Contenders 5 Pretenders 2

On balance, a good January.


But a bummer of an ending heading into the ASG break.


  1. PeterD says:

    Ian, from your lips (Keyboard) to the hockey God’s ears….I always hope we spank them but alas I am of the opinion that our team lacks physical size and toughness to really get it done against the current Flyers squad….But I hope I am wrong tonight and we pull out a tough win.

  2. Exit716 says:

    He was channelling his inner-Komisarek from that LA bar.


  3. Castor says:

    I appreciate the “Great Outdoors” reference.

    And I agree with mostly everything you said. But I think, if we lose tonight, it’ll be of the two or three nothing variety.

  4. Bill says:

    The Habs really have to stop taking so many cheap penalties. It’s the biggest flaw in their game: gives momentum away to the other side. If they can do that, and if MaxPac and Darche keep going to the net, they’ve got as good a shot at beating the Flyers as anyone.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  5. Danno says:

    I Sena-turd the motion


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  6. Chuck says:

    Great teenage angst movie, by the way.

  7. avatar_58 says:

    You know we could be nicer, seeing as the habs aren’t exactly #1 right now

  8. Gormdog says:

    *seconds the motion*

  9. sidhu says:

    hahaha… that’s gold, Jerry, gold!

  10. Mike Boone says:

    Why did Kulemin go anywhere near that scrum? And why did he take a couple (admittedly ineffectual) pokes at Gleason? He was engaged, and that was that.

  11. PeterD says:

    Please, you have to be kidding.  Re-watch the video at the 12 second mark.

    Kulemin comes into the scrum jabbing Gleason with gloved hand and stick still in hand…Gleason dropped his stick and his basic response looks like “OK you want to go, it’s on”…then drops his gloves and starts protecting himself.

    Kulemin go what he was after and a bit of what he didn’t think he might get.  Sort of a shame when someone like a Kulemin can go around acting so tough because they have goons like Colton Orr or Beauchmin on his team.  He got what he deserved.  Lesson learned (if he’s smart).

    I don’t blame Gleason at all…of coures I am not a Leafs fan and basically could not give a crap what those goofs do on that team.


  12. SensFanSpezza says:

    Right here, my friend.  And I meant the CANES will catch the Habs, not the Sens.  Even I’m not THAT delusional.  The Canes will catch the Habs.  Feel free to come back and quote me then.

  13. Gormdog says:

    People go into scrums all the time, but they go to hold others back, trash talk, mayyyybe facewash. If you fall under the umbrella of “softies” (see Kulemin, Nik), you shouldnt be throwing actual punches with your gloves on against a nasty player. It aint pretty and for sure It’s a major penalty on Gleason, but, 110% Kulemin had it coming.

  14. Da Hema says:

    What is this lesson to which you refer?

  15. Da Hema says:

    I always believed Carolina was a dirty hockey team, and Gleason’s “fight” with Kulemin was in my opinion another example confirming this view. Kulemin? Betty White would distinguish herself better in a fight than would Kulemin, and surely Gleason knows that. What goes around comes around….

  16. Gormdog says:

    Disagree. Kulemin threw two shots at Gleasons face. Same thing this as the Gudbranson clobbering (if you go in the scrum throwing punches, be prepared to take a few back) minus the linesman holding him.

  17. OneTimer says:

    Sure, Gleason went all Hulk on a young Russian with no fighting history, but at least Kulemin learned an important NHL lesson last night…

  18. Da Hema says:

    Such things go on in every scrum without formal fights arising. Gleason whipped off his gloves so fast and launched an upper cut that even a player like Chris Nilan wouldn’t have been able to respond…at least initially. Kulemin? C’mon guys….

  19. Gormdog says:

    That if you punch someone in the face, twice, expect to be punched back….

  20. temekuhabs says:

    Just hope Les Boys play a good, hard game before AS break!

  21. Da Hema says:

    If Gleason were my teammate, I would not have much respect for him after that. I would consider him to be…dirty, just like I originally claimed.

  22. Da Hema says:

    They looked more like “shoves” rather than “punches” to me….

  23. temekuhabs says:

    From what I ssen, Kulemin was punching Gleason (albeit with gloves ON) but what does he expect Gleason to do?? Kulemin should have not got involved. I’m sure he knew who Gleason was.

  24. Gormdog says:

    I guess it all comes down to how we see the scrum. To me, Kulemin was not acting on normal scrum protocal, per se. When you give two jabs (middle ground between shove and punch) to the face of a guy who is clearly gonna come back twice as hard… You are askin for it.


    But I will have to “disagree” with my initial “disagree”, because you are right. Whether or not i feel like Kulemin “had it coming” or not, it is definitely a cheap shot, which is what you were talkin about!

  25. Gormdog says:

    And, it’s a miracle, i thought things like this “sucker punch” only happened to teams that had no goons? Wheres the respect for the skill players?


    Toronto is goon mania, but there is no fear of said goons anymore… Players rough up the Kulemins of the world even moreso and hopes the Colton Orrs of the world take a stupid 2 min penalty..

