings.

  164. Rugger says:

    I think my daughter is going to that one as well, unfortunately she has gone over to the dark side as her boyfriend is a Bruins fan. Not all bad though, he treated me to tickets for the opener a couple of years ago when Koivu scored with less than 10 seconds left to win it. They had given out plastic Stanley Cups and when he scored, everyone (except my daughter and I) thru them onto the ice. It is now on the fire place mantle.

  165. doug says:

    i actually find maclean more annoying than stock – especially his hokey need to get out on the ice for in between periods. he’s got a fairly big ego for a guy who’s as vanilla as. . . well. . . vanilla.

  166. moser17 says:

    really? I don’t see the ego at all. In fact, I think he’s humble, to the right degree. I remember when he received an award for broadcasting he told the audience, “Thank you so much, because you honour my father and mother whenever you honour me.” That’s classy. Depending on what you mean by ‘vanilla’, I might just think that vanilla is pretty classy too. :)

  167. Kilgore Trout says:

    i’m not sure i’d agree about the ego thing either. i’ve met him before and he was very friendly and down to earth. and you have to take pity on anybody who has to work with don cherry.

  168. CDK says:

    I too disagree with the comment that MacLean has a large ego. I’ve played hockey against him in Oakville and he was always a very classy and humble guy. I like that he obviously loves hockey and is extremely knowledgeable.

    I don’t get your comment “especially his hokey need to get out on the ice for in between periods”.

  169. usversusthem says:

    Man that’s self-inflicted pain, is what that is. No one’s forcing him to co-host with Ol’ Sour Grapes…

  170. Mr Wonderful says:

    Can somebody hit the net with a shot?

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  171. Blitzen says:

    Laps has brought his a-game tonight.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  172. Mickey says:

    Gui is looking good aswell

  173. MikeMcLaren says:

    Memo to Bob Cole: It’s “Oh, Do Ya” not whatever mangled attempt you just made.

    (The all-time butcher award still goes to our own Mike Boone at his “Gabrielle Bundchen” pronounciation on a podcast from a month or two ago )


  174. Ian G Cobb says:

    Mike M–That’s the maple syrup line of the month.! I’m still laughing

  175. stephen says:

    This bland, humdrum pace definitely favors the Devils, I’m afraid.

    We need a few high-tempo shifts to put them back on their heels.

  176. Mr Wonderful says:

    This is playoff type hockey. Very tight.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  177. Les-Habitants says:

    Both teams playing well right now.

    Both teams playing the way that brought them their success. A real battle of the Eastern titans.

  178. Blitzen says:

    If you watched the Sens/Pitts game, I think it’s safe to say that, right now, the Devils and the Habs are better than both of those teams.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  179. stephen says:

    Did Kovalev have someone else cuts his sticks tonight? That’s twice now that he’s whiffed…

  180. Mickey says:

    right before he whiffed he made such an amazing move

  181. the_larry says:

    Boones boy, JG is playing a solid game tonight. I noticed some really solid hits and smart plays hes made already.

  182. JasonM says:

    New Jersey = ZZZZzzzzzz….

  183. The Teacher says:

    Thoughts from T.O.

    – complete domination in the first period by Montreal.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  184. BeliveauFanScott says:

    Good start – lots of energy.
    Winning some of the battles for the puck.
    We REALLY need the first goal.
    Let’s get to Marty.


  185. the_larry says:

    Speaking of T.O. – Ovechkin just got his 49th of the year to make it 1-0. Id like to see him get his 50th tonight expecially against the Leafs.

  186. Sulemaan says:

    Too bad we couldn’t see the game together Teach as you are in our neck of the woods…

  187. Les-Habitants says:

    Oh god, first goal….so important right now.

  188. Mickey says:

    1P 7:30:

    NJ did a good job scouting the Price up-the-boards clearing atttempts. They’ve intercepted a bunch of them.

    That and they have Marty to practice with.

  189. Sulemaan says:

    That was close…

    Nothing going on and then ‘BANG’. Typical Devils hockey.

  190. MikeMcLaren says:

    Nothing like playing the Leafs to end a 7 game goal-less streak, huh?


  191. sag says:

    cbc broadcasters are loaded.

  192. BeliveauFanScott says:

    Period adjustment – Price’s outlet passes.
    Leave it for the D.
    One of those is going to end up in the net.
    The wrong net.


  193. sag says:

    habs look a bit tired tonight….if this one is a W it will be a character win

  194. Keith says:

    Pretty tight game as expected when we play Jersey. Jersey really knows how to clog it up. Habs need some Drano in the second period :-)

  195. mbplekfan says:

    omg this is so boring…

    NJ Devils the team that ruined hockey.

  196. the_larry says:

    Anyone think their might be a coincidence between Ovechkin’s 7 game goal-less streak and the fact he recently got a girlfriend?? hmmm…maybe he’s too busy scoring off the ice, he’s lost his touch ON the ice

  197. fun police says:

    slowlinski’s line is having a hard time getting the puck out.

  198. stephen says:


    I noticed that the likes of Streit and Kostitsyn the younger have looked a little sluggish.

    Sometimes it takes a period to get the lead out, though, so let’s hope they find their legs in the second.

  199. Les-Habitants says:

    Man, the Devils are playing well.

    So are the Habs, but it does look like fatigue may be a factor. The Smokes line started out great, but they are going to have to play better then they did in the last 5-10min.

