Domination … again

And a comeback W.



  1. arcosenate says:

    Yes, apparently Ontario filled up quickly today. Anyway, I’ll take my insight to the grave now.

    Go Habs.

  2. Shiloh says:

    You have to adopt the attitude that every night’s the night. But you have to set one rule – never during a close game.

  3. secretdragonfly says:

    Sounds like they’re using Google translate.

  4. Mr.Hazard says:

    That sounds incredibly stupid…

  5. secretdragonfly says:
    secretdragonfly's picture

    Anyone tried to take the Habs Inside/Out
    survey on the right-hand side?  I got as far as the second question
    (province of residence) and got this weird message.  Glad to know my
    collaboration is precious.

     We thank you for your precious
    collaboration; it is greatly appreciated.
    we have reached the number of participants your profile.

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