  26. OneTimer says:

    Speaking of Ottawa, where’s SensFanSpezza these days? I saved a lil’ haiku of his from only a few weeks ago:


    Sens losing to Canes.

    Who cares? They willl catch Habs soon.

    No playoffs for you. -SensFanSpezza Dec. 29, 2010


    …Emphasis mine!

  27. OneTimer says:

    Two gloved lefts to the face, most of the time those dudes are just gonna take it, but this time it really set Gleason off. Like I said, lesson learned!

  28. StevieRay says:

    Scrum protocal HUH ???… what’s next the ” code ” ..
    I ‘ve always figured that if you start something you better be ready to finish it .
    Lets hope Kulemin learned his lesson .. you would of thought one of those ” tuff ” leafs would of squared things up later in the game !!

  29. sidhu says:

    I disagree, too — they were engaged.  A player not having a fighting record doesn’t entitle him to hit the other guy in the face, nor does it preclude the other player from responding.  (Notice I said responding — Gleason did not initiate). 

    In any case, here is what the Leafs coach himself said about it:

    “They were in a fight,” Wilson said after the game. “He got it right in the face. The appropriate action happened. It wasn’t a sucker punch or anything. Kulie was throwing punches with his gloves on and Gleason dropped his gloves and beat him to the punch.”

  30. joeybarrie says:

    Sorry SFS. I don’t buy it. I remember the posts you two were going back and forth about, and your Sens were called out for playing poorly this season. You replied by saying that they would catch up to the Habs… By the way, the Canes also will not catch up to us.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  31. light_n_tasty says:


  32. CBrady12 says:

    Well its a good thing that you are not and have probably never been inside a dressing room…you dont completely lose respect for a TEAMMATE and think hes dirty because of one fight…a fight he had every right to end btw…it’s so obvious you have no idea what you are talking about its almost embarassing

  33. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Thats what it looked like to me. The leaf guy was all ready to go till he got dropped.  I don’t understand what this code is.  So a player grabs you and starts throwing shots and you’re supposed to what, look at the back of his jersey and make sure he’s a tough enough player that you’re allowed to hit?

  34. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Exactly!  Mess with the bull you’re gonna get the horns.

  35. PeterD says:

    Philly!  I hate that team and always have…loved the way the ’70’s Habs used to contain and tame them.  I think the Habs of that era were the only team with sufficient size, skill and yes truculence to put the Flyers where the belonged…on the losing end of games.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think our current version of the Habs have either the size, goal scoring finish or toughness up front or in the back end to consistently handle the Flyers this year.

    Having said that we did beat them earlier in the season, but in a 7 game series, if that were to come up again I feel this team would not make it out the other side as winners in that series.

    My hope as we go into tonights game is that we don’t lose anyone else to serious injury….keep your heads up boys, Philly is not a nice bunch of guys and they will finish every check.

  36. Bill says:

    Engaged? Just because you’re engaged to someone doesn’t give you the right to beat them up!

    Anyone else find the site working kind of sluggishly?

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  37. Chuck says:

    They were questioning it last night on Versus, wondering if it was a sucker punch. I’m sorry, but Kulemin punched first so he got what he deserved.

    ps: Leafs suck.

  38. Harani says:

    A habs win tonight + a Bruins loss to the Panthers (but Panthers play the Rangers tonight) tomorrow will mean the Habs will enter the All-Star break 3rd in the East, leading the Northeast! Suffice to say tonight’s game will be HUGE!

    I have a good feeling about tonight. Go Habs Go!

    “It must be love!”

  39. HabFanSince72 says:

    Neither of those outcomes is likely. Both of them occuring is even less likely.


  40. HabFanSince72 says:

    Any Sens fan is a friend of ours. They probably hate the Leafs and Bruins as much as we do.

  41. Ian Cobb says:

    The Flyer’s are the best team in the League, there is no doubt. But they can be had with discipline, our speed and commitment to total team defence.

    We can take these guys by implementing the proper game plan. Going to be fun to watch how we do it. Enjoy!

  42. andrewberkshire says:

    That’s why they play the games Debbie Downer.

  43. Ian Cobb says:

    Peter, I think the boys will have their heads up tonight, and if we skate like we can and stay disciplined out of the box, we will take these schmucks.

  44. joeybarrie says:

    Two things Ian. Maybe your different than I am, but I do not think so.

    Absolutely right about what you said. It will indeed be fun to watch how we do it. Even if we come fairly close.

    But if they run all over us while we do not have all our big guns, then i have to say I will not have any fun at all, and will be angry until the next game which is about 6 months away in the Montreal Hockey Time Zone of my brain…

    I get so upset when we do not play to our potential and get beaten. I have no real anger when we play a good game and either win, lose or overtime. Even if we give a solid effort to come back in the third.