    I think the Grab line’s minutes might be reduced, and the top two lines are going to be doing alot of the heavy lifting in the next 2 periods. But then again, carbo may have to spread the work load out to make sure his team can play a full 60min against a fired up NJ team.

    So far, great game.

  200. Wayne says:

    Boone – “RDS ran a nice feature on Carey’s Price’s mother, who is a band chief in B.C. Hey, how many players of First Nations origin have the Canadiens had? ”

    Stands to reason he should back up team Canada in Vancouver don’t you think. Storybook, really. With Intl experience under his belt and by next year, if all goes as planned. Carey and Canada wins gold, and the Habs win the silver.

  201. teamplayer says:

    watching don cherry here makes me wanna edit a video of goals scored bc the nhl has touch icing. and other videos of where he is blatantly wrong.

  202. the_larry says:

    Don Cherry isn’t right very often, but on that one I have to agree with him. The touch icing is extremely dangerous and I think it would be a good idea to go to no-touch icing.

    It would be ashame to have a players career ended because he slipped in feet first and had his ankles drive up to his waist.

  203. Keith says:

    Cherry ranting about Sundin and the Fleas again…and his usual drivel, wasting time on a non-playoff team. They really need to revamp that show. Vive RDS!!

  204. Les-Habitants says:

    Playoff time is going to be hilarious. What the hell is he going to talk about?
    a) Laffs GM search. b) Kirk Muller, being a good kingston boy.

  205. Sulemaan says:

    And that the Cup winning team had no Europeans or Russians on it…

  206. showey47 says:

    why doesn’t ryder shoot the puck there?

  207. Les-Habitants says:

    Oh yah. Anaheim is going to get a lot of press for that.

  208. Les-Habitants says:

    Alright, comeon boys! Let’s get some jump going!

  209. Mr Wonderful says:

    Why are you watching Cherry if he upsets you? If everyone who hates him would stop watching then he would no longer be on the tube but strangely people keep tuning in?

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  210. Les-Habitants says:

    Here we go!
    1st goal is so huge in this game

  211. teamplayer says:

    its not too often that someone goes into the corner and falls on his own, they could easily implement a stricter rule for a defenseman who gets his stick caught up in the forward legs. And part of the video I will also add in a section of how players should go into and prepare for a hit and how not to

  212. BeliveauFanScott says:

    I liked Streit’s chance.
    Too bad he couldn’t get his stick on it.

  213. Sulemaan says:

    We’re lucky because that was a marginal penalty.

    NHL Head Office must have called the officials and told them that 21k sleeping fans is not good from a PR perspective.

  214. dudefella says:

    I don’t see it happening. First two spots are undoubtedly going to Luongo and Brodeur, simply based on seniority. The last spot is up for grabs, but I think it’ll be Giguere or Cam Ward, or a goalie that’s won the cup.

  215. Sulemaan says:

    Agreed. Kind of like watching an accident. You know it’s bad but you can’t help but watch…

  216. MikeMcLaren says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Ryder should probably shoot more, but as of late Ryder’s playing with a little different swagger – some confidence.

    He’ll do smart, talented things like toe drags, bringing the puck into his body and then shooting to throw off goalies.

    Through his career Ryder has made some sexy passes, after all.


  217. showey47 says:

    yeah i noticed that also but he owns a cannon and that is his bread and butter.

  218. Wayne says:

    Let me re-phrase it then. I was simply thinking of the Vancouver theme / Price being first nation bloodline. There’s no question he has to earn it and those you mention probably have first dibs. I was thinking of the angle, the story of it.

  219. showey47 says:


  220. sag says:


  221. Mr Wonderful says:


    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  222. Keith says:

    Take that Martin F.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. BeliveauFanScott says:

    Hell Yeah!!!

  224. MikeMcLaren says:

    Remember Streit when he sucked?

    Certainly not the Streit who plays for the Habs now!



  225. Sulemaan says:

    We called a shutout for Brodeur, didn’t realize that would happen – did we HabsKat? :)

  226. Mickey says:

    The Fyling Kostitsyn… Sergei that is

  227. sag says:

    SK74 has some pair of legs

  228. Mickey says:

    Gorges with a big block.

  229. BeliveauFanScott says:

    Now – we ARE going to need more than one.
    Let’s go get the 2nd.
    About time for a Kovalev highlight reel goal.

  230. Les-Habitants says:

    Huge goal, followed by great shift from the 3rd line and then the 2nd line.

    Amazing pressure, then big blocked shot from gorges, and Price freezes the puck.

    Go Habs Go!

  231. MikeMcLaren says:

    Greg Millen showing highlights of “ANDREI” Kostitsyn…

    Interesting that he changed his jersey # to 74 and looked *really* young…



  232. Mickey says:

    mann i thought the devils got away with a few hooks and holds, but what can you expect after that call that lead to our goal

  233. dudefella says:

    I’m curious, what is the general consensus on O’Byrne?

  234. Les-Habitants says:

    Here we go boys…let’s kill this one

  235. the_larry says:

    WOW what a weak call

  236. Mickey says:

    Nice hustle by Plecky. I thought Kovy would snipe that

  237. stephen says:

    WOW. Brilliant hustle by Pleks to draw the penalty.

  238. Sulemaan says:

    Lots of potential and is +3 in the past few games. Needs to play with more of mean streak though…

  239. doug says:

    Just finally caught up to the game after watching it on dvr after putting the kids to sleep. gotta say i didn’t see the first period like boone: i thought we were the better team. i also have found it to be a more entertaining game than typical jersey crap.

    i think the habs and stars (honorable mentions to the ducks, sharks, and penguins) are the best teams in the league.

    observations from tonight:
    a. smolinski played solid first period; that whole line looked good and played quality moments – even lats
    b. ryder is really back on his game – could easily have points
    c. murray wilson said on u.s. broadcast last night that kovalev should be considered for league mvp – i have to agree
    d. grabs looks good tonight; clever player
    e. gainey is prescient – have no idea how he knew price was ready but he’s so much more solid now than at any other point in the season. he is so solid positionally and calm right now.
    f. don lever will be an nhl coach in the next year or two – we won’t be able to hide him in hamilton.

    damn. . . that was random goal.

  240. the_vipah says:

    Uhhg brutal goal.

  241. Les-Habitants says:

    Has the size the Habs need, and you can see he has potential. But his first pass leaves a lot to be desired, and he still makes a ton of mistakes. I’d also like to see him use his size more, as you rarely see him land those big hits i hear about in Hamilton.
    Will one day be a poor man’s Komi, i think, but he’s some work.

  242. Les-Habitants says:

    God dammit. wtf goal.

  243. Steiner says:

    awful goal.


    did carey just do a cartwheel!?

  244. NLhabsfan says:

    garbage goal

  245. doug says:

    is it just me or does it seem like this period went by in 25 minutes?

  246. MikeMcLaren says:

    Good hands. Sticky fingers.


  247. Sulemaan says:

    Mr. Price seems a little ‘scrambly’ and needs to settle down.

  248. the_vipah says:

    A bad goal to give up, totally changed the momentum to NJ’s favor.

  249. doug says:

    agree. . . looks a bit random since the goal.

  250. teamplayer says:

    no not fully but atleast a hand stand

  251. doug says:

    why aren’t the canadiens outskating them? this was a really poor run since the goal.

  252. JasonM says:

    Carey Price has nothing but himself to blame for that goal. Cover the puck!!!

  253. Mickey says:

    I love him: Grabovsky

  254. showey47 says:

    grabs speed draws one

  255. doug says:

    i smell a goal before the end of the period. that’s what winning teams do when others get back into it.

  256. Sulemaan says:

    Agree. Guess the Devils are clogging up the neutral zone.

  257. the_vipah says:

    Yeah bad goal at a bad time. He was looking everywhere but where the puck was. Although I am confused on how the Ref could see the puck when it was covered there for a couple seconds.

  258. doug says:

    he’s very tall and big bones but not a lot of muscle. there were some pics up here the night after the canadiens beat the rangers – the loose practice one. check out the locker room pics with o’byrne next to ryder – no muscles on those arms!

  259. doug says:

    you’re referring to his inability to let go of women’s purses, i presume?

  260. Les-Habitants says:

    Carbo, it’s speech time.
    Get the boys fired up, they have tomorrow off to recover.

  261. JasonM says:

    Ok the dust has settled, now I want to say something and don’t label me jumping on the #11 Haterade bandwagon.

    First and foremost, Koivu’s line has been terrible. Constantly outworked, outhustled and simply looking bad. Secondly, I’d really like the announcers to say something other than “Koivu misses” “Koivu loses the puck” but for this to happen, then previous said actions needs to stop to happen. Last but not least, finish a play, this goes for the whole team. New Jersey ain’t gonna give you 30 scoring opportunities, you get very few, make them count!


  262. zamboni says:

    No sweat
    3rd period R us

  263. Chuck says:

    He would have covered it if he had known where it was. The first thing that you teach a goaltender is to not move if you don’t know where the puck is, otherwise you might knock it into your own net.

    The Hab closest to him should have frozen the puck next to Price’s blocker, and the player responsible for covering Gionta was nowhere to be seen.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  264. doug says:

    yeah – win this and you’re on top of the conference type thing. they can win this – need to skate harder and hit a bit more like they have in other recent games.

  265. showey47 says:

    i was wondering the same thing, it was obviously covered but i guess not long enough. Tough one to give up in what we all knew was gonna be a low scoring game

  266. usversusthem says:

    Gah… We’re playing with fire here. I love Carey but I don’t know if most people would favour him in a goaltending duel. We need to start putting more pressure on Marty F. right about… now…

  267. Mr Wonderful says:

    Hotstove intermission on HNI Toronto still yapping on and on about Sundin. This is just amazing

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  268. Sulemaan says:

    Same question to you – why watch if you know what to expect? 😉

    Love seeing Strachan take cheap shots at Brian Burke because Burke
    used to undress him every time they tangled.

  269. teamplayer says:

    boone “2P 6:23: Brian F. Gionta. Ever the opportunist. Who was supposed to be on him?”

    I believe by the replay I saw bouillon skate by the puck and price while gionta followed him but actually saw the puck.

    so faults: price thats your puck! bouillon thats your man!

  270. PGHABS says:

    it was a fluke goal

  271. 1010 says:

    I see Ron -no brain- McLean started off the second intermission the way Cherry started off the first intermission: talking about Sundin. These guys are pathetic. Oh well, at least I know I’m not missing anything when I’m mixing a drink.

    GO HABS.