    ALAS I feel like today we will not prevail, and get beaten quite soundly maybe 5 or 6 to 1 or 2. I really really hope i am wrong, but the Flyers playing in an important game seem to be our weakness. Like in the 2 games last season we needed to beat them before the All Star break, and lost back to back…

    But before every game I am still hopeful, and hugely disappointed whel i am let down… Suck is being a delusional Montreal Canadiens Fan… THAT AND I HATE THE FLYERS. I hope PK smashes Richards so hard he has to leave the game cause he forgets his own name and keep repeating    PK,    PK BIG,    BIG PK CHASE ME… but of course is not injured or concussed cause that would be wrong….

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  45. joeybarrie says:

    I am one of the biggest optimists around here, but alas i feel he is right…..

    BUT I AM STILL HOPEFUL and will be depressed if it doesnt happen…..

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  46. Timo says:

    Then must play The System.

  47. J.J. of Turku says:

    This sucks.

    I planned to stay awake and watch the game, but I have to be sharp tomorrow. Guess I have to dream the victory first and wake up really early and then check if the dream was correct…

    Go Habs, GO!



  48. Chuck says:

    That’s the spirit! As the ’69 Mets said, “You Gotta Believe!”

  49. Da Hema says:

    That is fine. As I wrote below, if Gleason were my teammate I would hardly have much respect for him after that. Betty White may slap me, which is wrong, but it would be even more wrong for me to haymaker her. Betty White didn’t even get her gloves off last night.

  50. punkster says:

    And woe betide the Centurion who ignores the system!


  51. punkster says:

    We’ll do our best to cheer on your behalf J.J. Get a good nights sleep.


  52. Danno says:

    To hell with sleep JJ. Sleep is way overrated. As a Habs fan you must eat, sleep and drink hockey.


    And nothing else matters!



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  53. Rugger says:

    I watched Inception last night, I do not plan on ever sleeping again.

  54. HFX-HabFan says:

    What a fine looking fourth line!  Love it!

  55. Ayan_SB says:

    Quiet folks. The System can hear you.

  56. StevieRay says:

    I’m retiring in May…I find myself already practising losing my sharpness..I like it … sorry JJ I’m stayin’ up !

  57. Propwash says:

    That’s one lucky kid!


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  58. Propwash says:

    Don’t make The System angry, you won’t like it when it’s angry……..


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  59. billylove says:

    2 points tonight will really boost confidence for a strong finish. How to get 2 points? Simple, don’t give Philly the lead. When leading after the 1st, they are 17-1. After the 2nd, 26-1-2. We need a tight start, a focused Price and a 1-0 lead after one. Go Habs – get 2 2nite!!

  60. Danno says:

    I’m hoping PK teaches Richards the true meaning of respect tonight.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  61. SensFanSpezza says:

    Uh oh.  Did Arpon steal some of Booner’s thunder?  Nothing worse than someone passing off your ideas as his, is there?

  62. JIMVINNY says:

    Pierre just called St. Louis and Stamkos a “marriage made in heaven.”


    Projecting much, Pierre?

  63. Da Hema says:

    The NHL has its fair share of 6’1″ pussies and non-fighters. I am not losing sleep over what happened to Kulemin. All I am saying is if Gleason were my teammate I wouldn’t high-five him for his “courageous” battle with Kulemin.

  64. heartandgoal says:

    Who said impossible?

    We beat the Flyers 3-0 on the second night of their back-to-back.  They’re probably the best team in the league this season, they have incredible depth, and they trounced us in the playoffs last year.  So it ain’t unreasonable to think we’re in for a tough game.

    If the Habs are even remotely passive, it’s game over.  If they take more than 1 or 2 penalties per period, I think they will hand all the momentum over.  They need to be relentless in their skating.  The Flyers have been beating teams by applying ZERO forecheck.  They’ve played with 5 men back, forcing teams to dump the puck, then win battles along the boards against them, or to try to skate through 2 or 3 defenders.  Martin has had a few days to prepare and I’m VERY excited to see what the Habs have planned for trying to enter the zone.  If I were a betting man, I’d put money on Gomez and P.K. having great games.  I think their up-ice movement will figure prominently tonight.  I’d also bet that J.V.R. (who had like a billion shots saved in one of the last games we played), Briere, and Giroux may also have good games.

    Anyway…  here’s to great hockey!  I’m excited.

  65. RGM says:

    Unlike that between Pronger and Hartnell: the match made in hell!

    Go Habs Go!

  66. RGM says:

    You want another target, a military target? Then name the system!

    Go Habs Go!

  67. solomio says:

    Mike Richards right ! That’s who I was meaning. I don’t think PK should go there

  68. HFX-HabFan says:

    Sorry, more specifically, an online feed.

  69. JD_ says:

    A rookie gets booed.

    Is there a bigger badge of honour for this kid?

  70. RGM says:

    Eastlink 369 works for me. 🙂

    Go Habs Go!

  71. JIMVINNY says:

    PK and Richards getting started early…  And Carcillo sticks up for poor little Mike Richards.


  72. topher5468 says:

    I knew I smelled your foul stench, your far to trusting

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  73. JVF says:

    Carey’s going to be the man and DD, Pouliot and Darche will drive them nuts. Two points.

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