  272. the_larry says:

    Your mixing drinks for the rest of us right? 😛

  273. doug says:

    was thinking the exact same thing. it’s just pathetic. sundin for five minutes, then burke. they’re NOT IN THE RUNNING. . . what the hell?

  274. PGHABS says:

    It is my personal goal to go to NJ Devils game and sit directly behind the bench at let Mr. Sutter or whatever Lou-pawn the Devils have behind the bench and curse them for making a hockey product like the one they put on display.

  275. teamplayer says:

    fluke or hard work by gionta? and a couple players get lazy? hell i would too at the speed the devils games are played at

  276. Sulemaan says:

    Except when Sutter is coaching Team Canada, right? 😉

  277. doug says:

    i went there a few years ago with that intent. good luck to you. i was disoriented and couldn’t remember my plans five minutes into the game and fell asleep at the beginning of the second. take a stimulant or something before the game.

  278. CHiggins says:

    Biggest period of the year coming up
    Go HAbs GO

  279. Keith says:

    Those HNIC hacks are just so God awful it defies description.

  280. CHiggins says:

    New vocab word: HNIC-ish

  281. doug says:

    that one dude should shave.

  282. the_larry says:

    Komi’s got a nice little cut on his kisser

  283. Les-Habitants says:

    Deep breath.
    Grap Coffee.

    Here we go.
    Huge third period!

  284. showey47 says:

    ah max, gotta bury that

  285. Les-Habitants says:

    last post till game done

  286. Sulemaan says:

    GREAT fore-checking by Lapierre. His play tonight has impressed more than any other game this year.

  287. MikeMcLaren says:

    FANTASTIC effin’ ragging!!!

    (now get off the ice, you’re probably tired)


  288. sidhu says:

    Fantastic shift by Max

  289. The Teacher says:

    HWAT %$#@^$#@%^%#W shift by lappy’s line

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  290. MikeMcLaren says:

    Hahhaha, Komi’s an animal!


  291. Bill says:

    What a shift by Max, Bryan and friends!

  292. Mickey says:

    GREAT work by the smolinski line, especailly MAX!
    Huge block and clear by Higgy and then Koivu
    Terrible play by Skost to not get it deep
    Nice save by Price
    And one big faceoff

  293. sidhu says:

    I’m loving this Sarhei Kastitsyn kid, ready to throw down with little Gionta

  294. teamplayer says:

    did cbc just say mtl hasnt been in first in the conference in 20 years? is this true?

    time to block some shots boys

  295. showey47 says:

    win this draw

  296. Sulemaan says:

    O’Byrne – Take a look over at #8 and that is the kind of edge you need to play with.

  297. doug says:

    i just have a peculiar feeling from my youth. . . just feel confident in the team and like every game is ours to lose. there are a few tough teams, but we can play with ANYBODY.

    what a team.

  298. Keith says:

    Man I’m sweating now!!

  299. Sulemaan says:

    Madden is good on face-offs…

  300. Sulemaan says:

    #1 in conference for the first time in 20 years!

  301. RGM says:

    Your first place Montreal Canadiens!!!

    See you April 5th at the Bell Centre!

  302. Mickey says:

    1ST BABY


  303. Ali says:


  304. showey47 says:

    woohoo, great game boys

  305. sidhu says:

    1st place!!!

  306. the_larry says:

    First place boys!!! Enjoy it! 😀

  307. Mr Wonderful says:

    This team has character. Yes

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  308. The Teacher says:

    Les Canadiesn de Montreal au SOMMET du Conference!!!


    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  309. MikeMcLaren says:


    Pretty unbelievable.

    Since being crowned the king, Carey Price’s GAA is 1.33


  310. the_larry says:

    There it is! How sweet does that look?!

  311. sidhu says:

    Bell Centre should stay open as a club after games, the crowd is just amazing

  312. frank81 says:

    3-0 in the Carey Price era and first place in the conference! Woohoo!

  313. bradyst says:


  314. The Teacher says:

    My god, is it the first time ever we have beaten Marty F. Brodeur 2 games in a row???

    e the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  315. saku11 says:


  316. nick says:

    Say hello to Carey Prices hockey team. I like it.

    Congrats ladies and gentlemen, #1 (in the east)!

  317. doug says:

    bob cole was NOT a toronto homer tonight, i have to say. did a good job covering the game and pointing out/ understanding the importance of the game to the canadiens relative to their recent futility.

    i. love. kovalev.

  318. teamplayer says:

    oh im assuming this must be true, cuz it came from the cbc boys

  319. doug says:

    Carey Cool. . . this is just what he’s used to when he gets the top job somewhere.

  320. Dan23 says:

    Great idea! Bell Centre security might not agree with me…

  321. doug says:

    bob cole was NOT a toronto homer tonight, i have to say. did a good job covering the game and pointing out/ understanding the importance of the game to the canadiens relative to their recent futility.

    i. love. kovalev.

  322. RGM says:

    “First F. Place”

    Love it!

    See you April 5th at the Bell Centre!

  323. MikeMcLaren says:

    As an added bonus, Toronto’s playing their way out of a top pick!

    (was the Toronto game CBC’s primary game tonight, or was it Montreal/NJ?)


  324. RGM says:

    They’ve got it divided regionally. The West gets Montreal, the East gets Toronto. Because people in Montreal, NS, etc., want to see 11 v. 12 instead of 1 v. 2

    Thank goodness for RDS!

    See you April 5th at the Bell Centre!

  325. Dan23 says:

    It was Montreal/NJ. Only Ontario had to watch the Leafs.


  326. zamboni says:

    Way to go boys, Western teams take notice, here comes the Eastern conference leaders.

  327. Les-Habitants says:

    Oleee!! ole ole ole!!

    Number one in the EASTERN CONFERENCE!
    Great GREAT game.

    Sergei…man, he had some terrible passes, but one of his bad passes turned into a goal for Andrei…so cna’t complain!


  328. Mr Wonderful says:

    Hogtown fans are happy that their team won. What a bunch of twits.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  329. Keith says:


    Team firing on all cylinders tonight!! Great team effort I’m so proud of my Habs!! The sky is the limit with team, I dare say the the impossible dream is not so impossible now. GO HABS GO!!!

  330. Rugger says:

    Now can we stop with the this isn’t our year stuff? We will make it out of the east and then it’s anyone’s cup.

  331. Bill H says:

    Well,since BG would be drawn and quartered by now if we lost the first games after trading Huet, I guess he should properly get some credit for winning the first three after the trade. Way to go team. Wow! I didn’t seem possible a short 3 or 4 weeks ago.

  332. sadave says:

    That shift by Lapierre was brilliant . . . all that digging snuffed the Devils’ momentum! Wow!! Effort!

    Way to go all Les Boys. You wanted it . . . we wanted it . . . I wanted it . . . feel only slightly silly after yelling at my TV set for the last few minutes!!


  333. Rugger says:

    That was the highlight/key to the win for me. Laps must have killed close to a full minute.

  334. PattyBoy31 says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome! I was just smiling after the game. 1st in the east, not 14th, now its all about maintaining the position!

  335. Bill H says:

    Yes, Lapierre was fantastic along the boards. He must have killed off about 45 seconds by himself. Not as pretty as a Kovalev dipsy doodle, but it was just as effective in that situation.

  336. sidhu says:

    Sarhei third star!

  337. Les-Habitants says:

    Martin Brodeur…human

    Montreal F. Canadiens…Numero Uno!

  338. Mr Wonderful says:

    Stan Fischler on NJ telecast is whining about the officiating and that NJ should have had more powerplays.. It was terible for both teams. Get over it Stan

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  339. the_larry says:

    What happened to Ryan Smyth????? I just saw him in a stretcher from tonights game.

  340. showey47 says:

    Do you think the non-believers in carey have come around yet?

  341. Mr Wonderful says:

    Smtyhe got hit and hit the metal post that holds the glass in place.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  342. NLhabsfan says:

    Yea Komisarek high sticked himself.

  343. HABSMANIA says:

    First place WOO HOO!!!!

  344. Keith says:

    He got slammed into the partition that separates the glass. It looked really bad.

  345. Chuck says:

    Nah, he gave up a goal tonight. Bring back Huet!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  346. 1010 says:

    I’m gonna steal an old line from a Texas football team…..HOW ‘BOUT THEM HABS BABEEEEE!!!!!! HOW ‘BOUT THEM HABS……

    P.S. That Ryan Smyth thing was absolutely scary. I really hope he’s allright.

    GO HABS.

  347. the_larry says:

    Did he get hit from behind or anything? Wow I REALLY hope he’s ok.

  348. doug says:

    tough check into the part of the board’s just next to bench going at full speed. full facial impact. definite concussion and likely out for a long while – hopefully not more.

  349. Mr Wonderful says:

    Brent Sutter in post gae press conference is ow saying REFS took te game away from his team Noo Hoo.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  350. Dan23 says:

    How great is it to be a Habs fan! WOOHOO!

  351. doug says:

    if we take 4+ points in last three games from ottawa, among other things, i wouldn’t be surprised to see boston pass them. that team is on FIRE.

  352. Keith says:

    I really think the key to this win was in the last three minutes when the LaPierre line was forechecking Jersey hard in their zone. We wanted it more and that is what thrills me more. Thanks Bob for not trading for Hossa.

  353. dudefella says:

    Stan Fischler is the Don Cherry of New York/New Jersey. Can’t stand the guy, he’s always whining about something.

  354. The Teacher says:

    I’ll be flying my Habs flag on the way from Mississauga to Hamilton for the Bulldogs game tomorrow 😀

    Will you be there Chuck? anyone?

    P.S. is the server slow tonight or is it just me?

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  355. the_larry says:

    Who hit him? Whoever it was had better go into witness protection because he will get killed by someone. I sure hope Ryan is ok.

  356. doug says:

    no – unfortunate but not cheap at all.

  357. RH says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or, in this case, like a Brent Sutter coached Devils team that got embarrassed by the Caps’ last night, and then lose to the Habs tonight, in an IMPORTANT game.

  358. Mr Wonderful says:

    NJ broadcasters now crying that no one gets fair officiating in MTL vs the Habs. That is news to anyone who has seen Kerrie Frasier officiate a Habs game.

    Such poor sports.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  359. cliftoris says:

    I don’t often watch post-game RDS, so I don’t know names, but do those 2 guys alone in the dark studio almost immediately after the game remind anyone else of the Hilarious House of Frankenstein?

  360. Chuck says:

    Boston might be a team to watch out for: 5 points behind the Habs with 2 games in hand. The Habs are pretty much solely responsible for the Bruins not being in first place.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  361. dicktracy says:

    wow how is everybody now!! don’t take this the wrong way…but i’d like to give everyone here a f’n hug….yahoooo

  362. Keith says:


    That comment says it all man lol!!!

  363. Bill H says:

    Wow! Carey Price save percentage is now .956, according to CJAD.

  364. teamplayer says:

    is the site overwhelmed also? it seems to be updating very slowly, please stay alive!

    when will tsn replace “back on track” sens picture with “price is right”… NEVERMIND, prices picture with title “unlikely leaders”

    tsn also reports mtl signed 2nd rd 2006 pick ben maxwell to entry level contract.

  365. teamplayer says:

    he didnt make that many saves tonight, must be in the last 3 games
    ya know since the trade hes let in 4 goals and saved 93

  366. RH says:

    Now, I’m going to hold my breath until the Habs come back from that VERY SCARY west coast swing. I have visions of my Montreal Expos, of the late 80’s, that would be battling for first place, in August, and head out west, only to come back home ready for hockey season to begin.

  367. rbt259 says:

    The Bruins scare the hell out of me. Thomas is about as hard to score on as Brodeur and Savard is setting his guys up right, left, and center. I say we take his knees out the next time we play him…WHAT??? Like you guys never said something like that! Right!LOL

  368. usversusthem says:

    They must mean over the last three games… after tonight’s game, on the season his save percentage is .914.

  369. V. says:

    That sounds awful. I really hope he’s okay, I like Smyth a lot.

  370. GrimJim says:

    And there was that rush in the second period where one of the speed kids (Lapierre? or Pleks?) was heading up ice towing the NJ player like a horse trailer, so the Devil lets go of the stick and it travels about five feet hooked onto the Ch player before it drops to the ice.

    Now that I think about it I hope Lap/Pleks wasn’t holding the stick.

  371. OldGrover says:

    Wow. Real gut check game by the Habs.

    I have to say, though, I hated watching this game. I HATE watching Jersey. They just have such insanely long dull stretches, where they just drag everything out. When are they going to learn they are in the entertainment business?

    But the Habs toughed it out and came through. Sweet!

  372. NLhabsfan says:

    I agree I love the way that guys keeps plugging away.

  373. frank81 says:

    TSN’s headline: “Unlikely Leaders”

  374. Chuck says:

    If it’s a 4pm start time (as Sunday games usually are in Hamilton) I won’t be able to make it; I’ll be at work until 6pm.

    Give ’em hell for me, Teach!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  375. sidhu says:

    “Price is Right” is the headline on Yahoo!s NHL page:

  376. Chuck says:

    I hear that Nancy Kerrigan can give a reference on someone that might be able to help us out. :)


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  377. showey47 says:

    same here, smyth was the one guy i wanted bob to sign this summer.

  378. usversusthem says:

    Second time in as many games that a Habs player gets bloodied behind the play with no call…

    Anyway the Habs are only fifth in the league in terms of power play opportunities… not exactly like we’re running away with it.

  379. usversusthem says:

    Man, eff TSN. We’re in first and all they can do is trash-talk us. Whatever, punks. Unlikely maybe, but leaders nonetheless.

  380. doug says:

    he’s about to lose his privileges from mr. stubbs for breaking the site’s language policy. last night in the blog he actually spelled out “bulls___”. . . i’m no choir boy but rules are rules!

    on a less tongue-in-cheek, and admittedly annoying, note. . . despite my elation about tonight, i’m kind of sick of the “martin f. brodeur”, “daniel f. briere”, “mats f. sundin” gimmick. you’re too clever a writer to go back to the same line every night, mike!

  381. showey47 says:

    scary part is 2 of those 4 goals were fluke

  382. wd40 says:

    unlikely my ass.

  383. doug says:

    nah – she was back for the olympics.

    i’m sure tonya harding would take the job herself instead of outsourcing it. . . and she’s got more testosterone/balls than whoever she and gilooly or whatever his name was hired last time.

  384. tony d says:

    it looked like one of those games where after Jersey tied it (on that fluky goal no less) anyone could’ve taken it….
    thankfully our boys renounced Satan and did a mini exorcism of their own….
    but man that Martin F. huh? his face should be on a wanted poster for ‘Goal Theft’.
    Go Habs Go…rest up and stay the course

  385. usversusthem says:

    Man, that was a Werewolf. We don’t want to have to deal with the occult here at, do we?

    Oh, you don’t believe me? Check it out:

  386. tony d says:

    hey what about those of us that like the Martin F.??
    it’s like when someone farts in a movie…. it’s been done but it still gets a laugh

  387. Mike Boone says:

    I’m mulling over whether to give F. a rest. Stay tuned.

  388. doug says:

    that thing is hilarious. guy has an expos hat – was it done by montrealers?

  389. 1010 says:

    The truth is the clutch and grab devils have been one of the lowest penalized teams in the league for years. Every Hab powerplay tonight should have turned into a five on three. Superior speed and skill draws penalties. For once Koharski was calling a few. I lost count of the number of times the devils were holding or hooking Habs in front of the net. They should have had more penalties.

    GO HABS.

  390. wd40 says:

    true. the one off the back of the head and tonight’s “where is it?”.

  391. doug says:

    oh, i will. like i said, your stuff is so brilliant both on here, in the gazette, and on the podcasts. and i love what a genuine fan you are – we don’t get that down here in the corporate-driven homogenized u.s. media.

  392. Chuck says:

    Yeah, immagine how good he’s be if he could be taught to stop pucks with the back of his head!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  393. Bill says:

    No the F is gold, it’s signature. Too good to retire.

  394. nightmare_49 says:

    Since Dec/01/07 the Sens record leaves a little to be desired. I wonder what their HOMER announcer (Dean Brown) is saying these days.

  395. Chuck says:

    True… it shows both disdain and begrudging respect, all wrapped up in a single initial.

    Very efficient!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  396. showey47 says:

    those goals are gonna happen sometimes, all that matters is that he was clutch in the third and closed the door

  397. usversusthem says:

    They’re a comedy troupe from Halifax. Loved the Expos cap though. Thinking of going as the Werewolf next Halloween…

  398. mjames says:

    Yes Stan Fischler is nothing more than a “twit”, a poor loser. The same can be said for old Chico. These guys are such homers. Very tedious to listen to.


  399. RS says:

    The Sens are also going to California at the same time. But the Bruins are not. Look out for Boston.

  400. teamplayer says:

    well i knew he was more around .910 before the game started, so that would be tons of shots to jump up past .950. but yet great game by him, 1st star well deserved.

  401. jew4jah says:

    what’s wrong with fart?

  402. GrimJim says:

    Seriously? The maritimes got To/Wash instead of Mtl? That’s whacked. I thought CBC had finally woken up and made the most important game the national feed.

    And to whoever said Bob Cole wasn’t a Laffs homer tonight, yeah he did a good imitation of a play-by-play announcer.

  403. notbigbird says:

    Ottawa Valley got the Habs. Might have been a late switch?

  404. doug says:

    Smyth walking around and talking. . . going to hospital for precautionary reasons. Glad to hear it.

  405. doug says:

    Smyth walking around and talking. . . going to hospital for precautionary reasons. Glad to hear it.

  406. the_larry says:

    WOW! I just saw the video of it on SportsCentre and it looked ugly. Im glad to hear he’s doing ok. Im amazed to hear he was walking around in the room after that. He’s one tough S.O.B. Gotta love him.

  407. JB_15 says:

    Playoff tickets are going to be so expensive….

    Everyone move over, here come the fair weather fans…us die hards dont get no regard.

    This is all very exciting.

  408. The Teacher says:

    I know eh?!!!

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  409. 1010 says:

    The joisey jinx is over boys. We’ve got other dragons to slay.

    GO HABS.

  410. Norm0770 says:

    Like the Sens…3 games left against them.

  411. Exit716 says:

    I know we rip on Smolinski but…in the last two games against NJ he’s been huge. Two goals in the comeback and tonight that amazing shift in the dying moments. Maybe Bob knows something after all.

  412. showey47 says:

    As much as i would like to see halak get some games in, am i the only one having a hard time justifying it? I know halak should play in some back to back games but its hard to sit carey if he keeps this up.

  413. Les-Habitants says:

    No, for this team to be succesfull we’re going to need Halak to play well too. Halak is going to be a key component of the team as we move towards the playoffs.

    Road-trips are pretty trying, so I bet we’ll see him against Pheonix/San Jose, although Phenoix seems like a more likely choice.

  414. 1010 says:

    Halak, one way or another, needs to get a few games in before the playoffs. He has to be ready.

    GO HABS.

  415. Les-Habitants says:

    First F. Place

    This is amazing. Man, wow.
    First place…this late in the season, and we got it. It’s gonna be a 4 team race all the way till the end to win the conference, but we’re in the thick of it and playing some of our best hockey this season.

    Fair weather fans? Welcome…but don’t you dare buy up my playoff tickets!

    Great game by everyone.
    Sergei had me nervous, though, a couple times in the 3rd. He was forcing his passes a bit too much, but who can blame the rookie when its a tied game in the 3rd?

    I’m so glad that Gainey wasn’t willing to tear apart this team for the sake of a rental player, like the Pens did.
    They are rewarding his faith in them.

    “Unlikely leaders” writes tsn…lol.
    Leafs continue batteling for a playoff spot…lol
    Look at the standings right now.

    a) We’ve been among the highest point leaders in the conference all season.

    b) The Laffs aren’t a better team then Philly, Buffalo, Boston, or the Rangers. But let them battle all they want.

    I know you guys must be dying to here a legit commentator actually praise the Habs for what they are. If so, head over to ESPN and listen to Barry Melrose. He knows what he’s talking, and you might recognize his name.

    Since before the All-star break, he’s been calling the Habs the best team in the East and his favorites to come out of the east.

  416. JD says:

    Living in Ontario but born in Quebec and comme un amateur de Canadiens I am so grateful for RDS. Les Tricolores sont LA! You guys in Montreal have no idea how lucky you are to be close to real hockey. I have to listen or read about the Toronto F. Maples soap opera 24 / 7. RDS has saved my life. HIO has reconnected me with the greatest city in the world. Merci! First place!!!

  417. the_larry says:

    haha I know eh. Im in London too and its aweful down here. It doesnt matter how good the Habs play and how bad the Leafs play, they still get front page headlines…even if they didn’t play the night before! Its pathetic.

  418. showey47 says:

    he was the one ufa i wanted this past summer

  419. showey47 says:

    he was the one ufa i wanted this past summer

  420. the_larry says:

    Hes a UFA EVERYONE would love to have. But yeah I wish we could have got him. He’s one of the best all-around players in the world. And tough as nails.

  421. teamplayer says:

    wonder if he lost another tooth.

  422. the_larry says:

    How many does he have left? lol

  423. showey47 says:

    i’m sure most of them are not his original ones,lol

  424. The Teacher says:

    He can play when we clinch a spot. first things first.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  425. likehoy says:

    expect halak to give price a break on the western road trip. Price can’t play all 18 games and still be fresh for the playoffs (maybe he can, but it doesn’t hurt to have have halak start 4-6 of those).

    I would want price to start the last 6 games of the season at the very least cause he needs to build momentum heading into the playoffs.

  426. showey47 says:

    i can see either next saturday or sunday

  427. drive for 25 says:

    un -F-rieken believable

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    – Albert Einstein

  428. drive for 25 says:

    un -F-rieken believable

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    – Albert Einstein

  429. teamplayer says:

    nice pic!

  430. Les-Habitants says:

    Huge point in the game was when Brodeur kept on trying to get out of goal, we they managed to keepthe puck in the zone for what seemed like ages.

    Great character win.

  431. Mr.Hazard says:

    Discombobulated? Who uses that word?

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  432. J.T. says:

    I’m kind of crying and laughing all at once. First place. Man, does that feel good! I can’t say Les Boys will continue this through the playoffs…but if they do…wow…we could really be celebrating in two-and-a-half months! I LOVE this team. LOVE them.

  433. 1010 says:

    Dave Pratt- of Vancouver fame- called Les Habs the most watchable (exciting) team in the league. People are starting to notice.

    GO HABS.

  434. G-Man says:

    1st F. place! Ole, ole, indeed!


  435. Cable Guy says:

    God I Love this team!!!!!!

  436. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Hey ,for fact sakes ,what rank in the standings are the Habs,lol…1st in da east and that’s a fact for you!…ole…

  437. howtathor says:

    Must be tough being Duane Sutter. Don’t ya think that every kid who’s ever been cut from the World Juniors (Price) or sat on the bench (Latendresse) would just love to stick it to the guy? Or any WHL player for that matter? Gotta love the way those guys play! Price, Gorges, Milroy, and soon to be Maxwell and Whyte. Chipper was his captain and deservedly so, hope to see him back soon!

  438. nightmare_49 says:

    Nice blog and i was thinking the same thing about Kovy’s season and i agree with you that he should be a strong contender just a tad behind Sundin for the award,lol. I’m not crazy about awards but the Hart is important cuz of the leadership value and i’m happy for you and have one for me as you celebrate and remember that this team has gone way ahead of expectation and now we can watch and enjoy and no more Feb-23/08 in the future.

  439. Blitzen says:

    Komi’s penalty was just as bad and the Debils didn’t do anything with it so waaaaaaaaaaaaah! waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Brent.

    What I like about this is that he will get the refs on his back just before the playoffs.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  440. sidhu says:

    Great point – it was a b/s make-up/soft call.

  441. Blitzen says:

    As Member #1 of the I-Hate-Smolinski Club, please allow me to say that his game has vastly improved. He’s been pretty good the last two games.

    I think we’ve shown that we can beat any team in the East and don’t get me started on the Bitc…I mean the Bruins. They’re such a great team but they’ll lay down like Brière when we’ll face them. I wonder if Julien will get fired again just before the playoffs?

    Now we’ll see about the Western teams.

    This team is A-mazing. And so young. With more top prospects coming down the pipe. I am absolutely down with Kovalev as MVP.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  442. mrstewart61 says:

    Do you mean Brent Sutter?

  443. G-Man says:

    Crybaby Brent. Your team isn’t going to go 82-0? Awww, da poor little fella.


  444. G-Man says:

    Last season, when everyone went down with the flu, the team’s morale looked pretty down. This year, our Habs have been infected with Gaineyitis. That’s right, they’ll do anything to win, and have shown over and over that they and Carey Price are for real.
    Your point about Kovalev is right on. He’s made me eat my words over and over with his stellar play. He is the leader of this group that doesn’t quit.


  445. Blitzen says:

    I have a working theory about Smokes: he figured that Niedermeyer and Selanne were getting a pretty good deal so he also decided not to show up until now.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  446. sag says:

    As I sip my morning coffee (tastier today than ever!) I can’t help but think that Guy Lafleur needs to walk right into that dressing room with a few cases of beer and say: I am sorry, guys. You guys are the best bunch of fourth liners I have ever seen!

  447. howtathor says:

    thanks…there’s too many of them!

  448. Blitzen says:

    Why do I still read that this team is soft? I don’t get that. Sure they have some smaller players but guys like Bouillon, Gorges and even SKoz are knocking the snot out of bigger guys. I think the Philadelphia games should have put an end to that nonsense. Sure we don’t have a George Parros but guys are fighting for each other. I mean even Laps and Lats have shed their gloves.

    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  449. LizardKing1967 says:

    Any one notice how Carbo has started to bite his tongue (and stop making faces) so much towards the refs. Just in time to gain that iota of respect for a playoff run. Always good to have some refs on your side in the p-offs



  450. Wayne says:

    Lats got lucky. Laps? When was that?

  451. usversusthem says:

    Versus Pittsburgh. He won a fight against Maxime Talbot.

  452. Girth says:

    First place… wow am I ever hung over!

  453. Chorske says:

    LOL, yeah, what a drag, our team stuffed to the gills with 40 pointers. It ain’t pretty but it seems to be gettin’ ‘er done.

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